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Photo of the day: Wolves and their canine descendants are among our oldest animal partners, and yet we continue to hunt and kill them out of irrational fears that blind us to their many benefits. In this weekend’s @thedailybeast President and CEO Wayne Pacelle of the @HumaneSociety shared an excerpt from his book, “Humane Economy.” Photo ©istockphoto #wolf #wolves #nature #HumaneSociety #HSUS #thedailybeast
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instabuffs : @stephenmurf @jdah8
mhamad_karaki : Follow us on @Desert_Force and join our fighters in their adventures 👍
nastaran_kh : @ladanbhmnsh shoma jadidan
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Dame Helen Mirren lookingsmashing at tonight's 102nd White House Correspondents' Association Dinner. April 30, 2016 in Washington, DC. Photo ©Larry Busacca/Getty Images #WHCD #DameHelenMirren #HelenMirren #fashion #politics #entertainment #WhiteHouse #thedailybeast
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bethdzrn54 : Looking great!
daveysusie : I didn't get invited. Again. 😢
marybreaden : @thedailybeast does Helen Mirren have a tattoo? This is important.
pennyheaberlin : marybreadon, it is a Prince symbol. Perhaps not permanent.
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When your CEO drops into your #snapchat #whcd #dc #thedailybeast
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tayrose129 : You so fancy
thebrazilianjob : Hot
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New research makes a compelling case for toad venom as a cancer fighter. But smoking it to get high? Not a great idea. In this weekend's @thedailybeast, journalist Abby Haglage asks, “Is Toad Venom a Weird Trip or Cancer Cure?” Photo Illustration By @SarahNRogers/The Daily Beast #toadlicker #toad #frog #naturalcure #cancercure #medicine #health #thedailybeast
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allison_richter : @kells__bells_ at least they didn't smoke toad venom🤔
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White House Squad. #whcd #dc #thedailybeast #dsquared
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nalibarzani : 💙
waleedious : 🔥🔥🔥
lunchtrey22 : 💯
sethersk82 : #SQUADGOALS
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When it was completed in 1908, New York City's Singer Building was the tallest building in the world. In 1968 it was razed, and remained the tallest building ever destroyed until the Twin Towers on 9/11. Tap on @thedailybeast for link to our homepage, where you'll find the full story by @woconnor11. Photo ©Alamy #SingerBuilding #history #architecture #nyc #ny #thedailybeast.
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Tonight’s annual dinner will be President Obama’s last—and, unlike presidents of old, he genuinely enjoys an evening where the jokes and jabs are his to deploy. Tap on @thedailybeast bio for the link to our home page, where you can read Lloyd Grove’s “Why The President Has the Last Laugh At The White House Correspondents’ Dinner.” Photo ©Yuri Gripas/AFP/Getty #WHCD #whitehouse @BarackObama @WhiteHouse #president #POTUS #politics #entertainment #thedailybeast
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heloisamaia1 : 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌
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Today is National Hair Appreciation Day! Whether you wears yours long, bald, dreaded, multi-colored, braided, or whatever it decides for you, make today a day to let your "freak flag fly", as David Crosby once sang. Brighten someone's day by complimenting him or her on their 'do, donate your tresses to Locks Of Love, or maybe give your haristylist/barber a gift for making you look fresh and fabulous. #hairappreciationday #funday #hairstylist #barber #hairdo #thedailybeast
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manuelarreis : @rickferrazl Dia de cabeleireiro 💁🏻
amyhamilton2 : @bissiesmalls luv it !
rploser : @chloegammon
deanalando : @shakerpearl hahahha you better
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Photo of the day Members of the Greek Orthodox clergy take part in the Washing of the Feet ceremony outside the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem's Old City, April 28, 2016, ahead of Orthodox Easter. Photo ©Ammar Awad/Reuters #picoftheday #photoftheday #easter #orthodoxeaster #greekorthodox #religion #holysepulchre #jerusalem #thedailybeast
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roohirizvi : Refreshing ....
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While Balmain’s creative director, Olivier Rousteing, has cultivated a roster of celebrity clients—including Beyonce, the House of Balmain has attracted the rich and famous since it launched in 1945. Tap on @thedailybeast for the link to our homepage, where you’ll find Lizzie Crocker’s “How Balmain Got a Beyonce Makeover.” Photo © Frank Micelotta/Invision for Parkwood Entertainment/AP Images @Balmain @Olivier_Rousteing @Beyonce #Lemonade #formation #fashion #designer #balmain #OlivierRousteing #thedailybeast
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troyselvey : You notice ALL BLACK WOMEN????????
troyselvey : Is she afraid of white women, or ????????
jordanreinders : Beyond looking whiter than ever.
tbbucsbabe : The QUEEN!!!👑
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The fucking disrespect. How is Taylor the new Prince? In what spectrum? Because all we've seen from her is mediocre music, performances, stage presence, overall image on Prince's level? How is she as influential? How? Prince deserves better than this bullshit. Nobody can be the next Prince because excellence doesn't appear twice that often. And we all know Taylor is far from being "excellent" or anything close to it. #taylorswift #prince #purplerain #thedailybeast #ripprince #swifties
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connorrichmond : Don't blame Tay for this blame this stupid news source
exposingxswift : @connorrichmond I didn't blame her
connorrichmond : @exposingxswift oh
haylorslut : The media is bullshit....
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Happening now! Our social media intern Peter Slattery is attempting to eat an entire large pizza and the real-pizza box it came in and a slab of garlic bread live on Facebook! It's always the little guy... #hungry #munchies #facebooklive #pizza #thedailybeast
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mike_mentor2 : @thejohnstark
roshini_kassie : @youaremysymphonic Pfft...that's a normal meal for you, #amiright ? ;)
purrsephuhnee : You can do it, Peter!!!
chris_acmtrading : I can do yhat shit
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#MontgomeryCountyMarylandPoliceDepartment why do you continue to excuse the actions of the lead detective in the death of #KeithWarren ? Go to for complete look at all documentation. #aolnews #cnn #huffingtonpost #blacklivesmatter #blackvoices #washingtontimes #washingtonpost #hln #abcnews #cbsnews #cbsnews8 #nbcnews #justice #accountability #montgomerycountymd #imnotgoingaway #thedailybeast #newsweek #news #hangingdeath @time #msn #msnbc #msnnews #
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Umm. Creepy. And wrong. A young mother is suing a local policeman, claiming he used her fiance’s confiscated cellphone to spy on her via nanny cam as she nursed her baby. Tap on @thedailybeast for the link to our homepage to read this disturbing news and all the day’s other headlines. Photo Illustration by The Daily Beast #crime #motherhood #breastfeeding #nursing #creep #USnews #thedailybeast
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benjamin_szlamkowicz123 : Bullshit
manmayi : @bananafenagus this could be your teddy. 😱
fit_holistic_mom : Thank you for this inspiring post!
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The last Friday in April is Arbor Day. This day is about more than just tree hugging! Founded by famous Journalist and Editor J. Sterling Morton, he sang the praises of trees and encouraged planting them in his prairie state of Nebraska. On the first Arbor Day in 1872, Morton hosted a competition in which an estimated 1 million trees were planted throughout the state! Early Arbor Day celebrations were full of fanfare and adopted most enthusiastically by school kids. It is also an opportunity to develop classroom lessons around the importance of trees and the role they play in our environment, well being, and culture. While Arbor Day is officially the last Friday in April, many states adjust their observance to best align with ideal tree planting weather—northern states sometimes later, southern states as early as February or March. Here are a few ways to celebrate Arbor Day: •Plant trees! •Choose a public park to clean up •Read books with your kids about trees—bonus points if they’re digital •Do a tree identification hike •Share and tag your friends on this and other social media about Arbor Day Photo ©istockphoto #ArborDay #todayinhistory #thisdayinhistory #trees #nature #thedailybeast
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Photo of the day A 3D-printed Sanpang strawberry milk flavored frozen treat from the Iceason ice cream shop in Shanghai, China. Sanpang is a Chinese nickname for North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. Photo ©Aly Song/TPX Images/Reuters #KimJongUn #northkorea #china #shanghai #picoftheday #photooftheday #thedailybeast
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leejessij : So cool! @it_jeweler
officialashleyharris : @semiovale
heelsmealsdeals : Looks like @kenjeong lol
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Sometimes the woman wronged chooses to stay in a marriage after her partner’s affair because it’s good for business and her whole life trajectory. Tap on @thedailybeast bio for the live link to read what contributor Josie Pickens has to say about “Beyonce, Hillary, Michelle and the New Performance of American Marriage.” Photo ©Joshua Lott/Reuters #lemonade #hillaryclinton #beyonce #marriage #relationships #thedailybeast
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eringreengirl6 : #hillno #electionfraud #bernieorbust
jlarral : Is that a pork chop she's eating and why is it on a stick?😬
bronxie13 : #NOPE
ronsqr : Folks are all flawed … its personal & a private matter. To be able to forgive is a virtue.
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@Regrann from @thedailybeast: Racka sheep are seen during celebrations of the start of the new grazing season in the Great Hungarian Plain in Hortobagy, Hungary. Photo ©Laszlo Balogh/Reuters #nature #animals #sheep #hungary #picoftheday #photooftheday #thedailybeast - via #Regrann #repost Que cuernos más chulos!
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In case you haven’t yet heard, we’ve put together a list of all the places you can never again patronize if you want to boycott businesses with transgender-friendly bathroom facilities. Tap on @thedailybeast bio for the link to a list of all the places to avoid if you’re a trans’ hater. It’s also quite a handy list for those of you who want to show your appreciation of big businesses taking a stand on inclusivity! Photo Illustration by The Daily Beast #transgender #boycotttarget #transbathrooms #lgbt #USnews #thedailybeast
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isabelrothberg : @jingquxx
biggaydragon : @hemingweird
_natayy_ : Thanks for the link, I'm gonna use/go to these companies/places more often 🤔😏🙂🙃
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#thedailybeast #literally #childrenofthecorn
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On April 28, 1967 Muhammad Ali refused to be drafted into the US Army, citing Muslim religious objections. As punishment for his draft dodging, Ali was stripped of his heavyweight boxing title, fined $10,000, and sentenced to five years in prison (which he appealed and avoided serving time). He was also banned from professional boxing for three years. In June 1971, the Supreme Court overturned his conviction for evading the draft. Muhammad Ali went on to end his fight career with 56 wins, 5 losses. His final match was in 1981. In 1984 it was revealed Ali had Parkinson’s disease. Photo: Cassius Clay (later Muhammad Ali), February 1964 ©Harry Benson/Express/Hulton Archive/Getty Images #MuhammadAli #UShistory #todayinhistory #thisdayinhistory #USarmy #religion #thedailybeast
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@Regrann from @thedailybeast: "The commute can be rough, but moments like this make it way easier." Beast senior correspondent @jjamesjoiner, who regularly drives to our NYC offices from his home on Cape Cod. #nature #thedailybeast #sunrise - via #Regrann #repost
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Because greatness is all around me ✨ #CollisionConf #SociallyLOUD🔊 #TheDailyBeast #Mic #Verizon
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meli.anndrea : Yes queen ! You look gawgggg
randaquraan : @meli.anndrea 😘😘
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#Powers #IrishWhiskey: In Private Conversation featuring #ChrisAltchek, founder of and #MichaelDyer, president of #TheDailyBeast. Both can make a reasonable claim to being the voices of the generation rebelling against mainstream media coverage. #collisionconf #media #journalism
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Racka sheep are seen during celebrations of the start of the new grazing season in the Great Hungarian Plain in Hortobagy, Hungary. Photo ©Laszlo Balogh/Reuters #nature #animals #sheep #hungary #picoftheday #photooftheday #thedailybeast
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kp.levi : Amazing 🙌
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#thedailybeast #fluffy #neko #soft #pancakes #blueberry #lingonberry #catsofinstagram #catsofig MOMO
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A new U.K. study found that the risk of suicide attempts is six times higher among gay and bisexual men under the age of 45—and that rates are even higher for those of color. Tap on @thedailybeast home at, where you can read Samantha Allen’s full report on this latest study. Photo ©istockphoto #suicide #lgbt #gay #health #wellness #bisexual #thedailybeast
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alamar9 : That's driven by the Sick Society we live in considered to be normal!
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"The commute can be rough, but moments like this make it way easier." Beast senior correspondent @jjamesjoiner, who regularly drives to our NYC offices from his home on Cape Cod. #nature #thedailybeast #sunrise
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Happy Hump Day! What's for lunch today? @ixtacotaqueria #ixtacotaqueria #elmonte #mexican #restaurant #tacos #burritos #tapas #aguasfrescas #quesadillas #tortas #salsas #laweekly #eater #eater_la #lamagazine #laistpics #welikela #thrillist #foodbeast #tastingtable #thedailybeast #foodnetwork #foodandwine #foodrepublic #foodie #lafoodie #foodporn #lafoodwine #626foodie
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Don't shame Lil Kim, empathize with her, lets take ourselves out of our own experience and think deeply about why someone would alter their appearance so drastically?. She may suffer from mental illness, self hate, who knows...but please don't overlook the fact that our society favors a certain kind of beauty (European), and that colorism is real. She's a rapper, and there's a certain standard of beauty that dominates the hip-hop industry, many male rappers constantly talk about about how they want a foreign, redbone, longhaired, light skinned woman. Along with that, women entertainers are scrutinized so harshly for their appearance. She has publicly stated that she didn't find herself to be beautiful due to past relationships, father issues etc. I think it's important that we don't shame people, because the damage has already been done and we don't need to inflict more pain on individuals. We should stand by them and offer support and help if needed. #LilKim #randomthoughts #thedailybeast
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x.__queen_shan__.x : Is that the same photo
jssteve1 : @b
jssteve1 : @blackrose618
echoingsoundz : Super dope!!
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Oh no she didn't! Oh. Yes. She. Did. Just after her name was linked to Jay Z, Rita Ora stepped out in a Gucci outfit worn by Beyoncé in her “Formation” music video to make a point. Read Tim Teeman’s “Rita Ora Takes Princess Diana’s Lesson In Revenge Dressing” by tapping on @thedailybeast bio for the live link to this #lemonade drama. Photo illustration by The Daily Beast #RitaOra #Beyonce #JayZ #Lemonade #revenge #fashion #entertainment #thedailybeast
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diazcesar : @siraustininbuff #bustedho
stevewstav : @xenya8
xenya8 : @stevewstav oh, already I saw!
srdejesus : @thedailybeast
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@katiezavadski + @katebriq #thedailybeast
thedailybeast -
katebriq : And Tulsa also makes an appearance 😂😂😂
emmacarew : Goddamnit, why didn't we make it the No 1 KATIES Detectives Agency
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#Repost @thedailybeast with @repostapp. ・・・ On this day in 1947, "Babe Ruth Day" was held at Yankee Stadium to honor the ailing baseball star, Babe Ruth, who was in the final stages of fatal throat cancer. The “Sultan of Swat” was greeted by a crowd of 58,339 cheering fans. Beginning his career as a pitcher for the Boston Red Sox, Ruth was traded to the Yankees to become an outfielder and star batter. His popularity allowed the Yankees to move to Bronx, New York and he had his greatest season in 1927, with 60 homeruns, and assisted his team to a sweep in the 1932 World Series. As popular off the field as on, it was no wonder such a larger crowd showed up for “Babe Ruth Day” before his passing. Photo courtesy Library of Congress #BabeRuth #BabeRuthDay #Yankees #todayinhistory #thisdayinhistory #thedailybeast
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sevengoldenfloors : 😺
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