@jasminemdjones graduating from #SweetBriarCollege dressed in #lillypulitzer #lilly #savesweetbriar #thinkisforgirls
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jasminemdjones : family! 😫 I instantly cried looking at this picture, such a wonderful day almost 5 years ago ... I can't believe that other young women won't get to experience #ThePinkBubble #SweetBreezy #HomeSweetHome or my yelling across #TheQuad or #TheDell
pesh13 : @jasminemdjones most importantly : they will never experience you yelling across the dell, banging into my room to tell me to do something, calling me from #guion because you're afraid of deer and campus safety was busy.
jasminemdjones : those deer were HUGE! I wanted to cry.
forkrul_assail - imapreppygirl -
My mother & I, late 2013, on Monument Hill at #SweetBriarCollege . Two generations of SBC women. Bittersweet now that #SBC is closing after 115 years of empowering & educating #women from all over the world. #Vixens aren't giving up w-out a fight though - visit to join it! #Legacy #SaveSweetBriar #ThinkIsForGirls
thinkisforgirls - legacy - sweetbriarcollege - sbc - vixens - savesweetbriar - women -
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Please help spread the word to #SaveSweetBriar . It was announced on Tues. that Sweet Briar College would be closing. This was a complete surprise to students & faculty. Sweet Briar is a women's liberal arts college (also 1 of only 2 US colleges with an ABET-accredited engineering program) founded in 1901. The close knit community and exceptional academics makes it unique and important in the progress being made in women's education. Students are having to transfer to designated schools (for those not on the short list, deadlines have already passed). Faculty will have to find not only new jobs with no notice, but homes as well. Many have families and others are retired faculty. Severance has not been planned. Not all employees will get unemployment (somd have spouses that also work on campus, so both will be out of a job). There was no indication of closure before Tuesday. Please help any way you can. Spread #savesweetbriar like wildfire or go to #sweetbriarcollege #Virginia #college #ThinkIsForGirls #sbc #pink&green #mountains #beautiful #hollaholla
pink - thinkisforgirls - hollaholla - sweetbriarcollege - mountains - virginia - savesweetbriar - sbc - beautiful - college -
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When days were brighter, and I was the queen of Fletcher #sweetbriarcollege
sweetbriarcollege -
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#sweetbriarcollege a little over 1 year ago. This picture is from behind GV, after a long day of making snowpeople and snow lounge chairs #longlivethevixen
longlivethevixen - sweetbriarcollege -
demolition.darby : Miss you Nina!
mjhuber14 : Best day πŸ‘
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Some of the best friends I've ever had, love you all so much! πŸ’• I always knew Sweet Briar was a different college experience than most, but that has really become clear in the "so what?" reactions from many of the people around me. If you didn't go there, you just don't get it! #wcw #sweetbriarcollege #hollaholla #thinkisforgirls πŸŽ€πŸΊπŸŒΉπŸ’š
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Meet 'Tradd'! #lovelylinens #custommonograms made in #charleston #pineapple #southernhospitality #pinkandgreen for our friends at #sweetbriarcollege
pinkandgreen - custommonograms - sweetbriarcollege - pineapple - charleston - southernhospitality - lovelylinens -
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Hope my amazing fellow Vixens will find a way to #SaveSweetBriar #ThinkIsForGirls #ThinkPinkLiveGreen πŸ’—πŸ’š will live on forever in all of our hearts...! #SweetBriarCollege #HollaHolla Once a Vixen, forever a Vixen β™‘ #StayStrongSBC #wearPinkandGreen #supportSBC
thinkisforgirls - hollaholla - wearpinkandgreen - sweetbriarcollege - savesweetbriar - thinkpinklivegreen - supportsbc - staystrongsbc -
kid_from__ : So nice!
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I'll save my impassioned opinions for other outlets, but I have to say this: my world was absolutely rocked a mere 30 hours ago when I received an email that my beloved alma mater, #sweetbriarcollege would close its doors in a mere three months. The roller coaster of emotions have been shared by thousands of my sisters around the world. But at home, I am so lucky to be loved by someone who truly "gets it." And we won't stop fighting. #savesweetbriar #thinkisforgirls
thinkisforgirls - savesweetbriar - sweetbriarcollege -
sabrinamariem_ : Love you. And Lili, too.
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This is my home. Please don't take this from us #savesweetbriar #sweetbriar #sweetbriarriding #sweetbriarcollege #rain #snow
sweetbriarriding - sweetbriar - sweetbriarcollege - savesweetbriar - rain - snow -
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Grab a picture of you tomorrow in your pink and green and Lilly Pulitzer! Let's flood social media with us in our school colors. Come on ladies I know your wearing school colors and pearls anyways right now. Let's use a few hashtag of couse #saveSweetBriar and a #shiftintopinkandgreen in true lilly pulitzer shift dress fashion. #pinkandgreen for school colors and add @lillypulitzer & #lillypulitzer if you are rocking our schools unofficial favorite designer of pink and green sundresses! #SweetBriarCollege #ThinkIsForGirls
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carolinabluebelle : Love this picture of you!
nessty_ : check @VinesBeLike
rebecca_mill : Good thing I brought some Murfees home with me.... The Lilly Loves Hope murfee is as close to pink and green Lilly as I'll get.
katejuneau : Gorgeous 😍😍😍
volfan78 : @thepreppyvixen So pretty!
petalprep : Pretty ladyπŸ’šπŸ’–
ginaalice1 : You are so pretty! Great picture!
squirrelseekschipmunk : Love this and your chaussures πŸ’•πŸ‘ 
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sweetbriarcollege - μš°λ¦¬ν•™κ΅ - beautifulcampus - sweetbriar - ν˜Έμˆ«κ°€ - 아침풍경 - savesweetbriar -
xperienceben : Nice place
siddha : μ–΄λ”” 학ꡐ죠?
siddha : μ’‹μ•„μš” ^^
9.__.9 : #sweetbriar#sweetbriarcollege#SaveSweetBriar#beautifulcampus
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#longlivesweetbriar #foreveravixen even though I didn't officially attend #sweetbriarcollege I know that this was school that I should have attended. When I arrived on campus for the first time I was leaning forward in my seat trying to take in the beauty of the campus as you first came up. When I was sitting in the church listening to the welcome speech by the admission president, I found myself wanting to cry because I knew I had this over coming feeling of wanting to be there knowing I belonged. True I didn't make it because of financial reasons but I was always there in heart. What a tragic thing it is to hear that #sbc will close its doors at the end of this summer. #hollaholla
sbc - longlivesweetbriar - foreveravixen - hollaholla - sweetbriarcollege -
green.yogini : I honestly had the exact experience.
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Thinking of my #SweetBriar ladies today. It's awful being stuck in Japan, when all I want to do is be in Virginia. #SweetBriarCollege #thinkisforgirls #classring #vixen #takemehomecountryroads
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katie_stearns : Love you.
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#wcw #WomanCrushWednesday my 3 best friends at #SweetBriarCollege Schyler, myself, @leahphilhower & Rachel. From 2.08.2003 at Junior Banquet getting our class rings. These ladies are the best friends, mothers, sisters and wives I know. #SaveSweetBriar #pinkandgreen #pink #vixen #vixens #vixenarmy @savesweetbriar
pink - beautyblogger - instastyle - vixenarmy - bloggerstyle - prepstyle - virginia - lillypulitzer - fashion - buymelilly - ootd - vixens - lillylover - education - ootn - fashonista - thepreppyvixen - pinkandgreen - vixen - thepreppyvixenbeauty - wcw - sweetbriarcollege - thepreppyvixenootd - cinderella - savesweetbriar - preppy - womenscollege - ballgown - womancrushwednesday - fashionblogger -
thepreppyvixen : #virginia #womenscollege #education
leahphilhower : Sisters for life ! #thinkisforgirls #saveSweetBriar
madamespoiled : So sweet!!
callalynaesthetics : Love it
thepreppyvixen : @leahphilhower I love how we didn't plan the outfits! ! We look like we all tried to match. You & me and Schyler & Rachel
leahphilhower : @thepreppyvixen great minds think alike.
volfan78 : @thepreppyvixen πŸ’–πŸ’–
sascha_coco : Aww ladies totes adorbs!! πŸ’šπŸ’–
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Took a stroll around the beautiful campus of Agnes Scott College. With the news of Sweet Briar closing πŸ’”...wondering if these amazing institutions will be around as a choice for women... love from a BMC alum. πŸ‘­ #womenscollege #AgnesScottCollege #agnesscott #bmcbanter #sevensister #sweetbriar #betterdeadthancoed #sweetbriarcollege #sisterhood #brynmawrcollege #liberalarts #thinkisforgirls #greenandpink #savesweetbriar
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Sweet Briar College will always be close to my heart #SaveSweetBriar #ThinkIsForGirls
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thepreppyvixen : #SweetBriar #SweetBriarCollege education #donate @savesweetbriar #lillypulitzer #prepstyle
thepreppyvixen : #capecod #ack #nantucket #mv #marthasvineyard #preplife #preppy #vixens #vixen #thepreppyvixen
thepreppyvixen : #thepreppyvixenOOTD #ootd #OOTN #thepreppyvixenBEAUTY #birchbloggers #ipsystylist #ipster
thepreppyvixen : #birchbox #beautyblogger #instastyle #fashionblogger
thepreppyvixen : #preppy
rebecca_mill : I love the charm necklace. I love my ring, but the charm is beautiful.
teetubes : Nice pic!
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RUF loves Sweet Briar! #SweetBriarCollege #pinkandgreen #thinkisforgirls #ruflychburg #rufsweetbriar
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Nadirah Abdus-Sabur (center), a junior engineering student, hugs her friends after singing the college's song in Prothro Hall at Sweet Briar College on Tuesday evening. Earlier in the day, Sweet Briar announced that the college would close in August due to financial challenges. "I was hurt. We were all hurt. It's hard to think your school won't be something you can come back to," said Abdus-Sabur, who might have to complete her degree at Kettering University in Flint, Mich. (Photo by @autumnmparry) #savesweetbriar #sweetbriarcollege #sweetbriar #lynchburgva #Lynchburg #Virginia #amherstva #college
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Fun with Tina Tina Ballerina πŸŽ€ #sbc #sweetbriar #sweetbriarcollege #sweetbriarriding #equestrian #darling #warmblood #furbaby
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fit_furbabymom : Beautiful horse
squeakerdogs : πŸ˜ŽπŸ‘Œβ€οΈ
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We are both women's college graduates and we were both heartbroken and shocked at the news yesterday about Sweet Briar College closing its doors after the 2015 academic year. Single-sex education changed our lives, and we stand with the women of Sweet Briar and the importance of women's education. #sweetbriar #sweetbriarcollege #liberalarts #vixens #virginia #hollinsuniversity #hollins #salemcollege #salem #education #womenseducation #womenscollege #pinkandgreen #traditions #samesex #feminism #girlpower #sisterhood #sisterschools
girlpower - traditions - liberalarts - hollins - virginia - salemcollege - salem - sweetbriar - vixens - education - pinkandgreen - sweetbriarcollege - hollinsuniversity - womenseducation - womenscollege - sisterschools - samesex - sisterhood - feminism -
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Proud Class of 2000 alum. #SaveSweetBriar #SweetBriarCollege
savesweetbriar - sweetbriarcollege -
kjaneferg : Posted my ring too!!
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Save Sweet Briar! What would have been my home for the next four years starting this fall has announced that it will be closing in August due to financial reasons. Please help us try and save this beautiful piece of history! This all girls college has been empowering young women for over 100 years. Please don't let this this amazing and beautiful place come to an end! Link in my bio! #SaveSweetBriar#SweetBriar#SweetBriarCollege#SB#SBC
sweetbriarcollege - sb - savesweetbriar - sweetbriar - sbc -
wm_russell : @charlesbull_
shamalam22 : Meredith College- the top women's college in the South- would LOVE to claim you as our sister! Please consider Meredith!
madelinea_k : Thank you I will! @shamalam22
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The beautiful women (and some good friends of mine) need your help to save the All Female college of Sweet Briar in my home state of Virginia. Don't let the man shut down this school and the away the alma mater and HOME to these ladies! Donate and share!! They need us! #savesweetbriar #vixensunite #weareallsweetbriar #thinkisforgirls #sweetbriarcollege
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The 100yr old oak that greets you just past the gate. Had one of my first kisses here. During an interview for a position in 1996, my mom let me explore, and here, i learned how to climb a tree... #SweetBriarCollege
sweetbriarcollege -
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Stable stall. #SweetBriarCollege #series
series - sweetbriarcollege -
its_a_zoo - ennuiperkins - newenglandliving - thegoldwoman -
Cypress overlooking ravine and creek where fallen horses were buried. #SweetBriarCollege #series
series - sweetbriarcollege -
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My alma mater is closing its doors. Please help by sharing this post with the hashtag #savesweetbriar. We are doing all we can to save this beautiful women's college! We need media attention and the only way to get it is to have a voice! Repost @mevracas with @repostapp.
Sweet Briar, Sweet Briar, flower fair, The rose that on your crest you wear, Shall never fade, but always bear, Thy beauty, O Sweet Briar! #endofanera #SBC #wherewomenareleaders #sweetbriarcollege #savesweetbriar
wherewomenareleaders - sbc - savesweetbriar - sweetbriarcollege - endofanera -
alisherrill : Heard the story on NPR this afternoon...
madelinea_k - emilykhaag - its_a_zoo - mevracas -
Representing #sbc today. It's not over yet!! #savesweetbriar #pinkandgreen #tauphi #sweetbriarcollege
pinkandgreen - sbc - savesweetbriar - sweetbriarcollege - tauphi -
lunatchel : β€πŸ’”
christopher_p_dog - wootwoot17 - lunatchel - annabellebv -
@sweetbriaredu your @hollinsuniversity sisters are with you during this time. As women we stand together with you because we understand sisterhood, tradition, community, life-long friendships, legacy, family, etc. We're sorry to hear the news & to know there is one less woman's college in Virginia. We love you Sweet Briar, when you're not with us we're blue so blue oh sweet briar we love you πŸ’›πŸ’šπŸ’— #sbc #sweetbriarcollege #sweetbriar #vixens #myhollins #sisterhood
sbc - myhollins - sweetbriar - sweetbriarcollege - vixens - sisterhood -
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#waybackWednesday my baby girl freshman year #SweetBriarCollege c/o #2011 sad the school is closing
2011 - waybackwednesday - sweetbriarcollege -
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Early #19thcentury #pianoforte in the college chapel ... Thought to be a replica of the one John Hemmings (yup, Sally's uncle) made for Thomas Jefferson's granddaughter, Ellen Randolph Coolidge (yup, that Coolidge) for a wedding present. The instrument was lost at sea in 1810, but Hemmings kept the specs. #SweetBriarCollege #series
series - pianoforte - 19thcentury - sweetbriarcollege -
underpup - gwembles47 - karynafish - theemilyhodge -
Guess I had the same idea as @kristeng_ and @siselisabeth this morning. #saveSweetBriar #sweetbriarcollege #pinkandgreen
pinkandgreen - savesweetbriar - sweetbriarcollege -
kristeng_ : πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ’—πŸ’š
micrayy757 - jrrillo - sweetbriardaisy - samsch13 -
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