A Lil muscles never hurt anybody...Ladies don't be afraid to gain a lil muscle...Muscles are SEXY!πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ #TeamNoWaist #WaistTraining #TeamJuicyBooty 😜
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lovebrandij : @trevorallstargoodworth lol...New Orleans!
trevorallstargoodworth : @lovebrandij I Will fly you in ANYDAY ✈️✈️✈️✈️✈️✈️✈️✈️
lovebrandij : @trevorallstargoodworth I'll definitely keep you in mind when i need another vaca..πŸ‘πŸ‘
trevorallstargoodworth : @lovebrandij PLZZ Do
harness57 : Sexy @lovebrandij
meditarantino : Sexy
lovebrandij : @meditarantino Thnx!😊
kinvel_ : Shit real in the field
katstjohnitsme - tre_beamontthatruth - meditarantino - nard31 -
Nelleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee...Aka Mr Turn up!
teamnoboobs - teamjuicybooty -
kerry_kissmeteet : #teamnoboobs #teamjuicybooty I ain't wake up like this... I do my eye brows every morning 😭
princesspandora_ : You so crazy lol
_yesenia : My cousin
kerry_kissmeteet : Lol @_yesenia
hopemarie.morton : You are so silly & you do your eyebrows very wellπŸ‘πŸ˜š
ht_smokeyyb - simplymoet_general - gnswheels - jdmspoogy -
Happy birthday Sammi!! Omg I can't believe your 15!! You are the most flexible person I have ever meet and I love you sooo much and I'm so glad that I have you in my life you are super pretty like beyond gorgeous I miss you do much I hope we get to hang soon if we can't happy birthday and I'm not just saying happy birthday I truly mean it! You are seriously like a sister to me and I love you so much and your form is always so flawless 😘😍😘😍 I'm really proud of you for winning floor at state!! Love you to death and thank you soo much for being there for me when I needed you and our inside jokes #teamjuicybooty #twerkteam it's spelled like twerk with a w and #meetstics #youbiiiiiiiiigggggg we'll happy birthday!!
meetstics - youbiiiiiiiiigggggg - teamjuicybooty - twerkteam -
_stayy_cloudi_ : Yup
sammixsosa : Thanks so much!! I love this:3 love you
mayzie_tshihamba : @nastix30 thanks!! I miss you when are we going to hang
sammixsosa : Idk but at least may 31st:)
mayzie_tshihamba : @nastix30 yay!! Txt me what you want!!
sammixsosa : I dont even knowXD
ninah2020 : Tbh ur one of my besties. Ur pretty and funny and nice rate 9.6 ily πŸ’›πŸ’™πŸ’œ
mayzie_tshihamba : @ninah2020 awwww thanks So much!!
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Somebody tell Summer I'm coming for her!!! #TeamFitness #TeamNoWaist #TeamJuicyBooty #WaistTraining
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lovebrandij : @co_bridetobe lol...Thanks chic...Congrads on your engagement!!! I'm so happy for you and Co...#RealLove
lovebrandij : @bruceweezy...Thanks hun!
darealfemalehustler : @lovebrandij I'm ready be I need help I mean we lol @nocavities_cantfeelshit11
1dose_addiction : Yess yess i stay ready
lovebrandij : @dabeautiful29 @nocavities_cantfeelshit11 Whatever you ladies need...u know im here to help!!!
darealfemalehustler : @lovebrandij just let us kno we ur off r wat Tyme we dere just don't kill us lol @nocavities_cantfeelshit11
lovebrandij : @dabeautifulone29 i live in Tx now...but I'll be back home soon
darealfemalehustler : Awwwww ok
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Friday Fitness ((( Aerial Yoga)))..Fitness Tip: Ladies, Explore the fitness world...There are so many great FUN workouts to help keep you in shape. #TeamFitness #TeamNoWaist #TeamJuicyBooty
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eyelashgeek : I wanted to try this
lovebrandij : @eyelashgeek Girl you much fun!
cjoh15 : Lol #teamjuicybooty. I swear I love you!!!
lovebrandij : @cjoh15 lol...Love u more babes!!
lovebrandij : @cjoh15 call me
lanrebobo : 😍😍😊
iladya_ : Juss NASTEH!! Lols @lovebrandij
iamchris_7 : Damn
eastsidewhop - 6prodigal_son11 - tony_jermaine -
Gm Ig fam!! If you haven't heard, STRONG & HEALTHY is the new SEXY!!!! Get with it!! #TeamFitness #TeamNoWaist #StraightFlexin #TeamJuicyBooty #WaistTraining
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sipp6831 : Your figure is EVERYTHING! I love seeing your constant progress
wop504 : Beautiful ms b
lovebrandij : @sipp6831 Thank you so much hunni! I β™₯β™₯β™₯β™₯ seeing it as well...its keeps me going. ;)
lovebrandij : @wop504 Thank you boo
notyouraveragetrainer : Check out those guns tho lol
iamsuperdee : Looka dem lil muscles lol
fashionably_yours_nola : Love your look & body!!! :-) I'm working on a activewear segment for FOX8 #FashionFriday. Would love for you to be one of my models. Email me
lovebrandij : @fashionably_yours_nola Oh my God!! YES!!! I would love to. Emailing you now!
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Screaming Happy 30th Birthday to my right hand @meisheee . 20+years and still counting. #DayOneBitches #Dirty30 #QueensShit #NYCParty #TeamAries #TeamJuicyBooty #MyCousinIsBetterThanYours
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nel834 : Happy birthday sunshine @meisheee
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Yay, Tits finally stick out further than my belly!!! Now I gotta work on that flat pack in the back!! Lol #teamgoofball #aworkinprogress #teamjuicybooty
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No #mcm today cause no one worthy and why settle for the un-worthy. So heres to making myself laugh. #90skid #neversettle #laughdaily #keepitgangster #livethelifeyouwant #noregrets #gymhigh #iamwomanhearmeroar #teamnofucksgiven #teamnfg #workinwithsomeass #teamjuicybooty #teamsingle
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kitten_farts : This is fantastic πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
pittiemomma : @alyshaskates made me laugh too :)
tatastpierre : If you wanna laugh, go watch the cat video I posted on my FB
tatastpierre - kitten_farts - roxy_mcsox13 - 19mike95c -
We cute ! #airportboredandhungrylookinglike #weownthedamnplace
gorgeous - teamfierce - teamjuicybooty - airportboredandhungrylookinglike - faboulous - cuteaf - weownthedamnplace -
jessiicaa8 : Ratchet. Lol
_libertad_ : @jessiicaa8 nigga im beautiful #faboulous #gorgeous#cuteaf #teamjuicybooty #teamfierce
jessiicaa8 : Fabulous coco?! Lmao
_libertad_ : Coco is to good for you to mention :0
_libertad_ : @jessiicaa8
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On the run! #samoanbabies
teamjuicybooty - samoanbabies -
jmercadosd : #badonkadonk!
sickbastid : #teamjuicybooty
sheryll430 - paperdoll_artistry - incubus19_mc - r2dmoney -
Fro-yo date with two of my favorite people!!! @oxfordswithheels #redvelvet #colorchangingspoons #ineedtwospoonsobviously #menchies #weirdfaces #ilookridiculous #marylou #teamjuicybooty
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Here's the squat challenge. WHO'S IN!!! #30days #fitness #oct17 #teamjuicybooty #shutupandsquat #doyouevensquat
shutupandsquat - 30days - oct17 - doyouevensquat - fitness - teamjuicybooty -
theamazingdassa : I'm in:-)
yattaaaa_ : I'm in!!
theamazingdassa - gottalove_kerah - hannahgirl0316 - mrshardges2u -
HHAAPPYY BIRTHDAY to this crazy chick...she may act mean but she is secretly the nicest person you Lexy....TURN UP #TEAMJUICYBOOTY #cousin #birthday #15 #ratchet #libra #prettygirl
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lexy_2698 : Thank you chewayne
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Small butts... Who would want that? #teamjuicybooty #officialtwerkteam #misstwerksum
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living_red : Dude color may vary 0.o
sagarragas07 : ANDY BURKS
living_red - brenda.chavero - justineemae -
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