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Took first place in the girls 11-12 years old and a medal for the highest score for the girls with 14 points good job baby girl #teammikayla#
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Thankful for the time we shared ❤️ #teammikayla
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We need to pray together, for Mikayla, and all of her family! It's so very important! That's the only thing we can do. God is in control. "I can pray, until the walls fall down, until there's healing all around, that's something I can do!" #dontstoppraying #teammikayla
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I will never forget the sound of your voice, the way you walk, your gorgeous smile, your love for pictures which I am very thankful, and most importantly the way you loved with your whole heart. I will forever regret letting our friendship grow apart. I hope you know I love you, Mikayla, and I always will. I have so many memories of us that I will hold close. #TeamMikayla
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If it's one thing for sure, god has taught me to never take another single day in life for granted. Heaven gained one extremely strong girl today. If everyone could please continue to pray for her family, Kurt and his family, as well as her sweet little girl. They need the most prayers right now. #rip #prayers #teammikayla
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Doesn't even feel real, rest in peace Mikayla. ❤️ #teammikayla
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keep fighting beautiful 💜 please keep praying for Mikayla and her family #teammikayla
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Pray for mikayla 🙏🏻 #teammikayla
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Keep Mikalya and her family in each and everyone's prayers. Keep fighting Mikalya. Do not give up. You have so much here. You have so many people who love you. Keep fighting and stay strong. #TeamMikayla
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kai.ul : thank you
itzaustin18 : No problem Kyle. If you, your mom, or any of your family needs anything. Don't hesitate to ask. @kai.ul
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I know you can make it thorough this mikayla,be strong for your little girl! Please keep mikayla and her family in your prayer please this girl is a wonderful person and a wonderful mother to little Payton.I believe in miracles and I pray that a miracle happens here,I have know you along time and this world would be totally differemt without you please keep her in your prayers🙏 #teammikayla #keepfighting #staystrong #praying #repost #youcandothis #weneedamiracle
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nutty_bunch356 : What happened?
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Survivor Malaysia Finale Tomorrow @ 6:00 PM EST. Six castaways are left! Are you #TeamMikayla #TeamWes #TeamJeremy #TeamJon #TeamKass or #TeamBrenda
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liz.eastin10 : #TeamWes #TeamJon #TeamKass : #teambrenda duh
danielopez1396 : #teamjon #teamkass
realitycoven : I have fans slay
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Just cause you never know how generous people out there are 😄 #teammikayla #skydive #skydiveforcharity #teammikayla16skydive #feelinghopeful #dreampraymiraclesalltheway
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CHOOSE YOUR SIDE Musers : @thetheylovearii @beingmikaylabannon Song : R.I.C.O - #ariisarmy #teammikayla #dontjudgechallenge
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chill.hipster : Arii
babygirlcey : Arii
zxrxmx_78 : Arii
queen_mia_rose : Arii
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You are enough as you are🌞🌌
jaylinrose11 : Oh my lord
kevyn_2k : What's ur snap?
white_girly_36 : It that boy Cole wants boob pics
_vonni : Actually I do 😩😍 ^
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#teamMikayla #Cousins #Daddy'sGirl
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If you're the praying type, if you're the in my thoughts type, if you believe in sending positive vibes, please do so for my special little friend Mikayla. I had the pleasure of meeting her and her adorable family and her father texted me and informed me her condition has worsened over the past few days. Thank you. #teammikayla #prayers #goodvibes #positivity #cancersucks
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mon.moran : All of the good vibes to her
aleighcat_ : @mon.moran my heart hurts very much for them ):
mumby61 : Prayers for this sweet girl!
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#teamMikayla @lovin_life1225
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rickchef : Hey Ronnie @ron.rhonda.3
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#teammikayla 😪💙🎀
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itsbri_yoo : What? @babygirl_amy143
babygirl_amy143 : Where are you in the stunts
itsbri_yoo : Backspot @babygirl_amy143
babygirl_amy143 : Ooooo cool
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#teammikayla 💟
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ashtonnicole_21 : Love love you ❤️
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GNR the mutha #teammikayla #inspirtaion #proudaughter #family 💞
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The baby cousins both won their soccer games. #TeamGabe #TeamMikayla
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Miss Texas USA!! Congratulations @daniellardzz !! Thank you @flawlessbyamin @lalaalss what a great day!! @_mickey.c_ looked Amazing!! #roadtotexasteen #teammikayla #flawlessbyamin #roadtoteenusa #pinkpearls #macduggal #gorgeousdress @macduggal #socute #teendream
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jennlester132 : Beautiful
nursechilds : Thank you @jennlester132 !! @lololester was so Beautiful and so Loved!!! We love you and your family!! God has great plans for LoLo!! Her attitude is Infectious!! She is Amazing!!!
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Can't wait for November!!! I'm competing as your Miss Friendswood Teen USA for the Miss Texas Teen USA title!!! 👑 #WATCHOUT #TeamMikayla #TeamFriendswood #blessed #superexcited!! ❤️💋
teammikayla - teamfriendswood - blessed - superexcited - watchout -
jennlester132 : Gorgeous!
cara_wortman : 😍😍😍😍 beautiful af
afkdave : You are a superstar M.
brittany_babeee10 : Congrats Girl!😝 Ur Gorg!!!❤️
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@_mickey.c_ Miss Friendswood Teen USA 2016 Competing November 28-29, 2016 Road to Miss Texas Teen 2016 #teammikayla #roadtotexasteen #roadtoteenusa
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Hey everyone! It's Mikayla from Blood VS Water, and I'm back bitches! It feels wonderful! Going into BvW last season I was really afraid people would hate me, but it turned out to be just the opposite. I mean I'm sitting here about to go renter the game because of those people that supported and cheered me on last season. Most Excited: So! Last season she was playing an amazing game up until her accident which caused her to be medically evacuated. Now that she is better and ready to play again I'm so excited to see how she does. Least Excited: Candice. She has a really bad reputation on being a huge flipper, and that could be a big problem when it comes to actually playing the game with her. This cast is exactly what an Allstars cast should look like. It is full of people that know what they are doing and here to play this game. Obviously this will effect my gameplay because I will never get to just sit back and watch it happen. I have to be on alert 24/7 because with a cast like this one the game can turn upside down in a matter of seconds. I could either be seen as being unworthy of being here, and be a really early pre merge boot. Or the opposite could happen, and people won't take me seriously and I'll be able to successfully make it to merge. What I do know I'm going to do is fight no matter what to make sure that I make it to merge. I'd probably have to say Andrea. She's the only person here that's won the game twice, and that's going to make a lot of people gun for here because she obviously has the skills to win the game. There are quite a few things that I've learned from my first season. One of them being like I said to not put all of my eggs into one basket, I have to branch out and make sure that I can rely on more then one person. In all I've learned so much, and it has 100% made me a better competitor! I do feel that I have what it takes to win! If I didn't think I could i wouldn't be here right now! I am going to fight with every last ounce of myself to make sure that I win this game! Once again thank you all for giving me a second chance! I'm here to play bitches, and you a better be watching out for me! #TeamMikayla ❤️
teammikayla -
survivor.devil : @_queen57 such a quene
slay.baylor : win this @_queen57
_queen57 : I'll try @slay.baylor ❤️
slay.baylor : i wish I couldve been more active and played by your side last season. @_queen57
survivor.devil - realityrevenge - _queen57 -
Fight night at celebrity theatre was dope! Katie getting a fist bump when our girl was walking out! #teammikayla
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808_beachmom - princessjme602 - s.nasri_11 - islegirl808 -
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