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FLASH SALE! Begins again, starting tomorrow morning, for 5 days only! Get your Sweet Briar Key Chain for only $20 πŸŽ€πŸŽ€πŸŽ€ #MegEBespoke #sweetbriarsaved #sweetbriarcollege #pinkandgreen #keychains #keyfob #preppy #august2015
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Ending of cold water creak #sweetbriarcollege #midatlanticbandcamps @alisah_hall
midatlanticbandcamps - sweetbriarcollege -
alisah_hall - adarexrode -
SBC representin' on my adventure ride on VA country roads this morning. #savedsweetbriar #thinkisforgirls #ridebikes #sweetbriarcollege
thinkisforgirls - ridebikes - sweetbriarcollege - savedsweetbriar -
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#tbt to this beautiful sunset at an even more beautiful school within the most beautiful friend inside and out. #sunset @forbes #sweetbriarcollege #SBC #nature #bff
sbc - sunset - bff - sweetbriarcollege - nature - tbt -
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Vixen Pride even in Mid-Missouri! #sweetbriarcollege #vixenstrong
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The great Joe Fargis holding court in his Sweet Briar Riding cap. #LivingLegend #SweetBriarCollege #horsesofinstagram
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ds8588 : Love this!
debrsmall - katycls - ds8588 - shadylane54 -
monumenthill - virginia - sweetbriarcollege -
ds8588 : These are so nice!!
daisical2 : Thanks!
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I've been feeling sick all weekend but one day I did manage to do my makeup. I can't wait for my Remicade infusion tomorrow. I'll feel so much better after I get it. July 2015 #capecod #mv #marthasvineyard #ack #nantucket #preppy #lillypulitzer #lillylover #buymelilly #spillthejuice #summerinlilly #lillylife #lifeinlilly #preppylilly #sweetbriar #mytopcollege #savedsweetbriar #sweetbriarcollege #savesweetbriar #smile #fashionista #fashion #fashionblogger #beauty #beautyblogger #makeup #thepreppyvixenootd #ootd #thepreppyvixenbeauty
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ginaalice1 : You look pretty! Hope you feel better!
thepreppyvixen : @missstinaxo thank you! I am at the Dr's office now getting my Remicade infusion that will make me feel so much better. It's liquid gold
thepreppyvixen : @volfan78 thanks Melissa. I'm looking forward to getting better so I can go to the beach again. Hope all is well with you
thepreppyvixen : @bluebellegem thanks! We need to plan a phone date soon ti catch up. Glad to see you've been at the barn in recent photos. Hope you are feeling well Nicole
thepreppyvixen : @ginaalice1 thank you so much. I had to play with my makeup even if I was just staying inside with family. Hope ask is well with you and your family
missstinaxo : @thepreppyvixen Good! :-)
thepreppyvixen : Thanks @abookfullofashion & @fashionmakeupfit
theconservativeprep : Feel better!!πŸ’šπŸ’š
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#paulsmithscollege is dealing with their own #sweetbriarcollege situation. While the threat of closure isn't there, a elitist is throwing their money around trying to add her name to this institution. Simple test for her, go to the campus, show me where this tree was. If you can do it, then you can move to the next phase (spend a night in the woodsman cabin in winter, canoe the lake to the island and make a bonfire, name all the dorms #leaningtree #smittyforlife #lmsdorm #smittyforever
paulsmithscollege - lmsdorm - leaningtree - sweetbriarcollege - smittyforlife - smittyforever -
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Said my good-bye's to Miss Daisy {pretty paper flowers made by @cwtrant} and Sweet Briar College today. Thanks SBC for being our Mid Atlantic Band Camp home these past 7 years! So many happy memories made here πŸ’—πŸŒΈ #sweetbriarcollege #midatlanticbandcamp #bandcamp #summercamp #daisy
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#PinkAndGreen #Sperrys #SweetBriarLife #sweetbriarcollege
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mookiemoo320 : πŸ’—πŸ’šπŸ’—πŸ’š
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When your Alma Mater's colors are pink & green, consider yourself lucky! Get this #pinkandgreen #cuff today! πŸ‘‰ #megebespoke @sweetbriaredu @sbc_admission #sweetbriarcollege #bracelet #brasscuffs
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thepreppyvixen : Omg this is awesome
megmeighan : πŸ˜ƒ It can be yours @thepreppyvixen - go to - click the link in my profile πŸ˜ƒ
briannameighan : Freaking LOVE this one!!! πŸ’šπŸ’—πŸ’šπŸ’—πŸ’šπŸ’—πŸ’š
megmeighan : πŸ˜ƒ @briannameighan
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On Wednesdays we wear pink! #pink #SweetBriarCollege #girlpower #monsterkitten #mornings #happiness #wildcat #equestrian #horsegirl #becauseican #titlenine #titleIX #TK9 #happygirl #catsofinsagram #Maryland #meangirls #onwednesdayswewearpink
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Clarinet quintet at tonight's camp recital! T. Stewart Smith Suite 1st movement... Movement 3 maybe later this week ;) .. We'll see. #midatlanticbandcamp #recital #musiccamp #clarinet #clarinetquintet #chambermusic #campcounselor #sweetbriarcollege
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#mytopcollege@SweetBriaredu #SweetBriarCollege
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sudie7 : Holla Holla! 🌸πŸ’ͺ
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You've wanted one but never got one?!? The #SaveSweetBriar Keychain is now only $20! Get yours now to mark this historical achievement, having saved Sweet Briar College! πŸ‘‰ (link in profile) #megebespoke #savesweetbriar #SweetBriarCollege #pinkandgreen #preppy #sbc #hsc #savedsweetbriar #july2015
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I totally adore this campus😊🌸 Ready for camp day 2!! #musiccamp #sweetbriarcollege #midatlanticbandcamps #summercamp
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just one more from the amazing day! #savesweetbriar #sweetbriar #sweetbriarcollege #sweetbriarriding #thoroughbredsofinstagram #equestrian #hunter @_gabriellelinnette_
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Room sign? Check. Room inspections? Check. Campers?..Tomorrow!! Back at my favorite camp for a weekπŸŽ΅πŸ’œ #midatlanticbandcamps #bandcamp #sweetbriarcollege #musiceducation #summercamp
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mschrett : Just don't do what I always do and refer to yourself by your first name!
aaustinmarie : @mschrett we're required to use last names for middle school week! Thanks @polskameisje. @sylvialaporta love you too momma! 😘
bess_bm : #BackToTheBriar
persephonethehusky : Miss you <3
kayla.renee : gonna miss that camp 😭
aaustinmarie : @kayla.renee me too!!
kayla.renee : isn't it somewhere else next year ?
aaustinmarie : @kayla.renee yep! not sure where yet though.
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great clip on #wdbj7 #sweetbriarcollege #sweetbriarriding
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"I was lost, but now I'm found." This beautiful place is staying open because of the love and support from our community near and far. Sweet Briar College is #MyTopCollege because when adversity tried to bring Her to Her knees, She laughed in the face of fear and stood back up, more tenacious and more valuable than ever before. Don't waste time wondering if we will survive another 114 years: we've been on the front lines since Indiana Fletcher Williams put her foot down and stood for women's equality. Marching into battle at the head of the pack is what a Vixen does best. We are small in our numbers on campus; but throw a bomb into a Vixen's den, and you'll soon find that all you can see is red-- the blending of red that is the approach of our mass-numbers charging onward to defend this beautiful place we call home. "She was a Vixen when she went to school; and though she be but little, she is fierce." #MyTopCollege #WeSAVEDSweetBriar #sweetbriarcollege #forbes #shakespeare #women #sisters #campus #virginia #battle #vixen
wesavedsweetbriar - vixen - sweetbriarcollege - virginia - battle - mytopcollege - forbes - shakespeare - sisters - campus - women -
heidicortez1 : Nice
steffi_kay : 😻
_marcella_65 - rcclaypole - jake.pierce - fvckwind -
Latest painting. #vixens #sbc #sweetbriar #sweetbriarcollege
vixens - sweetbriarcollege - sweetbriar - sbc -
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What I wouldn't do for this girl 😘 @kmatz127 Thanks for being the calm, cool and collected in this crazy time in our lives! Thanks for being my film crew with @feliznavidad96 @laurenpass16 @believeinyou18 and @ceara_cullen during everything that happened at #sweetbriarcollege #sweetbriar #sbc last semester!
sbc - sweetbriar - sweetbriarcollege -
kmatz127 : 😘
equestrianswimmer - meili_maylee - kmatz127 - laurenpass16 -
Look what came today! #ridebikes #savedsweetbriar #sweetbriarcollege #pinkandgreen
pinkandgreen - ridebikes - sweetbriarcollege - savedsweetbriar -
eileenontrees - a.haifley - asapandrewdadopepusha - rhallhall -
#wcw to this gem who is officially returning HOME to Sweet Briar College this Fall for her senior year! I am so proud of you for staying strong (and taking names😏☺️) since March 3rd, and for tirelessly fighting to save our beloved Sweet Breezy from closure. Only those who were on campus can understand the "front lines" of our almost-college-closure experience, and I can't imagine what I would have done without our late night apartment talks, drive-arounds, and homework sessions. I would have visited you regardless of where you ended up this Fall, but I could not be happier that your heart and soul have remained at 134 Chapel Road, and that I can watch you (while crying) as you walk across that stage next May and earn your rose (which you and your sisters have already earned 🌷). Love you, my sweet Reebee! #sweetbriarcollege #WeSAVEDSweetBriar #MyTopCollege #besties #sisters
wesavedsweetbriar - mytopcollege - besties - sweetbriarcollege - wcw - sisters -
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@sweetbriaredu is #mytopcollege because it taught us to be problem solvers, to value creativity, to be independent (and strong), to be true friends to each other, and to balance all of that with every other aspect of our lives. I wouldn't have these strong, beautiful, independent, artistic, problem-solving friends without #sweetbriarcollege and for that and for them I am SO grateful. My wedding and my life would not be/have been the same! "AT SWEET BRIAR COLLEGE, THE IMPOSSIBLE IS JUST ANOTHER PROBLEM TO SOLVE." - Philip Stone, Sweet Briar College President πŸ’—πŸ’ͺπŸ’šπŸŽ¨πŸ’—πŸ‘°πŸ½πŸ’šπŸ‘―πŸ’—
mytopcollege - sweetbriarcollege -
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I was adjusting my helmet when I realized it was my #SweetBriarCollege hat instead! #oops #sleepymornings #longhairdontcare #horses #happiness #equestrian #hunterjumper #lifeisgood #summertime #OTTB #thoroughbred #threedayeventer #showjumper #ogilvy #Canadian #lifeisgood #SmartPak
horses - thoroughbred - equestrian - lifeisgood - longhairdontcare - ogilvy - threedayeventer - happiness - smartpak - ottb - showjumper - sweetbriarcollege - hunterjumper - canadian - oops - summertime - sleepymornings -
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Because I got jealous of @sarah_fox11's photo ;) but I also met this gorgeous lady at #MyTopCollege #sweetbriarcollege
mytopcollege - sweetbriarcollege -
vabennett : Gorgeous!!
sarah_fox11 : I see you in two and a half days!!!!!
humansahiba : Oh my god! You both look absolutely stunning. @sarah_fox11 congratulations!
adennymark - katieblairs - sbcjys - ramosj90 -
Sweet Briar College is #MyTopCollege because this past semester showed me what it means to LOVE beyond reason, to never give up no matter who tells you you're finished, and finally: saving my beloved Sweet Briar has shown me what it truly takes to make your dreams a reality through acts of great love. My class ring symbolizes my forever commitment to Her purpose; and my coordinate bracelet bears the location of where I found my voice: Fletcher Hall at Sweet Briar College, est. 1925. #WeSAVEDSweetBriar #sweetbriarcollege #forbes @sweetbriaredu
wesavedsweetbriar - mytopcollege - forbes - sweetbriarcollege -
ninapetrovnaa : Such a great idea for a bracelet ❀️ I miss that place!
kior_envy : Like it!
kemun_ro_ro - beautifulbele12 - rcclaypole - megkatarina -
Celebrating in the happiest place on earth because my school was saved #sweetbriarcollege πŸŽ€πŸ’•πŸŒΈ
sweetbriarcollege -
amethyst_marie : I'm so glad yall get to go back!
ashleighdyess - katherineanneb94 - marina__renee - jojo9091 -
"What a good day to be a horse." Full photo on my snapchat. #horse #beautifulday #walkingaround #enjoy #SBC #SweetBriarCollege #SAVEDSweetBriar #DiaryLoop #personal
enjoy - beautifulday - horse - walkingaround - sweetbriarcollege - personal - sbc - diaryloop - savedsweetbriar -
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