with the hangaround @juicycrow and Frankencycle ... #rollthefuckindice
thethirstythree - greaser - thechoptops - rollthefuckindice -
boozefighter_87_prospect : Oh that guy he only plays with one of my favorite bands. Wtf awesome!
juicycrow : Rollin' the dice with the Frankencycle πŸ”₯🎲🎲πŸ”₯
britojoe_bfmc5 : @boozefighter_87_prospect gets down on the bass
britojoe_bfmc5 : #greaser #TheChopTops #TheThirstyThree
anthonybrancato87 - boozefighter_bugsy - xj_h00nigan_fxdb - talon.26 -
Hanging with the Homie's Gary and Shelby from THE CHOP TOPS. #Rockabilly#Seattle#WA#PNW#TheChopTops#Psychobilly#SantaCruz#CA
wa - ca - pnw - santacruz - psychobilly - thechoptops - rockabilly - seattle -
missalliemarie13 : Are they in town?? Or old picture? @reggietherascal13
reggietherascal13 : It was when they were here last on there tour.
theloversgram : :) :) :)
shelbythem - chubbybambi_ - theloversgram -
First and only time seeing #thechoptops play, amazing time #rockabillyreunion2015
rockabillyreunion2015 - thechoptops -
brandi_beergirl - redlineracing80 - viernowb - dustyredneck -
They signed me a poster #thechoptops #rockabilly #psychobilly #rockabillyreunion #lakehavasu #
lakehavasu - psychobilly - rockabilly - thechoptops - rockabillyreunion -
sixstringk : I'll give you $3.32 for it!!
velvetbettie : @sixstringk haha how did you come up with that amount?
sixstringk : That's what I found in my pocket this morning
velvetbettie : @sixstringk random!! Still NO!!!!!!!!! They're not gonna be playing anymore they have a couple shows left then they're doneso. 😒
sixstringk - bridgiebaby623 - gothabillysteve - og_riotgirl -
Made with @nocrop_rc #rcnocrop The Chop tops final Bay Area show. @atomic_bill and I will be there. #thechoptops #slims #sanfrancisco #rockabilly #greaser #reveduprockabilly #pinup #pinupgirl
pinup - sanfrancisco - rockabilly - rcnocrop - thechoptops - reveduprockabilly - greaser - slims - pinupgirl -
feathersandruffles : Super cool!
sunnygram417 - captaincalamitydiscord - free_range_taco - theblancosmusic -
Lake Havasu Rockabilly Reunion #socialdistortion #gibsonguitars #lakehavasurockabillyreunion #greenspans #bosspedals #marshallamplification #dunlopusa #minorstrut #thechoptops #cashedout #whiskeyagogo #henekien #monstercables #blackkatkustoms #blythe #flagstaffaz #reddevilclothingco
socialdistortion - greenspans - bosspedals - marshallamplification - gibsonguitars - monstercables - dunlopusa - reddevilclothingco - blythe - cashedout - lakehavasurockabillyreunion - thechoptops - blackkatkustoms - minorstrut - henekien - flagstaffaz - whiskeyagogo -
ava_russian : nice pic !!
reddevilclothingco : You guys rocked that stage! Keep it up guys.
mainlinerband : Thx brother. You got some of the sickest clothes. We love #reddevilclothingco
beauty_by_sue - td5454 - mickeyslittlemonsters - dont_rzst_fmx -
Fucking AWESOME show at the #rockabillyreunion show tonight at #lakehavasu #arizona !! Last Arizona show for #thechoptops so thank you to everyone who made it such a blast!
lakehavasu - arizona - rockabillyreunion - thechoptops -
atomicstar73 : This is a cool shot of you guys. Please tell me that you're hitting Atlanta one more time...? 😦
mrbigggs : Last show forever? Or just for this tour?
juicycrow : @atomicstar73 @mrbigggs 10 more shows until the band retires
mrbigggs : That's a god damn shame but I'm glad I was able to see you before the end. And you guys never pressed Triple Duces to vinyl :'(
atomicstar73 : @juicycrow please (please?) say that Atlanta is one of those 10 shows? Also, what are you going to do after that? Will you be playing with anyone else? I'm going to miss you guys!!
boozefighterpolo - shaved_womyn - sideways__life - kellyyybbbb -
Fucking AWESOME show at the #rockabillyreunion show tonight at #lakehavasu #arizona !! Last Arizona show for #thechoptops so thank you to everyone who made it such a blast!
lakehavasu - arizona - rockabillyreunion - thechoptops -
havasuriverrats : Likes It!
mafreex : Fuck yeah!
cindyla1 : πŸ˜πŸ‘
destinyfatality : We should of gotten a pic together :(
jakethesnake1980 - mividabueno - robstriker - fancy_tickler -
We will be set up at Lake Havasu's 7th Annual Rockabilly Reunion this coming weekend, 13th-15th. Event will be held at Lake Havasu State Park, Windsor Beach. Lots of great bands, pin up pageant and car show. Go on line for more info and ticket discounts. Go to #rockabillyreunion #LakeHavasuRockabillyReunion #carshow #carculture #countscustoms #Arizona #musicfest #cashdout #thechoptops #cadillactramps #mainliner #minorstrut #hellboundblues #boozebombs #theoctanes #losbandits #atomicdrifters #dougc #thethirstycrows #kennylove&therockafellas #chuckebumps &thecrocodiles #cadillacangels #theroyalhounds
arizona - hellboundblues - countscustoms - atomicdrifters - cashdout - carculture - boozebombs - kennylove - thethirstycrows - dougc - chuckebumps - cadillactramps - lakehavasurockabillyreunion - theoctanes - cadillacangels - musicfest - theroyalhounds - thechoptops - losbandits - mainliner - minorstrut - carshow - rockabillyreunion -
lilgemstore : Pretty!
theoctanes - charlenerenegade - heathenproductions - babyrabclothing -
#thechoptops #sinner #rockabilly #rockabillylife #rockabillymusic #psychobilly #Psychobillychick #psychobillyband #psychobillymusic #psychobillylife #50slife #50slover
rockabillylife - psychobillymusic - thechoptops - psychobillylife - psychobillyband - psychobilly - rockabilly - 50slife - 50slover - psychobillychick - rockabillymusic - sinner -
_stray_kat80 - thestreetoverlord - psychobilly_skeleton - wesdacat -
Sharin Shine, with The Chop Tops Shelby, and the Hooligans c.c. #thechoptops #rockabilly #reveduprockabilly #hooliganscc
thechoptops - reveduprockabilly - rockabilly - hooliganscc -
ratrodkitten - hellsbelle13 - stephanieb0517 - some_dude6969 -
Sinner of the Chop Tops, put on 1 hell of a show #thechoptops #reveduprockabilly #rockabilly #greaser
greaser - rockabilly - reveduprockabilly - thechoptops -
puppyskater1313 - juled_1977 - hellsbelle13 - dafink13 -
β™« #TheChopTops - #DeadlyLove - #instasound via @sounds_app #Rockabilly #RockandRoll #Psychobilly #Surf #Punk #TeddyBoy
surf - punk - thechoptops - psychobilly - rockandroll - rockabilly - teddyboy - deadlylove - instasound -
hofisbetter : dope
http.senpai - jeremyryan__ - mayhem_bettie - wesdacat -
One more #tbt I had a banner, it was stolen at a Wednesday 13 show I was presenting at the gothic theater. Anyway, I had the touring bands sign the back of it after the shows. Here is the Chop Tops, then later in the year, the Koffin Kats signed and T-bagged them. πŸ˜† #TheChopTops #KoffinKats #ZombieRockPresents #RevvedUpRockabilly #Rockabilly #psychobilly #tbag
zombierockpresents - tbt - thechoptops - revveduprockabilly - tbag - psychobilly - rockabilly - koffinkats -
nickferatu - _leannperez - zteben - bambam__pebbles -
#tbt 2007 back when Zombie Rock was putting on a bunch of shows. This was one of the times we had The Chop Tops in town. This show was with Sasquatch & The Sickabillys, Buckwild and Royal Dead. After 20 years of Revved Up Rockabilly they are calling it quits. It was great working with Gary (Sinner), Shelby and whoever they had playing bass for them. Haha. Thanks for the good times! #TheChopTops #RevvedUpRockabilly #Rockabilly #Denver #ZombieRockPresents #psychobilly #diy
zombierockpresents - tbt - denver - revveduprockabilly - psychobilly - thechoptops - rockabilly - diy -
ericrazo : @marauder5280 Representing.
s.cervantes : @ericrazo dang, I forgot @marauder5280 was on here! Haha
sweetestofthesour : Nice guys!!!!
ericrazo : He needs to stop being an IG enigma.
nickferatu : So many friends!
s.cervantes : @nickferatu yup! After, we all went to my house and I made everyone pancakes.
xela_x_alex - djmoustachealex - chubbybambi_ -
Getting wasted with Sinner from The Chop Tops....good times #thechoptops #rockabilly #reveduprockabilly
reveduprockabilly - rockabilly - thechoptops -
inazumarocknroll - americanpomade -
Hangin with Shelby, The Chop Tops killed it #shelbylegnon #thechoptops #reveduprockabilly #rockabilly
shelbylegnon - reveduprockabilly - thechoptops - rockabilly -
hooliganmonster13 - mnrogers3 - lily_dre -
We were sad to hear the announcement yesterday that The Chop Tops are retiring. We are fortunate enough to be opening up for them in March at The Whisky for one of their final shows. #southbayrockabilly #thechoptops #gretschguitars #thewhisky #minorstrut #mainliner
southbayrockabilly - mainliner - thewhisky - minorstrut - thechoptops - gretschguitars -
gio0331 : @jodi16michelle we should go
jodi16michelle : Definitely @gio0331
fabiofilippone : So sorry to hear that they are retiring I saw them twice in Melbourne,Australia.
1989love13 : Wwhhhyyy!! I just got into them damit!
perfectlyimperfectionisme : @samanthaa0104 I wanna go!!!!
hispanicromanic : I wanna go
g.phunk : @eek_a_hek
patdirienzo1 - candiisdandy - southshoremusic - hellolightfoot -
I remember my mom telling me how awesome they were a few years ago. Gonna miss them and going to their shows. thanks for being so awesome #thechoptops
thechoptops -
kobra_kidd : My good friends from my area. Always a good time with them. I'm going to miss them!
juicycrow - sparklenshine143 - kobra_kidd - the_neonoir -
Thank you everyone for making these shows so memorable and special. If you haven't heard, after 20 great years The Chop Tops are retiring. Come out and catch the last few months of shows because these are ones you will not want to miss! Thanks for the support! #thechoptops
thechoptops -
sthans1313 : @juicycrow - you bastards!!! Said with all love and respect brutha. Gonna miss you on the road!
glendale_az_guy : Come to Phx az
mama.cassie : Shitty! Very happy to have been able to catch you guys in tittusville. Good luck on your next step in life..u guys rock!
roncoliem : 😞
dave_thee_psychobillybarber : Awwww... You fuckers gotta do one more control tattoo party.
roberttheshaw : Awww fuck!
pinche_cabron13 : I'm sure occasional nor cal car shows will come up
ymurillo01 : You guys fricken rock \m/ ....can't wait to see you again in a few months
d_a_c_i_a_ - castillo_87 - lacey_jean_g - kcjd1321 -
Want to thank the Chop Tops for years of the best Rockin Rockabilly, sad to see them retire, Cheers fellas! #choptops #rockabilly #thechoptops #reveduprockabilly #shelbylegnon #crazymancrazy #hooligans #juicycrow
shelbylegnon - choptops - reveduprockabilly - juicycrow - thechoptops - hooligans - rockabilly - crazymancrazy -
juicycrow - americanpomade - hooliganmonster13 - jirorians -
We thank you @thechoptops for all the great music and all the great shows you put on for the past 20 years... They will be on their farewell tour from here until Viva Las Vegas. Good luck on everything @thechoptops #thechoptops #reveduprockabilly #rockabilly
rockabilly - reveduprockabilly - thechoptops -
spicybonia : @megan.mitch no!!!!!por que!!!
resq_52 : No!! @luciernaga_84
skeleton_freak : Just seen them live at mission tobbacco lounge it was awesome!!!
elguyconla58 : @_davis_fabrication_
megan.mitch : @spicybonia poorrqquueee whyyyyy
pinche_cabron13 : Chingada madre !
standardscarclub : Whatttt!
megan.mitch : Can i dislike this!?
kyleandtheclassics - mddpn813 - jimena_gds - ese_513 -
Finally got this on my wall best show ever and the guys from the chop tops were so nice to me! πŸ˜»πŸ˜‹ and thank you Yvonne for being patient for me and waiting till I got all their autographs πŸ™Œ #autographs #thechoptops #psychobilly #poster #hortonshayride #2014 #happy #awesome #toocool #autograph #signature #signatures oh and if your wondering why this is autographed for Morningfawn that's because there's a slight possibility that that is my name lol
hortonshayride - signatures - poster - awesome - thechoptops - psychobilly - signature - 2014 - autographs - toocool - autograph - happy -
yuh_vizzle : Stay Solid!
yuh_vizzle : Man, he was hot. You should of got them digits lol
chelliemeows - yuh_vizzle - meghansautographs - truerivals -
Get your tickets now to see us with @rundownkreeps and @damagedoc plus many more awesome bands!!! with @repostapp.
My band will be playing this badass show in Upland February 21st! Stoked to be on a bill with our buddies @the_longestline @lossforconcern @therocketz @sandboxbullies and more! Buy your presale tickets now! Before prices go up! #rundownkreeps #rdk #therocketz #lfc #thelongetline #sandboxbullies #megustaputas #leftalone #thechoptops #punk #ska #skapunk #upland #losangeles #california
therocketz - losangeles - lfc - rundownkreeps - punk - thechoptops - leftalone - megustaputas - ska - sandboxbullies - thelongetline - california - upland - skapunk - rdk -
ambitionfitgirl24 : Nice!
20damaged13 : @damagedoc
20damaged13 : Oh I didn't see it. :) stoked to play this with you guys
frankapharra - 20damaged13 - roxylamas -
Just a few of the best..
jerryleelewis - buddyholly - rockabilly - kimlenzandthejaguars - bobbydarin - kimlenz - doowop - deadlylove - rockabillymusic - thedrifters - psychobilly - itsalltrue - thechoptops - chuckberry - rocknroll - rockaroundtheclock -
rebel_rouser56 : #kimlenz #kimlenzandthejaguars #itsalltrue #thechoptops #deadlylove #chuckberry #buddyholly #bobbydarin #jerryleelewis #thedrifters #rockaroundtheclock #rockabilly #rockabillymusic #doowop #rocknroll #psychobilly @thechoptops @mskimlenz
merlinmoonnewyork : Surprising @merlinmoonmusic
janeealayna - wesdacat - _zachcox_ - pinkpinkbombita -
Crazy Man Crazy and The Chop Tops. #crazymancrazy #rockabilly #mrpalmeronbass #seantheconman #thechoptops
mrpalmeronbass - rockabilly - crazymancrazy - thechoptops - seantheconman -
somethingsaremeanttobe - marshallcats_taka - cherrytessandherrhythmsparks - bootgrrl13 -
Jamming out dude @pinche_cabron13 #thechoptops #psychobillybitch
psychobillybitch - thechoptops -
pinche_cabron13 : Fuck yea !! Haha #chingon
missloladelux - charlie_cafe10 - pamelaizzo - neveris14 -
Great times with great people Saturday night at the Mission Tobacco Lounge in Riverside! #TheChopTops #TheSugarDaddys #HotrodNightmare #MissionTobaccoLounge #Riverside
riverside - hotrodnightmare - thesugardaddys - thechoptops - missiontobaccolounge -
_show.whore.junkie_ : @diana.em @chrisd1388
thesugardaddys : Thanks so much for coming out!!!
xlittlerudegirlx : Absolutely!! You guys put on a great show! @thesugardaddys
thesugardaddys : Thank yoooou!!! Really glad you liked it. Hope to see you at another show soon. It will be even better :)
a_kicka55 : I love this one!! My mom said she wants to go next time haha so she can hear her song.. How awkward would that be? haha @thesugardaddys
thisguydrew - cheryl_pops - theoddadvantage - missiontobaccolounge -
Great show friday night 🎀 #TheChopTops #TheSugarDaddies #HotRodNightmare #WhiskeyDickRebellion
whiskeydickrebellion - thesugardaddies - hotrodnightmare - thechoptops -
savagebros : @michaela_9806 what app did you use?
michaela_9806 : @savagebros PicPlayPost
savagebros : @michaela_9806 thanks!
michaela_9806 : Saturday night**
savagebros - sofylofy - happyhappyface420 - silenciooldman -
Awesome pic of Sinner from #theChopTops while #fasterpussycatkillkill is playing on the big screen!! taken by @lohks909 #rockabilly #killershow #lastnight #downtownRiverside #savagebros
killershow - rockabilly - savagebros - fasterpussycatkillkill - downtownriverside - lastnight - thechoptops -
tony_loy : Awesome show last night
savagebros : @tony_loy thanks for supporting!
retrodoll_brittney : Soo much fun! Awesome show!!
savagebros : @retrodoll_brittney thanks!!
radarmen_rock - hello_loves_kitty - priss0920 - film_geek_girl -
My makeup bag everybody #mynewlife #dexterdanger #alifeinvain #plansforrevenge #atreyu #mychemicalromance #fightingjacks #thechoptops #localbands #sanjoselocalmusic
mynewlife - plansforrevenge - mychemicalromance - dexterdanger - thechoptops - alifeinvain - sanjoselocalmusic - localbands - fightingjacks - atreyu -
btfdavid : Cool!
sparklenshine143 - doolallymeg - heybignick - the_neonoir -
Last night, before the debauchery... #theChopTops #missiontobaccolounge #downtownRiverside #goodtimes #rockabilly #rockandroll
rockandroll - goodtimes - rockabilly - downtownriverside - thechoptops - missiontobaccolounge -
maldita_cruda : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ too funny bro that's what I call a good show dam I missed out
farawayjoe : like it ;)
sonia_salto87 : Ugh @jules_germano we literally missed being part of it by minutes hahaha
jules_germano : @sonia_salto87 you had a bad feeling too...
cynvonsin : Good times, glad that the chop tops decided to keep playing after all that madness
mozward_ : @andrewg951
andrewg951 : @ab4711
nurselogan : @kayakteam2 @rambass
evileena31 - fupatranny - jerrycolin - jeannine2468 -
thechoptops -
irvinejhercee - ameatyourservice - darling_doralynn - assault_aesthetics -
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