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Having so much fun. No recordaba haberme hecho esta foto y me estoy riendo de mi propio careto. #Me #Myself #Funny #Amazing #diversión #Toast #Sweetie #cat #Meow #InstaSize #Ojeras #De #Toxicómana
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ohgarabato : #TheBraveLittleToaster #Girl
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Toastyyy #Haha #LoveThis #90sBaby #HighSociety #WordPlay #Smoke #TheBraveLittleToaster #LikeABoss #KeepItSimple #StayLifted #Gangsta #CarpeDiem #HigherConsciousness #GoodVibesOnly
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stonerhaven : 🔥🔥
batman_villains : Everyday! 😄
thisisthuglife : I like this ✌️
samjackson87 : @musiqal_dreamer 😁👍
dankdabber : :)
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OMG! I loved this movie as a kid! #TheBraveLittleToaster Disney #Childhood #GettingOld
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mrsawh : You are not alone lol
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This has taken me so long to get up since I was tagged for it by @dailydoseof_ashy because I'm such a Disney fan that I love so many of their movies, but I finally have it down to ten. While making this list, I realized that most of the ones I chose are older ones, from way before I was born, that I grew up watching like they were new movies. Only 3 were made after I was born. (Listed in the order they were made, not what ones I like the most, btw.) 1. Dumbo:1941 (Little elephant that gets made fun of but grows beyond people's expectations=VERY easy for me to relate to) 2. Peter Pan:1953 (I've been Peter Pan for the past two Halloweens), and I never want to grow up cause it's a trap.) 3. The Aristocats:1970 (mostly because of Marie and the fact that she's so like me and my middle name is Marie) 4. Robin Hood:1973 (classic good guy saves the girl and the community story, but with the twist that he's completely sarcastic and doesn't care what people think of him.) 5. The Rescuers:1977 (Idk why, I've just always loved this movie, especially when they're at the meeting and there's mice from all of the different countries.) 6. Brave Little Toaster:1987 (Again, idk why, this movie is just great in my opinion and I love it, even though a lot of people either haven't seen it or don't think it's Disney.) 7. Aladdin:1992 (This one mostly wins for the songs and because I love the characters in this movie like Genie, Abu, Jasmine, Aladdin, and Iagu.) 8. Mulan:1998 (I've always found Mulan to be a super relatable character, with all of the pressure to be someone that she isn't just to fit into society's standards.) 9. Finding Nemo:2003 (This one I actually remember when it came out cause we went to see it around my brother's first birthday and he fell asleep during it. However, this is one of the most-watched Disney movies by me and I have most of it memorized. I'm so excited for Finding Dory!) 10. Wall-E:2008 (Wall-E is just so cute and then his relationship with Eve! How could this not be a favorite?! Imagine being all alone except a cockroach and garbage, I would've died, but he made it and was happy with his life.)
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rachelmkleinphotography : #disney #disneytopten #disneymovies #dumbo #peterpan #thearistocats #robinhood #therescuers #thebravelittletoaster #aladdin #mulan #findingnemo #walle #movie #movies #favorites
olegbogdancom : Nice:) you can also check my page, I'm photographer from Los Angeles.
dailydoseof_ashy : Awesome choices my boyfriend had a lot of these on his lost when I asked lol Aladdin amd Mulan are Awesome I love them I'm also glad to see I'm not the only one who didn't have all the princess movies I never Loved those lol
rachelmkleinphotography : @dailydoseof_ashy Yeah, even growing up I wasn't as into the princess ones, I was way more into the "boy" movies. 😛 It told me my caption was too long originally, which made me sad cause I had to edit it.
onceuponamelissa : I love your choices especially Peter Pan, The Aristocats, and Aladdin. Thanks for the tag!
toujoursv : Ooooh yours are so much fun! Thank you for the tag darling, but I'm not much of a movie fan. I love books💝 instead
rachelmkleinphotography : @onceuponamelissa Thank you😄
rachelmkleinphotography : @toujoursv That's okay. 😊
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I have an #obsession with #miniature versions of anything..so I was pretty excited when my sister + I found this mini toaster 😆 #goodmorning #happyweekend #mykindofimpulsebuy #kitchendecoration #ineedtogotoaminiaturemuseum #powderedtoastman #thebravelittletoaster
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emmaleex21 : So cute
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Who doesnt remember this one? Been waiting for a good price, and got my B2GO for $1 at $0.90... I always liked the blanket. #thebravelittletoaster #jerryrees #jonlovitz #timothystack #80s #80sclassics #80scartoons #animatedclassics ##disney #childrensclassics #kidsmovies #cutemovies #kidflicks #bravelittletoaster #fye #oldschoolcartoons #oldschooldisney
jerryrees - fye - animatedclassics - childrensclassics - oldschooldisney - kidflicks - 80scartoons - 80sclassics - timothystack - jonlovitz - oldschoolcartoons - bravelittletoaster - cutemovies - kidsmovies - 80s - thebravelittletoaster - disney -
hppychurros : One of my faves.
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#theBraveLittleToaster #LaTostadoraValiente wao!! Q tiempos.
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m0nissa : 👏 :')
jeandyanbacl : @m0nissa ;)
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Throwback collage I made for all the 90s kids out there!🙌 If ya recognize these things, chances are you're awesome lol. 😉 #Tbt #throwback #90s #90skids #yeahyou #tamagotchi #thebravelittletoaster #pogs #aol #aim #thedaysofchatrooms #hitclips #gellyrolls #gameboycolor #ihadapurpleone #pez #legendsofthehiddentemple #lovedthatshow #gameshow #easybakeoven
aol - gellyrolls - lovedthatshow - easybakeoven - tbt - hitclips - throwback - legendsofthehiddentemple - ihadapurpleone - 90skids - 90s - gameshow - pez - yeahyou - thebravelittletoaster - gameboycolor - aim - thedaysofchatrooms - pogs - tamagotchi -
alicia3miller : All of this!👌
_mattchew : Hit clips! 😂
kaylaiko : I got an easy bake oven two Christmas' ago at the age of 19 haha! Is that bad? 😳
frickenisaiah : #childhood
littlemssunshiine : Ahhhhhh <3
kealaaah : 😂👌
t.kf : Gel pens! I was a hoarder!!!!
lyralyrabobyra : omgah i always wanted to be on legends of the hidden temple. lol
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A little #tbt to one of my favorite movies when I was kid, SO pumped I found this. #thebravelittletoaster
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silkyjensen : I downloaded that a while back! I loved that movie!!!
cjervik : Best!
kelskelsnicole : Favorite !!!!!!
courtneyjoriem : I loved this one too!
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So, maybe I watch The Brave Little Toaster when work is slow. #thebravelittletoaster #rightinthechildhood
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sodano11 : @j_j_mcdaniel awesome movie!
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#thebravelittletoaster is the best movie of all time and if you didn't love it you're a terrible person. this movie needs to be on #netflix at once. #mcm
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triplesixdozer : This movie is sad as fuck. The only sadder movie is the Fox and the hound. Masochist.
torrrlynnn : why do you always have to bring me down @triplesixdozer I'm pretty sure that's not how this is supposed to work. it's a GREAT fucking movie.
torrrlynnn : be supportive of the things I love @triplesixdozer
skylerschick : Ahhh, great movie!
torrrlynnn : I know rightttt @skylerschick some people just don't appreciate masterpieces
triplesixdozer : This movie made me depressed the poor blanket and the vacuum cleaner, Jesus christ why was this shown to kids.
torrrlynnn : it's an uplifting story about courage and friendship getting you through anything life throws at you @triplesixdozer
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I couldn't not post this 😂 #thebravelittletoaster #blankie #cryitout #victoriassecretangel 😂💁
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angq_930 : @lex.rae @missmaddiecakezz
missmaddiecakezz : Ugh this is so real lmao
oliviajean_oz : @missmaddiecakezz too real!! 😂😫
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Penelope's cough is acting up.. So she can't sleep. Introducing her to one of my favorite kid movies.. The Brave Little Toaster! #ilovethismovie #thebravelittletoaster #netflix #cuddletime
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ibashhoes : That was mine too
levelpicking : amazing photo! ☀
msbukilove : Love it!
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Am I five? Am I sixteen? Who knows? #thebravelittletoaster #favoritemovieactually #best #imfive
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the_over_hugger : Are you wearing a girl scout vest?
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Double tap if this was ur fav scene in #thebravelittletoaster
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dubbslj : Least favorite scene #scared
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Look who came to visit me...FINALLY, so proud #thebravelittletoaster
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My handsome boy watching the brave little toaster :) #myboy #ilovemyson #suchacutie #smiles #mommysboy #watchingtv #thebravelittletoaster
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☺️ #thebravelittletoaster #mychildhoodmovie
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This is how I'm going to spend my night...wrapped in my owl blanket watching the classics , the brave little toaster and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!!!!!! #movienight #tmntmovies #classics #thebravelittletoaster #owlblanket
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Omg #thebravelittletoaster i am just so freaking #excited gotta love #netflix
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xtina_babe : Awww I love that movie
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One of the best costumes this year! #thebravelittletoaster #cosplay #amke
thebravelittletoaster - cosplay - amke -
timbofromkeno : 👍👍
pixiepiichi : @chicagogeek WOW SURPRISE ITS YOU
chicagogeek : My hair is sooooooo orange.
marswaste : @xhcxpridex
xhcxpridex : @marswaste that is amazing!
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natashalynnt : Love this movie..
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thebravelittletoaster - ブレイブリトルトースター - thebravelittletoastergoestomars -
koko0629 : #thebravelittletoaster#thebravelittletoastergoestomars#ブレイブリトルトースター
You may have been born in the 80s if this is one of your favorite movies #80sbaby #thebravelittletoaster #lovethismovie #memories
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plamejame : Love that moooovvviieeee
staciekoogler : @plamejame come watch it anytime 😉😘
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OMG!...who else remembered this movie?! Talk about a big throwback! #thebravelittletoaster #disney #mychildhood #childhoodmovie #throwbacks
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shadyx15 : @hstachnik157
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Haven't seen this film in about 10 years, but I can still remember exactly what happens and when it happens, this is why 90's kids are the best #90skids #thebravelittletoaster #memories #loveit #blanky #toaster #kirby #lampy #trippyashell #radio #householdappliances #allthetags
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Weekend project is done, never throw away a broken vacuum. #TheBraveLittleToaster #kirbyvacuum #disney #nostalgia #art
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kingturd : Shut uppppp that's pretty much my favorite cartoon every
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Hat pins available again on are website. Don't all jump at once! #lol #milkmanesupplys #710 #420 #dab #wax #shatter #cannabiscommunity #kusharmy #highsociety #topshelflife #pothead #bongbeauties #dabs #high_larry_us #twaxgang #indianadabbers #iwillmarrymary #cali #thc #hatpins #thebravelittletoaster #cookiemonster #seenoevil #pins
highsociety - bongbeauties - dab - hatpins - iwillmarrymary - shatter - 710 - topshelflife - cannabiscommunity - pothead - kusharmy - milkmanesupplys - twaxgang - dabs - thebravelittletoaster - seenoevil - lol - high_larry_us - cali - cookiemonster - indianadabbers - pins - 420 - thc - wax -
newjerzcannabiz : I'll kik u
gorilla_dabz : Just did. Thanks FAM!!!
gorilla_dabz : @milkmanesupplys me and @stonedbynaturenj will send u a carepackage as well
stonedbynaturenj : That's what's up word up
gorilla_dabz : @dabeyed gotta send u another care package its long over due
sleepstudios_94 : @sleepstudios_94
dabeyed : @gorilla_dabz lol
milkmanesupplys : U get a set to pimpin @lunggz
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Pin game proper! #milkmanesupplys #budderblocks #errl #dab #wax #shatter #cannabiscommunity #shatterday #high_larry_us #twaxgang #dabbersunited #dabbersdaily #dablife #cronic #nofooksgiven #loud #iwillmarrymary #weedmaps #dank #kusharmy #jointculture #prop215 #cookiemonster #thebravelittletoaster
dabbersunited - weedmaps - errl - budderblocks - prop215 - iwillmarrymary - shatter - dablife - twaxgang - cannabiscommunity - cronic - dabbersdaily - milkmanesupplys - dab - nofooksgiven - thebravelittletoaster - high_larry_us - dank - kusharmy - jointculture - wax - shatterday - loud - cookiemonster -
chiefvape : @milkmanesupplys did you get a new number my man?
chiefvape : We're up early at the cannabis cup
chiefvape : text or call me at 6192921235
dankbones : 👌👌
traphouseboom : <--------- 🔞EVERY FIFTH FOLLOWER GETS A S/O! Follow to see if your lucky! follow --------->@traphouseboom 🔞
downtojelly : The brave little toaster hahaha thats awesome
smoke_shack : Follow for a follow?
420dfynest_buddz : On a Greatful deal skull im done! Gettng my mine today!
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Current Situation 🙌 #CoronaExtra #TheBraveLittleToaster #TakeYourSisterForSushi #NeverCallBack #CloutMasters
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Currently watching the brave little toaster with my niece and nephew
carminamontes : Love that movie 😍
camillionaire86 : Omg! The memories!!!
_ashleybroughton : I loved this movie as a kid & I still love it. I'm so glad they love it, it's still a classic @camillionaire86 @carminamontes
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Look what I scored at #Goodwill today! This pile of nostalgia only cost me $2.50!!! Gonna party so hard this weekend! 📼😜🍷▶️ #HappyThrifting #NostalgiaOverload #Disney4Eva! #WeekendAtGrammas
happythrifting - disney4eva - goodwill - beautyandthebeast - thebravelittletoaster - robinhood - disneyvhs - wizardofoz - weekendatgrammas - threecaballeros - nostalgiaoverload -
jacqlita : #disneyvhs #robinhood #thebravelittletoaster #wizardofoz #beautyandthebeast #threecaballeros
canyoubelievesome1 : First
canyoubelievesome1 - stevencjew - jmarie717 - hellojenniloo -
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