Me: I really want to run through the fountain. Ash: What time? This is why we're friends! #fountainswimming #bubbles #vixensforlife #sweetbriarcollege
bubbles - fountainswimming - sweetbriarcollege - vixensforlife -
acaciamarie10 - apb_brown - idance2016 - mewansik -
A Beautiful day spent on a beautiful campus could only be made better by some of my favorite people
sbc - sunny - sweetbriarcollege - va -
melissagraymond : #SweetBriarCollege #SBC #VA #Sunny
chrisswierczek - behrlie - cassidyleighj -
#savesweetbriar #savesweetbriarcollege #sweetbriarcollege #prettylittleliars
prettylittleliars - savesweetbriar - sweetbriarcollege - savesweetbriarcollege -
riah_girlie : This might be my favorite so far
teatimeasylum - riah_girlie - macattacksdm - charlotterives -
I will more than miss this place and it's really breaking my heart to leave #sweetbriar #sweetbriarcollege #sweetbriarriding #trails #equestrian #savesweetbriar
sweetbriarriding - sweetbriar - equestrian - sweetbriarcollege - trails - savesweetbriar -
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Last day of class was perfect for a trail ride with Linus πŸ’• thanks to my classmates, instructor and Izzy for making this an interesting semester!! #sweetbriar #sweetbriarriding #sweetbriarcollege #savesweetbriar #linus #izzy #trails #equestrian
izzy - sweetbriarcollege - trails - savesweetbriar - sweetbriarriding - sweetbriar - linus - equestrian -
panicatthecrisco - rachel_lee_king - majorv28 - graceculley -
Junior Dinner last night at Red Top. Lucky to be surrounded by wonderful friends and the beautiful Blue Ridge hills. #pinkandgreen #sweetsixteen #sweetbriarcollege #savesweetbriar #SBC #blueridgehills #roommates #bestfriends #beautifulcampus #TooSweetToLose
pinkandgreen - blueridgehills - sweetbriarcollege - savesweetbriar - sbc - bestfriends - roommates - beautifulcampus - toosweettolose - sweetsixteen -
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Beautiful nieces #family #getoutdoors #nature #sweetbriarcollege #exploring #countrylife #countrygirl #countryboy
exploring - sweetbriarcollege - family - nature - countrylife - countrygirl - countryboy - getoutdoors -
trucks0organizex : great picture 🌍
0003_country_girl : Beautiful:)
ampd74 : They are, proud to be their uncle @0003_country_girl
lauren.a.miles - missouri__girl - emmahhlee_xo - keeleywilliamslove -
A beautiful sunset at the Art History end of year party. It is crazy that our four years here are already over...#arthistorymajor #sweetbriarcollege #mygurllizzie
arthistorymajor - sweetbriarcollege - mygurllizzie -
thewritefulqueen : Oh my word. You two are perfection. And I love you. ❀️
octaviarue_tigger : Lovely! Fabulous! GORGEOUS!! 😘😘😘
lkprofenno : @octaviarue_tigger @thewritefulqueen πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•
sgray_charms - evalentine39 - jay_dee_ehm - thewritefulqueen -
Although this year has been such a roller coaster if ups and downs, nothing has made me happier or prouder than to fulfill my leadership positions on campus. From move in day to May the 4th I have enjoyed every minute of my time here at Sweet Briar College, and even though this year was fraught with new unseen challenges I like to think that we have all grown stronger through this and I would not have been able to have this amazing year without my fellow fantastic sweet briar sisters who really make the campus into the second home it has become for me. I still cannot fathom leaving. πŸ’šπŸ’•πŸ’šπŸ’• #savesweetbriar #sweetbriarcollege
savesweetbriar - sweetbriarcollege -
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@_gabriellelinnette_ #gabrielleclauser #sweetbriarriding #sweetbriarcollege
gabrielleclauser - sweetbriarriding - sweetbriarcollege -
_gabriellelinnette_ - emily_ball028 - casey_driskill - j__elliott -
Well, shit just got real #classof2015 #sweetbriarcollege #arthistorymajor #graduationisin14days
classof2015 - arthistorymajor - graduationisin14days - sweetbriarcollege -
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YAY!!!! A #SneakPeek from today's Engagement Shoot at #SweetBriarCollege!!! @gbrannskim and I are so excited to see more of these beautiful pictures from #KirstynMariePhotography @kirstynmariephotography
kirstynmariephotography - sneakpeek - sweetbriarcollege -
parkerkacilyn : Awe this is so cute! I can't wait to see more!
sabrinamariem_ : BEAUTIFUL
simonbcool : Wow what a beautiful couple and beautiful picture 🌷🌷🌷
justkeepsingin - parkerkacilyn - wifey9514 - hannah_oybkhan -
Last night I received my beautiful Falls on Nose hat! I'm still quite surprised, but grateful for having been chosen to be a part of the Tap Club tradition! #sweetbriarcollege
sweetbriarcollege -
thatguywhopostbatmanstuff - 1pic1000wrds - arihasabrook - dockumjm -
#teammanetop ready to roll at the #hunterpace at #sweetbriarcollege @_gabriellelinnette_ @julia_varner_16 @lillymaccallum @rachel
hunterpace - teammanetop - sweetbriarcollege -
mzpdc - hiphopprincess16 - g_blum12 - casey_driskill -
@_gabriellelinnette_ @lillymaccallum @julia_varner_16 @rachel #hunterpace #sweetbriarcollege #sweetbriarriding #sweetbriar
hunterpace - sweetbriarriding - sweetbriar - sweetbriarcollege -
jessicamariedavidson - hiphopprincess16 - g_blum12 - casey_driskill -
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nailsbyconswello : #nailsbyconswello #sweetbriarcollege
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Sweet Briar House #savesweetbriar #sweetbriarcollege #mayday #traditions #pinkandgreen
pinkandgreen - savesweetbriar - mayday - sweetbriarcollege - traditions -
emdod22 - bethflohr - ginarutledge - vixenmwm4279 -
I’m not really one for expressing my views on the closing of Sweet Briar College but, as I’m sitting outside on my balcony, finishing up my senior thesis, and thinking about how my last year of college is coming to a startling end, I can’t help but ask myself two things: 1) when will I ever get another chance to bask in the beauty of a landscape as amazing, and awe-inspiring, as Sweet Briar's after I graduate? And, 2) where am I ever going to find another place in this world that makes me feel as comfortable, safe, self-assure, and at peace with myself- and my surroundings- as Sweet Briar? Even though I’ve had some serious ups and downs with this college, I will always appreciate the struggles I have endured, the lessons I have learned, the experiences I have had, and the wonderful people I have encountered. Sweet Briar has taught & given me more than I could ever hope for- and for that I am eternally thankful. Although it may be in vain, I’ll never stop hoping that this school will emerge from the ashes and continue molding young women to be confident, vocal, and self-aware Vixens. #vixenlife #sweetbriarcollege #savesweetbriar
vixenlife - savesweetbriar - sweetbriarcollege -
feb_2_ruary : Amen πŸ™
jess1ca.h1nkle - _beba_26 - filoozof - ali_boo_101 -
A warm embrace at Junior Banquet. Congratulations Katy Drews and her editors on would could be Sweet Briar's final Red Clay literary magazine. #savesweetbriar #sweetbriarcollege #ourlynchburg
ourlynchburg - savesweetbriar - sweetbriarcollege -
isa_marie_b - thescoutguidenc - _callmeyaz - caitwebbmazz -
Gold Cup with the best! #goldcup #sweetbriarcollege #vixensforlife
goldcup - vixensforlife - sweetbriarcollege -
aashypooh - emdod22 - condor05 - vixenmwm4279 -
Sweet Briar College May Day celebration 1952. Everyone come down to the presidents yard for our May Day celebration of 2015! #sweetbriarcollege #savesweetbriar #traditions #spring
spring - savesweetbriar - sweetbriarcollege - traditions -
paula_izaballa - sweetbriardaisy - thewritefulqueen - graceculley -
Screenshot this from @smalltown_girll 's snapchat! I'm so proud of my ST baby @laurenpass16 in our final concert for #sweetbriarcollege (hopefully just final concert of the year). I was lucky enough to harmonize with her for her solo! She's been the best baby ever and I couldn't be happier with her or the entire group. It's been fun, Sweet Tones! I've loved being the musical director of our group - I've learned so much and hopefully will be a better musical director in the future. Sing along my little Sweet Tones πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ
sbc - sweetbriar - acapella - sweetbriarcollege - sweettones - savesweetbriar -
thegingerkick : #sweetbriar #sbc #savesweetbriar #sweettones #acapella
iramchewy : Interesting
kmatz127 : You all were amazing!
laurenpass16 : I love you so much!πŸ’œ thank you for everything!
smalltown_girll - marshburg - katherineanneb94 - its_a_zoo -
Pretty sure i havent posted these yet. I subconsciously selected jams that show my support for those stalwart #SweetBriarCollege Vixens!
sweetbriarcollege -
wildimaginarium : confetti party!
e_proc : Out of focus!
princesschelss - derpamerpderp - dizzipizzi - e_proc -
This song used to make me so happy... Now it just makes me feel loss and longing... I really don't want to leave #savesweetbriar #sweetbriar #sweetbriarcollege #sweettones
sweetbriarcollege - savesweetbriar - sweetbriar - sweettones -
isa_marie_b - unadivasonreite - kmatz127 - hannahthomp -
Dr. Rob rocking out with his awesome band!!! #savesweetbriar #sweetbriarcollege #sbc #sbcfaculty #sbcchemistry #music
sbc - sbcfaculty - sweetbriarcollege - sbcchemistry - music - savesweetbriar -
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When it rains, it pours. #sweetbriarcollege #savesweetbriar #love #rain #storm
rain - love - storm - sweetbriarcollege - savesweetbriar -
rachel_taitano - micrayy757 - gingerzspice - kimmiep0ssible -
The Many Faces of Hannah Beall #beauty #sweetbriarcollege #love #QV #sister #silly
sister - love - sweetbriarcollege - beauty - qv - silly -
jcsamla - bcrusebandman - kiersteeeeenn - breannatuck13 -
I'm taking senior photos in the upcoming weeks. If you, or some one you know, is interested in documenting their special moment please contact
photography - sweetbriar - sweetbriarcollege - juniorbanquet - ourlynchburg - savesweetbriar -
kollin_kirven : #ourlynchburg #savesweetbriar #sweetbriarcollege #sweetbriar #juniorbanquet #photography
isa_marie_b - _callmeyaz - lexxboyy - bigkirv85 -
How many hours did we spend #havebridesmaidwilltravel in the #daysofyore in the #receivingline at the #washingtonclub on #dupontcircle in #dc that is #washington waiting for #shots then #veuve now I would like to have those minutes back now please #MrDeath because of the neigesd'antan thing and what i learned about the #ballturretgunner from #ee and #jprevert and even the# #jazzjuneguy #snapsnapsnap #beatpoetry #ringbyspring #conversecollege #sweetbriarcollege #ringbyspring #theartistsway #writer #poet #20throse #southerncharm
writer - beatpoetry - mrdeath - daysofyore - ee - jprevert - washington - dc - havebridesmaidwilltravel - receivingline - ringbyspring - theartistsway - veuve - ballturretgunner - conversecollege - sweetbriarcollege - southerncharm - 20throse - snapsnapsnap - dupontcircle - jazzjuneguy - washingtonclub - shots - poet -
lindsayhagergram : You have a real way with hashtags!
cultofchiffon : There is a certain rhythm & poetry to the way you write (and speak, I'm sure). Kind of beatnik, stream of consciousness style...
kieran_decanted : ❀️🍷
20throse : @lindsayhagergram Namaste. :) You amuse me ceaselessly with your reportage about the current televised serial relating the antics of my home town's current cast of dell'arte players! Thank you for enriching my therapeutic comic relief!
20throse : @kieran_decanted the highest and best use of life on our post-modern planet-tasting and writing about tasting! Happy travels!
lindsayhagergram : πŸ’πŸ’•
20throse : @cultofchiffon Thank you so much for noticing the years of hothouse nurture, untold millions wasted on travel and education in the humanities, terminal degrees in the letters of France and doctorate in the new science of eduactional psychology and still cannot feed herself. Now I ask you, sweetie darling, where is the justice in that?
mykameier - lindsayhagergram - slvvintagecouturejewelry - oscarpamies61 -
I was so touched by the choir concert last night... Marcia is such an excellent director and a splendid person I really wish I had taken choir this year... Last year it was the highlight of my day every single Tuesday and Thursday. #savesweetbriar #sweetbriar #sweetbriarcollege #choir #songofruth
choir - songofruth - sweetbriarcollege - savesweetbriar - sweetbriar -
mbp19892003 - posh413 - mattgersjes16 - kellssso -
Cleaning my room and I stumbled upon my quote in one of the Admissions view books. This rings so true..taking a day of rest to recover from illness and my professors are still wanting me to accomplish all that I came to Sweet Briar for; a rigorous education that will enable me to accomplish anything that life throws at me. #sweetbriarcollege #SBC #savesweetbriar #myprofessorsareawesome @sbc_admission #pinkandgreen #sweetsixteen #sweetbriarstrong
pinkandgreen - sbc - myprofessorsareawesome - sweetbriarcollege - sweetbriarstrong - sweetsixteen - savesweetbriar -
querida_gaby_ - irishgirl1613 - seliii__dai - meredith_chaussee -
Only in Envi Lab do we irritate a snake because nature... #snake #envilab #sweetbriar #sweetbriarcollege #environmental #easterngartersnake
environmental - easterngartersnake - envilab - snake - sweetbriarcollege - sweetbriar -
mattgersjes16 - posh413 - larrr_bearr - loquacious_kim -
#MCM to my #wonderful #boyfriend @pat_lamberty who is playing in a #charity #golf game today and also supporting #sweetbriarcollege with an #SBC hat! #savesweetbriar #vixenstrong #pinkandgreen #realmenwearpink #winning
pinkandgreen - mcm - golf - sweetbriarcollege - realmenwearpink - savesweetbriar - winning - sbc - wonderful - vixenstrong - boyfriend - charity -
_caileythompson_ - mcgoon21 - golf_arctica - carrielisabth -
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