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Happy 8-monthaversary my love!! Everyday is my favorite day with you!!! #teambuttonup
teambuttonup -
gina_boo88 : Soo sweet
cadensmama510 : @misskellybalistreri are you guys in Disneyland again!!??
misskellybalistreri : @cadensmama510 no! Just a picture from last weekend!
omegatnt : Happy 8 month-aversary! This is a great--umm (you know😉)--picture. I love you so much!
shingoitewa : Congrats you crazy kids! Stay beautiful @misskellybalistreri & @omegatnt
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I came home to this delicious meal made with love by @omegatnt after my 11 hour work day... Could I be anymore lucky??? So happy, so in heaven! 😘 #teambuttonup
teambuttonup -
omegatnt : When you gave me free reign over dinner, i asked myself, "What's something that I know not how to make, and seems complicated as heck?" This is the product of that question. Love you, and now we have leftovers:)
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Birthday brunch for the gorgeous @lilybynature and then day date in SF with this lovely man! Saturday fun day!!!! #teambuttonup #nothinkingaboutwork! @omegatnt
nothinkingaboutwork - teambuttonup -
omegatnt : Awww, it looks like I went bald! :) so hubgry...why are we sharing breakfast again???
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I love that he loves what I love. Great contact, and he's even got a bit of the @bubbawatson front heel lift. #teambuttonup #myman
teambuttonup - myman -
mrsbrubidoux : When did he get so big?! Cutie!!!
colombiajim : Nice swing! In this weather, he'll be ready for the British Open in a few years:)
joshuacalkins : Haha, totally @colombiajim! I might turn on a couple fans to imitate the wind of the British Open.
plb25 : #slowmo
colombiajim : Just watched the video again; might want to check that grip!?😳
joshuacalkins : Oh, I know @colombiajim. All summer I've tried to convince him to switch the hands, but he refuses...and absolutely CRUSHES the ball like that. What'cha gonna do?!?!
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The last month has gone by in a blink.. Happy 7-month-aversary!!! I am so proud of all your hard work babe and happy to call you mine! 😘 #teambuttonup
teambuttonup -
mytymyke : @omegatnt damnnnn! Wanna battle jk
omegatnt : Last night, reminiscing on how WE began brought back some not-so distant memories: departure, d1, and 30 sec conversations. I'm proud and honored for every moment we share. I love you, too! And yes, I am all yours! Although @mytymyke might wanna borrow me, so I can teach how to scratch lol
mytymyke : Substitute teach for learn.
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Great weekend at UMASS. #zoomass#teambuttonup#teamblackout. Haha
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Don't call me today, I'll be screaming at golfers. #BMWOpenChampionship #teambuttonup
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"You have bewitched me, mind and soul. I love, I love, I love you. I never wish to be parted from you from this day on." Happy 6 month anniversary baby!! #teambuttonup #anniversariescouplesactuallycelebrate #amor
anniversariescouplesactuallycelebrate - teambuttonup - amor -
omegatnt : @misskellybalistreri everything changed when I met you. I can't wait to see you tonight! Te amo❤️
shingoitewa : Bunch of love birds you kids are @misskellybalistreri @omegatnt
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Not nearly as interested in today being the first day of college as I am in today being the first day wearing this new Hawaiian shirt. #HSOTD #TeamButtonUp
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Date night with my love!!! So proud of him! #teambuttonup #promotion #isntheadorable?
promotion - teambuttonup - isntheadorable -
quesilewcho : Your dress is beautiful!!
omegatnt : Geez, you were super #boutthatlife ! Sheesh, you need to stop turning up lol i love you honey:). And next time tag me!
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La Famalia #family #blood #cuzzo #teambuttonup #love
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Picnic and pedal boating time!!! Enjoying out last day of summer vacation ❤️ #teambuttonup #amor #vasona
vasona - amor - teambuttonup -
j9trippi : You guys are soo darn cute 😘
omegatnt : Well, gosh darnnit, if isn't the best day ever! I love you like a fat kid loves cake❤️
j9trippi - swimmersean - alyssakloczl - cadensmama510 -
#gangstar #teambuttonup
teambuttonup - gangstar -
natalie___55 : G
snipermcfly : Miss u Chiquitica @nati_rn55
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Car selfies are my life #thatselfielifedoe #ishouldbeashamed #ilookgoodthough #sorrynotsorry #teamsnapback #teambuttonup #teamfakeraybands #teamhonda #goingforlikesonthisone #noshameinmygame #thisisgettingoutofhand #teammustache #beardsquad #thatsmirk #donthate #appreciate
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kymcfly2 : You've gone to far now Kenny. Too many hashtags AND you liked your own pic... Damnit
bee.strawn : How many teams are you on though? Like really.... 😂😂😂💕
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Ben Sherman sportsday! #teambuttonup #winning #regram
regram - teambuttonup - winning -
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Such a rad day racing some bikes! Ended up getting 3rd out of cat 1,2 and pro! #teambuttonup #KIdubracing #pedalpower
kidubracing - teambuttonup - pedalpower -
jswankers : Yeeeeeaashhh dude!!
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#myman #teambuttonup #callshimselfbubbawatson
callshimselfbubbawatson - teambuttonup - myman -
joshuacalkins : @bubbawatson
denverjules : Awwww I love that!!!
_brooke_arnold : I wonder which sport he'll choose to win an Olympic medal in.
jaredkidder : Awesome!!
coloradocalkins : If flirting was an Olympic sport, he would take the gold, hands down. @_brooke_arnold
_brooke_arnold : @coloradocalkins haha no doubt!
plb25 : I'm pretty sure he hits it better than I do... #canheteachme
kristin_claire - tori.sayers - jacob.solis - denverjules -
You make my heart smile soooo big!!! I am so lucky to have such a great man be part of my life. Happy 4 monthaversary babe!!!! Te amo @omegatnt !! #teambuttonup #socheesey
teambuttonup - socheesey -
omegatnt : Geez Louise! You're so thoughtful! It's been the best four-months I've ever had, and I can't wait to keep sharing more and more with you. I love you @misskellybalistreri !!!
susank27 : I am so happy for the both of you?
susank27 : ! Not ? Sorry!
malisarattoshing : Gosh you two so cute !!!😍😘keep appreciating,being silly and loving each other
brookeasoares : I adore you two so much omg
gina_boo88 : Congrats Kelly 😘😍
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Lunch time work visitor!!!! #teambuttonup #love #bestboyfriendever
love - teambuttonup - bestboyfriendever -
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Precious moments.. Life can't get any better than this! #happy #teambuttonup
teambuttonup - happy -
omegatnt : Life's best when we're together❤️ te amo
malisarattoshing : Omg @omegatnt I'm going to be cheesy at this moment so don't judge but 😳.........omg you can see how in love and happy you truly are in this picture and I just love it !@misskellybalistreri thank you for making our best friend this crazy happy we love you ☺️.........ok done with the cheese
shingoitewa : @omegatnt & @misskellybalistreri you cheese heads! Lol
omegatnt : @malisarattoshing you're so right! @misskellybalistreri got me feeling some type of way, and she knows it:)
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Work out or eat gelato??? I'll let you guess which one won... #teambuttonup #yum
yum - teambuttonup -
omegatnt : I wanted to work out so bad, but you suggested do i say "no" to sweets? Baby, you already know that I don't; I don't say "no" to sweets💘
dan_loves_cheese - vlemery - alyssakloczl - nittyboo -
Leaving on a jet plane... Seattle here we come!!! #teambuttonup #summervacation #firsttimeonaplanetogether!!
summervacation - firsttimeonaplanetogether - teambuttonup -
cadensmama510 : Have fun!!
cadensmama510 - confi_don - susank27 - alyssakloczl -
8th grade dance... One of the many perks of working at a school! #teambuttonup #teacherlife
teambuttonup - teacherlife -
j9trippi : You guys are soooo cute 😍
omegatnt : A beautiful date: one of the many perks of being with you. Oh, we are buttoned-up, indeed! 😘 #bestgirlfriendever
aimeekinz : You are the real life Miss Jessica Day
misskellybalistreri : @omegatnt awww babe you're too kind, @aimeekinz yay!!!!! That makes me feel so cool! Lol
omegatnt - cadensmama510 - susank27 - cabs07 -
Coolin #teambuttonup @dylanikol
teambuttonup -
emilyycazazz : 2 instas one day
sjfield521 - daniel_steinberg15 - aingber21 - ross5greens -
Us in a nutshell 💗 #teambuttonup #amor @omegatnt
amor - teambuttonup -
omegatnt : If we were in a nutshell, i think we would say, "bahhh, we're in a nutshell!"
omegatnt : 💘😘
j9trippi - swimmersean - gina_boo88 - alyssakloczl -
Pretty much my best friends #best friends #TeamButtonUp @alliiisontaylor @bciappina @astoldbyginga I'm sorry I don't know Reilly's insta :(
teambuttonup - best -
thimisgracias : Also shout out to @Kramer258 for taking such a wonderful photo
allie_dunnn : @riellydunn
linds_kramer : besties
astoldbyginga : Yes.
bciappina : Squad
kcliffff : Andrew ❤️
steve_vangeli - janinenethaway - jgoldstein1094 - mar__car -
Tbt.. Remember that time we went to the work banquet!! Wooo #teambuttonup #getcrazy
besthashtagsever - getcrazy - teambuttonup -
mytymyke : #soturnt
omegatnt : #besttimeever
mytymyke : #bestgirlever
mytymyke : #BestBfEver
misskellybalistreri : #besthashtagsever
j9trippi - ethnarg - whatthewatanabe - brittanynoelw -
Challenger Banquet funnnn!!! #loveworkingwithmybf #teambuttonup
teambuttonup - loveworkingwithmybf -
shingoitewa : You both look amazing @misskellybalistreri
omegatnt : My girlfriend looks so beautiful😍! Buttoned up at the banquet, and i wouldn't have it any other way:)
sandy_ra : Cute dress!!
malisarattoshing : I miss team buttoned up I think u guys need to visit again !
dan_loves_cheese - jus_tin_man_ - alyssakloczl - whatthewatanabe -
Its a button up kinda day 👕👚#teambuttonup
teambuttonup -
xstaygayx : I look so awkward haha
jocelyne_beta : I look sooooo shorrtttt shorteerr thannn I actuallyy ammmm not fair
brianalefthook : proof that im talller! @jocelyne_beta
abner_el_cutie - lttlepink - zuzavetrenski - melissuh_alcantar -
Missing Disneyland!! Such a fun time ❤️😘 #teambuttonup #awesomeshirts #bestboyfriendever
bestboyfriendever - teambuttonup - awesomeshirts -
omegatnt : We are wearing the best shirts too! ❤️ it was so much fun! Let's go back and pack our own food haha #bestgirlfriendever
vlemery - swimmersean - ethnarg - jus_tin_man_ -
Getting swept away! #disneylandlove #bestboyfriendever #matchingshirts #teambuttonup
bestboyfriendever - teambuttonup - matchingshirts - disneylandlove -
misskellybalistreri : @itallstartedwithwalt
omegatnt : ✋Swept away too..but not by balloons😍
misskellybalistreri : Oh no.. I meant swept away by you mi novio 😘 @omegatnt
lindseymarkie - maxsonj - brookeasoares - maggie.miau -
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