#WorkFlow #Demolition The #MexiBan & #AfriBan #TearShitApart #Frank4Fangerz
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rjwam_est93 : I see you rogue
franky4fangerz : πŸ‘Œ @rjwam_est93
outta_mah_mind : U going back to "long hair frank" ctfuuu jk don't get mad
franky4fangerz : Nah...I'm bringing back wild head Frank though... @outta_mah_mind
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dannies_travels : I agree
steroids714 : True that I'll be the first one that starts shit jaja :)
_tbone420 : Sounds good
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Dying fetus kinda week🐐 #deathmetal #thrash #gnar #tearshitapart
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Time to go skate;) #thrasher #Blaze #tearshitapart #5-0 #420
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Ask this old house- featuring @tmacworkin69 @andrewrenner home improvement time #firsttimehomebuyer #tearshitapart #coorslight #drunkinpowertooltime #homeimprovment
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kf.l : Congrats again!!
erisman33 : You get moved it yet
jkenworthy : @erisman33 yes I did. Trying to get stuff set up how I want it.
bwhitear91 : You bought a house?'
jkenworthy : @bwhitear91 yes! Down in Citrus heights
bwhitear91 : What the hell?! That's awesome congrats bud!! I'm a little bit jealous over here!! We'll have to come check it out when we get an invite πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‹
jkenworthy : @bwhitear91 anytime you guys want come on down! Haven't seen you guys forever. 😟
andrewrenner : @tmacworkin69 @jkenworthy the good ole days
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New tools hell yeah!!!!!!! #timetodowork #crafstman #letsdowork #tearshitapart
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oehme : U sharing?
cruzingon : Of course of course
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Missa inte att The Order kör imorgon på Henriksberg! Köp biljetter vid dörren (120 kr) eller förköp på Elis Corner (100 kr). SHIT IS GOING DOWN! #theordergbg #beatslingers #bobvillage #ozonefukkaz #sickart #ledrp #djneno #nimway #henriksberg #vibes #tearshitapart
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Bought the dogs a new toy today and it's already missing two squeakers and it's head is ripped off #tearshitapart #mydogskilltoys #smartbutevil
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amyyisabella : My dog is the same! Ibuy her a new toy, not even 10 mins go by & it's completely torn
wmarie99 : My gma bought one similar like this last year. (If you can see it it's the one on the floor) and it's down to just its body or well about 6 squeakers left. So I bought this one thinking it would last long but I don't think it will lol
wmarie99 : Oh nvm I guess j cropped the bottom out so you can't see the old one
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Motherboard and CPU #computer #tearshitapart
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i WANT a truck!! #want #truck #muddin #latenight #tearshitapart #LETSGOO #countrystyle #wouldbeafunnight #onlyif
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backwoodsprincess40 : Hell yeah!! Please any kinda muddin is fun as shit!!
damissamann : Very true! But late night you can't really see shit which makes it more intense! Kick that shit right into overdrive! Lmao! @cumminskindagirl96
backwoodsprincess40 : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ when the fuck did you become like this? You were never like this in school the fuck we could have been doing some crazy shit!
damissamann : I've always been like this I just never really showed it, kept this side of me hidden! Lmfao! @cumminskindagirl96
backwoodsprincess40 : WHAT!!! WHY in the blood hell would you do that? Especially around me that's when it should be all out! It should have been like "ayeee let's go play and fuck shit up"
damissamann : Lmfao! We still got some summer left! Just my schedule is gonna become very busy SOON! So if we gonna fuck shit up then we gotta plan and see what I can do!! @cumminskindagirl96
backwoodsprincess40 : I'm so busy this month then school starts next month my summer is pretty much over -.-
damissamann : Damn we will figure something out!! @cumminskindagirl96 Hey Erin you trying to get in on this?? @countrybell1996
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#brokentruck #brother #sodirty #fixing #tearshitapart #lovehim
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Mini Rotary! #guesswut#fuckinbored#dead#nowork#tearshitapart#Acura
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nate_lowney : Feel ya
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