She walked down the long cold corridor of the Russian shield facility, the facility had become somewhat of her home, the eerie silence a place of solitude. As far as the petite red headed Russian knew the facility was unused, abandoned and for lack of better words, all hers. She headed to the old a slightly dusty control room, passing various empty quarters as she walked, upon her arrival, she sat and old metal table covered in dust and littered with old mission papers. She waited silently for her guest to arrive. The sounds of boots and the flap of a trechcoat was unmistakeable and fury walked into the room, filled with old computers, covered in plastic sheets. “Romanoff, it’s been a while.” The eye patch man said. In reply I nodded, and he continued. “By now you aware that the tesseract did not return to Asgard as a whole. A piece remains here, literally...” he reaches into his pocket taking a glass box out of it. The dim blue light shining familiarly as he placed it upon the table. “It will remain here under your protection, though you are also in charge of getting, that smug son of a bitch, Loki.” Natasha glared up at the man; an eyebrow slightly raised her mouth closed. “Are you sure you will need him? Isn’t he in prison?” “Yes” “So I’m going to Asgard, how I have not been granted access by Odin, and surely he never will.” “Agent Romanoff you will be attending a feast for the triumph of the battle of New York, which Thor is hosting. You are the only one granted to go, by Odin himself. Thor has also arranged a tour, much to our luck, wither he is attending the tour or not is unclear. But I assure you have some way of disposing him on a temporary basis. .” “Tasers” she nods “You need to dress nicely, anything less than a dress will be considered insulting, and the rest is up to you. Heimdall will be waiting for your call.” Fury picked up the tesseract piece on bigger than half my fist and placed it in my hands; before walking away, he was a busy man and I knew better then to waste him time. “He’s waiting Miss Romanoff.” [cic...]
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thewidowinblack : “Thor,” she nods her head in a version of a bow. “Thank you for inviting me.” She smiled politely; he took her small hand in his. “Madame Natasha.” He chuffed placing a kiss on her hand; she continued smiling even though she thought the whole thing ridiculous. ‘thy, must say thee looks…” he looked over her full form, covered in a delicate black fabric, going in at her hips and flaring out, the bodice tight, pushing her breasts up. He coughed slightly, clearing his throat. “Ravishing.” “Thank you…”she replies. “When will the tour be given?” straight to the point, she didn’t want Thor to start drooling, this whole situation was awkward enough. He led her out of the dome, and onto what she presumed to be called the rainbow bridge. “I will take you to your guard now, they are waiting. I am sorry to inform you that I will not conduct thy tour thy self.” He led her to a black horse, as the bridge was long and the walk would last a while in the shoes she bared on her feet. “Is thee able to ride?” “I can do many things Thor, this so happens to be one of them.” she adds smirking mounting the horse, in a side saddle manor. A followed as she made her horse gallop you the bridge and too the city. Thor departed leaving Natasha with two guards and lady sif of all people, to show her around. Natasha eyed the woman with caution, as she was not familiar with her strengths and weaknesses. “Is there anywhere you particularly want to see?” Lady Sif herself was dressed in a dress of presumably a asgardian fashion, though the most part was covered by a long midnight black cape. “The dungeon.” She replies curtly. “That is where…..” she begun. “I am fully aware, and yet I still wish to go there, is that an issue lady sif? I was told I could go anywhere, take it up with Odin if you wish, but he will tell you the same.” The warrior rolled her eyes, waved her hand for a guard to take Natasha’s horse and lead her by foot down countless steps of to the dungeon.
thewidowinblack : “I wish to go in alone, well with the guards of course.” Natasha stated as they reached the door of the dungeon. “You can leave the guards with me and go enjoy the party, I won’t do anything.” “How can I trust you won't do something stupid.” She replies obviously not liking the red hair woman. “You could have something stashed in your very clothing.” “Please lady sif, thor made certain himself that I come with nothing. He was very cautious when he did, took his time” she said these things to merely annoy the woman, though for the most part it was lies spilling from her mouth. Sif just rolled her eyes and left, disgusted by Natasha. ‘Follow her everywhere.” She instructed the guards and she stormed off concealing her anger. God she must be in love with the blond haired fool, pity he was taken by Lady Jane. Though he seemed to forget when she, herself made an appearance. She walked down the path of the dungeon, pretending to be interested in the other cell mates and the way they were locked, in herds or groups, much like sheep. She walked until she came to his cell where he sat reading against the shielding. She stood her arms behind her dress, a guard either side of her shoulders 2 metres back. “Loki,” she growls “have you missed me?” she adds in russian. #natasharomanoff #blackwidow #marvel #openrp #followforfollow. #picoftheday #tagforlikes #widowbite #chains #superspy #scarlettjohannson #openrp #rpforgirls #rpforguys #comics #nerd #followforfollow #followme #photooftheday #tLifers
mischiefofasgard : @thewidowinblack He scoffed and raised his eyebrow, "Lady Romanoff... What brings you here to our ball? And I had no idea that Midgardians were invited to the occasion." His hair was longer and he pulled back his hair. He was a complete wreck after Frigga's death as usual an illusion would suffice. He didn't want to let her know of his emotional wreckage. He stared at her from top to toe and liking her new hairstyle. "Your hair... I love it..." He smirked charmingly at the Russian woman.
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Bond. James Bond. #jamesbond #superspy #rogermoore #007 #sls #vegas #ldw
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Guy at work using my ski mask so he doesn't cry while cutting onions #superspy #moderndayman
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declanm57 : #inspirationtousall
tomdunnn : @declanm57 he's a beautiful man who has simply shed one too many tears
declanm57 : @mrcool4ever his resilience truly does inspire those around #nevergaveup
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#fbf for day 5 of @bettyturbo #drawmebettyturbo challenge. #mysteriousdetective #superspy #disguise
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melonheadmodern : How is it that you can even make a mustache look adorable?!?! :-)
baconandglitter : Aww thanks @melonheadmodern! :):):)
niccidawn16 : Babe. 😻
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A HUGE congrats to my oldest #son, Special Operations Linguist, Anthony Burns @twon_b on completing his linguist training in #Monterey #california!! In the last year he has learned Farsi and other dialects from the Middle East in a time that takes others years. Next step, #Texas for more training!! Congrats buddy, I love ya!! #airforce #military #specops #superspy #instapic #proud
specops - monterey - proud - airforce - instapic - son - california - superspy - military - texas -
twon_b : Love you :)
ikravelala : wow congrats very handsome!!! a huge accomplishment.
lauren_in_la : Congrats buddy!!! Didn't make it to Monterey in the end but hope to see you soon ❤️ @twon_b
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#superspy!! #
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"I don't wear a tight suit to be sexy, I don't wear a tight suit to draw attention to my self. Instead I wear my suit as it is designed specifically for my job. It just so happens that in my job I kill people, while looking hot." Happy #smexywednesday. -- Pass or fail? || #natasharomanoff #blackwidow #trudc #marvel #openrp #truniverse #followforfollow. #picoftheday #tagforlikes #widowbite #chains #superspy #scarlettjohannson #openrp #rpforgirls #rpforguys #comics #nerd #followforfollow #followme #photooftheday #tLifers #buckybarnes ||
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lenacameron : 6likes for 6likes?
rogers.steven : Pass, ma'am.
seaboobs : I so know how you feel. 😒 Except I don't kill people... •-•
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I swear #Cheryl had to have been created after me xD #archer #sterlingarcher #dangerzone #lovethisshow #superspy
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savagesamantha : Omg I've always thought the same thing!
savagesamantha : 😉👌
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I'm watching you...👀 #creeper #superspy #letmeoutofhere #italiangreyhound #dogsofinstagram #puppy #levretki #instapet #instagrampetphotos #ilovemydog #petsofinstagram #sighthound #feature_do2 #dogs
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bella_lou_theiggy : Awe...why are you beyond the wall?
nawawaruriruri : 👀💕
kuttrin5 : So glad you did so we can see you cute face!😘💖🐾
saaatu : @zelosoid
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Featured spy object from the @qldmuseum collection stores: Toltoys camera gun In true #007 style, what looks like a camera is actually a toy gun! This transforming spy gun was made in Australia by Toltoys and is one of the many espionage related toys designed and produced during the 1960s & 1970s. Children’s spy toys and gadgets were inspired by major films and TV shows such as James Bond and Get Smart. Discover the secret world of espionage at Top Secret: Licence to Spy currently at the #Sciencentre! #QMTopSecret #tolstoy #cameragun #spytoy #getsmart #jamesbond #espionage #topsecret #toycollecton #queenslandmuseum #qldmuseum
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qldmuseum : #superspy
alikubie : @torireichelt you might like these!
peesa : @slack_babbath666 @cbrumby
onepagebrisbane : Kids could have taken some great shots with this -- shouldn't every camera have a gun in it (and vice versa)? -- it just makes sense
leenicole333 : @adrianmcdonald73 lol!
slack_babbath666 : @peesa Cooool!!!
halfdesertedstreets : @chestry007 you should see this.
chestry007 : @halfdesertedstreets THIS IS COOL!!!
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thesuperheroescorner : How is this Grayson series? Is it good? @captaincomics49
captaincomics49 : @thesuperheroescorner I'm really enjoying it so far. More than the Nightwing title. It's fun! Not angsty and dark. Dick should be about fun, hope and good times. He's always best when he's the light in Batman's very dark world. The tone takes this into account and it's superbly dobe. It's a superspy title + The Midnighter in his proper costume, not that new Stormwatch crap. I'd recommend it :)
captaincomics49 : Check out Nightwing: The Series trailer on YouTube :) #nightwingtheseries
captaincomics49 : Oh, and follow @allthatiskaotik for updates and more info #ismahawk
thesuperheroescorner : @captaincomics49 thanks for the info!!! I will definitely try. I live Grayson but his Nightwing book wasn't that good, so I was doubting about picking up this book.
captaincomics49 : @thesuperheroescorner Excellent! It's so different and better than Nightwing ;)
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Those secret pictures you take of Bae. ;) @partygiraffesky ----------------------------------- #secretpics #superspy #bae #boo #live #laugh #love #life #livefree #goodtimes #radical #brahski #baelookinfineAF #fine ..... #AF -----------------------------------
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alaradi707 : @mzavip !!!!!
kykyobrien : Holy shit. This. Is. Adorable. As. Fuck. He. Is. Totally. Model. Status. You. Guys. Are. So. Cute. Together. Please. Marry. Eachother. Or. I. Will. Cut. A. Hoe. ;). <3.
kykyobrien : Jesus @ayee_itz_christian lol freaking out and sheiittt : Ooo damn bailey he's hott!!❤️
baileybooo1 : Hahaha thank you!!
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Guess who I found at the @samg555 it's dinosaur king #superspy
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gracie6068 : What? @georgewaldron2002
jackhordern2003 : Where u been ?
samg555 : OMG its DINOSAUR KING #dinosuar king 4 ever
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Drunk me, breaking into NATO !! #superspy
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I didn't invent the turtleneck, Lana. But I was the first to see it's potential as a tactical garment. The Tactical Turtleneck, Lana. The... Tactleneck! #tactleneck#sterlingarcher#archer#superspy
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jasminebuttigieg : You have lost it 😂
st3ph_2020 : 😂 @jasminebuttigieg
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An interesting night on the salon floor!! 💇 some of my faves! @bsamenko #superspy
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bsamenko : I only get mine cut by the hottest stylist.....cause I cant do it my hot self!!:) haha! You are a #superspy @msashleymeghan I love you
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#tbt @jazgray #superspy
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Space. All the galaxy's there were in the earths grasp and she couldn't find any space. In a world were galaxy's were plentiful, where aliens were real, she couldn't find a place to be alone, the world seeming smaller then ever. With her face on the news, her old job on the nonexistent side of things, and a man from her past rampaging around the place, presumed deadly until other wise assessed. (Probably a job for the widow herself as Steve, according to his own person, couldn't use technology to save an old friend) She could help but to feel, even though the world was a big as if could be, it had never been smaller. Exiting the large vehicle filled garage of the stark, turned avengers tower, the widow felt comforted with nothing but the wind on her face as her slick black bike zipped through the air. With no where particular to go, she only twisted and turned through the streets at random, knowing that she was probably adding a few fines to her accounts. After what seemed liked mere minutes she came to a subtle stop bringing the bike smoothly into a park just out front a small cafe. It seemed though her brain had led her at random her heart had brought her to a comfort, her favourite coffee shop, also one of her seven safe houses in the city, but to a cafe, where she thought they sold the best coffee in the goddamn world. Entering the building she's at in the far corner, the lower already bringing her, her order from memory, a double shot skinny latte, which she had order so many times before. Only then she turned on her phone, realising as the notifications flooded in, the messages the alerts, the what she thought had been minutes had been hours, and that finally know one knew where she was. [ Open rp. I know it's weird, but do comment.Her phones on use that.... ]
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thewidowinblack : || #natasharomanoff #blackwidow #trudc #marvel #openrp #truniverse #followforfollow. #picoftheday #tagforlikes #widowbite #chains #superspy #scarlettjohannson #openrp #rpforgirls #rpforguys #comics #nerd #followforfollow #followme #photooftheday #tLifers #buckybarnes ||
peter.quill_ : Peter wandered the cobble streets, the world never felt so vibrant to him. The world had changed, for the worse? It was just a matter of opinion. Peter wasn't quite sure how he viewed his home yet, the city was more alive than ever. He wasn't here to go 'sightseeing' but instead to seek out 'Earths Mightiest Heroes.' The end was in sight, although it wasn't apparent yet. Earth seemed to be the most vital part of Thanos's plan, the gem he most sought after was contained in the earths atmosphere and his might would crush the planet with a flick of the wrist. It wasn't long before Peter spotted the redhead. The photo of the lady was snapped into his mind. It was 'Natalia Romanova' the deadly Russian of the group. She was now entering the cafe, it was a prime opportunity and he had to take it. "Excuse me lady? Hey ugh I need a word with you?" @thewidowinblack
thewidowinblack : She turned to face him, utterly fascinated by his use of the term lady, and for the fact that he Needed, to talk with her. She looked him once over, deeming that if he was a threat, she could quite possibly handle the situation, as her widows brackets were still on under her coat. Having a sip from the drink she had been given by the staff, she tilted her head slightly to tell him to sit down, so stay in public, in view of everyone, is often what could save a life.
notperfect_allison : (( @peter.quill_ )) ((This story is really good 😊))
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Damn can I finish jeeeezzz 😑 #crazygirlsbelike #cantevenfinishlikingthepicdamn #alreadyquestioning #superspy #dead #yeee
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diamondbootyxo2k15x : hey do you want 600 free followers? @_mohamadreza_ @zahramohamadi_899 @a_aron_2_habisch
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#weddingfun #superspy
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lizziemeade : I miss you two!!!
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#wcw #blackwidow #nataliaromanova #superspy #kgb #shield #avengers #marvel #geekshit
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"And if I offered my self up, you would take my help?" "James" "I know you don't need me.But please Natasha, whatever else we are, let me be your friend." "You're a good man James" "Not really, no. But you're the only one who understands that." || #natasharomanoff #blackwidow #trudc #marvel #openrp #truniverse #followforfollow. #picoftheday #tagforlikes #widowbite #chains #superspy #scarlettjohannson #openrp #rpforgirls #rpforguys #comics #nerd #followforfollow #followme #photooftheday #tLifers #buckybarnes ||
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rogers.steven : ((Why are you doing this to me? 😭😭))
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.... Not sure what #superspy mission they're on but it's time for bed kids.
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Dylan's concentration face...he didn't even know I took this #superspy
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Spying on the science building while I wait for the MCC to open up. #Bushes #Plants #SuperSpy #NeedCoffee
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James Bond is the ultimate movie charecter. He always gets the girl, he always has the best car, he always dresses in the best way, and he always loves to die another day. #Inspiration #DanielCraig #JamesBond #007 #AstonMartin #SuperSpy #SuitUp #DressToImpress #StylingAndProfiling #RealMan #Monaco #MonteCarlo #PocketSquare #Raldo #Armani #Winning #FTW #Dream
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tiemsquare : Cool!
mr_natepayne : Wow!
seeninstyle : Well thought out look!
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I should probably get an actual camera and tripod bag, my filming equipment is making me look like a (not so secretive) spy. 📹 #cuemissionimpossible #superspy #perrytheplatypus
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cutefangirlzoe : It said cue but I thought it said cute 😂😂 💕
jackksoned : HAHAHAHA! 😘😂
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How does she know when he should be home?
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jenscritters : #babybingproblems #chug #chugsofinstagram #superspy #spy #snoop #peeper #stalker
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me and @molly_stoodley are so bored so here's @kennycavs on molly's speaker #bored #thisgoodrobot #crying #superspy #sosorry #bffs4lyfe
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cheerup_em0kid : Excuse molly's laugh
abipending : He's got dem moves
cheerup_em0kid : @abipending it's all in the hips
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#NickFury #SuperSpy#DirectorOfShield #Unseen#MakeMineMarvel #MarvelComics #MarvelUniverse
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jameswhiter909 : Nick Fury is always on duty!
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The effort of Blood, sweat and tears aren't the only contributing factors to becoming the best. Being agile, fast nimble. Being brave, selfless, and self disciplined. Being harsh. Being strong. Know everything, even when you don't, pretend. I do. Even being from my past had shaped what I do today, which in turn shapes the world. I might be ruthless, I might be a killer, correct I am a killer, I might even have tendencies to kick people off buildings. But even I know you need to train hard, to play hard.|| #natasharomanoff #blackwidow #trudc #marvel #openrp #truniverse #followforfollow. #picoftheday #tagforlikes #widowbite #chains #superspy #scarlettjohannson #openrp #rpforgirls #rpforguys #comics #nerd #followforfollow #followme #photooftheday #tLifers #buckybarnes ||
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#superspy #nickfury
superspy - nickfury -
khalednazar : 😂
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"I don't need bullets to stop your breathing" ~ • || #natasharomanoff #blackwidow #trudc #marvel #openrp #truniverse #followforfollow. #picoftheday #tagforlikes #widowbite #chains #superspy #scarlettjohannson #openrp #rpforgirls #rpforguys #comics #nerd #followforfollow #followme #photooftheday #tLifers #buckybarnes ||
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yoyoyingyyyyyy : Cute!!!! <3
leowebdev : cool.
_avenger_vision_ : Hello Nat! I wondering if you'd like to join me in an rp?
thewidowinblack : Sure. @_never_miss_
_avenger_vision_ : I'll post since I asked!
thewidowinblack : That would be Awesome. @_never_miss_
_avenger_vision_ : Okay!
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