#TheBraveLittleToaster is a 1987 American animated musical comedy-adventure film adapted from the 1980 novel, The Brave Little Toaster: A Bedtime Story For Small Appliances by Thomas Disch. The film is set in a world where household appliances and other electronics comes to life, pretending to be lifeless in the presence of humans. The story focuses on five appliances— a toaster, a lamp, an electric blanket, an antique radio and a vacuum cleaner—who go on a quest to search for their original owner. #toaster #vacuum #lamp #80s #80skid #80sstuff #80smovie #80sfilm #childhood #childhoodmemories
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Have you heard about that @mountainsherpa dude ?? He is the boss. Check him out . Thanks to him this structure reminds me of the A/C unit from #thebravelittletoaster spewing sparks out all #crazyeyed style . After wading waist deep in the #animasriver with no light and all my camera gear I got set up on a small rock, rich spun some #steelwool and we created this image . Haha cheers buddy !! #steelwoolDurango #steelwoolphotography #stokeembodied #eyeheartmycity #eyeheartmyfriends #visitdurango #visitcolorado #coloradotography #canon7d #canon #georgewashington #didyousayheyblinkin
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legs_lassos : wading waist deep in the animas w no light and all my camera gear. Ahh yesss!
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coloradogirly : Awesome.
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Bye 😕 See you soon enough! #fixingthebooboos #thebravelittletoaster
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#TheBraveLittleToaster #Birdies
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thecarlsonsalud : Emery the Toaster. Paul the Lamp. Carlson the Blanket. Bobby the Radio. And Jon the Vacuum.
victoriasalud : Can I be the master since I'm never there? Lolol
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The brave little toaster :) #drawing #snapart #snapchatart #snapchatpics #addmeonesnapchat #snapchat #drawingsnaps #thebravelittletoaster
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@bucknasty2094 saved my life with this, this morning. #germanweatherproblems #thebravelittletoaster
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iambuddygreen : What sucks is you do the math and there is a stack( there. damn $30 Disney VCRs.
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Lies, lies, lies Yeah! #lyingthroughyourteeth #liars #lying #fraudulent #nochill #tellthetruth #shamethedevil #whylie #seerightthroughyou #truecolors #cruelintentions #themagicallittletoaster #hoodjokes #hoodmemes #ratchetmemes #wshh #bossip #meme #memes #instamemes
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bri_bandz : Aww this my fav movie
mariothesmartguy : Mines too @bri_bandz I haven't seen it in forever!
bri_bandz : Now I wanna see it
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svstn_ : Awesome @VinesBeLike
rio_the_aquarian : @mariothesmartguy I love this movie! Haha and always have. I was talking about it some time ago and NOONE remember it. Of course my #MarioBro would. 😉
mariothesmartguy : And it just dawned on me that no one will air it anymore! What a way to bring in #tbt @rio_the_aquarian luv ya Brosif! #AquariusBoys
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Yupp this is happening! #soexcited #thebravelittletoaster #throwback
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courtneybrigid39 : Omfg I love that movie lol!!
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Found this picture of @theev24 from high school #ToasterEv #TheBraveLittleToaster
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dthomson24 : Hahaha this just made me lol
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Just an edited version of the old pic. Toaster's legs are fixed, an I made Radio's antenna straight, and fixed the tip to blue. His outline is also bolder, giving him an RTVO feel. #thebravelittletoaster #bravelittletoaster #blanky #electricblanket #blanket #vacuumcleaner #vacuum #kirby #lamp #lampy #toaster #disney #film #movie #disneymovie #walt #waltdisney #radio #cabin #kirbyvacuum
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I like Toaster
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I was watching an old Disney movie and thought to myself, "The Brave Little Toaster could actually serve as the first ever Object Show movie." Then I ended up with this thing. I WILL be using them as props for some RTVO episodes, so it won't be the last time Imm using them. The Brave Little Toaster (c) Disney. #disney #walt #waltdisney #oldmovie #movie #film #bravelittletoaster #thebravelittletoaster #kirby #vacuum #vacuumcleaner #blanky #electricblanket #blanket #radio #lamp #lampy #toaster
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Yes we are grown ups but #thebravelittletoaster is a #disney #classic
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Adored this as a kid! #cartoon #toaster #thebravelittletoaster
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this movie literally creeped me out as a kid. 😟 #thebravelittletoaster
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Who else watched this when they were younger? #TheBraveLittleToaster
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#GusGus #coneofshame #thebravelittletoaster #lampshade
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carly0724 : Fantastic callback!!!! #BravelittletoasterFoLife
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#GusGus #coneofshame #thebravelittletoaster #lampshade
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New Painting! #thebravelittletoaster
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Be brave. INKtober 12. #art #artwork #artist #artistlifeforme #illustration #drawing #sketch #doodle #doodletillidie #copic #copicmarkers #sakura #inktober #inktober2014 #thebravelittletoaster #tattoo #tattoos
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jay_vee_es : My movie tho
thepixelfrank : Sweet work! Nice job. : ) 
nogravity_ : Do you trade art?
tofuthiefzzz : @thepixelfrank : Thanks!
tofuthiefzzz : @nogravity_ : I do on occasion. If my schedule allows.
tacocat4life : Yessss toaster
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Showing the greatest cinematic accomplishment of the last century tonight. #thebravelittletoaster @artbarstl
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Guess who jumped his first training level tables today? This guy!! #gotoastgo #thebravelittletoaster
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Snuggling with my babies watching #thebravelittletoaster #family #love
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seanp86 : Best movie ever!
jessiemariepope : Fave movie
teresamunsill : Yep @seanp86 and @jessiemariepope it's amazing! I used to watch it and Rock A Doodle like everyday when I was a kid. :)
jessiemariepope : Rock a doodle WHAT I've never met a single other person that's seen that movie!
nannybuns : @teresamunsill. @jessiemariepope ladies I too grew up on Rock a doodle and had life size cutouts of Goldie and Chanticleer :)
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@wilsonswar and The Little Charger That Could™ #tinytim #rudy #thebravelittletoaster #underdogstory
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fiveyearwinter : They understand each other :)
nahchief : I had this same problem
forflannel : omg
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#alone in my #thoughts. I got to be like #thebravelittletoaster and keep going ..... #goodnight everyone
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lisphace : I feel this. And I love the brave little toaster tag
zombie_piercer : @lisphace he never gave up hope and he was a Fucken toaster
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@rtrojans weren't we talking about this scene a few years ago? I think this was the most catchy song in the movie, but probably one of the most disturbing scenes. #bravelittletoaster #thebravelittletoaster
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rtrojans : Lol I don't remember Dawg. Hah!
gorehouse_garbageman : @rtrojans maybe I'm slipping, I could have sworn. Probably drunk if we did!
reyllih : Lol
rtrojans : Wouldn't doubt it
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This movie brings memories flooding back like no other, and if you are my age then you know exactly what I mean! I guess I'm still young at heart.#thebravelittletoaster #bravelittletoaster
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mennomarty : I showed this movie to my sister when she was younger. This scene traumatized her
gorehouse_garbageman : @mennomarty the scene that scared me when I was little is when the air conditioner went crazy and started slamming himself in the wall them circuited himself out. "IM STUCK IN THIS WALL!" Dude....he went totally suicidal.
___1984_ : This was David's shit. He watched it all the damn time
shawnhain : Classic as fuck
melissa_dahmer : Dude. Yes.
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Worthless from the brave little toaster #thebravelittletoaster I cant figure out the chord after the one I recorded ; ;
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hetaponi : Gosh and the movies so dark and its DISNEY
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😂😂😂 #thebravelittletoaster #grilledcheese #whitegirlproblems
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The Brave Little Toaster is a 1980 novel by (Thomas M. Disch) intended for children or as a bedtime story for small appliances◆ In 2010, Deanna Oliver (the voice of the Toaster) said at her son's deployment ceremony to Afghanistan, some of the soldiers who were fans of the film had brought their toasters with them for her to autograph◆ She also said that she remembered one day she came in to do ADR after recording her lines and ended up only recording a two-second take of her inhaling and exhaling for the scene where Toaster runs through a field while being chased by forest animals◆The film was originally in development at Disney, with (John Lasseter) set to direct. Lasseter planned to use a combination of traditional hand-drawn animation and computer generated imagery for the characters (which would have made It the first animated feature to attempt it). Executives, however, lost interest when they found that the film would not have been any less expensive with computer animation (they were only interested in CGI as a cost-cutting measure) and pulled the plug on the ambitious project. John Lasseter was fired by Disney and then co-founded Pixar, while the rest of the team took the film outside and managed to produce it independently (without any computer animation). The completed film was eventually bought by Disney, shown on the Disney Channel and became a cult hit. As for the animators, many of them eventually returned to Disney to work on such films as (Beauty and the Beast)  and (The Nightmare Before Christmas) as well as some of Pixar's early feature films◆
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movietrivia99 : The film was a smash hit at the Sundance Film Festival, but failed to find a distributor. That same year, it aired on the Disney Channel and then appeared in the (Park City Film Festival) before finally having a brief theatrical release at New York's Film Forum in May 1989. It still failed to find a distributor. It was actually shown in parts at various theaters as a serial from week to week, and in 1991, it was distributed on video. In October 2003, it finally had a DVD release alongside its two sequels◆ The hanging lamp (voiced by Phil Hartman) is based on (Peter Lorre) in both voice and appearance◆ Halfway through filming, Producer (Donald Kushner) thought that the nightmare scene should be cut from the film; due to the clown being extremely frightening to younger children. He also stated that the junkyard scene should be cut from the film too, due to one of the cars driving into a crusher on purpose, using a suicide reference. For unknown reasons, the scenes were left in the film. The song (Worthless) is considered one of the darkest songs written for a Disney film. It was nearly cut from the film◆ During pre-production (Jon Lovitz) was a cast member in Saturday Night Live. Director (Jerry Rees) who had been writing the character of Radio with Lovitz in mind, asked him to stay in Los Angeles long enough to record his voice tracks. Lovitz agreed, despite protestations from his agency. Rees quickly finished the screenplay and hustled Lovitz into the recording studio. Lovitz's entire performance was then captured in one, marathon session◆
movietrivia99 : Composer (David Newman) approached the film's score by keeping the characters in mind as "real-life" and not "cartoons" in order to create what he felt were more authentic sounds depicting moods and emotions◆ Kirby, the vacuum cleaner, is based on the Kirby Dual Sanitronic 80 from 1969◆ The German and Serbian dubbed versions of the film swap the genders of two main characters: Toaster is voiced by a man, and Lampy is voiced by a woman◆ Director (Jerry Rees) does the voice of the (Blow-horn) who is the leader of the worn-out appliances◆Jerry said the film was originally intended to run about 20 minutes longer, but the producers wanted it cut down to 90 minutes. The scenes in question were voiced and storyboarded, but never animated◆When Blanky imagines the Master arriving home, there is a brief shot of him floating down the stairs. Behind him on the wall are four paintings, each representing the functions of the other four appliances: a candle (Lampy), a radio (Radio), bread on a stick over a fire (Toaster), and a broom (Kirby)◆The address of the apartment building of Rob (The Master) and his mother in the movie is 2470 McBean Parkway. This is a tip of the hat to (CalArts) (24700 McBean Parkway), where director Jerry Rees studied animation. Their apartment number is A113, which is also a room number of a classroom used by animation students at CalArt, the Alma mater of John Lasseter. A113 also shows up in other Disney and Pixar films◆ Timothy Stack (Lampy) ad-libbed the the last line in the movie: "I'm aching from joy!"◆
misfilms : ❤
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robbiehoff55 : First ones pretty dark for a kids movie. Still always loved it though
johndomonyc : Very cool!
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