#EMG the #label ....I'm so glad to be part of the situation!!!! Life is an on going learning experience!!!! I never in my life thought I would end up in the industry!!! When I was young my uncle #terrystarks would pick me up and we would discuss #music with @jazzepha and I still didn't see the future!!! Even when #ugk #pimpc and #bunb came over my house I still didn't realize my future!!! Then once I got older I meet @masterp #icecreamman at #freaknic #96 in #atl and saw that this cat was a #millionaire and looked and talked just like me!!!! That was the light bulb moment for me!!!! I went back to #Memphis in #98 and started #inthevault #inc I built solid relationships with all ex #3/6mafia members and we created #thelottery #10years #ago !!!!!!!! I hooked up with @joeyungspike and we went #nationwide 10 years later I'm back with #vengeance with @ensaynewayne @ensaynemusicgroup #atl #dashdoll @almighty_jago @atlfengshui @streetz945atl @jordanjordanmusic @a1managementgroup @high5def @vicksupreme @drummaboyfresh @joeblackunofamerica @badazzlilherb @atlhouseofshoots @vsha901 @mslavishlady901 @cardisburns @sladedamonsta #lilpat @gkhooks @nyladyjae @redddreadatl #107.9 #djjusborne @djbigtiny #Pablo
ugk - pimpc - nationwide - thelottery - 10years - 98 - vengeance - pablo - lilpat - dashdoll - memphis - 107 - inc - ago - freaknic - emg - bunb - djjusborne - atl - millionaire - label - 3 - music - inthevault - 96 - icecreamman - terrystarks -
rockdillon : dope pic
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#terrystarks #35daychallenge #fit #youarewhatyoueat #freshstart
freshstart - 35daychallenge - healthyme2015 - fit - youarewhatyoueat - backtobasics - terrystarks -
aishalavette : #healthyme2015 #backtobasics
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Sometimes just starting is much harder than finishing! I don't mind starting over and going back to the basics. #day1 #freshstart #backtobasics #healthyme2015 #35daychallenge #terrystarks
terrystarks - freshstart - 35daychallenge - healthyme2015 - backtobasics - day1 -
hotmomma27 : I need to do the same thing too! And so does my hubby lol
authorciarral : Hey sis Please take the time to view my book GROWING PAINZ VERY INSPIRATIONAL. Thank you!
aishalavette : Got you @authorciarral
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I'll just be my own motivation...this really is the same person just a different mindset...every week I have to look at a before and after picture of myself...I still get completely shocked it amazes me daily to see how the body WILL transform if you stick with the program that's right for you and set reasonable goals! #fit4life #elitefitness #terrystarks #eatclean #traindirty #healthyliving #yourhealthisyouwealth #workhard #resultsdriven #ificandoitsocanyou #strongwork #keeppushing
traindirty - ificandoitsocanyou - keeppushing - resultsdriven - eatclean - elitefitness - fit4life - yourhealthisyouwealth - strongwork - healthyliving - workhard - terrystarks -
yosoygs : My friend my Valley go in
thetashamack : Yes! Werk
missbrittp : Lookn good!
midwestdivah : YesYES!!!
__kingg__papi__ : Great damn job
teaeffthat : Awesome. I have to keep reminding myself. It's about eating clean. I've worked to hard for this, to let myself revert. Keep grinding!
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JULY 6, 2014 my transformation from May - June, as my ONLY goal was to get in this bridesmaids gown. NOW, my focus has changed and I'm starting week 3 of my "get fit, round 2". Lost a couple pounds, now training to run a 5K. It will only work, when I do this for me! Out here running like my life depends on it. #getfit #livehealthier #5K #TonyStarks #noPillsNoPotions #hardWork #workEthic #grind
workethic - grind - hardwork - 5k - getfit - tonystarks - livehealthier - nopillsnopotions - terrystarks -
teaeffthat : Oops.. I meant #TerryStarks. I don't know who Tony is. Lol
teaeffthat : A friend of mine said, "I don't see much change". I told them to imagine a zipper not closing. Then picture it closing. That's my "change".
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JUNE 14, 2014 I made a proclamation in 2013 that I would get fit. The results are in! Still more work to do tho. #terrystarks #lifechanger #doingTheWork #lifestyleChange #runner #noPotionsOrMagicPills
betterhalf - doingthework - nopotionsormagicpills - runner - terrystarks - lifestylechange - lifechanger -
teaeffthat : @darci_808 thanks so much.
teaeffthat : @acapellajunky thank you. I'm glad I made it to Saturday. Now I can relax and just eat right.
teaeffthat : @1little_secret appreciate it.
3heather24 : Nice!!! 👍
teaeffthat : @3heather24 thanks
teaeffthat : @justdee72 why do I look like I patted my eyes with two powder puffs? Lol
justdee72 : @teaeffthat No it doesn't lol. You look great!!! I told u you've motivated me to get up and work out!!
teaeffthat : #betterhalf
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S/O 2 Me & 1 of my BFF's @mrsdudley_09....ON A JOB WELL DONE...TEAM WORK MADE THE DREAM WORK & "WE DID THAT"...I LOVE U FRIEND...& U LOOK GREATTTT!!!!! #TerryStarks #Determined #Mindset #Goals #Accomplishments
accomplishments - determined - goals - mindset - terrystarks -
lite_skin_qt : @prettiep_ u already slim...yo ass gon fade away! Lol bit u want 2 soooo LETS GET IT!
marian_sps : @lite_skin_qt yes I need 20pds off frfr
trice_da_mua : Girl y'all did that! @mrsdudley_09 @lite_skin_qt
lite_skin_qt : @trice_da_mua THX HUNNI BUN
nina_skinteagirl : @trice_da_mua Thanks gorgeous
karmarae3 : Ya'll look great! What did u do?
lite_skin_qt : @karmarae35 Terry Starks the diet doctor
karmarae3 : Well u both look summer rdy!
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Well I'm going hard again. Was suppose to start today but I woke up sick. But tomorrow is a new day and I'm owning it in every way. On my way to a new healthy!!! Follow me on my journey through life with my career, weightloss and family. #health #healthylife #weightloss #fitfam #kcfitmag #tonytemple #chiefs #annex #love #career #lifestyle #celebritystylist #getnitn #cardio #fitness #eatclean #terrystarks #lonniebush
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_luvteri : Gooooo cousin!!!!! Get it!!!! ❤
aishaogletree : @ms_teri :)
nikki2cute_ : U go lil cuz
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Reppin Doc today! #TheDietDoctor #TerryStarks #swoll #100allnatural
swoll - thedietdoctor - 100allnatural - terrystarks -
christopher_kenney : Aka the tower... Aka all natural Ronnie Colman... Aka BIG Doc. You gotta love em.
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Meals all done for the week!!!💪💪💪 going on week 5. Tuna wraps & veggies, Tilapia🐟 asparagus & whit rice. 5-6 small meals a day!!!! #healthyliving #gettingright #20lbsdown #lunch #mealplan #fitness #progression #week5 #inshape #imtrying #terrystarks #dietdoctor #vegatables #lifestyle #change #healthy
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first_lady_paris : i.know.someone.who.dealt with terry starks..
first_lady_paris : he's the truth
domothehairdivo : Yes indeed @mzskippy
my_life_shared : @domothehairdivo . Help I need that deal plan.
domothehairdivo : I got you @myyabba it's not a game 💪💪💪
my_life_shared : @domothehairdivo . When can I start? I called u Kingston answered the phone & talk with me for all of five minutes..
jhamp26 : Hey quick question! When you freeze your wraps do your tortillas become soggy? Im think about making wraps for lunch but unsure if I should freeze them or just make them fresh everyday! @domothehairdivo
domothehairdivo : Hey you, I don't freeze them I make enough on Sunday to get me through Tuesday then remake them for the rest of the week.... Hope this helps #teamgetfit
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My Dinner! #TerryStarks #Diet #Healthy
healthy - diet - terrystarks -
queengriss71 - hiramcamillo -
Meal 2! #TerryStarks #Diet #IHatePeas #Healthy #KingReBe
healthy - kingrebe - ihatepeas - diet - terrystarks -
dominqueme30 -
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