The best part of owning a catering company is going to events & meeting people. Today was epic! Here's a short video of me making a glass candy dish!! These guys are amazing!! #glassart #thanksgivingpoint
thanksgivingpoint - holdmanartstudios - glassart -
flippinwaffles : #holdmanartstudios
meldhoo - andre_duh - melmc44 - little_red_1 -
Two of our favorite things at the Dinosaur Museum @thankspoint: playing in the sand and searching for the hidden 13 gnomes. We only found 5 today. Have you ever found all of the gnomes? #thanksgivingpoint #dinosaurs #handsonmuseums #findthosegnomes
thanksgivingpoint - dinosaurs - findthosegnomes - handsonmuseums -
catealder : Looks fun. I still haven't been, yet! I need to take the twins for sure.
melliewebb : We found 7 a few weeks ago but maybe they changed them.
tshaum - colorfam - toddalder - dinosaurwhisperer -
Another beautiful settee, this one with beautiful lines and wooden carved legs and arms. You'll love the soft linen and the price is exceptionally nice. #thanksgivingpoint #homefurnishings #interiordesigners #justintimefortheholidays #lighting #chandeliers #lamps
homefurnishings - chandeliers - lighting - justintimefortheholidays - thanksgivingpoint - lamps - interiordesigners -
utahlandgroup : I love this!!!
michelle702910 - haleeannyoung - sherrycarruth - ireneremund -
Making fashion statements. #ThanksgivingPoint's #EatLikeAPilgrim on @kslnews.
thanksgivingpoint - eatlikeapilgrim -
nicolelambert09 : You are the prettiest little pilgrim!
stephanybeshara : Oh wow! How jealous was @mollymrkmiller of these outfits! #PrairieFashion
mollymrkmiller : @stephanybeshara SO JEALOUS!!!!!!!!!!! #PrairieFashion
kirsrasmuson : You are a smoking hot pilgrim!
fbartholomew : It doesn't matter what era you are from, you're adorable.
tiffcolaizzi : Haha
erbehunin : I agree with @kirsrasmuson !!!
robynpb : You are a cute pilgrim!
klowenotjlo - sstubbs_jr - rebeccajanehewett - marshall__miller -
Kids + dirt + dinosaur bones = win. #thanksgivingpoint #evenbetterwhenyouhavetheplacetoyourselves
thanksgivingpoint - evenbetterwhenyouhavetheplacetoyourselves -
melissaivie : So fun! We often have to skip this part because it seems every time we come upon it there are 50!unsupervised kids throwing sand at each other. #nothavingit #iamascrooge
melissagmacleod : @melissaivie Apparently Wednesday evenings are the time to come!
emwhist - lindswestra - thecloudpottery - litiagarr -
Oh, Museum of Ancient Life, I'm sorry it's been so long. It's good to see you (and climb all over you) again. #thanksgivingpoint #lovethemdinosaurs
thanksgivingpoint - lovethemdinosaurs -
lindswestra - thecloudpottery - litiagarr - luckyjadejules -
About to go see #mockingjay I am so excited! #hungergames #thanksgivingpoint #imax #soexcited #movienight #latenight
soexcited - mockingjay - movienight - imax - thanksgivingpoint - hungergames - latenight -
dizzy81lizzy : Your hair is gorgeous!
eallred : You're so pretty, love your hair too!
alyting10 : 😍😍😍
best_luv_poems : Nice! @naked_soul_poems
fitchicchels : Thanks you guys! I'm enjoying my new hair.
jennmobbs : Great pic!! You look so pretty!!
maddog1225 - islam7amza - cbrynna - alunt3 -
"Meet a Turkey" - inneriart.com - It's a week until Thanksgiving. Around 300 million turkeys are eaten in the US every year, primarily around Thanksgiving and Christmas. Most are from factory farms where without anesthetic their beaks and toes are cut off. An average full grown turkey is 17 lbs, but they're genetically modified to be around 28 lbs, which is so big, their legs often break. These horrible practices wouldn't be in play if we the consumer didn't buy them. This year let's make a new tradition, if we're going to eat turkey, let's do a little research on what's available locally, and spend a couple extra dollars on a #freerange bird. If we wouldn't feel comfortable looking an animal in the eye, we have no business eating it.
freerange -
chrisconleydu : A face only a mother could love.
gus2pp : We raised a goose to eat for thanksgiving this year.
noniereesor : @gus2pp raised me a goose, too. She has such reverence.
koolmoezee : @ravenslore he looks like knows good dirty jokes
greenpea___ : Or better still enjoy Christmas and thanksgiving without taking anyone's life.. Give thanks to their life instead if their death...
inner_i_art : @greenpea___ I agree that that is the only way to insure there's no harm towards an animal.
beaverandthewhale : Yes! If we all ate that way, it would be a better world! And did you know that little dangling piece of skin contracts to a unicorn horn ... So very cool ✨
dlgreen53 : Beautiful catch!
beatrizplayense - vwsprbtl73 - dlgreen53 - fn2234 -
It's time to prepare to stay warm and dry. Just arrived, rubber boots in great colors, fun shoes and clothing to flatter every figure. The best thing of all is that it's all on sale. 20% off all clothing and footwear.... #thanksgivingpoint #boots #shoes #clothing #scarves #sweaters #jackets #skirts #hats
shoes - thanksgivingpoint - clothing - hats - boots - jackets - scarves - sweaters - skirts -
mooncatsofficial : Wow, great style!
ndynamite - mckenzilee - littlesouschef - mrswolfgramm -
Chrome and Wood. Beautiful curved legs sofa table. Clean and contemporary. #thanksgivingpoint #sofatable #sofas #thanksgivingtables #falldecorsale50%off #interiordesign #designservices
designservices - sofas - thanksgivingtables - thanksgivingpoint - sofatable - interiordesign - falldecorsale50 -
kmort2424 - sherrycarruth - haleeannyoung - thathouse -
While picking up the Family membership pass at @thankspoint that we are giving away tomorrow at the movie party I got to watch the crew decorating for the holiday. It's so beautiful. #ThanksgivingPoint #c4ufun
thanksgivingpoint - c4ufun -
_mennox - mcox97 - fun4ngtk - cutepics6 -
I hope that anyone who visits Bikram Yoga at Brick Canvas, Thanksgiving Point feels that this is the way we do business! #weloveourstudents #bikramyogabrickcanvas #bikramyoga #brickcanvas #thanksgivingpoint
bikramyogabrickcanvas - brickcanvas - thanksgivingpoint - bikramyoga - weloveourstudents -
jillmurdock : Love this ❀️
tjbower - swintpartyof7 - naomifost - heatherkesler -
Join us Thanksgiving Day 6 AM & 8 AM classes only. #bikramyoga #bikramyogabrickcanvas #brickcanvas #thanksgivingpoint #utahyoga #slcyoga #utahhotyoga
utahyoga - brickcanvas - bikramyoga - thanksgivingpoint - slcyoga - bikramyogabrickcanvas - utahhotyoga -
instaheath27 - bellajuna - bikramyogasd - junagriffiths -
Zeus man and his #tongueouttuesday πŸ˜›πŸ˜πŸ˜œ#toypoodle #dogsofinstagram #tot
toypoodle - dogsofinstagram - zeusgram - poodlesoffficial - tongueouttuesday - toypoodlesofinstagram - petsofutah - happypuppy - poodlesofinstagram - utahisrad - petsofinstagram - tot - thanksgivingpoint - stud - dogsofutah - poodlemix -
abbey_and_zeus : #thanksgivingpoint #utahisrad #poodlesofinstagrAm #poodlesoffficial #toypoodlesofinstagram #petsofinstagram #dogsofinstagram #dogsofutah #petsofutah #poodlemix #happypuppy #stud #zeusgram
candlelighthomes : Lovely!
ericawhalen - liabvb - ashhleyyy__xo - poodle_finn -
Start beautiful traditions in your home. The best place to start is at the Emporium. #thanksgivingpoint #vintagetreproductions #beautifulchristmas #ornaments #trees Christmasdecor #uniqueaccessories #giftsandmore
uniqueaccessories - trees - ornaments - thanksgivingpoint - beautifulchristmas - vintagetreproductions - giftsandmore -
shoobieann : I have the perfect spot for that in my AZ hacienda-styled home. :)
myfromm - utahvalleymoms - instagamzz - candlelighthomes -
Huck, one of the last times we did a story time at the Garden at Thanksgiving Point for the season! What can I say, he's a natural performer/teacher! #hedgehogsofinstagram #hedgemomlife #thanksgivingpoint #kidlit
thanksgivingpoint - kidlit - hedgemomlife - hedgehogsofinstagram -
candlelighthomes : Very cool!
critters2go : @candlelighthomes kids LOVE him. And gratefully, he is a remarkably good natured Hedgie and also has no problems letting children gently pretty him without fear. So it is a good experience for all. πŸ˜€
hepburn57 - alex_the_modern_martialartist - segathehedgehog - raringtons -
When it's cold outside, we start spending a lot of time inside of museums. This weekend we visited one of our favorites: Museum of Natural Curiosity @thankspoint. We love that adults can play too! #thanksgivingpoint #museumsforkids #itsfreezingoutside
thanksgivingpoint - museumsforkids - itsfreezingoutside -
kelbyellis : We wee just there on Thursday.
candlelighthomes : Like it!
tshaum - lauratnock - mo4kidz - russmonson -
Tyler is freaking awesome and so are Thanksgiving Point's fries. #fundate #ThanksgivingPoint #dinosaurmuseum #sophisticated #itiscoldoutside
fundate - thanksgivingpoint - dinosaurmuseum - itiscoldoutside - sophisticated -
breeh_crz - abbyg_hancock - maders9 - austinhinckley -
RAWR! - that means 'I love you' in dinosaur ❀️❀️❀️ #rawr #dinosaurs #love #thanksgivingpoint #utah
rawr - dinosaurs - thanksgivingpoint - love - utah -
candlelighthomes : this is really cool!
begsfo - gio100 - feliciakc - fellow_photo -
2nd run #Thankful13 course @thankful13@runrasticevents#ryrpacers#thanksgivingpoint
thanksgivingpoint - ryrpacers - thankful13 -
pam_w719 : Looks really cold!
jessicadbird - pam_w719 - running4sanity - 27mindy -
Fun at the Curiousity Museum. #hesmybiggestkid #thanksgivingpoint #canttakehimanywhere
thanksgivingpoint - hesmybiggestkid - canttakehimanywhere -
emmajayne052 : That place is the best!
candlelighthomes : this is really cool!
deb_whetstone - stephanieschmid - muthaof2 - katerocks23 -
Time to start thinking about red balls, wreaths and linen deer. Come let us help you make Christmas beautiful. #thanksgivingpoint #beautifulchristmas #christmastrees #ornaments #giftsforall #giftbaskets
giftsforall - christmastrees - giftbaskets - ornaments - thanksgivingpoint - beautifulchristmas -
martyfresh77 - haleeannyoung - ameliakersey1 - candlelighthomes -
This is McKay showing Mason what we like to call "brotherly love." Mason actually enjoyed every minute of it! @theseacrew #museumofnaturalcuriosity @thankspoint #ThanksgivingPoint #BrotherlyLove
thanksgivingpoint - museumofnaturalcuriosity - brotherlylove -
tezus123 - aliscakes - mashton12 - crizza03 -
Come fly with me... Let's fly, let's fly away...🎢 || Stay-cationing with daddy home this week. #thanksgivingpoint
thanksgivingpoint -
juliegreenak80 : Yay! That sounds fun!
lynsielou19 - sarah5jane5 - malanne05 - liz.mackay.12 -
"Like" if you like our new mugs! We've been excited to show them off! #bikramyogabrickcanvas #bikramyoga #brickcanvas #newmugs #only$10 #hotyoga #thanksgivingpoint
bikramyogabrickcanvas - only - bikramyoga - thanksgivingpoint - hotyoga - brickcanvas - newmugs -
instaheath27 : Super like!!
instaheath27 - anglwilson - sreith - betsylyons -
It's all in the details.. Carved legs, linen fabric, small and large nailheads, all in this beautiful French setee. #thanksgivingpoint #sofas #setee #armoire #credenza #rugs #accessoriesforyourhome
sofas - armoire - accessoriesforyourhome - thanksgivingpoint - credenza - rugs - setee -
lindsdavishoggan - abitofbeck - littlesouschef - maureehoggan -
Met with some awesome patients this week at the Utah Transplant Clinic. Also, getting ready for one of many great charity events for 2015, stay close in tune and start to follow for more awesome updates!! #uofuhealthcare #top5hospitalsin the country #transplantvsdialysis #lovelifegiveback #utahgolf #awesomerecomendation! #piccollage
utahgolf - top5hospitalsin - transplantvsdialysis - mountaindellcanyon - awesomerecomendation - thanksgivingpoint - lovelifegiveback - uofuhealthcare - piccollage -
justinskidney : #mountaindellcanyon #thanksgivingpoint
candlelighthomes : Lovely!
justinskidney - tlkford79 - kamijustin - sweetyogalove808 -
Hi folks! It's Palmer here. Wow oh Wow. I had one of my funniest days ever...a water table with a fountain in the middle! Feeling water is so fun. I played with toys on this table too! Bye now. #ThanksgivingPoint
thanksgivingpoint -
mssheila212 : Way cool!!
candlelighthomes : this is really cool!
____brooksy___ - karenlindsey - katie_riley_ - lindseyvan12 -
Hanging out with my buddy today.
thanksgivingpoint - thanksgivingbpoint -
sherralandmax : Hyrum would love that! looks like fun!
bonaus : @sherralandmax you should plan a trip up here. Your kids would love the dino museum as well as all of the other venues at #thanksgivingbpoint. Hope you are all well, we love you and miss you.
bonaus : @sherralandmax your kids would love the dinosaur museum as well as all of the other venues at #thanksgivingpoint . We love you and miss you all.
candlelighthomes : Very cool!
sherralandmax - wyaus - asedgwick9 - ramilne -
It's Fall. 🍁 Something beautiful for your door, mantel or wall. Need a custom piece for the holidays? Let our amazing floral designers create the perfect arrangement for your space. #thanksgivingpoint #wreaths #floralarrangements #giftboxes #customfloraldesign #baskets #vases #thanksgivingtableflorals
floralarrangements - thanksgivingpoint - customfloraldesign - baskets - thanksgivingtableflorals - wreaths - vases - giftboxes -
candlelighthomes : Great!
ndynamite - ireneremund - sherrycarruth - haleeannyoung -
Just chillin at the dinosaur museum with my BFF. Behold the dinos! #dinosaur #museum #thanksgivingpoint
thanksgivingpoint - dinosaur - museum -
candlelighthomes : Wow!
kenieaullman - hannahebiesinger - luvinlaughin - stich02 -
"Duck, duck, geese" on the golf course today. #thanksgivingpoint #utah #utahgram #nature #mountains #geese
utahgram - geese - nature - thanksgivingpoint - utah - mountains -
candlelighthomes : Amazing!
geoffo_o - igutah - meg_stoddard2014 - candlelighthomes -
This weeks Creative Gathering class... Darling 'Counting Down the 12 Days of Christmas'. Sign-up now for Wed. Nov. 12, 5-8 pm. #thanksgivingpoint #floral #craftclasses #ivytopiary #narcissusbulbs #christmasdecor
floral - narcissusbulbs - thanksgivingpoint - craftclasses - ivytopiary - christmasdecor -
thisistheplaceheritagepark - ariadnes_imaginarium - sechrist2014 - instagamzz -
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