I absolutely love this photo. You can find more photos on Sweet Briar's public flickr account. I have also posted my uncropped photography from last Saturday on tumblr. (Link in bio) #savesweetbriar #sweetbriarstrong #sweetbriarcollege #ourlynchburg
sweetbriarstrong - ourlynchburg - savesweetbriar - sweetbriarcollege -
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You can find more photos on Sweet Briar's public flickr account. I have also posted my uncropped photography from last Saturday on tumblr. (Link in bio) #savesweetbriar #sweetbriarstrong #sweetbriarcollege #ourlynchburg
sweetbriarstrong - ourlynchburg - savesweetbriar - sweetbriarcollege -
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#savesweetbriar #sweetbriarcollege #liberalarts #preserve #1901 #americanhighereducation #women
preserve - liberalarts - sweetbriarcollege - women - americanhighereducation - savesweetbriar - 1901 -
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Color #spring #sweetbriarcollege #oilpainting #art
spring - art - sweetbriarcollege - oilpainting -
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Daisy's View II #sweetbriarcollege #sbc #savesweetbriar #oil #painting #art #abstract
sbc - oil - art - sweetbriarcollege - abstract - painting - savesweetbriar -
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Daisy's View #sweetbriarcollege #sbc #oil #painting #art #abstract
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Today, while the blossoms still cling to the vine. I'll taste your strawberries, I'll drink your sweet wine. A million tomorrows shall all pass away. There I forget all the joy that is mine, today. #tbt #savesweetbriar #sweetbriarcollege #boathouse
boathouse - tbt - sweetbriarcollege - savesweetbriar -
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#savesweetbriar #savingsweetbriar #pigpickin #dellparty May 30th @lazydayswinery #sweetbriarcollege #thesegirlsknowhowtoparty #loveourladies
dellparty - sweetbriarcollege - thesegirlsknowhowtoparty - savingsweetbriar - pigpickin - savesweetbriar - loveourladies -
kthartnett : Looking forward to #savingsweetbriar next week @lazydayswinery
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#KirstynMariePhotography #EngagementPhotography @gbrannskim #SweetBriarCollege
kirstynmariephotography - engagementphotography - sweetbriarcollege -
beeleevee : Obsessed 😍
parkerkacilyn : #relationshipgoals
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Commencement 2015. #ourlynchburg #savesweetbriar #sweetbriarcollege #sweetbriar #sbc
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#sweetbriarcollege ladies! Voice your opinion! We want to know what you would like to see in our store. A #thinkisforgirls tee perhaps?
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Annnnd this is what it looks like moments before the sunsets at #sweetbriarcollege ❀️ @moharris92 #KirstynMariePhotography #engagementphotography #engagement #sunshine #swoon
kirstynmariephotography - swoon - sweetbriarcollege - sunshine - engagement - engagementphotography -
tiffany_vanessa_s : @kirstynmariephotography i like your work!
beeleevee : Just perfect! Love all of these
alexandra.mae14 : Oh I love this! πŸ’•
moharris92 : Ahhh πŸ˜πŸ’ž
lureeharris : This is amazing!
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Who knew this day would come so quickly? #graduation #saveSweetBriar #tasslewasworththehassle #lillypulitzer #sweetbriarcollege
lillypulitzer - tasslewasworththehassle - sweetbriarcollege - savesweetbriar - graduation -
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Don't forget, if you purchase ANY #FirstLady online during the month of May, half the purchase price will be donated to #SaveSweetBriar! Help us save this storied institution dedicated to educating young women!πŸ’—πŸ’ͺπŸ»πŸ’š #SweetBriar #ThinkIsForGirls #SweetBriarCollege #savingsweetbriar #womenscollege #womenseducation #specialoffer #mayspecial #limitededition #onlinesale #goodcause #getinvolved #strongwomen #womenscollege #patentleather #leatherbag #womensfashion #accessories #fashionwithpurpose #AbigailRiggs #BeWithPurpose
firstlady - mayspecial - getinvolved - strongwomen - accessories - womensfashion - sweetbriar - specialoffer - bewithpurpose - thinkisforgirls - onlinesale - abigailriggs - sweetbriarcollege - leatherbag - womenseducation - fashionwithpurpose - savesweetbriar - patentleather - womenscollege - goodcause - savingsweetbriar - limitededition -
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Painting for the Saving Sweet Briar Gala happening this month! #SaveSweetBriar #sweetbriarcollege #sbc #lydiamarieelizabeth #thinkpink #thinkisforgirls #pink
lydiamarieelizabeth - thinkisforgirls - pink - art - thinkpink - sweetbriarcollege - sbc - watercolor - savesweetbriar - illustration -
lydiamarieelizabeth : #art #illustration #watercolor
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Obsessed. #KirstynMariePhotography #engagementphotography #sweetbriarcollege 😍😘 @moharris92
kirstynmariephotography - engagementphotography - sweetbriarcollege -
laraannedob : So beautiful!
laurenjonesphotography - alwooy9 - baileyelisse88 - mrs.rodriguez_to_be -
I swear we were not kissing the whole time while @kirstynmariephotography was shooting our engagement.... Butttt maybe we were πŸ™Š πŸ˜πŸ’‹πŸ΄#EngagementPhotography #KirstynMariePhotography @gbrannskim #SweetBriarCollege #HorsePhotoBomb
kirstynmariephotography - engagementphotography - sweetbriarcollege - horsephotobomb -
lureeharris : Well...you are engaged!! Love you both!
moharris92 : @dstan4d I'm never being brunette ever again! Don't let me- I am in love with your most recent color work and of course the beautiful curls you pinned 😍
nealdieker : This is really great!
dstan4d : @moharris92 you are most def meant to be a blonde. Thank you for the compliment, it helps when I have a beautiful friend like you rockin' my color creation.
parkerkacilyn : This is one of my favorites! You both look so incredibly happy and in love! It captures it so beautifully 😻
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#YouHadMeAtBrannan @gbrannskim πŸ’› #SweetBriarCollege #KirstynMariePhotography #EngagementPhotography
youhadmeatbrannan - engagementphotography - kirstynmariephotography - sweetbriarcollege -
beeleevee : ❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️ love love
js_hug : Love these!
mariyastecklairphotography : Beautiful images!
parkerkacilyn : Always so cute! πŸ‘ŒπŸΌπŸ˜
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I'll take this kind of photobomber during engagements anytime #kirstynmariephotography #sweetbriarcollege #engagement #engagementphotography #horse #photobomb @moharris92
horse - engagementphotography - photobomb - sweetbriarcollege - engagement - kirstynmariephotography -
lureeharris : Love this so much!
moharris92 : I love love love! πŸ’—πŸ’—
heartintothis : Beautiful!
beeleevee : Love it
caraophotography : Loooove this!
samireneephotography - amiliaphotography - lonwhlphoto - travisryanphotography -
Hey Accessorized Equestrians! I have an important announcement for y'all. As some of you may know, especially those of you on the east coast, Sweet Briar College is closing down at the end of this year. This announcement was made in mid-March, and when I saw it I was shocked. My mum went to SBC, and since I was little, I always dreamed of attending as well. When I learned that they had an amazing riding program as well, I was over the moon. I went for a visit this past November and fell in love. This was where I belonged. Since the announcement that they are closing the school due to "lack of funding and interest" *cough* bullshit *cough* alumni have rallied together to pledge and donate over $13 million through 2020, which happens to be the year I would graduate from college. Their goal is $20 million. So many women and their friends and family have worked so hard to get to where we are now, and I would like to do my part to support the school. That is why I will be donating half of my profits from the sale of our Foxy in Pink polos to Saving Sweet Briar, as their mascot is the vixen. As a woman, and an equestrian, I feel that Sweet Briar is an institution that should be supported. - Polo wraps are $14.99 for a pair, and $27.99 for a set of four. To order, email me at theaccessorizedhorse@gmail.com - For more information on how to support SBC and Saving Sweet Briar, click the link in my bio. I love you guys, and thank you in advance for your support!
canitbesummer - equestrian - spring - ridingforever - horsesofinstagram - customizeyourride - madeyourway - sbc - equinebusiness - ponyprincess - polowraps - ribbon - equine - sweetbriarcollege - hunterjumper - rideinstyle - savesweetbriar - custom - sparkle - horsebackriding - rootd - classynsassy - theaccessorizedhorse - browbands - saddlepads -
theaccessorizedhorse : #theaccessorizedhorse #customizeyourride #saddlepads #browbands #polowraps #equestrian #equine #horsesofinstagram #rideinstyle #sweetbriarcollege #savesweetbriar #hunterjumper #madeyourway #equinebusiness #classynsassy #ribbon #custom #sparkle #sbc #ponyprincess #horsebackriding #canitbesummer #ridingforever #spring #rootd
ofcourse_horse : Need a sponsor? 11.1k
theaccessorizedhorse : @ofcourse_horse I'll be looking to add one in a few weeks, follow if you're interested!πŸ’–
radequines : It's amazing that you're doing this! I was actually thinking about attending there myself for college :/
theaccessorizedhorse : Same @radequines hopefully we can keep it going. If you visit the link in my bio, all the updates on how the court cases are going are posted along with a lot of other information. :)
corgicreek351 - equestrian.galaxy - oregonjumper - country_strides -
You girls made my senior year so special. I'm so proud of us, and how much we've grown, and how far we've come. I will carry each lesson learned, every shared experience, and all of our motivational & inspirational exchanges/shade sessions/fuck the administration conversations with me everywhere I go- for the rest of my life. Love y'all! πŸ’•#sweetbriarcollege #hollaforthanks
hollaforthanks - sweetbriarcollege -
jaxx19 : This is so cute!! Love you all and couldn't imagine college without you all! #sweetbreezy πŸ’›πŸ’›πŸ’›πŸ’›
morganmcraee : Love you, ladies. You all will hold a special place in my heart forever and always! πŸ’•
fosterkid94 - jordynwithay94 - irie_kirving - kendrellllla -
Tonight's #engagement #kdb2015 #kdbcouples #kdburkephotography #vaweddingphotograher #engaged #notadrone #love #sweetbriarcollege #springengagements #nikonD810
kdburkephotography - love - kdb2015 - sweetbriarcollege - nikond810 - engagement - engaged - notadrone - springengagements - kdbcouples - vaweddingphotograher -
nackphotography : Gorgeous shot!
bridget.oloughlin - bethladdcollections - kdburkephotography - cbdrummond -
Sweet Briar College sends off their last graduating class. Check out the full video and story at www.newsadvance.com (Video by @autumnmparry) #savingsweetbriar #sweetbriar #sweetbriarcollege #sweetbriargraduation #graduation #collegegraduation
sweetbriargraduation - sweetbriarcollege - sweetbriar - collegegraduation - savingsweetbriar - graduation -
luannhunt : Correction, not the last graduating class!
missymartin4688 - crackleen - maxoden - chaosx3 -
Congratulations to the class of 2015 for a beautiful graduation yesterday. May you use your 4 years for life. πŸ’šπŸ’— #sweetbriarcollege #graduation #classof2015 #savesweetbriar #mysweetbriar #beartherose #youearnedit #SBC
sweetbriarcollege - savesweetbriar - graduation - youearnedit - sbc - classof2015 - beartherose - mysweetbriar -
_chellybean4 - caitwebbmazz - karantanna_kt - kaylalatricee4 -
Another from yesterday's graduation - Sweet Briar College graduate Rachel Byrd hugs history professor John Ashbrook after the conclusion of commencement exercises Saturday morning, May 16, 2015. (Photo by @maxoden) #sweetbriarcollege
sweetbriarcollege -
leslieoden : Beautiful shot.
iamgunslinger - paresh_chauhan - ryanportnoy - boltonsc94 -
Sweet Briar College graduates wait before commencement exercises begin Saturday morning, May 16, 2015. The graduating class of 2015 could be the school's last. (Photo by @maxoden) #sweetbriarcollege
sweetbriarcollege -
haskeland - kollin_kirven - ktlester - mk_guthrie -
Missing everything #sweetbriarcollege #not4yearsbutforlife
not4yearsbutforlife - sweetbriarcollege -
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Here's to Dr. Brent Shea, who I have not only spent the most time learning from but the most time in awe and respect for his brilliance. Words will never be able to describe the impact he has left on me or the world. I am honored to have had the privilege of being his student. #SweetBriarCollege
sweetbriarcollege -
katherineanneb94 - hokiecmc - ben_carson1 - claire_lane79 -
Me and @dj_gallagher15 immortalizing ourselves as the Dweeb and the Blinker. If anyone asks, I'm looking to the sky to signify my hopes and dreams for the future. #savesweetbriar #sweetbriarcollege #classof2015 #dorky #graduation
classof2015 - graduation - dorky - savesweetbriar - sweetbriarcollege -
chiokie : Lololol
dj_gallagher15 : So beautiful
jcsamla : This is my favorite picture.
lissy929 : It shall go down in history.
its_a_zoo - 8dezzy88 - gingerzspice - thats_common -
Obviously, I love these two. #vixensforlife #sweetbriarcollege
vixensforlife - sweetbriarcollege -
presidenthenry6 - foxinsweet - mue_jo - delmas20 -
Congration, I done it. #graduation #sweetbriarcollege
sweetbriarcollege - graduation -
ccmorgan94 : You're now officially 2 kool 4 skool πŸŽ“
beccalilly : πŸ‘΅
dullandwitless : πŸ‘«πŸŽ“ ((dats us we're graduated and buddies just fyi))
caileighrb13 - dkaulay - dullandwitless - savannahbh_94 -
Gonna miss this little donkey ❀️ #SweetBriarCollege #indigo #SaveSweetBriar #sbcriding
sbcriding - indigo - savesweetbriar - sweetbriarcollege -
katherineanneb94 - a.l._harper - equus_tack - gnomily -
The kids reflecting on their visits to SBC over the years πŸ˜‚β€οΈπŸΎ #deepinthought #chihuahua #savesweetbriar #sweetbriarcollege #tradition #home #enjoy #memories #hollaholla #pinkandgreenforever
enjoy - hollaholla - chihuahua - sweetbriarcollege - memories - pinkandgreenforever - savesweetbriar - deepinthought - home - tradition -
lucinvoor : They are the cutest--love the photo, love you
veggievejo - htwhy - carrielisabth - josezavalar -
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