"You're mouth is poison, your mouth is wine." #thecivilwars #roses #vscocam
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#thecivilwars #tbt #thecultureroom
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#tbt to a year ago today where I happened to be sitting next to John Paul White of the Civil Wars. #geekout #thecivilwars
thecivilwars - tbt - geekout -
zcvenable : I see him at least once a week. @kristennoel20
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This morning's jam #thecivilwars #poisonandwine ✌️😊🎧
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Let me in the walls you've built around We can light a match And burn it down #dusttodust #theCivilWars #music #lyrics
music - dusttodust - lyrics - thecivilwars -
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"Oh dear, never saw you coming. Oh my, look at what you've done. Youre my favourite song. Always on the tip of my tongue." -The Civil Wars
swaggy - songlyrics - blackandwhite - selfie - hipster - so - original - thecivilwars -
meganthejedimaster : #thecivilwars#blackandwhite#selfie#songlyrics#hipster#so#original#swaggy
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What? Two #wcw in the same picture hanging out like cool kids?! Woooo @joy__williams @yelyahwilliams #wishtheyweresisters #thecivilwars #paramore #cool
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savvvy90 : Oh heyyyyy!πŸ™‹
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Let's walk down the road that never ends, steal away where only angels tread...
beautiful - antique - c - old - roadtrip - chicago - vintage - travel - gorgeous - illinois - downtown - explore - instagood - city - church - cathedral - thecivilwars - ivy - chapel -
sarahlarash : #downtown #chicago #illinois #cathedral #church #chapel #beautiful #old #vintage #antique #ivy #thecivilwars #c'estlamort
sarahlarash : #instagood #gorgeous #city #travel #explore #roadtrip
markymath : Nice one!
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Starting my day off right! #TheCivilWars
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"There's a note underneath your front door that I wrote twenty years ago. Yellow paper and a faded picture, and a secret in an envelope." #fall #thecivilwars #20years #vscocam
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Don't drink coffee very often, but when I do it is pumpkin spice accompanied by a good read #harrypotter and good tunes #thecivilwars #fallishere #happyoctober1
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s_hodges : Love this combo! And you!!
ltaylor0102 : That's what I'm drinking and reading today!! It's rainy, too, which is a lovely perk :)
lycvdw : It's not pumpkin spice, it's #butterbeer!
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This song makes my heart ache. #thecivilwars
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Love singing #TheCivilWars at church ✨
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carly_schaecher : Loved your voice in 6th grade and still love it now😭
ryankveton : Wow ok
nesssy14 : 😍😍😍😍
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Don't you fret my dear, it'll all be over soon.πŸ’•πŸŽΆ #lyrics #thecivilwars #happiness
happiness - lyrics - thecivilwars -
brittshit98 : Hella pretty
meganmnorris2 : Thanks lovely.πŸ’• @brittshit98
riko2suave : 😍😍
_cassiedrake : Miss you :(
meganmnorris2 : I miss you too Cassie.): message me for my number! @_cassiedrake
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My protest #thecivilwars#civilwars#bartonhollow#joywilliams#johnpaulwhite#taylorswift#irreconcilabledifference#thedaythemusicdiedagain#pissed
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_christie_lynn : So the Taylor swift fans seem to like you πŸ˜‚
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New records #vinyl #thecivilwars #civilwars #raconteurs #theraconteurs #music #record
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#cassette #tape #typography #thecivilwars #kingdomcome #drawing #pencil #pen #fineliner #staedtler #portfolio #sketchbook #lyrics #music #sorehand #linedrawing #words #art #black&white
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This Thursday @Molly Malone's! Doors at 7:30pm, set starts promptly at 8pm! Come support live music! @mollymalonesla #mollymalonesla #losangeles #livemusic #inloveandwarband #electricviolin #violin #guitar #guitarist #singer
singer - losangeles - phish - davematthewsband - guitarist - electricviolin - livemusic - mollymalonesla - guitar - violin - stringplayers - thecivilwars - strings - inloveandwarband -
cataclysmickoi : #strings #stringplayers
cataclysmickoi : We sound like #thecivilwars mixed with #davematthewsband and a splash of #phish. It's totally unique, male and female vocals with acoustic guitar and electric violin. Don't miss this!!
cataclysmickoi : Advance ticket sales at
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"I had me a girl... Like cigarette smoke, she came and she went..." Mmmmmm mmmm good... Miss The Civil Wars already #TheCivilWars #RIP #IHadMeAGirl #Music #BreakUp #NeverLetGo #ComeBack
neverletgo - music - ihadmeagirl - comeback - breakup - rip - thecivilwars -
jessicaleighbarnes : I love them!! The dude from Civil Wars bought a guitar from Joe last Thanksgiving day. I died!
tjillmitchell : @brock_stevenson "Baby come back.. Oh oh" πŸ˜‚ but seriously they are phenomenal. I get chills every time I listen to their cover of Bille Jean!
trisbyarch : Ahhh my absolute favs!😍
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Dust to dust cover #sing #singer #thecivilwars #girlswithtattoos #chestpiece #cbus #inklife #blackandwhite
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taylorann003 : Your so good
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"I don't have a choice, but I still choose you.. I don't love you, but I always will.. " β™‘* #PoisonAndWine #TheCivilWars #Indie #Folk #JohnPaulWhite #JoyWilliams #HauntinglyBeautiful #Love #Favourite #Stunning #Chills #Touching #Powerful #Quote #qotd
qotd - johnpaulwhite - joywilliams - love - poisonandwine - indie - quote - powerful - favourite - stunning - touching - chills - hauntinglybeautiful - folk - thecivilwars -
mike12032736 : Started singing this at the top of my lungs when I saw your post... brilliant song!
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Tu peux me tenir Jusqu’à ce que le soleil se cache 🌞🌿 #thecivilwars #sacredheart #joywilliams #pnw #vscocam #northwestisbest #pdx #westcoastbestcoast #sunshine
fpme - northwestisbest - joywilliams - freepeople - pdx - theshed - sunshine - thecivilwars - pnw - westcoastbestcoast - minnetonka - aritzia - vscocam - gypsywarrior - sacredheart -
ecvs.wilderness : πŸ“·: @kikialexander
austinmarvels : Awesome pic, I'd love it if you scrolled through my page and told me your favorite photograph!
kikialexander : i love this pic #theshed
ecvs.wilderness : when you say it like #theshed it sounds like the title to a horror film πŸ˜‚ @kikialexander
kikialexander : oh god...especially since that's all we've been talking about and now i'm freaked out 24/7 😭
ecvs.wilderness : #freepeople #fpme #aritzia #Minnetonka #gypsywarrior
ecvs.wilderness : πŸ™…πŸ™…πŸ™…πŸ™…πŸ™…πŸ™… @kikialexander
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Poison & Wine. βœŒπŸ’•πŸŽΈ #15secondcover #poison&wine #thecivilwars #bartonhollow #guitar #singing #coverishthing #lovethissong #yourhandscanheal #yourhandscanbruise #hashtag
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pearlsquatsbro_ : Can you sing to me every night? 😍😍 haha you have such a beautiful voice! (:
brittalit423 : Very pretty love this song and your voice!
jonjayb : Ahhh this song is one of my favorites!
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I don't have a choice.... But I still choose you ... #thecivilwars #poison&wine
poison - thecivilwars -
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Music is my biggest inspiration when it comes to writing. I listen to all kinds of different music while I am brewing up ideas for my story or while typing a chapter. My favorite is movie scores. One of my very favorites to listen to when writing about romance is this song. #TheCivilWars #PoisonAndWine #MusicFeedsTheSoul #Favorite #Music #Song #Romance #write #writer #writing #inspiration #aspiringwriter #aspiringauthor What is your favorite music to listen to while writing or brain storming ideas? 😊
write - poisonandwine - song - musicfeedsthesoul - writer - favorite - writing - romance - music - aspiringwriter - aspiringauthor - inspiration - thecivilwars -
thedeadlypen : *specific scenes in mind
yincmarketing : this is so cool
intoawritersmind : I love that you call them "Story Songs" @thedeadlypen πŸ‘ I do the very same! Music helps you to relax and pulls you into the right place where you need to be when writing. It helps my ideas flow through me as the music dances with my ideas. I have "The Last Battle" on my playlist along with one of my most all time favorites "Courtyard Apocalypse" From the Deathly Hallows. Oh my goodness I could listen to them over and over and over! I'm going to look up the others and add them to my list as well. 😱 You are amazing @thedeadlypen We are so much alike! I wish we had a special place to post our favorite music and pieces of our writings we'd like each other to read.
intoawritersmind : Thank you @yincmarketing
thedeadlypen : Yeah haha it's just a name that I call them 😊 A lot of times during writers block I put on music and imagine what the characters would do based on the mood, lyrics, or tone of the song. Both of them are brilliant! The instrumentals are pristine and on point πŸ‘ŒI also just thought of another one that I can't believe I forgot about. "Arpeggio Theme" from August Rush is an instrumental from yet another movie I've not seen. It's so beautiful. I remember my family was driving on vacation during the night (like 9 pm or so) and all the stars were out so I turned on this song and it just came alive. It's peaceful and relaxing and just a really lovely piece. Are there any other songs you like that I should look up? You're amazing 😘 I know, we're like twins or something πŸ˜‹ There's Insta-direct, if you ever wanna send a snap of a small piece you're working on.
intoawritersmind : I find that to be the perfect way to unhinge my writers block as well. 😊 Music is truly amazing. If only I could create music like I create characters and plot twist lol. YES!!!! I agree they both are inspirational no matter what it is I am writing. August Rush is one of my favorite movies! You have got to watch it soon. It's very inspiring. 😍 I did the same thing yesterday evening. The sun was setting. I have tons of play list on Pandora Radio and was listening to Christian Perri Radio (Whose one of my favorite singers.) and felt at peace as each song played. Sometimes it'll play awesome song after song but others I skip until it don't let me skip anymore and I'll move onto a different play list lol. I have movie score play list I listen to alone in the car. I also use YouTube to look up movie scores and I have tons of playlist on there full of songs. I'll have to look the up and make a list for you. When I watch movies and shows, I always listen to the music and if it's inspire-able, I look it up on YouTube. 😊 By the way, YOU are the amazing one. Our souls must be connected by writing & now music. It's truly amazing and I will be sure to use insta-direct with you. @thedeadlypen
samparksharma : I, on the other hand, like to be alone with my thoughts while writing. I've heard that music can be a good tone-setter for your writing, but it bothers me too much honestly.
thedeadlypen : I'd love to create my own music but I can't play an instrument or sing to save my life, so that's pretty much out of the question πŸ˜‹ I'll have to watch August Rush soon! Along with a dozen other films that I've never seen...I've got this weird habit of being obsessed with movies I've never seen. Like Phantom of the Opera & Les Mis. Love them but never seen them. It's weird, I know πŸ˜‚ I only know a few of Christina Perri's songs but they're all very beautiful. She's got a great voice. I really like "Arms" by her (if I remember correctly). I hate when you can't skip the songs on the radio anymore because I always get stuck with the boring, unwanted suggested songs they toss up. I search iTunes and YouTube for music from everything, really. I'll look forward to that list! πŸ˜„ It's incredible how much we've bonded over similar things. Can't wait to test Insta-direct out soon! πŸ˜‰
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"Oh that woman taught me to pray. I saw heaven every day." #TheCivilWars #HadMeAGirl
hadmeagirl - thecivilwars -
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Loveeee this song! Actually I love anything by #TheCivilWars, but this one is extra special to me! #DearWhoeverYouMayBe #ImStillWaitingPatiently #SlowlyCountingDownTheDays #TillIFinallyKnowYourName
slowlycountingdownthedays - dearwhoeveryoumaybe - tillifinallyknowyourname - imstillwaitingpatiently - thecivilwars -
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You tell me that you want me, you tell me that you need me, you tell me that you love me, and I know that I'm right cause I hear it in the night! #TalkingInYourSleep #TheCivilWars
talkinginyoursleep - thecivilwars -
erika_loves_youu - rebamcentire_fan - crazycheergirl1 - isleclay -
πŸŒ›πŸ’œπŸ’™ the violet hour πŸ’™πŸ’œπŸŒœ . . . #theviolethour #violet #instrumental #beautiful #love #powerful #dark #haunting #music #thecivilwars #folk #spotify #music
beautiful - spotify - love - powerful - theviolethour - dark - music - violet - haunting - instrumental - folk - thecivilwars -
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Safe and Sound by Taylor Swift No capo #guitar #music #taylorswift #thecivilwars #safeandsound
guitar - safeandsound - music - taylorswift - thecivilwars -
zaynmalike1d : Nice job!
valligatore : nice one :)
howardsoflyy : I Like Your Pic, Follow Me
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One of the saddest songs I've ever heard. #onrepeat #poison #wine #tcw #thecivilwars
tcw - onrepeat - thecivilwars - poison - wine -
joshuajay_padero - kevinmcdonald - grapefriend - clintjr808 -
In a 'civil wars' mood tonight. Love the folky, rustic sound they have. πŸ’• #johnpaulwhite #joywilliams #thecivilwars #civilwars #dusttodust #dust #folk #harmony #beautiful #love
beautiful - johnpaulwhite - joywilliams - love - harmony - dust - civilwars - dusttodust - folk - thecivilwars -
niamh__irwin__ - itsxing - sumaiyahatif_ - vinnie_and_the_hooligans -
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