1. Guardians God, you have shown me what it's like to be alive. My lord knows that I've been sinking. The sanctuary's skin has finally been lifted. The symphony has grown silent with distaste from the grime its sound produces and its elegance in waste. I've grown blind to my eyelids they are the my guardians of naught. The sight my innards seek to dispatch is the very reason I am wrong. Call upon the almighty one for He is the only one who saves. Call upon the almighty one, protector of the graves. All you've said is now forsaken. What you've come to believe is forsaken. As the wretches of this pit of heart cry we will all know what is indeed Forsaken. Restless in a mess of contagion strains and mismatched thought, lay the silent eyes of black heart nights eternally searching for missing parts. The tunnels lights are dim without fractions of time to think for second thoughts. Sink or rise there is no swim. You live, you rise, you drink, you die. The sky emerged with the black of dusk and the scent of angels left us dust with aromas filled of conspired trust, as he could turn away from God. The words unspoken fill syringes with not blood but black eclipses of our hearts not sanctified and in the image of our faith denied, beseech of the Lord and beg for sight. God, you have shown me what it's like to be alive. Tear it from the chest all the conflicting inflictions while it settles in the head, parasitic-like thoughts. This flawless design can never be duplicated when the cycles of the earth fold the world infinite with signs. Let the truth be the prey of the faith-stricken cold and when the core is warmed up ask for the path from the lord. God, you have shown me what it's like to be alive. As we shed the pretense and the dawn has stained itself a place in mind, the search is unending until we finally find. Our creator. Our sustainer. In whom we always seek refuge. Our Guardian. God, you have shown me what it's like to be alive.
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tristramwhoever90 : Bro, they were such an epic band. @kaizerpantheraleo
kaizerpantheraleo : You mean they're not anymore?
tristramwhoever90 : @kaizerpantheraleo Yes, they made two albums (to the best of my knowledge). The drummer on this album @dpuckairdrums now plays drums for one of my favorite bands of all time @fortodayband
kaizerpantheraleo : I listen to For Today. I didn't quite know that thanks. What would you say was their best feature as a band?
tristramwhoever90 : #thecrimsonarmada #TCA #Deathcore #MetalCore
tristramwhoever90 : That's awesome. For today rules. @kaizerpantheraleo who's best feature, TCA or FT?
kaizerpantheraleo : With TCA.
tristramwhoever90 : I love this album "Guardians" and I also love their other album "conviction". Conviction has a clean vocalist on it which I love in metalcore. @kaizerpantheraleo
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4. In The Eyes Of God Come crumbling as the shattering of faith He who cannot stand for his Lord will sleep forever without wake. And among us are the faithless who long only for the glory of this world. Among us are faithless but I am not of them for I long only to die in His arms. In the eyes of God I am His testament. The wool is warm with comfort but this is coated in deception for the sheep will soon be stripped and it will freeze without protection. Bare blooded and ripe for failure. This is where all are defined by His will. Thy knees will testify, did he stand to the throne? The pigs drown spiraling alone. Arrogant, the goblet raise you high, the portrait of perfection. Do you not see this pride itself is an infection? Nigh is the hour when trumpets will close the graves and may those who stood for their Lord rejoice, let cowards sink and settle for remorse. On tables stretched horror stares, to rape our lungs of precious air. Three times to the skies our hands we raise: Reverse this curse, this violent plague. It is infectious, the dispersion of bone of the spineless. Live like a wordless dog, may you forever remain silent. Or stand for His throne. Relieve the world of its infectious ailment. In the eyes of God I am his testament. Come crumbling for without God, one exists without meaning. We are his testament serving as the heart and flesh. When one part of this body aches we seek to cure its distress. We are the testament.
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tristramwhoever90 : #thecrimsonarmada #TCA #Deathcore #MetalCore
easyacky1523 : Best album there was!
tristramwhoever90 : I have major Binges with this album! Such a true statement! @easyacky1523
easyacky1523 : Solid album for sure!
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This intro... Artist: #TheCrimsonArmada Album: #Conviction Song: #Juggernaut #Metalcore #Deathcore #Christian
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instagram_metalcore : @wearetriumphant Already am! Sick bands you guys got! Especially BOS. Can't get enough BOS...
patty__cakes13 : Some of the sickest foot work in the game.
itscylecihla : OMGG!!!!!!!
jaythecorruptor : Oh yes
jaythecorruptor : @self_spite
joshroux : @instagram_metalcore I basically said the same thing when they told me to check out their label πŸ˜† bos is life
instagram_metalcore : @joshroux Bos is love, Bos is life πŸ’˜
wahab_17 : @omar_alhassawi_
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βœ–οΈSick !! βœ–οΈ [ Artist ] : The Crimson Armada [ Album ] : Conviction [ Song ] : Forgive Me #TheCrimsonArmada #metalcore #breakdown #bassdrop
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anya.stark : I love this 😍
instacorebands : @anya.stark awesome \m/
everybodytoleratesraymond : Yuuuuuup πŸ‘
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Song by The Crimson Armada - Conviction Made with @picflowapp #picflow #tca #thecrimsonarmada #conviction #breakdown #metal #metalcore #metalhead #aa #a7x #adtr #attila #bos #bvb #bmth #cte #chelseagrin #iseestars #miw #mmf #mgk #omam #ptv #pwd #patd #suicidesilence #swornin #thewordalive
aa - breakdown - a7x - mgk - chelseagrin - bvb - pwd - bmth - adtr - ptv - mmf - tca - attila - thewordalive - conviction - omam - bos - metal - metalhead - swornin - cte - thecrimsonarmada - picflow - metalcore - suicidesilence - iseestars - miw - patd -
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Yes #thecrimsonarmada
thecrimsonarmada -
potoczny : Worst singer ever
lanzo_oa : Slow your roll Capone @potoczny
badjeffkardos : ^ LMAO
lanzo_oa : @badjeffkardos 😘
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The dreads of @joshjardim, formerly of The Crimson Armada. Taken in early 2010 in Corbin, KY and one of the first shows I shot. I know I cut off his guitar, but to me this photo about his dreads.
dreads - throwbackthursday - dreadsofinstagram - dreadlocs - tbt - kentucky - unsungheromedia - nikon - locs - thecrimsonarmada - concertphotography -
unsungheromedia : #tbt #throwbackthursday #thecrimsonarmada #nikon #dreads #dreadsofinstagram #dreadlocs #kentucky #unsungheromedia #concertphotography #locs
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#Thecrimsonarmada #lyrics
thecrimsonarmada - lyrics -
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The amount of truth in this. Mhmmm. πŸ’© #deathcore #metalcore #bringmethehorizon #suicidesilence #thyartismurder #chelseagrin #whitechapel #likemothstoflames #askingalexandria #jobforacowboy #theamityaffliction #motionlessinwhite #slipknot #thecrimsonarmada #lambofgod #asilaydying #infantanniahlater #ringsofsaturn #blackfuneral
motionlessinwhite - likemothstoflames - chelseagrin - infantanniahlater - theamityaffliction - deathcore - jobforacowboy - ringsofsaturn - whitechapel - asilaydying - bringmethehorizon - slipknot - blackfuneral - thecrimsonarmada - lambofgod - thyartismurder - metalcore - suicidesilence - askingalexandria -
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This song from this band is really sick. #TheCrimsonArmada #AFilthyAddiction #Guardians
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slavi_apollyon : I thought it said crimson grandpa ;-;
impending_d00d : Yeah I wish @slavi_apollyon
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I really like this tbh #thecrimsonarmada
thecrimsonarmada -
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Memekak di pagi hari part 2! #thecrimsonarmada #thefinalwords
thecrimsonarmada - thefinalwords -
irfan_yshzid : Baik ahhhhh @outkazs
mummyezza : Nak autograph pls.. haha! @outkazs
ashleyannadal : Waaaah! Niiiice!!
shadyrosha : Nak sign pls
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Song of the day Composed of stone Artist:#thecrimsonarmada This song is quite beautiful and heavy they aren't a existing band anymore but I belive there band now is the holy guile if I'm right #thecrimsonarmada#heavy #scremo #awesome#yes #wow
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Shredding some The Crimson Armada! #guardians #thecrimsonarmada #guitar #metal #ibanez #kustom shredding #djent
guitar - djent - thecrimsonarmada - ibanez - leftyftw - kustom - guardians - metal - lefty -
uponcreations : #lefty #leftyftw
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I'm bored lol sooooooooo learning another song #TheCrimsonArmada #TheSoundTheFloodTheHour #Ahhhhh
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brandielachelle : Nice :)
danidarko666 : @jay_jay_remedy. Damn bro you need an electric
sloganlee : πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
youngwolf562 : That's why you should be a guitar player
jay_jay_remedy : Naaaah lol @youngwolf562
youngwolf562 : Yes!!!!
jay_jay_remedy : Haha I just want to have fun with it man. I'll do vocals though fersure! @youngwolf562
youngwolf562 : Hahaha yes yes you can be the guitar player
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#MusicIsLife #MusicInsideMe #MusicInMyVeinsAndSoul #Artist #Singer #a7xFamily #foREVer #System #Disturbed #FiveFinger #ForToday #TheCrimsonArmada
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Mhmm #thecrimsonarmada #revelations #music #deathcore
revelations - thecrimsonarmada - music - deathcore -
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iTunes Radio is doing it right today #metal #music #radio #itunes #the #crimson #armada #thecrimsonarmada #guardians
metal - itunes - armada - thecrimsonarmada - music - crimson - guardians - the - radio -
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Band : {The Crimson Armada} Song : {Conviction} Album : {Conviction} #rip #thecrimsonarmada #tca #metal #metalcore #breakdown #breakdowncentral
breakdown - thecrimsonarmada - breakdowncentral - metalcore - metal - rip - tca -
ninjas_are_awesome : Rip
maxitijera : Damn!!
snowbtf : fuck yes Crimson Armada!!! i miss them so much although i do kind of like the Holy Guile and how Saud is sounding the same as how he was on Gaurdians
jonforrestgump95 : @squantoo daaaaammmnnn
squantoo : @jonforrestgump95 \m/
nate_marks : @im_wright666
erichinde23 : Rip was soo goood
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metalcore - thecrimsonarmada - christian - metal - religious -
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#tatto #plugs #50mm noche larga buena mΓΊsica #thecrimsonarmada
50mm - plugs - thecrimsonarmada - tatto -
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Lol when a break down is too good #guitar #thecrimsonarmada #breakdown
guitar - breakdown - thecrimsonarmada -
ras_ - xpooperx - opheliainblack - meheer96 -
#DailyMetal #TheCrimsonArmada #Conviction #Juggernaut "I am the juggernaut, now tremble before me! Tremble! This means nothing! You mean nothing! Tremble!"
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Also this one lmao #thecrimsonarmada #guitar
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kobepunx - _lupitavidales_ - opheliainblack - ledgemull -
This song tho lol #TheCrimsonArmada #guitar
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sarah_dettore : Great job! Keep it up!😊
puzzydestroyer69420 : Thanks ☺️ @sarah_dettore
16bitkayla - myst0rys0far38 - jasminemusicgirl - jodieleegibson -
thecrimsonarmada -
stayxcoal : I'll never understand humanity.
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I wonder if any metal elitists follow me. #beartooth #thecrimsonarmada #swornin #eminem #disgusting #guardians #thedeathcard #themarshallmatherslp2
thedeathcard - beartooth - themarshallmatherslp2 - disgusting - swornin - thecrimsonarmada - 0fam - guardians - eminem -
christopherxvan : >.>
djenteljake98 : Fuck elitists \m/
xfedoricx : Hope they unfollow.
vicariously_alive : TCA πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ
cat.core : #0fam
tg31 : all this is great.. but only old eminem! lol πŸ™ŒπŸ‘Œ
inviusuk : Like it!
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Brutal... This band is gone now, however they have a new band called The Holy Guile which is way heavier than this. Artist: #TheCrimsonArmada Album: #Conviction Song: #ComposedOfStone #Metalcore #Deathcore
metalcore - thecrimsonarmada - composedofstone - deathcore - conviction -
pendleton_kyle : The holy guile lyrics lol
henry_youl12 : Guardians is one of my all time favourite albums! Nothing compares to it πŸ‘Œ @instagram_metalcore
instagram_metalcore : @pendleton_kyle I lol'd
shanners__ : YEESSSS : F4f?
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Found this #blastfromthepast today! <3 #TheCrimsonArmada #metal #gem #highschoolmemories #pizza #beholdtheArchitect #stilllisten #oldskool
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Brootal band. Great song. Get it. #deathcore #thecrimsonarmada #blastbeats #breakdowns #brootal #vox
oneoftheonlychristianbandsimdownwith - brootal - thecrimsonarmada - blastbeats - vox - breakdowns - deathcore -
passionpatt : #oneoftheonlychristianbandsimdownwith
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Amazing band, amazing guitar, But I love the screams the most. XD I just pretend that they're not a Christian band. Lol #Metal #Amazing #Epic #TheCrimsonArmada
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The Crimson Armada - The Serpent's Tongue πŸŽΆπŸ’€πŸ’€ #followme @TagsForLikes #like4like #TagsForLikes #TFLers #liker #likes #l4l #likes4likes #photooftheday #love #likeforlike #likesforlikes #liketeam #likeback #likebackteam #instagood #likeall #likealways #liking #thecrimsonarmada #deathmetal #death #deathcore #brutal
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ana_btg : Like for like
whiteboiwyatt : The Architect is prolly my fav off that album. The highs are sick!
deathinharmsway : @whiteboiwyatt I'll check that song out πŸ˜„
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I love getting merch in the mail <3 #thecrimsonarmada #wcar
thecrimsonarmada - wcar -
alltimewreck - british_snob - mxhcmusicpromotions - bailey_vendetta -
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