#vikings #bollerogbrus #fest #party #sponsetavredbull #theartofflight #deteængelsk #tagsforlikes #homiesburningshitdown #survivalofthefitest
homiesburningshitdown - vikings - deteængelsk - theartofflight - fest - tagsforlikes - bollerogbrus - sponsetavredbull - party - survivalofthefitest -
andreasjm : Kvalm gjeng!
martine_odegaard : Å herre!
dolphnorth : Galskap
dennismunkvold : Du vet ka det gååi @dolphnorth
sonja4_12 - markschroder - dolphnorth - tikkerikke -
How I feel on the weekends when the gym is empty. #hulk #hulksmash #destroyeveryexercise #crusheveryset #onlythestrongsurvive #survivalofthefitest #suckitupprincess #beastmodeonblast
onlythestrongsurvive - crusheveryset - suckitupprincess - destroyeveryexercise - hulksmash - hulk - beastmodeonblast - survivalofthefitest -
italian_stallion0295 - instarod_ - dee_m0ney13 - jordanomoto26 -
Why does the #wooleyworm cross the road, because #fall is here! #caterpillar #illinois #survivalofthefitest
caterpillar - illinois - survivalofthefitest - wooleyworm - fall -
bostonchef - taylorr_mayde - evilpastrychef -
What I look like at 190. Struggles define people. Criticism refined people and excuses handicap people. I have an autoimmune disease. I'm being forced to take a ton of medication that should force weight gain. Their is suppose to be no cure according to western medicine. I am surrounded by the mentally weak. It a circumvent of a factory of excuses. I always look and watch and have to influence these people but I can't want change for them. At my current state 60% of who I was. Catch me in a month! If the odds are 1 in a million then I'm that one! My whole life I've felt as though the biggest motivating factor is accountability Serve notice! 3 weeks ago I couldn't hold my head up for more than 3 hrs at time. What a difference a few days makes. To the keyboard warriors I welcome the criticism. It doesn't motivate me but if I feel there is any validity to me it will open my eyes to it. I'm motivated by the man in the glass #survivalofthefitest #strength #myostiniagravits #fitness #survival #driven #drugfree
driven - strength - fitness - myostiniagravits - survival - drugfree - survivalofthefitest -
ms.carmi : #his #myastheniagravis
mike_u - fpthree - liolicious - azorrilla_9 -
Homie heading out with his new @bustinboards maestro set up with @paristruckco trucks and @orangatangwheels in heats #survivalofthefitest
survivalofthefitest -
josftoreo : ❤️
nyc_optician - justin.morrison_ - miky12348 - marcoosmello_oficial -
That would have been the worst murder charge ever! Weapon of choice a fish paddy. #survivalofthefitest #naturalselection
survivalofthefitest - naturalselection -
p8ntlife189 - bbroydrickkk - smortarelli - markcloudman44 -
Fuck the media and there feel good bullshit, if your easily offended why is that everyone else's problem.. #eattheweak #fucktheflesh #slitthethroat #consumethedead #survivalofthefitest #fuckthemedia #dontbeapussy #socialdarwinism
fuckthemedia - consumethedead - slitthethroat - eattheweak - socialdarwinism - survivalofthefitest - fucktheflesh - dontbeapussy -
michaelboebichael : #lies it's all Lies
michaelboebichael : ORA PRO NOBIS LUCIFER
johnnnyboebonnie : #turnoffyourtv
chalmers98 - trosh76 - kush_blurr - michaelboebichael -
Who will be Bambi? #whowillservive #survivalofthefitest
survivalofthefitest - whowillservive -
beccascott15 : Survival of the fittest 😂😂
tyler_bubinske : I AM BAMBIE
andrew_filip : Yes I'm in the video!!
livanalilly : I Was Bambie💁
david_olmedo_11 : I was bambie
emalinegrace : I was bambie... & I hit the camera so>
kat.marie12 - johnnye23 - adam_vilte5 - jessneu -
Playing in the rain... #wetlook #survivalofthefitest
wetlook - survivalofthefitest -
christine_leanna_ - ronakaaaye - dncrsrvr - mahinay_md -
Chilling while the pain is killing me. #MobbDeep #survivalofthefitest #oldschool #90s #thuglife #chilling #2pac #biggiesmalls #slimshady #Rap #real #hiphop
real - 90s - thuglife - mobbdeep - biggiesmalls - hiphop - slimshady - 2pac - rap - survivalofthefitest - oldschool - chilling -
wissalhm : @oubaida_mathers lol bessaha spadrine.... xD!
oubaida_mathers : lah ytik sahaaa Xd @wissalhm
lynnetteixelish - justinn_rayy - oldschoolhip_hop - ousss_ama -
Strong will survive the weak will die #survivalofthefitest #saxx #hardwork #dedication #trx #adidas
hardwork - trx - adidas - dedication - survivalofthefitest - saxx -
dan_mott_101 : Been goin hard i see olin you gaining muscle keep it up
seanspleaner : Follow @hqclothing
jaryn_c - jacq_hall - katie.m.14 - ally_2626 -
I love pizza crust. #survivalofthefitest School yay. But I get to hang out with a friend tomorrow so yay. What are you doing over the weekend? #tumblr #pizza #pizzacrust #funny #naturalselection
tumblr - funny - pizzacrust - survivalofthefitest - naturalselection - pizza -
fandxmology : Gymnastics and maybe go to the bookstore
trisastiff : Read☺️✊😏
its_a_john_green_thing - percy_the_seaweed_brain545 - trisastiff - can_you_even_fandom -
💪 today's weighted upper body pull, lower body press (vid shows other way round...)
calisthenics - stanger - training - squat - evolveordie - athlete - lowerbodypress - bettereveryday - upperbodypull - strength - pullup - progress - survivalofthefitest - metallica -
addefilipsson : You go girl!!!
jonas_larsryd : #training #pullup #squat while listening to #Metallica #stanger #strength #progress #upperbodypull #lowerbodypress #athlete #evolveordie #bettereveryday #survivalofthefitest #calisthenics
jonas_larsryd : Du är bara avis @addefilipsson
rogeranderssons : 💪
jonas_larsryd : @rogeranderssons du ligger efter som bommade idag ;)
meanbodapparel : Motivation 💪
sandypandy84 - chaaarlottehammar - jennifer__novack - metallicadaily -
#SurvivalOfTheFitest #Blessed 9/11 a day to be rememberd......
survivalofthefitest - blessed -
martinm0517 - gamenasty - mari_sonia - geordana_eht -
Spider caught a wasp on my window. #spider #wasp #nature #scarey #predator #survivalofthefitest
nature - wasp - survivalofthefitest - scarey - spider - predator -
_dannywilson_ - mathewmartin211 -
❤🐠/🙅🐟🐳 #livelongandprosperlittlefishy #survivalofthefitest
livelongandprosperlittlefishy - survivalofthefitest -
l0veliv3laugh : Dork !
juicedupgorilla_ : #Alaskanpower
livalohachanda : Lol
juicedupgorilla_ - esnaeclothing - chelsee_elizabeth - terra1018 -
On a good note, my hair and lipstick survived one of my craziest days at work! Nurse Meddy is off the clock! #survivalofthefitest #confidenceiskey #knowyourshit #lovewhatyoudo #happypatients #happynurse
happypatients - happynurse - knowyourshit - lovewhatyoudo - survivalofthefitest - confidenceiskey -
jlove_210 : 💗
dlx__ : Vas a trabajar o a modelar? Osea pos ta cabron ser guapa. @meddyme
meddyme : @dlx__ no basic nurse here! Stepin' up the scrub game 😍😘
treasa23 - beauty_rush09 - dannynotmcbride - joe_b_sp -
#tbt Defqon 2013 with @isconnaugh & @richytd soon to be back at that crazy place in just over a week :D #defqon #defqon1 #aus #2013 #2014 #survivalofthefitest #hardstyle #hak
hak - tbt - aus - hardstyle - 2014 - survivalofthefitest - defqon1 - 2013 - defqon -
richytd : #pingaz
diffractionglassesau - jnanaa_ - andychendy - wearegeist -
It takes time. It takes grind. It takes a commitment to consistency. Never think you have arrived and that you can never progress to be better. I never thought I could look better than last year. #progress #greatness #aestheics #perfectfit #ifbbbikinipro #ifbb #stayhumble #staycommitted #motivate #instagramfitness #inspire #inspiration #muscleandfitness #tagsforlikes #keepgoing #keepstriving #armorglorystrong #armorglory #shredded #survivalofthefitest #npcnewsonline #musculardevelopment #body #muscles #noexcuses
muscleandfitness - body - ifbbbikinipro - instagramfitness - inspire - shredded - armorglory - armorglorystrong - perfectfit - aestheics - keepgoing - muscles - stayhumble - ifbb - staycommitted - survivalofthefitest - inspiration - npcnewsonline - musculardevelopment - keepstriving - noexcuses - motivate - tagsforlikes - greatness - progress -
perfectfit_alee : Thanks! I like my body when I was 160 3 years But its more so what was the goal here @tomcollins18 . it was to be leaner. Definitely thought I couldnt get any leaner from last year but that gave me an attitude of being complacent. I strived to look like last year this year and it failed me. It wasn't until I wanted to be better than last year is when the switched happened mentally and my body followed.
perfectfit_alee : Lol @ncballn1 hope all is well
sweatsession : Awesome dedication!
ncballn1 : @perfectfit_alee All is great in the sand pit lol! Happy to see u doing something you love, come a loooong way gurl!
tomcollins18 : @perfectfit_alee well you def did that... Pro determination gets you a pro card
thehurtster4life : Had to take a second look o-O ;-()....
february_veryown : 💪
sashalauren8 : @ru_numero4
getfitwithmrg - 2winagain - kiddk80 - rocksolid1010 -
This is me 20 minutes early to class..Smh #mobi #BBA #PipsDontSleep #SurvivaloftheFitest
pipsdontsleep - survivalofthefitest - mobi - bba -
this_is_aviator - blutbad3 - jov_kay1 - jdanz53 -
My babies 😍😍😍😍 #Mcm #GermanShepherd #Cuties #SurvivalOfTheFitest
germanshepherd - mcm - survivalofthefitest - cuties -
b_fli : I swear I could have won if Cleo didn't start growling at me.
cham3l30n_s0ul - casssssss531 - mondragon_ - uh_lee_sa -
First official catch of the spearfishing run #babycatfish #fighthard #survivalofthefitest #GOONSQUAD
goonsquad - survivalofthefitest - fighthard - babycatfish -
zachv19945 : Bruh we got a go again next time east coast beaches!
pdabsurfs - nmhardy - bradroth49 - shitnee_bee -
survivalofthefitest -
chella_baybee - carlitalova - dee_viious - carol.ina.xo -
Powerful fish with appetite for destruction. Only the strong survive. This peacock was stocked and murdered. I have kinda thought this was coming. But its coo like ive said before they know whats best its their world.
straightkillers - cichlids - histimetogo - alwaysagamble - fish - survivalofthefitest - cichlid -
cichlidlovebyjandk : Took this peacocks entire face off in one bite. #straightkillers #cichlid #cichlids #alwaysagamble #histimetogo #fish #survivalofthefitest
dirtnap4u300 : Sad, that Dempsey shouldn't be in there, there teeth are to vicious and there mouths open up to much! Looks cool tho
cichlidlovebyjandk : The dempsey ×2 you know. Lol they were the first fish in this tank a few years back along with a jewel. They were 1.5 inch when I got them. Now pushing 6.5 each. They are usually pretty happy fish I only see this happening when another fish is getting week or punked for food or has managed to dip on the totem pole. It is what it is. We have far smaller fish in there that have done very very well. Who knows maybe he said something that wasnt very nice. Lol. It happens in all tanks even same species tanks.
cichlidlovebyjandk : @dirtnap4u300
mario_32301 : My paps fish always killed each other
jaylivg : Poor fish :( guess survival of the fittest there ..
robert.strickland : Straight murderers! How does your JD do with the Africans?
dirtnap4u300 - joshaholmes123 - aquarium_zone - cichlidworldwide -
It's happening, Defqon1 tickets and merchandise here!!! @caitlyndurbidge #defqon1 #Sydney #adventure #survivalofthefitest #hardstyle #Penrith #keeen #holidaytime #musicfestival #festivalseason
festivalseason - penrith - musicfestival - holidaytime - keeen - hardstyle - adventure - sydney - survivalofthefitest - defqon1 -
caitlyndurbidge : 😏😆😆👌🎶💃😈😎💋✌️
tasso_01 : 🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐
anonymous_live : :)
formula1experience : Hey mate .follow ,comment and shoutout @cdhh212 can have opportunity to get Formula1 Experience in UK by free.
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I think that frog is waiting for that mice to die #survivalofthefitest
survivalofthefitest -
sus_1991 : I'll b waiting for my wedding invite! Lol
gilgarcia10 : @sus_1991 , you invited! My wife in charge of sending the invites. Lol we still haven't sent em out!
sus_1991 : Pues le dices que no se olvide de mi lol I gotta be there for my god brothers big day! Lol
gilgarcia10 : Yeah for sure! @sus_1991
sus_1991 : Awesome! :)
reaper_moises - mfootball_75 - _niu_girlfriend_18 - cesarvee -
#survivalofthefitest #dreamlife #spinmomma
survivalofthefitest - dreamlife - spinmomma -
dime.rapido - steff_alberts - zoe_ray_wood - shanhetrick11 -
I really hate spiders (aka the dot on the wall) #ew #igohard #yesitapedaslippertoanumbrella #snapchatpic #survivalofthefitest
snapchatpic - ew - yesitapedaslippertoanumbrella - survivalofthefitest - igohard -
skatermcskateskate - nohappiertask - midnitedreamer16 - navooda -
Take me back 🌊☀️#my #wcw #is #thebeach #loljk #itsmycousin #whatacouple #of #babes #beachbabes #cuties #caughtherslippin #shewasnt #payingattention #itsokay #sunbathing #iwanttogoback
whatacouple - shewasnt - babes - iwanttogoback - itsokay - is - cuties - caughtherslippin - maytheoddsbeverinyourfavor - itsmycousin - survivalofthefitest - sunbathing - wcw - loljk - payingattention - thebeach - of - beachbabes - my -
shmabigailrose : Hahahahahaha @sam2theschaef I'm guna have to weigh my options
sam2theschaef : It's definitely a 50/50! If say guy with the prettiest eyes win! Haha
sam2theschaef : @valiumbullet
domdemayo1 : I have more!!! Lol
shmabigailrose : @domdemayo1 I'm waiting.
domdemayo1 : Okay...your body is like visa...its everywhere I want to be. Lol
dreamville_3 : TITSS.
shmabigailrose : @dreamville_3 please don't post comments like that. Thanks.
will_power_1319 - jordankalb - rick_the_friedstein - tgavish -
Not for the weak stomach of ppl who love rats... I don't care for them myself but this snake right here he's my baby. Rockin for 7 years now and he hasn't bit me yet. #chowtime #survivalofthefitest #ratKilla #face #ballpython #4feet #hegettingold
hegettingold - 4feet - ballpython - chowtime - ratkilla - survivalofthefitest - face -
dirtyblonde_bomb : Damn... he seemed to enjoy the attention I was giving him that one day I held him
lilmamaj9 : @dirtyblonde_bomb he does like getting a break from the tank and being held lol.
lbc_c3rtifi3d : That bottle tho
lbc_c3rtifi3d : B4 u drink it
lilmamaj9 : @lbc_c3rtifi3d yeah u didn't drop in like u were supposed to I have 2 left but after tomorrow shift 6 straight days off so u better get it ASAP or it might just get drunk lol
jowible : 0/33-/
jowible : Oops, Carter playing with my phone . Lol
respect.your.elder - luvbnchanda - kingjazz562 - _2gs4life_ -
If there's one thing I think its okay for people to be stingy on its wasting time 🕐🕑🕒 Goal right now is to one day be able to say this ---> "My goal is no longer to get more done, but to have less to do.” <---- #FrancineJay #keepbusy #survivalofthefitest
francinejay - survivalofthefitest - keepbusy -
ohlala_nessa : Your doing good, keep at it babee, when you feel like giving up just take a deep breath , think about the benefit of it in the long run, and smile .
lamborghini_mercie - ruthvalenc - c_nieto94 - melanieleon_ -
Mom and dad's 50 year old wedding cake. Whose gonna try it first..??
survivalofthefitest - 6feetunder -
_jesse_persad_ : Please don't tell me that wasn't frozen
joanrooke : Nah it was in the cupboard...haha #6feetunder
stakons : @joanrooke please tells you are not gonna make J&L eat that! 😳
joanrooke : @stakons Oh I think they plan on it..they say it's an honour..I say it's a death wish..#survivalofthefitest
stakons : Hahahaaha #oldpeopleareweird
tavhienen : Omg Edi just threw mom and dads out last weekend!!! #gross #stillhavemine!!!
stakons - _jacksonglenn_ - missgenben - _jesse_persad_ -
Tomorrow US central time I will be playing DayZ 12:00 am if you want to play message me and I'll give you server info
zombie - apocolypse - survivalofthefitest - dayz - twd -
ambrose2814 : #dayz #zombie #twd #survivalofthefitest #apocolypse
nabsarmy - thezombiehoard - i_love_amazingphil - dayz_stalkers -
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