#myroomisamess #donotdisturb #thebedisdestroyingmyneck #dontcare #needamassagefromathatcutewaitressatthesteakjoint
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Haven't worn shorts in a long time. Hope I don't get swarmed on by fire ants. πŸ‘―
myroomisamess - donotdisturb - thebedisdestroyingmyneck - dontcare - needamassagefromathatcutewaitressatthesteakjoint -
swolepeer : #MyRoomIsAMess #DontCare #DoNotDisturb #TheBedIsDestroyingMyNeck #NeedAMassageFromAThatCuteWaitressAtTheSteakJoint
ramieee_ : Get her #
wildbill_kelso : Damn! Looking skinny bruh!! @swolepeer 😍
swolepeer : @mattyursh still got a ton to lose but I'm making progress dawg !
swolepeer : @ahrameeee if I lived here I woulda proposed to her already. πŸ˜”
ramieee_ : Seriously. What's stopping you
swolepeer : @ahrameeee she's 7 hours away. Thats the only excuse I could come up with.
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