Mud truck down! #rwp2014 #wewouldbelieingifwesaidwewerentgettinit #teamcuffyochick
wewouldbelieingifwesaidwewerentgettinit - rwp2014 - teamcuffyochick -
dillonhervey94 : Damn man get that checked out I wanna see you do work!!
dakota_young10 : Yea i may have pulled it or just strain it will be fine I finished out day and did alright @dillonhervey94
dillonhervey94 : He'll yeah man!! Flag next Sunday?
dakota_young10 : Yes! Wanna play? @dillonhervey94 it's our bullets flag team
dillonhervey94 : No shit?
dillonhervey94 : If I'm in town yeah man
dakota_young10 : Yea we rapped some weatherford league team last Sunday @dillonhervey94
dillonhervey94 : Fuck yeah dude!! Jus text me when an where 9404453466
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Hello #MeAndTheBrodiesLastNight #KeptItLitWithMeForMyBday #BO #BootyLane #TeamCuffYoChick #YoGirlsCrush w/ @mrbeyboi @callmequattro
bootylane - yogirlscrush - meandthebrodieslastnight - bo - teamcuffyochick - keptitlitwithmeformybday -
jmdotfilms : @pipsqueek_ 😆
mrbeyboi - ricki011 - foet_dwillz -
I'm sorry oh you mad that we came to the party #FOE #FamilyOverEverything #TeamCuffYoChick #YoGirlsCrush #BeforeTheBlackOut w/ my youngs @cooterdakid @kayv_on & Young Yee
beforetheblackout - foe - familyovereverything - yogirlscrush - teamcuffyochick -
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Bad combo #AllThingsLavish #AllDae #TeamCuffYoChick #Lavish #MrBakSthiNa #Liit #Trilly #Ayeye
allthingslavish - mrbaksthina - ayeye - lavish - trilly - liit - teamcuffyochick - alldae -
_hadeez_ - nay_desantos - lavishlifestylemomma -
Slight #tbt take me back to #lakeberryessa where we met those #ratchets and @dielawn7 #goodtimes #beerpong #memorialdayweekend #teamcuffyochick #youdontwantit
beerpong - ratchets - memorialdayweekend - youdontwantit - tbt - goodtimes - lakeberryessa - teamcuffyochick -
rob8928_ : @backflipbryner
bryner92 : Hahahahha for reals. Good day
dielawn7 : Haha hell yeah bro. Ill let yall no when we back up there.
rob8928_ : Hit us up brother! @dielawn7
dielawn7 : @backflipbryner I do have work for the 4th but we will be up there a few more times this summer.
rob8928_ : Yea were goin to don Pedro for the 4th but hell yea anytime man let's set it up! @dielawn7
dielawn7 : Forsure yall. Lets make it happen
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Last nights blur with the brodies @mrbeyboi @foet_dwillz #BootyLane #AllSmiles #Brodies #YourGirlsCrush #TeamCuffYoChick
yourgirlscrush - brodies - bootylane - teamcuffyochick - allsmiles -
samanthugg : #walnutcreekstuntin
mzbesso : #redux lol
almightyfnyce : Round 2 tonight Bo's??? @jmdotfilms @foet_dwillz @mrbeyboi @dunanimovemean
theonlyangelbenz__ - chelseyleehuff - edilyn_gutierrez -
Mobbing with the homies today. #teamcuffyochick haha
teamcuffyochick -
emi_bon : Solid don't even invite!
young_haro : My bad I got you next Time homie! @team__ios
emi_bon : Next meet we out.
sowk_one : Oh what why you no text me hahahaa
young_haro : I was in Gilroy @sowk_one
richy_imperiouz_ : You still have the honda?
young_haro : Nah I wrecked it @richy_imperiouz_
richy_imperiouz_ : Fuck trying to find a car bro u know anyone?
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In motion with @callmequattro #LP #FinishinUpJustCuzVideo #BootyLane #BoBrothers #brodie #Slidin #YourGirlsCrush #TeamCuffYoChick
finishinupjustcuzvideo - bobrothers - yourgirlscrush - bootylane - lp - slidin - brodie - teamcuffyochick -
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#throwback #boyznBucks #bowtie #TeamCuffYoChick
throwback - boyznbucks - bowtie - teamcuffyochick -
pjkul : Lol
juicy_lucyclaudia : Hahaha baby u look better than all of them @pjkul
pjkul : Hahahaha now u pushing it. But I'll take it @juicy_lucyclaudia
juicy_lucyclaudia : Lol please don't Take it I was just kidding @pjkul
juicy_lucyclaudia : I miss u, can't wait to see u @pjkul
sami_dimas : Hahaa @pjkul dude I had totally frgotten about this day..haha the poc is awsomee.. shitt long tym
pjkul : Lol I know bro! We should do it again whenever you're here @sami_dimas
sami_dimas : For sure ma boii heeeiiii @pjkul hehe
pjkul - empressjacquelin - nobuhleramo - such_a_bae -
Known these boys for a hot minute and they always have each others back regardless #tbt #sweethearts #2010 #teamcuffyochick @whos_dat_flyguy @rozae_dat_nigga @flightmanjonez
sweethearts - tbt - teamcuffyochick - 2010 -
flightmanjonez - nikkimflavorando - yewdonevenkno - whos_dat_flyguy -
#tbt #2012 #boysofsummer #elkins #whiteshirtcrew #cardinalrule #waiting #boys #clique #thuglife #teamcuffyochick The summer that changed everything! Got love for my boys!
boysofsummer - cardinalrule - thuglife - tbt - boys - waiting - clique - whiteshirtcrew - elkins - allmyniggasbetanasfuck - teamcuffyochick - 2012 -
trinidadklinke187 : #allmyniggasbetanasfuck!!!
instahgrahams - jennyost13 - hailee_despain - c_novell -
Lastnights episode with my brodies @mrbeyboi @CASHDOUT100 #modernchina #walnutcreek #doubleshots #heemteam #teamcuffyochick #yourwomanscrush #bachelorlife
heemteam - doubleshots - bachelorlife - modernchina - yourwomanscrush - walnutcreek - teamcuffyochick -
almightyfnyce : Damnnnn bwahh how long yal was out here on booty lane?
almightyfnyce : @mrbeyboi
mrbeyboi : @iamfnyce 3am lol niggas was fucked up!!!
jmdotfilms : Sho was....I'm hungover bo' lol @mrbeyboi I don't even know how I got home
mrbeyboi : @jmdotfilms call me hella shit popped off last night!
jmdotfilms : @mrbeyboi I think I got your old # hit me 9252074056
almightyfnyce : @jmdotfilms & @me beyboi y'all hilarious lmfao!!! #Turnt # DudeWheresMyCar
foet_dwillz : Damnn man FUCK LASTNIGHT
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Out in the Town @ Cana, s #cubans #aymami #weinhere #yourwomanscrush #teamcuffyochick #Oakland #salsanight #mamimamiMAMI with @callmequattro @mrbeyboi
cubans - mamimamimami - oakland - salsanight - aymami - yourwomanscrush - weinhere - teamcuffyochick -
michellllllllllle_ : Lol #yourwomanscrush
stinebaeza : Hey ..do u know if thus place has bottomless mimosas? Lol.. I know random
jmdotfilms : @stinebaeza I don't know..but they make a mean Mojito & if you get hungry I recommend the chicken empanadas. .hella good!
jmdotfilms : My cuban folks performe up there from 1 to 4. @stinebaeza
stinebaeza : Right on... thnx :)
stevie_make_yu_wonda - stassia420 - callmequattro - libra_queen_80 -
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