At Carmichael for the art show and even tho i didn't win it was nice meeting our congressman Ami Bera... he is a really nice guy #tealarmy #blooming #idontknowwhatimdoing
tealarmy - idontknowwhatimdoing - blooming -
liehaxschuler - natalie_randhawa - gurind408 - satbir_cholia -
woohooo the #ladiesofR5 are in finals 😍😍😍😍 3 post don't care! its worth it for this news #cea #cheer #coedcheer #cheerworlds #cheerextreme #cheerleading #cheerextremeallstars #tealarmy #tealwearsthecrown πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’
ladiesofr5 - cea - tealarmy - cheerworlds - coedcheer - cheerleading - cheerextreme - cheer - tealwearsthecrown - cheerextremeallstars -
allthingsceajocelin - taylorwildcats17 - grace.murdock - kayla_fedak -
πŸ’ we want jocelins team to get those rings #cea #cheer #coedcheer #cheerworlds #cheerextreme #ladiesofR5 #guardians #royals #queens #tealarmy #tealwearsthecrown @jocelinn__ @jocelinn__ @jocelinn__ @jocelinn__ @jocelinn__ @jocelinn__
ladiesofr5 - cea - tealarmy - cheerworlds - coedcheer - royals - cheerextreme - cheer - tealwearsthecrown - guardians - queens -
taylorwildcats17 - grace.murdock - jtdubstep_600 - ucascottyb -
another pic from summit this weekend #notourpic #cheerextreme #cheerworlds #cea #guardians #tealarmy #tealwearsthecrown #royals #queens #ladiesofr5 #summit2k15 😍😍😍😍😍 2 posts whateva πŸ™ŒπŸ»
notourpic - summit2k15 - ladiesofr5 - cea - tealarmy - cheerworlds - royals - cheerextreme - tealwearsthecrown - guardians - queens -
cheernasticssoftball - yooo.lexii - elyssajane19 - ucascottyb -
jocelin in disney world at summit 😍😍😍 #summit2k15 #cea #cheerextreme #tealarmy #tealwearsthecrown take home those rings! good luck from your hometown! #guardians #cheerworlds #royals #queens #ladiesofr5 #notourpic @jocelinn__ @jocelinn__ @jocelinn__ @jocelinn__ good luck good luck good luck
summit2k15 - notourpic - ladiesofr5 - cea - tealarmy - cheerworlds - royals - cheerextreme - guardians - tealwearsthecrown - queens -
cea__andrea : awww its lex again @_lexieecunningham
trentdukes - chloe.rice - grace.murdock - ucascottyb -
And here we are! A seasons worth of work, determination and effort has lead to this: 5 Teams. The largest event of the year. A chance to compete against some of the top teams in the country. The Summit. So proud of all of the Ohio Extreme athletes we have here this weekend!! Lets do this!! #OhioExtreme #TheSummit2015 #TealArmy πŸ™†πŸ™…πŸ—»πŸ˜
ohioextreme - tealarmy - thesummit2015 -
oec_marissa - ashleynolan3 - julz_schetz - blocksom4 -
That's a wrap! Our old location is now closed and we will be re-opening at our NEW location on May 9th for season 4 sign ups! 36 Rowe Court (behind Walgreens) Laconia, NH ❀ Thank you to everyone that was a part of East Athletic during our first three seasons! Whether you're still an athlete at East Athletic or not, you all have taught us something along the way! #eastathletic #traintrustlove #tealarmy #dreamBIG
tealarmy - eastathletic - traintrustlove - dreambig -
michaelaalalala - hope_walker33 - montanabassett - corinne_parker -
Happy #FridayEve to everyone! #Esurance #workflow #jerseyday #winorlose #sjsharks #fanforlife #fincity #tealarmy #tealgirls #bleedteal #girlswholovehockey πŸ’―πŸ˜‰πŸ’‹
girlswholovehockey - workflow - esurance - fanforlife - tealgirls - bleedteal - sjsharks - tealarmy - fincity - winorlose - fridayeve - jerseyday -
hunksofhockey : nice one.
sammalanae : Thank you! @hunksofhockey
curtitsr33 - shanngranados1 - jay_gomez22 - precisioncollisioncenter -
Miss cheering with my little sis so much! πŸ“£πŸŽ€ #throwback #EMCE #cheerleader #SisterLove #uniform #TealArmy #Flyers
sisterlove - flyers - throwback - tealarmy - cheerleader - emce - uniform -
mastersamwise - jsowter1 - rhys.powell_ - montyy123 -
See you here ! Come train with them best !!!!! #Cea #704 #tealarmy #family
704 - tealarmy - family - cea -
cea_jenna : @alex.kuntz
emmagracemac - cea_legends1 - lilymaggard14 - tumblingislifebig_d -
#wcw summit in 3 dayzzzz!! @jocelinn__ #cea #cheerextremeallstars #cheerextreme #coedcheer #summit2k15 #disneyworld #guardians #royals #queens #ladiesofr5 #tealarmy #tealwearsthecrown #beautiful #themedcheerpractices #cheer #cheerleading #likeforcheer jocelin/jocie/jomac @jocelinn__ @jocelinn__ @jocelinn__ @jocelinn__ @jocelinn__
beautiful - cea - tealarmy - coedcheer - royals - cheerleading - cheerextreme - themedcheerpractices - tealwearsthecrown - queens - summit2k15 - ladiesofr5 - wcw - disneyworld - likeforcheer - cheer - guardians - cheerextremeallstars -
growingupatdisney - jordann.elizabeth - _paris_101_ - kenzielowe2 -
One more thing I forgot to say in my last post. I am doing a research project on cheerleading and one of my requirements is to talk to someone who knows more about it than me and my dream was to talk you Jenee. I know that could never happen in a million years but it really would be amazing I love you so muchπŸ˜˜πŸ’™πŸ˜­ @jenee_12 #tealarmy #seniorelite #jeneeforever
tealarmy - jeneeforever - seniorelite -
mckenzie_schroeder - elleroseguest - sofititanes - gabriela_j14 -
Jenee, I want to first of all thank you for inspiring me my whole life. You have been the person I have done for any type of project where I have to pick my role model or hero. You've showed me what cheer is all about, not just winning but everything else. I have been your #1 fan ever since you started cheering on these big teams. When I saw my first video of you I don't know what it was but right after it was over I knew you were going to be my favorite cheerleader of all time. Your such a humble, sweet, loving person to your family, friends, team, fans, and absolutely everyone. If it wasn't for you who kept reminding me why I cheer I probably would not be cheering today. You are someone that I want to be just like when I get older. I also can not thank you enough to for taking time to take a picture with me it meant absolutely everything to me. I have seen you perform at many competitions but I never got a picture with you at any of them. The day I got this picture was the best day of my life. You are a bigger person to me than any singer, actor, or anyone for that matter. You have been someone I have admired my whole life and I thank you so much for that. I'm so sad to sell you leave Cheer Extreme and I don't know what I will do without watching you compete with them. Anyways thank you so much for always being there for me even thought you don't even know who I am, you had a huge impact on my life and I hope you go a long ways with cheering. I hope to sometimes see you again and maybe get another picture. I love you so much and thanks again for everything I'm very grateful.πŸ˜πŸ˜­πŸ’™ @jenee_12 #tealarmy #seniorelite #jeneeforever
1 - tealarmy - jeneeforever - seniorelite -
jenee_12 : This is so sweet thank you πŸ’œ : No, thank you😘😭 ily @jenee_12
aislinres - chris_werido - si_cheer_forlife - shrek.420 -
This is Life ❀️@efigueroam #Tealarmy #CinderellaCastle #dreamscometrue
tealarmy - cinderellacastle - dreamscometrue -
imarsilli : Very Nice *-*
krasnasearovic : Acabo de cachar que tienes una hermana πŸ˜‚ son gemelas o solo son demasiado iguales πŸ‘€?
mfigueroaa : Si! Somos gemelas hajajajj 😁 @krasnasearovic yo soy la copia original eso si πŸ’
clau.flieshigh : @love_it_store_ regala zapatillas tipo converse blancas con plataforma y yellow boots pink
ay32892uw - imarsilli - victoriassecret_iqq - mishu_roll -
I debated about posting this, primarily because it was traumatizing to watch & heartbreaking for Shannon & all of #CoedElite - However, this clip of her injury is for anyone that says Cheer isn't a sport. This is for those that question the undeniable hard work, fearless effort, & inexplicable dedication required of every single athlete that wishes to be apart of something as rewarding as #AllstarCheer - We risk it all to win it all, we give everything to BE everything, & fear nothing more than not living up to our own expectations of greatness. Congrats to Shannon, Dillon, & ALL of #CoedElite for exceeding the expectations of any & all, overcoming every obstacle, & for bringing home their first gold globe for the #LargeCoed division. You inspired the world with your relentless drive & unwavering courage, & without a doubt gave #AmysArmy the recognition & success each of you deserve. That's a wrap #Worlds2015 - it's been real. πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ #CheerExtreme #AmyElliot #TealArmy #CoedRevolution #WorldChampion #Cheer #CheerLife #CheerLove #CheerWorlds - @CeaCoach1 @shannongarrett332 @dylanngrant
cheerextreme - cheerworlds - worlds2015 - amysarmy - tealarmy - coedelite - worldchampion - cheerlove - largecoed - cheer - cheerlife - allstarcheer - amyelliot - coedrevolution -
jannytay1624 : @jayj.01
jannytay1624 : @msiroskey
gbe.mel : @kailiefranzen
friizettefz : @zoe_bouthillier @melissacerqueira @rachohhhh @melissa_cool10 @tiffnevesbraga c elle le cou
siennasteven80 : @marc_taylor22
estherbashizi : @louise_hemmo 😳😳😳😩
immiwhite : @elisaxlee
jacy_kae : @tesssiiee
ooohlalalacie - _savannahx__ - _lenahoran_ - ucascottyb -
Biggest. Plot twist. Ever. I am so beyond happy for Coed Elite for winning worlds and HITTING their routine BOTH DAYS despite the unfortunate circumstances on day 1. This win was well deserved. Congrats Coed Elite! ❀️🌎 #tealarmy #cheerextreme #coedelite #worlds2015
tealarmy - coedelite - worlds2015 - cheerextreme -
_helendeng - theholysoul - _braeexd - bandwhore.unicorns -
I will never forget this day ! So proud of coed elite! You killed it both days.Truly Amazing !! #Cea #Tealarmy #family #nc #thecoedeliteπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ
tealarmy - nc - family - cea - thecoedeliteπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ -
tumblingislifebig_d : Congrats man
bsb_camille : Congrats Dave so happy for you 😍❀️❀️
laurendoyle123 : Congratulations!
amanda4532 : Awwww! Congrats daveeee❀️❀️❀️
ceacoachsusan : Congrats @dfrankle1 ... Well deserved!!!!
taiii_cheer : Congrats DaveπŸ‘πŸΌπŸŒŽ
kaaylerrzz : Congrats Dave!!!
juliaashleyyy : CONGRATS!!!!!
tg_anna_ - em_betz - foreverinhappiness - -
This is my LIFE and I wouldn't trade it for the world , Phoenix 8th in the world . Senior elite takin second and THE COED ELITE taking home the GOLD #cea #tealarmy . Now for the rest of teams tomorrow .
tealarmy - cea -
emmagracemac - cea_neely - breannalayne0520 - tg_anna_ -
BEYOND PROUD OF COED ELITE!!! πŸ’ͺπŸ™Œβ€β€πŸ†πŸ’πŸ‘πŸ‘ Their first World Champion win!! πŸŽ†πŸŽ‡πŸŽ†πŸŽ‡πŸ’πŸ†πŸŒŽβ€β€I am so happy that they won world's πŸ‘ a job well done COED ELITE #worlds2015 #tealarmy πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ
tealarmy - worlds2015 -
alyssaittel - marynadarling22 - melissavelasco15 - denedy00 -
Congrats to senior elite on your second place win at worlds! I really think you deserved 1st though! I'm going to miss you so much Jenee and I can honestly say there was no better way to end your senior year than with a perfect routine ilysm and I'm so happy for you😘🌎 @jenee_12 #tealarmy #allin #se4l #worlds #worlds2k15 #jenee
worlds - allin - se4l - tealarmy - worlds2k15 - jenee -
mckenzie_schroeder - gabriela_j14 - camilitonyc - fredrondeau_ -
SENIOR ELITE HITπŸ˜­πŸ˜πŸ’πŸŒŽ THIS WAS ONE OF THE BEST PERFORMANCES OF WORLDS 2015 I COULDN'T BE HAPPIER! @jenee_12 #tealarmy #allin #se4l #globe #worlds
se4l - tealarmy - globe - allin - worlds -
jenee_12 - mckenzie_schroeder - teresa_oe - janaa__g -
2 posts in one day don't really care tho #cea #tealarmy #tealwearsthecrown #cheerextreme #ladiesofteal #ladiesofr5 #summit2k15 so excited for @jocelinn__ and her newest team to compete
summit2k15 - ladiesofteal - ladiesofr5 - cea - cheerextreme - tealarmy - tealwearsthecrown -
catie.sueee02 - alyse_12740 - avetumbling_101 - 1omg_twd -
Gabie is honestly the most amazing cheerleader!! not being in the Allstar world for a year then coming to worlds, learning a routine in however amount of time, & competing w/ coed now that's amazing!! you never stop inspiring me so thank you Gabie πŸ˜πŸ˜­πŸ‘‘πŸ’™ #tealarmy #gabiedinsbeer #cheerextreme
cheerextreme - tealarmy - gabiedinsbeer -
gtgcheer : F4f?
_.madalynnnn._ : They said she was only given 30 minutes 😱
sarai_snowxo - n.smizzle - arguellohelen - gayosso___29 -
#ss of jocelin or jocie is what we called her here in ky at school. good luck to all teams competing this weekend at worlds and counting down to summit #CEA #cheerextreme #tealarmy #tealwearsthecrown @jocelinn__ @jocelinn__ @jocelinn__ @jocelinn__ @jocelinn__
ss - cheerextreme - tealwearsthecrown - cea - tealarmy -
jocelinn__ : do you wanna tell me who you are
allthingsceajocelin : πŸŽ€ @jocelinn__ πŸ™Š
jocelinn__ : ill block you
jakebell_7 : Do it @jocelinn__ πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
allthingsceajocelin : πŸ˜₯ @jocelinn__
allthingsceajocelin : who r u @jakebell_7
jakebell_7 : Jocelins best friend and who are you?
allthingsceajocelin : I was one of her bffs in ky @jakebell_7
amanda.griffithh - avetumbling_101 - elyssajane19 - curious.d -
SSX SLAYEDπŸ’πŸ‘— #cheerworlds #cheerleadingworlds #ssx #smallseniorX #cheerextreme #cheerextremesmallseniorX #cea #tealarmy #cheerleading #newuniforms #worlds2015
newuniforms - smallseniorx - ssx - cea - tealarmy - cheerworlds - cheerleadingworlds - cheerleading - cheerextreme - cheerextremesmallseniorx - worlds2015 -
briacarolinee - cheerforce_k15 - luna_rocks34 - bowdown2britt -
I really want coed elite to hit today after everything they have been throughπŸ’œπŸ™…πŸ»#tealarmy ~ #f4f #follow #flyer #fierce #6k #needle #swag #tagsforlikes #scale #stunt #wcss #werk #worlds #ca #sfs #panthers #babs #tglc #cheerathletics #cali #coed #lbod #cheer #cheerleader #cheetahs
cheetahs - needle - coed - lbod - cheerathletics - tealarmy - ca - 6k - sfs - babs - flyer - wcss - cheerleader - fierce - follow - panthers - worlds - swag - scale - stunt - tglc - tagsforlikes - cali - cheer - f4f - werk -
seandbrown : Love this!
soyouthinkucancheer : To get worlds updates sent to your phone text "@worlds015" to 81010!
cheer.bbabz - chenton_18 - kristenn_01 - hannahmoore_xoxo -
Badass group of ladies here! Love my team..when the clock started and the whistle blew last night we said game on Houston. Every girl stepped up and made me so proud! #footballisthebestsportonearth #TealArmy #Divanation
fitfam - tealarmy - strongwomen - football - blitz - footballisthebestsportonearth - divanation - gotem - toolegit - stfuat - uwf -
dylans_awot : #fitfam #strongwomen #uwf #toolegit #gotEM #football #blitz #stfuat
laurynnnn_3 - texas_ironaddict - dneacia_white2 - footballgirl_divas17 -
This was during halftime..but we won. Houston got spanked 49-19. Feels good bringing home that W!! #uwf #tealarmy #divanation #strongwomen #fitfam #gaveemtheD
fitfam - gaveemthed - tealarmy - strongwomen - uwf - divanation -
sinead_disaya - milliondollarbaby_15_ - valp0917 - beastfitness -
jocelin with her teammate 😍 #CEA #summit2k15 in 6 days πŸ‘ŠπŸΌ #cheerextremeallstars #cheerextreme #tealarmy #tealwearsthecrown #notourpic #uca2k15 #disneyworld #royals #guardians #coedcheerleading #likeforcheer #queens #ladiesofr5 so excited for worlds this weekend and summit next. CEA coed elite is in 1st place right now 😍🌎 we love CEA @jocelinn__ @jocelinn__ @jocelinn__ @jocelinn__ your awesome ky loves you 😍😍
summit2k15 - notourpic - coedcheerleading - cea - likeforcheer - tealarmy - ladiesofr5 - royals - uca2k15 - cheerextreme - guardians - tealwearsthecrown - disneyworld - cheerextremeallstars - queens -
cheernasticssoftball - elyssajane19 - _paris_101_ - charcahar_ -
Frothing at the mouth over here #tealarmy
tealarmy -
whiskey_foot -
Senior eliteπŸ’πŸ‘—πŸ‘‘ #tealarmy #allin #cea #seniorelite #cheerextreme #cheerworlds #cheerleadingworlds #tealwearsthecrown #cheerbestfriends #goals #cheerprobs #worlds2015
worlds2015 - cea - cheerbestfriends - tealarmy - cheerworlds - cheerleadingworlds - cheerextreme - allin - seniorelite - cheerprobs - tealwearsthecrown - goals -
daria_jw - kxyla.grace - its_julias_world__ - adri.xvi -
I'm in love with their practice wearπŸ’˜ Can I have one😭😍 #worlds2015 #seniorelite #coedelite #tealarmy
tealarmy - coedelite - worlds2015 - seniorelite -
allstarcheerfashion : 😍😍
kelsey_renae134 : I'm being nosey but did/is SE practicing twice today? Since earlier they were wearing black I think. Ha
ceaquadsquad : @kelsey_renae134 yes they did. At 11:50 and 6:30. They wore the black one at the first practice
kelsey_renae134 : Ohh okay! Thanks! 😊
rrarinn5 - adri.xvi - _paum_ - allstarcheerfashion -
#CEA #summit2k15 #disneyworld #cheer #cheerleading #coedcheer #cheerextremeallstars #tealarmy #tealwearsthecrown #likeforcheer who is excited for worlds weekend and summit weekend πŸŒπŸ—» #notourpic we love jocelins new haircut 😍😍😍 following you from the kentucky side @jocelinn__ @jocelinn__ @jocelinn__ @jocelinn__ @jocelinn__ @jocelinn__
summit2k15 - notourpic - cea - tealarmy - coedcheer - cheerleading - likeforcheer - cheer - tealwearsthecrown - disneyworld - cheerextremeallstars -
cheernasticssoftball - jtdubstep_600 - 1omg_twd - jules_rxm -
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