Wedding blogging royalty, Kat Williams of @rocknrollbride is on @smashingtheglass this morning revealing her top tips for brides-to-be, the best opportunities that her blog has brought her, and the biggest obstacles she's had to overcome along the way #rocknrollbride #katwilliams #weddingblog #bloggers #alternativeweddings #bloggers #theblogcademy πŸ“· by Shell de Mar
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magicphotos : Love that image of her! X
langloisbrides : Love her blog!
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When you start a blog, it's easy to fall into the trap of searching out shortcuts to success. But at #theblogcademy, we keep it real -- the big-time blunders are as important as the big-time successes. Dive in...and most of all, have fun with blogging! πŸ’˜
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the_indie_girl : Omg perfect! 🌸
elliebettie1 : Look @cassyfry it's you!
cassyfry : That Blogcadette obviously knows what she is talking about! πŸ˜‰ @elliebettie1 This made my day @theblogcademy 😘
theblogcademy : @cassyfry Love you!! πŸ’‹
elliebettie1 : @cassyfry πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ‘πŸ»
cassyfry : Also that gold skull! βœ¨πŸ’€βœ¨ I need one!
moonbloomed : πŸ™Œ
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This one is for all my #blogging babes out there— @theblogcademy is an amazing website to help fine tune all of your blog skills! Not only do they travel the world helping #babes like us achieve our dreams, but they have a homeschool option too! Follow these amazing #ladies for more!✌🏼️#theblogcademy #blogworthybabes
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galadarling : Aw! Thanks for the love!
xohiyatootsie : I took this class with these beauties twice and it changed my LIFE!! πŸ’–πŸ’‹
photosbyljk : Thank you for the likes!
wear_a_crown7 : Such a cool profileπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒI Love your gallery
simplyalyson1 : I took this class and it was amazing! πŸ’•
blogworthybabes : You're so welcome @galadarling! I read your blog almost daily & cannot wait to get my hands on a a copy of #RadicalSelfLove! Thank you for stopping by.🌷
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I can hardly believe it's been a year since I was in San Francisco with all these awesome women at @theblogcademy!😱 There have been very few days this past year that I don't think and get inspired by the cool shit they are doing.πŸ’ͺπŸ’• What I really gained from attending was a deep understanding of how powerful inspiration truly is. I assumed I would be motivated to make changes and do "better" blogging (which did happenπŸ˜‰) but what I learned is when you see shining examples of what you desire up close and personal, when you bask in it, question it, discuses it and are within the energy of it, you learn what is truly possible in a way that drops out of the mind and into your body.πŸƒ When this happens you almost feel drunk on your dream🍸, because you, even if only for a short time, have felt what it's like and there is no denying that your dream lives within you.🌈 This is the most important learning Blogcademy taught me. A year later and I still get excited about blogging and seeing what these incredible women are up to in the world! πŸ˜„ ......................................... What I hope you take away from this long reminiscent post is that you allow yourself the opportunity to fully experience your desire so you can no longer trick yourself into thinking it's not possible because you will have felt it.😍 Here's to living big and dreaming bigger!!! πŸ’œ ...................... #theblogcademy #dreambig #love #sanfrancisco #blog #inspiration
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simplyalyson1 : Can't forget our headmistresses @galadarling @nubbytwiglet @rocknrollbride Thank you so much again! πŸ’œ
goldenrodpastries : Hi @simplyalyson1 !!! Best experience of my life
simplyalyson1 : Awww thanks @oh_mal 😊 I hope you're doing well up there! Miss you here but I'm SO happy for you!
simplyalyson1 : @goldenrodpastries you and your determination to live your dream so full out blows my mind and continues to keep me inspired. Love ya girl! πŸ™†πŸ°πŸ’•
luxuryorganic : Hi @simplyalyson1 thank you for connecting! That was the greatest weekend!❀️❀️❀️ #AmazingLadies!
tremendoustimes : Awwww shucks! ☺️consider myself very lucky to have attended with such inspiring ladies!!
blogworthybabes : ❀
simplyalyson1 : @blogworthybabes I love your account! πŸ’– Thanks for commenting on this photo so I could find itπŸ˜™ I'll be sure to start using your hashtag!
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Awesome day of windy Edinburgh adventures with @heroinetraining - fuelled by chocolate coconut tea and Disney chat! Love how @theblogcademy has brought so many amazing friends my way πŸ’• #girldate #edinburgh #theblogcademy #friends #goodvibes #timefortea #selfie #sundayfunday
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primitiveperson : @misswestendgirl Were you at Queen Street station this morning? I'm sure I saw you!
galadarling : Yayyyyy cuties!
misswestendgirl : @primitiveperson I sure was! Hopping on the Edinburgh train! 😊
primitiveperson : @misswestendgirl I thought it was you, but I thought saying hello might have been a bit weird so I bottled out...
misswestendgirl : @primitiveperson aw don't be silly! Next time say hi!
theblogcademy : πŸ’žπŸ’žπŸ’žπŸ’žπŸ’ž
blogworthybabes : πŸ‘
misswestendgirl : @blogworthybabes 😘😘😘
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Absolutely loving this beautiful shot of our Online course by @ebrushkcom! πŸ’• #theblogcademy
theblogcademy -
rocknrollbride : Damn this is gorgeous!
ebrushkcom : Thanks for the share my darlings! So glad you liked it! πŸ˜ŠβœŒπŸ‘„πŸ’• @theblogcademy
ebrushkcom : @rocknrollbride Thank you Kat! πŸ˜™πŸ’•
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To everyone whose curious about where I am... As you remember, I asked for you guys to wish me luck to win @theblogcademy 's $500 online course giveaway. Well... I won! πŸŽŠπŸŽ‰ Thanks to everyone who actually wished me luck. This is the first thing I've ever won something in my life and I'm extra happy for it being something regarding my career target. So I'm writing new posts and working on the course nowadays. Photo by me. •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Bu kΔ±zΔ±n niye sesi çΔ±kmΔ±yor diye merak edenlere... Geçen haftalarda sizlerden The Blogcademy'nin $500'lΔ±k online kursunu kazanmak için şans dilemiştim ya... KazandΔ±mmm! πŸŽ‰πŸŽŠ Bana şans dileyen herkese çok teşekkür ederim, hayatΔ±mda ilk kez bir şey kazandΔ±m ve kariyer hedefime yönelik bir şey olduğu için de ekstra mutlu oldum. Bir yandan yazΔ±lar yazΔ±yorum, bir yandan kurs üzerinde çalışıyorum. Foto bana ait.
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ebrushkcom : @theblogcademy πŸ˜ŠβœŒπŸ‘„πŸ’• Thank youuuu!
xiaoxian_er_ : niceπŸ˜„ @kimlitchi
merve_ozerkaya : Well deserved
ebrushkcom : @merve_ozerkaya πŸ˜ŠβœŒπŸ‘„πŸ’•πŸ’•
ebrushkcom : @xiaoxian_er_ Thanx!βœŒπŸ‘„
blogworthybabes : Love it.
opscomprei : πŸ’ž ☝ πŸ˜‰ 😊
charlotteslittleweb : ❀ ❀
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Thanks for participating in our #theblogcademy Online giveaway! We loved seeing where you make your blogging magic happen and wanted to thank our 5 winners for a job well done including @wreckthisgirl, @tressavent, @ebrushkcom, @lifefrommyeyesblog and @evavdbor. And, we have plenty more fun stuff stay tuned! πŸ’•
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msbribee : @mimi_a_marie one step at a time. One day at a time. We will get BD!
ebrushkcom : πŸ’• Thank you again my dear headmistresses! I'm so lucky, happy & proud to have become a Blogcadette!πŸ’This was the first time I've ever won something in my life. The ones who couldn't win, please do not -ever- give up! Just believe in that your luck will turn around too one day!πŸ€πŸŒˆ
jennifer_hatton : @robhatton7
mimi_a_marie : @msbribee oh yes!!
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Ha ha! My sister @graveyardshifttravel answer to the question "where do you work" for the #theblogcademy contest. She always takes it to the limit ❀️❀️ #badasspdxwomen
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graveyardshifttravel : Tee-hee!!
tashasaurus__rex : Love this haha
chubbycartwheels : Lol yes!!
photojq : πŸ‘πŸ’©
ellabella_mozzarella : Love it @graveyardshifttravel so efficient!
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There's something very rewarding about seeing the first of my #fineart #photography pieces in tangible form. To feel it, to hang it, to admire it! #fineartphotography #art #wallart #whereiwork #studio #portraitstudio #capetownstudio #capetownphotographer #conceptual #theblogcademy
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carmensieta : Love πŸ’š
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With today's torrential rains outside, I've created myself a cozy workstation at the breakfast bar, with my notes and a perfect cup of @fortheloveofteabyronbay's delicious Gourmet Earl Grey. #theblogcademy #workanywhere #gypset #worldwanders #liveauthentic #mytinyatlas #manifestmore #VSCOcam
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fortheloveofteabyronbay : Yay!! Xx :)
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My lessons learnt from @theblogcademy on the blog today - so many good takeaways from the three headmistresses! Love this photo from @bubblerock . Link in profile. #dayjob #beyourself #girlboss #theblogcademy
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Ok so scraping in late, but I've decided to enter @theblogcademy #theblogcademy . I don't actually blog at the moment, but it's something I keep looking into and I have a few ideas for, but I never take that leap. Hopefully winning a place would give me the shove I need to get started! This is where I'd blog, because as I always tell Poppy, "Mummy's just going to her office to send a few emails". Cue a blank look! #myoffice #mybedroom #wouldbeblogger #uglydolls #molliemakes #colour #colours #colourful #bright #bed
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alexa_tea : Ugly dolls! I love those little guys
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Loving this very on-brand still life by @urban.sorceress! It's proof that you can make anywhere a great workspace with a dash of personality. πŸ‘ #regram #theblogcademy
regram - theblogcademy -
urban.sorceress : Thank you so much for the regram! I'm so glad you like it, you ladies were my still-life teacher after all. ;) #homeschoolerforlife xx
damegirlmag : How many winners did you ladies say you were going to choose again? I forgot.
evavdbor : 5winners! :)
damegirlmag : Thanks for letting me know @evavdbor! 😊
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My workspace when I start the day and while I'm working. #theblogcademy
theblogcademy -
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Your entries have been so inspiring! Today is the final day to enter to win your very own copy of @theblogcademy Online. Show us where you blog / work and make sure to tag it with #theblogcademy. Good luck! πŸ’‹
theblogcademy -
worldofsmackey : Oh the suspense!
damegirlmag : Can't wait to see who wins!!! I think I might have an anxiety attack lol!
thamarazijlstra : Oehh when will you let us know? I'm checking my instagram aaaaall the time. Haha, this is so exciting.
theblogcademy : @thamarazijlstra Hi! The winners were contacted yesterday.
thamarazijlstra : Oh noooo. Shoot. And I was thinking you'd announce it on social media. Okay so I'm super bumped out of course, but also super happy for the awesome chicks who won.
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Putting things together
theblogcademy -
tiemiyano : #theblogcademy
hiki_k : β˜ΊοΈπŸ’•πŸ’•
rodolfoborbelpita : Que belezura hein !!
tiemiyano : @rodolfoborbelpita :) :)
tiemiyano : @hiki_k some uguisu goodness ☺️
appleadriane : Bella! I will sent your mail next week after the holidays x
tiemiyano : @appleadriane okidoki! Looking forward to it πŸ˜„ i hope you're enjoying the golden week!
appleadriane : I have a few days off but a bit busy I'm helping my family on the rice planting.
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My temporary workstation is a little crammed, but a pop of color, a map of the world and Pinterest make up for it! Bulletproof coffee doesn't hurt, either. #theblogcademy
theblogcademy -
tenthingsjewelry : Perfect space πŸ™ŒπŸΌ
charlotteslittleweb : Love.
elisagih : Thank you @tenthingsjewelry and @charlotteslittleweb 🌺
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The headmistresses of the one and only @theblogcademy asked us to show off where we blog! My life has been complete chaos the past few weeks, so I don't have anything to showcase except this still life I made back when life was more peaceful. But this prompt got me thinking about how I still manage to get centered and stay focused even in the biggest mess - which I blogged about at UrbanSorceress.Com! β˜€ β˜€ #theblogcademy #tarot #goodvibes #kikkikplannerlove
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theblogcademy : Beautiful shot! Just regrammed it. πŸ’•
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A travel blogger's workspace, complete with her favorite colleague. @theblogcademy #theblogcademy
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tremendoustimes : #bloglife #lablogger #freelancelife #catsofinstagram #catstagram #catsonthings #tremendoustimes #travelblogger #travellover #hollyweird
tremendoustimes : #whereiwork
rainbowe : Miss that little guy so much
tremendoustimes : @rainbowe he misses you! He misses sitting on your pillows and looking outside at the neighbors
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@theblogcademy #myoffice When you are desperate to work with #theblogcademy but you are desperately broke, gotta next level the game. #realtalk #girlspoop #multitasking #bloggerlife #pdx
bloggerlife - realtalk - myoffice - pdx - multitasking - girlspoop - theblogcademy -
xohiyatootsie : Hahahahaha I LOVE this!! Get it, girl! πŸ’œ
travelsuras : This is amazing hahaha
betholson : Ha!! Get that blogging done!!
graveyardshifttravel : Thanks y'all !!
un.gschaut : Lol well if you don't win the blogcadamy online I don't know who will πŸ‘πŸ˜‚πŸ™Œ
abigailk_ : Lol! Been there!
mrsupapupa : @graveyardshifttravel do you poop everyday?
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This is The Straight & Arrow office! Work and blog HQ. #theblogcademy
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thestraightandarrow : #thestraightandarrow #homeoffice #decor #disney #love #home #blog #blogging #xstitch
larissattack : So cute!!
thestraightandarrow : @larissattack thanks babe
thestraightandarrow : @joyofmommyhood hey Nikki, I sent a reply on Monday. Sorry about that. I will re-send it right now!
joyofmommyhood : Thanks so much
hustleandheels : So inspired ! @keepingupwithkrenee
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Hi I'm Libby. I'm a regular girl in 4th grade and I have a blog called Life From My Eyes. Please read it at It is my first blog ever! I write my ideas down in my journal but then I type my posts here. This is my desk! I hope to win the online entry to The Blogcademy so I can learn more about blogging and about how to get more readers. Also I am too young to travel alone so online is a great way for me to learn. I am also learning about Wordpress and blogs already online. And also from my Mom. I hope to inspire other kids to find their voice and share their ideas because kids have important things to say too! Thank you for reading! #blogcademy #girlpower #girlblogger #theblogcademy
girlpower - theblogcademy - blogcademy - girlblogger -
theblogcademy : Congratulations, you've won a copy of The Blogcademy Online! Thanks for your thoughtful entry, we loved it! Please email by May 4th and we'll organise getting the course unlocked for you! πŸ‘―πŸ’•βœ¨
lifefrommyeyesblog : Oh my Gorillas! Thank you so much!! @theblogcademy
charlotteslittleweb : Love this.
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Sometimes I work from a "standing desk." (I promise, the bottles only open after the work gets done!) #workingfromhome #wfh #theblogcademy
wfh - workingfromhome - theblogcademy -
simplyalyson1 : I want a standing desk so bad yours looks like funπŸ˜‰πŸΈ
charlotteslittleweb : ☺
_wcfrvs_ - madbijou - charlotteslittleweb - simplyalyson1 -
Cup of tea, comfy pair of slippers and some honkytonk country, that's how I roll! Under the watchful eyes of Helga and Suzie, my Hungarian cheerleaders, of course! #theblogcademy
theblogcademy -
themarytracy : Beauty! :D
blogworthybabes : ❀
toris_tales - charlotteslittleweb - shayle_x - marchingstars -
My space where art can occur! #theblogcademy
theblogcademy -
blogworthybabes : Love.
charlotteslittleweb : ☺
justmeechie1120 - charlotteslittleweb - mun_mel - emcee1016 -
This is my "office" and HQ of indigoproof.comπŸ‘Œ (and some killer #theflathead's I'm currently repairing) #indigoproof #indigo #darnit #denimrepair #denim #selvedge #rawdenim #theblogcademy #whereiwork
rawdenim - indigo - selvedge - denim - theblogcademy - denimrepair - theflathead - whereiwork - indigoproof - darnit -
swissjeansfreak : @rainbowe Awesome! What would the raw denim community do without you?
gball__ : superb! πŸ‘Œ
tremendoustimes : Yaaaaaaaas
o.zenthypoon : Nice touchπŸ‘Œ@rainbowe
lvbryce43 : Love that singer cylinder arm. I was playing with one like that for a few weeks. Fun machine
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A representation of my ever moving workspace :) I love it here
studio - theblogcademy - illustrator - latterdayhome - space -
evelynhaupt : #illustrator #space #studio #latterdayhome #theblogcademy
brooklynlamb : This is inspiring to me because my beloved studio is soon to become a nursery, and I will become a wandering artist nomad of my own home ✌🏼️
haleysorensen : I like this picture a lot
evelynhaupt : @brooklynlamb congratulations on the new little one!! It's kind of an adventure to paint where the wind takes you πŸ˜‰ good luck on this big change! Life is amazing isn't it?
evelynhaupt : @haleysorensen it was all @jacobhaupt πŸ‘Œ
vintaushop : β€οΈπŸ’•
blogworthybabes : Love it.
charlotteslittleweb : Love this.
esthervanderdrift - lauren.mmathews - thegentlehoneybee - smallshoproundup -
#theblogcademy #whereiwork #desk #mac #me #blog #photographer #swlfamily
me - photographer - theblogcademy - blog - mac - whereiwork - desk - swlfamily -
miesandjames : Cool!
taylorface : @miesandjames Thank you! :)
soworthloving : Awesome! πŸ’œ
taylorface : @soworthloving Thank you! You guys are the best. πŸ˜ƒ
blogworthybabes : Nice.
taylorface : @blogworthybabes Thank you! :)
charlotteslittleweb : Love it.
mamarys - insta_gramless_rose - woodworkat17th - s_yohy -
Turns out I do my best writing right here, on my spotty desk under the shrine of postcards. I blog at if you fancy a peep 😊 #theblogcademy #blog #writing #morningwork #spotty #desk #smallbiz #creativebusiness
smallbiz - theblogcademy - writing - blog - desk - creativebusiness - spotty - morningwork -
jesskinnersley : Oo lovely workspace!
jessicacatherineceramics : @jesskinnersley thanks! tis spotty and pretty :)
blogworthybabes : Nice.
alisonsye - likesummertempest - hannaniven - houseforpixies -
Where I work. #blogcademy #theblogcademy #vscocam #whereiwork #desk #deskie #workspace
deskie - blogcademy - workspace - desk - theblogcademy - whereiwork - vscocam -
danielhughesphotography : I have that lamp!
nottingham_weddings : @danielhughesphotography great minds!
danielhughesphotography : Indeed @nottingham_weddings 😊
blogworthybabes : Nice.
danielhughesphotography - yummlittlecakes - lawlietlara - merinka__ -
This chaos of colour and paper and fairylights is where I work. I like to have inspiring things around me, like Mexican marionettes and a Lady Di postcard I blinged up with stick-on rhinestones. The afternoon light in my little study is gorgeous, and I usually have a scented candle on the go, so it smells great as well: I work best when my senses are all being stimulated. @theblogcademy #theblogcademy #happyplace #gratitude
gratitude - happyplace - theblogcademy - latergram -
msemmalloyd : @msmegabat Thank you! Sometimes I have a brief yearning for minimalism but it never lasts long! @jewelofthorns Ooh this I need to see!
borderraider : Your laptop is working? Yay :)
msemmalloyd : @borderraider Noooo, this is a #latergram. On the plus side the new keyboard has arrived!
borderraider : Damno :( still, I'll fit keyboard tonight so all will be well!
msemmalloyd : @borderraider Thank you honey πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—
laughing_medusa : Yours is so full of inspiration. I love it! βœ¨πŸ’–βœ¨
blogworthybabes : Love.
msemmalloyd : @blogworthybabes Thank you! It's where the magic happens!
pinkminddreams - jazzfan18 - badbadmaria - newagehipster333 -
We've had so many great entries for our giveaway including this awesome one from @evavdbor! πŸ™Œ If you want to win your very own copy of @theblogcademy Online, all you have to do is show us where you blog / work from by tomorrow and tag it with #theblogcademy. Time's almost up so get those entries in! πŸ’ƒ
theblogcademy -
evavdbor : @missredmisaki Thank you, made that one myself! 😊
grecks84 : @evavdbor that & is great! I'd love a semi-colon!
priscillaandherbooks : Can't wait for the results!
thamarazijlstra : Yaaay, it's wednesday βœ¨πŸ’–
missredmisaki : @evavdbor really ?! amazing ! how did you do that?
evavdbor : @missredmisaki it's actually a foam board cut out in the middle wit very thick paper glued around it! I got the idea from @ohhappyday! If you google "DIY vintage movie marquee oh happy day" you'll get the info on how to do it! It looks hard, but it's actually quite fun and easy! πŸ˜„
missredmisaki : @evavdbor so nice, I will take a look. thank you for the tip !
damegirlmag : I'm so excited for this! Crossing my fingers and hoping I win. Thanks to the head mistresses for even offering this. πŸ’–
qualsivoglia - glitterandbold - sukcesbezgranic - kittenholidaywrites -
Iconosquare feedback