Late night black and white with tangyuan at Rochor House Beancurd in Geylang NOMMMM i can still taste it... #desserts #foodporn #tauhuay
desserts - tauhuay - foodporn -
gweenarr : @fattonat's creation ohh yeah
flutterbybye : This actually looks damn good I am feeling hungry now
gweenarr : It's freaking good. Cold and smooth and two different kinds of sweetness. The cold also makes the peanut paste inside the tangyuan seize up so it becomes a little crispier. @flutterbybye
flutterbybye : @gweenarr shall we meet for tau huay or smth?
gweenarr : Yes! @flutterbybye
chefstevenhawaii - adskl - t_akane - spensieve -
#cinnamonbun #tauhuay #supper #xiexiemama
tauhuay - cinnamonbun - xiexiemama - supper -
kellylilin - bryanleesh93 - chewypong27 - zuuuuulllz -
Morning treats from our dear intern. #morning#breakfast#tauhuay#selegie#shiok
tauhuay - selegie - breakfast - shiok - morning -
jenrichardsonnn - ahlimmou - javernwk - childishdelights -
Sweee (Y) :D Long time no eat tau huay~ #tauhuay #oreoiceblended
oreoiceblended - tauhuay -
sovietsunset - melissa_channn - qinyuansg - ivxnxroses -
eating tau huay and I'm missing my tau huay gang! #tauhuay #missingyouguys
tauhuay - missingyouguys -
cloneyoyo : TAU HUEYYYY
meihuix_ : Awz.
meihuix_ : Care to deliver some?
aqilah9 : @meihuix_ ntu a bit far ah
meihuix_ : 15mins from panjang bro HAHAHAH.
aqilah9 : @meihuix_ getting 3hrs of sleep since last Wednesday bro...non-stop working...
meihuix_ : My amt of sleep is just equivalent ha haha.
roxalnessisters - syaxeroxiff - yusrocky - cloneyoyo -
150914 Because every monday is douhua day. 😋 Douhua (Chinese: 豆花, dòuhuā) is the short form of doufuhua (Chinese: 豆腐花, dòufuhuā). It is a Chinese snack made with very soft tofu. It is also referred to as tofu pudding and soybean pudding. Tofu or doufu (Chinese: 豆腐, dòufu) is thought to have originated in ancient China during the Western Han Dynasty. Chinese people have developed and enriched the recipes for tofu dishes on the basis of their own tastes, such as mapo tofu, stinky tofu, pickled tofu and uncongealed tofu pudding, etc. In Singapore and Malaysia it is more commonly known by its names tau hua or tau huay in Min Nan, or by the Cantonese name (tau fu fa) with the Cantonese variation being more common in Malaysia. In Penang, the common term is tau hua due to the Hokkien roots of the local Chinese dialect. It is usually served either with a clear sweet syrup alone, with ginkgo seeds suspended in the syrup, or in a sugar syrup infused with pandan. In Indonesia it is known as Kembang tahu (tofu flower) or in Java as Tahwa atau Wedang Tahu (Wedang means hot water with ginger, Tahu means tofu) and is usually sold by hawkers. It is served warm or cold with palm sugar syrup that has been flavored with pandan leaves and ginger. The hawker usually sells it in the morning using a bicycle vendor. They sell it soaked with warm and sweet ginger syrup and add one or two spoons of coconut milk. People may ask for brewed peanut and mung bean paste. Sometimes, the costumer may only buy the sweet brewed peanut as Kuah Kacang and consume it with cakwe. In Thailand it is known by its Min Nan name taohuai (เต้าฮวย). It is usually served cold with milk and fruit salad, which is known as taohuai nom sot (เต้าฮวยนมสด, literally "douhua in fresh milk") or taohuai fruit salad (เต้าฮวยฟรุตสลัด), or served hot with ginger syrup, which is known as taohuai nam khing (เต้าฮวยน้ำขิง). In the Philippines it is known as taho and sold by hawkers in the mornings, usually door-to-door or outside churches. It is served warm with a dark brown, molasses-like syrup called arnibal and sago or tapioca balls.
tauhua - douhua - tauhuay -
corrienachiam : @eddy_is apa benefit ya. Ya jak kurang tek dlm blog tok
eddy_is : @corrienachiam Improves the immune system, improves brain function, enhances function of body tissues, gives more energy, and improves skin color and tone. 😊👍
ian.ebrizal : Oooohh that was interesting 😊
selviah : lorong 10 ada. everyday freshly made. di jual oleh nyonyah nok jual togeh ya😁
eddy_is : @ian.ebrizal 😊👍
eddy_is : @selviah sik nyaman nyonyah ya molah. Cina towk jual nyaman gik. Lembut and gula nya sik sepekat kunin mcm nyonyah ya jual. This one u can choose which sugar u prefer. White or brown sugar syrup. They also selling fresh soya bean where u can also mix it with the tauhua. 😋👍
cshirlshirl : Blt kelak kita #taufufa sama2!! @eddy_is
eddy_is : @cshirlshirl 😋👍👯👯👯
hammys - zecqee - cshirlshirl - paan_noded -
😋👍 #tauhuay #beancurd
tauhuay - beancurd -
icedmilo : Lol you went there again?!
ying0912 : Yummmm
jiejielovesmusic : Yup with my sis! Her school is nearby mah @icedmilo
jiejielovesmusic : Heheh 那天吃不到,今天总算吃到了!傍晚去,没什么人的 😏 @ying0912 @icedmilo
ying0912 - jamieanriel - bearjx - tomohtom -
Best tau huay i ate! Smooth like nobody business @aprin_harry #best #smooth #foodgasm #foodday #tauhuay #instafood
instafood - foodgasm - tauhuay - smooth - foodday - best -
fredrickchw - xiaoqi_michigeseo - pei.fang - wongyanqin -
豆花。#beancurd #tauhuay #singaporefood
tauhuay - singaporefood - beancurd -
sgsushi : #SgSushi #ILoveSushi :)
ebifishing - auntiedoris_eats - kissandtellee - cakeman9000 -
Soft bean curd morning .. It's diabetically goood... بسم الله Music:Never Give You Up /Black Keys #tauhuay #off2work
somethingsoftsomethingsweet - tauhuay - singapore - off2work - breakfast - beancurd - saturday - goodmorning -
arms1 : #goodmorning #saturday #breakfast #beancurd #SomethingSoftSomethingSweet #Singapore
mskungfubokchoy - padipotongpadi - locknessinsearch - shahfiqslick -
Cuz we're a sky full of stars #longdistance #supper #tauhuay
tauhuay - longdistance - supper -
shernsl - ernest_quah - stephhlui - andrewhoth -
A 'lake' of silky smooth #beancurd #tauhuay from #buffettown #buffet! Another #throwback .. And it is my 3rd visit already. #food #foodie #foodblog #foodgasm #foodgram #foodporn #fooddiary #foodblogger #foodstagram #foodspotting #foodphotography #desserts #dessertpics #dessertoftheday #igsg #igdaily #igsgfoodies #burpple #sweettooth
foodblogger - foodie - buffettown - foodporn - food - foodphotography - foodspotting - burpple - buffet - foodblog - desserts - foodgram - igsg - throwback - sweettooth - foodstagram - tauhuay - fooddiary - igsgfoodies - igdaily - dessertpics - dessertoftheday - beancurd - foodgasm -
iammeerah : They should make a green tea one for you
dessertingbeauty : @iammeerah ya good idea!
eatnchillout - orgasmicchef - foodfashionandfun - pig_daily -
Inaugural sunday outing with the smta peeps! @tehlawrence @kchareon @pinkguava16 @winter_solstice #redlips #chicken #tauhuay #bowlingbutt #paintbrush #eachhastagtellsastory
eachhastagtellsastory - bowlingbutt - tauhuay - redlips - chicken - paintbrush -
kchareon : Argh at the tauhuay hashtag..... I shld really do some reflection. Thanks captain Syafiq for the ride 😁
yeddayuyue : nice pic
syaficos : @yeddayuyue dun bluff
mirrahssm - ezdriano - hanitachew - abidazahari -
Thank you @adamlew Love You Adam -Everyone At @nickjose14 house
tauhuay - bucket - omgyes - cravingsatisfied -
lebzx : #TAUHUAY #CravingSatisfied #OMGYes #Bucket
daphnepsze : I want tao huay too... Bojio.... Adam bias...
adamlew : Buy for you another time @daphnepsze
queenxzb - matthewkoh1996 - _skystars_ - imeugeneng -
Tau huay for dessert. It's been a long time since I last came here fo tau huay. Still silky smooth! Yummy! #tauhuay #beancurd #whitefood #dessert #yummy #traditionalfoods #wahshiok #shiok
yummy - traditionalfoods - dessert - tauhuay - shiok - whitefood - wahshiok - beancurd -
nurulface : Why never go Selegie? Ahaha
iamwings : @nurulface it is at selegie! :)
nurulface : Aaah, I see!
nurulface - minichomps - iryna.maya - dreadrea.24 -
My friend's home made #tauhuay #soybeancurd #soyabeancurd #beancurd
soyabeancurd - homemade - soybeancurd - tauhuay - beancurd - taufufah -
euginemay : #homemade
euginemay : #taufufah
angelisclover - jmrichey - kaptirahayu - tmsanagustin -
foodstagram - instafood - singapore - tauhuay - foodporn - selegiebeancurd - simpangbedok - beancurd -
peeaccee : #singapore #simpangbedok #beancurd #tauhuay #foodporn #foodstagram #instafood
sannndayyy - dabiggal - gooddaysingapore - gavinchian -
Terimakasih @rilrin76 Sayang akak kantin.. #MrBean #TauHuay #masihadabelen2batok 😙💋
masihadabelen2batok - tauhuay - mrbean -
brozalan - sulaiman_ahklaken - lizamoes -
After a run, 'sinful' is no longer in my dictionary. 😉 #tauhuay #caitaukweh #hawkerfood
hawkerfood - tauhuay - caitaukweh -
lynetteeeeeeeee - anthonyanthole - theary_1408 - gkkhhh -
15/08/2014 : S-Blood-go-SupperHop #sbloodline #bakuteh #tauhuay #spize #family #insinyur2014
spize - bakuteh - family - sbloodline - tauhuay - insinyur2014 -
lzguangzl : Haha no time leh hor.
brunettella : A bit late hor
guanch92 : Busy pigeon leh hor.
yanzhi_ : #hallonebestfreshie #pageant #tooshuai #notimeduh
siewkimxz : Doing math and physics ley hor.
lzguangzl : ya sia @guanch92 @siewkimxz
lzguangzl : @yanzhi mai lai mai lai
dinnerdeanna : Leh hor.
xunister - luqqqqy - zhenyukpop - lydienza -
Best thing on a hot weather - cold 老伴豆花. Thanks Kiwi of the treat :) #sunday #hotweather #singapore #laoban #dessert #supper #yummy
enjoy - omnomnomnom - yummy - singapore - dessert - tauhuay - laoban - sunday - insrafood - supper - hotweather -
ellaxewai : #insrafood #yummy #omnomnomnom #tauhuay #enjoy
clararawoolala -
Had been so busy the past two weeks, that I don't even had time to post pictures of these two little creatures 😍 Hehe, please meet Orh Zu and Tau Huay (black sesame dessert and beancurd dessert) 😂 @Winstonkaylor just added 'sweet' elements to my life! 😅
happypills - newmembersindahouse - cutelittlefluffycreatures - tauhuay - nofilter - orhzu -
inkeylee : #nofilter #orhzu #tauhuay #newmembersindahouse #cutelittlefluffycreatures #happypills
xchubbykitty : So cuteeee
cottonlikecandy - marcodawesome - diinahhh - mazterz -
Some rocher tauhuay for you? #rocher #tauhuay #latefordinner #craving
latefordinner - tauhuay - rocher - craving -
xiaohuitoh : 😍
turbotweep : Tabao lehhh!
garethcon : Bo jio
againstheradar - josephinelkw - shunyuuu - casszua -
Home delivery of the ever-yummy 老伴 tau huay, thanks to the wonderful @ningnongbell 😊 Made my boring afternoon, lazing around at home recovering slowly, infinitely better 💕
foodie - foodporn - food - dessert - desserts - soybean - soy - instadaily - happiness - foodstagram - yummy - sweets - tauhuay - instafood - pudding - sweet - sgfood -
allytyl : #food #foodie #foodporn #foodstagram #instafood #instadaily #tauhuay #sgfood #desserts #dessert #soy #soybean #pudding #sweets #sweet #yummy #happiness
pushyang : What's this !
allytyl : @pushyang tauhuay, some sort of soy bean pudding! super yummy 😋
pushyang : @allytyl 豆漿!! whew is it I'm going to Singapore next week :) for business trip 😆😆
lisaphua - the_xw - daylightheart - ningnongbell -
With #mrchan and the #tauhuay girls. For once you got it right lei #mydailyconversationwithmysinglishcalendar
tauhuay - mydailyconversationwithmysinglishcalendar - mrchan -
neun_punkte - mysteee - oohlalapine - claradrienne -
Tau huay for ah hua yay #vscocam #tauhuay #azn #yumz #healthy #shredding #lol
shredding - vscocam - azn - healthy - tauhuay - yumz - lol -
joelsimonsilva : @yenhuaaa what happened to #bulking
melosoh - desireeyen - idontlikecelery - fyeahba -
Selegie soya bean to end the night. Thanks @deekyboy @ngeechong !! #Selegie #TauHuay #SgFood #SgFoodie #Foodporn #Soybean #Foodgasm
foodgasm - selegie - soybean - foodporn - sgfood - sgfoodie - tauhuay -
yun.lin.372019 : 为什么你的食物看起来都好美味
carlsbergeaster : @yun.lin.372019 可能你肚子饿了?^_^
rickythefatboy - alphywho - monsterland_ - xianxian93 -
冰冰凉凉又顺滑可口的 SOYA CUBE 几乎被一扫而空了! #soyacube #soyacubemini #yummy #dessert #taufufa #tauhuay #cold #soyabeancurd
yummy - soyabeancurd - dessert - tauhuay - taufufa - soyacubemini - cold - soyacube -
jeff_tandx - shyhmiaw - shengran - jiunhong5898 -
Waking up early to study = more meals in stomach = fat girl. 😯😡 #instahub #instadaily #soyamilk #tauhuay #ham #cheese #bun #foodporn #igsg #ivyveronique #djivy #breakfast #throwback #100happydays #ivyathome
soyamilk - ivyveronique - ham - instahub - cheese - djivy - tauhuay - foodporn - 100happydays - bun - igsg - throwback - instadaily - breakfast - ivyathome -
th_blackrose : I seriously agree. This one no joke.
patrinathng - fifi_jules - jianan_95 - mat_yi3 -
Just got back to Dubai a day ago, kinda craved this. Alhamdulillah, bought ingre. ! My first attempt ever to make a #tauhuay ! Haha... #nothingbeatshomefood #homesick
tauhuay - homesick - nothingbeatshomefood -
minahijab : OMG!!! Is it difficult to make?
fifialhusayni : @minahijab the easiest like how we make custard!!! Iasked the aunty at a soya shop!! Hehehe
popsytwisty : You is awesome lah fifiiiiiiii
fifialhusayni : @popsytwisty nasssssss original at shop taste betttter!!!!
tengkumady : You're back in #dxb? Take care and all the best for your exams! It's really nice meeting u and your family 😘
fifialhusayni : @tengkumady kak mady!!!!! Alhamdulillah yeap baru balik not long ago,inshallahh ameen jazakhallah khayr for the rays invi! Sayang sngt tak dpt berbual lama2 hehe aiwaa likewise hope i can make it for ur upcming majlis 😚
fifialhusayni : *raya
fifialhusayni : @saerashi ashokrukillah rabal alameeenn.. Wslm my family send their Salam too inshallah lama tak jumpa si cantik Ni hehehe Allah ma3akyy
amerazak - adawiyah13 - khaixy_ -
Tau Huay Gluttony is for sure my fav. Best part. It's on National Day special at 49% off 
gluttony - singapore - tauhuay - 짱 - halfprice - drinksporn - chillout - drinks -
kkkryn : #halfprice #tauhuay #gluttony #drinks #drinksporn #chillout #짱 #singapore
robenauhuy - ladyrarara - niwdlabc - bearsaurous -
New favourite hang. So many bottles. Only drank one tau huay Gluttony #proudofmyself #sicklah 😈
sicklah - proudofmyself - singapore - tauhuay - favhang - gluttony - pub - 짱 - instaplaces - bar - drinksporn - chillout - drinks -
kkkryn : #drinks #chillout #favhang #bar #pub #drinksporn #tauhuay #gluttony #instaplaces #짱 #singapore
jeremietan : Thanks for coming and see u soon
kkkryn : @jeremietan hahaa!! that is of course! See ya 
trantor4864 - faithjaaf - kennedydesousa - babiprates1 -
Simple desserts at night are deserving yet memorable. Good times indeed. #whati8today #singapore #dessert #tauhuay #youtiao #evening #hungry #food #night #sweetstuff
evening - whati8today - food - dessert - tauhuay - singapore - hungry - sweetstuff - night - youtiao -
liping8638 - lavacakelover - audreyyy_y - jaycelyc -
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