Playing catch up for #lovetober Here is Bucket List (written in my Blogcademy notebook) See: The Northern Lights The Taj Mahaal New York The Pyramids A Leopard (in the wild) Learn how to: Scuba dive Do a head stand in Yoga Forgive myself for not being perfect In addition, I want to: Get fit Get a Doctorate Meet someone I could spend my whole life with Have children Decorate a home #BucketList #theBlogcademy @theblogcademy #actionplan #dreams #hopes
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Shoutout to my blogger besties @sparklesandcrumbs and @laughing_medusa :) #babes #lovetober #theblogcademy
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laughing_medusa : Such a great day! I'm so grateful that Twitter brought such a fantastic friend into my life and in turn, that you introduced me to Caz. βœ¨πŸ’–βœ¨
sparklesandcrumbs : This makes me smile so much - j'adore you two! πŸ’–
glhunter9 : So cute πŸ’œπŸ’™πŸ’œ
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To make this kind of stuff my day job. #lovetober
theblogcademy - lovetober -
twentysomethingplus : πŸ“·: @cheyn at #theblogcademy : Love the look. Love the pic!
twentysomethingplus : Yay! Thanks!
glhunter9 : Nice ;)
twentysomethingplus : @glhunter9 Thanks 😊
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The tree of knowledge has grown over the past few weeks ever since I attended @theblogcademy in NYC. Talking about my experience on the blog! #theblogcademy #watercolor #watercolour #sketchbook #nyc #review #blogger #ontheblog
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fruitloot : Have you tried playing Fruit loot yet? Check the link in our profile :D! #fruitloot
factovertheory : Love the post! It was so fun being a Blogcadette with you - we should get together soon since we are local!!
bohemianmint : @factovertheory Thank you so much! It was so lovely to meet you too. Yes, definitely, let's get together sometime! I am off on the weekends. πŸ’•
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Although I'm saving my pennies for #theblogcademy Level 2, I have one lucky penny to spare to #payitforward. Hope it makes someone's day. #lovetober
theblogcademy - payitforward - lovetober -
rocknrollbride : awww! (ps I hope we see you in Level 2 - OH YES!)
just_souled_out : These shoes!
galadarling : Aw, #lovetober + #theblogcademy + @missxandrabee = three of my favourite things!
theblogcademy : πŸ‘πŸ’•
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Exciting times! Over at @theblogcademy we just launched 2015 dates...but that's not all! In addition to Level 1 which covers the basics of blogging (and has now been taught to 600 women on 3 continents!), we are now offering Level 2 which is dedicated to blogging for business. If your goal is to earn a profit from your blog and have the systems in place to keep it running like a well oiled machine, this class is for you. πŸ‘Š More info and dates at πŸ“† Hope to see you there!
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nubbytwiglet : #theblogcademy photo by @shelldemar
positivelypresent : Any chance you'll come back to DC for Level 2 or are the dates set already?
msmauikai : @nubbytwiglet Soooooo excited!!!
nubbytwiglet : @positivelypresent Hey! We won't be in DC next year but Level 2 will be happening in New York. Hope you can make it!
nubbytwiglet : @msmauikai Likewise! Having you in LA would be so much fun. Also, Chubs says hello! πŸ’•
msmauikai : @nubbytwiglet Chubby!!!!! 😍 He's become a little thief, that one πŸ˜‰
positivelypresent : Awesome! I'll try to make it up to NYC!
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"We believe in traveling the world, embracing the new, and counting your blessings" -An expert from the Blogcademy manifesto. A recap of my time at @theblogcademy is on the blog today! (Link in profile),
theblogcademy -
ericabakerphoto : Photo by: @rachccouch / #theblogcademy
nubbytwiglet : Aww, I love this shot!
rocknrollbride : Awww yay!
laurenbeabeauty : Love the page! Come see my page and tell me what you think...if you like what you see please follow πŸ’‹
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I love this photo by @cheyn from #theblogcademy πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘ #NYC
nyc - theblogcademy -
alena4_3 : woah @ShelbyAndSandy
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My #theblogcademy recap post is up! Check it out: πŸ’™
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"Curiosity about life in all of its aspects, I think, is still the secret of great creative people." -Leo Burnett πŸ’«
theblogcademy -
theblogcademy : Photo by @shelldemar #theblogcademy
thespalifestylista : LoveπŸ’ 
theblogcademy : @thespalifestylista Thanks lady! Miss ya! πŸ’•
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Photo cred @cheyn πŸ’–βœ¨ #theblogcademy #makeshiftsociety
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princessmisia : Oooh I love it!! where can I find the pictures girls???
kiyomimusic : Cute!!! πŸ’•πŸŽΆπŸŒΈ
francilla : πŸ’™πŸ’ŽπŸ’™
supernikkidee : @princessmisia gala put the link up on the forum!
cheyn : Lovely ladies!!!
flutana : Yay!!! :0)
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Holly decided to investigate while I was taking this picture of a small portion of my #bookshelf. 😸 I lovelovelove books and am always reading more than one at once. Here's what I'm into right now; a few for business and a few for pleasure. πŸ“– The Looking Glass Wars: Seeing Redd πŸ“– William Shakespeare's Star Wars πŸ“– Blog Inc by @ohjoy πŸ“– Wordpress for Beginners πŸ“– and of course, my #theblogcademy workbook! #lovetober
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tltday : Time for coffee so I can pick your brain!
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Sometimes simplicity is where it's at! When you're arranging your belongings to tell a story, less can definitely be more as demonstrated by @rachccouch in our Washington, D.C. class last weekend! #regram
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theblogcademy : #theblogcademy
dawnsmithdesigns : Love this!
rachccouch : Also be resourceful: I chewed a piece of gum and used tiny bits of it to use as an adhesive for the @nyxcosmetics lipsticks 😊 #protips
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One of my faves from #theblogcademy a couple weekends ago. #shoes #katespade #feet #nyc
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erinthelolcat : Oh damn love the silver ones!!
whitneypenn : @erinthelolcat right! @twentysomethingplus where are they from?
twentysomethingplus : @erinthelolcat @whitneypenn Thanks! They're from Zara, as are most of my statement shoes, lol
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Hora de ir! Último dia em Berlim! // Ready to our last day in Berlin.
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maribiaa : Suas fotos são muito lindinhas! 😊
scrapbi : Yeahhhhh @maribiaa obrigada! Que bom que vc gosta!
danivellozo : O que vc achou da instax?
scrapbi : @danivellozo eu sabia que ela não era grande coisa. hahaha Então não comprei com muita expectativa. Mas estou sofrendo com as fotos. Até agora 1 boa e 4 horríveis. hahaha Dureza!!
danivellozo : Serio, Gabi? Eu queria muito uma! Tenho uma Polaroid das antigas, mas o filme é caro demais (agora tem um genérico - o oficial não é mais produzido).
scrapbi : #berlin #photobooth #instax #instaxmini8 #lipbalm #theblogcademy #stilllife
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Vamos lá pro segundo dia em Berlim! // Ready: second day in Berlin!
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lari_batista : Aí essas máquinas que revelam as fotinhas assim são demais né? ❀️ encontrei só uma assim na minha eurotrip! Aproveite sua viagem! 😘
manunamoral : Amoooo
scrapbi : @lari_batista to tão feliz de ter achado elas! Meu sonhoooo entrar numa!! E agora já entrei em duas! hahahaha Uhuuuuu!!!
scrapbi : #instax #instaxmini8 #photobooth #berlin #postcard #theblogcademy #stilllife
lilan870 : @roryjo87 we should do this!
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@wholeglow + Louie all dolled up with goodies from #theblogcademy
theblogcademy -
katiedepaola : @thepursuitoffabulous thanks girl! 🌟 Louie is oh so happy
womenwithambition : Cute , I'm working to become a life coach as well 😊 love to learn more
thepursuitoffabulous : Awesome, glad to connect with you!!
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When in Brooklyn. #lovetober
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twentysomethingplus : @ellese.poshmark @the_stylechic @labullo πŸ˜ŠπŸ’•βœ¨πŸ’–
artinarteries : Yeah skulls! πŸ’€πŸ‘πŸ’“
twentysomethingplus : @artinarteries πŸ’€πŸŒΈπŸ’•
silviamdv : Very cool shot + the art... <3
twentysomethingplus : @silviamdv Thanks! πŸ’•
amandaplease : Love it!!
hellosimone_ : This wall is awesome!
twentysomethingplus : Photo cred: @sprinklesandbooze πŸ“·πŸ’•
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So surreal meeting these girls! Loved this light in the stairwell at Studio 52.
portrait - vsco - theblogcademy - latergram - picframe -
rachccouch : #vsco #picframe #portrait #latergram #theblogcademy
capitolromance : Love this pic Rachel! Still in a post-dreamlike state from getting to meet them too!
carlyabramovitz : Amazing! Your photos are incredible 😊
rachccouch : @carlyabramovitz thanks!!! ❀️
nubbytwiglet : πŸ‘πŸ’•
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Selfie time at the end of the weekend with the amazing @theblogcademy headmistresses #theblogcademy
theblogcademy -
galadarling : πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ
nubbytwiglet : Love this shot! ✨
rocknrollbride : Awww!
nubbytwiglet - fitsonme - mariya310 - iddaxp -
Awww I love this photo that @heyosarahlee captured of @galadarling and me after #theblogcademy last weekend. True love right there! #regram #aww
regram - aww - theblogcademy -
wilkoando : So lovely, what would we do without our friends hey and good hugs?! @rocknrollbride
christinalooker : the best!
lovemydress : This is lovely! x
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It's amazing to watch these ladies work so seamlessly together over the weekend at #theblogcademy yet live thousands of miles apart. I know the feels. Our worlds are consumed by technology but it allows us to be virtually hugged by those we love from afar, and for that I'm grateful.
theblogcademy -
galadarling : Awww this is a lovely shot -- thank you for sharing it.
galadarling : P.S. I love you @rocknrollbride!
rocknrollbride : Awww this is so sweet, thanks for posting it. And I love you toooo @galadarling awwwww
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Love this shot that @rachccouch took of me at #theblogcademy this weekend!!
theblogcademy -
thepursuitoffabulous : Your blue hair is MAGNIFICENT. Seriously adore it.
julieb1021 : Beautiful picture! Can I ask where your necklace is from?
christinalooker : total babe!
safatawil : ♥️
msmauikai : Gorgeous pic, @rocknrollbride! And I agree, the blue looks amazing :D
mazzlebum : @horseypie1 #obvs xx
rocknrollbride : @julieb1021 it's @katespadeny !!
renee_bell : Gorgeous
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@galadarling at #theblogcademy
vsco - latergram - vscocam - blackandwhite - portrait - theblogcademy - rocknroll -
rachccouch : #vsco #vscocam #latergram #portrait #rocknroll #blackandwhite
rocknrollbride : Gorgeous babe! Gorgeous photo!
thepursuitoffabulous : That. Coat. #omg #fabulous
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Gala officially pulls off that face better than I do. Ha. Seriously though, what a privilege it was to spend the weekend with @rocknrollbride, @galadarling, and @nubbytwiglet! I learned so much from them about branding, blogging, and traveling in style while driving around DC and at @theblogcademy. They have such incredible hearts for empowering women and their spirit is contagious. Safe travels ladies! Until next time! #theblogcademy
theblogcademy -
rocknrollbride : Aww so lovely to meet you. Thanks for being so ace and for the lovely gift. Your words to me in the card were super special too
lovehannxoxo : So excited for you and sooooo jealous! Can't wait to hear all about it! πŸ’—
galadarling : πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ Thanks for being so lovely! πŸ‘―πŸ’•
thepursuitoffabulous : Cuties!!
nubbytwiglet : Thanks for being such a big help over the weekend! πŸ’•
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People can inspire you in the most unexpected ways. After leaving #theblogcademy yesterday my head was filled with ideas and changes and new dreams. I'm so excited for whatever it will mean and new friends. πŸ’•πŸ’• #vsco #vscocam
theblogcademy - vscocam - vsco -
rocknrollbride : These tights were the best!
thepursuitoffabulous : I can so relate, so much inspiration!!
hollywood.dreamer - tatuchii - youarewhatyoulove - thegirltyler -
#theblogcademy made me feel so inspired and fabulous. As a photographer, I'm usually surrounded by men. It was refreshing to meet so many wonderful ladies this weekend with such different backgrounds, stories, and personal goals. Let's keep in touch, shall we?
afterlight - vsco - vscocam - selfie - theblogcademy - latergram -
rachccouch : @rebeccairubin @msmauikai, you two are the best. Maybe I'll workshop soon 😊
rocknrollbride : Yay! Defo keep in touch with everyone!
thepursuitoffabulous : @rachccouch I would def come to a workshop led by you! And @rocknrollbride I'm definitely experiencing symptoms of #theblogcademy withdrawal!!
forevermaddyb : My brain is still on overlaid from all the great info lol. I'd come to that workshop too! Let's definitely keep in touch
rocknrollbride : @rebeccairubin the post blogcademy blues are real... for us too!
rachccouch : @rebeccairubin @rocknrollbride @forevermaddyb @msmauikai, the struggle is real while I'm editing photos. I think the retreat is a smashing idea. And I know loads of people that would love to collaborate. Juuust sayin'.
kerryhishon : It was lovely to meet you and I can't wait to see your photos! Thank you for taking the time to do headshots for us! πŸ’™
rachccouch : @kerryhishon of course! It was lovely to meet you too!
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#lovetober day 6: my bookshelf. Most of my books are still in storage but this is my current bedside collection, which is a good representation of the whole: some food, some design, some graphic novels, and a broad range of fiction. And #theblogcademy workbook and my notebook of course!
theblogcademy - lovetober -
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This is the kind of weirdness that happens on #theblogcademy lunch break
theblogcademy - soeasymanipulated -
rocknrollbride : @galadarling meeeh, a little from column A, a little from column B
beautigurlz : Love your dancing @galadarling!
emanuellamaria : oh that was great! love it!
enlknowbest : My kids are sad that this video is so short :) it made them both dance. Thanks for that.
nadinearmiger : @galadarling your dress is incredible! All the wicked dance moves are giving me life . . 😊
simplyalyson1 : I LOVE this! #dancebreakhappiness
aikothreads : Love it!
emempinkypie : This looks like so much fun :-) deffo started my day with a smile!
elsieblass - splendid_pixie - laydjade - aquamarinabianco -
Parting is such sweet sorrow... The next time the terrible trio will be together again is at the end of November in SYDNEY MATE! 🐨✨ I told @rocknrollbride she'll knock on the door of our place in Bondi Beach, I'll fling it open (wearing a bikini and a jewelled kaftan, of course), and exclaim, "Too easy mate!" #theblogcademy
theblogcademy -
l12photography : Yay! Also, add "strewth" and "bonza" to the vocab for full hardcore aussie cred.
bernicemakeupartist : @rocknrollbride Kat, your hair looks amazing!!!
kristy_turnbull : @galadarling are you doing any appearances/shows whilst in Sydney?
rocknrollbride : You flamin' galaaaah! (I think that might just be Alf too...)
rocknrollbride : @bernicemakeupartist thanks gorgeous!
evie_levi : @rocknrollbride I totally saw a galah on my jog this morning. And called it a flamin galah, cos I'm a bloody AUSSIE MATE!
rccosmetics : @galadarling email us plsπŸ˜πŸ‘
francilla : πŸ’Ž iloveU!!!
fashionpas - francilla - josie_skipper - itskokokhanel -
Brain is swimming from #theblogcademy. Time for wine and #fancycheesing with my pals.
fancycheesing - theblogcademy -
rocknrollbride : Niiice!
nubbytwiglet : Yum! 🍴
rebeccagaffney : @rocknrollbride & @nubbytwiglet Yes to both!
dancerindc - sarahjsargent - ohanaphoto - carrie_butler -
Instagramming at #theblogcademy and looking good while doing it! πŸ’‹ #regram from @rachccouch
regram - theblogcademy -
casitabythesea : Cute!
missperry1990 - rachiebaby - highheelers - lostart_revived -
With the amazing #theblogcademy headmistresses, @nubbytwiglet, @rocknrollbride and @galadarling. Thank so much for a wonderful weekend! πŸ’™
theblogcademy -
nubbytwiglet : Glad we finalllllly got to meet!
kerryhishon : @nubbytwiglet Me too! It was so great to learn from you. I am so excited to get cracking on my blog!
nubbytwiglet - paige_cookiemonster - dreamerangel19 - perolaroberti -
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