Noo I don't want to get up oh shit it's Friday! #tgif #tattedmen #tommyhilfiger #underwearmodel ;) #inkedmafia #riseandgrind #tattooed #tattooedmillionaires
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almost_famous_amer : @sl8erson Lol not anymore my 3 month vacation after selling my party bus is now over 😫🔫
sl8erson : Woah. Welcome back to reality. No do your dishes. Lol
almost_famous_amer : @sl8erson no you do the dishes your the lady of our house and I'm the man i take the trash out and do the man work like the lawn work well actually I just make sure our gardeners are doing a good job at our apartments hahah
sl8erson : @almost_famous_amer you're the man of the house huh? Lolol thanks for the good laugh!
almost_famous_amer : @sl8erson lol yup no prob anytime Hahah love your life don't worry were both equal!!
delacommune : @almost_famous_amer cool pic!
delacommune : wow cool
almost_famous_amer : @delacommune thank you
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👌✌️❤️ #TattooedMillionaires
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Another #fbf with @roxyvayn @michaelstmichaels @valoramusic #tattooedmillionaires #2007
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michaelstmichaels : Oh shit!!! I remember this damn flashback indeed
valoramusic : Oh damn! Those were the days... haha I hope you're doing great!
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#tbt November 2006. Amsterdam tour stop with Tattooed Millionaires. Huge spliffs and hash hot chocolate. What a beautiful city, I've never been higher. #tattooedmillionaires #justinsandler #roxyvayn #throwbackthursday #amsterdam #europe
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thataudioengineergal : Amsterdam?!! Wow lucky!
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Throwback MONDAY! On tour with the fucktastic Tattooed Millionaires in December 2006. What a glorious time to be a teenager. No hangovers, a body by beer, viscously sexy music, a non-stop rock n roll crusade that lasted for 2 of the best months of my life. Methinks it's time to get @theafterhrs on the road. #tattooedmillionaires #justinsandler #johnnyjetson #roxyvayn #tourlife #therealdeal
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mal_gatsby : Good ol' days!
slaughterhousecouture : Oh Lordy lord lol
lindsayhearts : I miss that too!!!
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Look what I found #armed&hammered 2007 #tattooedmillionaires @justinsandler @tattooedmillionaires
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#swoyerthedestroyer #pigchampion #poisonidea #tattooedmillionaires
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Hahahaha you remember this weirdo?? Also, I look sooooo young here!!! Bless!! #tattooedmillionaires ???? #minime
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kcakes3 : You do look we diff here! Wasn't this at junction 7? X
bobbiezulfikar : You?!? Can't believe. Lol
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Day 7 of 12 Days of Bands that You Have To Know goes to Tattooed Millionaires #tattooedmillionaires #rocker #rock #12daysofbandsyouhavetoknow #musicjunkiepress #music
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