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sweetmeetonlineboutique : Sold out
the_oneandonly_coco - keila9_ -
Headed out with my @theeboutiqueshop dress...
teamcupcakesandvodka -
man_collins : That dress look good on youuu!!
ladyneenee_39 : Your were wearing that dress girl!
beautiful_red_one : @man_collins @ladyneenee_39 ..Thanks!!
beastmodesav : Nice
beautiful_red_one : @beastmodesav ..Thanks
beastmodesav : @beautiful_red_one more than welcome lady ;)
beautiful_red_one : @theeboutiqueshop
beautiful_red_one : #teamcupcakesandvodka
sexiiblaque32 - brock32 - ladyneenee_39 - blocchead_xplosiv600 -
All for me πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’ #teamcupcakesandvodka #dibs #newnew
dibs - newnew - teamcupcakesandvodka -
yendisongbird : The strawberries tho :-) :-)
mrigohard365 : Hey wanted to ask you about customizing fitted's. hit me when you can (954)744-2937
sofunsized - lucyky1282 - roxx_anne1 - vanessanunu -
#teamnomakeup #TeamBeautiful #TeamGap #teamcupcakesandvodka #dmvlesbianz :) Mmmmmuuuuaaaahhhh<3
dmvlesbianz - teamcupcakesandvodka - teambeautiful - teamgap - teamnomakeup -
polomandela : I love yo lips 😘😘😘😍😍
jessicacaldwell : Thanks loviee :) @marcopolomtg
work_frm_phone : Wanna get paid to post pics on Instagram? Follow me to learn more. What could you do with $400-$1000 paid to you every Friday?
realphilthyphil : Wats good tho :)
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PLEASE go to my Boos @meilan_ page and push the LIKE button on her last picture!!! She's in a contest and deserves to WIN!!! #teamcupcakesandvodka #cvgiveaway #theeboutiqueshop πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹
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mmeilan_ : Thaaaaaank u boo
mgarcialopez : Good luck mama's 😘 @meilan_
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#contest #cvgiveaway #giveaway #theeboutiqueshop #teamcupcakesandvodka
cvgiveaway - theeboutiqueshop - giveaway - teamcupcakesandvodka - contest -
kat_melendez : 😱I did the hah tags and everything
sweetbabycay : I think you should set the time back ! I just finished working out and haven't got ready for the night yet !!!!!! πŸ™
bestspot - frannypop35 -
Only a FEW of my favorite pieces πŸ‘— from @theeboutiqueshop @theeboutiqueshop! Must follow now for HOT ⚑ pieces! && LIKE LIKE LIKE πŸ‘Œ my pix so I can win #teamcupcakesandvodka #cvgiveaway #contest #giveaway! #TheeBoutiqueShop Miami, FL → Detroit baby! πŸ’‹πŸ’‹
cvgiveaway - theeboutiqueshop - giveaway - teamcupcakesandvodka - contest -
sofunsized : @allstar_dez @expensiveazza @ashley2red @alwaysmrwrong
dez_upnext : I love it !!
ziggyjones7 : S/o to @sofunsized
luvmonixoxo : VERY Nice! @sofunsized i want them all :-)
5starrnick : Bo$$
famous.chicko : Pretty!!! When you get that in the back of you @sofunsized πŸ˜³πŸ˜‚
rockstarzlifestyle313 : I think I might wife her!!! Lmao too cute!!!
__lifted__ : Oh u a cold piece @sofunsized just like I thought
reggie_jamar - ash2red - thefoodanswer - ziggyjones7 -
Way too gone wtf was I thinking! πŸ˜šπŸ’‹πŸ’€ #turnup #coli
turnup - cvgiveaway - theeboutiqueshop - teamcupcakesandvodka - coli -
pretty.saditty : Cuteeee! This dress I need where its from ?
_smd : Thank you @withlove_shayla, my dress is from @theeboutiqueshop
pretty.saditty : Thankssss loveeee ! We need to be shopping buddysss
_smd : Got my hot dress from @theeboutiqueshop!!! #teamcupcakesandvodka #cvgiveaway #theeboutiqueshop
fierce_fefe313 : Done
theeboutiqueshop : Shout out and post must be on a new post
foreveryoung_kara : Yes my love hott @illustrious_smd
_smd : @yella_isbadd thank you! 😘
m0n3y_m0ntana - smdmaniac - mz_phat01 -
"Style is the way I say who I am without having to speak" #PS_Shanda @theeboutiqueshop
urbanfashion - whorefashion - cvgiveaway - introtofashion101 - instafash808 - ps_shanda - bgki - teamcupcakesandvodka - fashionfashionistas - fashionvictimss - the_newblack - theeboutiqueshop - ootnmagazine -
ps_shanda : Thanks you luv @andfive678
redbonekt : I love ur style oh my gosh, i told yu before i need tips
ps_shanda : Thanks boo... Anytime ! @redbonekt
pradarada : @ps_shanda why I'm here going thru all ur photo must say ur style on point
ps_shanda : Thank you so much.. I try!! ☺😘 @pradarada
pradarada : @ps_shanda np what's ur twitter so we can chat about my next event I like you to attend
ps_shanda : @pradarada its personallystyld
pradarada : @ps_shanda it's not popping up find me @pradarada
prettychoc____ - elsiyahh_239 - sweetheart_alsina - d1nonlyladyt -
Shout out to @kissable_lips rocking the Charcoal Snakeskin dress! #customer #snakeskin #teamcupcakesandvodka #theeboutiqueshop
customer - snakeskin - theeboutiqueshop - teamcupcakesandvodka -
coco_izit : U need a dress for my bday
i.am.shaun.3 : I love her shoes
maeyonni : Or this dress I would really like to buy it
sweet_noswisher - tymissbosslady - _juboyy - whoizkito -
Shout out to @trinivixen1127 rocking the Stormy Ombre bodysuit! #customer #ombre #teamcupcakesandvodka #theeboutiqueshop
customer - theeboutiqueshop - ombre - teamcupcakesandvodka -
omgthatslstar : Yes my hunnie killed it!!!! @trinivixen1127 πŸ‘ŒπŸ˜½
trinivixen1127 : @omgthatslstar you killed it first boo 😘. I swear I'm addicted to @theeboutiqueshop I ordered 3 more dresses for my Miami trip this weekend πŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ”₯πŸ”₯
c_knotttt : @gabp12 will you please wear this ?
g_unit93 : @c_knotttt totally!!!
jessicacaldwell : I wanna buy this ASAP!! @theeboutiqueshop how much?
jessicacaldwell : @trinivixen1127 Girrrl you rockin this and you just made me wanna purchase boo boo :) @theeboutiqueshop
trinivixen1127 : @jessicacaldwell awww Thanx Hun
jessicacaldwell : Muah<3 @trinivixen1127 :)
starasia_b - pistolpete440 - mrsthomas31 -
Shout out to @609macmayne rocking the Azul Leopard Dress! 😍😍😍 #love #leopard #customer #teamcupcakesandvodka #theeboutiqueshop
customer - leopard - love - theeboutiqueshop - teamcupcakesandvodka -
lyss.k : omg i need this!!! is it available? @theeboutiqueshop
lyss.k : nevermind just checked :(
609macmayne : πŸ™Œ
chaquese_ : I want this
bbkhair : When will the leopard skirt with the green bottom be available again? @theeboutiqueshop
mz2cute2u - pistolpete440 - jess_doit3 -
Shout out to @cmiles3 rocking The Sailor Stripes 2pc set! 😍😍😍 #customer #teamcupcakesandvodka #sailorstripes #theeboutiqueshop
customer - sailorstripes - theeboutiqueshop - teamcupcakesandvodka -
calisfynest : Sold out in my size
monadacosta : Are You Getting Any More Sizes In This ?! Please Say Yes @theeboutiqueshop
crown_thee_ladyhustler : I need a small or med
ms_june16th : @cherellbutterfly
_shes_gorge_ : I want as well
imashoeaddict : Please restock
crown_thee_ladyhustler : Is this coming back? Every time I try to purchase this it sold out
exotic_beauty416 : will dis be bac in stockkk i.neeed this @theeboutiqueshop pleaseeee restock
crhonduras - 1__paris - oskyoriginal -
#repost Shout out to @kmichellemusic rocking the Jagged Stripes Bodysuit!!! #hot #customer #teamcupcakesandvodka #theeboutiqueshop #kmichelle
customer - hot - teamcupcakesandvodka - kmichelle - theeboutiqueshop - repost -
janaydanyel : Saw her today she's gorgeous @kmichellemusic
freebandsfbn : Cute
bchiefin92ent - bigfreddaboss -
Shout out to one of our sweetest clients @miss_tyria ( Fiancé of rapper @acehood954 ) rocking the Sultry Kitten Dress! 😍😍😍 #cupcakesandvodka #customer #theeboutiqueshop #hot #teamcupcakesandvodka
customer - hot - theeboutiqueshop - cupcakesandvodka - teamcupcakesandvodka -
msmandy125 : Need this short
sheaint_siddity : @theeboutiqueshop do you only do online ordering??
natural79beauty : Omg!! Need that dress @theeboutiqueshop
iam_missjackson_ : I want this ASAP do u still have it in stock @theeboutiqueshop
tholmes81 : Is this available
hiaddie : @dexty @_1taylor ❀❀❀
gogoleopard : Screen shotttt love this
monique_her83 : Do u have a xl in this dress
jewelzz_86 - i_did_jagirl - histiarrayfbaby -
Shout out to @ryliedai rocking the Tribal Rage dress! #customer #teamcupcakesandvodka #tribal #theeboutiqueshop
customer - tribal - theeboutiqueshop - teamcupcakesandvodka -
___therealterab : How can I preorder this dress?? It was not on your website @theeboutiqueshop
_supa_b : Do you still have this
agskeete : nice line
sunshineshay04 : @theeboutiqueshop where is your shop
2short_22 : @theeboutiqueshop i want this how can i get it????
light_skin_beauty : @naejudy____
naejudy____ : Cute @light_skin_beauty
light_skin_beauty : I really like this one @naejudy____
bchiefin92ent - neekkkk -
Shout out to @darkskincora rocking the Forbidden Snakeskin dress! #customer #snakeskin #teamcupcakesandvodka #theeboutiqueshop
customer - snakeskin - theeboutiqueshop - teamcupcakesandvodka -
natalie_luv_ : When are you bringing this dress back? @theeboutiqueshop
geishamonae - fck_yoig - hizqueen74 - missporsche911_ -
Shout out to @sexyplastic_ rocking the 90s Gold dress! #customer #teamcupcakesandvodka #theeboutiqueshop #90sgold
customer - 90sgold - theeboutiqueshop - teamcupcakesandvodka -
sweets2468 : How much is this dress? @theeboutiqueshop
prettybtheshxt : When will this be back I'm stock ?
prettybtheshxt : In*
khloes.mom : When are you getting more in stock of the 90s Gold Lux Dress (Pink)
beautifully_flawed_aquarius : Omgee i want this @theeboutiqueshop
sweet_ass_tiara : How much is this one
love_lace6969 : Are these even still available I'm trying to make a order
theeboutiqueshop : Thank you hun @keepinitladylike
prettyrossha504 - paid300 - mrphoneboomin_300 - msbanks05 -
Shout out to @akizuri rocking the Jagged Stripes Bodysuit! #customer #love #teamcupcakesandvodka #theeboutiqueshop
customer - theeboutiqueshop - love - teamcupcakesandvodka -
ceoofadiamondntheruff : How much
whom_is_she : @theeboutiqueshop how do i order this been trying for last three days i can't find it can u plz respond asap need it by 1-25-13
theeboutiqueshop : This item has been sold out for weeks and will not be restocked the fabric is completely sold out @ambitioustiffancy88
whom_is_she : @theeboutiqueshop ok thanks !
iamsimonae : My boo @akizuri bodied this!!?
akizuri : @the1simonae 😘😘😘😘😘😁😍 thank u baby
thugmisses2015 : Will u have this again
poonie_printer : @barbrablacks
shes_heartless29 - kristianfarah - boss_flyybisshh - ceejay___love -
Shout out to @slimbb rocking the Out of this World dress! #customer #teamcupcakesandvodka #theeboutiqueshop #galaxy
customer - theeboutiqueshop - galaxy - teamcupcakesandvodka -
ambitious641 - krissytheactress - felicia.troisi -
Single Items that are available will be posted on the site shortly! #limitedpieces #sets #loubs #love #cupcakesandvodka #theeboutiqueshop
limitedpieces - love - teamcupcakesandvodka - sets - theeboutiqueshop - loubs - cupcakesandvodka -
sofunsized : Girrrl, I'm gonna end up with the whole #cupcakeandvodka line pretty soon, lol... I β™‘ it!
sofunsized : #cupcakesandvodka*
theeboutiqueshop : Lol you and a few other ladies are CERTIFIED #teamcupcakesandvodka @sofunsized
sofunsized : πŸ‘—πŸ’‹πŸ’“πŸ’• #teamcupcakesandvodka!
alexlove1982 : @theeboutiqueshop when will this b bck n stock
quovardislb : Hey how long does it take to ship to Nj @theeboutiqueshop
lovemesome_kayla : @plumdiddy_
jussus3 : @audrey_len
stylishgail - savageant4nun - shathasniper -
Shout out to @mzhyde1 rocking the Forbidden Bodysuit! 😍😍😍 #customer #teamcupcakesandvodka #theeboutiqueshop #snakeskin
customer - snakeskin - theeboutiqueshop - teamcupcakesandvodka -
ah_sia_hyde : Loved the way it hugged to my body. Will be ordering more stuff soon. @theeboutiqueshop
mzzanderson4 - y_r_n38 -
Shout out to @hellonieq rocking the Forbidden Bodysuit! #customer #teamcupcakesandvodka #theeboutiqueshop #snakeskin
customer - snakeskin - theeboutiqueshop - teamcupcakesandvodka -
ilovebri0129 : @theeboutiqueshop Hi do you have this item in stock?
theeboutiqueshop : It is currently sold out @ilovebri0129
ilovebri0129 : @theeboutiqueshop Ok thank you
rishae_deonna : @hellonieq luv it...
hellonieq : Thank youuuuu I loved it !!!!!!
freebandsfbn : Sexy
right35 : so nice
m_bnz : Is it true to size? I NEED this in my life!!!! Lol I want it tight but not busting out the seams, just don't want that lil extra patch above the butt that some bodysuits leave. I'm a size 6, would u recommend a small or a medium?
freebandsfbn - lovinme_247 - savageant4nun -
Shout out to @bossbitty rocking the Harlequin Swirls Dress! πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ #customer #theeboutiqueshop #teamcupcakesandvodka #sheer
customer - sheer - theeboutiqueshop - teamcupcakesandvodka -
__courtney.white : @mssherryblossom Good question
fedricka : No underwear is to be worn with these sheer dresses
mrsash930 : @kelli919 you girllllll
kelli919 : @mr5ashb720 lol I think this is the one
mrsash930 : Yesssss after tomorroe shoppin trip we will make a decision! @kelli919
light_skin_beauty : @naejudy____
naejudy____ : Cute @light_skin_beauty
ladylaya : This is perfect @stallion89
_vanity_dream_hair_ - mad54__f - neekkkk - nfrnubia -
Shout out to @b_rose578 rocking the Blue Devil dress! 😍😍😍 #customer #teamcupcakesandvodka #theeboutiqueshop #blue #love
customer - blue - love - theeboutiqueshop - teamcupcakesandvodka -
nelly_nell_220 : Can we pick our on design @theeboutiqueshop
theeboutiqueshop : No you can not hun custom ordering has been suspended for the month of Jan and possibly Feb @carmel_cocunut_drop
nelly_nell_220 : Awwww I still lovem @theeboutiqueshop
mzzdymplz : @theeboutiqueshop when will u guys start restocking almost everything is sold out
millienair : When are you restocking? @theeboutiqueshop 😁
evakleen : πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯
bossladykov : I. ❀ This dress!
2short_22 : @theeboutiqueshop how can i get this
batw0man13 - puddaluv - sweet_jamila - so_fvckin_vicious -
Shout out to @icyacia rocking the Berry Fatigue dress! #love #customer #teamcupcakesandvodka #theeboutiqueshop
customer - theeboutiqueshop - love - teamcupcakesandvodka -
pynk_diamond : Hotttttt nuh rasssss!
shortblkgurl : This is cute. What size does this go up to?
twanda0891 : Is this dress available?
ladyb561 : Are u gonna reorder this dress I need it for a bday dinner in March so if u can get it please please please let me know!!
diva2fancy : Do u have dress @theeboutiqueshop
ladyb561 : @icyacia what size are u wearing in this dress???
ladyb561 : Ok thanks @icyacia
ladyb561 : What size pants do u wear not trying to b in ur biz just don't wanna order the wrong size @icyacia
sweet_jamila - _pocahontasz_ - ap300 -
Shout out to @love_charda rocking the Pretty Belle skirt! #customer #teamcupcakesandvodka #love #theeboutiqueshop
customer - theeboutiqueshop - love - teamcupcakesandvodka -
breemonroe : Restock this!!!!
fedricka : Very pretty !
1_kanai : Barbie doll!
charda_mcbride : Thx everyone thx @theeboutiqueshop it fit like a glove n it came on time will b ordering more
jecenya : πŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’š
hizqueen74 - sinisinme -
Shout out to @brooklynn_criinacckkk rocking the Azul Leopard Dress! #customer #animalprint #teamcupcakesandvodka #theeboutiqueshop
customer - theeboutiqueshop - teamcupcakesandvodka - animalprint -
saleemaqueen : Gorgeous Dress
miss_ohshe_didtht : @brooklynn_criinacckkk looks nice
suchascorpio1121 : I loveeeee this dress!!!!
mica_me23 : @theeboutiqueshop is this dress still available if so how much....
__.heartless : Can you do this with see thru sides ?
sinisinme -
Shout out to @poshprissysnob rocking the Coral Lux dress! #customer #coral #theeboutiqueshop #teamcupcakesandvodka
customer - coral - theeboutiqueshop - teamcupcakesandvodka -
juscrownme : Hey, :-D looking for more models??
_purrfectkisses : Do you have any more left?? @theeboutiqueshop
freebandsfbn - latishaextremelyblessed -
Shout out to @stylishhrebel rocking the 90s Gold Lux dress! #customer #teamcupcakesandvodka #theeboutiqueshop #90sgold
customer - 90sgold - theeboutiqueshop - teamcupcakesandvodka -
pretty_grl_locz : @kedabyrd I love this
worldpermier : She my baby
plasticbeauty_ : I bought this dress and absolutely love it, the pic is on my page if your intersted. :-)
plasticbeauty_ : @theeboutiqueshop
theeboutiqueshop : Did you tag us? @sexyplastic_
plasticbeauty_ : Just did
fortheloveof_slim : When will this be item be back in stock?? @theeboutiqueshop
jmiima : You dont have one size like small ?? @theeboutiqueshop
ambitious641 - freebandsfbn - lovinme_247 - ap300 -
Shout out to @jazz_meena rocking the Forbidden dress! #customer #theeboutiqueshop #teamcupcakesandvodka #snakeskin
customer - snakeskin - theeboutiqueshop - teamcupcakesandvodka -
mrsjenee : This looks like your twin @barbiebardot027
jazz_meena : Thanks for the shout out I will be rocking plenty more dresses and ordering more!!! 😘😘😘
his1 : can I order this and how much
tooda.k - cakedaddy100 -
Shout out to @tennii44 rocking the Neon Army Fatigue dress! #customer #teamcupcakesandvodka #theeboutiqueshop #fatigue
customer - fatigue - theeboutiqueshop - teamcupcakesandvodka -
thechicagoan_ : @theeboutiqueshop when will it be back in stock? It seems the styles I like are sold out
melrose_monroe : I was just on ur website a lot of ur things are sold out πŸ˜”. I want to order some things how often should I check ur site @theeboutiqueshop
theeboutiqueshop : Most of our items sell out very quickly, we post new items weekly. Please see our F.A.Q page on our site @melrose_monroe @prettytilldawn
maeyonni : This dress also
queenofthiskingdom -
Shout out to @pearlsngold rocking the Ombré Love dress! #customer #theeboutiqueshop #teamcupcakesandvodka #ombre
customer - ombre - theeboutiqueshop - teamcupcakesandvodka -
onblastsydv : Cute!!!
__laquesha : When will yall restock????
mz_crazysexycool : Love that dress
prettybrownbriii : How do I order this dress? @theeboutiqueshop
li_li_bee : @brookelynn30
shonny_girl : Aww my cousin @pearlsngold
flyy_g6 - cutthroat_cupcakee - looseneverturntdown -
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