Mmhh.. forse dopo questo video qualcuna mi vorrà uccidere per averla fatta svenire ma okay...mi vado a rifugiare in Alaska🙊🙆 • Spero che il video vi faccia fare bei sogni...😏 Bonne nuit❤ @zayn #wemissyouzayn#supportzayn#zaynmalik#onedirection#zayn#malik#video#videoedit#like4like#larryisreal#louistops#harrytops#sextapelarry -Lou
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1d.directionerisapromise : 😏💘 : Ne posto altri dopo...con te e zayn 😂😂 @1d.directionerisapromise
1d.directionerisapromise : 😏😏💘hai capito tutto della vitá😂 : ovvio ci mancherebbe sono la moglie del culetto di Louis io capisco tutto ormai 😂😂🙈😏💕 : @1d.directionerisapromise
1d.directionerisapromise : Io sono la moglie di harry😏 : ma mlmlml cioè e non mi hai invitato al matrimonio whulat?!! @1d.directionerisapromise - onedirectionpictureess - hlghonstyles - zaynmylifee -
Yeah he is a "bad boy" Stop fucking believe what the stupid money hungry media outlets say (spcly Sun, Mirror & HL) They are all paid by Modest & Syco. He is just a simple guy who is caught up in bw real deap shit. @zayn is a lovely human with a beautiful heart ♥♥ #zaynmalik #solozayn #zayn1d #supportzayn #whatevermakesyouhappy #heartofgold #hollywoodlifeisnevertrue #TheSunisastupidpaper #danwottonasshole #onedirection
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malikismybadboy : 👏👏👏👏
sleepybunny_13fo7 : Momma's child ... my baby
arjola.mucaj : @ester_lani 😂
ester_lani : @arjola.mucaj hahahahaha
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Who still's support zayn cause I do #supportzayn #zayn #malik
supportzayn - zayn - malik -
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Can't we love all of them equally ?? Like tf is wrong with some people. We ruined it up .. we are ruining everything...!! #onedirection #liampayne #zaynmalik #harrystyles #niallhoran #louistomlinson #ot5 #notot4 #nozquad #onlydirectioners #support1d #supportzayn
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He is bashed when 1D(4/5) does something new. He is called names when LM does something. He is linked with younger 18year olds to married women with kids. He is called a douchebag bcz he wanted to break up with his fiance as if no other star has ever done that..he is called a pervet because THE MEDIA says he wants to date Kylie, Kendall, Neelam, Rita Ora, and now Lily Allen. The so called fans hate him because he left. Does it ever occurs to someone how much hate can a person actually take before it totally drags him down? People are forgetting a simple thing about Zayn..he is only human! #zaynmalik #iamonlyhuman #human #stophatingzayn #supportzayn #onedirection #teamzayn #liampayne #louistomlinson #harrystyles #niallhoran
liampayne - iamonlyhuman - teamzayn - harrystyles - supportzayn - zaynmalik - human - niallhoran - onedirection - stophatingzayn - louistomlinson -
thezouisvogue : You made me cry
zaynie28 : @thezouisvogue Sry..but the media is potraying him as such a pervet by linking his name to everyother girl and they bash him when they praise Perrie. I mean why...why not talk about his solo career. -.-
thezouisvogue : True but we all know hate brings more attention than love
zaynie28 : @thezouisvogue Sadly its true :/
thezouisvogue : Yeah 😔
starbucks2dat_baemax_ : 😭😭😭
alex.hh_ : Hahaaaaai @fatma_almnawey28
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Los One Direction 👌... Si lose, Tengo gustos raros 🙌 ... #onedirection #1d #supportzayn #zaynmalik #jw #jwmen #music #boyband
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adi.parra : 👌🙈
yipsa_mdrz : *--------------* mis wuandis :3
nancy.rivera0597 : Jajaja no son raros....@jorgebecerrilm 😊👌👌
billsjw : Se le extraña a Zayncho @yipsa_mdrz
billsjw : Son unicos @nancy.rivera0597
nancy.rivera0597 : Jajaja eso si..tienen buenas canciones..@jorgebecerrilm
yipsa_mdrz : @jorgebecerrilm siii pobre zaynnn :c
its_efrenv : Alli hay uno de mas:a
fg_se_g_ghh_djc - nelly_jtv - glayra_lima - yipsa_mdrz -
Zayn now has 1m followers on Instagram & you won't be able to handle his new post this majestic, gorgeous piece of art that is Zayn #Zayn #zquad #SupportZayn #followzayn #weloveyouzayn ❤❤❤
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idkmxgxn - _louis_girl - hxrryandlouisss - heavenzayn -
See how Zayn is holding his little puppy? That's how we all wanna hold on to Zayn & never let him go😍😍 #zayn #zaynlove #puppylove #cutenessoverload PS: check out his new posts exclusively on his Instagram : @zayn #SupportZayn #followzayn #weloveyouzayn
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Oh my god oh my god OHMYGAAAWWWWDDD!!!!! WHY YOU DOING THIS TO ME ZAYN WHYYYY????😍😍😍🐶🐶🐶 #LovelyZayn #loveit #lovely #zayn #cute #zayniscoming #followzayn #SupportZayn #puppy #puppylove #besties #bestfriend
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To people who think Zayn was always 'reserved and mysterious' The 2010-2012 was the cutest Zayn phase (Vas Happenin..!) And then with Zerrie and the constant privacy and the continuous hate turned him into being 'shy, reserved and mysterious' in the public eye! I miss the funny Zayn..he looked really weak in the last part of 2014 and even during his last otra shows..he looks much more healthy and fit now. Maybe he needed a break to look aftet himself. I miss Zayn a lot.. idk if he will come back now or after the break or if ever...but i hope he does. And whenever he will I'll welcome him back in 1D with all the love and I hope so do other directioners. Now if Zayn goes solo please please support him..bcz he's got a great voice and so much talent. If going solo is what he wants..then support him in that too!! Whatever @zayn decides to do I hope he is happy because that's all that matters! :) #zaynmalik #onedirection #zaynsolo #zayncomebackto1d #zaynbehappy #supportzayn #zaynmalikisagreatartist
zaynsolo - supportzayn - zaynmalik - onedirection - zaynbehappy - zayncomebackto1d - zaynmalikisagreatartist -
zaynie28 : @jamieneedell He looked really hot in 2014..but in the end(nov-dec) he looked a lil weak(but that's bcz he was having some health issues) But then Zayn has always looked amazing 😅😅
ohmygoshsarahh : @sophia_mariani_ he was cute in 2011
sophia_mariani_ : He was a baby in 2011 lol @sarahdelien
mrs_malik_99 : Zayn is not coming back to 1d he decided to be solo when he went to the xfactor he participate as solo not as band psymon is the one who decided to put him in band anyway I love zayn the person not the famous this mean that whatever he want to do I'll support him I'll be here by his side even if the world was against u @zayn remember that there is zquads who love and care bout u more than their selves just when u St a y alone remember that there is someone love u in this world and try to smile
modern.mona : Man lmao I thought he got nose job bruhh😂😂😂😂
zaynie28 : @modern.mona he just lost the baby fat. And face keeps on changing. 😅😅
modern.mona : @zaynie28 yea lmao 😂😅 it was my bad but who cares honestly he's hot 😏
zaynie28 : @modern.mona haha..yess 😉
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Zayn is going strong on the social media. Follow him here to support: 👉@zayn👈 🙏💪😍 #Zayn #zquad #zayniscoming #SupportZayn
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#art #zayndrawing #zaynmalik #zaynlover #artist #drawart #draw #drawzayn #supportzayn #luvzaynmalik #drawing #zayn
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1d_is_life_._ : Cutest thing ever🌟
jenny_1718_ : @tabby_cat1d awwwwww thank u soooooooo much ♥♥
saray_la_loca : Kawaii
1d_is_life_._ : Np @jenny_1718_ 😆😆
doctornvrmore : Fun stuff
jenny_1718_ : ♥♥
jenny_1718_ : @saray_la_loca @doctornvrmore @tabby_cat1d thunx a lot ♡♡
saray_la_loca : No problem!!
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Guys lets trend #togetherwithzayn We should show anyone how much we love our zayn and how much we want to see him strong... We always support zayn... بچه ها تا میتونین از هشتگ #togetherwithzayn تو همه ی شبکه های اجتماعی که عضوین استفاده کنیدو سعی کنید ترندش کنیم...(البته اگه زین واستون مهمه)... ما با این کار میخوام به همه نشون بدیم هنوزم از زین حمایت میکنیمو دوسش داریم... #Zayn #zquad #togetherwithzayn #love #supportzayn
supportzayn - zquad - love - zayn - togetherwithzayn -
carol_._malik : ❤❤😍😔
paniiz5 : Merc ke etela resani kardi azizam😍❤😘
fati_malik.1d : @paniiz5 فدات
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My Zayn edit💜💜 #realmusic in the corner is hilarious idk why😂😂😂 Waiting for the new album💙 #zaynmalik #zainmalik #zaynjavaddmalik #zayn #javadd #malik #iwontmind #supportzayn #zquadishereforzayn #zquad #r5familyr5erawesomeedits
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laurmaranox : See my last post jdjdjdxjdjdjx
laurmaranox : Xhdjdjsja
laurmaranox : I cry
laurmaranox : Dm
laurmaranox : ^
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Just saw @leigh_lovee_lifee post that someone is saying that mixers want zayn to die. Please stop. We don't even want anybody to die. Mixers always wish the good for zayn. #supportzayn #supportperrie
supportzayn - supportperrie -
lovingleighx - malakffayad - v.oid.stiles - flyaway_hemmo -
#piano #love #pink #music #zaynmalik #lovezayn #supportzayn
pink - supportzayn - love - zaynmalik - music - piano - lovezayn -
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Credit : @leigh_lovee_life #spreadlove #supportzayn #supportperrie #supportzaynandperrie
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amelie_jessica - sarhalharty1234 - xjadesy.mix - daddyraissa -
This makes me so sad. I feel like zayn is constantly being criticised for the decisions he makes and it's not fair. He leaves the band and he gets gets hate, he goes solo and he gets hate, he leaves perrie and he gets hate. When the fuck will people just let him do what he wants. Cant a person just be allowed to follow their own path? He's not a puppet you can pull 50 different ways, he is a human being. Zayn wants to make changes in his life for himself, for his health, for his happiness. Let's just let him do that please. Look I get everyone is happy cause zerrie ended and whatever and I'm guilty of feeling that way but in all honesty I just have Zayns happiness in mind. Zayns right, you can't make everyone happy so fuck anyone who constantly is critiquing everything he does cause honestly he doesn't deserve it and he really doesn't have time for all your bullshit. If you disagree you might as well unfollow cause no matter what you think, Zayn was there for us for nearly 5 years, even through all the drama and now even as he is looking to move he is still there for us so let's be loyal as he has to us and support him #supportzayn ##daddy #realmusic #dragmedown #onedirection #fuckme #harrystyles #louistomlinson #liampayne #niallhoran #harry #niall #liam #louis #zen #leeyum #omg #cantbreath #iamalive #zquad #directioners #1direction #single #hot #perfect #larry #zaynmalik#baby #zerrieisover
fuckme - niall - realmusic - cantbreath - liampayne - harry - zen - 1direction - zerrieisover - baby - single - larry - supportzayn - iamalive - niallhoran - omg - onedirection - directioners - perfect - liam - louis - zquad - hot - harrystyles - louistomlinson - dragmedown - leeyum - daddy - zaynmalik -
ziamlarrylives52 : @hereforlouis Zayn loves the boys and he supports them but how would you feel constantly being followed, being made to look like the bad guy just because you a bit more conservative then the other guys? It ruined relations between his family, friends and his reputation to girls in general. He was made to look like a cheater and what kinda girls wants to date someone like that? He just got tired of being treated that way. I love one direction and I think they produce real music but to Zayn it wasn't real to him as in it wasn't real in his heart, it didn't connect to his emotions and feelings deep down and that's not a crime. If you can't relate to a song you listen to then what is the point of listen in to it, right?
hereforlouis : @ziamlarrylives52 girl ,, i love u
ziamlarrylives52 : @hereforlouis just remember that Zayn was there for us for nearly 5 years through all the drama and even now he still likes to show how much he loves us with little gestures. We can't hold onto 1D Zayn but that doesn't mean we have to lose him completely ;)
hereforlouis : @ziamlarrylives52 u completely changed my thoughts,, ur right ,,
ziamlarrylives52 : I love you too 😘and I'm glad. I'm so happy right now thank you. 😄I'm just don't want people to see zayn as the enemy. They are and always will be OUR boys no matter whether they are togethet or not and we should never forget that x
ziamlarrylives52 : @hereforlouis
hereforlouis : 👌
ziamlarrylives52 : @hereforlouis 😊
lanacarroll8 - - juniesagrzebien -
im so proud of zayn! see, zayn is proud of the boys still & supporting them, so lets stop being so butthurt & start supporting zayn. i love you so much! im so incredibly proud of you!💗💗💗 @niazkilam - kait🌹#supportzayn #proudofzayn
proudofzayn - supportzayn -
cecpaa : 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 PREACH
melxnixv - janine_grim - - goobypug -
This is so true. And if anyone of you disagree's then you are welcome to raise an argument. Its so sad to see the directioners who used to love Zayn treat him like this just for going solo. Its his life and his choice. We should be supporting him like we support the others. And if anyone has a problem you can unfollow. #onedirectioninfection #onedirectionfandom #onedirectionperfection #onedirection #zaynmalik #louistweets #louistomlinson #harrystyles #niallhoran #liampayne #supportzayn
liampayne - onedirectionfandom - zaynmalik - harrystyles - supportzayn - louistomlinson - onedirectionperfection - niallhoran - louistweets - onedirection - onedirectioninfection -
otra.1d.updates : 3x3?
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can someone gift me drag me down 😭 because my mom didnt allow me to buy it 😩 #onedirection #dragmedown #dragmedowngifts #harrystyles #liampayne #niallhoran #louistomlinson #realmusic #zaynmalik #thankyouzayn #support1d #supportzayn #1dgirls #eleanorcalder #calderic #allthelove
liampayne - realmusic - 1dgirls - support1d - supportzayn - niallhoran - onedirection - dragmedowngifts - allthelove - calderic - thankyouzayn - eleanorcalder - harrystyles - louistomlinson - dragmedown - zaynmalik -
johnckcksky : ✨ @anko_2 🐥
martyy.hood - lizbeth_lopez_reyes - sharontmineah - eleanorgifs -
I feel zayn is becoming cuter day by day!!!!! Do you guys like the new zayn??? I absolutely dooooooo:) :) :* :p #zaynahoic #zaynmalik #one_direction #onedirection #1dfamily #1d #likes4likes #followforfollow #spam4spam #supportzayn
1dfamily - likes4likes - followforfollow - spam4spam - one_direction - supportzayn - zaynmalik - zaynahoic - onedirection - 1d -
zaynsheat : Yess ofc😍😍😍
zaynnpics : 💞💞🙌🙌
zayniees : Love himm
zain.malik99 : Yeah of course forever always
alphajuliet7 : Zayn always!!!! He's so cute e AF!
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My drawing of Zerrie♡ #otp #zaynmalik #perrieedwards #perriefanart #art #cutecouple #fanart #supportzayn #littlemix #littlemixfanart #blackmagic #onedirection #dragmedown #zerriefanart #zerrieupdate #zerrie
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Any #onedirection fans here? Had to post this! Guess what ! They're back with a frickin' amazing song! "Drag me down" @harrystyles you nailed it ! But missing @niazkilam .. Best of luck for your solo career #weallloveyou
liampayne - supportthem - directioners - weallloveyou - zaynmalik - supportzayn - lads - niallhoran - girl - onedirection - guys - girls - harrystyles - directioner - dragmedown - fan - guy - louistomlinson -
_ashutosh_ : #directioner #directioners #dragmedown #zaynmalik #supportthem #supportzayn #niallhoran #louistomlinson #liampayne #harrystyles #guy #guys #girl #girls #fan #lads
hxrrysbiitch : @_ashutosh_ Follow??🇬🇧❤️✌🏼️
rutujaasutar : Hmm
_ashutosh_ : Hmm @rutujax
_blckxnycr : Nice 🙌
vanya_the_boy_band_lover - derandere2002 - the_live_wire_ - gauri_997 -
You made a new decision,if that will make you happy,we will support you forever!! #zaynmalik#supportzayn #best_for_onedirection
supportzayn - zaynmalik - best_for_onedirection -
anizarrimaa - here4zayn - jerry_zaynhoran - lillianwu2000 -
A boat needs the river to keep floating & I need u to keep my heart beating! ♡😍😘 #myedit #mylove #mylove #zaynmalik #zaynmalikimagine #zaynjawaadmalik #zaynhasnochill #zaynhot #zaynmissyou #come2india #zayncomeback #zayngirl #zayngirlforever #sharehisbeauty #keepsmiling #lovezaynmalik #onedirection #onedirectionimagines #onedirectioninfection #directioner #directionertilltheend #directionersruletheworld #proudtobedirectioner #1dfamily #1Drocks #zaynfan #iamwithuzayn #supportzayn
1drocks - proudtobedirectioner - keepsmiling - zayngirl - sharehisbeauty - zaynmalikimagine - iamwithuzayn - zaynfan - onedirection - onedirectioninfection - onedirectionimagines - directionersruletheworld - zayncomeback - zaynmissyou - zaynhasnochill - directionertilltheend - 1dfamily - zaynhot - mylove - lovezaynmalik - zayngirlforever - myedit - zaynmalik - come2india - supportzayn - zaynjawaadmalik - directioner -
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When Zayn put "#realmusic" I don't think he ment that as an insult to One Direction. He probably ment as music he actually feels in. Y'all needa stop hating on him. I'm proud of him and support him. I love Zayn. #supportzayn
supportzayn - realmusic -
onedirection.hqx - mickeybbyboy - unicornlover_bitch - holdmyfrappe -
I never loved him because of 1D, i loved him because of who he was and his personality and i still do #supportzayn#like4like#perrieedwards#zayn
perrieedwards - like4like - supportzayn - zayn -
paola_vandero_ : Me too
paola_vandero_ - actordjbelias1 - lorestaniam - _dublajj_baku -
I. AM. SO. PROUD. OF. YOU !!! @zaynmalik #zaynmalik #realme #RCM #soproudofyou #sohappyforyou #supportzayn #lileforzayn #likeforlike #like #instalike #instapic #instagood #instamood #instalove #instagram #instatweet
realme - instagram - instalike - instapic - instalove - supportzayn - like - instagood - lileforzayn - rcm - sohappyforyou - likeforlike - zaynmalik - instatweet - soproudofyou - instamood -
unicornlover_bitch - priti_skye - tarisa.fna - 1d_niazkilam -
When you left , my heart was broken into pieces . And when i thought that i could accept the fact that you'd gone and i would support you no matter what , if that makes you happy . But then the dramas came by . And i really didn't know what to believe . You , the boys , or the directioner family . I didn't know what to do . Until now , i can really let it go . If the boys can accept it then why can't i ? When i heard the news that you have signed a contract with RCA , i almost cried . But then i realized , this is what you want , this is what makes you happy . So be it I have always loved you , and i'm not gonna stop . To me , you're always that boy whose heart is big and cleared , the boy that no matter what he does , i will always find a way to forgive his mistakes - although to me he doesn't make much mistakes . I'm happy for you , Zayn . I mean it . #ZaynMalik #SupportZayn
supportzayn - zaynmalik -
bi.ngoc2201 : Cái này là Tao US-UK rồi 😩
ruths1294 : @bi.ngoc2201 mổ ??
bi.ngoc2201 : @ruths1294 sáng nay t mới đọc Zayn nó kêu là khi solo nó mới cảm thấy là hạnh phúc lum le rồi bài hát hay, kiểu như hồi còn trong 1D nó k đc hạnh phúc hay sao ấy, k lẽ 5năm ở 1D nó cố gượng ép à
ruths1294 : @bi.ngoc2201 t biết hết rồi . Đừng nên nhắc lại nữa . Mấy chuyện đó nói ra ko ai là người vui vẻ hết
bi.ngoc2201 : 👍👌🙉
luyluy.idol2323 - haannkaisoo - thu.lazy.12 - myng_cy -
I'll always supports you and I'm so happy and proud of you @zaynmalik #zaynmalik #niazkilam #realme #RCM #soproudofyou #sohappyforyou #bestwishes #proud #happy #zaynie #dzmalik #zayna #realmusic #instapic #instagood #instalike #instalove #instatweet #like like4zayn #like4like #likeforlike #likeforzayn #supportzayn #goodnews #nice #lovezayn
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alina.hg - robenamach - katkanomusic -
#cool#congrats#congratulations#Zayn#zaynimagine#zaynmalik#best#handsome#singer#onedirection#exmember#likeifyoulike#supportzayn#supporthim#happy#for#him#black#malik ❤️
supporthim - singer - supportzayn - zayn - onedirection - likeifyoulike - best - cool - congratulations - for - congrats - him - black - zaynmalik - malik - exmember - handsome - zaynimagine - happy -
vir_anaysis - saintjacktyson - peshogay - irati034 -
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