This holiday season share a jar of decadent goodness ...tres leches in a jar or FlanTresCocho
tresleches - sweetgifts - holidayseason - sweetgestures - flancocho - together - mixed - marrythebest - flan - flantrescocho - tistheseason - holidaygiftideas -
adrybec3 : This is perfection!
mpscafe_cakepops : @adrybec3 totally agree :) what a great gift
mpscafe_cakepops : #flancocho #flantrescocho #marrythebest #tresleches #flan #mixed #together #holidayseason #holidaygiftideas #sweetgifts #sweetgestures #tistheseason
yomina12 : Awesome 😊, how much you'll be selling this ones? @mpscafe_cakepops
mpscafe_cakepops : @yomina12 hey yoli the gift flantrescocho jars will be $16 includes Christmas ornament and bow ...The regular flan tres cocho jars will be $12 I will also be making aluminum 7 in round flancocho for $15
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My unwanted friend has arrived to make her monthly visit and here comes my hubby bearing gifts to make me feel better. Thanks baby love! #Chocolates #FlowerPower #SweetGestures #ILoveMyHusband
sweetgestures - chocolates - flowerpower - ilovemyhusband -
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Thanks to my good friend for this delicious meal that i have now devoured. Lol #sweetgestures#delicioso#chicken#rice#veggiesplease
delicioso - sweetgestures - chicken - rice - veggiesplease -
jmax2012 : Didn't save some for me? Lame! Lol
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I walk with grace, #flowersoflove are picked along the way #scented #Lilbouquets #blossoms #blowininthewind #sweetgestures #colorcombo #lap #bundles #essence
lilbouquets - flowersoflove - scented - crippled - bundles - colorcombo - blowininthewind - sweetgestures - blossoms - essence - crutch - lap -
creationsofacosmoconvict : #crippled #crutch
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Omg you guys. A customer of mine (who is the cutest old man ever) could tell I was stressed out because of school. He started talking to me about it and then 10 minutes later he came back in the store and handed me this giant Kit Kit and said "They say chocolate will help fix anything." He is too precious!! This made my whole week. πŸ˜ŠπŸ’œ #itsthelittlethings #toosweet #kindness #sweetgestures #blessyou #happycamper
sweetgestures - itsthelittlethings - toosweet - blessyou - kindness - happycamper -
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My sister is so #Thoughtful ❀️ A little note and a Victoria's Secret box on the bathroom counter... Love this cute bracelet!! She's the sweetest! πŸ‘­ #ILookLikeARobot #SisterTeam #SweetGestures #love #ThankYou 😘
thankyou - thoughtful - love - sisterteam - sweetgestures - ilooklikearobot -
daranakagawa : @emichiko
veeesta : Sisters rule!! πŸ’ž
daranakagawa : Absolutely! @veeesta
emichiko : It looks so good on you! πŸ‘
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#victoriassecret #scandelous #sweetgestures #thoughtfulness
thoughtfulness - victoriassecret - scandelous - sweetgestures -
teenykeeny : I just love this sweet gift from a sweet someone❀
missmollee9 : 😍
kuyleaauh - missmollee9 - jesse_712 - leesageeeee -
Mommy With Her Cute Little Surprises πŸ™ˆ. She Is Very Sweet. I Can Always Count On Her To Never Forget Me 😊❀️. #GirlsWeekend #Mother #YearOfThe21st #SweetGestures #Cupcakes #RedVelvet #BirthdaySoon
sweetgestures - cupcakes - girlsweekend - birthdaysoon - mother - yearofthe21st - redvelvet -
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Up doing my homework. Glance down to find this on my desk! #feelsgoodtobeloved #sweetgestures #littlethingsmatter #aww =)
aww - sweetgestures - feelsgoodtobeloved - littlethingsmatter -
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Everytime I come home from work or from school my baby leaves me a note. ❀️#sweetgestures #lovemyman
sweetgestures - lovemyman - chalkboard -
gisellelovesanthony : #chalkboard
obeythugnasty69 - patzycorona - _teenaa - aldo.rochie -
Day 2b: Receiving a rose from stranger 😌🌹 #101smiles #sweetgestures
sweetgestures - 101smiles -
sincerely__melissa - hislovee - mariiirodriguez - maryloca09 -
Naks! How bout a #freeride?! πŸšπŸ˜„πŸ‘ I've known Kuya Fresh since I can't remember when, I go #biking in the cove for almost every single #morning of half of my life πŸš²πŸ’¨πŸ˜ I've witnessed his job promotion(s) and all sorts πŸ˜‰ Earlier this morning, he was roving around when I jokingly told him to give me a #tour around since he got nice wheels hehe! I was too surprised to know that he waited for me to get out of my car (putting all this biking gears takes sooooo much time believe me lol). "Pasyal daw kame." #sohappyforthisguy #simplejoys #sweetgestures #heartwarming #nicemorningchitchats #deeplytouched #morningroutine #morningsweat #everydaylife #kanyakanyangtriplangyan β˜€οΈπŸŒ΄πŸŒΊπŸŒΈπŸ’–πŸ‘ΈπŸ’­
kanyakanyangtriplangyan - freeride - simplejoys - heartwarming - morningroutine - everydaylife - morning - sweetgestures - tour - sohappyforthisguy - deeplytouched - morningsweat - nicemorningchitchats - biking -
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Came home to this little cutie in the mail! #spoiled even when he's out of town working hard. #sweetgesrures #lovemyhoney #owlsaregoodluck
sweetgestures - owlsaregoodluck - sweetgesrures - lovemyhoney - spoiled -
mizashley83 : #sweetgestures
jesssielou - lisamichellexoxoxo - jessynicole91 - kelsb17 -
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yeika_garcia : Had been craving a chocolate covered apple since last night! Mark shows up with this! It's the little things that count! #MySweetBoy #Schakolad #SweetGestures #MadeMyDay
tita_55 : So sweet ! I love it
yeika_garcia : @tita_55 He's even sweeter! πŸ’•
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received a lil flower. It's not just a flower. It's the only flower from a bush at the park. Lol **love the kiddos** #SweetGestures #SimpleJoys #GirlsLoveFlowers
sweetgestures - girlsloveflowers - simplejoys -
cesszzi - bhingkaylovies - lilmissjems - dandiev -
Awww:)thank you soo much!!#sweetgestures#feelblessed#thanksaton#loveubachaparty
sweetgestures - loveubachaparty - feelblessed - thanksaton -
princessshristi : @sudeepaasingh plz plz plz follow me di..... Sometimes I can't see the replys that u send me so plz diduuu
bollywood_icons_ : @angel_sudeepa :-)
srishtijoshisj : Plzzzzzzz chk yr dm didu!! @sudeepaasingh
andrea_sanchez.xx : @sudeepaasingh I don't really know you but I think ur very beautiful also I know your an actress but I just want to ask you something can you please follow @princessshristi it would mean the world to her she's a massive fan, thank you. Andrea πŸ’•
princessshristi : Thank u soooo much my lovely frn @aslove02 !!!!!! You r d best friend!! I am lucky that met u in school today! :) :) You r amazing frnd!!!!
andrea_sanchez.xx : Np and thank you your amazing to @princessshristi
princessshristi : So sweet @aslove02
andrea_sanchez.xx : Thank you so much for following her πŸ‘Œ @sudeepaasingh
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#candlelit dinner #wine #baked #macandcheese #mashedpotaotes & #chicken πŸ™ˆπŸ™ŠπŸ™‰ he knows the key to my heart lol #food & #sweetgestures πŸ˜πŸ˜˜πŸ’‘πŸ’πŸ™‡πŸ’πŸ’™πŸ’“πŸ’ž
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skeetclark : True indeed lol @chris_v519
ms_vick_v : @chris_v519 @skeetclark πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜’
ms_vick_v : @alexstrickland @mama841 😁😁
ms_vick_v : @thinkingdiff3r3nt lmao i never been there
______prissy : πŸ‘Œ
luvleejay : 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
crazydunker00 : And I am not invited!!!
thinkingdiff3r3nt : Definitely do that, very romantic, great drinks, better food
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It's the little things like this ❀ He knows I'm not crazy about chest day and dislike doing it alone, so since he can't be here, he sends me help like this. Such a simple gesture that means so much to me. #solucky #itsthelittlethings #myman #sweetgestures #fitfam #oneluckygirl #hesthesweetest #onehappygirl #girlswholift #swoldier #swoldierette
hesthesweetest - fitfam - itsthelittlethings - myman - swoldierette - solucky - sweetgestures - oneluckygirl - swoldier - onehappygirl - girlswholift -
joshua_canaber : 😚
burr_lynne - girlspowerandfitness - marti4484 - kristiperez23 -
#BoxofHappiness #Diwali #Gift #HappyMe #ThankYou #Bournville #Nutella #Chocolates #Kraft #SpecialOne #IndianTraditions #IndianFestival #HappyDiwali #Mumbai #SweetGestures #CadburySilk #ILoveIt #Love #HappyUs
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vaibhavbaliga - nehabj - pri2989 - yoshita16 -
Joseph is away in the field but he still finds sweet strays to photograph and send through to brighten my day. ❀️ #cat #kitten #straycats #mummy #mum #mindanao #philippines #humanitarianworker #fieldwork #nature #animal #love #sweetgestures #instacat #nofilter #instapic
straycats - love - nature - fieldwork - instapic - instacat - kitten - mummy - philippines - mindanao - cat - sweetgestures - animal - mum - nofilter - humanitarianworker -
laurerc : 😻
cat_effect - gaia_agnese - laurerc - catsaroundgreece -
My dear dear love packed for me my favorite sandwiches that he makes (mortadella with provolone, tomato and lettuce on baguette, all fresh ingredients he bought this morning while I was busy packing), my favorite cookies with chocolate, almonds (also a favorite snack of mine), and some delicious Sicilian sweet treats for my extended layover in London tonight. Just the sweetest... 😭 πŸ’•πŸ‘«πŸ’• #bestsandwichesintheworld #amoremio #tesoro #cfitaly #love #sweetgestures #thoughtfulness #smallthings
cfitaly - love - bestsandwichesintheworld - sweetgestures - amoremio - tesoro - smallthings - thoughtfulness -
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Awwww #sweetgestures #pup #cutiepie #flowers #cupcakes how can you resist this?! Really?! #sweetmovesstrong #iseeyou #effort #sweet 😍😍😍 I feel loved! #happymonday 😁😁😁
happymonday - cupcakes - sweettooth - cutiepie - sweet - canthaveonetho - sweetgestures - yummo - sweetmovesstrong - iseeyou - mademyday - effort - yummy - flowers - pup -
ninjawithaninja : #sweettooth #yummo #yummy #canthaveonetho #mademyday
jujubzee1 : Omg, did you seriously get all that from someone?! Including the puppy?!!
ninjawithaninja : @jujubzee1 except for the pup he brought his new pup coz he knows I love dogs and asked me out on our first date to a nearby dog park with out dogs. Guy is clever lol haha
jujubzee1 : Awww, how cute!! Lmk how it goes! πŸ‘
stefaniefoos - jayciz - cristal_90_ - tamara_mariano -
I have some awesome friends! Love you Tiff! #friendship #friends #sweetgestures
friends - friendship - sweetgestures -
jaxjan : Love love love!
luabroyles : Love, love you too @jaxjan Even tho you are emotionally detaching 😘
andrebernardo1979 - ludmillamaschion - likadistasi - gabbrii -
The flower that tristan picked for me last sweet... #tristanbear #sweetiebear #ilovehim #sweetboy #flower #disneyland #happiestplaceonearth #sweetgestures
flower - happiestplaceonearth - sweetboy - sweetgestures - disneyland - sweetiebear - ilovehim - tristanbear -
lamsqu - m0shy0sh - tomodachijenn - itsjusteds -
My incredible mom sent me 21 individually wrapped gifts to open starting 21 days before my birthday....sweetest thing anyone has done for meπŸ™ŠπŸ˜πŸ· #SoLoved #SweetGestures #21
soloved - 21 - sweetgestures -
cupofjo26 : this is absolutely adorable!
ceemareeoh : So sweet!! β€οΈπŸ’—πŸ’—β€οΈ
jaadorade : Lmfao my mom bought me a drink at happy hour and called it a day hahah
taylor_mekenna : @jadewranosky aww haha my last 3 bdays have been disasters so I think she's trying to make me feel betterπŸ˜‚
cosorio4 : I love your momma!!!!
taylor_mekenna : @cosorio4 we miss you!!!
kato_loves - britanycobbs - kingkellz3 - skinnybonejonez -
A single yellow rose makes everything better .. For a few minutes at least. ❀️#yellowrose #sweetgestures #lovehim
sweetgestures - lovehim - yellowrose -
babee_ms : πŸ‘ @yjhyjh_
seli_sosa - diperez1 - milfymariad - talidbaby -
Thank you for my flowers boo. They are looking beautiful !!! #flowers #centerpiece #sweetgestures
centerpiece - sweetgestures - flowers -
greeneyedhawaiian07 : Omg.. they are looking amazing @salsaqueen
angeliquemayer : Nice place!
desirae2223 : Can I get some flowers too :-(
jennz229 : Pretty!!πŸ’
wyyyld : Hey nice guitar too
g_i_n_a_t - missstefmarie - saree_lee - jayonay -
Wee nephew Preston told me to take these and wouldn't take no for an answer:') cutie❀️
drumsticks - chewy - sweetgestures - sweet -
karina_xxo : #drumsticks #sweet #chewy #sweetgestures
lance___zen - kaitlynspringoaks - emmerson.walker - biondiiii -
I've been such a #happygirl lately! #sweetgestures #bestfriend
happygirl - bestfriend - sweetgestures -
yvalenzuela4442yahoo - kevinfawkes86 - gma_penguin - traceyjean9 -
Seeing this makes me smile and my heart flutter because it truly is the little things in life that I fall in love with πŸ’• @angelotd464 #bestboyfriend #lovehim #sweetgestures
lovehim - bestboyfriend - sweetgestures -
angelotd464 : :D I love you!
stasia829 : I love you too babe! :) <3
sarahscheidt - bridgettblood - sk8rsutherland - run2sweat2live -
#rp #true #sweetgestures #feelingspecial #romantic #emotions #actionshelp #keepgrowing It doesn't make you less manly if you show your love to your girlfriend or wife. If she's important to you... show her β™‘ aww - Happy Thursday Loverz!
rp - romantic - emotions - sweetgestures - feelingspecial - actionshelp - true - keepgrowing -
bianca_kristinaa : @bennies1
bennies1 : @bianca_kristinaa
patrick__stephanie - richardmfrausto - katiethemoose33 - nanpink -
Thank you for the yummy chocolates @perniaq #SweetGestures #OfficeTreats #perniaspopupshop #Chocolates #Yum #GuiltyPleasures #BestBoss
sweetgestures - yum - officetreats - perniaspopupshop - chocolates - bestboss - guiltypleasures -
zuuziibutt : Zaini lg raha hai na😊 @angryybird
angryybird : zaini hi hai @zuuziibutt
zuuziibutt : Wah
pooja_atkuri - sheetal.basia - lasyasp - nisha_singhal -
Mike and I have had this thing where every time we are at church and begin taking notes from the sermon- I would draw one side of a heart and then he would complete the other half. Today, I got this sweet surprise. A perfect and sweet gift from the man who has chosen to love me and be a testimony of God's love story. πŸ’•#infinityandbeyond #love #sweetgestures #tobinlove #iloveyoualways
iloveyoualways - sweetgestures - infinityandbeyond - love - tobinlove -
lovelaciegirl : @mttobin
meganschrader : You two are too cute @lovelaciegirl
austinpalm : God's crazy
ras_lauren : You've got to be kidding me. Can you two be any more precious!
jacquelynmariej : That's very special!
lovelaciegirl : @ras_lauren πŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆ I can't handle it.
savvyjane00 - joannam18a - sophieehoney - tessa_canan -
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