I'm bout to kill these beat tho @geneboogie @darealdbanks lethargy this money #StreetLegends #SweatDaTrac #Work #Grind #Hustle #Focused
streetlegends - focused - sweatdatrac - 100 - work - hustle - grind -
ytc2 : It ain't no beat that u ain't kill I'm sue u for makin the hardest tracks u memphis nigga known for killin shit mcl
mrstadiummusic : #100 cuh MCL
mrs_judymoney - dregutta - brownsugar28 - tiangeleyes -
Still Working Fucc You Mean #Producers #SweatDaTrac #Grind #ItsGonnaPayOff #Dope
producers - sweatdatrac - itsgonnapayoff - dope - grind -
cityraisedgwalla : @mrstadiummusic Wazzam UNC u dnt even fucc wit ya boii no mo how u been tho
mrstadiummusic : @cityraisedgwalla I don't have your number
cityraisedgwalla : @mrstadiummusic my house number 7705582125. Iam almost dne wit my mixtape I just need my songs mixed dwn I got nine of them tho
trepounds : What's ya new line
wristgang_official : I hear ya ole uggglazzzz mane....... @mrstadiummusic I'm on dat junt
mrstadiummusic : Same line @trepounds
mr_keo_ - supastarod - imtruq - tiangeleyes -
Fucc You If You Sleep #Vampin #Studio #Work #Grind #SweatDaTrac #Producers #GetYouSomeHater #Motivated
motivated - getyousomehater - work - grind - producers - studio - sweatdatrac - vampin -
mrstadiummusic : I'm wit it @theyloveyoung
pronthadon : i wanna get you on a hook @theyloveyoung @mrstadiummusic make that happen
justcallmeglamica : Glad im
mrstadiummusic : Call me crazy lady @justcallmeglamica
cgood29 : That's so mean
mrstadiummusic : I guess @cgood29
cgood29 : Lol
i_am_music__ : Do you know any good producer like you that can mess with me in Memphis
lilone_9200 - singabromfield - nojoblifestylekingz - bankeuros -
Trying To Enjoy This Life Of Mine...Studio For A Hour Or 2.....The Music Sounds So Good #SweatDaTrac #Producers #Music #LateNights
sweatdatrac - producers - latenights - music -
mrdeedakid : #BANG!
919_finesse : WHat it wuz CuHz
datboysin : What's going on in the A this weekend?
mrstadiummusic : Mane I really don't gonna be here? @datboysin
datboysin : Yeah I'll be there Friday evening to Sunday
jg_supreme - dboytheone - spicy280 - lo_noshake -
It's life beyond measures wit me.. My brutha @maclo_da_1 and my brother @musical_o3_hod on the hook I'm fin to unleash the dragon!! #sweatdatrac @mrstadiummusic
sweatdatrac -
musical_o3_hod : Work
meekimus - webofthemachine - musical_o3_hod - smigg_with2gs -
All Work No Play Cuh!!!!!! #YoungAve #Producers #SweatDaTrac #Memphis #Work #Verz
producers - work - sweatdatrac - youngave - verz - memphis -
billionairenunu : Werk
teddiemusic : Ari
wheatrobinson - yojimusic - kingonthabeat - in_sta_comedy -
Fucc You I'm "Dope" Ask About #SweatDaTrac
sweatdatrac - 100 -
aaronelijah : West wit it H
mrstadiummusic : Went Up Gr83v @aaronelijah
mrstadiummusic : #100 @montrealgrimmjamison
aaronelijah : Link up H! HΓΈgg's out here, we gotta function
ablewilla : This cool MF right here!! Whattup, my guy!
ishownolove : @mrstadiummusic I need dat shirt lok dats da second one I done seen
atticus_dgaf : Check me out 🎢🎡🎼πŸ”₯πŸ”₯
1ndonlyraymacc52 : Link up hxxva
mr_makeyoufeelsumtypeofway - jaeb3 - kush__man_gotti - smarttlanta -
We goin in at #Kamals21 this Saturday in Atl .. #SweatDaTrac birthday bash come get live in the coop..
sweatdatrac - kamals21 -
darealvito5193 : @shaka85zulu @kingratchetaz @magnummike @tbellmob @shaks_amg
darealvito5193 : @joshiethepacman
marcusdatattooist : What it do homie @chiccen_sdt
marcusdatattooist : I live in Georgia now homie @chiccen_sdt
darealvito5193 - melrose_j - 730thedj - miss_dottie -
They face belongs on somebody billboard.. But hey they my babies.. God is Great my nuggets done came a long way and I'm so thankful to have them in my life.. The only thing on my mind is makin sure my kids are taken care of.. Maybe that's why they think #sweatdatrac done fell off cuz I ain't givin a nigga SHIT!!! No that
sweatdatrac -
bayb_bri : 😍😍😍
heavyhustla901 - telicia29 - mrs_judymoney - chellyboomboom -
God Is Good....#PieceOfMind #Music #Producers #SweatDaTrac
producers - sweatdatrac - pieceofmind - music -
bigfacemike : WTFYS
ogbyggutta - terrific2_beatz - young_hustle901 - mrs_judymoney -
Elevate ur #Status Po up for my birthday month it ain't OVA .. #TBT I will prevail knw that ... #SweatDaTrac
status - sweatdatrac - tbt -
meekimus : OG Triple OG!!!
platinumpeel : @chiccen_sdt where u at bruh
dee_free - n0_fux_given - missestenakeybiiittcchhh - yghollywood901 -
Shout out to my G Chicc! Big shit poppin. More hits coming soon #SweatDaTrac
sweatdatrac -
1handsomestranger - wittygemini87 - mrblu86 - msmuthafuckinjlo2u -
Thankful Is The Only Expression I Have For Today....Make Moves,Network,And Create #SweatDaTrac #NewBeginning
sweatdatrac - newbeginning -
beautee_bee : Tell me thank u too nigga lmao & ok tell me when u get here 4real this time
misscocomonroe2u : Send me that shirt @mrstadiummusic pllllease
isis_femmefatale : @mrstadiummusic...nice shirt!
major5_5bday : $45
ghussle : A fam hit me up @mrstadiummusic
ishownolove : @mrstadiummusic wats yo # lok
mrstadiummusic : I dint have your number
mrstadiummusic : @_iamceleste_
isis_femmefatale - bigheadtrayi - mizkekesmith - peachy_twin -
With My Brother @chiccen_sdt @freewayricky and @bossspook in Atlanta Just Bought The Big Homie Book πŸ’― #RealMenLinkUp #RealFreewayRicky #SweatDaTrac
sweatdatrac - verz - h83ver - realmenlinkup - realfreewayricky -
jase4real : I see yall
mrstadiummusic : I'm Humble Right Now.....This My Second Time Meeting The Big Homie
mrstadiummusic : #Verz #H83VER
yakkidivioshi : 2133597507
jaeb3 - nuttiboi - mizkekesmith - bigheadtrayi -
#Tbt Me,Frank,And @officialboosie bout 7 or 8 yrs ago ....Damn Time Flying πŸ’¨πŸ’¨πŸ’¨πŸ’¨ #SweatDaTrac #TrillEnt #TrillEnt #BoosieBadAzz #BadAzzEnt
sweatdatrac - trillent - boosiebadazz - badazzent - tbt -
hustlemain : #eastsidevet
cedgrandhustle : I aint forgot about my nigga been running around all day free all day tomorrow
mrstadiummusic : Fa Sho @cedgrandhustle
champofdapeople : Dam my guy Whur u been?? It's time for me to make some waves
jaeb3 - champofdapeople - cedgrandhustle - iam_laos -
Late Night Writing Hooks To These Beats......Feeling Motivated.....Now Where See At? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜©πŸ˜‚πŸ˜©πŸ˜‚πŸ˜©πŸ˜‚πŸ˜© #Producers #Writers #SweatDaTrac #AlwaysWorking #Productive
producers - sweatdatrac - writers - productive - alwaysworking -
mrstadiummusic : And No You Can't Sing It Nigga lol @jordanjordanmusic
jordanjordanmusic : 😎but I was ready to though πŸ’―
mrstadiummusic : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ @jordanjordanmusic I Know
itzjazzy_baby : πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘πŸ‘
mrstadiummusic : What's Up Jaz @itzjazzy_baby Where You Been Mane?
lirker : Like it!
itzjazzy_baby : I'm right here
yopolesinc : Yessss
cubanfly1of1 - louve01 - unotrill - kimkthugjunkiiie -
We Outchea God Bless Us @lilmac_4real @maclo_da_1 @chiccen_sdt Moving Thru These Atlanta Streets #AtlantaNights #AtlantaLights #SweatDaTrac #Memphis2Atlanta
sweatdatrac - atlantanights - memphis2atlanta - atlantalights -
youngkrosbeats : Toomp
eastsidemoney5193 : Get jammed up wit 1 it can cost u yo whole life
major3cups - jrdaarshooter - jg_supreme - ishallbkingbeats -
#CMG #TeamYAYO #SMG #SweatDaTrac
cmg - teamyayo - sweatdatrac - smg -
godivadripp - yayoboy17 - fiestymama - imposino045 -
Late nite munchies in the Atl .. #ChefChiccen #SweatDaTrac #chiccentalk
sweatdatrac - chefchiccen - chiccentalk -
cheeekycheeks : 😩 send me a plate
be100radiogod : Master chef
jg_supreme : Boy I'm on da way lol
lilmac_4real : Can you tell lilmac call me
djmshypnotique : A yo @chiccen_sdt call me #Now #RightNow #EMERGENCY
stakkgramz2 - blackcarmelbeauty - gigibeatz - sexikilla -
Aye You Gotta Eat Mane with @lilmac_4real and @chiccen_sdt Was Going to Applebee's But We Changed Our Mind πŸ΄πŸ› #Pray #Eat #Hustle #Work #WaffleHouse #EastAtlanta #SweatDaTrac #HungryYoungMen
pray - work - wafflehouse - eastatlanta - hungryyoungmen - sweatdatrac - skinnyfatboycrew - eat - hustle -
mrstadiummusic : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ And Looking For Plates To Steal πŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆ @of_the_highest 😳 🍴
of_the_highest : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ greedy ass 😜
risha901 : @chiccen_sdt betta be hitting my line in 543...
mrstadiummusic : #SkinnyFatBoyCrew We Out Here @of_the_highest πŸƒπŸ’¨πŸ’¨πŸ’¨
of_the_highest : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
vicksupreme : Bring a nigga a chicken melt mane
mrstadiummusic : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Nigga this was a hour ago!!!! Lmmfao @vicksupreme
vicksupreme : Damn mane... I wasn't looking πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
jaeb3 - djspimusic - gsquaredd - shanaef -
Going Stupid Right Now!!!!!!! #SweatDaTrac #AtlHouseOfShoots @AtlHouseOfShoots Video Cred: My Lil Homie Tay Tay
sweatdatrac - atlhouseofshoots -
jdrummatic : Haaaaa
gdmgrodriguez : You coming to Ojs tonite
mrstadiummusic : Where @gdmgrodriguez
mic_hargrove - mynameisnotmyname_ - tre4ruffdraffs - allhailkao -
We Working So What You Doing? #AtlHouseOfShoots @AtlHouseOfShoots #SweatDaTrac @soopamuzik @maclo_da_1 @chiccen_sdt #Producers #Grind #Thankful
sweatdatrac - producers - atlhouseofshoots - thankful - grind -
floshysta : @mrstadiummusic I met u in Memphis with my brother lil j and dj. We did a song to one of tracks at tmac studio. I'm in atl now. U Here too? Lets network bruh
mrstadiummusic : Get at me @floshysta
floshysta : Dm ur email or number so I can get up wit u. Maybe come to the yo and vibe. @mrstadiummusic
chaseaurelius - singabromfield - floshysta -
We Outchea Headed To High Falls Chilling with @Maclo_da_1 and @chiccen_sdt sleepy ass.....We living tho #MemorialDay #SweatDaTrac
sweatdatrac - memorialday -
wizz_dumb : the man sleepin so peaceful tho lol
worldwide_ryz - mrfaithngod - bossetta_cakez - chantell2hot -
#sweatdatrac we smashing niggas y'all don't owe us we gon take it .. #ChiccenTalk
sweatdatrac - chiccentalk -
renegade_el_rey : Hit me bout da junts ya were talkin bout the other day.... @chiccen_sdt
scoop_montana : Wazzam Esco
skinnyboi901 : @chiccen_sdt .. Follow back
scoop_montana - mrs_judymoney - miss_dottie - therapdigest -
My Cousin Doelamyke Out Here a Grilling It Up......We Just Living And I'm Drinking Martini's #GodIsGood #DrinkSomethinBitch #SweatDaTrac Bitch!!!!!
godisgood - sweatdatrac - drinksomethinbitch -
jordanjordanmusic : My nigga
jg_supreme - cizonmuzik - teamretarditent - king.yoshi -
S/o #AtlPics for this one.. Me and my fam @snootiewild @maclo_da_one @traphousebam @macbutta #SweatDaTrac #TeamYayo #CMG #BornWinners at reign..
sweatdatrac - teamyayo - bornwinners - atlpics - cmg -
chiccen_sdt : @twoEyes I didn't see u back there
chiccen_sdt : @bossetta_cakez hell yea
bossetta_cakez : I knew it and he kept talkin bout he ain't drunk! Wyd still up!
chiccen_sdt : @bossetta_cakez can't sleep
bossetta_cakez : Me neither! Stuck in Molly world!
mostperfectimperfection - mudd_sosa - yaboibsims - pmfking -
At @atlhouseofshoots With My Brothers @singabromfield @maclo_da_1 #AtlHouseOfShoots #SweatDaTrac
sweatdatrac - atlhouseofshoots -
frenchfreshyoungbeatmaker : @mrstadiummusic #flgang !!!! πŸ‘πŸ‘
platinumpeel - webofthemachine - yojimusic - maclo_da_1 -
Young Man Stay Focused....I Thank God For Every Day....Headed To The Studio @atlhouseofshoots #AtlHouseOfShoots #SweatDaTrac πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™
sweatdatrac - atlhouseofshoots -
mrstadiummusic : Yea Lil Brother @yungnonthatrack
nh_4zero : West Up cuh
mrstadiummusic : What Upk @nh_4zero
nh_4zero : What ya got goin today
streetcartels_ceo : My nigga
amaru_x : #Represent Son
juggathon_justin : Call me cuz 219 8827
juggathon_justin : @mrstadiummusic
13dollabill6 - keepitpolished - rabbit_adreinne_mommy - yghollywood901 -
I've Been On So Much Music Lately I Forget To Worry About Those That Don't Understand What's Going On In Life πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™ #JohnLegend #HoldOn #AtlHouseOfShoots #SweatDaTrac #Work #Grind #Blessed
atlhouseofshoots - johnlegend - sweatdatrac - work - blessed - holdon - grind -
dj_soco : U produced that?
mrstadiummusic : No Just A Fan Of Great Music @dj_soco
dj_soco : I feel u on that!
money5000 - raedae86 - leonoreeclr -
Get Familiar With This Situation That's Going On God Is Good @atlhouseofshoots @joeyungspike Bought A 20,000 Sq. Feet Building And We Gonna Turn It To A Empire #Business #Brand #Memphis2Atlanta #AtlHouseOfShoots #SweatDaTrac
sweatdatrac - brand - atlhouseofshoots - business - memphis2atlanta -
kockyking : #DoWork homie
bossetta_cakez : Big brother!!!! That's hot! !!
worldwide_ryz : πŸ’―
chiccen_sdt - a1yoda78 - jg_supreme - montrealgrimmjamison -
Y'all Just Don't Understand How Serious It's Getting In Atlanta Working Wit My Brother @joeyungspike We His In House Music Producers #AtlHouseOfShoots #SweatDaTrac @atlhouseofshoots @darealdbanks
sweatdatrac - atlhouseofshoots -
rarasupastar : 😁 Ill b there Friday!!!!!
gavin_mixed_it : Now that's the move!! Congrats my G
kingazzstar1 : Who the artist @mrstadiummusic
mrstadiummusic : No Artist We Just Cranking Out Bangers....I Work On The Other Side In Our Studio @kingazzstarmusic
jjordanffm : @mrstadiummusic salute bro
renegade_el_rey : #Twerk We came for greatness... Keep going mane! #Salute
kingazzstarmusic : Congratulations @mrstadiummusic
aktvs - joshiethepacman - renegade_el_rey - cheddaiam -
We Out Here On #GoMode Me And @mrstadiummusic #Work #Grind #Hustle #AtlHouseOfShoots #SweatDaTrac #TeamYayo
gomode - atlhouseofshoots - sweatdatrac - teamyayo - work - hustle - grind -
mz_gogetta_719 : @maclo_da_1 get it baby. #Gohardorgohome
mrstadiummusic - candycup8 - cheryta_d - mz_gogetta_719 -
sweatdatrac -
mallory_sade : I been looking for you pimpin.., get up with me @chiccen_sdt
kingshitsfth : Gotta link up wit ya g
kingjavijofa - singabromfield - str8wds - knightesc -
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