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I swear I'm cute, LMAO. #nosleep#cantsleep#icavedin#superspy#video#bored#bluehair#newlook
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themarkedartist : How did you do this?
theventurarose : @themarkedartist It's the MyIdol app.
themarkedartist : Thank you.
dustinbl : Wtf was she doing at the end @theventurarose ? Playing "tune in Tokyo" or scratching someone's back ? Lol.
theventurarose : @dustinbl That's my witchcraft for ya, lmao.
theventurarose : @dustinbl You know that's my face right?
dustinbl : Yea I can tell. Haha. Funny tho.
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#TBT @BobMackie Runway Show 2001. As much as I love ogling these masterpieces on mannequins I love seeing them in action EVEN MORE! #Glamor #FashionWeek #Runway #WERK #ArtDeco #SuperSpy #GraceJonesHood
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Cat super spy #cat #superspy #spy #catonthetree #viewer #bnw #blackandwhite #blacknwhite #gray
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Super Hero Wednesday goes to James Bond. #007 #jamesbond #superspy
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Do you know What is this gadget And which belongs it? #VogliamoCars3 #WeWantCars3 #Gadget #Spy #Spies #SuperSpy #Car #CHROME #GreatBritain #England #UnitedKingdom #London #British #Intelligence #Cars #Cars2 #Cars3 #CarsMovie #CarsDisney #CarsLand #CarsToon #CarsToons #DisneyCars #Disney #Pixar #DisneyPixar #Quiz #Trivia #Challenge #Cinema
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18exotic_cars18 : Finn
kawaii.car : FMC! Did anyone see it?
crazydisneygirl1999 : Finn McMissile! :D
pixar.fan : It's Finn baby! 😂💙
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#ClintBarton #CawCawMF #Hawkeye #SuperSpy #Archery #JeremyRenner #Marvel #Avengers #MarvelMen #clintasha #RDJ #RobertDowneyJr #ChrisEvans #IronMan #CaptainAmerica #Stony #TonyStark #SteveRogers #StarkIndustries #Stark #OTP #geek #otaku #SheildHusbands #Tumblr #SuperHusbands #SuperFamily #funny #WellThisIsHawkward
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_dancevibes_ : 😂😂😂😂😂
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Why do I look like Cheryl? Lol #archer #cheryltunt #Cheryl #Beehive #superspy #pearlnecklace #vintage #fifties #artist #gamedesigner #gamer #pearlywhites #blackpinupgirl #pinup #collectifclothing #plussizepinup #plussize #plussizemodel #glasses #blackalternative #beardsforlife #beardgang #beardlover #pinupgirl #pinupgirlclothing
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lorenzo_15011979 : Uguale 😉
balmyofart : No u don't? U just got the hair and pearls going on lol
luladoe : ...that's the point. I'm not saying I'm actually a white woman. @balmyofart
balmyofart : @luladoe oh Lol. OK
dr_porter03 : Lmaooo
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[ So I know where this story is going, but where you do want to see it go? Opinions, thoughts, comments? ] An execution of silence. [ Prologue ] A singular act by a person of one state against another can and in most cases will always be seen as an act of war, especially if this act attributes to the harm, of multidues of innocent people. In most cases a psychologist will always wonder why this person has committed such a devastating crime, how they could live with them selves, but in this case, all evidence to the contrary would be ignored by all political governments, independent agencies known and unknown to these said governments. Officially this mission never crossed, nick furys desk, and technically it didn't, there was just head nods and unspoken words from varying nations, noting on paper nothing that could be traced. Natalia had been declared missing in action, no one knew where and what she was doing, not even barton, not even Bucky. Every nation in the world unofficially wanted to know why he had gone quiet, yet only one woman in the world at present could be bothered making a move, Her plan without a doubt would work perfectly. She had been putting this all in motion for mere months, living, breathing and eating right in the heart of the country, and not once did anyone suspect a thing. She sat on her lonesome, in the middle of the countries main city, overlooking what was the house of government, wearing what clothes she had Brought when she had first arrived, a purple flowing skirt and a white breezy shirt. By now all the people lay dormant, in there homes, tents, workplaces, 500,000 people all just having stopped, fallen doing there everyday business. On the day of there leaders true return. In her lap rested two small black remotes, each a trump card in their own right, each having there own specific purpose. Each capable of something specific, something victor von doom would hate. There she waited, whistled, surrounded by a country who had been stopped in its tracks. There she smiled, her plan executed perfectly. A country now shrouded in silence.
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paskah_203 : Cool!! Join our drawing contest! ❤
lojabionutri : @mayablunck #thick
loneranger.mrp : {I love it! 👋🙈👍👏}
advanced.warrior : Rp? Dm me anytime!
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So, I walk into the produce section at Whole Foods and BAM...Steven Tyler from Aerosmith! I was just sharing his song "Don't Want To Miss A Thing" with a friend, last night! I LOVE NASHVILLE!!! #FavoriteCity #superspy #springflinging
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stringlessbass : #Nice #MusicCityPerks
jenniferfordham : Wow!
mlady2015 : That is a great song from that movie. Wow
xyan0x : Whaaaaaaa
restored_mike777 : The movie is: Armageddon
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Spying on the devils handshake at open mic night on Boondocks-Cam3 lol #superspy #thedevilshandshake #boondocks
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thedigitalsalt : Yeah fuck this. Straight up and down
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Black Widow 🙅 "I got red on my ledger; I wanna wipe it out."~ Natasha Romanoff #blackwidow #Avengers #natasharomanoff #scarlettjohansson #shieldagent #assassin #superspy #specialskillset #redledger #marvel #disney #disneyedit #myedit
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#superspy #brideandgroom #eatdrinkandbebohler
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY KEARA!!! #superspy #carpoolcrazies #minime 😘😜love you!!! @keara_nichols100
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keara_nichols100 : Thanks Macko Love you😘
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Any guesses where I am today? #bond #museum #dc
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ackland_art_museum : #Spy Museum! in DC!
spymuseum : Looks quite familiar! Welcome agent, we've been expecting you ;-)
karendawkins : @spymuseum I succeeded in my mission. Can I get a new assignment please? #overachiever #spy #superspy #007
outaboutnc : Where are you staying?
karendawkins : @outaboutnc Marriott Marquis at city center. Love this hotel! Quiet!!! Spacious!
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kosana16 : Крута чікса😘👍
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Sorry guys, upcycled #superemofriends #emobond pillow is not for sale! It's a thank you present for a friend made from a #lootcrate shirt. Sure is cute though. #jamesbond #spy #superspy #bondwannabe
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popficton : That is such a great idea!
noplacelikenerd : Thanks @popficton we upcycle a lot of shirts into pillows! It's a nice change of pace for us
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Grayson #1 Variant covers. #dickgrayson #robin #nightwing #superspy #andrewrobinson #jock #batman75
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#superspy Новейшее шпиёнское оборудование
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winervey : Тотали спайс?
elly_karamelly : Тотали спайс самый классный мультик
mishasuslov888 : 007
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#superspy #arianagrande
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He knows how to hide.... #camouflage #cat #catsofinstagram #blackcat #kitty #kittycat #superspy #spycat
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realwildchild2004 : Funny!!😊
pet360 : Hi @juliop124 this is SO CUTE!! Would you allow us to use this image for our Pet360, Inc social channels and website? Please tag @pet360 and reply with ‘#yes’ to accept. Thanks! 
juliop124 : @pet360 #yes
pet360 : Thanks @juliop124 Have a great day! 
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Kinda feel like a ninja/super spy when I wear this outfit to the gym ◼️⬛️ I went to BodyPump despite the fact I have a head cold going on (so very out of character for me) but it'd been almost a week since I'd worked out, and I felt better for it! Back to feeling pretty crappy now, so I'm glad I have another day off tomorrow 😷 #photoaday #day103 #selfie #pregym #workoutclothes #gymootd #funeralformyfat #ninja #superspy #allblackalways #blackonblack
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brandonblox : Great!
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Looks like Holley's sleeping.😴 #VogliamoCars3 #WeWantCars3 #Holley #Shiftwell #HolleyShiftwell #Sleep #Sleeping #Spy #SuperSpy #Car #British #Intelligence #CHROME #England #GreatBritain #UnitedKingdom #London #Tokyo #Japan #Nippon #Cars #Cars2 #Cars3 #DisneyCars #CarsLand #CarsToon #CarsToons #Disney #DisneyPixar #Pixar
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“What the actual fuck.” She spoke, well she though she spoke, but her words only seemingly came out as barley a whisper, barely a crackle or a croak. Merely seconds after her words escaped from her dry and cracked lips her eyes were forced open buy her sheer willpower. As they fiercely open they seemed, at a glance, to be popping out of her skull, her usually white irises are bloodshot and veiny, and she only knew this from the mirror that was oddly placed on the roof of the apparent hospital private recovery room. Or palliative care, though she did not believe she would be dying anytime soon. A stray, uncooperative tear fell down from her still, well defined features, but was quickly whisked away with a flick on her hand. ‘An involuntary tear, how interesting’ she thought silently to herself unable to speak properly as of yet. Closing her slender hands into tight fists she rested her knuckles into the side of the bed and in one swift motion she manoeuvred herself into a sitting position, though with much pain brought to her abdomen. Leaning her fiery red hair against the uncomfortably soft pillows she moved a hand to feel her tender stomach. Sliding her hand under the shitty material of the hospital gown her bruised hand was stopped by an abundance of bandages the presumably surrounded her entire stomach, tough in some places the bandage was doused in a yet stick substance. A vital fluid of which the widow did not like to lose. Blood. Blood, unfortunately for her , seemed to be an important substance that inhabited the body and well at this second she was using a lot of it, though the thought slipped away from her in her woozy state of mind. [in comments]
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loneranger.mrp : Stephen had gotten news that his dear friend Natalia had been injured on the field, he didn't care what anyone said, the Germanic operative placed his jacket on and packed his weapons before setting out to go see the Russian redhead. Of course, it was in his blood to do just so. As soon as he had reached his location, he darted his forest green eyes around carefully for her as he placed his fingers to his earpiece. "Coulson, she's here right?"
loneranger.mrp : {Is that good? /).(\}
thewidowinblack : ||Tis good Tis good, though given bats current state, you might want to have / comment your conversation with Coulson before I reply || @loneranger.mrp 😬
loneranger.mrp : {Oh shit! Okay!} "Coulson? Where in the hell are you?" "I'm here agent, have you located Romanoff?" "No." The German male replied dryly as possible as he searched the corridors for the Russian redhead. "How lo–" "What do you think?" He cuts off irritably. "No." "Right." "MacGregor?" "Yes?" "Best of luck to you." Coulson replied. "Thanks." {So sorry!}
thewidowinblack : || don't be sorry! I'll reply soon! || @loneranger.mrp
clint.barton : "Goodbye bikinis"
loneranger.mrp : {I totally botched my freaking reply. XD}
thewidowinblack : "Understatement of the century." @clint.barton
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I was so born to be a ninja!!!!! Haha #superspy ima sneak up on my boyfriend one day an scare him 😂😍😘 I love you storm 😍
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desean_81 -
The super spy #blackwidow
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Spy cosplay? #Spy #Cosplay #Nerf #Gun #NerfGun #BowTie #BowTiesAreCool #SuperSpy #007 #JamesBond #MattHelm #DetectiveChance #JohnnyEnglish #TSDAChronicles #MochaMattie #MochaJournal #TheMochaJournal #MCC #MercyCityChurch
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I wonder how they'll make room for Black Widow and Hawkeye. Even Maria Hill too. #BlackWidow #Scarletjohannson #Natasharomanoff #Avengersageofultron #Avengers #Superspy #Spy #Assassin #Mercenary #Badass #Natasharomanova #Comics #Comicpics #marvel #Marvelcinematicuniverse #Marvelcomics
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The day I was recruited into the red room I distinctly remember being scared. Who wouldn't? Of course I had heard rumours, tales of the once broken solders that came out all finely tuned killing machines. But as a mere child I seemed to believe that this world of perfect spies was just that, just a tale to scare kids into behaving. Little known to me that the strange reality was branded my fate and my future. I truly believe that the day I entered the cold, harsh metal facilities was the last time I had been scared. For the next day, I began there training, and training meant I couldn't be scared any longer. I knew I didn't want to be the puppet the needed me to be, but every day I grew stronger, my skill turning from nonexistent to perfection as days turned into years. I took no longer then a mere year for my child self to conjure up a name for my self. At the time, even as a child, I didn't take shit from anyone. I simple sparring drill turning into a fight to draw first blood. But although I was quite the fighter, I wasn't much of an extrovert. I kept to my self, eating meals alone whilst the other girls in my particular program at the time, snickered behind there closed groups of up them selves snobs. After receiving basic training, as all students of the red room had, I was drafted into specialised program, named the black widow program. We were being trained, all 24 of us to be, the best female sleeper agents on the planet. Needless to say I succeed by there standards. But little known to all of them that I would out live them. Not by some sort of fate offering me redemption, but by age. For what the KGB did back then was inexcusable. [ In comments ]
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thewidowinblack : Around the time I was drafted, I was receiving top scores, my name being run through all the mentors or teachers mouths. To them, I seemed to be a perfect student. Even my cover story as a ballerina was flawless and I was getting somewhere. The instructor of the ballet academy had told me that I had potential, though I did not have focus, she believed that my focus was placed else where. Little did she know how close she was to the truth. I distinctly remember when I met James 'Bucky' Barnes. He was new, very new. The women of the red room; of course, saw poor dark haired Bucky as fresh meat. I though I did find him the tiniest bit attractive, I did not feel the need to smash my boobs up against him, in some sort of burlesque manor. We were in the training facilities allocated by the red room, the other students of the black widow sleeper agent program attending the class also. I was; as per the usual, letting the sand free from its binds of the brown straw like material of the punching bag. I had been ripping out punches left right and centre for around 20 minutes now barley working up a Sweat as my hands began to show signs of blistering and brushing. A common sight for those who were as dedicated as me. I must have been daydreaming as I failed to notice the swivels of heads, as the assassins to be turned as looked at the cold hard, metal doors as the squeaked open, and that was strange, for the doors were always well oiled.
thewidowinblack : I shouldn't have been surprised at the sight I saw as I slowly glanced behind the punching bag. Rumours had gone round that a new teacher was here, though we knew not what class he would take, and well it was apparently mind. Small giggles escaped the mouths of the dim witted and girly waves were thrown of the direction of our teacher. "Idiots" I had muttered under my breath as the girls. We were here to train, to fight and to kill, not to feel sexually aroused for the teacher. Before returning to the familiar notion of landing my fist into the quickly emptying bag, I spoke no more then a few words. "Welcome to a room of women who can kill you, if they stopped wanting to have sex with you." I think that was the most I said to him for the most part of the upcoming years. But with his straight back slumping over as he laughed, and the cold eyes of 23 furious women glaring at me, I think it was the right thing to say. This begun my first training with the soon to be winter soldier. As it turns out, our relationship became very, fruitful. #natasharomanoff #blackwidow #trudc #marvel #openrp #truniverse #followforfollow. #picoftheday #tagforlikes #widowbite #chains #superspy #scarlettjohannson #openrp #rpforgirls #rpforguys #comics #nerd #followforfollow #followme #photooftheday #tLifers
loneranger.mrp : {This is excellent!👏}
_jamesbarnes_ : Simply amazing!
wherewoodofficial : Superb!
n.passmann : awesome :)
billybala1980 : Amazing!
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007 #superspy #awesome
superspy - awesome -
yeahthom : 👏 Thom
bergerondan : 😀
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We're being watched #dog #superspy #spooky #gotdaspooks
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alicia__dixon : Too much paparazzi for us
louisisthewade : They can't stop following us ;)
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#incognito #superspy
superspy - incognito -
team_nathwood : Where were these yesterday?!?
m3gkelly : @team_nathwood I know right?! You barely know it's me
team_nathwood : I literally would have walked right passed you.
team_nathwood : Past rather
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