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the food was not exceptionally good, but the company made it all worth it ❤
kh4.i : is this the ice cream place at the Woodgrove!!
peeblicia : @kh4.i yess 🙆🏻
jc0516 : Nice phones 👍😂
cjeimin : too bad not mine 😢 @jc0516 - aliciatienn - deadbunny99 - jiaweiilee -
I'm just gunna leave this here... *cough cough* #TeamAndroid #TeamAntiiPhone #iPhone6 #Welcometo2012 lmao #YouCantSitWithUs #Boom
youcantsitwithus - teamantiiphone - teamandroid - boom - iphone6 - welcometo2012 -
dangermouse56 : Lol
shawndrick_lamall : Android all day
detroitdana : Couldn't like any pics cause I've already liked all 93. haha. So instead I'll just say stay gorgeous, stay an awesome follower & post more so I can doubletap. @missdeeoriginal
highdymond : Booooo
caligirlshi - mayyyflowerr - dangermouse56 -
La petite Robe Noire Pourquoi chercher compliquer, quand les choses peuvent etre simple #selfie#black#dress#sandro#compenser#saumon#motivation#toi#moi#saudades#fitness
motivation - selfie - saumon - teamsamsung - fitness - teamsamsungnote3 - moi - toi - black - teamantiiphone - compenser - saudades - sandro - dress -
karine_dagraca : :) @annabruc
karine_dagraca : N :) @ilyas_dante_northman
karine_dagraca : Tu ma envoyer d ptit carré :/ #teamsamsung moi @ilyas_dante_northman
karine_dagraca : Nah! Never ! #teamantiiphone N ;) #teamsamsungnote3
fit.marie.26 - rrobin7 -
Day vs. Night #confidence #lovingallofme :-)
confidence - lovingallofme -
tyralucia : Sorry about the recent loss of your friend. I think his name is Cory @realbillybang
realbillybang : Smh.Thank u.
gwizdagenius : Omg
tyralucia : @gwizdagenius thank you? I think o_O
drjanine - __nesee - alexwakeen - ayiro -
New #jewlery #forever21 #onlineshopping #love #girlthings #sparkle #frosting @princesslovesdisney @ashleylynns @kayleighannm @scomtois
sparkle - teamantiiphone - jewlery - love - aww - girlthings - frosting - forever21 - onlineshopping -
makeup_jessicamaria : @redhead_jess NEXT STEP =👜
red_head_jess : Lol babe I can't see icons @princesslovesdisney #aww
makeup_jessicamaria : @redhead_jess can you see "wtf?"
red_head_jess : Lmao @princesslovesdisney #teamantiiphone
wetoceanpromo - spacebound_photography - creativedeceptions -
Everyone's all "iPhone 5!!!" and "Samsung SIV!!!!" and "Note II!!!" yet here I am, loving my new ZL :)
teamantiiphone -
nasyirahaliemy : @danielo_25 Cantik sangat sampai I keep getting distracted from studying because of it sheesh.
nasyirahaliemy : @mazyanahmadnordin Yeap I've been ranting and whining about a new phone for aaaaages dah kan :/ Can't wait to show it to you tomorrow! <3
marlinanordin : I told your mom this morning that Sony staff told me that Xperia is the best - beating iPhone and Samsung :) ya ke....?
nasyirahaliemy : @marlinanordin I did a lot of research on this (if this was a subject I would've aced it dah :D) and as of now, I truly think Sony's the best! #teamantiiPhone haha
rianarodzi - shairashamim - najwahanani -
All dayyyy
teamantiiphone -
markymark_y0 : You bout to get a txt! I need to see these things... @thatnikkagabe. Jus played me n I can't see it lol
markymark_y0 : @jjjoootttaaa
yellis_mom : ✌Hater @markymark_y0
markymark_y0 : Lol @lil_miss_iris. #teamantiiphone
irmrosi24 - markymark_y0 - adrian_joel -
Would some consider this art?? Lol #boredom is not a game lol
boredom -
simplyepatrice : @mrfabin yooou drink some damn water. It will help you sober up!!!
outtapocketbaby : Lol! ©OKE IS UNIVERSAL!😘😜
mrfabin : @simplyepatrice I don't like being sober.
simplyepatrice : @mrfabin we know
sir_gaga - ballupthemosquito3 -
#Boiz #Miami #LaborDay #Holla
boiz - miami - teamantiiphone - laborday - holla -
_dyanne : Hahaha u green then!! Lol :)
placeclevernamehere_ : Dont hate! #TeamAntiIphone
frankiej731 : Damn that was a good photographer!
placeclevernamehere_ : @frankiej731 yea. Some woman running around with an iphone..
frankiej731 - richiee_ricardo - _dyanne -
... Fïgบяεδ Θบт ∫๑๓ε Иεพ ∫нïт ฟïт Mγ ρн๑ทε ... #Droid #Android #TeamAntiiPhone ...
android - droid - teamantiiphone -
mr_blackdynamite : Wat app is it @iamtr33
iamtr33 : ïтร ท๑т ... ïтร α кεγв๑αяδ ρℓบgïท @mr_swaggondeck Mบℓтï ℓïทg кεγв๑αяδ ...
bubbles_babyyy : Absolutely not lol
joaada - mr_blackdynamite - _snapies_ -
... #YupiDidit #LostandFound #TittieTuesday #TittyTuesday #TitstaGram #TeamPrettyBigGirls #iLoveMe #BitchWatchOut #BitchesAintSayinNothin #FatChicks #BBW #Curveology #FameTube #BigGirls #BigGirlsDoitBetter #PlusSize #Boobs #InstaCurves #InstaCool #InstaMood #IGaddict ... My Eyebrows look hella good too ... lol
titstagram - fametube - tittytuesday - teamprettybiggirls - boobs - bitchwatchout - plussize - biggirlsdoitbetter - instamood - curveology - igaddict - yupididit - lostandfound - iloveme - tittietuesday - instacool - fatchicks - bbw - instacurves - bitchesaintsayinnothin - biggirls -
iamtr33 : @instaboobs_butts2
iamtr33 : yess ii do @instaboobs_butts2 ... wats urs ??
iamtr33 : dont tag my pics @mrmih_ !!!
shootoutzzzzz - nikehead_dre - djchrissayy - dussediddy -
I used to ride solo... #NewRelationshipStatus
newrelationshipstatus -
superteague : @jetlifeque lol, yeah buddy...
ashcan1214 : Lol im feeling this tho
powersavvyco : @ashcan1214 Lol, I never had one like her before... She different than the others...
ashcan1214 : @jetlifeque LOL cherish her
long4man - naataliad - kparker22 - andra5k -
... && ii Love My #Android Even More lol ... #TeamAntiiPhone ... #TweeGram ...
android - tweegram - teamantiiphone -
endialovesclothes : Hey girl! Been waiting on that business talk! Lol
iamtr33 : oh ii aint forgot about you lol @stylesbyendiacymone ...
endialovesclothes : Ok cool!
iamelain3 : Is this the same tweegram that the iPhone people have? I didn't see it in the play store
samsung_australia -
teamantiiphone -
iamtr33 : I cant see them faces @dollfacelathan ... #TeamAntiIphone !!!
dollfacelathan : That's messed up I said #team LIBRA but they were all libra signs!!!
iamtr33 : Hahahahahahahahahahaah @dollfacelathan got it ... Kinda Figured it was ...
_damnjames : Wut site u went to for this @iamtr33
jobueno_314 - tblovesbj -
monroedinero_ : @breathexhale its TEXTGRAM I mean we can do the same this but its bootleg because tweegram was 1st for iphones lol I got tmobile too they still suck
monroedinero_ : Lol
breathexhale : @iluvmiamour that's tru.. but naw we still ain't bootleg don't diss our stuff like that aaww man.. lol
brecasso : Call me bring baby to my neises bday party I don't have ur number!!!
luvonya -
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