I believe in you! #TeamRomo
teamromo - dc4l -
carolinaslimmjl : @j_fountain803 I was but shit got hetic in Boston
carolinaslimmjl : @blak_da_klaus All day #DC4L
j_fountain803 : Word. I need to take a trip to bean town lol GTFOH for a min
carolinaslimmjl : @j_fountain803 I'm in Dallas now tho bro
j_fountain803 : How long u gon be out there? Def tryna see the thickness out there
carolinaslimmjl : @j_fountain803 I moved here bruh. Already seen mad munks
j_fountain803 : πŸ‘€πŸ‘€πŸ‘€πŸ‘€πŸ‘€ mad monks lol
carolinaslimmjl : LMAO
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Look at my Quarterback Go to work tho! I'm ready for Football Season!!! #GoCowboys #DallasCowboys #TeamRomo #TonyRomo #AmericasTeam #CowboysGang #ThrowUpTheX #CowboysNation #DezBryant
dezbryant - gocowboys - tonyromo - cowboysgang - teamromo - cowboysnation - dallascowboys - americasteam - throwupthex -
yu_aint_got_the_answers_sean : Huh? @trini.queen
trini.queen : I was just reading the bottom caption that's all...Idek who Ford is lol
freshthecaptain : You ready but yo team ain't..
yu_aint_got_the_answers_sean : @trini.queen πŸ˜‚
yu_aint_got_the_answers_sean : @freshthecaptain I'm gonna wait til it's NOT you're birthday to say what I wanna say πŸ˜‚
freshthecaptain : Fair enough, but tomorrow we going In.. haha
imtiaz32 : @labib33
luisvillegas23_ : @abelcano1
abelcano1 - freakyfirststep - ipersevere2 - captainwalia -
And people still wanna hate on romo ...SMH, if you a real cowboys fan and understand the game of football would appreciate romo ... #cowboysnation #tonyromo #teamromo #clutch
tonyromo - teamromo - cowboysnation - clutch -
le_vuhvuh : @aj_rede
ronniehefee : @baltimore552
kristaskywalker : @krazyheaven22
jozedaman0387 : @yu_aint_got_the_answers_sean @mimers75
jozedaman0387 : Well fuckn said @75_alex #cowboynation
75_alex : @jozedaman0387 hell yea #cowboysnation
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Activooooooooo #teamromo #Nuncavacio #siemprelleno
teamromo - siemprelleno - nuncavacio -
mari_lulu_ltl - gianlucamanelissl - afis03 - queliz17 -
Jerrrrviiiiiiitooooooooo #drave #Nuncavacio #siemprelleno #teamromo #chinkuromo @veloz_george toy drave!
drave - teamromo - chinkuromo - nuncavacio - siemprelleno -
bombasticlove25 : Yo quiero una gorra de esas esposito @fabioespinal
fabioespinal : Me ha dado bandaa @bombasticlove25
george_ls2 - chantelmar_ - v_sanchez22 - rsh056 -
Amazing place to have a vacations @princesshotels #ilovepuntacana #puntacana #cofradia #jerviooo #teamromo #siemprelleno
teamromo - siemprelleno - jerviooo - puntacana - cofradia - ilovepuntacana -
veloz_george : Caga patio!! Un odio que te tengo
queliz17 : Gozando more para alla, consiguete una rusa millonaria con ese colorsito tuyo llegan solita a donde ti jejjejeje @fabioespinal
fabioespinal : Jajahajaja te quiero pilaaaaaa @veloz_george
fabioespinal : Moreeee tu no sabe naaaaaaaaa los faxxx @queliz17
rsantana91 - veloz_george - c_mayte - yosoysteff -
Won't be long now buddy.... #teamromo #cowboysnation
teamromo - cowboysnation -
ny_giants31 - bigdesigns512 - dc_flagrunner - ginara916 -
#teamromo #cowboys
teamromo - cowboys -
__manny__fresh : Seahawlks
__manny__fresh : Seattle n jets n giants
patrycewaller : Cowboys
mia_gip : Saints Babe
bigggamez3708 : Raiders
mrlovecannon : ravens
mrtkelsey : Eagles
yu_aint_got_the_answers_sean : Cowboys Gang!
mizz_kittie_boo - __manny__fresh - 5_30_myday - gmoneygemini -
Tru Warrior! #TeamRomo #CowboysNation
teamromo - cowboysnation -
reemdadream - hirenr84 - moviesalways - justfab25 -
That's my QB! Fuck how you feel about it. #TeamRomo #CowboysNation
teamromo - cowboysnation -
_nicaricanbeauty - __mrs_feliz__ - mavsgirl_mze - itzz_yoyo -
#TEAMROMO @dallascowboys
teamromo -
sparklesparkss : You're a cowboys fan?! We're gonna be friends for lifeeee lol
biron803sc : DC4L ......THEM BOYS
keefthebeef - sparklesparkss -
Tony Romo #TonyRomo #InRomoiBelieve #TeamRomo
tonyromo - teamromo - inromoibelieve -
trueblue_lou - jaalvarez10 - joeydallascowboy - martymar97 -
Can't wait to head off to Romania tomorrow with this group of girls, thank you everyone who has supported us and came to our fundraisers, so grateful that we have bonded so well as a team, I would appreciate your prayers while we are out in Romania spreading Gods word #takeyourplace #teamromo
teamromo - takeyourplace -
joe_baird103 - gillianjinks - iamrebekahwright - reannacraig1 -
teamdallas - teamromo - cowboysnation -
itzmizzjlo07 : Basketball season is over..... I'm ready for some 🏈🏈🏈🏈. #TeamRomo #TeamDallas #CowboysNation DO NOT CARE WHAT YOU HATERS GOT TO SAY‼️‼️‼️‼️ πŸΈβ˜•οΈ
kingpics305 : TRASH!!!
itzmizzjlo07 : @kingpics305 OH MY GOSH YOU AGAIN!!!! πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜’
charliodinero : Redskins
itzmizzjlo07 : @charliodinero Chile Boo
_85hoodnigga_ : ✨🌟🐴
itzmizzjlo07 : @_85hoodnigga_ ALL DAY BABY!!!
_85hoodnigga_ : You already kno boo @itzmizzjlo07
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4th of July weekend with my big bro @cleoarc #repyoteam #teamromo #teamwitten #NFL #week1 #showdown #September7th #4oclock #bethere #orbesquare
teamwitten - showdown - 4oclock - nfl - bethere - repyoteam - teamromo - orbesquare - week1 - september7th -
cleoarc : #TeamKaepernick #TeamDavis #TeamGore #TeamCrabtree #TeamBoldin #TeamWillis #GoNiners #ForeverFaithful #Week1 #CantWait! :)
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#TeamRomo #DallasCowboys #Cowboys #Cowboy_Nation #TonyRomo #Cowboys4Life #Americas_Team #5rings #TheDallasCowboys #NFC_East_Champions #Respect_The_Star
thedallascowboys - tonyromo - nfc_east_champions - americas_team - respect_the_star - teamromo - 5rings - dallascowboys - cowboys - cowboy_nation - cowboys4life -
unitedbythebluestar - lovelymissdee - joeycundiff - lastkings100lk -
Tony Romo has undergone much scrutiny as the Quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys. Sometimes even by Cowboys fans. But without Romo we wouldn't even have a dream chance at making the playoffs. The all time Cowboys passing Leader, overall QBR of 100.6 and he Broke out in 2012 with 31 TDs to only 10 interceptions. He has passed for 4000+ yards multiple times, the only Cowboys QB ever to do so. He was less than 100 yards away from a 5000 yard season back in 2012. Unheard of. What you need to understand is that Super Bowl wins is a team accomplishment. This is the guy that played with Broken ribs against the 49ers. This is the guy that tried to talk his way back into the game with a broken collarbone. This is the guy who played with a herniated disc to Win us a crucial game against the redskins last year. This is the savior. This is the guy that will get the job done. All the scrutiny, all the hate, and time and time again Romo takes about 2x the blame as he should and 1/2 the credit he should it's what being a leader is about. This is the Legend. The Legacy. The Warrior THIS IS TONY ROMO #TonyRomo #DallasCowboysLeader #SuperBowl49 #Warrior #TeamRomo #TrueLeader #WinLoseorTieImARomoFanTilliDie
warrior - teamromo - dallascowboysleader - tonyromo - winloseortieimaromofantillidie - trueleader - superbowl49 -
cowboynation13 : #INROMOITRUST
enragedhayn9295 : Well said!! Glad he is our anchor for the boys! @rach_rizzuti9
trueblue_lou : Couldn't have said that any better!! So true!!
jag_dc4l - unitedbythebluestar - california_420 - cowboynation13 -
My bro is the best! Gratsi. Can't wait till August now...
teamromo - miamor - dallascowboys -
cassita11 : #dallascowboys #teamromo #miamor
jayarevalo : @cassita11 πŸ‘Œ your all set now!
onlysam0108 - dc_flagrunner - asian_minxdoll - thesouthcode -
Perrrrfect 😎 #memes #truth #real #kermitthefrog #tonyromo #9 #americasquarterback #captainclutch #whippingboy #inromoitrust #teamromo #dallascowboys #cowboysnation #americasteam #noneofmybusiness
real - americasquarterback - dallascowboys - tonyromo - kermitthefrog - noneofmybusiness - captainclutch - americasteam - teamromo - cowboysnation - truth - inromoitrust - 9 - memes - whippingboy -
beach.vibess_ : @_say_somethingg
to.fbe : #Cowboysnation
trishthedish_ : Haha awesome
sunny619 : Amazing
gcannon302 : Romo is our guy!!! I cant wait til he win us a ring so those same people and supposedly cowboy fans can shut the hell up
h0llie_x0 : Couldn't agree with you more!!! @gcannon302
hendoee : @shanealston87 @tmilllsap @doob04 @stevenallerkamp
moshatedtabuu - handsumjimmy - firstdownfantasy - aguirrej59 -
βš½πŸ‘‹ #TeamRomo
teamromo -
hodei_sanchez - tiiitiiina9__ - basto_julen - sofia_1599 -
#teamromo #cowboysnation
teamromo - cowboysnation -
kristaskywalker : @krazyheaven22
jag_dc4l - ghetto_nerd81 - thelockerboy -
Romo having a great time at the game #TonyRomo #TeamRomo
tonyromo - teamromo -
jmike187 - sassycowboysgirl - purplegrey89 - jaalvarez10 -
Just came in . #teamRomo #Romo #sf #sanfrancisco
giants - teamromo - sanfrancisco - romo - sf - sfgiants -
_joseromo : #giants #sfgiants
thegreatwango - _karlaaromo - stephanyyyyyyyyyyy - isabellafelix1 -
Who supports our QB?? #InRomoITrust
inromoitrust - dcinspiration -
derekmckeown68 : Me!
writingcat : me!! #ILoveTonyRomo
_br4nd0n_ : Is gay
branch6085 : I do
allcowboyseverything : Clean edit man I like this!
mastertino117 : I do!! #InRomoITrust
americas_team : #DCInspiration
johnthegiraffe : Dallas sux #flyeaglesfly
da.kr3w - c_smith2323 - deekdesigns - troytroy112 -
You ain't got the answers BRON #kanyevoice @reggiedwayne @twostarwade @gee_whiz_2 #otherheatfans #bums
kanyevoice - teamromo - bums - otherheatfans -
courtesyofsweetj : @reggiedwayne lmfao d wade been nonexistent
david_mc90 : @courtesyofsweetj @dm0ney2012 d money. What's your synopsis?
reggieshanks : I resorted to watching Orange is the new Black with my girl. Smdh
david_mc90 : @reggiedwayne I resorted back to playing FIFA. Just awaiting my time to talk my shit when the cowboys start busting ass in 3 months. #teamromo
courtesyofsweetj : Me to Heat fan: what happened "Heat Fan": Imma bron fan anyways soooo
dm0ney2012 : Heat needed wade n bosh to hoop all series, along with at least 2 role players each game. Spurs wanted this too badly. Heat look shook!! Leonard finals MVP
cpswain : Lmao! @david_mc90
david_mc90 : @reggiedwayne I'm low key mad that Greg Oden got paid to attend playoff and finals games. Shit pay me 50k I'll give you the same production.
ashley_longoria - krobled - ladybug_bleu - cadehne -
#beerolympics #teamromo @niseytuttle @lghtguy @tylertb18 @tuttlea457
beerolympics - teamromo -
niseytuttle - brubag -
#teamromo @niseytuttle
teamromo -
niseytuttle : #makemommaproud
niseytuttle -
#beerolympics #teamromo @more_on_cestaro @lghtguy @niseytuttle @tylertb18
beerolympics - teamromo -
brubag - teresamigliore -
#TEAMROMO #CaptainRomo #CaptainCowboy #TEAMCOWBOYS #CowboysNation #DallasCowboys #DallasCowboysPix #DCP #DC4L
dc4l - dallascowboyspix - tonyromo - teamcowboys - sportsposters - 9 - teamromo - cowboysnation - dallascowboys - captaincowboy - captainromo - dcp -
dallascowboyspix : #TonyRomo #9
dallascowboyspix : @sportsposters #SportsPosters
ayiro : #GOCOWBOYS
mrbilldabarber : That's my DOG! Romo
souljagal29 : I'll be a #CowboysFan til the day I Die but I'm sorry Romo not so much him and Jerry rack my nerves so bad!!!!! Hopefully this season Jerry will sit his old ass there and keep his two cents to himself and we can win more the 8 games #ijs
cb_photography77 : Romo is the man, a beast.
espinoza_sosa - romanouskie - cowboys_jr - skylynnferrel -
blue squad !πŸ”· 2nd place πŸ˜’ (3-1) #teamromo
teamromo -
sydneynewman_ : Tbh idk you rate:9
taylor.nicoole : get it^
coke.aine - nicolette_thatsme - timothychavira - phillipayyye_ -
BLUUUUUE SQUAAAAD!!! #TeamRomo@dallascowboys facility today for football thanks for an amazing experience🏈
teamromo -
its_disney_world - tristannnnn_ - callmeclutch21 - match_vapor -
You can't say you didn't see me! Lol πŸ˜‚ keeping it πŸ’― took me longer then I wanted but I finished this stage in school and am ready for the next stage of my life. #teammely #teamRomo #graduation #growingup #gold #blue #blessed #blessing #struggle #strength #developing #tomorrow #classof2014 #lahc
blue - growingup - strength - teammely - gold - developing - blessing - blessed - graduation - teamromo - struggle - classof2014 - lahc - tomorrow -
ponce112 - roxstar1984 - mavel22 - bclove22 -
Romo giving some advice to the campers today #TonyRomo #TeamRomo #DallasCowboys #WordsofWisdomfromRomo #AdviceonFootball
adviceonfootball - tonyromo - teamromo - dallascowboys - wordsofwisdomfromromo -
z.doug : @_adrian_thomas
unitedbythebluestar - ejflores90 - dc_flagrunner - luckeej86 -
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