Throwback Thursday, to another one of my fav cosplays, Fon Master Ion. Such a cute cosplay! I adore wearing it. Would love to wear it again sometime ^_^ Myself as Ion @slicedsilent as Tear Photo by @convokephoto #talesoftheabyss #talesoftheabysscosplay #cosplay #costume #cosplayphotography #fonmasterion #fonmasterioncosplay #tear #tearcosplay #animenorth #animenorth2013 #throwbackthursday #tbt #videogame #videogamecosplay #anime
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I was tagged by @draw_princess to also share my favourite girls from the Tales of series. My favourites are Tear from #TalesoftheAbyss, Leia from #TalesofXillia, Judith from #TalesofVesperia, Sophie from #TalesofGraces and Sheena from #TalesofSymphonia. They are really wonderful, lovable, and are such beautiful characters through and through 😍 #Talesof
talesoftheabyss - talesofsymphonia - talesofxillia - talesofgraces - talesofvesperia - talesof -
lunar_tear : @aschedrache Thank you, I'm glad that you agree with them 😊 I really think that Leia deserves more love 💕
theworldofplay : Judith, Estelle and Leia are awesome :D
aschedrache : @theworldofplay yeah someone who likes estelle ^^ @lunar_tear I really like leias enthusiasm and being so nice, I can't understand people who don't like her
lunar_tear : @aschedrache There were some parts in both Xillia and Xillia 2 that shown a really great side of Leia. Particularly in Xillia when she making sure Jude was well cared for after what happened, she encouraged him to get through it and did everything she could to protect him from being hurt. I prefer her a lot more than Milla 😝
aschedrache : I read the manga and this scene when leia followed Jude, I was very haopy about her ^-^ milla is often so...emotionless so I like leia more with her postive thoughts...I have to play xillia 2, but I don't have enough time...but leia is still leia ^-^
draw_princess : woaah😍😍😍 ( ≧ ∇ ≦ ) They so so adorable i really Like it your Chooses so Special & they All more then pretty👸💕 I Looove them All ♡♡♡♡♡
memehime : Great choices lunar Chan 😍 tales of girls are beautiful and strong everyone of them has an unforgettable story !!! ❤👍
lunar_tear : @memehime I completely agree! Tales characters are great in their own unique ways and these girls are very special 😍
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Happy Day! EVERYONE HEED OUR ADVICE: Save money, you can buy multiple things. Get a job and save money! Don't spend it immediately trust me LOL! 😂____________________________________________ ALSO YouTube link in description! We will be doing videos of Campaigns on all of these games soon! PLEASE check out our YouTube!_____________________________________________ #TheWitcher3 #MajorasMask #LegendOfZelda #TalesOfTheAbyss #Namco #AnimalCrossingCityFolk #AnimalCrossing #GameGuide #GameReview #Youtube #Epic #videogames #games #gamer #gaming #instagamer #playinggames #online #onlinegaming #videogameaddict #gamerguy #gamergirl #video #game #play #playing #strugglinggamers 👾🎮
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luzifurr : Great games 👍 except animal crossing. Never liked them
hydrodesolation : @luzifurr I go way back on animal crossing! GameCube way back, I just love the game so much I needed it!
hydrodesolation : @luzifurr I am very interested with the Witcher though..
badgercreations : Have a look at my handmade keychains on my page! They're all for sale, so let me know if there's something you want to buy or for me to make for you as a custom order :P - kairosalacious - geekforlifeig - hydrodesolation -
👸🎀 °•○●♡ ( /≧ ∇ ≦ )/ I was Tagged by my Sweet Friend Hanona😙💕》@hanaa_hearts 🙇to Post My TOP5 #talesof #series Girls👭😘 Yosh Here we Go ( >'▽')>🎀💄✏ ° ° 👼💛Coletteoo °T ▽ T° She's my beloved FAV number1Girl In all TO series Beauty Females😢😍& She's my Second Girl in All RPG Games after My Angel Alice Elliot🙏❤SH 💙Natalia ADORE HER😍so Bad her personality More then Unique & Beautiful She's A Real princess👸😙 💚Tearrrrr😍😍😍one of The Most Beauty Girl ever not just in TO so Cute & Strong she's Beyond beautifully🌸💜Sheenaaaa😢 😍Best Ninja Girl ever she sooo Adorable & I make my heart draw her😢Cuz I Love her so bad 💖Kurea Kurea Kureaaaaaaaa!!!!😲 😂😂😂Who Play Rebirth will Know Wat I'm talking about😢😢👍💕Looooove her from my heart♡she's the kindest her Love her believe to😿Veigue is More then honestly beautiful♡ ° ° I just wanna say That All TO GirlsThey Are More then beautiful🌸& i Looove them All so so much❤❤❤ that why this series is my Fav till Forever ∞ Cuz it's not Just about Pretty Faces it's about True RPG Masterpiece Girls🌸 》TO a Love story never ends 🙏❤ ▪ 🎀 ▪ #Lloyd #colette #Talesofrebirth #talesofxillia #mangadrawing #talesof #talesofzestiria #animelover #rpg #rpggames #videogames #talesofsymphonia #mangalover #animelover #gamer_girl #playstation3 #HideoBaba #namco #bandai #bandaiNamco #rpglover #abyssal #GuyCecil #talesoftheAbyss #bestseries #talesofAbyss #TalesofVesperia #tales #talesofsymphonia #beautifulGirls
talesoftheabyss - talesofvesperia - talesof - animelover - series - abyssal - mangadrawing - colette - mangalover - rpglover - talesofzestiria - lloyd - rpg - videogames - guycecil - namco - playstation3 - gamer_girl - bandainamco - bestseries - talesofabyss - tales - rpggames - talesofsymphonia - talesofrebirth - talesofxillia - beautifulgirls - bandai - hideobaba -
lunar_tear : Thank you for the tag 😄💕 Great picks of the Tales girls, there's so many great ones to choose from!! ❤
alajmi_lloydo : عيب ارد عليك لأنه فلر بما اني عارف ترتيب شخصياتك القميلة😍😍 بس شخصيات كلهم حب من جد 😚😘😙😗😶 كيريا كيريااااااااا 😂😂😂 صوته جنان 😍😍 من الشخصيات الخرافية مع انها البطلة الأولى بالسلسلة اللي ما ينلعب فيها 😆😆😈😈 شخصيتها وتضحيتها وعلاقتها مع فيجو لا توصف .. عاد على قولت هنو من زمان تذكريني بكوليتوووو ( صوت لويد لما يصرخ باسمها) 😍😍 .
draw_princess : @squallo24 😢😢😢Ur List More Beauty ( ≧ ω ≦ )👍👍👍👀
draw_princess : @lunar_tear aww ur more then welcome my lovely Friend ( ≧ 3 ≦ ) yosh i knoww its hard they all so beautiful TvT💟 I will see urs noww💕
draw_princess : @alajmi_lloydo هههههههههههههههههههههههههههه لاااااااء بلعكس😈😂خلينا نخرف كلنااا مع احلی سلسلة لينا😢👍والله من جددددددد مرررره صعب وانت هبقت😒😄من التوريط انا حوريك في متل جيرررر😈🔫😄😄 😄هههههههههههه والله لانفصم😌😂ايوه والله شفت كيف 😢😢😢حتی الشخصيات إلى مانحركها كتيرررر نعشقها بحياتناااااا😢😢💕اش😿💔💔💔وغيرهم من جد تيلززززززز عالم وكل الار بي جي عالم ثاني😢 😢هههههههههههههههههه لولوووش كوليتووو🙈🙈🙈🙈والله عارفه😢😢😢الله يسعدكم يارب أقسم بالله انتووو تيلززززز😢😢😢😢💙💚💛💜يلا تحمست علی تاقك الأسطوري حمستني عليه ميمي😍😍😍😍جهزت صورتي😄😄😄😈👀💙
draw_princess : @hanaa_hearts هههههههههههههه ياعمري يا هنوووووو😂😂😂😂من جد كيوووت😢😢خرفنااااا قدااا انتي إلى ردودك اجملللللل😢😙😗😂والله يب سلسلة تجيب الانفصام😢😢😢شفتي كيف والله يا هنوووو ليسی لمن تلعبي باقي الأجزاء أقسم بالله ايش حتسوي😢😢😢حتنطي من الشباك😭😂😢😍يوووش متحمسه مررره لووووويدو @alajmi_lloydo مجهزززز تاق اسطوري بنزله قريب انشالله 😈😍😱❤👀💕
hanaa_hearts : @draw_princess @alajmi_lloydo موووون ولويدوا اكثر اثنين مخرفين ومصروعين معايا يووووووووووووش آيم سووووو هابي 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍💞💞💞💞💜💜💜💜💜❤️ يلا متحمسة لجنانا وصرعاتنا القادمة ان شاءالله يوووووووش + عن جد حمستوني العب ريبرث ودستني 😢😢😢😢😤😤😤😭😭😭😭💜 لازم العبها ان شاءالله علشان اخرف اكثر + انا عندي تاج مخرف لكم كمان استنوي عليا هههههههههه 😁😁😁😁😤😤😤😤😤😍💜
memehime : كورياااااااااااااااااااااااااااااا بصوت فيجوو 😂 😍 😘 ❤ حبيبتييييي ماي كوليتووو 😇 انتي عارفة انه انا عارفة شخصياتك و تناقشناااا ماشاءالله انفنتي 😂 الله يسعد اختياراتك الجميلة زيك بعالم تيلز الجمييييل و عشقنا الأبدي فور ايفر و منذ زمن ماشاءالله من أكثر من عشر سنين 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 👍👭
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I haven't been posting much lately... #ionreplica #ion #talesoftheabyss #tota #sync #talesofxillia #talesofvesperia #tov #anime #manga ~Credit goes to Lo-wah~
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I was tagged by @draw_princess to post my top 5 Tales of series Guys . 1- Yuri Lowell 2- Lloyd Irving 3- Luke fon Fabre 4- Vigue 5- Jade Curtiss There are a lot of characters and it was hard to pick only 5 😆. #talesof#talesofseries#talesofzestiria#talesofxillia#talesofvesperia#talesofgraces #talesofsymphonia #talesofphantasia #talesoftheabyss #rpg #jrpg#games#videogames#gamers#gaming #character #جيمرز #قيمرز#العاب#اوتاكو #instavideogames
talesoftheabyss - talesofphantasia - talesofseries - جيمرز - talesofvesperia - talesof - قيمرز - videogames - talesofzestiria - rpg - instavideogames - gaming - jrpg - gamers - العاب - character - talesofsymphonia - talesofxillia - games - talesofgraces - اوتاكو -
shadow_midnight : Only 5 is impossible for me 🙅
cow90 : @dudeonly767 he's so charming, he charmed me before I even played the game.💔
gamaflexx : That Jade cut-in is pretty sick.
draw_princess : Amazing Choices ( 💖 ∇ 💖 )👍👍👍👍
hamdithebest : No tales of hearts characters 😕
chelsawy_94 : Vigue for the win 💪💪
ultimatesleeper : Necromancer Jade is the best character
alajmi_lloydo : Yeah it's reallly tough 😢😢 there are some amazing characters .. in most cases it's easy but with this series .. it's really hard ,I posted my most beloved ones but i mentioned as much as I could because there is just too many that I love 😍😍 Jade on my top ten .. Veigue is my 3rd Main hero in all tales .. it would be easier if we get the heros out 😤😤 great choices brother ❤❤ .
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My adorable Hope with me!😁😁 #animazement #animazement2015 #2015 #adventure #trip #raleighconventioncenter #raleigh #convention #cosplay #videogames #games #anime #talesoftheabyss #ion #finalfantasy #finalfantasyxiii #hope #adorable #cute #kawaii #derp #happy #happiness #fun #love #life
talesoftheabyss - cute - life - love - derp - ion - finalfantasy - raleigh - animazement - adventure - videogames - raleighconventioncenter - trip - happiness - kawaii - cosplay - animazement2015 - anime - games - finalfantasyxiii - convention - 2015 - fun - adorable - hope - happy -
7threplica : Aah, tales of the abyss 😭! You make a great Ion!
panda_boo13 : Awhhh thank you 😁❤💕 Ion was such an adorable character to cosplay lol @7threplica
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An awesome Luke from Tales of the Abyss, wish I wore my Ion the same day lol #animazement2015 #animazement #2015 #raleighconventioncenter #raleigh #cosplay #anime #videogame #games #talesoftheabyss #luke #awesome #amazing #cool #epic #happy #happiness #adorable #cute #fun
talesoftheabyss - cute - videogame - luke - awesome - raleighconventioncenter - fun - animazement - happiness - cool - happy - cosplay - animazement2015 - amazing - games - anime - 2015 - epic - adorable - raleigh -
winner.cosplay : Idk if he has an IG but his Facebook is Terry Hall.
panda_boo13 : Idk if he has an IG either but I know on facebook someone tagged him in the pictures of him @winner.cosplay
winner.cosplay : @manaknight
winner.cosplay : I found it!
panda_boo13 : Awesome!!😁😁 @winner.cosplay
manaknight : Thanks
panda_boo13 : You are welcome :) @manaknight
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Ion from Tales of the Abyss #animazement2015 #2015 #animazement #cosplay #ion #talesoftheabyss #adventure #trip #raleighconventioncenter #raleigh #awesome #fun #amazing #adorable #cute #kawaii #happy #happiness #love #life
talesoftheabyss - cute - life - love - awesome - raleighconventioncenter - ion - animazement - adventure - trip - happiness - kawaii - cosplay - animazement2015 - amazing - raleigh - 2015 - fun - adorable - happy -
winner.cosplay : I DIDNT SEE YOU DX I'm planning on COSPLAYING as Sync
panda_boo13 : Awhhhhh im sorryy but thats awesomee!! Hopefully when you cosplay Sync I can see it!!@winner.cosplay
winner.cosplay : Will you be going to Ichiban or AZ again?
panda_boo13 : I will prolly go to AZ again:) @winner.cosplay
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I was tagged by my lovely friend @draw_princess to share my top 5 favourite guys from the Tales of series. My favourites are Yuri from #TalesofVesperia, Luke from #TalesoftheAbyss, Kratos from #TalesofSymphonia, Julius from #TalesofXillia2 and Alvin from #TalesofXillia - - - All these characters are really special to me, especially Yuri and Luke, they are such incredible protagonists and I adore them 😍💕 #Talesof
talesoftheabyss - talesofxillia2 - talesofxillia - talesofvesperia - talesof - talesofsymphonia -
aschedrache : Aaaaah youre luke fan too ♥
alajmi_lloydo : Amazing characters 😍😍 Tales characters is just amazing .. all people have favorites but i noticed that everyone has Kratos on the their lists 😍😍😍
theworldofplay : Yuri is awesome, I loved him :D
dj_thepp : Lol gotta love that smirk on Luke's face.
lunar_tear : @alajmi_lloydo I'm so glad that he is loved by more people than I originally thought. I never knew of anyone else who did until I saw your posts :D
lunar_tear : @theworldofplay He certainly is 😆 He is so badass!
hitomijchan : Alvin!! 😍😍😍😍😍/ my favorite Tales of character is Hubert from Tof Graces f >0<
draw_princess : MY sweet Friend Himee ( ≧ ω ≦ ) Your Chooses More then Beautiful Really😢😍 They Alll Kakkoiiiiiii 😍😍😍😶😶😶 soo Hype To know ur TOP5 Girls ( ≧ ▽ ≦ ) I will tag u nowww😍😙👍
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Lmao Tear😂 oh Luke! #game#talesoftheabyss#dialogue#luke#guy#perfect#night#video#music#OP#anime#style#ps2#nintendo3ds#may#2015#yes#perfect#awesome#love#kawaii #indie #grunge
talesoftheabyss - kawaii - dialogue - love - indie - luke - awesome - game - video - ps2 - grunge - yes - perfect - style - may - nintendo3ds - music - anime - night - 2015 - guy - op -
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So I started playing Tales of the Abyss and I am loving it. Is it bad? That I am already shipping Guy x Luke?😭 because omg there chemistry is amazing and and already loving Tear!;A; this game is awesome and the dialogue is perfection. #video#talesoftheabyss#dialogue#luke#guy#perfect#night#video#music#OP#anime#style#ps2#nintendo3ds#may#2015#yes#perfect#awesome#love#kawaii #indie #grunge
talesoftheabyss - kawaii - dialogue - love - may - luke - awesome - video - ps2 - grunge - yes - perfect - style - indie - nintendo3ds - music - anime - night - 2015 - guy - op -
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Guy and his phobia of women and female persons in general. He's more agile in battle than Luke, so I prefer fighting with him instead...but it's probably going to be bad for me in the long run if I stick with Guy all the way through ._. #bosch #anise #guy #talesoftheabyss #3ds #game #rpg
talesoftheabyss - game - rpg - 3ds - guy - anise - bosch -
dorky_canadianwaffle : Guy is my favorite in tales of the abyss tbh- :U
un.creative_doodles : yas but his real name is confusing af @dorky_canadianwaffle
dorky_canadianwaffle : That is why I stick to calling him 'Guy' :v
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👸💕 °•○●♡ (/≧///≦)/⤵ 》MY T♡P 5 Tales of Boys~ I was tagged by my Amazing Friend 👍@alfromhellsing c(≧ ▽ ≦c ) To post it .. so first it was Hard😢💔 So so Hard ( ;-; )💔 Cuz I Adore Them all & there's so many still wanna Choose them😢💔😔But it's only5( ;-; )💔😢 😄so here is ➡🙈🙊 ° ° 💛Guyyyy♡ is My number 1boy in all RPG Games (≧ ω ≦ ) not only in TO I jaut Adore him he's the sweetest & his past Heartbreaking💔😿his beautiful personality more than love He's the kindest (-////-)💕🙊 no matter what I said I just can't describe How much I LOVE Him😢 💕he's my FAV 4ℓiFe ∞ ° 💜Kratos♡ he Is LOVEEEE😢😢😢 Obsessed of him He need A New TO Only About him his Legendary sadness Story like a another TO part💔every single Thing about him is More then beautiful😿💕kratos sama Love Love Love Love T ▽ T ° 💙Veigue♡ Veiguuuuuuuue😍😍😍 One of my TOP FAV RPG Heroes❤Adore His Cold Masterpiece🙊💕 personality so unique Beautiful He never smiles so when he did in the end I fall😢😍😄everything about him Is perfect🙈💓Loooove him😿🙀 ° 💚Mao♡ awww c(≧ ∇ ≦ c) my Cute maaao😽 🙀😻he's The Cutest ever in TO Characters kawaii😄😢😍I miss his singing😄😢 he have one of the most Shocking Sadness Story in TO💔TT _ TT & still he always smile & give all Crew The Happy Cute Mood to everyone😿💔wanna hug him Love hime from the bottom of my💘 ° ❤Yuri♡ Yuriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii ( ≧//∇//≦ )💕 Is My Number 1Hero in All TO series He's The True Meaning OF Kakkoii🙊 The Coolest (//∇//) Adore His Badass way in Fight in Everything😻 He's beyond beautifully 🙈🙉🙊💕 I watched his Movie like a 100 times 😢😍Looooove Yuri My TO hero😶😙 ° ° The End😄😄🔚⌛ & Yup all that Reply still Nothing😢 Cuz Wat in my heart for them & for my beloved TO Can not be described ( ;-; ) neverrrrr so yosh I tried😄😢💕 TALES ♡F Is The Perfection ~ ▪ 🎮 ▪ #Lloyd #colette #Talesofrebirth #talesofxillia #mangadrawing #talesof #talesofzestiria #animelover #rpg #rpggames #videogames #talesofsymphonia #mangalover #animelover #gamer_girl #playstation3 #HideoBaba #namco #bandai #bandaiNamco #rpglover #Otaku #abyssal #GuyCecil #talesoftheAbyss #bestseries #talesofAbyss #TalesofVesperia #tales #YuriLowell #talesofsymphonia #kakkoii
talesoftheabyss - kakkoii - talesofvesperia - talesof - animelover - abyssal - rpggames - colette - mangalover - rpglover - talesofzestiria - lloyd - rpg - videogames - guycecil - yurilowell - namco - playstation3 - gamer_girl - bandainamco - bestseries - talesofabyss - tales - mangadrawing - otaku - talesofsymphonia - talesofrebirth - talesofxillia - bandai - hideobaba -
draw_princess : @alajmi_lloydo هههههههههههههههههههههههههههه بروووووو😢😢😢😢😢😢يا أطيب قلب طبعااا😌😈فاميليا فور ايفرررر😄ايوه لأنه من جد أقسم بالله انفصام😢😢😢ودحين جا دور البنات 😭😍تحمسسست شفت قائمتك الصرعية😍😍وطبعا انا عارفه المانجا من زمان😂😂😂دمي مررره 🍳😈😄هههههههههههههه وعلی تاق كراتوس يب يب 😏طبعا كراتوس😄
draw_princess : @hanaa_hearts😈لابد من العذاب بعد الانفصام هههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههه😂😂😂من جددددددد 😢😢😢😢😢هاااااااااارد بس في النهايه لازم نحط حد لصرعتنااااا😂😂😂😂😢💔
draw_princess : @lunar_tear aww ( ≧ ω ≦ )Himeee💕Thank you & you too I saw ur post I will reply now ( 💖 ∇ 💖 )👍👍👍they Amazing & yup there's another Tag about TO series Girls😍 I will tag you now in my post ( ≧ ▽ ≦ )👍
draw_princess : @squallo24 SqualloOoOo ( ≧ ▽ ≦ )👍👍 Yoshhh Niisama ( ≧ ω ≦ ) Your Chooses😍😍😍😍Greatest TO The best😢👍 and yup Take ur time 😁Familia I will Always TAG My Family in all Our FAV Things 🙏😸👍
draw_princess : @dudeonly767 😄😍👍👍👍👍👍
draw_princess : @alfromhellsing Thank youuuuuu ( ≧ ω ≦ ) I will tag you now in TOP5 TO Girls😍👍👍👍
alajmi_lloydo : I liked this post yesterday .. there is a glitch 😑😑
draw_princess : @alajmi_lloydo 😄😄😄😄ههههههههههههههههههههه ماعليك فاميلياااااا مو مهم الايك😢😢انت تيلززززز😢💕👍
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#kingdomhearts #finalfantasy13 #talesoftheabyss #adventuretime 😍
talesoftheabyss - adventuretime - finalfantasy13 - kingdomhearts -
alinedons : A aventura vai começar 🎶... Viciei 😍😅
ash_julie : 😱😍 invejinha branca
mayu_kimura : @alinedons muito bom né Aline? Hehehe ei, assista um chamado over the garden wall! Vou te passar o link, acho q vc vai gostar tb. ☺️
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Saw this Tales of the Abyss cosplay group on Saturday #fanime #talesoftheabyss #lukefonfabre #teargrants natalialanvaldear #anisetatlin #ion #guycecil
talesoftheabyss - ion - lukefonfabre - teargrants - anisetatlin - fanime - guycecil -
aquamarie0_0 : I love this anime!
eightbearss - tommyblaze13 - aquamarie0_0 - cheeringforsatan -
My kise event winner!!! @thewitchkingdom Mystearica a.k.a. Tear Grants from #TalesoftheAbyss Actually I planned to cosplay as her long time ago but too busy... I hope she will like it!! ヽ(´o`; #teargrants #bishoujo #beautifulgirl #pensil #sketch #larissarochefort
talesoftheabyss - pensil - sketch - teargrants - larissarochefort - bishoujo - beautifulgirl -
sacredanalects : Tear grants!!! XDD
dnerox : This is awesome
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#RPGTuesday Pick your poison. #Suikoden #WildArms #TalesOfTheAbyss #DarkCloud #RogueGalaxy #JRPG #PS2
talesoftheabyss - wildarms - suikoden - darkcloud - roguegalaxy - ps2 - rpgtuesday - jrpg -
dj_thepp : @abdullah_m_alammari @handheld.baka I love Rogue Galaxy, wish there's a sequel for it :)
retro_gamers90s : Dark cloud 2 and Rogue galaxy. Love level 5
dj_thepp : @retro_gamers90s Hope they're working on a new PS4 project 👍
retro_gamers90s : That would be one of the happiest days of my life. Lol
dj_thepp : @retro_gamers90s Same here lol
scaryghostgaming : I love to see that Dark Cloud 2, those games are so amazing!
dj_thepp : @scaryghostgaming Would love see a third game :) That or a HD remaster for the PS4.
scaryghostgaming : @dj_thepp I don't know what I'd do with myself if they announced a third one lol. I've been wanting one for such a long time!
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Quik doodle becuase ive been replaying tales of the abyss. One of my fav games from when i was a kid. I was happy when it came to the ds Evrey now and again i replay it and im almost done with this new replay #talesoftheabyss #lukefonfabre #aschthebloody #games #myart
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alvichi -
Yo! Just coming to see if everyone is alright~ :D #talesof #talesofseries #talesofgames #talesgames #talesseries #talesoftheabyss #guycecil #notmyart #creditstotheowner #Imstillhere~
talesoftheabyss - talesofseries - talesseries - talesgames - talesof - imstillhere - guycecil - notmyart - talesofgames - creditstotheowner -
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Playing my favorite game for the 8th time~!!💕😘😂 #talesoftheabyss #talesof #talesofseries #namco #bamco #bandainamco #ps2 #videogames #yay #💖 #💕 #😍 #totallynotobsessed #aillis
talesoftheabyss - 💕 - talesofseries - 💖 - bandainamco - aillis - talesof - 😍 - bamco - totallynotobsessed - videogames - ps2 - yay - namco -
ass2l - kinishinaii - artdecoimage - stilettos_n_ink -
#AniseTatlin day one and Sunday #Fanime2015 #fanime #talesofcosplay #talesof #talesoftheabyss #tales #videogames #loli #fonmasterguardian #derping #cosplaying #cosplay #talesoftheabysscosplay #derp #derping#manga #anime #series
talesoftheabyss - derping - fanime2015 - anisetatlin - talesof - series - derp - videogames - fanime - fonmasterguardian - cosplay - cosplaying - tales - talesoftheabysscosplay - talesofcosplay - manga - anime - loli -
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My PS Vita, Zelda Majora's Mask New 3DS and Original 3DS. With Zelda, Tales of the Abyss and Tales of Hearts R on the screens. Uncharted is on the Vita screen while Hearts R is the latest game I've played on it. #zelda #link #linkbetweenworlds #talesof #psvita #3ds #new3ds #nintendo #nintendo3ds #nintendolife #igersnintendo #instagram #handheld #psp #sony #playstation #talesoftheabyss #talesofhearts #uncharted #nes #snes #nintendo64 #gameboy #gamecube #nintendods
talesoftheabyss - playstation - igersnintendo - instagram - 3ds - gamecube - nintendods - gameboy - link - linkbetweenworlds - nintendo - sony - psp - psvita - talesof - new3ds - zelda - handheld - nintendolife - nintendo3ds - uncharted - snes - talesofhearts - nes - nintendo64 -
hyliangamer342 : How much is a ps vita? Im actually planning on getting one after i get a PS4.
lunar_tear : I love Tales of the Abyss <3
theworldofplay : They should be around $200 US. Thy are just over $250 here in Australia. Very underrated handheld @hyliangamer342
theworldofplay : I am liking it so far but I need to play much more. @lunar_tear
hyliangamer342 : Ok cool. I always wanted one because of the off tv play features
theworldofplay : Yeh, every ps4 can be played on the vita which is above feature. @hyliangamer342
hyliangamer342 : Sweet😄
waterandglass - noletteelizabeth - helen_hatsune - b.gentner -
I've been playing this off and on, not sure how I feel about it yet. I know that this entry is some people's favorite so I have a question for you, does the main character get less annoying and less entitled? ---------------------------------------------------- #talesof #talesoftheabyss #talesofabyss #talesseries #talesgames #talesofgames #3ds #n3ds #nintendo3ds #nintendo #jrpg #rpg #instagaming #instagamer #mobilegaming #handheldgaming
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alajmi_lloydo : That's why it's unique .. ur gonna feel and experience the whole story of Luke and why his life is like that .. you're gonna be amazed just continue .. in the beginning he was a jackass xD but with many things that gonna happen he's going to change .. you will see 😈😍 .
the_number_1_nacho : You'll love him eventually, not to worry!
theg33kbru : thanks guys i'll keep at it
round2gaming - n1cknakanime - the_number_1_nacho - dantetheclasher -
Debating which one is next, all are games i started but stopped because i got side tracked. I'm leaning toward Rhapsody or TotA.
talesoftheabyss - tloz - 3ds - talesof - zelda - bravelydefault - rpg - nintendo - rhapsody - jrpg -
jdalisay630 : BRAVELY DEFAULT!!! 👍
dj_thepp : I vote on the Zelda game. It's not too long and it's pretty good too.
the_rapture_gamer : Bravely!
handheld.baka : @jdalisay630 @the_rapture_gamer i might just go with that :)
handheld.baka : @dj_thepp zelda is so tempting for that reason alone.
dj_thepp : @handheld.baka Yeah I believe it's only about 20 to 25 hours to finish. Maybe even shorter. I'd save BD for when the sequel is about to get released in English. Play them back to back.
handheld.baka : @dj_thepp i would rather play BD waay sooner than waiting for the sequel.. I tend to get stuffed if i play two games in a series back to back.. Big examples are the layton series, pokemon and danganronpa .. I'm still straggling with danganronpa 2, i loved the first but i played the secound too soon i got stuffed and can't go on, it's a great game.. Hope i can go back to i feel i have to play BD before the sequel 😅
dj_thepp : @handheld.baka I totally understand. I think the reason why I take so long to finish games these days is becuz I start multiple games at the same time lol. It's a bad habit but it's the only way for me to play them since I got a huge backlog and not enough free time.
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Art from @xca55i3x of my OCs - Jasper and Damian. Paid Art #commission of my #Pullip #doll Sherry , keycharm of #Chibi #Decim from #DeathParade #LegendofZelda pin buttons , #leatherpouch for potion vials and #Fanart of #TalesoftheAbyss
talesoftheabyss - pullip - deathparade - doll - fanart - leatherpouch - decim - commission - chibi - legendofzelda -
ellen_ale - vicious0018 - triforceofcouragelink17 - monsterkasara -
I didnt really do anything today 😓 so here's Doodle of luke #talnts #sketch #artistic #artsanity #artofdrawingg #artist #draw #drawing #worldofpencils #pencilonpaper #instaartist #instadrawing #artnerd #pencil #doodle #worldofpens #penonpaper #pen #penart #anime #animedrawing #talesof #talesoftheabyss #lukefonfabre #illustration #painttoolsai #itsscrow #talesofseries #totaluke
talesoftheabyss - pencil - sketch - animedrawing - talesof - artnerd - lukefonfabre - illustration - drawing - talnts - instadrawing - pencilonpaper - penart - totaluke - painttoolsai - artofdrawingg - artist - doodle - talesofseries - artsanity - draw - instaartist - pen - artistic - worldofpens - worldofpencils - itsscrow - penonpaper - anime -
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Playin some vidya games while prop pieces dry. #talesoftheabyss
talesoftheabyss -
mogqueenofmoogles : Ahhh I love that game~~
sugarsmacksdesign : @mogqueenofmoogles Me too! I plan on cosplaying Jade one of these days!
mogqueenofmoogles : Ahhh do it!!
chibi_bunny_ - thatdamnnerd - emperorchan1 - mogqueenofmoogles -
#sync #syncthetempest #synchthegale #toa #talesoftheabyss #krantz #IH
talesoftheabyss - synchthegale - syncthetempest - ih - toa - sync - krantz -
jevtafara - b.dapon -
Wow what a shitlord #jadecurtiss #talesof #talesoftheabyss
talesoftheabyss - jadecurtiss - talesof -
laprel : Tales!!!!!!
mang0_kitty : I wanna play Xillia or Hearts next
shouninai - ellen_ale - dweeb.prince - harumochiii -
*High pitched squeels* Adorable so much I can't handle 😫😫😫#GuyCecil #TalesoftheAbyss #game #otaku
talesoftheabyss - game - guycecil - otaku -
spanielcrown.mugen - anime.relate - tahaaydinbas - nom_nom_pocky -
last day! #ariettathewild #talesoftheabyss #talesoftheabysscosplay #talesof #animenorth
talesoftheabyss - animenorth - ariettathewild - talesoftheabysscosplay - talesof -
ellen_ale - a_simple_anomaly - samanthamjennings - darkcynder11 -
An honorable mention Luke fon Fabre & Asch the bloody where heavily considered I love these two #talesoftheabyss
talesoftheabyss -
johnny_boy529 : Gaaayyy!!
outworld_comics : @johnny_boy529 your gay
comicsbattlefield : @johnny_boy529 *cough johns right *coughh
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