My husband brought this dead bee home on Friday, (because I told him I wanted to decorate one of our bathrooms with bees) and he thought I could pin it in a shadow box to hang. After doing some research--this is a Tarantula Hawk Wasp. They kill big hairy spiders. That means there are big hairy spiders on Camp Pendleton. Eww. #nofilter #tarantulahawkwasp #USMC #camppendleton #beesofinstagram
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That is a tarantula hawk and its victim. Look them up, scary member of the wasp family. Second most painful sting. The tarantula is paralyzed and drug back to a nest and buried alive...but not before being injected with eggs. #scary #tarantula #tarantulapet #tarantulas #tarantulahawk #tarantulahawkwasp #sting #bite #wasp #desertlife #desert #awesome #nasty
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Working on a new drawing and listening to #bigbang #kpop #art #tarantulahawkwasp
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#mcm #JustinOrvelSchmidt #schmidtstingpainindex #tarantulahawk #tarantulahawkwasp #mancrushmonday
mcm - tarantulahawkwasp - justinorvelschmidt - mancrushmonday - schmidtstingpainindex - tarantulahawk -
leilatoba : @austinshaffner have you ever heard of The Schmidt Sting Pain Index? That tarantula wasp is most certainly alive, and out of all of the stings on this scale, it's sting is considered to be the 2nd or 3rd most painful!
austinshaffner : I just looked it up...turns out this man IS fearless!...and crazyπŸ˜‰
leilatoba : @austinshaffner I always fall for the crazy ones
austinshaffner : Don't we all😬
austinshaffner : Ok I'll stop hijacking your postπŸ˜‰
leilatoba : @austinshaffner lol you're fine. Instagram comments are like a ghost town
austinshaffner : Yeah I never know proper social media etiquette, guess I'll always be old schoolπŸ—Ώ
leilatoba : @austinshaffner that's ok too ☺️
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#tarantulahawk #tarantulahawkwasp #wasp #flower #flowers #nature #outdoors #macro #macrophotography #macrophoto #bluesky #california #yellowflower #naturephotography #canon #subottphotography
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Female Spider Hunting Wasp (probably Hemipepsis sp.) From West Kalimantan. Wingspan 90mm. #tarantulahawkwasp #tarantulahawk #spiderhunting #predator #parasiticwasp #parasite #giant #insect #wasp #sting #hymenoptera #jaws #nature #naturalhistory #entomology #collection #specimen #insectcollection
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tonyadams123 : Dang, I only have a size 1 for my tarantula hawk.
carim_nahaboo : I have a few smaller Pepsis species, most on size 3 but I think this is the largest female I have.
carim_nahaboo : ^@tonyadams123
tonyadams123 : I'm guessing I should wait till I get size 3.
carim_nahaboo : Yeah I would say size 3/4 are best for any large hymenoptera as I have bent thin pins trying to pin some in the past, and also thin pins bend when you push them into plastozote. @tonyadams123
bombus_giacomini : Saw one of these the other day in Cary, NC
julie.menezes : Beautiful :-)
julie.spink : That's quite beautiful..
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RIP. The #tarantulahawkwasp didn't make it. 😒
tarantulahawkwasp -
lulutat2 : πŸ˜”
melissas_honeybee : I was hoping for a better out come but thanks to you, your dad and the wasp I learned a lot.
polaroid_dreamer : πŸ’”πŸ’”πŸ’”
lorigram : @girlnextdoorhoney check out @professor_pouncey 's photos of the tarantula hawk at work.
otto.jane : Sweet little guy😒
nursegold : Probably the only tarantula hawk to have hundreds mourn it.
weboughtaswamp : Such a bummer..
athousandmilesjamess : Can I ask what exactly kind of wasp that is and how he/she originates etx and got their name?
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Update on the #tarantulahawk. She crawling, but still not able to fly. Update on my dad. He's insane. Then again, people think I'm crazy for handing bees without gloves sometimes. We think just because these creatures can sting, that they will. It's just not true. These animals only sting if they feel threatened. I guess this wasp knows a friend when she sees one. #insectagram #tarantulahawkwasp #sandiego
tarantulahawk - tarantulahawkwasp - insectagram - sandiego -
jillbernal : Is she still in the ICU- Insect Care Unit?
iexlthm : @donnajeand this thing kills tarantulas! 😱
donnajeand : That is awesome; @iexlthm
karinaleonello : @girlnextdoorhoney I didn't know of these wasps until I saw your post; they are fascinating! I live in South Australia and I don't think we have them here (but I don't know). After seeing your post I looked at some other people's posts of the wasp attacking tarantulas. Just amazing. I've never seen that before; aren't critters amazing. Thanks for teaching me something new πŸ˜ƒ
theonemay : I literally saw this article and had to check on the Tarantula Hawk ER. It's an article from BBC Earth Your dad is the wasp whisperer! πŸ˜‹.
amvamp : @rixx777 - scary!!!
lblake1991 : @littlecoaldove
littlecoaldove : @lblake1991 yea I was reading the don't mind people
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My dad pulled this #tarantulahawkwasp out of a pool this morning with his bare hand because he thought she was dead! πŸ’€ Then she came back to life! This wasp has the second most painful sting in the insect world. 😱 We have her in the ICU tonight. She's got a little sugar water. We will see if she makes it. #tarantulahawk #insectagram
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smash228_ : From Schmidt's study: "But perhaps the worst sting of all goes to the Pepsis wasp (or Tarantula Hawk). Rather than light or fruity or shag-carpety, he described the pain as “…immediate, excruciating pain that simply shuts down one’s ability to do anything, except, perhaps, scream. Mental discipline simply does not work in these situations.”
krista_brasher : Is this video acting insane for anyone else? It's distorted all over, even on replay
bigwerrm : Any info on the wasp's condition?
bonafideorganics : @girlnextdoorhoney omfg he's trippin...lmao! I would have walked away I've seen those things take town a spider twice its size.....
beachbum44 : @elegant_clarkia check this out
ktmomrn : Next to the Bullet Any is what I understand. Respect!
ktmomrn : Any
ktmomrn : Ant
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My dad pulled this Tarantula Hawk Wasp out of a pool today. He thought she was dead and sent me this picture. An hour later he noticed her leg was twitching... She's now totally alive and crawling around. This wasp parasitizes tarantulas. It's sting immobilizes the spider and its larva then eats the poor spider alive from the inside! It is said to have the second most painful insect sting in the world! #yikes #insectagram #tarantulahawk #tarantulahawkwasp #itsalive
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phinneausthepug : Yeow!!!!
48thandmass : Eeewww! I saw these many times when we lived in SD & never knew what they were; just that they were sort of ominously pretty & we all stayed away from them. Instinct is a good thing :)
jillbernal : I have a video of a tarantula hawk dragging away its victim. I will repost it in case anyone wants to see
_carrie_lynn_p : @lessssea this is the gnarly bug I found a few months ago!!
bonafideorganics : @girlnextdoorhoney As much as daddy loves their youngins, you must tell him to wear a glove next time πŸ˜€ or walk away just walk away....
jentlecat : @mr_frank_castle
ktmomrn : Bad ass picture !
moosegrave : @wcaylor
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This was as close as I could get for a picture of the infamous #tarantulahawk or #tarantulahawkwasp before it would try to attack me. @micaburrows and I must have interrupted her hunt during our hike. The female tarantula hawk captures, stings, and paralyzes the tarantula. She then lays an egg in the abdomen of the spider where the larva hatches and eats the spider from the inside out avoiding vital organs for as long as possible in order to keep the spider alive. When the wasp is fully developed it emerges from the abdomen of the tarantula to continue the cycle. #fuckingnature
tarantulahawk - tarantulahawkwasp - fuckingnature -
diamondinthe_rox : I see it! And ew πŸ˜–
itsmesusieduh : @diamondinthe_rox it's so scary!
micaburrows : I can't see anything
shelbyjennyne : 😍😍😍😍
madelineee_ : Wtf are you talking about!?
itsmesusieduh : @madelineee_ you can't see it in my pic! It's that orange thing bottom leftish! Google it. They're sooooo coooool
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Got to #love this #guy. #muthafucken #Clyde #muthafucken Dogg. #where's #SirDukeEllingdon?#tarantulahawkwasp
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jraminski : *Ellington
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Yikes!!! Haha! I found it outside today. #tarantulahawk #tarantulahawkwasp #tarantulahawks #pepsiswasp
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Yikes!!! Haha! I found it outside today. #tarantulahawk #tarantulahawkwasp #tarantulahawks #pepsiswasp FYI did you know that there is a band called Tarantula Hawk? Yep, they are from San Diego!
tarantulahawks - tarantulahawk - tarantulahawkwasp - pepsiswasp -
terrapin_cin : Is that your arm?!? Crazy woman!!
i_love_life_3 : It's my arm and yes, it's dead. That the ONLY way I would handle it. It is the second most painful sting in the WORLD! This wasp is also found to get drunk on fermented fruit. It is somewhat safe to handle them at that time-but I don't think I would!
i_love_life_3 : I love that you can see the sparkles on my arm! Haha! I didn't know I would be taking a picture!
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A very large Spider Hunting Wasp - wingspan 90mm, body around 60mm. if anyone can suggest a species ID, that would be great, was found in West Kalimantan. (I don't think it's in the Pepsis Genus, but could be wrong...) It looks like wing venation matches more with Hemipepsis sp, but can't find much info on species outside the Americas.....#wasp #giant #spiderhunter #pompilidae #pompilid #tarantulawasp #tarantulahawk #tarantulahawkwasp #blackandwhite #metallic #sting #hymenoptera #malaysia #hemipepsis #westkalimantan #insect #entomology #drying #setting #spreading #taxidermy #collection #old #species #nature #naturalhistory #pinned #id
westkalimantan - old - blackandwhite - nature - wasp - spreading - entomology - tarantulahawk - sting - tarantulawasp - malaysia - insect - collection - metallic - id - giant - naturalhistory - pompilid - drying - pompilidae - species - pinned - hymenoptera - setting - taxidermy - spiderhunter - tarantulahawkwasp - hemipepsis -
carim_nahaboo : Haha no worries @julie.menezes tried lots of googling but can't find any match yet, Pompilids tend to be an under-recorded group anyway so chances are its just a species which hasn't come up in much literature/ photography before.....
julie.menezes : @carim_nahaboo fair enough, good luck with it :-)
dllavaneras : I would agree with Hemipepsis based on wing venation (very long M1 due to 1m-cu meeting S2 at the very end), but I'm only familiar with a few neotropical genera, and all the info I found on Afro or Indotropical species were on pollination and not taxonomic keys =/
carim_nahaboo : Thanks @dllavaneras :) I think I have the male of the same species, just haven't prepared it yet, but maybe the genitalia would be useful if a key exists? Most of the Hemipepsis info I can find is based on African species.
dllavaneras : That's (sadly) a big "if". I only have keys to genera and a few of neotropical Pepsis groups. Pompilids are under-represented in keys as far as I know.
carim_nahaboo : It seems that way with a lot of Hymenoptera @dllavaneras - will ask someone at the NHM sometime, for now I just love the look of this beast :)
ncarter.illustration : Beautiful specimen!!!
carim_nahaboo : Thanks @ncarter.illustration !
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There's at least forty wasps feeding on these flowers in the backyard. #hawkwasp #tarantulahawkwasp #wasps
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Head over to @wannabe_entomologist if you'd like a chance to win one of my signed limited edition prints or an A5 '87 invertebrates' print! All details on her latest post :) #competition #giveaway #insectart #limitededition #prints #artprint #beefly #tarantulahawkwasp #tarantulaart #brachypelma #brachypelmasmithi #whitewitch #thysania #bugart
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Night time flashπŸ’₯ shot of my Tarantula Hawk Wasp 😍😍😍😍😍. .... found in my yard , about 3inches long, roughly 4.5 inch wing span .... she's absolutely stunning, pics do no justice! !! She's a deep iridescent royal blue-green with amber honey colored wings .. if I could wear her as a pendant, id wear her everyday! !! πŸ’œ πŸ”₯ πŸ’œ I'll try & take better pics, my phone is terrible. #tarantulahawkwasp #wasp #savethebees #summertime #workingforthehoney #glassofig #glasspendant #glasspendants #pendy #glassporn #beelover #homegrown #hive #beecharmer #honeyaddict #beelover #wasplover @mynameisearl710
savethebees - wasp - beelover - honeyaddict - beecharmer - pendy - glasspendant - glassporn - homegrown - workingforthehoney - wasplover - hive - glassofig - summertime - tarantulahawkwasp - glasspendants -
carim_nahaboo : Very nice, its a female, looks like Pepsis mildei :)
sol_glass : Get clear epoxy and a baby food jar....
violet_energy : @carim_nahaboo I had no idea it was female, thank you so much! I will look that up, how awesome! 😊 I love her so much, i feel super lucky & blessed she was even in my yard! πŸ’œ
carim_nahaboo : No problem, males have longer straight antennae and an extra abdominal segment (and no sting) :) glass wouldn't be an option as very high temps will just destroy organic specimens, but resin would be OK as suggested above - the best thing would just be to frame it, will last forever if sealed up prevented from any pest attack. If you want to re-position her, maybe with wings spread, just soak in hot water and then use pins to hold everything in position and dry her out completely, them mount in a deep frame :)
violet_energy : Thank you very much for the info.... honestly I was hesitant about the resin because I don't know if want it in that state forever vs. a frame like u suggested, I like that idea. That is so awesome, I was not aware u could reposition them like that, I will take it into consideration. I'm just afraid to mess with her lol, she such an unbelievably beautiful creature, i hope I decide on something soon. Thank you again so much @carim_nahaboo
carim_nahaboo : No problem! I have some images on my feed of specimens drying out which were old and in 'dead' positions beforehand - its how all entomological specimens are prepared. The main thing is just to dry it soon after positioning it and to protect from any other insects.
mynameisearl710 : Great info and options here. A friend just told me about @cherryglass and they electroform insects into art. Might be worth a look
cherryglass : Oooooo we did one before this one would be great
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#humphreyspeak critter game strong πŸ’ͺ #jumpingspider #giantcricket #caterpillar #strangefly #tarantulahawkwasp #hikeislife #critterwatch
jumpingspider - giantcricket - caterpillar - strangefly - critterwatch - hikeislife - tarantulahawkwasp - humphreyspeak -
_huskiedude : #crittercentral
_kenzozozo_ : Whoooa
_kenzozozo_ - miguelspf - monkeycat87 - haley__barrington -
#tarantulahawkwasp #tarantula #insects #strong #critters #hike69 #Beyond52 #NatureLovers #hikingGirl #California #itsWorthTheSweat #52hikechallenge #LiveAuthentic #hikingplace #LetsGoSomewhere #wanderlust #MountainGirl #LiveTheLittleThings #mountains #OutdoorsAdventures #liveFolk #NothingIsOrdinary #outdoors #NeverStopExploring #HitTheTrial #modernHiker #SoCalHiker #TrailsOfFreedom #August2015
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cruisin4bruisin : @reggin420 the homie
suncris3 : 😁😁
joyceoladipo : Such an inspiration
hiking_queen : Strong
nomadhiker : Daaaaaaaaaaamn. That's awesome
neyzwsteguiv : @cruisin4bruisin @joyceoladipo @hiking_queen @nomadhiker πŸ™πŸ»πŸ˜¬ i was lucky to be there
neyzwsteguiv : @spots60 true!!!!
amakeeper : πŸ™ŒπŸΌ
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A better look at the finished Pepsis grossa piece. Pigment liner, coloured pencil, ink, A4 size. Limited edition prints available to order. #tarantulahawkwasp #pepsisgrossa #handdrawn #drawing #artwork #opyart #insectart #entomology #hymenoptera #wasp #giant #insect #hawkwasp #tarantulahawk #spiderhunter #california #usa #american #species #nature #wildlife
entomology - nature - wasp - opyart - tarantulahawk - wildlife - insectart - hawkwasp - california - artwork - species - giant - usa - pepsisgrossa - insect - american - hymenoptera - handdrawn - spiderhunter - tarantulahawkwasp - drawing -
thesecretlifeofreba : Wow!! Incredible!
marsyachr : Cooool
tony_artist110 : Perfect!!!!!!!!!
carim_nahaboo : Thank you @tony_artist110 @marsyachr and @thesecretlifeofreba !
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#tarantulahawkwasp #insect #desert #weirdinsect #joshuatree #california #tarantulahunter
joshuatree - insect - california - tarantulahunter - weirdinsect - tarantulahawkwasp - desert -
jispe : Wouldn't like to get stung by this...😰
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Spotted this spider wasp in the middle of San Francisco! #tarantulahawkwasp
tarantulahawkwasp -
wtespey - evileprodigy - bwrayson - teddygadgeteer -
#tarantulahawkwasp #milkweed
insect - tarantulahawkwasp - pollinator - bug - milkweed -
g3n3v4j : #insect #pollinator #bug
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Pepsis grossa illustration almost there...... Pigment liner, coloured pencil, Ink, A4. Tarantula Hawk Wasp. #tarantulahawk #thawk #tarantulahawkwasp #pepsisgrossa #pepsis #drawing #illustration #handdrawn #wip #workinprogress #colouredpencil #polychromos #ink #pigmentliner #micron #hymenoptera #wasp #giant #spiderhunter #california #arizona #sting
arizona - wasp - wip - pepsis - tarantulahawk - sting - polychromos - california - illustration - ink - pigmentliner - workinprogress - giant - pepsisgrossa - thawk - colouredpencil - micron - hymenoptera - handdrawn - spiderhunter - tarantulahawkwasp - drawing -
rosannacorfe : Wow love
thednalife : Dope!
chelseahopkinsallan_art : I love your drawings so much!
call_me_cobra : :0
kurtvanwyk : This is incredible! As usual 😁
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Some progress on the Tarantula Hawk Wasp.... #drawing #illustration #art #insect #artwork #insectart #tarantula #tarantulahawk #tarantulahawkwasp #wings #hymenoptera #pepsisgrossa #pepsis #california #arizona #colouredpencil #ink #pigmentliner #handdrawn #working #workinprogress #wip #process #shadow #realism #realisticart
arizona - art - process - ink - pepsis - illustration - insectart - realisticart - california - wip - shadow - pigmentliner - workinprogress - tarantulahawk - working - pepsisgrossa - insect - wings - colouredpencil - hymenoptera - handdrawn - tarantula - artwork - tarantulahawkwasp - drawing - realism -
tony_artist110 : Again-such great detail & perfection
artbyoso : So awesome!!!
carim_nahaboo : Thanks @tony_artist110 and @artbyoso !!
sea_saw : @davewarshaw
atreist : Crazy good
daisychaindrawings - unkind_arts - canehowlet - iamverybadatdrawing -
Pepsis grossa female - A4 size illustration in the works.... #pigmentliner #colouredpencil #drawing_oftheday #drawing #illustration #art #opyart #creativpaper #wip #workinprogress #polychromos #tarantulawasp #tarantulahawk #tarantulahawkwasp #wasp #pepsis #pepsisgrossa #insect #insectart #entomology #scientificart #scientificillustration #nature
entomology - art - nature - wasp - opyart - pepsis - illustration - tarantulawasp - insectart - wip - pigmentliner - workinprogress - scientificillustration - insect - tarantulahawk - scientificart - drawing_oftheday - pepsisgrossa - polychromos - creativpaper - colouredpencil - tarantulahawkwasp - drawing -
vonfedoroff : @carim_nahaboo You really do great work. May I ask what kind/brand of watercolour pencils do you use? I've no experience with them..I want to use them for botanical (and all-purpose) illustrations.
carim_nahaboo : Thanks @ravenhawk14 @7codos @heatherm_illustration @tony_artist110 @sheenasee3 and @milkt33th :)
carim_nahaboo : Thanks @vonfedoroff I don't really pay too much attention to the brands as long as their permanent colours which work well with whatever technique in using at the time, but recently I got some Faber castell polychromos, and they seem really good all round :) they aren't watercolour pencils though.
vonfedoroff : @carim_nahaboo Thank you very much.. I was looking at the Faber Castell's myself (the Albrecht Durers -not the polychromos). Im happy to know its not so critical. (There seem to be so many types out there..!)
carim_nahaboo : Yeah Faber castell seem to do the best ones around at the moment. I've used a few other 'top end' brands in the past and just haven't liked the feel of them, but I guess its down to how you like to work as to whether you want waxy smooth, or more chalky for smudging etc. :) @vonfedoroff
vonfedoroff : @carim_nahaboo Thanks again.. your replies and info are much appreciated. (Many people simply do not respond to comments.:/
carim_nahaboo : No problem, happy to answer questions - at the end of the day isn't art made to get people thinking and talking :) @vonfedoroff
vonfedoroff : Yes, very well said..! @carim_nahaboo (and thnx for the follow:)
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These guys...So incredible. #tarantulahawkwasp #wasp #theodorepaynefoundation #milkweed #blue #black #orange #pollinator #californianativeplant #california #nature #wildlife w#wild #gardening #habitat #garden #insect
californianativeplant - gardening - garden - habitat - nature - wasp - wild - insect - california - blue - wildlife - theodorepaynefoundation - pollinator - milkweed - black - orange - tarantulahawkwasp -
feverandflow : πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ
esaba : Nope.
wildergardens : 😜
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Need to get around to drawing one of these beauties properly one day. Tarantula Hawk Wasps - Pepsis sp. Arizona / California. (Males with longer straight antennae, Females with shorter curled antennae. Like other wasps, only the female has a sting) #thawk #tarantulahawkwasp #wasp #giant #american #orangeandblack #sapphire #metallic #sting #hymenoptera #tarantula #spiderhunter #california #tarantulahawk #arizona #desert #species #nature #naturalhistory #collection #reference #specimen #preserved
arizona - reference - nature - orangeandblack - wasp - specimen - hymenoptera - tarantulahawk - sting - california - collection - spiderhunter - species - giant - naturalhistory - desert - thawk - metallic - american - preserved - sapphire - tarantula - tarantulahawkwasp -
allan_the_entomologist : My favorite wasp!
moellerlab : @slaubrie_
slaubrie_ : @moellerlab nooooo
vapecentral_bo : πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
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Hiking is the bee's knees. #tarantulahawkwasp
tarantulahawkwasp -
angelastassiak : Ass
tkinderman : Dem legs
seaachelle : ^
calvinooh - _maxtran - ericcdoann - audrey.beck -
#tarantulahawkwasp a big wasp for a big spider.
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A MASSIVE tarantula hawk in the backyard! Looks like a giant green ant with red wings! Does that mean we have tarantulas?? #insect #bug #bugs #spider #tarantula #ant #entomology #redwings #backyard #sting #stinger #tarantulahawk #tarantulahawkwasp
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chubskulitrose : Is that it's name? I have seen one at my garden too
lavendelemonade : That's what I found when I looked it up. Give them space...they apparently have the second most painful sting known to man! Luckily they tend to mind their own business!
dylanaxolotl : Second most painful sting of any insect, which does not include scorpions. Tried to get one in my yard today. Also lost a giant swallowtail
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Real life #cazador #fallout #newvegas #pipboy #tarantulahawkwasp
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