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Memories are still strong from the amazing @theblogcademy - if you tell your story anything is possible! Custom polaroid and photo prop from Wink, image from @galadarling #theblogcademy #anythingispossible
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@theblogcademy has really launched me forward with my motivation and being a girl boss! Looking forward to owning 2015 and stop being such a pansy! #theblogcademy #girlboss #yeah
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tullypops : I'll stop being a pansy if you stop being a pansy ;-) @peppermintlane xx
doe_and_deer_vintage : We should all own it! We have oodles of inspiration...girl bosses taking on the world in 2015! Xxx
doe_and_deer_vintage : We should start a support gang, @peppermintlane. Iced coffees and cake once a month πŸ’•
peppermintlane : @doe_and_deer_vintage how about the first Friday of every month? Think of the things we'll think up...oh the possibilities!!!
peppermintlane : @tullypops you better quit being a pansy ASAP...I need me some Icecream print harems on my butt this instant lol!!! You are SO talented!! But rest those weary knitting fingers, dear friend x
kaewhitaker : cute
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My confetti throw was a little too robotic. πŸ˜‚ 2015 life goal: be more animated when confetti is involved. πŸŽ‰
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madelinekate__ : Photo by @hellourbansafari ! ☺️
nubbytwiglet : @madelinekate__ Ha, I was in the wrong folder! 😁
nubbytwiglet : Photo by @hellourbansafari πŸ“·πŸ’• #babesdownunder #theblogcademy
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I can't believe I didn't post this earlier #dogsofinstagram #theblogcademy #fidesignfotos #blackdog #labrador #mybestfriend #supercute #olddog #sweetiepie #love
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New post: A busy weekend at @theblogcademy with @rocknrollbride, @nubbytwiglet and @galadarling http://vegetaraian.com/the-blogcademy-in-sydney/
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vegetaraian : #blog #food #vegeTARAian #vegeTARAianblog #vegetarian #theblogcademy
veganmiam : Loving @rocknrollbride's hair
nubbytwiglet : πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹
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Hubby is missing Brazil, so I baked him a very traditional cornmeal cake with fennel seeds and coconut shavings topped with guava & cachaça sauce. Good excuse to practice some still life photography skills that I learnt at #theblogcademy this weekend. #foodporn #cake #yummy #sweettooth #dessert
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stephanyjor : Arrasou!
danipohlod : @stephanyjor hehe tava inspirada! ☺️☺️
theleticiac : Yummy!
danipohlod : @theleticiac if you hurry i can save you a piece ;) ❀️
theleticiac : @danipohlod awn! I want it! Thanks, mig! ❀️
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I seriously canny believe it's been an entire week since I met such an incredible bunch of ladies at #theblogcademy, and found myself a solid little Melbourne blogging posse. @hellotillie, I ADORE this one of us! πŸ‘―πŸ’• #cutiepatooties #bloggingbuddies
cutiepatooties - theblogcademy - bloggingbuddies -
coffeemachinist : Cute! Also CHESTERFIELD! I must have it.
peppermintlane : You girls are the beez kneez
jillrebelfaction : The word adorable definitely springs to mind
hellotillie : This is super Adorbs!
kobi_jae : Yes! Was eyeing up for you/us in an imaginary world @coffeemachinist
kobi_jae : YOU are! You little peppermint delight πŸ’• @peppermintlane
kobi_jae : I'm ok with that word 😝😘 @jillrebelfaction
kobi_jae : Yeah we pretty much flew of the adorbs Richter scale. @hellotillie
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A #regram from the talented @nanawintour who joined us in this weekend's Auckland class. She's now creating still lifes like a total pro! πŸ’• If you'd like to pick up some new tips right away, check out our Still Life 101 Home School course at theblogcademy.com/shop and hashtag your creations with #theblogcademy so we can check them out!
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After 20 hours spread across 3 flights to get home yesterday, I'm sill getting my bearings (and unpacking)! But thinking back to the weekend in Auckland makes me so happy. Our #theblogcademy class was beyond awesome (one lady even sang us a song at the end!) and I got to shoot with @bubblerock who made me feel incredibly comfortable in front of the camera. New Zealand, you are one badass country.πŸ’•
theblogcademy - babesdownunder -
ekiuwa : you are my inspiration. gosh!
nanawintour : It was so amazing! Loved talking to you x
k.annscinto : Beautiful
nubbytwiglet : @ekiuwa You are so kind and I love following your design adventures...you are so passionate about what you do. Keep it up!
nubbytwiglet : @nanawintour 😭 I miss you and that Auckland class! Ugh! Must come back!
ekiuwa : @nubbytwiglet your words are like music to my ears. I Thank You.
steffmetal : Love this picture (and I think I recognise the steps). Auckland was so much fun and it was so awesome to meet you :)
nubbytwiglet : @steffmetal Aww, I told you this in person but it was SO GOOD to finally meet you! You brought so much enthusiasm to our class and it's sad we don't live closer to one another.
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More still life goodness from #theblogcademy - all the brights are out! #neon #stilllife #stationerylove
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#Dubai #abudhabi #vacation
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cindyfontan : Have a fantastic time. I can't wait to see lots of photos.
jamiesanford : Forgot to tag! #stilllife #theblogcademy
theblogcademy : πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ
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These lovely ladies got creative in the booth @theblogcademy ☺️ @thehappyhotline @kobi_jae @hellotillie #theblogcademy #lookslikeaspaceship
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hellotillie : These might be my favourite from the event! I love them haha
kobi_jae : This was too much fun! It's making me smile really big just looking at these! 😻😻
gillbeeq : These turned out so good!
thehappyhotline : I love this! This was the turning point when we went from people in the same room to friends! Xx
hellourbansafari : This is next-level booth shenanigans! @hellotillie @kobi_jae @gillbeeq
theblogcademy : Such an awesome shot! πŸ“·πŸ’•
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Believing this today after my weekend at @theblogcademy - anything is possible! Shot of the custom #winklovesaparty polaroid banner featuring @galadarling 's daily mantra instagram image #theblogcademy #anythingispossible #inspired
winklovesaparty - inspired - theblogcademy - anythingispossible -
nanawintour : This banner was awesome.
josie_skipper : Thanks @nanawintour !
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Over the last week of traveling, my squirrel Chubs started showing up in my dreams because I missed him so much. Then, I showed up to the Auckland #theblogcademy and @josie_skipper had decorated the venue with strings of Instagram photos...and I spotted Chubs.πŸ’•
theblogcademy - babesdownunder -
nubbytwiglet : #babesdownunder
femlee : Awwwwww πŸ’—
josie_skipper : He is too cute to miss out @nubbytwiglet - pretty much an Instagram star I'd say!
nubbytwiglet : @josie_skipper Thanks again for the wonderful decor. You really went above and beyond. If you ever need a testimonial from us, let us know! xoxo
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One of the things we talk about a lot at #theblogcademy is rocking your weirdness, being yourself and following your own path. Being comfortable in my own skin is something I still struggle with everyday but the more I meet other weirdos (and I mean that as a compliment!) the more grateful I am that I'm ME and no one else. Fuck being normal. Normal is boring!!
theblogcademy -
alishadosani : @reidwestop
coolbananasblog : @rocknrollbride πŸ™Œ So needed to see/ read/ hear something like this πŸ‘Š
freakandpocky : From a couple of weirdos...LOVE this!
sunshineamy84 : I love being a weirdo :-)
melodyinharmony : @bartonr3
bsblove9 : @themonsterhobo @nanibear_05
moshiadri : So awesome.
floralcircus : Hoorah....and amen
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Auckland, thanks for an amazing time. ✨ This weekend, we wrapped up the final #theblogcademy of 2014. 12 cities, 7 countries, 3 continents and 350 people later...it's been quite the ride! Thanks to everyone who joined us this year! πŸ’•
theblogcademy - babesdownunder -
nanawintour : πŸ’•πŸ’• have a safe journey home!! X
nubbytwiglet : @nanawintour Thanks! πŸ‘‹ Gonna miss it here so much.
rosiejoy : Enjoy Wellington!! X
explorista : It was fabulous, thank YOU! πŸ’–
peppermintlane : Have a wonderful end to 2014-thanks for making mine extra special x
nubbytwiglet : @peppermintlane Thanks for joining us on the adventure Down Under. Glad we had a chance to meet! πŸ’‹
nubbytwiglet : @rosiejoy I wish! Heading home today. 😿
rosiejoy : Ah well, next time @nubbytwiglet Travel safe!
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Auckland, thank you for the best possible end to 2014. You brought energy, enthusiasm, plenty of hugs and even singing -- we are so sad for the weekend to be over! Photo by @bubblerock πŸ’• #theblogcademy
theblogcademy -
mr_kiana : Love these balloons!
makenaahouston : @theblogcademy, where did you get these balloons from? Xx
theblogcademy : @makenaahouston Our event decorator @josie_skipper sourced them! πŸ’•
josie_skipper : @makenaahouston I sourced them locally here in Auckland but just search online for 16" letter foil balloons x
emmalouisapeacock : Gutted I only found out about this today :( Hope you're back soon
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Up up & away......after a fab day @ #theblogcademy
theblogcademy -
freshfromdallas : I hope it's going really well! How exciting! 😎
tannicorn : Thanks Dallas, today was the final day & it was FAB.
needlebotcrafts : Glad u had a great time! Will have to catch-up when you get back 😊
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We just wrapped our last Blogcademy of the year. 12 classes, 3 continents, 350 students... And 100% awesome. THANK YOU to everyone who made this such an incredible year... We love you! #theblogcademy #babesdownunder // Photo by the lovely @bubblerock πŸ’˜
theblogcademy - babesdownunder -
jbelthoff : amazing. The blogcademy totally rocked my world.
simonegormanclark : Just awesome!!πŸ’—πŸ’—
shanmackie : I missed when you were here but hope to be able to go one time in the future.
thriveonlove : You are stunning, Gala! Can't wait for your radical self love bootcamp and the blogcadamy in London! Wish you a beautiful day, sending you lots of love πŸ’•
dearabbyd : I love the joy on your face in this snap.
superblade1889 : Beautiful!✨
dospanteras : πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ great shot Steph!
j_m_g : Hi GD! ✨ I was just feeding my six month old son and and my two year old daughter waltzed in from where she'd been dancing in the lounge room. I was watching the beginning of the 'getting out of a creative rutt' video on facebook and she asked to see. She then pointed to you and asked who you were. I said that you were a fabulous lady, and then she asked, "Mummy, can that lady come to our house? I make cuppa tea." So I just wanted to let you know that if you are ever in Toowoomba (in QLD Australia), you are cordially invited over for a tea party. πŸ˜‰ I can promise dancing and plenty of tulle. Xx
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Sadly all good things come to an end... I had a fantastic time at #theblogcademy this weekend, learnt so much from these awesome ladies @galadarling, @nubbytwiglet and @rocknrollbride, met lovely women and feel ready to take my blog to the next level! #SoExcited
soexcited - theblogcademy -
danipohlod : @tekiiranz i feel the same way, hope we keep in touch πŸ˜ƒ
nanawintour : It was so lovely to meet you xx
danipohlod : @nanawintour it was lovely to meet you too, you took great photos this weekend! πŸ‘
nanawintour : Aww thanks @danipohlod 😘 you too!!
anacaroamaral : Gente! A Rock Bride tem altura mediana! Achava q ela era super alta!
crioladoida : Que vestido lindo, Dani! ❀
danipohlod : @crioladoida ❀️ fiquei tão feliz que ele ainda serve! É lindo mesmo! ☺️
danipohlod : @anacaroamaral eu sou altinha tbm ne hehehe ;)
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Last words from there inspiring and fiercely successful women from @theblogcademy - @galadarling @nubbytwiglet @rocknrollbride - I bet all attendees enjoyed it very much!! #theblogcademy #wearebubblerock #officialphotographer #auckland
wearebubblerock - theblogcademy - officialphotographer - auckland -
bubblerock : @emilieiggiotti yup. Very. :)
emilieiggiotti : you met @rocknrollbride? cool!!
alovelylook : Great shot! They were so inspiring! I'm looking forward to seeing the rest of the images. And thanks for tips about Lightroom!
bubblerock : @alovelylook anytime x
dospanteras : So jealous right now Steph!! These women are my idols lol
paperandlace : ooooh looks fab, really want to go next year!!!
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Work Xmas cards in progress #stilllife101 #theblogcademy #homeschool
homeschool - stilllife101 - theblogcademy -
mamaonfyre : Ahhh!
mamaonfyre - ctrl_christee - pixieandpixier - hallan1983 -
Learning how to rock the #stilllife with @nubbytwiglet #theblogcademy
stilllife - theblogcademy -
nubbytwiglet : Great shot! πŸ“·πŸ˜œβœ¨
josie_skipper : Thanks @nubbytwiglet inspired colours and an inspiring weekend
nanawintour - bellstreet - thehappyhotline - mssangd -
Babes, blogs and No bullshit! #bizdojoauckland #theblogcademy
theblogcademy - bizdojoauckland -
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My essentials this weekend at #theblogcademy
theblogcademy -
nanawintour : πŸ’•
syikana - olivineeyes - isabellaariel - lizzyjlockhart -
A still life for forward movement #theblogcademy
theblogcademy -
danipohlod - thehappyhotline - mssangd - pixieandpixier -
Weekend essentials #theblogcademy
theblogcademy -
nubbytwiglet : Awesome photo! πŸ“·πŸ’•
kerryhishon - xlianarose - thehappyhotline - pixieandpixier -
Still life time! #theblogcademy
theblogcademy -
nanawintour : @nubbytwiglet Thank you for sharing your props+still life expertise with me!
nubbytwiglet : It was so much fun! And hey, it's only fair to share the wealth...I mean props. 😜
nanawintour : Such a shame Portland is so far away 😹 I'd totally come 'borrow' props @nubbytwiglet
nubbytwiglet : @nanawintour Far away? It's only a 21 hour time difference! Haha.
nanawintour : @nubbytwiglet Expect FedEx requests 😹 I jest.
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Another one at #theblogcademy still life exercise today 😎
theblogcademy -
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Learning how to take a still life shot at #theblogcademy ! #whatsinmyhandbag
theblogcademy - whatsinmyhandbag -
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Lipstick not pills to cure my ills. Still life fun @ #theblogcademy
theblogcademy -
tekiiranz : All hail the law of three. Nailed it Ronnie!
danipohlod - sazmarie6 - thehappyhotline - pixieandpixier -
Getting my daily dose of love vitamins from #theblogcademy
theblogcademy -
grateful_ronnie : Loving the orange heart
tekiiranz : @grateful_ronnie my mum told me never to play with my food. Clearly I haven't listened :)
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Up the correct way this time! Such an instanoob. #theblogcademy
theblogcademy -
mademoisellestaci - ashleahld - thehappyhotline - pixieandpixier -
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