When life bucks you off your bike, kicks your ass and breaks your ankle, get the fuck back up and deal with it!! Stoked my cast comes off in a week so I can handle business this #deadmanshandtour2014 #thechoptops
deadmanshandtour2014 - thechoptops -
sthans1313 : @juicycrow - and still you "walked away" all things considered... Damn dude. Couldn't be happier. Congrats!
cabster7 : That's all??? Mines been on for like a month and half! But comes off tomorrow!! πŸ˜ŽπŸ‘ be safe neighbor!!
mirkw00d : Bucks you off... You clever kid, you
juicycrow : Thanks bro! @sthans1313
juicycrow : @cabster7 congrats!
juicycrow : @mirkw00d lol, didn't even realize i made that pun!
pale_pocahontas - fancy_tickler - kristenborup - jpstackhouse -
If only this was a little bit long. I'd be using this with all my haircuts #Comb #thechoptops
comb - thechoptops -
juicycrow - sparklenshine143 - ilsebrizeida - mariahecstasy -
Always singing the chop tops πŸ’žπŸ’• #thechoptops #heybaby #cover #singing #rockabilly #yesichangedthekey
heybaby - rockabilly - yesichangedthekey - cover - singing - thechoptops -
gfitsnmusic : Nice πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘
instaike89 : Nicely done =)
kill_robb420 : Wow nice might have to put a video of me singing
1208designs : Cool
volim_hrvatsku010 : 😍 niceπŸ˜ŠπŸ‘Œ
d_nme - corpsi_ - volim_hrvatsku010 - ohthat_kyle -
Happy Birthday to one of the coolest dudes I know! One of my favorite people ever! Shelby! ! #happybirthday #loveyoulots #jackdaniels #wishiwastheretodrinkjackwithyou #cheers @greengretsch @thechoptops #thechoptops #choptops
happybirthday - cheers - jackdaniels - choptops - loveyoulots - wishiwastheretodrinkjackwithyou - thechoptops -
arnela_noir - jlr809 - camilaliberal - jedimastermama75 -
"One day the poor will have nothing less to eat but the rich" #blackflag #horrorpops #thechoptops #punksnotdead
punksnotdead - horrorpops - thechoptops - blackflag -
queenbee_desirae : Black flags ok
queenbee_desirae : Basic ass niggah
queenbee_desirae : With u basic ass band
queenbee_desirae : Basic ass leg to!
steve_x7cressida : What can I say I live a basic hahaha
steve_x7cressida : @queenbee_desirae
queenbee_desirae : I see problem is wheres you basic bitch u single shit
steve_x7cressida : Wait what??? Hahaha @queenbee_desirae
calistazoe - kingdaddyz - oneindustries - driftmogli3 -
#polamatic #polaroid #polaroids @distressedfxapp @bambalam21 #thechoptops #rockabilly #kustomkulture
polamatic - polaroids - rockabilly - kustomkulture - polaroid - thechoptops -
imaxmoore - bambalam21 - deanbarcello - tiltatwyndmills -
#polamatic #polaroid #polaroids #thechoptops #rockabillylifestyle #slapthatbass #rockabilly @bambalam21 @distressedfxapp #rock'nroll
slapthatbass - polamatic - rockabilly - polaroid - thechoptops - rockabillylifestyle - polaroids - rock -
michaelrowen : THank you so much @bambalam21 @deanbarcello @tiltaywyndmills and @polamatic for your wonderful support ,its much appreciated
bambalam21 - deanbarcello - tiltatwyndmills - polamatic -
Was tagged earlier by @dickybundock for #15thsongonmyplaylist welllllll... I don't have a playlist since I'm lame. Soooooo, here's the album I'm listening to now. #thechoptops #tripledeuces #santacruz #mycurse #hydethewhiskey #lovesickhick
santacruz - mycurse - tripledeuces - hydethewhiskey - lovesickhick - 15thsongonmyplaylist - thechoptops -
bebe_fette : Playing in San Jose Sept 5th btw
dickybundock : πŸ‘Œ
wytboidave - thewompastompa - sheashannara - bigbossdadyv -
Here are the final dates and cities for this years tour! 35 cities, 25 states, and 7 weeks! For more info visit www.thechoptops.com or our Facebook page! #thechoptops #deadmanshandtour2014 #revveduprockabilly #rockabilly
revveduprockabilly - deadmanshandtour2014 - rockabilly - thechoptops -
celia_kwong : Milk bar!!! πŸ‘πŸ‘
jameoisthenameo : Nice! See you guys in Norfolk
juicycrow : @celia_kwong I betta see y'all there! πŸ˜€
juicycrow : @jameoisthenameo awesome man!!
leeshabug5 : Yesssssss!! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜Š
armtrout666 : C u in seattle
juicycrow : @armtrout666 sick!
michelleserrano - mrsvicvega - therealdeadlies - britojoe_bfmc5 -
..... But then we saw them hours later at another random station/Taco Bell! I had my niece sneak up and ask why they were stalking us and they just loved it. It was great. #thechoptops #music #band #rockabilly #tacobell #roadstalking #crazy #prettyfunny #goodguys
crazy - goodguys - thechoptops - band - music - roadstalking - rockabilly - tacobell - prettyfunny -
sweetpeasusie - aliara26 - gin13 - huedaws -
And on the way.. We stopped off an exit to get has.. Among the many stations n exits and I recognized some faces.. @thechoptops were making their way too! So we chatted a bit and got back on the road............ #thechoptops #rockabilly #hearthem #music #band #fancyseeingyouhere #crazy
band - crazy - music - hearthem - rockabilly - fancyseeingyouhere - thechoptops -
littlemissbriarrose : How awesome they played at my friends wedding good folks nice guys...
grimm_artist : @littlemissbriarrose yea I've seen em a few times. They are funny and nice. I have a signed drumstick of them all that they used. N then that's how I met em. But yea they met my niece an we took a pic n all
kidfromid : I woke thinking about you and your trip and felt the urge to check your IG. I'm glad you had a such a great time, you deserved it!!! AND YOU MET ONE OF MY FAVE BANDS!! Too freaking cool. Miss you. Get home safe.
grimm_artist : Aw thank you Kyle! I was totally gonna text you ! I recognized em from events and we chatted an stuff an then we saw them hours later at Taco Bell, lol. @kidfromid
alanadriel - huedaws - the_big_bad_wolves_sc - cali.disney.girl.1986 -
thechoptops -
margie524 - budweiser_boots - kali_that_girl -
Another night of dancing/wrecking! πŸ’œπŸ’šπŸ’œπŸ’š #roadtopsyclone #vonbadsville #mysaturdaynight #eminorgodentertainment #12steprebels #thechoptops #therythemreactorz #psychobilly #rockabilly #withmytwin #withthehub #fuckyea
mysaturdaynight - withthehub - withmytwin - vonbadsville - roadtopsyclone - therythemreactorz - thechoptops - fuckyea - psychobilly - 12steprebels - eminorgodentertainment - rockabilly -
skummysyummy - semcqueen - iflookscouldkill25 - _monsterfan_ -
Killer show tonight in Montebello! Our brothers #thechoptops and the homie Tony Pelayo's band #therhythemreactorz will be rocking the stage with #12steprebels... Johnny will be there reppin' #LosBandits Dont miss out #psyclone #rockabilly #psychobilly #vonbadsville
therhythemreactorz - vonbadsville - thechoptops - losbandits - psychobilly - 12steprebels - rockabilly - psyclone -
lala_de_lovely : Going! :)
alg_08 : @flurffy @novadave13 @ralphpistachio
coleworld83 : Aww dang it I love the chop tops I Def need to move to la
ericcasillas1 - rayrubalcaba - dead_beat_swagger - lerdrit09 -
#VonBadsvilleEvents & #EMinorGodEnt present #RoadToPsyclone! Live: #TheChopTops (Revved-Up Rockabilly via Santa Cruz) #12StepRebels (Rare Exclusive SoCal Appearance) #TheRhythmReactorz (Members of #MoonlightCruisers & #TheRipEmUps) #RecordHop with DJ's T-BONE, VTG ESTHER, & BIG BOY spinning all killer #Jivers, #Boppers & #Strollers Plus #JMV's Photo Booth & Car Show hosted by #AutoButchersCC Featuring -HUGE Dance Floor -2 Full Bars -Drink Specials -Full Kitchen w/ Great Grub!! -Upfront Parking for Customs & Classics -Tons of Free Parking -$12 Cover / Doors at 9pm-2am / 18+ Taking place at the newly renovated 624 SOCIAL CLUB & EATERY 624 W. Whittier Blvd, Montebello CA 90022 (Entrance in rear thru Parking Lot / Next to Bank Of America)
recordhop - boppers - eminorgodent - jivers - roadtopsyclone - vonbadsvilleevents - jmv - theripemups - thechoptops - therhythmreactorz - autobutcherscc - 12steprebels - moonlightcruisers - strollers -
ericrazo : See ya there.
evilnoriega : @ericrazo fo sho!
ericrazo : @_trishcat_ Bam.
_trishcat_ : Thanks @ericrazo.... @machinegunmegan
elizabeth_perry69 - j.e.s.s.i.c.a.1_3 - in_gianni_we_trust - vonbadsville -
Sinner, singer of the Chop Tops.........Goood night !!!!
thechoptops -
shaved_womyn : #thechoptops
malavida619 - disneygirl619 - its_elske - lvdyvvder -
I had so much fun last night! Thank you so much to all of you who came out, especially @dumptrucktits who made the drive down! Love all of you for putting a smile on my face! @thegorehorsemen and @thechoptops were amazing! Thank you for letting #TheStrikersSD share the stage fellas! #thestrikers #thechoptops #thegorehorsemen #sodabarsd #sodabar #wwac #wwac666
thestrikers - thegorehorsemen - sodabar - wwac - thechoptops - sodabarsd - thestrikerssd - wwac666 -
robstriker : Thank you @mario_wreck for the pic:)
xjmhxwwac : Bring your asses back to chicago!!
dumptrucktits : Love yer face brother. You're welcome. See ya soon for some grub!
dan_o_war : Fuckin A dude, it was great to see y'all play again, it's been too long. It was a good night.
stlucas_repairs - davesgirl96 - sandboxbullies - chulavistabicycles -
Hell Yeah! See my #sandiego friends tonight @sodabarsd ! #thechoptops #thestrikerssd #thegorehorsemen
thegorehorsemen - thestrikerssd - thechoptops - sandiego -
decopunk : Wish I was there! πŸ˜€
shamilyarora : Dang. Wish I could be there!
meyer_mommy : I wish I could go!!! Two of the best bands
zombie_ninja_pirate : @robstriker Awesome show tonight, dude!
robstriker : Awe thank you @zombie_ninja_pirate!
eriannasreeds - chulavistabicycles - sandboxbullies - northparkbikes -
Myself and Shelby from#thechoptops! My sideburn homie xD (same sideburns) Thanks for helping out such an amazing cause and putting on THE BEST performance I've seen at the Catalyst yet! Love you all and have a killer time on tour! #thecatalyst #greasers #rockabilly #rocknroll #chryslerfamily #ripcasperghost
rocknroll - ripcasperghost - rockabilly - chryslerfamily - greasers - thechoptops - thecatalyst -
thepomadeking - nikkiblowsbubbles - spidermiddleminn - wtfalexander -
Sinner Gary Marsh and myself from last night's show with #thechoptops! It means so much to me that I finally got to see them let alone PLAY with then and help out such an amazing cause for a family that is near and dear to me, the #Chryslerfamily. #ripcasperghost #rockabilly #rocknroll #greasers
rocknroll - chryslerfamily - rockabilly - ripcasperghost - greasers - thechoptops -
thesilverhounds - thepomadeking - spidermiddleminn - wtfalexander -
TONIGHT #thechoptops #thestrikers #thegorehorsemen #rockabilly #psychobilly
thestrikers - thegorehorsemen - psychobilly - rockabilly - thechoptops -
maxemiliano619 : Oh yea!
dan_o_war : @thegorehorsemen
juicycrow : πŸ’ͺ
rajalyon - thebookofdisquiet - brothadyl - drewmountain -
#TONIGHT @sodabarsd #theChopTops, #theStrikers & #GoreHorsemen! First band at 9:30 - see y'all tonight ;) #thestrikerssd #sodabar #sodabarsd #sandiego #choptops #thegorehorsemen #eatshititspartytime
thestrikers - thegorehorsemen - choptops - sodabar - sandiego - eatshititspartytime - thechoptops - gorehorsemen - tonight - sodabarsd - thestrikerssd -
grimgrinningghost_13 : Badass! If you can, send this to me so I can repost it.
dave_thee_psychobillybarber : Can you fuckers please come with the chop tops
carne111 : How the f#ck did I miss this show?! I thought it was at the end of August. God damn it. When is the next show?
eriannasreeds - greaser122381 - her_ampersand -
Tonight, @thegorehorsemen ride again with our friends #TheChopTops and #TheStrikers at @sodabarsd We go on at 9pm so come on out and kick off your weekend with some more Gore! Deliciously brutal artwork provided by the talented mind behind @printordie #TheGoreHorsemen #Rockabilly #Psychobilly #Gorebilly #Rock #Blues #Metal #Country #Horror #SD #SanDiego #KeepItLocal #FF #Friday #MeltYourFuckinFaceOff
thegorehorsemen - ff - horror - friday - psychobilly - thechoptops - rockabilly - blues - thestrikers - sandiego - country - meltyourfuckinfaceoff - metal - gorebilly - rock - keepitlocal - sd -
dan_o_war : @zombiechuck @jared_montalvo @printordie might have to be a shirt/album cover. Too bad we don't do vinyl, that'd look fucking killer as an LP.
throwinknives : I agree with ⬆️ @zombiechuck
printordie : Fucking sick!! Im glad that you like it! See you soon guys
thomasdamicojr - throwinknives - wadeolsen - printordie -
#thechoptops #catalyst #santacruz
santacruz - catalyst - thechoptops -
ladiejustus : Ewww I love drummers that singπŸ’š
nessa14 - david_tyler1960 - selena_broskiee31 - status_error -
#thechoptops doing #themisfits πŸ’œ
themisfits - thechoptops -
juicycrow - sparklenshine143 - letterhighsj -
Shelby! #thechoptops
thechoptops -
_carnage__ - billiemiketrejason - sickboyjohnny - brokenwings55 -
THE CHOP TOPS! #thechoptops
thechoptops -
tbone_hounddog : Sinner is one of the coolest dudes I've played with!
kobra_kidd : @tbone_hounddog same here! Played with him just last night:)
_carnage__ - billiemiketrejason - sickboyjohnny - billie.vanilli -
The Catalyst Club in Santa Cruz. Stage for tonight's show with the Cop Tops! Filling in on bass with INFIRMITIES! #thechoptops #thumperpunkrecords
thumperpunkrecords - thechoptops -
ryans300c : See I told you Johnny! I told you that u would be asked to play bass. Lol
theyth7 - thelonelyrevolts - whuddupitsalyssa - stay_posi_photography -
COMIN' RIGHT UP! @barbarianmusic #thechoptops #drenge #diarrheaplanet #thosedarlins #stevegunn
drenge - stevegunn - thosedarlins - diarrheaplanet - thechoptops -
bigpcastro : @glasmus ^_^
elllendegenerate - sandbabesband - brothadyl - eggstassi -
Very stoked@to play this tonight! Maybe @spidermiddleminn can hook it up with some murderers merch tonight ;D SEE YOU ALL THERE TONIGHT! Gotta send Casper Ghost off right! #hwy187 #highwaymurderers #casper #coreychrysler #thechoptops #theatomicaces #thecatalyst #theswillbillys #infirmities
highwaymurderers - infirmities - hwy187 - thechoptops - coreychrysler - theatomicaces - theswillbillys - casper - thecatalyst -
camshaft187 : Hell yes rip Casper
haleygillen - joey_belardi - spidermiddleminn - glitteredpony -
Gearing up for this week/weekend starting in #santacruz Thursday, #sandiego Friday and #montebello Saturday! Cool photo taken by eric_chloride at #hortonshayride #longbeach ! #thechoptops
santacruz - longbeach - sandiego - hortonshayride - montebello - thechoptops -
juicycrow : @eric_chloride
leeshabug5 : Where will u guys be playin in Santa Cruz?
juicycrow : @leeshabug5 we will be playing at the catalyst this Thursday, it's a benefit show for a friend of ours Cory Chrysler so come on out
leeshabug5 : Sweet! Thanks!! πŸ‘
owof : @juicycrow where you playing in Montebello?
juicycrow : @owof hey! 624 social lounge in montebello you should come!
seangone : #juicycrowyourmyhero
juicycrow : @seangone πŸ˜‚
da_rogers - darthsears - _sammy_who_ - taranknapp -
This Friday and Saturday!! Spikes on Friday #polecats#454s#snakeoilsalesman#tequilaworms and Saturday #thechoptops#12steprebels#therhythmreactorz in Montebello #psychobilly#rockabilly#goodtimes
therhythmreactorz - polecats - goodtimes - psychobilly - 12steprebels - thechoptops - rockabilly - snakeoilsalesman - 454s - tequilaworms -
babydeedesigns : Vending on Saturday with our friends @lycans_den
flamingo_jenn - jmvfoto - ginger_maitai - cats_and_bullshit -
I just realized how busy I'm going to be this week! I start doing sound tomorrow with #TheFlashBax at #TBK. Thursday at #VivaCantina with #DeadAtMidnight, and #TheDaffys. Friday at #RevItUp with #TimPolecat of the #80s #NeoRockabilly legends #ThePolecats. And finally my first show this year as a promoter with #RoadToPsyclone featuring performances by #TheChopTops #12StepRebels, and #TheRhythmReactorz. I'll be highlighting these shows throughout the week, so you won't forget where the parties will be!
revitup - theflashbax - neorockabilly - roadtopsyclone - timpolecat - vivacantina - tbk - thechoptops - thepolecats - thedaffys - therhythmreactorz - deadatmidnight - 12steprebels - 80s -
oldhomie65 - morgankareem13 - librat666 - dj_eser -
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