@tfunkglass said chuuuurrrchhhhh on these bingers right here.. another incredible edition to the @habatatgalleriesfl show!! Habatat released some great info about the @longboardswpb restaurant having specials during the show, also there's going to be a fresh after party with none other than Dj Elbo spinning.. Can't miss it #habatat #tfunk #tfunkglass #church #stainedglass #habatat #CounterCultureGlassShow #longboards #wpb #funk #djElbo #headyart
highsociety - djelbo - glassblowing - dabbersdaily - countercultureglassshow - 710 - glassporn - artofig - tfunk - stainedglass - church - tfunkglass - highendglass - ykid - funk - longboards - habatat - wfayo - thousanddollarsmoke - heady - glassofig - glassart - wpb - dabs - headyart - headyglass -
truffelufagus : Wow
habatatgalleriesfl : Thanks again for helping spread the word! :)
headyart : You're very welcome. I am glad to help @habatatgalleriesfl out.
headyart : Thanks so much for checking out my page and showing love to art of all kinds. πŸ‘‹ All credit goes to the artists, as always. Tag me in cool photos :) #HeadyArt #glassofig #wfayo #heady #710 #headyglass #glassart #artofig #highendglass #highsociety #glassblowing #ykid #glassporn#highsociety #thousanddollarsmoke #dabbersdaily #dabs
tfunkglass : Stoked
mrandmrsdab : @smackdabessentials
headyart : Yeeee @tfunkglass
borobastard - tristan.480 - jonboy419 - dabsohard -
Am I heady yet?? #2baglass #tfunkglass #cowboyglass #glassofig #pendentsofig
tfunkglass - cowboyglass - glassofig - pendentsofig - 2baglass -
jnapss71 : Fresh as fuck dude
glassaholic89 : Haha thanks a lot homie...debating actually rocking both tn for the shpongle show...but idk @jnapss71
jnapss71 : I wouldn't risk it... But were is that?
glassaholic89 : Idk you're location but it's at best buy theatre in times square...beats antique, shpongle, and emancipator should be good time...by the wjc Coyle you seshed I can assume you're also on long Island @jnapss71
jnapss71 : Ya I thought it was there and ya I'm from the island
glassaholic89 : Word dude we should get together for a sesh sometime @jnapss71
al3xhaze - bobbadtram_stagram - hopscotchparty - jnapss71 -
Funk-tional shot BACKSIDE OF ---Chapel dÈ FUNK --fits snug- quave club banger in the pic ----- this PC will b at #Habatatgalleriesfl #countercultureglassshow #tfunkglass photos by #windhome
tfunkglass - countercultureglassshow - windhome - habatatgalleriesfl -
haleyskye : @kaseybubb let's just take a moment to appreciate the awesomeness
exact_extracts : @primo_extracts that dabernacle rig πŸ’¨
earldabs710 : @bozotheninja
golfwang801 : @joejoe801
bozotheninja : This is ridiculous @earldabs710
sherbetglassart : Holy shnikeys
young_towelie : @glass_rehab
mrderp710 : Damn nice
ganja_growers - lucylyghts - ramos_bams - fourtwencookies_ -
Never thought I'd do this... Hearing offers in my TFunk x JakeC collab DISCLAIMER: the bottom of the beaker has a crack in it. SEE NEXT PHOTO for pics of damage. If I accept your offer, I'll include my spot on fishbone's repair list. Cheers #headyglassforsale #tfunk #tfunkglass #jakecglass #crazycollab #thousanddollarsmoke #bongsforsale #highendglassforsale
bongsforsale - thousanddollarsmoke - highendglassforsale - jakecglass - headyglassforsale - tfunk - tfunkglass - crazycollab -
dave0919 : Kik same as my IG @spencepotamus
dave0919 : No I will NOT sell the slide separately
bulletproof420 : Amazing piece
benjahboddi : @hiphoppotami
hiphoppotami : Damn Yo @benjahboddi
girlswhosmoke : <3
east_coast_dabbin : Still for sale?
dave0919 : Yessir @east_side_dabbin kik me, same as my IG
wmcdonaldd - bulletproof420 - healthcare_thc - mikeapollo710 -
Different back drop photos by #windhome# 4 #countercultureglassshow#Habatatgalleriesfl# CHAPEL DE FUNK -FUNK IS MY RELIGION. #tfunk#tfunkglass#
tfunkglass - countercultureglassshow - windhome - tfunk - habatatgalleriesfl -
ceramicmike : @seizemuzik
704_propane : I can't like this photo
blueberry503 : Sick funk
scraphappyglass : Yea T-funky!!! Super sick!!
jonnyblazze : @alextrabek
mbfunk90 : @gmosesglass
gmosesglass : Yeah i saw this..funkyyy @mbfunk90 you wont snag it!
rva_raf : @stay_lifted710 @endo_vs
dave0919 - airjordan_egpn - californiahash - snacklynandrews -
I was tagged to #stopdropandpendyshot by @miss_dabosaurus ! I couldn't figure what to post so here's a pic of my current pendants. I did a temporary trade for my @joepetersglass / @lacefaceglass pendant for my friend @biiinn's @JasonBurruss / @lacefaceglass wire wrap bangerπŸ”₯ Other ones pictured are my @tfunkglass monster face, Black @coylecondenser nanner and #AdamEngleson paisley pendant.
nannergang - coyle - canadianglobmob - lacefacejasonburruss - glassofig - pendantsofig - lacefaceglass - tfunkglass - laceystgeorge - stopdropandpendyshot - adamengleson - glassporn -
biiinn : πŸ’ sell me this joep collab
boro_and_thc : Only way it happens is if I get to keep this one😈 @biiinn
biiinn : Noooo😩😩
boro_and_thc : Haha I figured as much πŸ˜† it's going to be hard to trade them back @biiinn
boro_and_thc : #LacefaceJasonBurruss #AdamEngleson #Coyle #nannergang #tfunkglass #laceystgeorge #lacefaceglass #glassofig #glassporn #pendantsofig #canadianglobmob
nextlevelqueensland : πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ‘
ed_beasly : Banana for sale?
boro_and_thc : @ed_beasly nope
melbearpigflaming0 - borogamebrocksamson - ouro_boros - keepitglassy_ -
One of my old flower slides from @tfunkglass #tfunkglass #glassofig #seattle #seattlestoners #headies
tfunkglass - headies - glassofig - seattle - seattlestoners -
foreverlovingyah - mr_vudoo - taylor.amie2015 - atlastitan48 -
Sun moon sonnnn FUNKTIONal shot female fits just snug. 22 fillas. Awsome photos from windhome
mellygold : @bedouinbliss
portmister : @jackson__95
lindsealu : Holy funk!!!
calglass : Haha it can be whatever you want it to be @seventenrubberducky I would chose tardis 8D
calglass : Is this functional?
tfunkglass : @calglass yes sir it is functional. Peep the female joint on the backside behind the frame work
californiahash : Oh my fucking god. Your a god.
cregobangz : @boro4385 @hugedabs
scraphappyglass - facetmama - hazydazeglass - calglass -
Countercultureglassshow PC for habatatgalleries Awsome photos from windhome. Funktional CHAPEL Dé Funk Funk is my religion #tfunkglass#habatatgalleriesfl#countercultureglassshow#windhomephotogrophy#
tfunkglass - windhomephotogrophy - countercultureglassshow - habatatgalleriesfl -
wjcglass : 🌈🌈πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯
mr_vudoo : @dunkdabz @strawhatpaul
e.b.a_extractions : πŸ‘Ύβœ¨πŸŒŸπŸ’«πŸ‘Œ πŸŽ‰
smashdub : @brownhempshoes
rmorrisonglass : Church of funk
jbeezyrice : @noquestionwho churchof funk
thatmissarielagain : @iblazetreez πŸ˜›πŸ˜›πŸ˜›
iblazetreez : @thatmissarielagain πŸ’€ded. 😍😍😍😍
rubyslipper81 - calikidaddi - goatofshatter710 - lostlyons -
CHAPEL dé FUNK Funk is my Religion. Funktional PC for COUNTERCULTUREGLASSSHOW For Habbatatgalleriesfl Awsome photos by windhome photos. #windhomephotogrophy#windhome#tfunkglass#tfunkglass#countercultureglassshow#habatatgalleriesfl
tfunkglass - windhomephotogrophy - countercultureglassshow - windhome - habatatgalleriesfl -
tdawstheboss : So boss @lyfe________
heyharley : So ffucking rad
viciousxval024 : @krazykrish
chris_digiovanni : @buddy_wilson @thomas_egg10
kings_blend : @jarettmaynnnn
lizzicca : @glassgknee @hoopsie_daisy420
glassgknee : @lizzicca saw it already!
lizzicca : @glassgknee way to rub it in, cool kid 😧
rubyslipper81 - shop.london - flameoneproductions - browski_glass -
Chapel dé Funk. FUNK is my Religion Funktional. Habatat galleries counter culture show PC. Awsome photos from WIND HOME photography. #tfunkglass#tfunk#windhomephotogrophy#habatatgalleriesfl#countercultureglassshow#windhomephotogrophy #windhome#
windhome - habatatgalleriesfl - tfunkglass - windhomephotogrophy - countercultureglassshow - tfunk -
tfunkglass : Yes funktional @fuckprofanity
tfunkglass : Thanks yalllz :)
bedouinfinn : Hot hot hot πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯
glasshive : That turned out amazing. Holy cathedral of glass!
samuraibill : @erinshawback
kings_blend : @dabsaway
johncarpz : @jailbaiit @sbensin funktional
funkypulp : @umbrellas_of_the_world so much nice glass
rubyslipper81 - winston_murdoch - mr_smoke23 - lostlyons -
Chapel dÈ FUNK FUNK is my religion ---------- --- my COUNTER CULTURE PC 4 Habatat Galleries show. ---------- photos by @windhome##tfunk#tfunkglass#habatatgalleriesfl#countercultureglassshow#windhomephotogrophy#
tfunkglass - windhomephotogrophy - countercultureglassshow - tfunk - habatatgalleriesfl -
hitmanglassdougie : This is dope fam
_zeeno710 : Does it work?
thirdeyetraveling : @shamanextracts
fr3d3rick_ : @toastybones
tfunkglass : @_zeeno710 yes it's Funktionable Thanks y'all's :)
tfunkglass : Detachable mouth PC -- sun moon is a plug for looks
positivevibez9 : mm.k._ultra
positivevibez9 : @m.k._ultra
cosmicwhenrelative - scraphappyglass - mr_smoke23 - therealwolfgangpuff -
:) :) :) stoked #tfunk#tfunkglass#habbitatgalleries##countercultureshow#
tfunkglass - tfunk - habbitatgalleries - countercultureshow -
tfunkglass : I c my name yippppyyyyyy :)
o_evets : Gonna be badass!
melancholyfolly : @mark_lifelong !!!
mikeapollo710 : The funk!
habatatgalleriesfl - glasshive - windhome - mart1gnett1 -
Bottom cluster is the inside. Dang ol funk Jal-op-ino #tfunk#tfunkglass#
tfunkglass - tfunk -
tfunkglass : I need a bigger torch before goin hard :) soon b soon b :)
alejandroglass : Baddass
modifiedforme : @tfunk i know its not your typical item to produce but would you ever consider making some glass plugs? I would LOVE to rock some of your work
dabademics - soaringhawk77 - lew1012 - rickybobbyglass -
My first 5 in order left to right #2 is with my fuckin cousin @alejandroglass a stright loc mega boss . #3 Is my fav n most proud #5 is first rainbow camo Millie. Been Doin the rainbow camo for close p 5 years but first Millie version. #tfunk#tfunkglass#alejanadroglass#
alejanadroglass - 3 - tfunk - 5 - tfunkglass - 2 -
tfunkglass : Gettin a new torch so I can go LOKO
keepitchronic : I love @alejandroglass
fabsss : πŸ’›πŸ’™πŸ’œπŸ’šβ€οΈ
ee.n.oo : Keep em coming dude! Great job
tfunkglass : I need a mag before goin Millie looookkkkooooo
willcookyou : You gonna be selling any of these would love some for the collection
tfunkglass : Yup need to figure it all out tho. / havet yet but Deff will b tho @willcookyou
roll_forever91 - gpsglass - rickybobbyglass - metalglassart -
My first 5 Millie/murine --middle blue is the first --bottom right is second and with my main man @alejandroglass my fuckin brother my KAr-nod - then 3rd is the funky jalapeño then 4th is top left and 5th is rainbow camo been Doin rainbow camo for 5 years but first Millie version. ----------------I need a bigger torch before I go Millie loco#tfunk #tfunkglass##alejanadroglass#
tfunkglass - alejanadroglass - tfunk -
borocolorado : @tfunkglass any available?
tfunkglass : Yes. Never sold one before. This is first ever funk murine post
borocolorado : @tfunkglass how do you prefer contact? Email, direct message, or kik?
buggiebuggledabb : @cosmo.k.glass
cosmo.k.glass : Just awsome @tfunkglass @buggiebuggledabb
tfunkglass : @borocolorado kik or Facebook message r best for me
tfunkglass : Thanks y'all :) I wanna go murine loko but need me a mag first
glasshive - pumajared - dexterskittenlab - recreationaldesign -
So hard to catch the sparkly backing @tfunkglass did on this guyπŸ”₯πŸ™ŒπŸ˜
tfunkglass - stopdropandpendyshot - glassofig - pendantsofig - canadianglobmob -
boro_and_thc : #tfunkglass #canadianglobmob #stopdropandpendyshot #pendantsofig #glassofig
kianaloveee710 : Doppeeee @boro_and_thc
kacyalyssa : Cool
kacyalyssa - catsarelyyfe - dollswhodab - missmaryjanesglass -
Doin thâ kiaondddaa wey
tfunkglass - tfunk -
nextlevelqueensland : Very cool
harmoniousfury : @buddablessed
doshworld : how do I like this forever...?
the_bong_barter : @chettime
pacific710 : Nice
tighfigh : How the heck to I buy this as a multi-color eyeball popsicle pendant? @tfunkglass So much color its got me salivating
tfunkglass : Kik me @tighfigh
lilydellama : So beautiful
galactic_glass - dexterskittenlab - headyspoon - alxsmll -
Si Si #tfunk#tfunkglass#
tfunkglass - tfunk -
ageeezz : I'm in love
tighfigh : Great colors, wow - Some true art glass right here      
nextlevelqueensland : Wow these are super slick! Love love love!
waxtek : Color punty!
onewildflowerchild : @intelligentdesignsglass 😍
mrderp710 - _consciouscreations - spoonpiperichie - motamawma -
Si wey #tfunkglass#tfunk#
tfunkglass - tfunk -
exact_extracts : πŸ˜³πŸ‘ŒπŸ™
nelsonglass : Love the line up
joshbernbaum : Beautiful
_consciouscreations : @tfunkglass thanks for the follow brotha!! Keepp bringin that FUNK! #jahjah
itsthatguyfry - diamondaire - blu_mood - sonofrickslone -
www.galacticgift.com/artist/mothership-glass #TfunkGlass #HoneyBuckets #GalacticGifts #MothershipGlass
tfunkglass - honeybuckets - galacticgifts - mothershipglass -
ashleynbrickman : 😍
bhomberz_viix : Sold out on website
galacticgifts - mr._fume - jsosh_ - cosmicarchitect -
www.galacticgift.com/artist/t-funk #MothershipGlass #TfunkGlass #CollectorPins #GalacticGifts
tfunkglass - collectorpins - mothershipglass - galacticgifts -
boro_book : Very nice!
galacticgifts : Thanks bro! T-Funk is the man! These are going quick we currently only have 7/20 left in stock! @boro_book
dabdailyofficial : niceee
galacticgifts : Thnx dude! @dabdailyofficial
hunterstone420 - neverfallin89 - boro_book - dabdailyofficial -
#stopdropandpendyshot for my homies who tagged me @therealsweatyj @yourcuzin_vinny and the babe @glassygrrl you know what it is #tfunkglass #tfunk #funkyyy
tfunkglass - stopdropandpendyshot - tfunk - funkyyy -
penqu1n : @nessie_says funky (:
dollswhodab : Omgoodness!! Thank you so much for playing! I'm a huge fan of your work!! πŸ™Œ #respect #thanksforplaying
glassygrrl : Love this :p
madisonmeltsglass - globsagget - nickpfeiferr -
Got tagged by @lunchboxx710 for #stopdropandpendyshot been wearing this banger from a recent trade with @tfunkglass a lot lately. Thanks again homie! #glassofig #pendantsofig #tfunkglass #profoundopals
tfunkglass - profoundopals - stopdropandpendyshot - pendantsofig - glassofig -
adamd_630 : Your up @carlsonswagpics
dollswhodab : Oh wow love that! #thanksforplaying
seventenrubberducky - drew_p710 - kohlmanationprocess - elenageorgieva24 -
Heady honey bear rocking my favorite pendant that was made by @#tfunkglass πŸ˜‰πŸ˜† I was tagged by @catsarelyyfe for #stopdropandpendyshot and I want to see what pendants @chronadian @uselesswoodentoy and @shatteronly are hiding in your collections! #honeybear #teatime #tfunk #glassofig #glassporn #pendantsofig
glassofig - tfunk - pendantsofig - glassporn - tfunkglass - teatime - stopdropandpendyshot - honeybear -
uselesswoodentoy : OKAAAAYYY!! I got one fo ya!
dabdailyofficial : niceee
dollswhodab : Haha nice shot love all the creative poses ! #thanksforplaying
nextlevelqueensland : Love
nextlevelqueensland - theprincessoferrl - trippehippe - missdailydabberrodarte -
Z -Tower -Monster #tfunk#tfunkglass#tfunktotem#
tfunkglass - tfunk - tfunktotem -
tfunkglass : Explode rainbow
the_hashburglar : @brenaellis
puntington : To me looks like a tower to me!
headyart : Dude thank you so much for the follow @tfunkglass means so much to me.
spoonpiperichie : It reminds me of a funky jukebox. ....hella respect ....thanks for sharing your art....
fueledbyfunk - tighfigh - eaglextracts - elevateart -
Fractalfox-funkmantis -independce day alien-evil pig snout-buthirt tiki #tfunk#tfunktotem#tfunkglass#
tfunkglass - tfunk - tfunktotem -
cloudysnowwolf - fueledbyfunk - boebinadreams - tighfigh -
My boi Fractal fox . On 1st Funk Tower #tfunk#tfunkglass#tfunktotem#
tfunkglass - tfunk - tfunktotem -
nerfknuckles - chadrousseau1 - lindsealu - thehiddenstash -
@tfunkglass pendant - available at @supremesmoke #tfunkglass #supremesmoke #supreme #pendants #pendantsofig #necklace #jewelry #glass #glassofig #keepitglassy #sanantonio #texas #forsale #buyglass #buylocal
supreme - jewelry - glass - buyglass - pendants - sanantonio - buylocal - glassofig - tfunkglass - pendantsofig - forsale - supremesmoke - keepitglassy - texas - necklace -
mayfield2012 : Love this
annnerz : @kennndee
kennndee : @annnerz WHATTT LOVE
hashslingingslasher710 : @justindwallace
kiansmommy15 - dippingirl21 - wreakoh - wriskitall -
T funk #burlington #tfunk #tfunkglass # headyglass #honeybucket #eastcoastboro
tfunkglass - honeybucket - tfunk - burlington - eastcoastboro -
bostonborobongs : Great meeting you man! @eastcoastboro
haylees.mama : @seensawconquered
seensawconquered : Yeah let me just re-finance my house and buy this. The bucket on there is what I'm trying to trade my rig for @mama_baglio
haylees.mama : It's sexy as fuck, though! Lol @seensawconquered
seensawconquered : Yeah that is definitly art.
bostonborobongs : @mama_baglio @seensawconquered thank you! I love it, @tfunkglass is the artist
seensawconquered : Artist like @Tfunkglass make me want to start blowing glass. Such art.
dabology_ : @kyle_nicodemus
586dank - mikeapollo710 - northerncalikid18 - upperglass_distributionco -
More totem parts .. Part fer totem --kupo/manupoo tyyatttt riot #tfunkglass#tfunktotem#tfunk#
tfunkglass - tfunktotem - tfunk -
yunkglass : Rad!
helraiser419 : Badass man
thexmadxdabber710 : Your are a one of a kind mind I can't wait for the day that I'll own a nice pendent from you :-) thanks for being tfunk
thexmadxdabber710 : I ment you are one of a kind man. Lmao
curlyylruc : @tfunkglass every time going into the shop i work at my jaw drops seeing that Tfunktotem!!! Love youre work man keep doing it
tfunkglass : :) @curlyylruc thanks yalll :)
proto_joe710 - harborglass - glasswerx - mikeapollo710 -
Totem section 2014 ---- mad or mader- pouter er louder #tfunkglass#tfunktotem#tfunk#
tfunkglass - tfunktotem - tfunk -
fueledbyfunk - proto_joe710 - tokeaid - elevateart -
Totem parts from beginning of 2014 -#tfunkglass#tfunktotem#tfunk#
tfunkglass - tfunktotem - tfunk -
zcorpuel : How do I get my hands on one of these? You shit is next level homie! Been looking for a dope totem for a minute now
tfunkglass : Kik me Or a facewook message or email. Just Holla at a honkey @zcorpuel
samanttthha : @mooney_do OH MY GOD I WANT ONE
headyart - fueledbyfunk - _consciouscreations - d_fraiche -
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