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Nick Spencer é o nome do cidadão que fez o roteiro da HQ Capitão América: Steve Rogers #1. que revela que ele é agente da Hydra. Spencer deu uma entrevista ao @thedailybeast : '' - O que eu acho que eu posso dizer com confiança é que com essa história, nossa intenção e esperança e que de sua maneira única, ela reforce o que todo mundo sabe sobre o Capitão América, que é seu poder como um símbolo e o que isso significa. Estamos usando um ângulo diferente, mas eu acho que ela ilumina o personagem de uma forma que não vimos antes.” Vamos aguardar os novos acontecimentos. #CaptainAmerica #SteveRogers #NickSpencer #Hydra #thedailybeast
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Thomas Banta, who retired from the police force in 2014, is accused by authorities in Kentucky of recruiting young girls for prostitution—allegedly to service prominent people in the community. Read Samantha Allen’s exposé in today’s @thedailybeast, at our homepage. Photo illustration by The Daily Beast #USnews #prostitution #Kentucky #thedailybeast
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An obscure decision over a military base has turned into a Washington knife fight, with a leading congressman accusing the Pentagon of trying to stab him in the back. In an exclusive to @thedailybeast, Congressman Devin Nunes discusses the Pentagon’s supposed 'criminal' leaks, the fight over an overseas intelligence base, and more. Photo illustration by The Daily Beast #Pentagon #Congress #DevinNunes #topsecret #DefenseDepartment #HouseIntelligenceCommittee #government #thedailybeast
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Obama wins respect in Hiroshima. After more than half a century of resentment, President Obama's sincere tribute to the bombings’ fallen has begun to heal the deep bitterness between two nations. Photo ©Shuji Kajiyama/AP @BarackObama #POTUS #BarackObama #USPresident #worldnews #politics #war #peace #thedailybeast
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mishkatsu : @ghmmtm hardly a comparison, an attack on a military base with dropping an atomic bomb on a civilian city
webbpottery : @mishkatsu 👍
egbodorlucky : I love this
angelahuckaby : Despicable
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Co-champion Jairam Jagadeesh Hathwar and family members celebrate after final round at the 89th annual Scripps National Spelling Bee at National Harbor in Maryland U.S. May 26, 2016. The other co-champion is Nihar Janga. Hathwar won with “f-e-l-d-e-n-k-r-a-i-s.” Janga won with “g-e-s-e-l-l-s-c-h-a-f-t.” Congrats to them both! Photo ©Kevin Lamarque/Reuters #Scripps #SpellingBee #champions #potd #picoftheday #photooftheday #thedailybeast
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ponytails80 : Congratulations, truetails
mamagr3 : WOW!!! Congratulations!
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A visitor to the Sydney Botanical Garden's inaugural contribution to the Vivid Sydney light festival takes a picture of the 'Cathedral of Light' during a preview of the annual interactive light installation and projection event around Sydney, Australia May 25, 2016. Photo ©Jason Reed/Reuters #potd #photooftheday #picoftheday #australia #lights #cathedralOfLights #lightinstallation #vividsydney #thedailybeast
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Congress is insisting that the U.S. military field more dogfighters than its Russian and Chinese rivals. All signs point to the Air Force missing that goal. Read all about it in today’s @thedailybeast. Photo illustration @SarahNRogers/The Daily Beast #AirForce #armedforces #military #dogfighters #armsrace #thedailybeast
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Today is #RedNoseDay! Through the power of comedy, the Red Nose Day organization, with the help of entertainers and celebrities, raises awareness and money to help kids who need us most at home and around the world. Red Nose Day is on a mission to lift kids out of poverty and has raised over $1 billion globally in the last 25 years. You can tune in to The Red Nose Day Special airing tonight and hosted by Craig Ferguson, Thursday, May 26, at 9 p.m. EST on NBC. Photo: The one and only Jeff Goldblum. @RedNoseDayUSA @craigyferg @JeffGoldblum #funny #comedy #laughs #charity #thedailybeast
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A pro poker player. A TV writer. And a Ted Cruz birther. These are just some of the unusual individuals bankrolling Hillary’s and Donald’s campaigns. Tap on @thedailybeast to read the full report by Michael Beckel of the Center for Public Integrity. Photo illustration by The Daily Beast #HillaryClinton #DonaldTrump #campaignfunds #election #politics #presidentialelection #thedailybeast
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sbrandt1 : Amen
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Say it isn’t so! “Captain America” Writer Nick Spencer explains to @thedailybeast, “Why I Turned Steve Rogers into a Supervillain.” Tap on our bio for a link to The Daily Beast homepage where you’ll get the full scoop of this Marvel good guy gone bad. Photo courtesy @Marvel #comics #CaptainAmerica #NickSpencer #comicbooks #Marvel #Hydra #thedailybeast
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buzcorpse : @lydiadarrah 💀it won't last
e_monster : WHAT what no why how @kill_b
rawlincoln : Booooo. No no
mrleonrocks : Don't worry, folks! It's also been revealed that the Red Skull is actually a deep cover SHIELD operative. That's why all his schemes fail miserably; he's been sabotaging Hydra for years. 💀👍🏻
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Why are so many Muslim refugees in Europe Suddenly finding Jesus? #thedailybeast #commanetwork
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Dallas Vibes || They get me here #stylebeast #thedailybeast #dallascowboy
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standelaney : I love the pool there!
r.mac : 👌
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Sabes tenimos tacos de desayuno? @ixtacotaqueria #ixtacotaqueria #elmonte #mexican #restaurant #tacos #burritos #tapas #aguasfrescas #quesadillas #tortas #salsas #laweekly #eater #eater_la #lamagazine #laistpics #welikela #thrillist #foodbeast #tastingtable #thedailybeast #foodnetwork #foodandwine #foodrepublic #foodie #lafoodie #foodporn #lafoodwine #626foodie
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#politics #america #democrat #republican #progressive #liberal #conservative #freedom #usa #hillaryclinton #hillary2016 #readyforhillary #correcttherecord #imwithher #superPAC #corrupt #hildawg2016 #teapartynews #theteaparty #GOP #corporatemedia #CNN #MSNBC #thedailybeast #nbc #thenewyorktimes #thewashingtonpost #newmedia #stillsanders #americansniper
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#gameofthrones #hodor#thedailybeast
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I still don't believe it...thank you #MissSusie! #TheDailyBeast #HaynevilleAL
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Good morning! Did you see Millennium Award recipient Britney Spears performing at the 2016 Billboard Awards last night? What did you think? Photo ©Mario Anzuoni/Reuters #BillboardAwards #BritneySpears @BritneySpears @Billboard #music #popmusic #thedailybeast
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tammyfifield : Lip Sync
kurtwearsred : Amazing as usual
beautifully.broken.06 : Couldn't care less. : Nice one...
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You’ve spent countless hours training your dog to be well-adjusted and behaved. Could a robot have done it instead? At @thedailybeast homepage, read Rose Eveleth’s “Algorithms Will Train Your Dog.” Photo ©istockphoto #dogs #algorithm #dogtraining #science #technology #algorithm #thedailybeast
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idroptofficial : We'd love your support! Check out out our page! 👍
estallmeyer : @willstallmeyer
lifeofmind : @lofaso02
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Get your telescopes ready and look up tonight! Mars will be the brightest it has been in two years as it orbits into "Mars opposition", a placement that puts the Earth directly between the sun and Mars, making it the most illuminated body in night sky after the moon. Photo courtesy NASA #space #mars #marsopposition #astronomy #thedailybeast
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punamrahman : @troutman415 clear skies tonight for sure!!!
jackcohenphoto : @thedailybeast Now that's Mars! 🙌🏼
thedailybeast : @jackcohenphoto We're all human; even a caption or photo can have an error every once in a red moon... 😉🌙
jackcohenphoto : @thedailybeast Touché. Well played guys. Love TDB. Keep doing what you're doing.
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Another week, another bumper crop of Christian sex scandals. And it’s not going to stop any time soon—from child pornography to luring young men to the rectory for sex via gay match making app Grindr. In today’s @thedailybeast, read Jay Michaelson’s “The Real Christian Preacher Sex Scandal Is How Many There Are.” Photo illustration by The Daily Beast #priests #scandal #religion #crime #sex #grindr #thedailybeast
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thecatball : It's always the "Family Values" guy.
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Members of the Ukrainian national guard Azov regiment and activists of the Azov civil corp take part in a protest against local elections in pro-Russian rebel-held areas of eastern Ukraine under the Minsk peace agreement, in Kiev, Ukraine, May 20, 2016. Photo ©Gleb Garanich/Reuters #ukraine #protest #worldnews #azov #russia #thedailybeast
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The movie “Imitation Game” truly is art imitating life, based on the true story of WWII codebreakers—Allied forces translating encrypted Nazi intelligence. In today’s @thedailybeast, read an excerpt from author Max Hastings’ “The Secret War” and learn how Bletchley Park beat cloak and dagger. Photo ©Zuma Press, Inc./Alamy #ImitationGame #codebreakers #Nazis #WWII #warheroes #cloakanddagger #novel #nonfiction #thedailybeast
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May is National Photography Month. It is a time to step back and rethink what we photograph and how we can become more intentional in what we document or express, making photographs that will mean something decades from now. Photo: Destitute pea pickers in California, mother of seven children, age thirty-two. Nipomo, California, 1936. Courtesy Dorothea Lange/Library of Congress #nationalobservation #LOC #libraryofcongress #dorothealange #nationalphotographymonth #photography #historyofphotography #thedailybeast
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tanyamng : What year?
sartleseeartdifferently : Amazing!
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@Regrann from @thedailybeast: The Village People pose during a photocall as they arrive to attend the amfAR's Cinema Against AIDS 2016 event, during the 69th Cannes Film Festival, in Antibes, France, May 19, 2016. The 70’s “macho man” group performed before a star-studded audience. Photo ©Jean-Paul Pelissier/Reuters #VillagePeople #potd #photooftheday #picoftheday #machoman #ymca #cannes #popculture #thedailybeast - via #Regrann #repost Wow pero están muy bien para su edad! 😃😃😃😃😃
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The Village People pose during a photocall as they arrive to attend the amfAR's Cinema Against AIDS 2016 event, during the 69th Cannes Film Festival, in Antibes, France, May 19, 2016. The 70’s “macho man” group performed before a star-studded audience. Photo ©Jean-Paul Pelissier/Reuters #VillagePeople #potd #photooftheday #picoftheday #machoman #ymca #cannes #popculture #thedailybeast
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Forty years after the Sex Pistols unleashed their debut single “Anarchy in the UK,” a battle for the soul of punk is raging in London. The war of words will culminate in a $7 million public bonfire that will incinerate decades of punk rock history. Joe Corré, Malcolm McLaren and Vivienne Westwood’s son, will destroy his valuable collection of memorabilia to stop punk becoming “a fucking museum piece.” Tap on @thedailybeast to read all about the ultimate punk rock move. Photo illustration by @BrigetteSupernova/The Daily Beast #punkrock #JoeCorre #SexPistols #MalcolmMcLaren #VivienneWestwood #musichistory #omfug #thedailybeast
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mrspress : @pressmatthew
tom_ebbrell : Just wrong
davebabs : Fascists
troyskipow : Fuck that
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Outrage at the conditions endured by workers at the Indian factory making Beyoncé’s clothing line ignores more complex truths about the local economy. Tap on @thedailybeast bio for the link to our homepage, where you can read Lizzie Crocker’s “The Un-PC Truth About Beyonce’s ‘Sweatshop’.” Photo via Ivy Park @WeAreIvyPark @Beyonce #IvyPark #Beyonce #fashion #sweatshops #India #worldnews #economy #thedailybeast
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flwrsn1 : Stop
randazzoj : I have seen almost no outrage; rather a series of pieces like this saying "actually it's good!"
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It's World Whisky Day! It's "slanté o'clock" somehere... Get to pouring. If you want suggestions for a more refined palete, check out @thedailybeast homepage for Noah Rothbaum's top five picks for rare drams. Photo ©istockphoto #WorldWhiskyDay #whisky #slante #spirits #thedailybeast
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eminski : @pinturicchio24
serla_bear : @legraaaa
pinturicchio24 : Every day is whisky day @eminski
bertinabrase : Haha @hans_brase I guess yours was yesterday!
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For decades we’ve been warned of the dangers of letting the rubbery plastic holders that sheath our six packs run astray of a proper trash receptacle, reinforced by heartbreaking images of wild animals ensnared and doomed to a slow, terrible death. Now, thanks to a caring investment from the aptly dubbed Saltwater Brewery in Delray Beach, Florida, these fears can start to be alleviated with their breakthrough edible six pack retainer. Three cheers to you, @SaltwaterBrewery! #ecofriendly #green #environment #savetheturtles #earthfriendly #thedailybeast
environment - thedailybeast - savetheturtles - earthfriendly - green - ecofriendly -
jewelzjourney : Yesssss!!!!!
dezr48 : Many heartfelt thank yous!!!
ice_maester : Always the small guys who care enough to take care of the environment. Big guys... bleeh...let it break, we have money to get a new place
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Who should be the next James Bond—Idris Elba or Tom Hiddleston? @thedailybeast’s writer Kevin Fallon weighs in today. Check out his take on the future of .007 at our homepage Photo illustration @BrigetteSupernova/The Daily Beast @IdrisElba @@hiddleston_tom_#JamesBond #IdrisElba #TomHiddleton #entertainment #Hollywood #007 #thedailybeast
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davidhill7 : Elba. No brainer.
dawneewatson : Hiddleston . So smooth ,so scathing,so cute.
chandra0113 : Elba for sure! #JamesBond
gucci_flav89 : Idris Elba...duh lol
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Worse than ‘Blackfish’… Marineland says its animals are happy and healthy—but former trainers have a darker story to tell about Canada’s version of SeaWorld. Tap on @thedailybeast bio for the link to our homepage, where you can read Kate Briquelet’s “Is Marineland Abusing Smooshi The Walrus?”—the saga of a whiskered, Rubenesque beauty and her aquatic captive neighbors. Photo ©Frank Miesnikowicz/Alamy #Smooshi #walrus #blackfish #marineland #seaworld #animals #animalrights #thedailybeast
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seanjameshair : So sad let that mammal go
dezr48 : Animal cruelty. To the point. Hold those responsible...responsible. Do what must be done to give these beautiful mammals what they need to be living as peacefully as possible.
davidhill7 : Sadly, many of the captive Orcas cannot be returned to the wild. They will die in the captivity into which they were born.
everlastnglight - about_me_matthew - bklynclk - nikkywhittaker -
Amina Ali, one of the over 200 girls abducted from a boarding school in Nigeria’s northeastern Borno State by Boko Haram militants over two years ago, surprisingly reappeared on Tuesday and has reunited with her family. One more of the schoolgirls was recovered from the terrorist group on Thursday this week. Read Philip Obaji Jr.’s “How a Nigerian Schoolgirl Was Saved From Boko Haram” at @thedailybeast website. Photo ©Afolabi Sotunde/Reuters #BokoHaram #africa #Nigeria #worldnews #civilwar #bringbackourgirls #thedailybeast
thedailybeast - worldnews - civilwar - nigeria - bokoharam - africa - bringbackourgirls -
karendawson : She will survive and may God bless her and her baby in her fight to regain her life back.
paestumexperience - dr.rana.halaseh - piriya_ploy - da_kittyy -
On May 20, 1956, the first U.S. test of the first “air deliverable” hydrogen bomb was dropped from a B-52 bomber near Namu Island of the Bikini Atoll in the Pacific Ocean. Released at an altitude of more than 50,000 feet, the bomb named “Cherokee” exploded around 15,000 feet. The bomb drop was intended to gather weapon effects data for high yield air bursts, as well as demonstrate to the Soviet Union our ability to deliver H-bombs by air. So-called Operation Redwing was a series of 17 thermonuclear test detonations done from May to June, 1956. After taking control of the peaceful Marshall Islands from the Japanese in WWII, President Truman decided to conduct 66 nuclear weapons tests on the island chain from 1946 to 1958. Just before they began testing plutonium-laced hydrogen bombs—which have a radioactive existence of half a million years—hundreds of island native inhabitants were relocated from Bikini Atoll to Rongerik Atoll. But after bouts of starvation and other struggles to survive, some were brought back and exposed to radiation as bomb tests were conducted. The U.S. Navy brought in 242 naval ships, 156 aircraft, 25,000 radiation recording devices, and 5,400 experimental rats, goats and pigs were imported for nuclear fallout testing. And half of the world’s moving picture film stock was shipped in to document bomb drops. Photo Department of Defense, Cherokee hydrogen bomb explosion on May 20, 1956. #war #nuclearbomb #hbomb #plutonium #BikiniAtoll #nuclearwar #thisdayinhistory #todayinhistory #worldhistory #thedailybeast
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