#latepost #selfiesunday #lastnight I smile because I'm madly deeply in love with Jesus ;) even thru the storms of life he shows how good he is and even when we don't understand why things happen my faith and loyalty for him is unbreakable! Night folks. #tfhvacaville #tfhnapa
latepost - tfhnapa - selfiesunday - lastnight - tfhvacaville -
evenvanityends : Hey love! Just wanted to tell ya you are absolutely beautiful! You are enough + are so worthy of love! We hope you have a fabulous day! ๐Ÿ’›
melissaguerrero707 : Aww thank you!! :) @evenvanityends
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Love leading with @jon_stockstill ๐Ÿ™Œ such an honor! Don't miss church today wherever you are ๐Ÿ‘ #tfhvacaville
tfhvacaville -
toshzwanziger : Photo cred @mama_estebez ๐Ÿ‘Œ
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I feel a "preach" in the air lol #pastorJosh #TFH #tfhvacaville #lifechange2014
pastorjosh - lifechange2014 - tfh - tfhvacaville -
ajvas75 - _phillip_w - dnb707 - gcalderon88 -
Don't be just a fan. โค๏ธ #tfh #tfhvacaville
tfh - tfhvacaville -
buddystoocool : Word!
weird_sprinkledon_weird - stevenm2637 - casslovepink - snapz707 -
Sitting next to some of the greatest people I know at 5am! I will truly miss you all. You have greatly made an impact in my life. I will never forget you guys and will definitely, definitely keep in touch! This isn't the end of our journey together. But until then..."BE MORE #STEPHANIE!" LolโœŠ P.S. Kim you were greatly missed! But i will most certainly miss you, ALOT! #Engage #TFHkidsministry #tfhvacaville #team #best #dennys
engage - tfhvacaville - tfhkidsministry - team - dennys - stephanie - best - dtr -
leticia_guillen : #dtr
leticia_guillen : Will miss you homegirl!! ๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’•
missessoto : #dtr !!!!! Ayeeee! Haha i will miss you all too!!!!โค๏ธโค๏ธโค๏ธ @leticia_guillen
peterstow : We will miss you, please come visit!
missessoto : @peterstow i surely will!! You guys are family. I will miss you ALL!
princyv - allysiamariah - le_0073 - peterstow -
Many of the things that I hope and believe for are related to this 22 acres of land. The first time I stepped foot on this "Future Home of @tfhvacaville " I knew I could easily be a part of Pastor Dave and Donnas vision. Now, 3 years later, I believe that we are a piece of something so epic that Northern California and beyond will be affected by what happens in this place. Need to hear and feel the Holy Spirit? Just drive out to this little triangle in between Highway 505 and Interstate 80. The Spirit is hovering like a blanket above our property. This my friends, is what legacy looks and feels like. #imagine #tfhvacaville
tfhvacaville - imagine -
lisacbdp : Amen sister I just got God bumps @mama_estebez
bebig : My favorite place to be. ๐Ÿ’•
otterrrrrrr : God has placed his presence there already, I completely agree. I stepped foot on that property for the first time exactly two years ago and immediately fell in love with that project because I know that greatness is in store, not just for tfh but for California. Chills๐Ÿ‘Œ
stephanie.spencer : @mama_estebez thank you for the post! @david.spencer and I are so blessed to serve along side you during this epic Spirit lead season @tfhvacaville and @genlifevv :) thank you for all you are and do... You friend are truly amazing woman :$
mama_estebez : @cp4bball Cisco told me you guys are gonna start a small group! Yeeee! Reunited and it feels so good!
donnajpatterson : What a great up date ! Love it
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Pajama Day at Church! We learned about Elijah and the Fire ๐Ÿ”ฅ #hulkitha #thefathershousevacaville #tfhvacaville
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This is an example of when everyone uses their gifting. The body of Christ shines. #TFHVacaville #YourGiftingIsForToday
yourgiftingisfortoday - tfhvacaville -
toshzwanziger : Sick๐Ÿ™Œ
slexe : I took a photo of this at the 10 :-)
bebig : Girl! I was at the 10! @slexe
ricnav7 : Hey...i was there today...
bebig : We saw you in the back with mica. We tried to catch you after but we couldn't find you. @ricnav7
alaina_cheyenne : Text me i don't have your number
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Thank you to the one and only @martinsmithtv and @bethelmusic for bringing it last night at The Father's House! #worshipcentral #tfhvacaville #bethel
bethel - worshipcentral - tfhvacaville -
laurynsearles - taaaaysteele - wsheltonrace - ivysearles98 -
what an brilliant night of worship. martin smith is still and will always be the man. suchhhh glory #glorysesh #martinsmithistheman #andhisdaughterissocool #deliriousbethelcombo
worshipcentralnorcal - glorysesh - deliriousbethelcombo - martinsmith - martinsmithistheman - tfhvacaville - andhisdaughterissocool -
harrisonglazier : Wwhhaaatt he came????
laurynsearles : @harrisonglazier yezz he and some bethel guys, also martin's daughter who is rad...gah. #martinsmith #worshipcentralnorcal #tfhvacaville
cassboatright : Dannnngit. I so wanted to be there. ๐Ÿ˜ฉ
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Enjoyed a summer night hanging out with these incredible care pastors. Thank you for your servants hearts and for making a difference in the lives of people! @brookstgoddard @amymariasophia - Dan & Tiffany Leary - Nick & Leticia Burton #tfhvacaville
tfhvacaville -
cindylitz : People like this are like glue to local churchesโ˜บ๏ธ
marksligar : Are they care pastors or models?
donnajpatterson - ashleyraetrask - trasksart - john_lane_ -
Happy Father's Day!! #tfhvacaville #tfhdads
tfhdads - tfhvacaville -
kissingkiedis - doobusd - prittydaisy -
Indeed. #tfhvacaville #lovemychurch
lovemychurch - tfhvacaville -
deborahg822 -
Hearing about the #vision of #tfh never gets old. Packed house at #tfhvacaville heart for the house class. #hfth #ilovemychurch
hfth - ilovemychurch - tfh - vision - tfhvacaville -
therobsully - mckennahguy - erica__robinson - elisewhittenburg -
#tfh #tfhvacaville #groundbreaking @tltraill @jumpoffjoeyp @davepatterson
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The Next generation of Godly women #chosen #tfhgroundbreaking
chosen - tfhgroundbreaking - tfhgroundbreak - tfhvacaville -
jen28_ : #tfhvacaville
jen28_ : #tfhgroundbreak
mattjoshmom09 : Awww...I miss this little princess in the Babyplace. She is going to be a great leader.
jen28_ : Fbvh
jen28_ : Lbvbvvvvbb.,gnocchi continuum
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At the ground breaking for The Fathers House and the New Location! @missprissju #TFHVacaville #imaginecampaign
imaginecampaign - tfhvacaville -
etbell : @tfhvacaville
joshualake : you have a beautiful kid Ethan:)
etbell : Haha @joshualake yea lets start that rumor around church that I have a kid haha.
gdsgrace : And me in the background ๐Ÿ˜ณ Haha! So glad I got to hug you today!
joshualake : during interns:)
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#Tfhbreakingground Today is the day out church breaks ground at the new campus... #tfhvacaville #tfheastbay #tfhnapa
tfhbreakingground - tfhnapa - tfheastbay - tfhvacaville -
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Today's the day we make history in our church and our city. Join us today at 2pm at the new property to break ground!! See you there #tfhproduction #tfhvacaville #groundbreaking #vacaville
groundbreaking - vacaville - tfhproduction - tfhvacaville -
mama_estebez - shaneguy - theguywiththeface - dino_the_dinosaur -
Was blessed to serve at the Food for Families Benefit Golf Tournament. #tfhstorehouse #tfhvacaville #NSA
nsa - tfhstorehouse - tfhvacaville -
mtb_roady -
TFH Woman's Conference ๐Ÿ‘ฏ๐Ÿ‘ฏ#tfh #tfhwomen #tfhwomensconference #tfhvacaville
tfhwomen - tfh - tfhwomensconference - tfhvacaville -
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Haven't made it to church yet this weekend? Come to the 6pm service tonight! #tfhvacaville (photo by Visit Vacaville)
tfhvacaville -
mattjoshmom09 - npain17 - anmarie_tonemalone - mng_love -
Pastor #shaneguy praying with power and faith over the imagine campaign. #finishstrong #imagine #tfhvacaville
tfhvacaville - finishstrong - shaneguy - imagine -
robynlynb - pshafto - jmoonsofly - kenshafto -
@elisewhittenburg opening Good Friday service tonight larger than life. #nopressure #tfhvacaville #goodfridayworship #tfhacoustic #rockthehouse
rockthehouse - tfhacoustic - goodfridayworship - nopressure - tfhvacaville -
toshzwanziger : She did so good!!! Love her ๐Ÿ™Œโค
shaneguy : She ROCKED it! @elisewhittenburg
toshzwanziger - iammrsshafto - jmoonsofly - clinares98 -
Join us for Easter at The Father's House. Now is the perfect time to invite a friend to church. Pick up your invite cards in the office. Choose from any of our five services. Saturday: 6pm Sunday: 8:30, 10, 11:45am Sunday evening: 6pm For more information visit us online at #tfh #tfhvacaville #MyDebtIsPaid
mydebtispaid - tfh - tfhvacaville -
chiquicharo : โค๐Ÿ™โค
brandonmccloskey - luvmyboysx3 - shaneguy - crzywrdgrl -
Come celebrate Easter at The Father's House! Saturday 6pm Sunday 8:30, 10, & 11:45am Sunday evening at 6pm for more information visit Bring a friend #Easter #tfhvacaville #thefathershouse
easter - thefathershouse - tfhvacaville -
rbobbs : Brining my mom for the first time sat night, cannot wait!
5xoxomimi - npain17 - crzywrdgrl - alexsantos23 -
#tfhvacaville #thefathershouse #babyjoey #babydedication #mendozas @runningman33
babydedication - babyjoey - mendozas - thefathershouse - tfhvacaville -
journeyof7 - ncortez13 - justkimmy5 - yaboiicaldo -
Want to honor @briancharleshouston and @hillsong for setting a great example of how church can be culturally influential, led with integrity, touch millions and be fun at the same time. Welcome @hillsongla to California! Our state needs you and we look forward to watching you grow from up here in Northern California! #repost #tfhvacaville #tfhnapa #tfheastbay
tfhnapa - tfheastbay - tfhvacaville - repost -
chiquicharo : ๐ŸŒŸ๐Ÿ™๐ŸŒŸ
donnajpatterson - stefaniehubbard - hlarowe - lisatrent -
Catching up on sermons! Missing The Father's House!!! #Bible #notetaker #tfh #tfhvacaville #Jesusfreak #thefireofGod #missmyhomechurch #pcsing #militarylife #coffee #badhandwriting #Godsword
thefireofgod - jesusfreak - coffee - bible - badhandwriting - tfh - militarylife - missmyhomechurch - notetaker - tfhvacaville - godsword - pcsing -
that_guy004 : Thats my bed!!!!
orangecrush64 : @that_guy004. Yupp.... you aren't here tonight
kyleelanae - jesus_chose__me - cvmeronpaul - _instagospel -
Our EG guest speaker David Hall will be speaking this weekend at all campuses! Tonight & tomorrow night in Vacaville we will have extended ministry times and prayer for healing. Be the invitation and bring a friend or 2! You don't want to miss this weekend! #TFHVacaville Sat. 6p & Sun. 8:30a, 10a, 11:45a & 6p Photo Cred: @damionhamilton
tfhvacaville -
davetorkelsen : @davidhall1981
tfhvacaville : Thank you @davetorkelsen!
mrszdp : Amazing tonight!
toshzwanziger - yelutci - therobsully - jillbig -
The amazing @maddieisbrown during sound check. It's on in 1 1/2 hours people!! Get to #EG2014 now!! #tfhvacaville
eg2014 - tfhvacaville -
npain17 : Enormeous and amazing voice.
sylviadonetzbell - gabbygirl202 - kyliebrianne_ - tannerrwhite -
Last service at The Father's House. I will miss it here soooooo much!!! #tfhvacaville #tfh #blessed #blessings #Godsheart #Godishere #Godsplan #Godslove #lovethischurch
godishere - godsplan - blessed - blessings - godsheart - tfhvacaville - godslove - lovethischurch - tfh -
mrs_nicolenorman : is it closing?
orangecrush64 : @southerngrown2001 no. I am moving to NC
ndemgutz - russ_muscles - 4ever_youngn_fit - magic__marker -
And so it begins from now on till I'm done I will be building on the weekdays DisneyLand resort and on the weekends will be building the fathers house #Disneyland #tfhvacaville
disneyland - tfhvacaville -
seajayxxgamez - jane__quan - ben.a.mendiola - cmarque -
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