For a dinner at one of the usual favourites. #smallbitesmakemefull #friedporkintestines #laoban #tauhuay #clams #shanghaixlb #xiaolongbao #oldairportfoodcentre #food #foodporn #instafood #singapore #2014
clams - singapore - food - smallbitesmakemefull - tauhuay - foodporn - friedporkintestines - instafood - shanghaixlb - oldairportfoodcentre - xiaolongbao - 2014 - laoban -
jooorene : @peeaccee you will feel full de mehhhhhhhhhhh
peeaccee : @jooorene of cos la! Anyway this is the 2nd half of the menu. Hahahah
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Tau huay! The Indonesian's way (^0^)v Smooth silky soy beancurd with ginger sweet syrup #kembangtahu #tauhuay
tauhuay - kembangtahu -
simplyhappyfood : Mau ini donk 😔
buburlemu : Iya selesep selesep kalau dimakan @kartikaartmlqui
buburlemu : Saya 3 baskom, Om! @ompapi
buburlemu : Ok. Sending to you now! ! @simplyhappyfood
amitriyono23 : Rasanya manis2seger enak deh pokonya, tapi jarang nemu
ompapi : Hahaha....
simplyhappyfood : Hehe mksih 😁 if only I can receive!
buburlemu : Ooo sini dia lwt sore2 pakai sepeda. Hrs cepat panggil kalau mau heheh @amitriyono23
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Promised myself not to have supper till tmr but this was too tempting after a long day of cheer/dance 😁 thanks @toystory92 for offering to buy Tauhuey for us and of course @hunggggryboy for the surprise self-baked(?) and decorated cupcake hehe I loved it ☺️ Fuel for tmr 💪💪 #supper #tauhuay #cupcake #madewithhearts #literally #notdieting #nofilter
madewithhearts - supper - literally - tauhuay - nofilter - notdieting - cupcake -
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My fav flavour!!!enak bingit...#soya #tauhuay #cloud9soya #cloud9 #manggo #licious #enakbingit
cloud9soya - manggo - soya - enakbingit - tauhuay - licious - cloud9 - -
The boss can't stop smiling upon hearing the massive orders by us. By saying us- it refers to just SIX of us. #overkill #food #sgfood #tauhuay #dimsum #soya #soyamilk #supper
soyamilk - food - tauhuay - overkill - soya - dimsum - supper - sgfood -
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Sweet delights @ Rochor Beancurd! Grab a bite at one of local most popular beancurd stalls. Ordered Peanut Rice Ball / Black Pearls Tau Huay, together with You Tiao & their signature egg tarts! The taste of their egg custard is so heavenly~! Don't miss out on that! Overall Rating: 9.3/10 #100HAPPYDAYS #DESSERTS #SHARING #TAUHUAY #SOYABEANCURD #YOUTIAO #FAMOUS #ROCHORBEANCURD #EGGTARTS #MUSTTRY #SIGNATURE #TASTESOGOOD #YUMMYLICIOUS #FOODPORN #GOODFOOD #SWEETTOOTH #DOUBLEHAPPINESS #POTD
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pierreblake : Nice
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You Tiao, Tau Huay.
sgfoodporn - tauhuay - sgigfoodies - sgfoodies - instafood - sgfood - sgig - youtiao -
porkchopboys : #sgfood #sgfoodies #sgfoodporn #sgig #sgigfoodies #instafood #instafood #tauhuay #youtiao
shelovesherfood : Fav fav
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Si Chuan Dou Hua is not called Si Chuan Dou Hua da for nothing. Do hua is amazeballs. #SiChuanDouHua #PARKROYAL #mummys60thbdaybdash #tauhuay #foodstagram #sgfoodie
sichuandouhua - foodstagram - mummys60thbdaybdash - sgfoodie - parkroyal - tauhuay -
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🙌🙌🙌🙌 FAVORITE SOYA BEAN MILK (extra points because it's beside my new favorite bakery- Baker Talent, & let me tell you those bakers there really do have talent!)
soyamilk - vsco - vscocam - laoban - foodporn - food - tauhuay - soyabean - soymilk - bakertalent - serangoon - serangooncentral -
rubenplease : #vsco #vscocam #laoban #soyabean #soyamilk #soymilk #tauhuay #serangoon #serangooncentral #food #foodporn #bakertalent
tansihan : My fav too cuz th rest r basic
rubenplease : @tansihan tell me about it! Love how it's so milkyyyyyyyyy
rubenplease : @tansihan k idk why milky has so many y's I don't talk like that I promise
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Eatin' tauhuay before medical appointment... #tauhuay #douhua #豆花 #mrbean #tasteofsingapore #singapore #chinese
豆花 - douhua - chinese - singapore - tasteofsingapore - tauhuay - mrbean -
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#supper #beancurd #fatdie #foodporn #sgfood #instadaily #igsg #instafood #tauhuay
fatdie - foodporn - tauhuay - instafood - igsg - supper - sgfood - instadaily - beancurd -
stunningphotostbh : Cool picture! If you like Food you should definately check out @Delicioustbh
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Presenting... A collection of tauhuay-inspired faces. Made a quick run to Old Airport Road last night to satisfy my beancurd craving!
soy - eatclean - singapore - food - tauhuay - beancurd -
sabrinaiooi : #tauhuay #beancurd #soy #eatclean #singapore #food
cabinteo : LOLLLLLLLLL
sabrinaiooi : Watcha laughing at @cabinteo
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Grilled chicken with omelet rice, tauhuay and a drink for $9.90, below our $10 lunch budget oh yay. #lunch #chicken #omelet #beancurd #tauhuay #greentea #ayataka
lunch - omelet - greentea - ayataka - tauhuay - beancurd - chicken -
lilichowww : ❤❤
feedexsg : 👋👋👋
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Sometimes we seek comfort in the tradition. #tauhuay #beancurd #豆花 #yucharkway #youtiao #油条 #dessert #sgeats
豆花 - 油条 - dessert - tauhuay - sgeats - yucharkway - beancurd - youtiao -
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White on white. #tauhuay
soft - foodie - streetfood - food - dessert - tauhuay - sylvgeeeats - rochor - foodpic - beancurd -
sylvgee : #beancurd #dessert #soft #foodpic #foodie #food #rochor #streetfood #SylvGeeEats
bestthingyoueverate : Very cool!
sylvgee : @bestthingyoueverate thanks!
hungrybrosfoodtruck : Nice form!
sylvgee : @hungrybrosfoodtruck isn't it! Thanks!
hellenwijaya - mayamalidra - galovesongs - natasyajuliette -
This homemade tauhuay is so smooooth, nicer than Mr Bean lah! Thank You Li Kuan for the lovely beancurd 😍 #tauhuay #homemade #smooth
tauhuay - smooth - homemade -
xp11 - joeannyangs - jiasmilex - mcfaggy.pants -
The 8 treasures
iphone6 - dessert - tauhuay - desserttime - supper - eighttreasures - beancurd - sweet -
jeejess77 : #dessert #desserttime #eighttreasures #tauhuay #beancurd #iphone6 #supper #sweet
missymelly : Wooo u got yr iphone 6?
jeejess77 : @missymelly ya cos contract over (excuses) 😁 Screen bigger, good for ageing eyes
insoavi - xshoulderpads - kadence11_oliver13 - qiuvhan913 -
27th September '2014 Saturday #sweettreats extended back at home last night after a very satisfying dinner. #soyabeancurd aka #soybeancurd known as #豆花 #tauhuey for enjoyment together with the mister @marcelyu Mum! One for her, one for me... We love #tauhuay #sgfood #sgfoodies #localfood #localdelights #food #foodpix #foodpics #foodporn #foodpornsg #foodforfoodies #foodgasm #foodphotography #foodphotography #foodshare #foodspotting #instasg #instafood #instalicious
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My dinner!! The traditional #tauhuay is still e best! As soft as tofu cos ē vendor has machine to make, best eaten warm!!
tauhuay -
Supper with love ones ✌☺ #supper #yummy #sedapgiler #sedapnakmampos #foodsg #foodneverdies #foodporn #foodgloryfood #sgfood #tauhuay #portugueseeggtart
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Brown Sugar Tou Foo Fa breakfast. Silky soy bean custard. Good for people like me who can barely handle waking up, much less chewing in the morning. :-P
tauhuey - soy - taufoofa - tauhuay - beancurd - custard -
jaynetinkers : #taufoofa #soy #beancurd #custard #tauhuay #tauhuey
butterloveaffair : Love that! Here in hk, i think it's red sugar with syrup. In the Philippines we have "taho" that has brown sugar syrup and sago :-)
jaynetinkers : Love the variations! They use palm sugar here sometimes too. I'm curious about adding sago. Must be a textural thing. I think I'll like it ♡ @butterloveaffair
butterloveaffair : We'd have taho every weekend for "pre-breakfast" :-) it does add texture so it's a bit more exciting hehe! :-) try it! :-)
jaynetinkers : I must indeed! Like the idea of pre-breakfast. Lol @butterloveaffair
butterloveaffair : Haha yes it's like "snack" to us since it's just a cup and not a bowl like you have there or here in hk :-)
butterloveaffair - thesparklekitchen - missinglokness - 2justbyou -
Supper time! #tauhuay #foodgasm #instafood
instafood - tauhuay - foodgasm -
ginallebaria : Looks great!
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Tau Huay in Melbourne!
australia - foodgasm - foodporn - food - dessert - tasty - tangsui - foodstagram - melbourne - yummy - tauhuay - singapore - instafood - dinner - yum - tauhuey - sweet - delish - beancurd -
paandaeats : #food #instafood #yum #foodporn #yummy #foodstagram #delish #tasty #foodgasm #dinner #dessert #melbourne #australia #tangsui #sweet #beancurd #tauhuey #tauhuay #singapore
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Late night black and white with tangyuan at Rochor House Beancurd in Geylang NOMMMM i can still taste it... #desserts #foodporn #tauhuay
desserts - tauhuay - foodporn -
gweenarr : @fattonat's creation ohh yeah
flutterbybye : This actually looks damn good I am feeling hungry now
gweenarr : It's freaking good. Cold and smooth and two different kinds of sweetness. The cold also makes the peanut paste inside the tangyuan seize up so it becomes a little crispier. @flutterbybye
flutterbybye : @gweenarr shall we meet for tau huay or smth?
gweenarr : Yes! @flutterbybye
shroomcrumpet : That looks so good
gweenarr : We went there @shroomcrumpet!
spensieve - adskl - flutterbybye - fattonat -
#cinnamonbun #tauhuay #supper #xiexiemama
tauhuay - cinnamonbun - xiexiemama - supper -
kellylilin - bryanleesh93 - chewypong27 - zuuuuulllz -
I needed this to perk me up in the morning! ❤️👍😋 #BREAKFAST #BONJOUR #PERKUP #BLACKPEARLS #SOYABEANCURD #TAUHUAY #OISHII
perkup - soyabeancurd - blackpearls - tauhuay - bonjour - oishii - breakfast -
jonnyteng : Where's my?
vinnncenzo : @jonnyteng I ate 'em up! 😄
jonnyteng : Bo share
vinnncenzo : @jonnyteng Next time we go together kay! 👌
ashiqq2001 - augustmoments - jonnyteng - yeoarela15 -
Morning treats from our dear intern. #morning#breakfast#tauhuay#selegie#shiok
tauhuay - selegie - breakfast - shiok - morning -
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Sweee (Y) :D Long time no eat tau huay~ #tauhuay #oreoiceblended
oreoiceblended - tauhuay -
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eating tau huay and I'm missing my tau huay gang! #tauhuay #missingyouguys
tauhuay - missingyouguys -
cloneyoyo : TAU HUEYYYY
meihuixx : Awz.
meihuixx : Care to deliver some?
aqilah9 : @meihuix_ ntu a bit far ah
meihuixx : 15mins from panjang bro HAHAHAH.
aqilah9 : @meihuix_ getting 3hrs of sleep since last Wednesday bro...non-stop working...
meihuixx : My amt of sleep is just equivalent ha haha.
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150914 Because every monday is douhua day. 😋 Douhua (Chinese: 豆花, dòuhuā) is the short form of doufuhua (Chinese: 豆腐花, dòufuhuā). It is a Chinese snack made with very soft tofu. It is also referred to as tofu pudding and soybean pudding. Tofu or doufu (Chinese: 豆腐, dòufu) is thought to have originated in ancient China during the Western Han Dynasty. Chinese people have developed and enriched the recipes for tofu dishes on the basis of their own tastes, such as mapo tofu, stinky tofu, pickled tofu and uncongealed tofu pudding, etc. In Singapore and Malaysia it is more commonly known by its names tau hua or tau huay in Min Nan, or by the Cantonese name (tau fu fa) with the Cantonese variation being more common in Malaysia. In Penang, the common term is tau hua due to the Hokkien roots of the local Chinese dialect. It is usually served either with a clear sweet syrup alone, with ginkgo seeds suspended in the syrup, or in a sugar syrup infused with pandan. In Indonesia it is known as Kembang tahu (tofu flower) or in Java as Tahwa atau Wedang Tahu (Wedang means hot water with ginger, Tahu means tofu) and is usually sold by hawkers. It is served warm or cold with palm sugar syrup that has been flavored with pandan leaves and ginger. The hawker usually sells it in the morning using a bicycle vendor. They sell it soaked with warm and sweet ginger syrup and add one or two spoons of coconut milk. People may ask for brewed peanut and mung bean paste. Sometimes, the costumer may only buy the sweet brewed peanut as Kuah Kacang and consume it with cakwe. In Thailand it is known by its Min Nan name taohuai (เต้าฮวย). It is usually served cold with milk and fruit salad, which is known as taohuai nom sot (เต้าฮวยนมสด, literally "douhua in fresh milk") or taohuai fruit salad (เต้าฮวยฟรุตสลัด), or served hot with ginger syrup, which is known as taohuai nam khing (เต้าฮวยน้ำขิง). In the Philippines it is known as taho and sold by hawkers in the mornings, usually door-to-door or outside churches. It is served warm with a dark brown, molasses-like syrup called arnibal and sago or tapioca balls.
tauhua - douhua - tauhuay -
corrienachiam : @eddy_is apa benefit ya. Ya jak kurang tek dlm blog tok
eddy_is : @corrienachiam Improves the immune system, improves brain function, enhances function of body tissues, gives more energy, and improves skin color and tone. 😊👍
ian.ebrizal : Oooohh that was interesting 😊
selviah : lorong 10 ada. everyday freshly made. di jual oleh nyonyah nok jual togeh ya😁
eddy_is : @ian.ebrizal 😊👍
eddy_is : @selviah sik nyaman nyonyah ya molah. Cina towk jual nyaman gik. Lembut and gula nya sik sepekat kunin mcm nyonyah ya jual. This one u can choose which sugar u prefer. White or brown sugar syrup. They also selling fresh soya bean where u can also mix it with the tauhua. 😋👍
cshirlshirl : Blt kelak kita #taufufa sama2!! @eddy_is
eddy_is : @cshirlshirl 😋👍👯👯👯
alvinpratamaw - hammys - zecqee - cshirlshirl -
😋👍 #tauhuay #beancurd
tauhuay - beancurd -
icedmilo : Lol you went there again?!
ying0912 : Yummmm
jiejielovesmusic : Yup with my sis! Her school is nearby mah @icedmilo
jiejielovesmusic : Heheh 那天吃不到,今天总算吃到了!傍晚去,没什么人的 😏 @ying0912 @icedmilo
ying0912 - tomohtom - bearjx - jsontbk -
Best tau huay i ate! Smooth like nobody business @aprin_harry #best #smooth #foodgasm #foodday #tauhuay #instafood
instafood - foodgasm - tauhuay - smooth - foodday - best -
fredrickchw - xiaoqi_michigeseo - pei.fang - wongyanqin -
豆花。#beancurd #tauhuay #singaporefood
tauhuay - singaporefood - beancurd -
sgsushi : #SgSushi #ILoveSushi :)
ebifishing - auntiedoris_eats - kissandtellee - cakeman9000 -
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