@thedappertoad at the sewing machine. Classic cat lady.
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knitsforlife : #thedappertoad #vans #leopard #catlady #catshoes #cats #instapets
miantifaz : @cupcakerehabdotcom
cupcakerehabdotcom : Love those! @miantifaz
carolaissa : @mittymoon B would love these!
kim_n_frankie : @jstkro
ljbusekrus : cats cats cats cats 🐱
tempestsgranma - diariodeunacouturier - ljbusekrus - tttanyab -
Last one at my @Joann_stores where we get most of our #yarnbombing yarn.
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knitsforlife : #KnitsForLife #knit #knitting #knitlife #knithack #knitbomb #knitgraffiti #yarnbomb #yarnspirations #streetart #streetartsf #thedappertoad #sfpeninsula #sfart #sanmateo #sanmateoart #machineknitting #handmade #jesuischarlie #CharlieHebdo
methodmakers : Beautiful.
pyganies : My joanns doesn't even have a bike rack - you have to use the shopping cart corral
knitsforlife : @pyganies that sucks! Wonder if you could talk to the manager about it.
knitsforlife : Thanks @methodmakers
kristin_tolle : Je suis Charlie aussi. This is an awesome yarn bomb!
queen_babs : That is very well done! πŸ‘πŸ‘
1xbach : @johannebach
craftycrusader - noerklerietdesign - mooseandpoppy - sarahmick -
Another one up at Flax, where creative people in San Mateo shop.
yarnbombing - sfart - knitting - streetart - pencil - sanmateoart - charliehebdo - craft - yarn - artiswar - knit - sfpeninsula - knitbomb - craftivism - urbanart - thedappertoad - flaxart - streetartsf - machineknitting - handmade - yarnspirations - creative - graffitiknitting - sanmateo - jesuischarlie - urbanknitting - knitsforlife - yarnbomb -
knitsforlife : @jakecii here's another for ya
pottspurls : Bam! Love it!
yarnbombingbruxelles : Oh yeah moi aussi je suis πŸŒ˜πŸ”―HRLβž•E
naomirag : @knitsforlife nice
jakecii : Fantastic ! I'll add it to my FB album to the attention of Charlie Hebdo ✊ thanks @knitsforlife for the mention !
lorriwt : Perfect.
baamekniits : πŸ˜πŸ‘πŸ™βœ¨πŸ’™
gaiasegattini : love
hanasaurusrex - domakaya - lilien03 - candyskein -
I'm still having a million feelings about #CharlieHebdo, but my sadness over terrorism everywhere and my solidarity with provocative art haven't dissipated. I believe art should be as diverse as people, including the inspiring and the offensive. I don't know how fundamentalists of all kinds will manage to live together with liberals in a globalized society. I believe most people are good. I believe yarnbombing matters, and in my studio that's one thing I can not just think but also do.
yarnbombing - sfart - knitting - streetart - pencil - charliehebdo - yarn - knitlife - downtownsanmateo - knit - sfpeninsula - knitbomb - thedappertoad - guerrillaknitting - streetartsf - machineknitting - sanmateoart - yarnspirations - graffitiknitting - sanmateo - jesuischarlie - urbanknitting - knitsforlife - yarnbomb -
kim_n_frankie : @madebybi
yarnbombingbruxelles : Je suis 🌘HπŸ”―RLβž•E.
narangkar : πŸ‘πŸ‘
lorriwt : @knitteapolis Have you seen this?
baamekniits : πŸ˜πŸ‘βœ¨πŸ™πŸ’™
londonkayecrochet : Wow!
makeupandmocha : Awesome.
gaiasegattini : πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
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Screen shot it and get to work! #CrochetACrocus for @NaomiRAG's next #yarnbomb: a field of crocus flowers on an East Harlem fence. She'll surround her own enormous crocus masterpiece with all our hand-sized contributions. Thanks @causticwear for the easy #crochet pattern, abbreviated by me to fit here. Contact Naomi for the mailing address and the detailed crochet pattern. Deadline is Feb 9. I'm so excited to see this beautiful project come to life! (Abbreviations are US sts; dtc means double triple crochet, i.e. yarn over thrice.)
yarnbombing - streetart - crochetacrocus - crocus - crochetpattern - naomirag - crochet - floweryourcity - thedappertoad - guerrillaknitting - causticwear - eastharlem - communityart - knitbomb - callforcontributions - urbanknitting - knitsforlife - yarnbomb - nyart -
knitsforlife : #KnitsForLife #thedappertoad #naomirag #causticwear #yarnbomb #yarnbombing #urbanknitting #knitbomb #guerrillaknitting #streetart #crochetpattern #crocus #eastharlem #nyart #callforcontributions
knitsforlife : #Communityart #floweryourcity
yarnbombingbruxelles : Oops a little complicated for me. Could you take a photo of only one detailed crocus and i could copy what i see?
knitsforlife : @yarnbombingbruxelles Not sure how exact @naomirag wants them. There's a close up in her feed. You can check in with her :D
causticwear : @knitsforlife you did such a great job of abbreviating this pattern in a coherent manner! I'm quite impressed because I usually opt for more words over fewer.
yarnbombingbruxelles : Yes . I Will find the way. Now i hve to find the bright dark nice purple she is using
knitsforlife : @causticwear your pattern was perfect! I had to make it fit in a square is all ;P
blvckwork : awesome.
rexpersonthing - sassy.seth - greatokshow - conradstale -
#CrochetACrocus for @NaomiRAG's next #yarnbomb: a field of crocus flowers on an East Harlem fence. She'll surround her own enormous crocus masterpiece with all our hand-sized contributions. See my next post for the #crochet pattern. Contact Naomi for the mailing address. Deadline is Feb 9. I'm so excited to see this beautiful project come to life!
yarnbombing - streetart - colorful - eastharlem - crochetacrocus - crocus - crochetpattern - craft - yarn - naomirag - crochet - inspiration - floweryourcity - urbanart - thedappertoad - guerrillaknitting - causticwear - handmade - communityart - yarnspirations - knitbomb - callforcontributions - urbanknitting - knitsforlife - nyart - make - yarnbomb - diy -
venusdeathtrap : I'm so excited to be collaborating with awesome artists like you and @naomirag!!
knitsforlife : #KnitsForLife #thedappertoad #naomirag #causticwear #yarnbomb #yarnbombing #urbanart #streetart #eastharlem #nyart #crochet #crochetpattern #craft #callforcontributions #guerrillaknitting #knitbomb #urbanknitting #yarn #yarnspirations #inspiration #crocus #diy #make #handmade #colorful
knitsforlife : Me too @venusdeathtrap. I am really looking forward to seeing it come together.
knitsforlife : #Communityart #floweryourcity
knitsforlife : @alannabean
lydasanders : Love this idea
naomirag : @knitsforlife @venusdeathtrap I'd better get working! #crochetaddict #crochetacrocus
conradstale : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜Š
wewantcharm - gaiasegattini - sbozzboyer - featherclips -
@thedappertoad and I put a little silly on @gtp17's and @sfvintagecycle's new stroller route in Alameda yesterday. The toenails are reflective yarn from @yarnspirations_xo so they should be fun at night.
yarnbombing - monsterfeet - eastbay - yarn - crochet - urbanart - thedappertoad - streetartsf - yarnspirations - knitbomb - reflectiveyarn - urbanknitting - knitsforlife - alameda - redheartyarns - yarnbomb -
barre.kailua : @mk_carroll 😁
daguy666 : Love this
baamekniits : πŸ˜πŸ‘β€οΈ
knitsforlife : @alannabean
lorriwt : Just saw this photo featured on Buzzfeed today - 29 times yarn graffiti made the world a better place. Congrats!!
knitsforlife : Thanks @lorriwt!
gtp17 : I saw today they are flipped the other way!
knitsforlife : @gtp17 ha!
morejoy6 - ellispresto - irmakk_ - ecodivas -
I love when Google Street View captures our yarnbombs. Right now you can see all 30 of our joyous 2013 xmas trees lining downtown San Mateo's 3rd Ave on Street View.
yarnbombing - knitting - streetart - sfstreetart - knitlife - downtownsanmateo - knitpicks - machineknitting - norcal - sfpeninsula - thedappertoad - sanmateo - sanmateoart - yarn - knitbomb - urbanknitting - knitsforlife - yarnbomb -
knitsforlife : #knitsforlife #thedappertoad #downtownsanmateo #sanmateo #sanmateoart #sfstreetart #streetart #yarnbomb #yarnbombing #knitpicks #yarn #knitting #knitlife #machineknitting #sfpeninsula #norcal #knitbomb #urbanknitting
fuming_guerilla : Yeah! Dr. Seuss trees courtesy of the quee bee knitta' up on dis heezy
noonle : I was bummed that there wasn't a 2014 version!
knitsforlife : @noonle This year @downtownsanmateo did a window display contest instead. It was super cute too!
elitepetite : Was this really 2013?! Ah feels so long ago, this went up right around when I got hired ♥
betz_white : How cool!
naomirag : @knitsforlife i think I recall one of my kids saying one of my #crochetflower s were on Google view. Gonna have 2 check now #thanks4reminder
michaelp59 - paigetuhey - heidi.parkes - knit_picks -
Belated xmas prezzie going out to my girl @hanasaurusrex!
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hanasaurusrex : @knitsforlife I loooove you too babycakes!!! miss yer face!!
knitosophy : Made me think of your Rex! @emilywplumlee
emilywplumlee : @knitosophy well I know what I'm making him for next Christmas!
sourpussknits : Badass! I wanna see it in person girl, so can inspect! πŸ˜‰ @hanasaurusrex
knitsforlife : Oh god don't look too closely @sourpussknits. It is totally hacked and I made a huge mistake on the decreases which I gave up on after half an hour. Plus I forgot to set the rib to a higher tension so it looks like a beret. The list goes on!! At least I confessed it to @hanasaurusrex! And the back... Ugh my machine makes annoying loops and on and on. We just like to play with colorwork designs as you know. I don't have the patience for careful machine knitting like you!
sourpussknits : Whatever dude, it looks awesome! I meant it like "how'd she do it!" I'm good at sticking with what I know, new things are 😱. Is it intarsia, never tried that before.
knitsforlife : Exposé @sourpussknits! 😜 I google imaged for old English lettering charts, charted it on knitting graph paper, then hand-manipulated the stitches for each row. Since it was too wide for a punchcard. Had to triple check each row but otherwise not too bad. I can send you the alphabet if ya like.
hanasaurusrex : @knitsforlife I'm gonna love it and all it's perfectness ;D
sourpussknits - tempestsgranma - yarnbombingbruxelles - mor_kupeli -
Driving to the airport with @thedappertoad to pick up @belinda329 while we should be working.
slowmo - slowmolips - thedappertoad -
knitsforlife : #thedappertoad #slowmo #slowmolips
belinda329 : Weirdo Mrs Kilgore
gloryqqbe - queen_babs - yarnnthingz - csbrose -
Get your yarnbomb and grub on at @seedandsalt in SF's Marina dist. As @fuming_guerilla said, go for the yarn, stay for the food! Deets on the blog--link in profile.
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masterova_t : Great!
tinabreit : Love it !!
seedandsalt : @fuming_guerilla thanks for the shout out!
cheekyattitude : Gorgeous! As usual. Love seeing your work.
chickenbootsusa : Think I need to yarn bomb my house-or trees. #inspiredbyyou
queen_babs : Gorgeous!!
tobeebythesea : @jlauritzen423
knitsforlife : @chickenbootsusa oh heck yes you do!
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People couldn't keep their loving paws off our neons & neutrals now up at @seedandsalt in SF's Marina on Chestnut. Check it out on the blog--link in profile.
yarnbombing - sfart - knitting - streetart - neon - stripes - design - yarn - knit - seedandsalt - sffoodie - firstpieceoftheyear - knitbomb - veganeats - thedappertoad - caronyarns - streetartsf - machineknitting - simplysoft - yarnspirations - bayarea - urbanknitting - knitsforlife - graffiti - sf - yarnbomb -
knitsforlife : #knitsforlife #thedappertoad #seedandsalt #yarnbomb #yarnbombing #knitbomb #urbanknitting #streetart #streetartsf #veganeats #sffoodie #yarn #yarnspirations #simplysoft #caronyarns #machineknitting #knitting #knit #neon #design #stripes #sfart #bayarea #sf
hgisla : πŸ˜πŸ‘
zoe.hue : I saw that on Saturday. It's cool!
knitsforlife : @zoe.hue super!
knitsforlife : @1amsf #firstpieceoftheyear #graffiti #streetart 😝
knitsforlife : @alannabean
naomirag - oakwoodroasted - tempestsgranma - ryanhupfer -
Always the best way to spend a day.
yarnbombing - sfart - knitting - streetart - neon - graffiti - yarnspirations - marinadistrict - caronyarns - firstpieceoftheyear - urbanart - thedappertoad - streetartsf - machineknitting - simplysoft - yarn - knitbomb - urbanknitting - knitsforlife - sf - yarnbomb -
fuming_guerilla : that is one Dr. Seuss tree thanks to you
knitsforlife : Yes @fuming_guerilla! A commission for @seedandsalt :)
fuming_guerilla : @seedandsalt i'm coming here for the yarn and hopefully staying for the food!
knitsforlife : @fuming_guerilla ask for Ariel the chef and ask her to give you her recs! The best burger is great.
seedandsalt : We love it!
afeltedlife : @knitsforlife -Did a double-take when I walked by this last night! Looks great!
knitsforlife : Thanks @seedandsalt @afeltedlife!
knitsforlife : @1amsf #firstpieceoftheyear #graffiti #streetart 😝
serenuhhhh3945 - sendayla - strikkchics - knitpurljam -
Ever wanted to a step by step of how we do it? You can finally read all about our @oldnavy bumper cars #yarnbomb in NY over on my blog (link in profile), plus see more of @thedappertoad's sweet pix. I'll refrain from spamming your feeds here but had to post a couple of my faves!
yarnbombing - knitting - newyork - marketing - carononepound - yarnspirations - crochet - oldnavyflagship - knit - windowdisplays - thedappertoad - oldnavy - yarn - knitbomb - knitsforlife - oldnavystyle - fiberart - yarnbomb -
knitsforlife : Thanks for taking a look @queen_babs!
queen_babs : I enjoy your exploits! πŸ‘ You and @thedappertoad And my husband enjoys checking out your exploits too! πŸ‘€ He's helping me find a knitting machine for bigger yarnbombs! Yarn domination of street signs!! πŸ‘πŸ˜„πŸ˜‚πŸ˜˜
jonharari : Cool!
old_navy_flagship_34th : We thank you for all your hard work @knitsforlife
mimedwards : @cooups
knitsforlife : Thanks for having us! We had a blast @old_navy_flagship_34th
knitsforlife : @queen_babs πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
knitsforlife : #yarnspirations
allseasonsknits - irmiandesign - the.hook.nook - kimara924s -
Ever wanted to a step by step of how we do it? You can finally read all about our @oldnavy bumper cars #yarnbomb in NY over on my blog (link in profile), plus see more of @thedappertoad's sweet pix. I'll refrain from spamming your feeds here but had to post a couple of my faves!
yarnbombing - knitting - newyork - marketing - carononepound - crochet - oldnavyflagship - knit - windowdisplays - thedappertoad - oldnavy - yarn - knitbomb - knitsforlife - oldnavystyle - fiberart - yarnbomb -
knitsforlife : #knitsforlife #thedappertoad #oldnavy #oldnavystyle #oldnavyflagship #newyork #yarnbomb #yarnbombing #knitbomb #windowdisplays #marketing #fiberart #knitting #crochet #knit #yarn #carononepound
kittyyyqueen : @todd_the_rod
ajour_bonjour - icatchmarketing - ashley_crochet_orgu - lizpayneful -
@thedappertoad and I are happy to finally show you our finished bumper car #yarnbomb at @oldnavy's NY flagship store on 34 St. We used about 1/4 as much yarn as on the truck ("only" 3 miles of @yarnspirations_xo One Pound yarn), but they took just as long to install. I particularly love the exposed chrome fins and the pom poms topping the poles. them out til January!
yarnbomb -
chickenbootsusa : I've been watching for the reveal and even better than I imagined! It looks cute and so well done. Congrats!
robyns17 : @carols08
mochitime : Simply wonderful! Congratulations!
belinda329 : Brava!
lilikoiknits : They're adorable! Great job.
suregal27 : Excellent!πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘β€οΈ
naomirag : @knitsforlife @thedappertoad oh they're gorgeous!! I'll be off to see them very soon! Lovely to see you tonight x
yarnspirations_xo : These are the best! We're such big fans of your work. :)
yarnspirations_xo - bashfoto - gingerbeandesigns - plumtejidos -
Come hang out w us in NY this Fri night 7-10pm @ Revival Bar, 129 E 15th St! Looking at you, @thedappertoad @alannabean @sameshit @naomirag @londonkayecrochet @saladmoneysmixedgreens and you and you and YOU!!
knitting - newyork - yarn - meetup - yarnbomb - knitsforlife - crochet - nyny - thedappertoad - revivalbar -
tripp_art : Cool!
abdominus : I like your page. You have good taste in photos to post.
vanessaknit : Oooh that's not far from where I work, I may crash!
shanikirodan : Is it a knitting meeting?
knitsforlife : Just for fun @shanikirodan!
naomirag : Yes I'll be there after 9 πŸ˜€
knitsforlife : @vanessaknit hope you do!
knitsforlife : @naomirag yay!!!!!
polaripopin - liopleurodonna - iheart_crochet - neannekay -
Seaming and touching up the NY @oldnavy #yarnbomb at the hotel before another night of installing. The incredible bit about this second project is that we did it all without getting to see the things we're yarnbombing in person! Just lots of diagrams with our requested measurements and all our fingers and toes crossed.
christmasdisplays - knitting - process - handmade - yarn - knitbomb - carononepoundyarn - knitsforlife - thedappertoad - knit - yarnbomb -
hanasaurusrex : holy schmoly!! you go guys!!! good lucks with all the installing. y'all are my HEROES!!!
annftilley : @knitsforlife KnitKing CompuKnit III. Same as brother 930 :)
gingerbreadsnowflakes : Colors grabbed me right away!
queen_babs : Awesome indeed πŸ‘β€οΈβ€οΈ
knitsforlife : Aww yeah @annftilley. The possibilities
knitsforlife : @hanasaurusrex we gotta catch up soon!
hanasaurusrex : @knitsforlife yes please! 😘
mahnazshpt2014 : Ϊ©Ψ§Ψ±Ψ§Ψͺ Ω‚Ψ΄Ω†Ϊ―Ω‡
scribble4life - mahnazshpt2014 - alliknit - justfelties -
These @oldnavy #yarnbomb installations are teaching us all kinds of courage. πŸ™€πŸ™ˆβœ‚οΈ
cut - knitting - fins - yarn - knitbomb - dontlooknow - knitsforlife - scissors - thedappertoad - bumpercars - knit - yarnbomb -
benjhands : #tbird
stashlocal : 😳😁
taigahilliard : O the pain
cheekyattitude : Ouch ouch!
colorjoylynn : Yes!!!! Good job.
knitsforlife : @willashalit the rest of 2014
knitsforlife : @benjhands no quite! πŸ˜‰
jenfondry : @littleskyhome :o
stitchhikers - barbershopconnectuk - buddyrumi - liopleurodonna -
Close up! @thedappertoad and I just finished this 9x8 foot string art installation at Seed + Salt, a new restaurant on Chestnut in the Marina district of San Francisco. It took over 1,500 tiny nails and now we're both pleased and pooped!
decor - stringart - sanfrancisco - marinadistrict - interiordesign - thedappertoad - yarn - creative - sfart - design - knitsforlife - installation - geometric - seedandsalt - yarnbomb -
xlgf : Sounds like a salt and straw rip off
xlgf : Beautiful tho.
gingerbreadsnowflakes : Very very cool.
skinnerrrrr : @onthewalll
skinnerrrrr : @imacimages
knitterpink : Amazing!
seedandsalt : @knitsforlife thank you so much!!! It looks so great and we are proud to represent your wonderful work!
knitsforlife : @seedandsalt thank you for the opportunity! Can't wait to see the place when it's open.
bayarealowry - sockshype - jgrmade -
@thedappertoad and I just finished this 9x8 foot string art installation at Seed + Salt, a new restaurant on Chestnut in the Marina district of San Francisco. It took over 1,500 tiny nails and now we're both pleased and pooped! Go check it out--they open around Black Friday.
megalowool : Love xo
thebrownpapermovement : gorgeous colours ! βœ”οΈ
skinnerrrrr : @onthewalll
skinnerrrrr : @imacimages
omgjenna : Beautiful!!
knitterpink : Omgosh! That's so cool!
lindsaylouandtheflatbellys : So cool!!
myishalb : This is the best.
nerimanokms - nanniesknits -
Another fun Knitting 101 session today at the @Burlingame_Library's Maker Class. We were impressed by how diligently everyone worked on their projects!
burlingamelibrary - thedappertoad - knitlife - burlingame - make - handmade - library - yarn - knitsforlife - crafts - knitting - knit - makers - sfpeninsula -
knitsforlife : #knitting #knitlife #thedappertoad #knitsforlife #burlingame #burlingamelibrary #library #knit #make #handmade #crafts #yarn #makers #sfpeninsula
funlampi : πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
londonkayecrochet : So cute!!
tinkyarn : Wow!
janelstewart : Ooooo when are y'all coming to Marin????
belinda329 : The pied piper
craftedbysari - shiningminds - yarnbob - habanerotherabbit -
A few more details of the @oldnavy truck #yarnbomb in SF.
machineknit - knitting - oldnavyflagship - handmade - carononepound - oldnavy - thedappertoad - yarn - knitbomb - chevytruck - knitsforlife - chevrolet - sanfrancisco - oldnavystyle - yarnbomb -
michaelp59 : Can you do people? Thinking of yarn bombing Elena for Christmas.
knitsforlife : I think we might get busted by your boss for that @michaelp59 😝
suregal27 : Perfect!
morbruhn : Gotta love this kind of expression!!
michaelp59 : Lol
mimedwards : Quite amazing @cooups
doteapp : Very cool!
lillalalillian : Wow. I've tried yarn bombing before but this is incredible!
knittingbykjersti - plumtejidos - lindsaylouandtheflatbellys - m.tello2015 -
One of our favorite details on the @oldnavy truck #yarnbomb at the San Francisco Flagship on Market & 4th. Knit fuzzy dice!
knitting - sanfrancisco - oldnavy - carononepound - machineknit - craft - chevytruck - oldnavyflagship - classiccar - thedappertoad - snowflakes - chevrolet - handmade - yarn - fuzzydice - knitsforlife - oldnavystyle - christmas - yarnbomb -
knitsforlife : #knitsforlife #thedappertoad #oldnavy #oldnavystyle #oldnavyflagship #sanfrancisco #yarnbomb #fuzzydice #chevrolet #chevytruck #classiccar #knitting #machineknit #snowflakes #christmas #carononepound #yarn #craft #handmade
kristinfarr : my fave detail is the wheels! πŸ˜‰
cheekyattitude : Brilliant!
knitsforlife : @kristinfarr of course! Did you see the spare on @thedappertoad's post too?
baamekniits : Oh yes!!
yarnspirations_xo - modernknitting - liopleurodonna - belinda329 -
Yippee! Now until January you can see our most ambitious #yarnbomb to date, a 1950 Chevy truck in @oldnavy's #sanfrancisco Flagship store on Market & 4th. We took the Brother KH-270 computerized bulky knitting machine off our wish list for the project and @thedappertoad did all the construction while I lounged on my honeymoon, lol. All those seams are hand-stitched mattress and Kitchener stitches, baby. It's attached with hook Velcro tape and a little hot glue. Stats: 35 h design, 45 h construction, 60 h installation, 250 ft Velcro, 30 skeins of Caron One Pound yarn. Next stop, New York's 34th Street Flagship.
sanfrancisco - yarnbomb -
michaelp59 : Wow!!!
thecrochetedcupcake : Great, thank you! Can't wait :)
annftilley : So great!!
mimedwards : @cooups
bendresen : Amazing!!!
naomirag : @knitsforlife Wowsa it's incredible
yarnspirations_xo : LOVE this. Best use of Caron One Pound pretty much ever!
baamekniits : FABULOUS 😍😍😍
daisygrayknits - conquerfreedom - peninsulaartscouncil - knitpurljam -
We bought a new knitting machine today! It uses bulky yarns and you can program the whole needle bed so hello worsted weight yarn and goodbye punch cards. We tested the waters with snowflakes and a flying pig, of course.
tanteblaa1929 : I want a chunky machine too!
seireffejsrm : Hey where did ubuy that. I have one but it jams
knittygrittyhomestead : I have three knitting machines and have yet to try them...all given to me as I'm the local knitter. Time to haul them out??
knitsforlife : We found one for $1200 but then scored with one for $700 plus $150 for the PPD and cartridge, @sourpussknits.
knitsforlife : @seireffejsrm we go to local meetups and guilds. Google around for some in your area. Couldn't have done it without them!
knitsforlife : @knittygrittyhomestead πŸ‘†
sourpussknits : That IS a good deal!! Major score πŸŒŸπŸ™ŒπŸŒŸ
knitsforlife : πŸ™Œ @sourpussknits
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Tomorrow @thedappertoad and I install out #knithero #yarnbomb with @redheartyarns Reflective yarn at the SuperHero Street Fair in #SF--so excited!
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knitsforlife : #knitsforlife #thedappertoad #knit #knitting #machineknitting #crochet #crocheter #yarnbombing #streetart #yarn #redheartyarns #reflectiveyarn #superhero #shsf #sfart #streetartsf #hero #heroes #knitlife #handmade #myart #make
dankknits : Couldn't be any more rad.
queen_babs : They are fun!
bitsysbrainfood : πŸ‘πŸ‘β€οΈπŸ’šπŸ’›πŸ’™
knitterpink : Those are amazing! Great job!
knitsforlife : Thanks @knitterpink @bitsysbrainfood @queen_babs @dankknits
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I never thought that my move across 4 time zones would land me in walking distance to this amazing and well known #yarnbomb !! I'm in awe. #squidtree #knitsforlife #thedappertoad
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wool_wench : I need to hunt down the other ones!
annakocherovsky : I saw a bunch of them in San Mateo downtown!
jenfondry : @littleskyhome
littleskyhome : ahh! so rad! @jenfondry we need to do one of these somewhere! collaboration.
jenfondry : @littleskyhome totally agree! This one is AMAZING!!!
wool_wench : @jenfondry @littleskyhome check out the blog that showcases their other yarn bombs. Very innovative:
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I'm now adding clips from our adventures to my story on Snapchat. Come check it out!
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knitsforlife : #knitsforlife #thedappertoad #knitting #crochet #yarnbomb #yarnbombing #knit #machineknitting #farrout #yarn #craft #make #art #myart
tanteblaa1929 : I've added you. I'm tante_blaa.
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#knithero. Well, more like crochet, machine knit, and duplicate stitch heroines.
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suregal27 : That's great!
qoekc : Ahhhh thought it said KNIT HERD and I wanted to join. 😝
claramontagut : Love!
knitsforlife : Yeah @qoekc I need to make the o better for the second one. You can still join out knit hero herd! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
broughtupbywolves : I want one!
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Our #SuperheroYarnbomb for this weekend's SuperHeroStreetFair in @redheartyarns #ReflectiveYarn are coming right along but we're struggling to name them. Ideas? Boots and Pants? Hook and Needle? ManMan and WomanMan?
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lanaattack : incredibly beautiful !! greetings from chile
qoekc : The "Fantastic 2!"
hanasaurusrex : πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘β€οΈ
knitsforlife : Thanks @hanasaurusrex @lanaattack @sjreiassociation!
knitsforlife : Because they sure are @qoekc!
knitterpink : Do you knit that then sew it on? They are super cute!
knitsforlife : Yep @knitterpink knit or crochet. Thanks!
knitsforlife : #knithero
safa_crocheh - handmade_by_hailey - maxthedognr1 -
@libbybot looks purrrfect in her new #lasercat slouchy beanie! Our limited run of hats is going fast in the KnitsForLife shop on Etsy.
knitwear - beanie - knitting - pompomhat - libbybot - slouchyhat - handmade - knitsforlife - thedappertoad - fallfashion - etsy - lasercat -
knitsforlife : #knitsforlife #libbybot #thedappertoad #knitting #knitwear #slouchyhat #beanie #handmade #fallfashion #pompomhat #etsy
sarah_wayne2 : @loulou685 dude..the cat has laser vision!
loulou685 : I LOVE this beanie! 😻 @sarah_wayne2
craftycoolbeans : @freneticeclectic Dude.
stitchcatdesigns : @craftycoolbeans our nerd-ing is aligned. Saw it. Love it
knitsforlife : WAH!!! @freneticeclectic, @thedappertoad and I not only made this hat but I'm pretty sure we made that cat in your profile pic!
knitsforlife : Oh @freneticeclectic I recognize you now from the MM booth at VK Live!
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Regram from @thedappertoad of us getting our silly on with this #superherostreetfair #yarnbomb in @redheartyarns reflective yarn.
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knitsforlife : We spent hours trying to get the lumps out @suregal27 and they're still not perfect!
suregal27 : @knitsforlife ohh no! I was just making a joke- I thought it was all great! Really!πŸ˜„πŸ‘πŸ‘
knitsforlife : Oh no worries @suregal27 I gotcha. Just telling it like it is. So. Much. Stuffing.
suregal27 : @knitsforlife Just wait until thanksgiving. They'll be even more stuffed!
artesanatoprausar : Funny πŸ˜„
knitterpink : So funny!
knitsforlife : #knithero
marie_pia78 : @droptair_production
paul_jorge57 - artesanatoprausar - laurara82 - neannekay -
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