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I don't like to sugarcoat anything! #honest #tellitlikeitis #truth #upfront
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LOOK LIKE SOMEBODY YOU KNOW?? #knowyourhistory #truecolors #mexico #moors #truth #theolmecs #heyyoungworld #facts #originsofyou #history #truecolors #tellitlikeitis #seekandheshallfind #thetruthbehindthelie
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Water Brother - George Benson #waterbrother #georgebenson #tellitlikeitis #1969 #bboy #bgirl #breakbeat #realbboy #realbgirl #floorlords #floorlords1 #floorlords2 #uniquedominoes #herecomethelords #90sbboys #90s #80s #BBoyPrinceImaginary #RuleSociety #black #filipino #portuguese #pinoy
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jiulmen : An excellent pic. Look at -- to have more likes. Have fun!
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IN ALL COUNTRIES!!! #realtalk #knowyourhistory #hiddencolors #truecolors #heyyoungworld #originsofyou #talktome #moors #history #truth #tellitlikeitis
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doobiewayne : #hiddencolors
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🎢❀️🎢❀️🎢❀️🎢 And I don't want the world to see me 'Cause I don't think that they'd understand When everything's made to be broken I just want you to know who I am 🎢❀️🎢❀️🎢❀️🎢 #romance #lovesong #thatsomeone #tellitlikeitis #kiss #lyrics #iknowthatyoufeelmesomehow #personal
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It was said to me today, "it's surprising how sweet you are Girl, 'cause you do really lead with BITCH....{nervous hesitation}...I really mean that in the nicest way possible!!" Of course you do, sweetie, of course you do! #tellitlikeitis
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#carlorossi #flippingthebird #tellitlikeitis #theinkspottattoo #theinkspottattoos #art #wino @darrylmelzer I can't stop laughing when I look at this.
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boblindell : πŸ‘
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bjallova : Tag my Bm for me pls
cutie_q86 : I'll give credit when credit is due
tayonas27 : What he want, a cookie perhaps?? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚the key is KEEPING her happy! #Consistency
cutie_q86 : Exactly what πŸ‘†πŸ‘† said
joecool219 : Oh lawd @cutie_q86 don't listen to @tayonas27 she gone get you in trouble lol Tuh
cutie_q86 : Lol
tayonas27 : Hush! I agree with the post actually...Im just saying men need to stay on it dont slack and. We wont slack when it comes to acknowledgement ;-)
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mcryno7891 : You trying the opposite of Big? Lol
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🎢If you are serious, don't play with my ❀️ it makes me furious..🎢 #oldies #tellitlikeitis #gofindyourselfatoy πŸ’‹πŸ˜† @beedrea πŸ˜πŸ˜‰
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beedrea : 🎢I'm nothing to play with go and find your self a toy🎢 😝✌️
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My phone fits me perfectly! A smart ass phone for this smart ass person! Lmao #iphone #myphone #justsayit #tellitlikeitis
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Happy Bday to my G Ma... Nobody funnier or Realer ...she #TellitLikeItIs πŸ˜‚
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mellowmodel_yabish : ☺
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It's #winitwednesday so let's have some fun! I've decided to tell it like it is (nothing held back)! Feel free to ask me anything at all about my Stella and Dot business (not questions about products, please). I'll do a drawing tonight for everyone who participates and asks a question! READY, SET, GO! #winitwednesday #tellitlikeitis #bestjobever #fashionmama
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A rare thing πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ #rare #tellitlikeitis #hurtmewiththetruth #priceless #dontcomfortmewithalie #respect #honest #truthtellers #real #ararething #indeed #experience #honestyisappreciated #dontpretend #bewhoyouare #takeitorleaveit #dontlie #relationships #friendships #quotes #goodquote #goodnight
real - indeed - dontcomfortmewithalie - tellitlikeitis - hurtmewiththetruth - honestyisappreciated - quotes - goodnight - dontpretend - dontlie - takeitorleaveit - ararething - respect - friendships - relationships - goodquote - bewhoyouare - experience - honest - rare - priceless - truthtellers - : Lovely!
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thepubliczoo : So nice!
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I mean.....I guess!! #TellItLikeItIs #Blunt #Gay #LGBT #InstaGay #Bey #Yonce #Beyonce #Beyhive night IG. ✌️
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djmonet__ : ✊❀️
e_sinister : @djmonet__ πŸ‘
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brentcalisphotography : Very nice
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Like my men! #lmao #yessbitch #whitegirls #flatlining #lol #trutru #thatmoment #thanks #tellitlikeitis #bitchesbelike
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Thank you @chefmschwartz and thank you @tamazonn for the inspiration #keepingitreal #tellitlikeitis #thankyoulife #twinklelights #brightfuture #slowwaythebestway #locallegacy @related_group #paraisobay #thatsawrap #waterfrontlife #parklife #edgewaterlife #2016herewecome #teamworkmakesthedreamwork @harryspizzeria @cheflramirez @chefbradleyj @thecypressroom @roel_alcudia @chefniven @cookinthekitch @theraleighhotel @hedygoldsmith ✨✨✨✨✨✨✨
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thecypressroom : #tghg @related_group πŸ‘ŠπŸ‘Š
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jbakes73 : Reminds me of you
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Yolanda always speaks the truth. #yolandafoster #RHOBH #inspiration #truth #youright #tellitlikeitis
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mr_relentless90 : Like it!
lua21 : Especially when you act like Brandi Glanville!
katierebeccac : @lua21 seriously! I can't stand Brandi. Someone needs an intervention... πŸ˜›
lua21 : When she threw the wine in Eileen Davidson's face I almost died. That is Ashley God Damn Abbott! Show some respect! 😀
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Shit that annoys me on here 1. Yes we know that your grown and your trying to succeed in life. 2. Yes you have a nice car and house. So?????? 3. Everyone is always trying to be on top of the world. And always trying to one up the next person. 4. And last what I'm trying to say is..... Showing off is not attractive. Always in the clubs getting TURNT UP. This generation has no hope. Posting your cars, shoes, hats, heels, makeup, jewlery etc etc..... HUMBLE yourselves and keep your MATERIAL things on the DL. There are haters everywhere waiting for you to slip up. #black&whitefilter #nograyinbetween #keepit100 #showingoffisnotcute #tricksareforkids #imsobluntyoucansmokeme #tellitlikeitis #thumbsdown
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malika1126 : What about taxes?!?!?! Mf's got they w2's..... no shit...... if you work tou get a w2! !
malika1126 : You**
chach559 : @malika1126 the pix will start soon. I give it another week. Niggas gonna be showing off Jordan's and girls showing off the new fit for the club lol
malika1126 : Or new cars and house that they will lose around summer cuz they ran out of taxes lol
chach559 : @malika1126 the struggle lol
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msnonstopdisco : Me too. It gets me in trouble all too often. 😏
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@joelakamag this is how it goes... Beautiful beautiful words our dear friend #tellitlikeitis @rockwoodmusichall #tintr @lynettewilliamsmusic
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joelakamag : @hipstonagram love ya'll mucho
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(PART 5) Hanohano Naehu's straightforward message to the dirty politicians. #resourcerapists #hanohanonaehu #kuiatthecapitol #gmofreeoahu #gmofreehawaii #weknowthetruth
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kckitty_vegan : @k.stoney yup people need to hear the truth that way especially on this subject. I'll check out that hashtag thx for that info! Wow I know those kind of people just absolutely make my skin crawl ughhh it's I don't understand what so bad about wanting our plants organic because once a upon a time everything was! Damn nature fuckers! It's cool no worries it needs to be known and that's why we got to push back harder. Pls do tag me! My mom says she watches jimmy Kimmel live ( based in hollywood )don't know if you've heard of it, it's a late night show mostly comedy and he has someone go out to a local farmers market and ask people what is a gmo? Why they avoid them and what does gmo stand for. Some don't know how to respond to these questions, they need to do some more researching, but they are on the right path knowing they are bad. This guy just makes fun of these people by not fully knowing about basic gmo knowledge and he is clearly pro gmo because before showing the video he says that critics of gmos say that gmos cause health risks when there's little evidence to show that :-/ and when his show goes on a commercial break my mom says they show Monsanto’s commercials!
k.stoney : right?! exactly. but they got everything set up so cleverly that most people don't know how to differentiate between organic, conventional & GMO, or why they even should. I see so many people including friends and family that just go on eating this crap with no questions asked πŸ˜” @kckitty_vegan I've kinda fell back on posting about GMOs lately, compared to how much I used to before... I'm gonna start it up again soon because like you said, we gotta push harder especially with all the disinformation going around. but yea I've heard of the jimmy kimmel show, but I don't ever watch it. & I've come across those videos of him interviewing people on youtube, but I never watched them yet. I'll check em out since you mentioned it though! I figured it'd be some bullshit used to further mislead the masses. imagine how many people watched that and let it influence their minds πŸ‘Ž & that's not surprising that he mocks us, he's just another pawn in their game. that reminds me of when he had jim carrey on his show recently & they were being sarcastic about exposing the illuminati. all I know is that they're really putting this shit all in our faces now!! yet people continue to overlook everything & don't take any of it seriously. ughhhh! & frick yeah I was just wondering the other day if they still show those damn commercials, then bam I seen it again 😀 all the more reason for us to step up our game & let everybody know the truth!!
kckitty_vegan : Yes you are so right! Also like some people know what they eat is gmo/conventional but still eat it not knowing how harmful they are, they have the "oh I'm gonna die anyway" attitude :-/ and it hurts especially when it's family :-( you are still doing a good job on informing people girl every little counts! Yes that's what pisses me off with jimmys vid of gmos it just makes fun of the subject like it's not a big deal which irritates me. O yes I've heard about that interview with Jim carrey but I haven't seen it all, yup its sickening how they know some people know what's up and they are shoving it in our faces and laugh about it I'm sure
kckitty_vegan : I bet seeing that commerical pisses you off ughhh I haven't seen a monsanto commercial yet I think I'll probably accidentally break the tv by throwing the control at it! Yes we can't give up no matter what for our future family they deserve betterβ™‘
k.stoney : I know right, that's the kinda attitude they want us to have so that we keep mindlessly feeding into all their crap. fuck that!! πŸ™… we can do much better. @kckitty_vegan thanks love! :) you're doing a super great job informing as well. I love the positive energy in your posts, it's always felt πŸ’“ & fck yea I know what you mean about how him and many others talk so lightly about it. just goes to show how misinformed and ignorant they are of the facts. we should start having our people go around doing interviews & educating everyone about the importance of caring about these issues. & yessss girl I swear I went off every time I seen those damn commercials πŸ˜’πŸ‘Žgood thing I barely ever watch TV anymore nowadays. but I can imagine how much they still show it. that fuckery should be illegal to be shown on TV, but can't forget they got the media corps & government in their back pockets so I'm not even surprised. which reminds me of the documentary The World According to Monsanto. have you seen it?? super informative & they show several old chemical commercials they've aired on TV in the past. throughout watching, all I could think about was the irony & how it's exactly like what we're going through in Hawai‘i right now. 😩
kckitty_vegan : Yes we can do alot better! You're welcome and thank you! Yes we all need a little more positivity especially since we know so much others don't it can get depressing and frustrating sometimes we need a pick me up :-) yes that would be awesome for us to do interviews thank goodness for the Internet cause it won't be shown in tv just like the march against monsanto :-/ I bet you did!! Those bastards swear they care about us! No I haven't seen it I'll definitely watch it when I have the chance, I'm in the middle of seeing seeds of death on youtube it's pretty good you should check it out if you haven't yet
kckitty_vegan : Yea I know what you mean it all makes sense now!
k.stoney : I know that's riiight!! ❀✊ seriously, thank you so much for your kind words & encouragement. 😊 you've really helped me to look at things in a positive light, more than others that I know personally. & yes thank goodness for the internet. it's sad how most people would rather use it just for entertainment though. we gotta take advantage of all the knowledge we can get online now, before they really start cracking down through internet censorship!! & ooh yeah I've seen seeds of death! it's pretty similar to the one I mentioned, being that it's an exposé. @kckitty_vegan yes I highly recommend you watch The World According to Monsanto. I got the DVD recently & I would totally lend it to you! lol. but I'm pretty sure it's on youtube. there are several different interviews with people who have worked from the inside & it also shows related issues going on in other countries. definite must watch. I got so emotional towards the ending just seeing more and more what these greedy bastards' true intentions are for the future of food. I really feel like we could be the generation to put a stop to this!!
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Check out #SlippingIntoDarkness 's album #Shurpedelic now on Spotify!!! #SomeWay #AhhDoo #CosmicGoddess #Mexicali #Nalgas #TellItLikeItIs #JustGiveItAListenForYourselves πŸ‘ŠπŸ’₯πŸ’₯πŸ’₯🎢✨
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kawa_sabi : Too fucking dope, guys!!!
johngooomez : Na na na na nalgas
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Hi there, this is your, not gonna beat around the bush, give it to you straight, kinda friend, post. Think you can't have abs after baby? Think again. Love your body no matter what, but don't complain if you're not willing to put in the work. Abs are made in the kitchen AND in the living room (at least that's where I workout lol). I'm posting this because it's exactly what I needed to hear last year but I had to tell it to myself. Now go out there and #getitdone
youcandothis - brazilbuttlift - bellyafterbaby - healthymom - yolo - tellitlikeitis - getitdone - 28daygetfitchallenge - postbaby - straighttalk - nosugarcoating - postbabybelly -
ambrellalk : #straighttalk #healthymom #tellitlikeitis #nosugarcoating #yolo #postbabybelly #postbaby #bellyafterbaby #youcandothis #brazilbuttlift #28DayGetFitChallenge
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Wise words from Gomez . One reason I love my man @mrartdeco #yes #tellitlikeitis #bestcouple #gomezandmorticia #addamsfamily #love #takenoteguys
addamsfamily - love - takenoteguys - gomezandmorticia - bestcouple - yes - tellitlikeitis -
jasglitter : Yes! πŸ’• I wAnt a love like that
jasglitter : @hey_baby13 😭
sweater_kitten : Husband goals Gomez Addams
the_lily_faye : @sweater_kitten yesssss
kurisu007 : Love this movie! I miss Raul Julia
missconeyisland2013 : I am incredibly lucky to have the real life Gomez, @shanefuckingvelazquez. In every way, he fits the mold. πŸ’œπŸ’œ
shanefuckingvelazquez : Aw shucks ❀️
blkln : Yes! Exactly !! She has to feel like she's the most important thing in your life period. Even if there are other things just as important to you if not more as long as she feels it and has not to ever worry you've done your job as the man in her life but action speaks louder than words β€οΈπŸ˜‰
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