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Iran optimistic Yemen war will end soon - Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister Hossein Amir-Abdollahian says hopes are high that the Saudi military strikes against Yemen will end within hours following diplomatic efforts by the Islamic Republic. “We are optimistic that we will, within the next hours, witness various Yemeni factions coming together at the negotiating table and making efforts to enhance the political trend in the country,” Amir-Abdollahian said, Fars news agency reported on Tuesday. An IRNA report, however, has quoted Amir-Abdollahian as saying, “We hope that, within the next one or two days, we will witness an end to the war.” Amir-Abdollahian made the comments prior to a trilateral meeting between the Iranian, Swiss, and Syrian deputy foreign ministers in Tehran to discuss means for dispatching international humanitarian aid to Syria. "The developments in Yemen are one of the issues that our country’s diplomatic apparatus is attentive to; and we are optimistic that, following all of the efforts made, we would witness a cessation of the military attacks on Yemen in the coming hours," Amir-Abdollahian said. Saudi Arabia started its military aggression against Yemen on March 26 - without a UN mandate - in a bid to restore power to fugitive former President Abd Rabbuh Mansur Hadi, who is a close ally of Riyadh. According to reports, over 2,700 people have been killed during the aggression. The humanitarian situation in Yemen is rapidly deteriorating. Many international aid organizations have sought to dispatch medical and other humanitarian supplies by air and sea to civilians in need. Iranian efforts Meanwhile, Iran has submitted a four-point peace plan for Yemen to the UN. In an interview with Press TV, Iran’s Ambassador to the UN Gholam-Ali Khoshroo said the plan, which was submitted on April 17, includes a ceasefire and an end to foreign attacks, humanitarian and medical assistance, the resumption of national dialogue, and the creation of a national unity government.
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OSKAR GRÖNING Luneberg, Germany — Seven decades after the liberation of Auschwitz, a 93-year-old former SS guard at the Nazi death camp shuffled into a German court on Tuesday to answer charges of complicity in the murder of 300,000 mostly Hungarian Jews in two months in the summer of 1944. Nothing more dangerous than a fanatical group that thinks and speaks in absolutes; that judges others based upon their personal values; and through violence imposes their spiritual, religious, or cultural beliefs. He admitted moral guilt but not legal guilt because he was just a "small cog" in the Nazi organization. #ISIS #ISIL #alqaeda #absolutism #terrorism #genocide
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I am attending the shrine of Remembrance on Saturday even with the risk of terrorism, and I have to say I am utterly disgusted at how some people could use this as a plot for terrorism, these people fought for our freedom and for one day a year we thank them and on the 100th anniversary we get a "threat" from terrorists who supposedly are very "tough and scary" I can tell you one thing, Australians as a nation will not be frightened by your stupid acts of terror. We Australians have to support the people who fought for our freedom, and for these people to use this as a good way to frighten and scare people away from coming is seriously a sickening act. Yes I am a little nervous to go to the shrine, frightened? No I am not, there is not a single fucking chance that I am going to let these terrorists "control" what I'm going to do in my life, I will not be scared of them, if something does happen to me or to my family just remember we were there to cemmomorate the people who actually did die for us, and if it means death or injury for me, so be it, I am honestly sick and tired of hearing these stories. For instance today one of my good friends tells me that terrorists killed 30 Ethiopians all because they were Christian... What has this world come to??? To be-head someone just because they are Christian is a fucking disgrace to the whole world. These terrorist groups think they can do anything they want and kill people for no apparent reason, you are wrong and you will be punished harshly ( death I hope ) if You are involved in that sort of shit... #terrorism#preach#sickofit#melbourne#rip#anzacs#anzayday#gallipoli#history#mcspotters#melbourne#australia#soldiers#love
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jono_downie : So true! Respect brother❤️❤️
shoutoutgetone : What you wrote right there was amazing^^ well done
tahliageorgievski : Preach it ❤️👏
x.ngds : You actually left me tears of I finished reading this, This is the most accurate think I have ever read and it's so touching and yes they are be-heading christian because of there faith and belief in Jesus, don't let any dipstick get in your way. Good on you for going
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x.ngds : @x.adnj @rochelle.a.s @_alanakucma_ @andrey.abdo accurate🙌🏼
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james_papaaa : So true bro!! 👌🙌
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#Terrorism has no religion !!! #ISIS is not a muslim !!!
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Ansarullah slams recent Saudi airstrike on weapon depot - The Houthi Ansarullah movement has strongly denounced a recent Saudi airstrike on a weapons depot in the Yemeni capital, Sana’a, which killed around 40 civilians. The Ansarullah movement said in a statement that the Monday attack on the missile depot in Faj Attan district further exposed the barbarity of the Saudi regime, reported. According to latest figures from four hospitals, the death toll for the Saudi airstrikes on the missiles depot has risen to 38 civilians, with a further 532 wounded. Three employees of Al-Yemen Al-Yawm television channel, one of them a journalist, were among those killed. The twin strikes triggered massive blasts tat razed nearby houses and shook faraway districts. Elsewhere in the statement, the Ansarullah movement said Saudi Arabia is engaged in killing Yemenis and destroying the Arab country in collaboration with Israel and the US. Ansarullah also warned that Riyadh is trying to impose an all-out blockade on Yemen in violation of international law. Saudi officials mistakenly believe that the kingdom is capable of bringing the Yemenis to their knees by bombarding civilians and killing innocents, the statement said.
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akace : Saudia Arabia kingdom of evil darkness pedophilia rape torture stoning women beheading women raping little boys.
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#book #terrorism #brill #socialanxiety #toread #instadaily #laura_westra "To the #People of #Palestine"
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A Paradox of Events: Syrian Army and Islamist Forces on the Offensive in Idlib - In a rather odd series of events near the provincial capital of Idlib, the Syrian Armed Forces and the combined Islamist groups that form “Fatah Army” are both on the offensive, despite the fact they are attacking one another a few kilometers apart. On Monday, Fatah Army launched another assault on the Syrian Government stronghold of Ariha, attacking the National Defense Forces (NDF) and Syrian Arab Army’s 11th Tank Division at the eastern flank of the city from their positions at the village of Kafr Lata to the east. Unable to break-through the NDF and 11th Tank Division’s frontline defenses at Ariha, the joint force from the Syrian based Al-Qaeda group "Al-Nusra Front” and Harakat ‘Ahrar Al-Sham were forced to withdraw their contingents besieging the eastern flank before nightfall on Monday evening. Sources in the Idlib Governorate have confirmed the security of Ariha; however, their defenses are not impregnable, as the Islamist forces have proven their ability to reach the eastern barricades of the city. Meanwhile, west of Ariha, the SAA’s “Tiger Forces” have continued their powerful assault on the village of Koreen, storming the militant positions at the southern perimeter of Tal Zahir Al-Mufraq – a hill adjacent to the village. The Tiger Forces were successful in expanding their control around the hill; however, they still do not have control Tal Zahir Al-Mufraq, as the Islamists have fortified their positions near the hilltop in order to forestall the Tiger Forces’ progression at the village of Koreen. According to a military source in Idlib, the Tiger Forces advanced to Tal Zahir Al-Mufraq after seizing control of Muqablah and the farms surrounding this rural village – the source also added that the Tiger Forces are inside the village of Koreen, but they have not reached the strategic hill in the west. - Continues in comments below
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resistance_axis : Northwest of Koreen, the NDF pushed deeper into the village of Fayloun, where they have confronted a large contingent from Al Nusra’s affiliate group “Jund Al-‘Aqsa” near the northeastern flank – fighting is still ongoing. The Tiger Forces reported the death of Al-Nusra’s field commander from Saudi Arabia – Ibrahim Al-Yahya – at the village of Qameenas on Monday; this has been confirmed.
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mighty_russia : Is the syrian army joining forces with farah army?
mighty_russia : Fateh*
resistance_axis : @mighty_russia No they have launched offensives against eachother simultaneously.
mighty_russia : @resistance_axis lol they really think they can defeat us during an offense they will get there ass kicked
resistance_axis : @mighty_russia These idiots have no idea of how to fight a war. Most of the time you see them during their "offensives" running in open fields, storming the army positions while shouting "Allahu Akbar", then they are surprised to see that the air force easily picks them off while they are totally exposed in broad daylight. These losers have no clue whatsoever on how to attack, defend or use tactics. They just storm places where there are few soldiers guarding the area with lots of men. This is how their "victory" looks like.
monsurchoudhury84 : @resistance_axis Hahaha. The videos on Youtube are a source of comedy! So they usually win through numbers and "Kamikaze" methods?
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#Hezbollah has been fighting #terrorism on two fronts: it is fighting the terrorism of the #Israelis, which is state-sponsored terrorism – as I mentioned earlier Israel has a systematic policy of sniper murdering #Palestinian children. This is fully documented by a #British medical journal; and Chris Hedge’s eye witness account of #Israeli soldiers shooting them for sport. #Hezbollah is also fighting this extremist Jihadist Takfiri terror of these neo-Wahabi lunatics in #ISIS. These people are just as bad as the #Zionists, their head chopping is just about a bad as the #Zionist’s sport shooting of children. And Hezbollah is a legitimate national resistance organization that was created to push the Israeli occupiers out of #Lebanon and that is absolutely legitimate. In fact, resistance against occupation is not legitimate, but in many cases it is considered mandatory. If your country is occupied you have not only the right, but the duty to fight to chase those invaders and occupiers out, just like the #French resistance did in World War Two against the Nazis. Palestinian resistance has every right to fight to push the Zionist invaders out of #Palestine; and Hezbollah has every right to fight to push the Zionist invaders out of Lebanon. So, Hezbollah is not a terrorist organization it is a resistance organization. It is fighting #terrorist groups such as this so-called Islamic State, which is really the Un-Islamic State of the US created and funded by the Zionists themselves and by the US trained at #CIA bases in #Jordan and unleashed on the region in order to create chaos to break up all these countries including Iraq into pieces along sectarians lines in the strategic interests of Israel. @smoloko123
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This is true and odds are that if someone is strongly anti zionist and just not interested in hearing anything that contradicts their view's or where their obsession with blaming Israel for anything they can seems to override their ability to have a rational conversation...then what they are is one of the new, modern Nazis. ---- #blocktheboat #Israel #hillary2016 #Hillary #Charliehebdo #FreePalestine #jesuischarlie #isis #terrorism #islam #terrorist #freespeech #letter4u #antisemitism #antisemitic #zionism #zionist #palestine. #islamicstate #netanyahuspeech #netanyahu #istandwithbibi #istandwithisrael #irantalks #congress #obama #Republican #Democrat #bds
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endradicalfeminism : Especially muslims
standupwakeup : So true.
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Next goal. Who's in. Convoy! #elite #nsa #enlighten #art #truth #killuminati #illuminati #beiber #enlightenment #nwo #conspiracy #government #spy #obama #president #kimk #tupac #prism #war #terrorism #terrorist #CIA #FBI #brainwash #television #pinealgland #chemtrails #freemason #poetry
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Keep it.. #elite #nsa #enlighten #art #truth #killuminati #illuminati #beiber #enlightenment #nwo #conspiracy #government #spy #obama #president #kimk #tupac #prism #war #terrorism #terrorist #CIA #FBI #brainwash #television #pinealgland #chemtrails #freemason #poetry
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Saudi Arabia dismisses UN call to halt airstrikes on Yemen - Saudi Arabia has dismissed a call by the United Nations (UN) to immediately halt its airstrikes on the impoverished country of Yemen. Saudi Ambassador to the UN Abdallah al-Mouallimi told Secretary General Ban Ki-moon in a meeting on Monday that “certain conditions” mentioned in the recently-adopted UN Security Council resolution on Yemen must be met before an immediate ceasefire is implemented. “We all want to see an early end to the military hostilities, but there are conditions conducive to having an early end to the hostilities,” Mouallimi said after the meeting with Ban. On Friday, Ban called for an immediate “ceasefire,” saying a political solution is the best way out of the conflict in the Arab country. “I am calling for an immediate ceasefire in Yemen by all parties… It is time to support corridors for lifesaving aid and a passage to real peace,” Ban said. The Security Council approved the resolution on Yemen on April 14, demanding, among other things, that the popular committees backed by Houthi Ansarullah movement pull back from the seized territories, including the capital, Sana’a. The resolution also imposed an arms embargo against the Ansarullah fighters and an asset freeze and a travel ban against Abdul Malik al-Houthi, the leader of the Houthi movement. Iran’s plan for peace Meanwhile, Iran has submitted a four-point peace plan for Yemen to the UN. In an interview with Press TV, Iran’s Ambassador to the UN Gholam-Ali Khoshroo said the plan, which was submitted on on April 17, includes a ceasefire and an end to foreign attacks, humanitarian and medical assistance, the resumption of national dialogue, and the creation of a national unity government. The plan “can pave the way for sustainable peace in Yemen. Otherwise, it (the crisis in Yemen) would be so dangerous for the region, and the only beneficiary of this conflict will be al-Qaeda and terrorist groups that are the greatest danger for the whole region,” Khoshroo said. According to Press TV correspondent Caleb Maupin, no official response to Iran’s proposal has yet been given.
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cahnaorg : Help us make a change
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Kill em with kindness. Don't give them the attention or energy they fiend. Cut off their want for drama by instantly calming all situations. Fight fire with fire? Try fighting fire with water, the life giving force is stronger than the destroyer #elite #nsa #enlighten #art #truth #killuminati #illuminati #beiber #enlightenment #nwo #conspiracy #government #spy #obama #president #kimk #tupac #prism #war #terrorism #terrorist #CIA #FBI #brainwash #television #pinealgland #chemtrails #freemason #poetry
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Oh wow look who finally decided to speak up and admit that it is a problem that we have people going down and fighting with ISIS in Syria . Our left wing liberal media and politicians kept it quiet and pretended it's not a problem for years , and suddenly when they realize that a more Conservative party might win if they don't deal with the problem , they finally are admitting it . The liberal politicians we have now should be charged for treason for selling out our country to powers and people that will ultimately destroy everything we've built up . Glad they admit it's a problem , but they should have done it years ago . Now it might be too late . #integration fail .
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linabihari : #sd#sverigedemokraterna @sverigedemokraterna #terrorism#jihad#monamuslim#invandring#sverige#sweden#scandinavia
simoelhilali : Terrorism don't have religion..
linabihari : @simoelhilali I don't think k I've mentioned religion anywhere ?
simoelhilali : I know! Just saying 😊
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Breaking: Syrian Army Captures 5 Villages in NE Daraa - On Monday morning, the Syrian Arab Army’s 5th Armored Division – in coordination with the National Defense Forces (NDF) and Palestine Liberation Army (PLA) – have captured 5 villages in northeast Dara’a after fierce clashes with the Syrian based Al-Qaeda group “Al-Nusra Front” and "Liwaa Al-Yarmouk". The 5th Division and their allies surprised Al-Nusra with a powerful assault at 8 A.M. on Monday that resulted in the capture of East Maseekat, West Maseekat, Rassum Al-Khawaabi, Ishnaan, and Al-Dalasat in northeast Dara’a. Also in northeast Dara’a, Al-‘Alam journalist, Hussein Murtada, has reported that the SAA has encircled the villages of Busra Al-Hareer and Milayhat Al-‘Atrash. According to preliminary reports from Dara’a, the 5th Division and their allies killed just over 30 militants from Al-Nusra and Liwaa Al-Yarmouk – number has yet to be confirmed. As of recently, the border of Dara’a and As-Sweida has erupted in violence, as the SAA and militant forces continue this tug-of-war battle for control of southern Syria. The recent surge of activity from the SAA is likely due to the increased militant presence outside of the town of Al-Lijat; this had forced the SAA to take the offensive in order to protect the Khalkhalah Airbase in northwest As-Sweida. In southern Dara’a, the militants from the so called "Free Syrian Army" (FSA) and Al-Nusra are preparing for a offensive at the provincial capital; however, no date has been set for this alleged offensive.
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resistance_axis : @4history Yes some factions
plainshirt : @4history and others are fighting along side fsa/nusra/isis I cannot understand why
4history : @plainshirt I do understand why
resistance_axis : @4history Because takfiri
mighty_russia : @resistance_axis @4history @plainshirt palastanians showed there true colors in syria...... After assad took them in and helped the resistance they betrayed us
4history : @mighty_russia they're the kinda people who wanna see Chechneya an Islamic emirate
mighty_russia : @4history they can suck a dick with there sick mentalities they are bunch of ungrateful fucks.
4history : @mighty_russia about 90% of them, yeah lol
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bad, bad world. I feel it all. #ifeelitall #emotional #madworld #badworld #terrorism #starvation #war #murder #animalabuse #sad #politics #humans
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#QuoteoftheDay 'The warriors of God are those that fight against hatred and evil nature.' - His Holiness Younus AlGohar #YounusAlGohar #quotes #quote #warrior #God #spirituality #goodvibes #hatred #hate #evil #nature #cliff #mountains #fighting #fight #divinelove #faith #faithquotes #interfaith #dailyquotes #spiritualawakening #religion #extremism #terrorism #enlightenment #consciousness #higherconsciousness #typography #lifequotes
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Regram from @muslims.for.peace #terrorist #terrorism #islam #trueislam #realislam #islamic #terrorismhasnoreligion #Frankfort #paris #france #canada #California #kansas #newyorkcity #nyc
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#Repost @ayeshaabid38 ・・・ What the world needs to know about Islamic Terrorism. #SaudiArabia #Wahhabism #Wahhabi #Mindset #Article #ISIS #Salafism #Salafi #philosophy #shiite #terrorism #islamicterrorism #deobandi #extremism #fanaticism #fundamentalism #puritan #ISIL #Daesh #Yemen #Hadith #Quran #ProphetMohammad #Muhammad #Mohammad #sharia #fundamental #airstrikes #alqaeda
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Clash of terrorists: ISIL vs. Taliban in Afghanistan - ISIL Takfiri militants and the Taliban terrorist movement have allegedly declared war against each other in Afghanistan, a recent report says. Afghan online newspaper Khaama Press made the announcement on Monday, quoting a police chief from the southern Helmand province as saying in an interview with Radio Mashaal, a member of Radio Free Europe in Pakistan. During the interview, Nabi Jan Mullahkhil claimed that he obtained evidence proving that the two terrorist groups have entered into battle. In January, ISIL’s leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi referred to Afghan Taliban leader Mullah Omar as a "fool and illiterate warlord" saying that over the last two years ISIL had achieved much more than the Taliban had over the past ten. There are already some reports about the clashes between Taliban and ISIL militants. On February 21, 2015, ISIL militants replaced the Taliban’s white flag with their own black flag in the Afghanistan’s Charkh district in eastern Logar province. On Saturday, ISIL claimed responsibility for a series of explosions in Afghanistan’s city of Jalalabad in Nangarhar province that killed at least 35 people and injured more than 100 others. According to Ahmad Zia Abdulzai, a provincial government spokesman, the explosion happened outside the New Kabul Bank branch when government employees and civilians were collecting their monthly salaries. He said another blast took place near the Da Afghanistan Bank branch, just 60 meters away from the first attack, followed by a third attack which took place near a shrine in the city, in which no one was injured. Later on Saturday, Afghan President Ashraf Ghani said, "Who claimed responsibility for horrific attack in Nangarhar today? The Taliban did not claim responsibility for the attack, ISIL claimed responsibility for the attack.” The Taliban terrorist group formed a government in Kandahar in 1996 and ruled the country until December 2001. The United States and its allies invaded Afghanistan in 2001 as part of Washington’s so-called war on terror. The offensive removed the Taliban from power, but insecurity remains across the country.
monsurchoudhury84 : @resistance_axis 1000 military bases worldwide. The US is the only imperial entity in human history that wants the whole world to follow it's culture, all in the name of freedom and global integration.
resistance_axis : @monsurchoudhury84 Yes sorry I meant to say 1000. I believe the cultural imperialism is the worst kind that they have used to rule this world. No other form of imperialism can damage a society as much.
monsurchoudhury84 : @resistance_axis Because of them everyone thinks it's civilised and "cool" to be westernised. People who follow their own culture are seen as backward and odd.
resistance_axis : @monsurchoudhury84 I couldn't have said it better. Even the cuisine in other countries are being destroyed with all these fast food restaurants.
monsurchoudhury84 : @resistance_axis Hahaha. In Bangladesh it's considered up-market to eat fries, burgers and pizzas! And in India the middle and upper middle class are increasingly speaking more english in place of their native tongue, despite having a rich culture and history. Maybe that's why Iran is feared as they hold on to their culture.
resistance_axis : @monsurchoudhury84 Indeed it's sad to see India with such a rich culture turning into some mini-America. Yes Iran has for long had a policy of keeping western influence out, it's tough but it's going in the right direction. The western nations bombard us with satellite TV channels that are banned here, yet somehow these western media channels force their way through with the help of US and EU funding as part of their "spreading democracy project". I'm mostly referring to the evil BBC persian channel.
monsurchoudhury84 : @resistance_axis I used to love Bollywood in the 90's, now it's like Hollywood with brown faces. Yes, it's better to ban those sick channels and maintain your independence. What is BBC Persian like? In the west they love stories of (real or made up) of youngsters in Iran who have western style parties behind closed doors fueled by alcohol and drugs, and girls following western trends in defiance of the oppressive regime!
resistance_axis : @monsurchoudhury84 I know I also loved Bollywood movies, with my favorite actor being Shahrukh khan. BBC persian is basically the same as the regular BBC but only focuses on those subjects you just mentioned, to smear Iran and iranian society.
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#terror #terrorist #terrorism #communism #howardzinn #war
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Don't drone me bro. #Terrorism #Nobama #WakeUpAmerica #ProGun #Christian #America #Libertarian #Ancap #Voluntaryism #Voluntaryist #RonPaulRevolution #Libertarianism #AntiForeignAid #LegalizeFreedom #Isaiah10 #Republican #Democrat #Green #Conservative
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No es una guerra civil de 50 años ,es TERRORISMO por 50 años !!! Que triste que "hablemos de paz" mientras intimidan y matan a nuestros hermanos . #colombia #terrorism #intimidated #oppression #civilwar #peacetalks #unacolombiaunidad #dejendemataranuestroshermanos #wedontnegociatewithterrorists
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The accusation you have to face...Come see The Just Assassins at John Jay College from April 27th to 29th! And decide for yourself if terrorism and murder can be justified. 🎭💣🎭 #thejustassassins #justassassins #jjay #johnjaycollege #cunytheater #justice #terrorism #secretpolice #goodcopbadcop #Skuratov #Kaliayev
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that_nigga_suave : @thetangomarieee #supportmarie !!
thetangomarieee : 💁 @that_nigga_suave
thetangomarieee : Omg thats not him stapphhh @exsaveyear
exsaveyear : Staph like a staph infection?
thetangomarieee : No like stoppp but like Marie's way @exsaveyear
exsaveyear : I only stop in Xaviers way
myhome_nyc : That is so Cool @thetangomarieee
thetangomarieee : Thank You :) @myhome_nyc
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Jessica Chastain in Zero Dark Thirty I know there are better scenes in the movie. But there are so many cinephiles who think that being loud and aggressive is the only way to an Oscar Nomination. Nothing happens in this scene. Maya(Chastain) returns from the operation and self introspects. Overwhelmed by the recent victory, she just sits there and cry, not sure of what lies ahead. Nothing happens, yet, so much happens. @chastainiac #ZeroDarkThirty #JessicaChastain #KathrynBigelow #Film #Oscar #MarkBoal #JasonClarke #MerylStreep #Film #AmyAdams #JenniferLawrence #LeonardoDiCaprio #Terrorism #Movie #BestActress #BradleyCooper #CateBlanchett #SandraBullock #Actor #Award #AcademyAward #OsamaBinLaden #BinLaden
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#BaseUpdate sorry for not posting for awhile. .... #gta #gta5 #terrorist #terroristwin #terrorism #isis #allahuakbar #notaterrorist #lol #funnygaming #funnymoments #gtasanandreas #gtalibertycity #gtavicecity #gtachinatownwars #gta2 #gta3 #gta1 #gta4#minecraftonly #minecraft COMMENT YOUR IGN ASAP
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Start your week off right! Head to OhSoRadio.Com and get your daily dose of all things news: music, fashion, sports, current events, and more. #OhSoRadio #OhSoNews #Kehlani #KehlaniMusic #OklahomaCity #OklahomaCityBombing #Terrorism #SAE #Fraternities #RoSpit #BurnRubber #Detroit #HipHop #MoneDavis #Toms #Baseball #LittleLeauge #Boxing #Sports #BloomfieldHills #Racism #Michigan #Pistons #GregMonroe #Basketball
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You mean to tell me you didn't know Ebola was manmade #biologicalwarfare #warfare #war #ebola #ebolavirus #death #manmade #disease #control #populationcontrol #population #wakeup #riseup #media #mediablackout #distracted #distraction #termsandconditions #knowlegewillsetyoufree #landofthefree #terrorist #terrorism #knowledgeispower
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jose_rivaldo21 : Most of the scientist in the #pharmaceutical industry are owned by evil rulers of Banks government It's a #monopoly for them.
noble_hun : @jose_rivaldo21 Greed 💵💵
jose_rivaldo21 : Unfortunately they're obsessed with products but don't fully understand all that will eventually be gone. Everything in the current system is very fragile. I wish the owner's and workers for them would reevaluate their actions in order to realize even with all of their privileges most of them are not happy. They'll eventually die knowing they could share with others to help make society more fair . instead they were to afraid of changing their lifestyle habits in order to see if new actions could help them be happy.
noble_hun : @jose_rivaldo21 Couldn't of said it better myself #peaceandlove
jose_rivaldo21 : Thanks for hearing my ideas, when one uses critical thinking they (greedy people) could actually learn that sharing actually would help them a lot. It would give them more of a purpose in their life. To be a positive influence bc they know their possessions are excessive. Yet they're foolish and sad with all of that. I've been taking a mass media class at school and I often mention that social causes often need a celebrity or figure that the sheep will look to for their info but that's kind of sad that for something reasonable like what I'm talking about needs some famous singer actor athlete to promote........ But they're The people that are not sharing their wealth enough!! Along with the owners of the organizations their apart of😐 I won't post more paragraphs after this haha I jus like to hear your thought on that
noble_hun : @jose_rivaldo21 Thanks! I try to keep and open mind and I don't know everything. I been through that the same corpaorations are paying them to turn a blind eye. If and when they do speak out or try to help they're names get tainted and their career are over. They don't want to give up they're lavish lifestyle. Greedy people could only see so far.
jose_rivaldo21 : All right yeah most of them are too selfabsorbed because they're insecure so they forget that they're even lucky to have the career they have, there's a small percent of "celebrities " that do help people with resources and shelter despite not knowing the people. The focus is to make society more fair with resources. I'm researching what methods that can be solve. Like you mentioned #peace and #love are essential to feel happy content with oneself and others. Those are the true signs of #intelligence ☺I'm glad I found your page
noble_hun : @jose_rivaldo21 Aww thanks and you're welcome!!! 😍 😊
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#blacklivesmatter #BlackLivesNeverMattered #Blackman #Terrorist #terrorism #terriri #blackwomen #blackfamily #wakeup
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How I feel towards school 24/7 #parentinggoals #terrorism
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Yesterday was the 20th anniversary of the #OklahomaCityBombing it what remains the worst incident of domestic #terrorism in US history. Find out what's changed since then on today's @caffeinetv. Link in bio.--------- #caffeineTV #news #update #breakingnews #coffeebreak #whatsgoingon #info #entertainment #ratchet #education #stats #numbers #shade #daily #coffee #tea #caffeine #oklahoma #oklahomabombing #911 #september11 #billclinton #hillaryclinton
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