#Kingsmanthesecretservice is another excellent graphic novel by one of my favorite writers #markmillar and art by #davidgibbons (artist of #watchmen ) Very rousing espionage tale of social class, war on terror, and #superspy shenanigans. :-D I'm actually excited for the movie adaptation
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Has anyone seen my Halloween helper?
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anabis_deathblade : #cat#kitty#meow#superspy#youcantseeme#halloween#halloweenhelper#costume#catsofinstagram
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Happy Birthday @thereallraye1 Lisaraye Mcoy!!!!!!!!! Enjoy your special day. I hope you like the new birthday portrait I have drew of you. Let me know what you think. #artwork #actress #lisaraye #lisarayemccoy #theplayersclub #diamond #allofus #rhapsody #thewood #civilbrand #goforbroke #gangofroses #superspy #beautyshop #allofus #NeeseeJames #ContradictionsoftheHeart #singleladies #keisha #KeishaGreene #birthdayportrait
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Super spy Casen! #sneaky #superspy
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Should someone die in this upcoming avengers??? #avengers #ageofultron #avengersageofultron #hulk #thor #captainamerica #ironman #hawkeye #blackwidow #vision #nickfury #superspy #mariahill #ultron #quicksilver #scarlettwitch #deadavenger #marvel #marvelentertainment #ageofultron2014 #avengers2014 #avengersageofultron2014
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therealsliamshady : Captain America
_director_fury_ : As good as that would be, Chris Evans is already gonna be I'm the captain america 3 which is official so him, nick fury, and iron man (as far as I know) have multiple movie deals with means they can't be killed off @therealsliamshady
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What would you do if you meet Finn?(But keep calm, he could be on mission...) ;) #VogliamoCars3 #WeWantCars3 #Finn #McMissile #FinnMcMissile #British #Intelligence #Spy #SuperSpy #Car #SecretAgent #CHROME #Old #AstonMartin #DB5 #London #GreatBritain #England #UnitedKingdom #Cars #Cars2 #Cars3 #CarsLand #CarsToon #CarsToons #CarsMovie #DisneyCars #Disney #Pixar #DisneyPixar
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"Now Natalia, what do you think we should do?" "Kill him." I respond, more like a mindless drone then an actual human. "You see, this Is what I look for in my men, in this case women, they know what a man wants, what a man needs. This is why, I have her, and I now, do, have her. " I stepped forward, abruptly, though I was cut off with my targets next words. "What do you think the little girl is going to do with a big man like me?" "It's quite simple my friend, she is going to kill you. Go on now little black widow, do what you do best." #natasharomanoff #blackwidow #marvel #openrp #followforfollow. #picoftheday #tagforlikes #widowbite #chains #superspy #scarlettjohannson #openrp #rpforgirls #rpforguys #comics #nerd #followforfollow #followme #photooftheday #tLifers
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piers.nirvana : Then the man said, "do it for the vine." Natasha replied "I ain't gon do it"
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I work, almost day in and day out, yet there is always someone to take my mind off things. I would come home, to a little vintage styled apartment in down town New York, take off my sweaty flood filled black widow suit and take a shower for as long as I please. I'd dress my wounds, or he would. I'd put on one of my over sized t shirts and a pair of pj shorts, I would brush my hair. I would never eat not having the stomach, or the heart too, though he would always have a meal prepared, so when we eventually met on the couch, from our separate lives, our separate days we could share tales. I usually take a bit or two of his meal, then I would just lay between his legs on the couch, my head resting on his stomach. His plate or bowl of food would rest on my back and he would talk. I don't say a lot, I just listen. I let him talk about his day, I let him tell me the gossip about which agent is sleeping with who. I let him tell me about the tv, and the, quote, abundance of magical new characters that appeared there. He would play with my hair, watch tv and there, In his arms I did sleep.#natasharomanoff #blackwidow #marvel #openrp #followforfollow. #picoftheday #tagforlikes #widowbite #chains #superspy #scarlettjohannson #openrp #rpforgirls #rpforguys #comics #nerd #followforfollow #followme #photooftheday #tLifers
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bucky.tws : Winterwidow is life indeed
_jamesbarnes_ : Yes winter widow is for sure life
thefallen_soldier : These are the only two people I ship
thewidowinblack : Same here. @thefallen_soldier
thefallen_soldier : There back round and story and truly amazing
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Wanna be a spy just fill this out with picture of you and #~admin Wanna be a spy like me ~Juliet
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8.super.girls : I wanna b one ~Anna
queen_juliet_elsa : #superspy
queen_juliet_elsa : DM me a pic of Anna
8.super.girls : Do I have to fill this out or what
queen_juliet_elsa : If you want to or fill it out in the comments and I'll add them on
8.super.girls : Ok
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Lolololol #NiggasBeLike #Trust #MyGirl #TheseHoesAintLoyal #TrustIssues #BitchesBeLike #Lol #Edm #Plur #Rave #Raver #InstaGood #InstaHalarious #InstaFunny #InstaFamous #InstaDaily #Haha #Friday #FridayNight #iSeeYou #Swan #SuperSpy #NinjaStatus
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califoriana : Loll
bayravers : Nice Post!
sarah_l_11 : @joshlouie86 LMFAO πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
pattyyycakess : @alwaysnicolee_ lmao
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I belonged, belonged being a word of possession, to the KGB, I was a pawn of the red room, a puppet with strings. It is also common knowledge to the spy community is that I have a very high caliber of expertise and an impeccably intimidating reputation. In all rights of the word I was a legend. Some wanted me dead. Some wanted be me. But without my past experiences that could never happen. If scars were medals, it's fair to say I earned them. #natasharomanoff #blackwidow #marvel #openrp #followforfollow. #picoftheday #tagforlikes #widowbite #chains #superspy #scarlettjohannson #openrp #rpforgirls #rpforguys #comics #nerd #followforfollow #followme #photooftheday #tLifers
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If vodka was water, and I was a duck. I'd swim to the bottom and never come up. But vodkas not water. And I'm not a duck. So pass another bottle. And shut the fuck up. - Natasha Romanoff probably at some point to her bartender. #natasharomanoff #blackwidow #marvel #openrp #followforfollow. #picoftheday #tagforlikes #widowbite #chains #superspy #scarlettjohannson #openrp #rpforgirls #rpforguys #comics #nerd #followforfollow #followme #photooftheday #tLifers
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bucky.tws : Care to roleplay?
thewidowinblack : I would love to, can you post? @bucky.tws
bucky.tws : Okay sweet and not at all. I'll post later today. I have classes all day today. @thewidowinblack
thewidowinblack : Okay sweet, I'll reply when I can though... I'm heading to sleep. @bucky.tws
bucky.tws : I'll post now
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I've found in my down time, though indeed it is scarce, that I reflect a lot. Though don't be fooled it's not as if I chose to. But when your alone, and tired, you can't help but to let your brain wonder.... "What if?" What if I was the winter solder. What if my results looked better then his, what if they chose me, what if I was put in status instead of him. Would I have hesitated in killing the legendary captain America? No. I Would I have killed whomever. I wouldn't have questioned my superiors. I wouldn't have known Steve Rogers. Therefore captain America would be dead,because I would have succeeded where he went wrong. I wouldn't have cared. It's funny how fate pans out. Because if I was the winter solder, captain America would have been dead. #natasharomanoff #blackwidow #marvel #openrp #followforfollow. #picoftheday #tagforlikes #widowbite #chains #superspy #scarlettjohannson #openrp #rpforgirls #rpforguys #comics #nerd #followforfollow #followme #photooftheday #tLifers
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thewidowinblack : New development. Bæ means poop in Danish. #themoreyouknow
lxkilaufeysxn : ^ finally someone understands.
seaboobs : yesssss. But I like to call everyone poop so... you both mah bæs. πŸŒšπŸŒšπŸ’© @lxkilaufeysxn @thewidowinblack
lxkilaufeysxn : @seaboobs thank you so very much
shatteredsilence_ocr : This. ^ 🌚 XD
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Many years ago, the rectangle pattern of a cigarette box was worn into the front right pocket of all my pants. These days, my pants still have rectangles from my addiction... My GoPro addiction. #superspy
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Natasha laid upon her king sized bed. She was tired, weary and in more pain then one could comprehend. With her headphones in she laid in the familiar comfort of darkness. Her eye lids heavy with sleep and her body commanded her to rest. Even as she rested, with a simple movement she jolted awake, her body inflames, heat coursing through her body, forcing her to turn back onto her stomach to put her burns at ease. To take away the pressure. For what seemed like days she drifted in and out of an uncomfortable sleep, her body healing and her mind racing. Her lips once plump were dry and cracked. The latest mission taking its toll on her body. Her body blistered and red from the sun of which she had just escaped from. At least she had thought it was the sun. The material of her singlet causing her skin to dance and prickle at every rustle of the fabric. In her tired haze to reach her bed she had opted to just wear her underwear and singlet. Allowing the heat from the burns to radiate from her body. She dare not sleep stark naked, she could possibly sleep for days, not knowing about her surroundings. The cause of her ill health was simple. She was trapped for days, locked away. Shield had classified her missing in action. A rare commodity for the red headed Russian. She was never truly missing. It had started as a recon. A simple mission, I could have been done by a level five. Though fury wanted her on the task. She was already known to the group, a Russian gang under the command of the late Dimitri black. They went back, she had even done a few jobs for them in her past, and they had welcomed her with open arms. As if she was one of their own. Making it all the easier to get the required information. She had already gained there trust. But for her trust seemed the easiest to break with one simple word. He threatened her, demanded she do as he asked. Blackmailed her with the very thing he knew she loved. And she did what any love sick child would do, she complied, so they didn’t get hurt. One will always do something crazy for the one they love. [ cic ]
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thewidowinblack : Natasha woke from her thoughts, adjusted her sleeping position, her arms flopping by her sides. She ran her lethal hands long the surface of the bed looking for her iPod. Upon finding it, from memory she changed the song that was playing and return to sleep. Her healing was not done. And I the briefest of moments her eyelids grew heavy and she fell back to the grasps of sleep. Natasha was flustered. Her breathing heavy, quick and short. I could feel it. The sweltering heat, radiating through my sun-kissed skin. A small, tear shaped droplet falls along my sharp features; though not a drop more falls. My wrists, bound, ache against the metal securing them, my feet having lost feeling. Thought the heat radiates, my hell is dark. As I close my weary eyes, the view doesn’t change. I can barely distinguish when my eyes are open or closed. My breathing was shallow, my beating heart slow and timid. 6 day I had been in solitary confinement. 6 days without food without the sweet touch of water upon my cracked lips. 6 days to plan, plot and devise my means of escape, thought it was not easy. The metal clock in my head, strikes twelve, signalling the seventh day. The day of my resurrection from the grave they had confined me in. I tilt my head slightly as I hear a slight click in the metal door before me. The first lock of nine, the opening has begun. As more and more of the locks, unlatched, I could hear the mechanism getting louder and louder, droning on and one. “7” click “8” click “9” I whisper counting the layers. Mounds of men struggle against the weight of the thick door, having trouble pushing it aside. There groans echoing against the metal walls of dark room. As soon as they entered. I escaped. I’ll put it this way; Clint asked me what happened. And I replied; “They died.”
thewidowinblack : In reality Natasha’s pain became unbearable, so much so she had to move. Lazily she got up wobbling on her feet as she stood for the first time in a long time. She swayed slightly before walking through the open door and into the chilly hallway. The cold licked at her bare back, relieving the pressure of her burnt skin as it retracted and tightened. She continued walking her feet padding against the concrete walkway of the Russian shield facility. The building was empty, until the guests would start to arrive. She entered a large ball room, different from the rest of the cold metal rooms and hallways, as it was the heart of the mountain. The walls were of marble origin, but had been delicately carved, with intricate designs of swirls and everlasting indents of brocade designs. The floor was the finest looking, polished mahogany wood, and didn’t squeak under the pressure of the small red heads weight. She walked faintly to the middle of the room, her eyes drawn to an old style London clock, 11:59. It took a moment for her to process the time, and yet when she worked out the date, she let out a low soft chuckle her words her quiet, like they were being whispered. “Another one down.” The Russian raised her small yet deadly hand into the air, her other across her chest, she moved her feet into point, and she begun to dance. Ignoring the pain that her body was throwing at her, ignoring the huge task at hand. Out of all the hells she had been through, this place was her solitude. A place for her to embrace her past and grasp for a better future. A new year, the same nat. #natasharomanoff #blackwidow #marvel #openrp #followforfollow. #picoftheday #tagforlikes #widowbite #chains #superspy #scarlettjohannson #openrp #rpforgirls #rpforguys #comics #nerd #followforfollow #followme #photooftheday #tLifers
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(Interrupted by an intruder, Bond faces swiftly to his right as he points his trusty Walter PPK. The man in a black suit and black mask freezes in utter fear, ready to reach out for his gun) Bond: "I had very a long day, see. So, tell me now where I can shoot you - so I can finish my bloody drink." (Long awkward pause. The suspense thickens. Man in a black mask pulls out his gun hastily). *BANG!* (Man drops dead) Bond: "...Hmn. You don't talk much, do you?" #jamesbond #007 #secretagent #spy #superspy #60s #novel #books #ianfleming #seanconnery #piercebrsonan #timothydalton #georgelazenby #rogermoore #danielcraig #kisskissbangbang #sketch #sketchpad #sketchbook #draw #drawing #art #artwork #illustration #creative
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noir_arts : Haha... so cool and a great quote! Btw, did I ever mention that we have more equal interests than the arts?! :) I envy you for the Road Warrior figure...
mayobaluyutartworks : @noir_arts Dude, I wrote that quote myself, hahaha. Thanks! Yeah, I've noticed that, too. That's why I admire your art so much. I got that toy for like $15 or so. Not too shabby, I must say. Blessings, bro!
noir_arts : What? Hahahaha... :D that makes it even better!! Only 15 bucks for that?! Great... now I have to search the Net and that's your blame, bud! ;) Thanks and be blessed as well!
mayobaluyutartworks : @noir_arts Yeah bro there are a lot of good deals in the Net. I hope you find your own Mad Max, too, haha. Be well, my brother! Life is good. Thanks again! ;)
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Matt Damon and director Paul Greengrass are returning to the Bourne franchise for one more movie! What does this mean for #JeremyRenner and the Bourne Legacy movies? Go to the Point of Geeks and find out for yourself! #pointofgeeks #jasonbourne #mattdamon #paulgreengrass #movienews #superspy #handtohandcombat #geeks #geekgirls #bourneultimatum #geekgirl #thebourneidentity #nerdgirl #assassin #jamesbond #sequels #thewintersolider #welcomeback #news #movies #sequel #iconic #action #actionmovie
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thatcoolkidkevo : Ultimatum was absolutely great. The new one has to be on the same level otherwise there's no point
instagraham439 : MATT DAMON!!!
clarence_howard : @thacalgrizzly @shonteezy13
thacalgrizzly : @clarence_howard @shonteezy13 too raw
kelevra2501 : @orti2
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“What the actual fuck.” She spoke, well she though she spoke, but her words only seemingly came out as barley a whisper, barely a crackle or a croak. Merely seconds after her words escaped from her dry and cracked lips her eyes were forced open buy her sheer willpower. As they fiercely open they seemed, at a glance, to be popping out of her skull, her usually white irises are bloodshot and veiny, and she only knew this from the mirror that was oddly placed on the roof of the apparent hospital private recovery room. Or palliative care, though she did not believe she would be dying anytime soon. A stray, uncooperative tear fell down from her still, well defined features, but was quickly whisked away with a flick on her hand. ‘An involuntary tear, how interesting’ she thought silently to herself unable to speak properly as of yet. Closing her slender hands into tight fists she rested her knuckles into the side of the bed and in one swift motion she manoeuvred herself into a sitting position, though with much pain brought to her abdomen. Leaning her fiery red hair against the uncomfortably soft pillows she moved a hand to feel her tender stomach. Sliding her hand under the shitty material of the hospital gown her bruised hand was stopped by an abundance of bandages the presumably surrounded her entire stomach, tough in some places the bandage was doused in a yet stick substance. A vital fluid of which the widow did not like to lose. Blood. Blood, unfortunately for her , seemed to be an important substance that inhabited the body and well at this second she was using a lot of it, though the thought slipped away from her in her woozy state of mind. [in comments]
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thewidowinblack : Her mind pondering came to an end when she heard the strangely metal door begin to open. Perhaps she wasn’t meant to have awoken as of yet. Adjusting herself back into the flat position she had found herself in she waited to see what stupid man had decided to capture her. R hell maybe it was a stupid woman, either way they were in the way of Natasha and freedom, well semi freedom in the line of work she was currently in. ‘I must not move, I must not move, move and they will know something’s up’ ‘Oh fuck it.’ The man; who at a sneaky unnoticed glance was ‘apparently’ a doctor, well he wasn’t doing a fucking good job anyhow, led an ugly, fat slob of a man over to where she lay in the far corner of the quite dark empty room. A corrupt doctor how nice. Getting paid to let in horny lonely fuck into the room, to allow them to have some fun time with apparently immobile, but alive bodies. The money transaction was over in barley a few seconds, when he saw me, the doctor stepping outside, to allow the man who had dropped his pants to have his way, but as soon as his very small penis came close to me, I sat up, swinging my closed fist into his face, the satisfying crush of a human jaw, being my reward. And just as predicted his inferior body, collapsed in a heap on the floor as for the second punch I had thrown at his uneven face had landed straight, bang in his nose, the cartilage entering is brain before he hit the floor. Quickly she swung her legs over the rim of the bed, her feet wobbly and unbalanced as she attempted to get to the door.
thewidowinblack : Once again she reached to feel the gaping hole in her stomach, the blood wet on her fingers as she reached inside. Her innards were all there, though she dare not reach up her rip cage to her heart, things could get messy. Instead she attempted to find the emergency transmitter she had placed inside of her, along with a memory card, which a lot of people were attempting to get, though that wasn’t happening for it had been attached to her liver. As she carefully grasped the metal earpiece; designed to with stand any bodily issues, she slid down the door to sit upon the cold floor, not having enough energy to make a blockage at the door. Her head leaned back as she patted the bandage back where they had come from, hanging out of a poorly cut hole. In an attempt to put the ear piece to her ear, her bloodily fingers left a streak of deep red on her cheek. Which ruled out any chance of the Russian getting to say. “it isn’t mine” Sloppily the earpiece slotted into her ear hole and begun to transmit, directly to the man in whom she trusted. “Coulson you idiot.” She chuckled into her comms unit. “Send back up. Or ill send you back to Tahiti.” “Romanoff?” was the response, his tone was defiantly confused. “yes….?’ Her voice in turn was tinted with confusion. “You were declared dead.” “Not the first time” her answers became shorter, the blood loss finally taking a large toll on her physical body. “Blood?” “Mine” “Personal tracker?” “Active” “Back up dispatched.”
thewidowinblack : #natasharomanoff #blackwidow #trudc #marvel #openrp #truniverse #followforfollow. #picoftheday #tagforlikes #widowbite #chains #superspy #scarlettjohannson #openrp #rpforgirls #rpforguys #comics #nerd #followforfollow #followme #photooftheday #tLifers
thewidowinblack : [open rp]
kate.bishxp : Back up, that's all Kate bishop tended to be as of late. Never being given a mission never training just going in to a secure location saving people -
kate.bishxp : From their fatal oncoming death. And the purple archer found no fun in it. Kate was sleeping when she got called for a backup mission, what made her more grumpy was that it was her day off. She mumbled a string of swear words to Coulson before getting ready into her suit, weapons and extra gear she had. Kate quietly snuck through the building it was a large dingy warehouse and sadly not a abandoned one. Kate saw things she didn't need to things that slam it made her have a break down but she pushed herself knowing she had no time for it and if she wanted you to live she better get a move on. Kate got closer to your location hiding in the shadows to get around her eyes scanning the hallway for oncoming people. A man approached the room he seemed to be wearing doctors gear but it was shabby and coated in blood. Kate's automatic reaction was to send a arrow into him so she did it wasn't a kill shot just a take out shot with one of her arrows that were pointed in a sleep inducing drug. Kate tried to push open the door but felt a weight against it. "Hey Romanov it's me the lesser known hawkeye and your back up" she speaks seriously but softly.
kate.bishxp : [^?]
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No matter the mission, look tough and smooth in this beefy James Bond, inspired by one of the amazing Zulu and NATO straps sold by @cheapestnatostraps. Check out her store, order a few of these tough, durable and very stylish bands for your watch, then hit me up and I'll make you a matching bracelet. The beefy James Bond is $15 The regular sized James Bond is $12. #paracord #paracordbracelet #wristcandy #secretagent #007 #invicta #rolex #omega #jamesbond #icouldtellyou #butthenidhavetokillyou #noyfb #secretsquirrel #shakennotstirred #cheapestnatostraps
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I'll admit I have a very specific skill set. People will pay handsomely for my services and personally I don't have heart of who I use them on. Thought my Alias may change, my appearance, my accent but there is one constant. I am a child of Russia. I have red in my ledger and I'd like to wipe it out. Some of the most powerful creatures, beings in the universe have admitted that I have red in my ledger. What does that say about me? I am not afraid of you. But you seem worried, weary of my every word, why is that? Afraid? I am a woman. I am the black widow. I could eat you for breakfast. #natasharomanoff #blackwidow #marvel #openrp #followforfollow. #picoftheday #tagforlikes #widowbite #chains #superspy #scarlettjohannson #openrp #rpforgirls #rpforguys #comics #nerd #followforfollow #followme #photooftheday #tLifers #pinup #yolo
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mischiefofasgard : @thewidowinblack Aren't we being feisty Miss Romanoff?
stavro335 : Hey nice picture :-) follow me ?
frank.castle_ : Eat me. I think you got if wrong, I'll chew you up and spit you out before you can dare utter the words, Natalia Romanova. @thewidowinblack
frank.castle_ : *it
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Why yes, yes I did just lay in the patch of dry grass behind my car to spy on some random crazy old lady screaming on her phone about rules and Spanish class #superspy #iminvisable #carmouflage #crazyladysittingonthegrass #yellingonthephone about #spanishclass and #rules turns out she #lives two house down from me...#becrazy on your own #dang lawn😢
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A very warm and best wishes to my good friend and fellow Photographer, Jennifer Liseo, on her wedding day! Woo hoo!
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Ever wonder how good Benedict is with kids? Check out this extremely adorable vid! This is the cutest interview he has ever done! #superspy #thespywhokilledmewithcute #cutiepies #adorable #penguinsofmadagascar #benedictcumberbatch #video #videointerview #agentclassified
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heidi88_dk : @cumberporn Omg love this interview so much!!!! He's amazing That man!! 😍❀️
_chibi_sophie23 : @daddysgurl2000
daddysgurl2000 : That's adorable I feared up @_chibi_sophie23
daddysgurl2000 : Teared* @_chibi_sophie23 : Awe...this is one more reason why this whole world should love this man :")
maritrinda : To chorando @giarelles
giarelles : Hahaha Já tinha visto @maritrinda
ben_cumberbatch_221b : ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ ohhh
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She awoke all at once, every fibre of her being, every nerve, every thought. She awoke startled, her mind racing, going into places where she didn't want to go, going into memories she had long since forgotten. She cried out, only just managing to clasp a hand over her agape mouth to muffle her scream. It wasn't her scream to make, it was there's. All the ghosts of her past, long since dead. All the people she killed. All the children she harmed. They were the voices that kept her up at night. They were the ones who make her cry. She looked over the dimly lit room, before letting out a muffled cry, as if not to wake the person beside her. Tonight it was as if the scream couldn't be stopped. As if the voices in her head would drone on a on and on, in a never ending cycle. It was as if she had remembered every single thing she had done. Every brain washing, Every ounce of pain she had inflicted upon those she loved. And all her suffering came out at once, all there suffering bounced around her mind as she finally, after many years, she let herself cry. She had red in her ledger, and it wasn't coming out. || #natasharomanoff #blackwidow #trudc #marvel #openrp #truniverse #followforfollow. #picoftheday #tagforlikes #widowbite #chains #superspy #scarlettjohannson #openrp #rpforgirls #rpforguys #comics #nerd #followforfollow #followme #photooftheday #tLifers #buckybarnes ||
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shatteredsilence_ocr : {πŸ’”πŸ˜­}
clintasha_rennerson : Can I kik you?
thewidowinblack : Don't see why not. @clintasha_rennerson
clintasha_rennerson : Omfg I can't find your kik I'm sorry what was it?
thewidowinblack : Rockstarofgods @clintasha_rennerson
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Before I finally got to see one of my heroes perform for the first time, I was blown away by @thisgoodrobot. Their set blew me away and I have been listening to them on repeat ever since. I got to meet the whole band including @thisgoodandrew @thisgoodidiot and they signed their cd for me, (amazing artwork) I got an awesome picture with their lead singer @thisgoodidiot. Make sure you guys check them out! I love #superspy #thehumaniam #thisgoodrobot
thehumaniam - superspy - thisgoodrobot -
dlopes_nats11 : Thanks for the like @kennycavs I was trying to find you on here but failed! You guys killed it in Philly, hope to see you guys play again soon
thisgoodandrew : @dlopes_nats11 Thanks man! We can't wait to come back! And if you did the artwork it's by @colincirca, go check his stuff out!
dlopes_nats11 : @thisgoodandrew I will! The art work is perfect. @colincirca. @thisgoodrobot should do a show in DC soon!
thisgoodandrew : @Dlopes_nats11 if you know any venues we can play down there send them out way!
danii_llama : This makes me so happy. Tell the world!!!!
dlopes_nats11 : I'll find a place! Haha @thisgoodandrew
dlopes_nats11 : @danii_llama that's the plan!
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Surveillance Team reporting for duty! #superspy #securitycameras
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#babesdreamingaboutbabes #superspy #wakeywakeyeggsandbakey
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Well I got my new #quadcopter in the air and snagged this photo.
quadcopter - superspy -
im_the_custodian : Please stay away from my skylights with that thing...
youthpoint : No worries @im_the_custodian - doesn't go all that high - it's just a wee little thing. #superspy
rondyer : The kid that will never grow up.
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#Mimi #SuperSpy #AnnnoyingDog #LoveHer
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07_30_2010 : #gimmiedoge
sospicesushi : Take her. She pissed off the cat and the cat attacks me because of it @07_30_2010
07_30_2010 : Get rid of the cat @sospicesushi cats are evil
sospicesushi : Cats are hella evil. Buty boyfriend loves his pets too much.... @07_30_2010
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Lucy Licious @ The Slipper Room - © 2014 Andrew T. Foster
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duaneparknyc : Nice
yusta__7 : Super
atfphotographynyc : Thanks! 😝 @yusta__7 @duaneparknyc
ohheyitskc : I love all the photos you've been posting of aerial free rope!
atfphotographynyc : Thank you! They're a lot of fun to shoot and plenty more to come! 😝 @ohheyitskc
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Känner mig iakttagen när jag ligger i soffan.. Den blicken 😎 #bengalmix#testo#superspy#fatcat#stakeout#
bengalmix - superspy - stakeout - fatcat - testo -
yohannaspunktse : Så mysigt han har det 🐱
passionkiss : 😸
alien1968 : Ha ha den känner man igen innan fällan slår igen.
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The grandkitties! They love the window. Peepers. Snoops.
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jenscritters : #blackcats #blackkittens #snoopers #peepers #spies #superspy #nosey #rescue #adopt #savealife #spayandneuter
nakamom : πŸ‘†πŸ™€πŸŽƒπŸ‘»
jenscritters : @alison_and_kittens
irene7018 : This picture is GREAT! I love it so much!!!!!! πŸ˜€πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ’™πŸ’–πŸ’šπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘!!!!
jenscritters : @irene7018 thank you but my daughter @alison_and_kittens gets the credit for this one. #mydaughterisawesome
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#Superspy #gymlife #swole #ninjastatus
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