#6 #longmonths #sinceyouvebeengone #imissyou #loveyou #lilcuzo #rip #mariahboucher #teammb #20 :,(
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I AM HUNGRY FOR THIS!!! #12wbt #30pluscrew #teammb #spartantraining #spartanraceau #ocr #biggoalscomingmyway #watchthisspace #startsmonday #bringiton
12wbt - startsmonday - 30pluscrew - watchthisspace - spartantraining - bringiton - biggoalscomingmyway - teammb - spartanraceau - ocr -
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Today for lunch I had a smoked salmon open sandwich. If you haven't tried the Jamie Oliver 'Orange & Black Pepper' variety, I suggest you do. OHH. EMM. GEE. #12wbt #12wbthappy #12wbtlunch #teammb #tellmish #jamieoliversmokedsalmon #jamieoliver
12wbtlunch - tellmish - teammb - 12wbt - jamieoliver - 12wbthappy - jamieoliversmokedsalmon -
cafferomasydney : Buono!
run_jen - cjclarky75 - knuckles25 - motherofbarry -
Today's BodyAttack. Only 40mins of class as my boys were going for a swimming lesson trial this morning. Best thing was knowing I only had 40mins so it put in an epic effort. Like it @schmediad ☺️#12wbt #sss #teammb #30pluscrew #lesmills #bodyattack #workout #spartantraining #redface
30pluscrew - workout - 12wbt - spartantraining - sss - lesmills - bodyattack - teammb - redface -
micheymoo : How'd the swimming trial go???
schmediad : Wow, you still managed an epic 500 calories?! Love!! #bodyattack #sprintswork
one_good_decision - pure_virgin_products - schmediad - officialneil -
Thank you 12WBT for introducing Woolworths Online Shopping to the October Round!!!!! Soooooo impressed πŸ˜πŸ‘πŸ‘ #12wbt #12wbthappy #12wbtonlinegroceryshopping #teammb #tellmish #mishbridges
mishbridges - tellmish - teammb - 12wbtonlinegroceryshopping - 12wbt - 12wbthappy -
clairad : My housemate and I actually hi-fived each other. Such a smart business decision from both 12WBT and Woolies too. Everyone wins.
motherofbarry : @e_milyj_ayne I started online shopping (with Coles) last week and I will NEVER go back to schlepping it at the supermarket again!! I save $$ and spend the time with my personal trainer instead πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™
e_milyj_ayne : Schlepping....haha love it! I love having my own personal shopper now if I do say so myself @motherofbarry πŸ˜‹
charlierowe88 : Do you have to be signed up to the round, @e_milyj_ayne ?
debsg77 : @e_milyj_ayne I am considering joining up again...question?? Do the menu plans have a drop down box to change the recipes from 2 people to 1? I did it years ago and found this a big pain to have to work out manually
e_milyj_ayne : Hi there @charlierowe88 - The advantage of being signed up to the October round is that now all I have to do is click and select my menu plans. The shopping list contents go directly to my Woolworths online shopping cart. I then select what time suits me to have them delivered to my door (or pickup from the supermarket). This was my first ever online grocery shop with Woolworths and it certainly won't be my last πŸ˜„
e_milyj_ayne : Hi @debsg77 - yes they now have the 'How many' option - Cooking for 1 or Cooking for 2 😊
alli_irvine : Oh I absolutely love that five:am granola at the moment.
one_good_decision - madi1310 - pure_virgin_products - hippedsmile -
Nothing tastes better than 12WBT Buttermilk Pancakes cooked by my 11 year old son πŸ˜πŸ΄πŸ’– #12wbt #12wbthappy #12wbtbreakfast #tellmish #teammb #buttermilkpancakes
tellmish - 12wbtbreakfast - teammb - 12wbt - buttermilkpancakes - 12wbthappy -
jessg12wbt : So pretty 🌸
e_milyj_ayne : Thanks Jess! Hope you are getting thoroughly spoilt on your birthday πŸ˜„ @jessg12wbt
jessg12wbt : Technically not my bday till tomorrow πŸ˜€. The other half is taking my shopping today for a new polar HRM seeing as the one I got was a dud! And family dinner tonight at the local tavern. Then catch up for morning tea with my friends tomorrow @e_milyj_ayne
joanadfmartins : Love it! Well done Austin!!
donna_marie83 - motherofbarry - creative_style_hub - mezziewezzie -
Parabéns Mike! Campeão Santa Catarina Pro! #TeamMB #surf
teammb - surf -
marcelopinson : πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
icaroronchi : Iradoooooooo.... Boa @michael.rodrigues
arturhaubert : @mbsurfboards , sempre fazendo seus atletas chegarem no topo. Irado Parabéns
soaresreis : @michael.rodrigues caralhoooo, parabensss broow !! πŸ‘ŠπŸ‘Š
brulher88 : The mask magic @michael.rodrigues
edumoraes_ : @michael.rodrigues @mbsurfboards Parabéns pela conquista! Vcs merecem!! Abs.
mayconsilveiraa : πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
juliettromeo : Good shot!
m_giorgi - maauli - mayconsilveiraa - lukascaetano_04 -
Repost from @mishbridges What a privilege to be awarded this last night by my industry @Fitnessorgau I'm humbled to be amongst those who have been awarded this before me and will continue to inspire Australians to be the best version of themselves. Thank you! #austfitnessindust #rollofhonour #teamMB #12WBT #dreamcometrue xxx
teammb - austfitnessindust - 12wbt - dreamcometrue - rollofhonour -
nourished_brisbane : Well done @mishbridges !!! Such an inspiration
zuzivilla : πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘ŠπŸƒπŸ΄πŸ˜‰
sharonneishpt - jessyb1985 - nourished_brisbane -
What a privilege to be awarded this last night by my industry @Fitnessorgau I'm humbled to be amongst those who have been awarded this before me and will continue to inspire Australians to be the best version of themselves. Thank you! #austfitnessindust #rollofhonour #teamMB #12WBT #dreamcometrue xxx
teammb - austfitnessindust - 12wbt - dreamcometrue - rollofhonour -
donna_marie83 : Congratulations so very well deserved. You have changed our life's forever πŸ’—
taniaheyrick : Congratulations you work very hard and inspire so many peopleπŸ’•
julieeeeeee_f : So well deserved for all that you do @mishbridges 😍😍😍
fitnessorgau : Congratulations @mishbridges
manola_12wbt : Congratulations Mish ! A true model of someone who lives there life with integrity and empowers others !! @mishbridges πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
lil_gee_whizzard : Hey all! Please click the link in my bio and check out our sweet cause, it'll take 40 seconds. Thanks! :D #DaretobeBrave #DareforaDerriere
mikeandwendysmith : Congrats well deserved. x
alexkorsch : Congrats mish well deserved
daniellegascoyne1 - hazelb4 - dialabarsoum - kateh6696 -
Be on the lookout for the short film "Loves Gonna Getcha" starring : Angela Perry Smith, Krystal Michelle, Michael MB Boyd and Seddy Sed as Judge Viagra. Written and Produced by : Seddy Sed Directed by : Michael MB Boyd Film about HIV / Aids awareness. #wrapitup #lifeistovaluable #anoughsed #teamMB
teammb - anoughsed - wrapitup - lifeistovaluable -
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Be Ware of the Smoke and Mirrors... @anoughsed #insider #teamMB
teammb - insider -
anoughsed : @mboyd77 I guess that's where the rubber meets the road huh.! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
mboyd77 : @anoughsed you bet your azz
anoughsed : @mboyd77 I'll bet a few dollars but not my azz.!
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#shetyaface #teamMB
teammb - shetyaface -
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Bad like Miiiiiichael... #stageislife #dontbelievemejustwatch #teamMB
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Even in the cartoon my nose and forehead is on swole.. lol. #embraceyourinsecurities #laughatlife #teamMB
teammb - laughatlife - embraceyourinsecurities -
alwayzhislady - ms_tidy - fugginamazin - pieces_of_trice -
997.5 - CM997NUP - Walk Like Kanye - πŸ“· thx to @rivorivola
997 - sneakerplay - waywt - nbgallery - kickstagram - 998 - sadp - instakicks - japanonly - japan - kanye - vsco - shoefie - united - thosenbs - wivah - west - arrows - solecollector - igsneakercommunity - crookedtongues - teammb - new - wdywt - balance -
sandroloco : #new #balance #997 #998 #united #arrows #nbgallery #wdywt #waywt #wivah #igsneakercommunity #teammb #thosenbs #vsco #kickstagram #sadp #shoefie #instakicks #solecollector #crookedtongues #sneakerplay #kanye #west #japan #japanonly
felix_habitus : banger!
monoloc0 : supergerät
pablo951 : Strüboooo
biggdj : πŸ’ͺ
sandroloco : merci guys πŸ‘ @felix_habitus @monoloc0 @pablo951 @biggdj
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I think I deserve a gin or 5! What a fabulous night w/ my amazing #TeamMB. Are flats on a Friday fashion faux pas? Nahhhhhh 🍸 #ANightWithMura
teammb - anightwithmura -
kaylacrosswelll : You are seriously the πŸ’£
theluxuriante : πŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ
caseyhillan : Where is your skirt from Jan? xx
jkeks : It from @theiconicau - @caseyhillan xx
jkeks : Kayla. Go back to sleep @kaylacrosswelll
courtneytoua : πŸ‘ŒπŸ˜Ž
amynobbs : Looking so skinny Janet!!
jkeks : Mate, so sweet but the blazer is just super flattering and according to some glossy mag crossing your legs makes you look taller and therefore slimmer πŸ˜‰ @amynobbs
kiarnemaree - tanishagordon - huch_93 - vonnylowndes -
My 12WBT journey continues. Very happy with the new online shopping option. Next weeks groceries are arriving tomorrow am - gotta love that! Thanks 12WBT!!! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ˜ƒπŸ“πŸŒ½πŸŒπŸŽπŸ‡πŸ #12wbt #12wbthappy #12wbtoctoberround2014 #12wbtoctober #tellmish #teammb
12wbtoctober - tellmish - teammb - 12wbtoctoberround2014 - 12wbt - 12wbthappy - : Did it end up more expensive than selecting your own options do you think? @e_milyj_ayne
clairad : What program are you doing?
e_milyj_ayne : Hi 😊 This is my first time ordering my groceries online so it will be interesting to see if I am still continuing with this service at the end of the round. I like the fact that it saves me time going to the supermarket. It will reduce my impulse buys and the delivery fee for the first 3 online orders are free (bonus)! The disadvantages to online ordering is that I am trusting another shopper to select the fresh produce and meat. I found that there were a number of items listed on the shopping list that I already had. Make sure you double check and delete items you already have stocked in your pantry...Overall I think it was slightly more expensive but a small price to pay for a fuss-free shopping and delivery experience πŸ‘πŸ“πŸ‰πŸ‡
e_milyj_ayne : Hi @clairad - how r u? I loved the 10km running program last round so I am continuing on with that program. My goal this round is to sign up for as many fun runs as possible. They are great motivation for me and they help me reach my goals πŸ˜€πŸ‘Ÿ
clairad : Hey 😊 I have loved the 10km to so I'm nervously going to have a crack at the half marathon but we will see how my knees hold out .. I've been actually loving the longer distances! @e_milyj_ayne
clairad : I've signed up for my first run in four years (12km trail) and I'll do any others that turn too 😊 @e_milyj_ayne
e_milyj_ayne : Lol funny you say that becoz I too have enjoyed 10km runs but I am a abit of a wuss......could I actually complete a half marathon??...maybe it's time I stepped up and JFDI 😜 Good luck with your trail run - they are such a rewarding experience!
han12wbt - sharon_730_12wbt - lessofleah - shereevdm -
Must admit, I was a little worried as to how this meal would taste, but it's absolutely DELICIOUS!! My favourite pizza by far!! πŸ‘Œβ€οΈ
love - food - loveit - cleaneating - fightforwhatyouwant - michellebridges - delicious - healthyeating - happiness - perfect - healthypizza - fit - healthy - 12wbt - weightloss - yum - fitlifestyle - happydays - fitness - teammb - michellebridges12wbt - pizza - happy -
kaylaa005 : #pizza #healthy #healthyeating #love #loveit #delicious #perfect #michellebridges #michellebridges12wbt #12wbt #weightloss #happy #happiness #happydays #cleaneating #fit #fitlifestyle #fitness #fightforwhatyouwant #healthypizza #teammb #food #yum
mistyshep4 : Very cool!
sally_12wbt : Great photo this was so yummy! Did you find it really filling? @kaylaa005
kaylaa005 : @sally_12wbt yeah I was soo full afterwards!! I was a little scared if it was going to taste any good or not, but I actually found it had such a light, fresh taste in comparison to soggy pizza covered in dripping cheese!! Hahahaha. However yes, feeling nice and full after a delicious meal!! :) how about you?
sally_12wbt : Yes I agree very filling and very yummy! I was surprised how much there was @kaylaa005 I agree better than oily pizza 😊
shezwynn - jasminevernier - sally_12wbt - fitlife.2 -
Who needs frozen yoghurt full of sugar when you can make this!!!! Yummmmm!! Best $$ ever spent!! Frozen bananas and strawberries and nothing else!! Mmmmmmm!! Sooooooo good!! Yonanas FTW!!! #12wbt #30pluscrew #teammb #frozen #yummy #spartantraining #fitnessfirstau #fftrp #yonanas #banana #strawberry
fftrp - yummy - fitnessfirstau - strawberry - frozen - 12wbt - spartantraining - 30pluscrew - teammb - yonanas - banana -
fluro_ninja_workinprogress : Yonanas is the #bombdiggity
allforgain : I want one! So wish I didn't live in a dorm.
itsyonanas : We are so happy you are enjoying your yonanas! 
kirky91170 - super.gentile2015 - jill_t76 - myfitnessadventure2014 -
Tonight's work snacks are brought to you by the letter 'B'. Blueberries and beans!! #12wbt #30pluscrew #teammb #snacks
30pluscrew - teammb - 12wbt - snacks -
micheymoo : Ha!! Got you addicted to beans already!!! That didn't take much effort at all!! πŸ‘πŸ˜‰πŸ˜ƒ
balance_happy_mum : πŸ’• blueberries yum beans not so much but do prefer them raw πŸ’•
celticbanshee29 - melmum73 - lifeafter_40 - alexkorsch -
Today's efforts. BodyAttack followed by BodyPump. Didn't do the squat track in pump because of my knee so it could have been higher. Highest burn for BodyAttack ever so that's pretty epic! Was a great workout today and enjoyed it!! Love upping the training. Now just have to tell the brain to not eat the 1000cals burnt otherwise my hard work is all wasted. #12wbt #teammb #30pluscrew #diecaloriesdie #doms #domsfordays #fitnessfirstau #fitness #fftrp #ffnewyou #spartantraining #sweaty #ocr #ocrmums #yeahbaby
diecaloriesdie - fftrp - yeahbaby - fitnessfirstau - 30pluscrew - domsfordays - 12wbt - spartantraining - sweaty - ocr - fitness - teammb - doms - ocrmums - ffnewyou -
sergzs : Was it the highest burn on Attack ever because you wanted to show off to the new instructor? :)
mojodazzler : Hah nooo @sergzs he's good but he's not you!!! ☺️ was in a zone this morning and have been all week. Come back on a Thursday and you'll see πŸ˜‰
zuzivilla : I like your photos 😊✌️
bellem20 - brigeylouise - spartanedge - micheymoo -
Tuesdays cycle class with @debstar19 holy shitballs! It was epic!! Totally took it to another level on Tuesday and felt it too. Haven't been that green in awhile after a class hahaha πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ love it!! #12wbt #30pluscrew #teammb #cycle #legsweresmashed #domsfordays #diecaloriesdie #spartantraining #green #fitnessfirstau #fftrp #ffnewyou
diecaloriesdie - fftrp - legsweresmashed - fitnessfirstau - 30pluscrew - domsfordays - 12wbt - spartantraining - green - teammb - ffnewyou - cycle -
mojodazzler : Oh and the heartrate thing! Don't worry it was just a little spike apparently and nothing too concerning. I had a chat with someone today and they said it can happen sometimes when you're pushing hard. It was only a very short spike on the map so it's all good.
balance_happy_mum : I nearly died when I saw the 249 wow ❀️ glad it was a blip πŸ˜„πŸ˜„
jordanelburn : πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Š
one_good_decision - tb66days - runningcales - brigeylouise -
My #spartanraceau sprint stats from Saturday 11.10. Official time 3hrs 32secs, 240 burpees, 1,769 calories burnt. EPIC day!! Looking at possibly trying for a double trifecta next year and am ready to see how far I can push myself to get it!! Watch this space #12wbt #30pluscrew #teammb #spartantraining #spartanraceau #spartanrace #sydneysprint #trifectanextyear #aroo
sydneysprint - spartanrace - trifectanextyear - 30pluscrew - 12wbt - spartantraining - teammb - spartanraceau - aroo -
sarahking1110 : That looked good until I saw the burpee count. Hmmm may be not for me.
1979_commandrew - panxho14 - highexistencetraining - micheymoo -
Catching up on my ig posts. This was a run I did on wed 08.10, just trying to get out there and run a bit. My head hates running and stops me every time before I even get out the door. I don't mind running and actually kind of enjoy it when I'm out there doing it but it's so hard to start which is why I don't do it as often as I could. Trying to change this and embrace the running. #12wbt #30pluscrew #teammb #running #spartantraining #garmin #vivofit #runtastic
30pluscrew - 12wbt - spartantraining - runtastic - vivofit - running - teammb - garmin -
triserg : Nice pic :)
e_milyj_ayne - clairad - ahomiho777 - micheymoo -
#posterdansleblockp #blitousladalle2 # hechekoum #biento #snapblock #teamMb
teammb - posterdansleblockp - blitousladalle2 - biento - snapblock -
bliz_zoo : #sabougepas
slhnhr : #HECHEKOUM
rdraach : Biento biento
bliz_zoo - julietteboureau - slhnhr - sezergorgulu -
Made some treats for my favourite people πŸ™Š #teammb
teammb -
jkeks : The key to my heart!!
jkeks : Neither is Kezz... I dibs too 😜 @kaylacrosswelll
philippacoulton : It's a tough life, always missing out on the treats πŸ˜… I'll make some for everyone one day!
hollyldaniels123 : Haha you guys can fight over Chantelle's πŸ˜‰ also, they're red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese/white choc icing 😊 I just need a bigger muffin tray so they don't squish this time hahah @kaylacrosswelll @jkeks
hollyldaniels123 : Shanelle*
kerrymiles : You big cutie!! 😍 @hollyldaniels123 I love them!! Hands off @jkeks I'll be in later haha
jkeks : Noooooooooo @kerrymiles
hollyldaniels123 : Haha you can have the team mb one @jkeks πŸ˜‰
jkeks - _lula - nessp - rochellecollison -
Making Michelle Bridges ANZAC biscuits whilst babysitting my 2 year old cousin! Yummo 😍 #12wbt #michellebridges #mishbridges #teammb #mb
teammb - 12wbt - mishbridges - michellebridges - mb -
one_good_decision - laurelperry07 - mytimetobehealthy - kim_maree -
Didn't feel like much for dinner so made the 12WBT Bean and Freekeh Salad....Fricken delicious! I had some broad beans in the freezer so substituted them for the Edamame beans. Where does everyone get their Edamame beans from??? #12wbt #12wbthappy #12wbtdinner #12wbtmelbourne #teamMB #mishbridges
mishbridges - 12wbtdinner - teammb - 12wbt - 12wbtmelbourne - 12wbthappy -
sharon_730_12wbt : I could only think from Asian supermarkets, or specialty fruit shops. If already cooked from a sushi place.
e_milyj_ayne : Good thinking 99 @sharon_730_12wbt - thanks! 😊
nadinembarnes : I got a big bag at Costco
e_milyj_ayne : Thanks @nadinembarnes πŸ˜‰
sammiemoon1 - jessyb1985 - knuckles25 - motherofbarry -
Δ°ste takimin krali! Tum Turkiye bolgemiz,14 Dev adam bizizπŸ˜” #teammb #turkey #istanbul #meeting #turkcell #maltepeplaza
turkey - istanbul - meeting - teammb - turkcell - maltepeplaza -
dygcrv : πŸ™
usarigollu : Can abi bekliyoruz :)
coskunince - brkemreylmz - senay_gultekin - oyasvr -
Cute family photo of half the wolf pack! #teamMB
teammb -
amylynairepedersen - mattycsloan - kazninos - kiwi_sunshine -
Meat team MB! #mountainbuggy #teamMB #wolfpack
teammb - wolfpack - mountainbuggy -
mountain_buggy : Whoops! *meet team MB!
ignitethiscityair : Hiiiii πŸ˜€
tootiish : Hiiii! πŸ‘‹
mountain_buggy : Hi @ignitethiscityair and @tootiish nice to virtually meet you both! Xx
ebee333 - cris10_casados - babybootcampmckinney - tursunov -
Rice Crackers & Salsa 115cals #12wbt #12WeekBodyTransformation #thirtypluscrew #michellebridges #teamMB
teammb - 12weekbodytransformation - 12wbt - thirtypluscrew - michellebridges -
saries12wbt : One of my favs
protein_up : You have great photos, looking good
one_good_decision : Oh totally @saries12wbt sometimes I have avo with a bit of salt and pepper or cheese- I'm a big rice cracker fan, they're so filling!!!
one_good_decision : Thanks @protein_up :)
danieljl999 : Great idea. Healthy snack. Wouldn't mind that right now!
one_good_decision : So yum @racingd999 I recommend using a medium salsa for a bit of an extra kick! πŸ˜€
danieljl999 : Done!!!! @one_good_decision πŸͺ
danieljl999 - kira12wbt - protein_up - zuzivilla -
LUNCH- #AsianCabbageSalad #cabbage #shallots #almonds #friednoodles #soysauce #brownsugar #delicious #salad #nutrition #cleaneating #foodporn #mealforameal #weightloss #gooddecisions #12wbt #michellebridges #teamMB #12WeekBodyTransformation
nutrition - friednoodles - asiancabbagesalad - foodporn - cleaneating - almonds - michellebridges - shallots - gooddecisions - cabbage - mealforameal - soysauce - salad - 12wbt - brownsugar - weightloss - delicious - teammb - 12weekbodytransformation -
motivationalquotestbh : Cool picture! If you like Food you should definately check out @Delicioustbh
gperrot89 - bodyundercontruction - healthierlisa_ww - petrina_jr -
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