So I gave in and bought #Grayson yesterday. I'm going to read it and hopefully I'll like it. I know a lot of people were really pissed when the announcement that Dick would be a superspy, as was I but I'm going to read it anyway to be sure. #nightwing #superspy #robin #1 #batman #dc #dccomics #dcuniverse #new52 #dickgrayson #timseeley #tomking #mikeljanin #batman75
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My edit of Topanga & Auggie! #TopangaMatthews #AuggieMatthews #GirlMeetsWorld #GMW #Disney #DisneyChannel #NewYork
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97titans : @sabrinacarpenter @rowanblanchard @bensavage @daniellefishel My Edit Of Girl Meets World!
nickjwifey : This awesome 😡how did you make this?
nickjwifey : Do you know the name of the apps and is it free?
97titans : @nickjwifey Thank you, I Used Apps!
123disney123 : πŸ‘
97titans : Thank you! @123disney123
123disney123 : NpπŸ˜‹
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I always have the healthiest breakfast #not πŸ˜‹πŸ™ˆπŸ‘Œ
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nicolegalmish4 : literally just ate a whole bag of those.πŸ™Š #fatgirlprobs
labrooks28 : they are just too good! πŸ’• @nicolegalmish4 #noselfcontrol
nicolegalmish4 : ikr.😍 #weaksauce
kenzie_grace22 : Dude I wish I could eat like that and look like you do 😩
labrooks28 : Haha well thanks but you look great @kenzie_grace22 😊
jdfoyer23 : Those shades tho..
labrooks28 : Very observant @jdfoyer23 #superspy
jdfoyer23 : 😎
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#theSilencers! Classic cinema night at the shopπŸŽ₯✨ #matthelm #superspy #60sfilms #deanmartin #happyhour #glugglug
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kerrickthek : Swooooon
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Don't forget about Classic Movie Night happening tomorrow evening (July 29). Our second edition double feature theme is 60's Super Spy. Film 1- The Silencers (1967) Film 2-Connery aka Operation Kid Brother (1967) #toronto #superspy
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inyourfaceicecream : Just got really excited and then notice this wasn't for St. John's. Are you affiliated with the store here?
theleahlicious : I work till 7:15 in thornhell on Tuesdays :(
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Classic Movie Night happening at the Boutique tomorrow night (July 29). Our second edition double feature theme is 60's Super Spy. Film 1- The Silencers (1966) Film 2-O.K. Connery aka Operation Kid Brother (1967) #Classicmovie #superspy #Toronto
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Corpanga foreverβ™₯ #grilmeetsworld #boymeetsworld #coryandtopanga #riley #augie #superspy #byebye #yourbreakinghim
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I have lived through many wars, be it civil, be it world. Some may say it is a blessing that I have lived so long. That I have retained my youth for so many years, so many decades. But now, near my end, I only see it as a curse. I have seen so many die, for I have out lived all of them. [ in comments ]
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thewidowinblack : We all thought that tony would outlive all of us. With his fancy cars, vast wealth and his magnificent mind he was king of the world. He was on a high that he didn't want to get off, he had the avengers, he had pepper, he had his suits, he had his friends. But we forget that time can take its toll. Every failed mission leaves it's weight, leaves it's mark. We all knew that he suffered from anxiety but we never thought it could lead to depression. In fact he didn't even show it, he only told few, just pepper, banner and myself. This was the just the beginning to his downfall. In the years between 2017-19 tony stark had been diagnosed with an inoperable tumour located in the left hemisphere of his brain. This was due to some sort of radiation that emptied off his suit, and in his work place. It was quick growing and from his diagnosis the hill was down from here. It took a month for his admittance into his own wing at the hospital, bought by tony for the avengers to get mended in. In that month the members of the initial avengers, formed at the chitauri invasion, moved into the hospital, Bucky moved in with me, we all had rooms put aside and though they were hospital beds we slept on, at least we were all together for the last time. We all had meals together, around Tonys bed, we left him with pepper when he ate his own. It night he passed was the day before his birthday. We were all there, even as the glow of his reactor dimmed out, we didn't think it was meant to drop that, but it was reassuring that it did. Like he was at peace. [ in comments ]
thewidowinblack : The captains demise was not in vain, he saved so many, but at the time he knew his sacrifice would only save one. I would have loved to say it was for a civilian, for someone who deserved to be saved, but then I would not be speaking truth, only lies, and lies I am sick of. We had been planted into the heat of one of the old worlds battles, it seems silly, but I don't even remember whose side I was fighting for. It was he and I, the allies against the rebels. Before any mission that we did together he would always make a promise to Bucky, I would make the same, every time without a doubt his words rung around the briefing room, "I will bring her back safe to you James, she will always be safe." It was meant to be a quick in and out infiltration, but they new we were coming, they new who he was, but not who I was, we were separated in the heat of battle, my captors seriously underestimated my level of ability, so be sure I gave a fight, but it mustn't have been my best day. The restrained me, confined me, raped me and tortured me. In these few gruelling days I don't know what happened to Steve rogers, and I suppose I will never find out the last I saw of his was at the exchange, and that I can remember as clear as day, even down to the scent of the blood stained chamber. See Steve and I were prepared for this situation, we had plans strategies, but even though we knew the exact metres of ever room in the facility he abandoned it all in the heat of the moment. His sacrifice wasn't for a civilian, or for someone deserving, but for me, a lowly assassin who didn't deserve to be saved. But Steve didn't like to break his promises. [ end part one. ]
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isen.dronning : [ Fabulous as always. ]
thewidowinblack : [ you fatter me with words that I am not worthy of, but my gracious thanks to you non the less. ] @isen.dronning
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Some of my goodies from the comic con. I had lots of fun on my birthday with my honey #sdcc2014 #hellboy #mikemignola #mattkindt #superspy #bestbirthday #hellweekwasworthit
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smokedust : Happy bee boo. I got mike and geof to sign my usagi yojimbo book
shopcalledquest : Happy Birthday!
markyfilth : Super Spy sketch πŸ”₯
ladylcaddel : Yayyyy!!!! Happy birthday!
hjponyboy88 : Happy birthday miss Gloria!!!!!!
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#blackwidow #nataliaromanova #superspy #hawkeye #clintonbarton #marksman #avengers #marvel #geekshit
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amazing_super_vines : Cool @JohnTuckerMagic
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Casino Royal.. diversiΓ³n #maquinitas #casino #superspy
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My beer has a clever disguise... #superspy #beer #funtimes
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Do you ever get the feeling you're being watched? #goldendoodle #superspy #alwayswatching
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#LottaDanger #PoppyParker #doll, "The Girl from I.N.T.E.G.R.I.T.Y." ready for action. ------------------------- #dolls #dollstagram #toy #toys #toycrewbuddies #toyplanet #ToyPhotography #toys4life #toyslagram #toyrevolution #dollphotography #IntegrityToys #Integrity #JasonWu #Superspy #1960s #Poppy #instamood #instahub #instagramhub #webstagram
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modboy16 : stunning I want my spy so bad
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Mr. Super supportive, the victim and instigator of my mischief & mr. Ever ready for a par HAPPY BIRTHDAY! !!!!! Here's to many more years of fun-ness @kelliott87 :D #tbt #bday #kyleE #superspy
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mich_elle_c : We love @kelliott87 😍
kelliott87 : Thanks jan jan @janekoysen ....real troublemaker fo true
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Black Widow. #blackwidow #scarlettjohannson #superspy #redinmyledger #avengers #ageofultron #ultron #marvel #comics #conceptart #comiccon #sdcc
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#superspy #jjjessjoemarge #windowview
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I get kicked on a regular basis. Though nothing hurts me more when someone I love kicks me. As of now Bucky lays besides me, he kicks out, he mutters, even screams. But I've been there. I know what he's been through. But as of late my ability to sooth his menacing nightmares is barley existent. Even getting close to him is a challenge. Often then not resulting In bruises and I'm the morning he can't forgive himself for it. Even if I shrug it off and say "clint hits harder." We share a king bed, and though it was big I could help but to feel that it had grown wider, that we had drifted more apart. Even now I wonder if I should just give up, move out, move on, but yet, as I hold on tightly to my piece of blanket, as he struggles and flails about I question even myself, how can I leave him? How can I leave him when all he cries out is "hydra...." "Not the ice not the ice" His screams pierce my heart, as my own screams had once pierced the once empty room. And I realise I could not leave him, for if he had the chance, he wouldn't have left me. [ in comments ]
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stealinggothamsprecious : { *cri's* so beautiful. I seriously need to get my lazy ass down to the movie rental and see if they have Captian America : The Winter Solider in store }
soviet.soldier : πŸ‘
thewidowinblack : [ shall you post? Or shall I? ] @buckybarnes.tws
buckybarnes.tws : || Could you? If you don't mind, of course lol ||
thewidowinblack : [ have you not seen it? Or do ya' just wanna' watch it again? ] @stealinggollumsprecious
stealinggothamsprecious : { I haven't seen it! I should probably end my life but then I wouldn't get to watch it at all! }
thewidowinblack : [ no it's fine, I can post but it will be ages, I have to go off to enjoy my day or something like that haha. @buckybarnes.tws ]
buckybarnes.tws : || Haha that's okay. I'm busy as well so take your time! (: ||
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#cat #superspy #kitty #hideandgoseek
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[ this is a piece I wrote! it isn't exactly! well actually not at all related to blackwidow! but I would appreciate it if you would read it anyhow.] Every day; people, not just those who are good, who are worthy, those who seek peace pass in to a world above our own. This place is not a cruel world, nor here will the bad be punished, but the world was not kind or nice. It was the same as below, except those who drifted there were free from debt. Free from whatever walk of life they had arisen, from the harsh life one may have had to suffer. Where the grass was always green, the food in the plenty: taste? Simply Devine. Music rung from every corner; the sweet tune of your favourite song playing whenever you felt lost. But of course with all things nice, there was a price. A price that made grown men tremble. But was worth it end the end. I had always viewed death as a constant companion, a friend. For I thought if I feared him, I would live my life in fear. But when faced with death, most seem to say hello to a dear friend, taking his wispy hand, not as an enemy but as a friend. For the no longer feared what fate had decided for them. I remember the day I was diagnosed. It was like I had been shot, though in reality I hadn't, my path was set for a long downfall, a lengthened good bye as I chose to view it. On February 15th I was diagnosed with a form of of tumour, which had developed in two separate parts of my brain. I was often asked by the nurses what type of cancer I had, but naming specifics, seemed pointless, in the end they were all the same. I had cancer. [ In Comments ]
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thewidowinblack : I met with Neurosurgeons shortly there after, and a group of the happiest surgical team I'd met in my short time with my impending illness. The surgeon, he told me tried everything when he, and his team had me under the operating table but simply, the second tumour couldn't be removed. Next they tried different forms of therapy, but seemingly to me, they just weren't working. And when the doctor sadly shook his head after the fifth attempt, my confidence in modern medicine wained and I eventually stopped trying to prolong my life. Rather I started living using the time I had left. I never told my friends, I wasn't one to handle all those sad, sad faces. I didn't want pity, I wanted to live, I wanted to be happy. Though they did notice a change in my person, I became more reachable, more open to those around me. I did the things I could never brought myself to do. I learnt the drums, I went to parties, and I most importantly, I got of the couch and into the world of wonders around me. There was one thing in particular that I branded 'the coolest thing I have ever done' I preformed. If you knew me at the time, I was a shy person, sharing secrets to only the small few people I held dear. But my best friend and I? Well that was another story,together we were Loud, eccentric and mostly out of control.
thewidowinblack : Just two months after I had been diagnosed the school I was attending, held a battle of the bands/ talent quest sort of thing. And we were set to preform. By that stage in my illness I had begun to lose my hair, often waking to find chunks on my pillow. But the solution was easy, and happened to cross a line of my bucket list. I got to wear wigs, so basically I got to have any colour hair I wanted. The day of the performance? I wore red. Together hand in hand, my best friend and I had stumbled up the steps, we were so excited, so pumped with adrenaline that we weren't able to stay quiet in our seats before it was our turn. So in front of all those who had gathered in the auditorium we sung, and we must have been entertaining, because we received the only standing ovation. I was so sad that I cried at the end, I was still on stage, and I was happy; but the realisation had hit me, my time was coming to an end. Again my friends seemed to lay no notice, passing the 'breakdown' a moment of pure joy. From then on my wild side dimmed, the next couple of months just being a quick and unsettling time, I grew thinner, my eating habits barely passing as healthy. I began to fall, my mum finding me one the floor, unable to stand, it was time. And I was scared. I was admitted into hospital not 8 months after I received word and from there my bodily functions only grew worse. What ever food I ate at home, was now turned to nothing, as I didn't possess the strength. I eventually couldn't walk without aid, trips to the bathroom passing impossible. Lastly, at the nights, I did not sleep, for the darkness of the room frightened me in a way I didn't think possible. The last this I care to remember was the visits from my mother. Well I wouldn't call it a visit, for it seemed she never left. When I called out, using what ever energy I possessed, she would always, without a doubt grab my sickly hand, her other running over my now bald head. Even though I didn't always open my weary eyes I always knew it was her. And she always whispered to me. "It's okay."
thewidowinblack : When the time came, not yet one week later, I wasn't so scared anymore. I knew what was happening, and I knew what had to be done. But yet I still didn't feel like I had permission to go, even though fate had deemed me worthy of a place amongst the stars. I final glance was of my mother, I wished to see her beautiful, kind features once more. Her hand securely in mine. All I needed was her to speak, for her to forgive me, and as she spoke, I weakly smiled, and as she finished I passed though to a world above our own. "It's okay" was her words. "We will be together soon." 'The girls tender breathing slowed as she closed her weary eyes. Breathing through her nostrils, the young raven haired girl smelt the familiar salty smell of the beach once more. The girl had chosen this place, even having chosen the flowers on the stairs, the bird a past comfort, a representation if her dearest mother, as she made her final journey. Starting up the old white marble steps the graceful girl walked, her trusty white dove trailing behind. Reaching the final step she looked over at the beautiful blue beach once more, but once her family firmly grasp her hand only then did she feel peace, only then did she feel un afraid of her fate. Only then, did she pass into a world that hung above our own.'
thewidowinblack : [ end ]
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animalistickiller : πŸ‘πŸ‘
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#Superspy #photoshoot with @hershybar19 for #erango. He's a #suave guy that carries a #knife in his #suit to clean his nails, for when his hands get dirty. Good evening #jamesbond.
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akshatahonawar : #shoot #portfolio #hair #boyswillbeboys #suitup
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{God of thunder, genius, super spy, archer, powerhouse, super soldier} - Ugh I wish I was at comic con bit sadly I'm just sitting at home waiting for comic con to come so I can see AOU footage. 😭 - #ironman #thor #captainamerica #blackwidow #hulk #hawkeye #chrishemsworth #chrisevans #rdj #scarlettjohansson #markruffalo #jeremyrenner #nickfury #samueljackson #avengers #avengersmovie #marvel #genius #powerhouse #supersoldier #superspy #godofthunder #archer
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Nick Fury for real tho #marvel #superspy #nerdpic #avengers #gettinit #movierole? #eyepatchforthatass #girligotmyeyeonyou
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genesha_g : You have something on your eye... You're welcome 😁
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Dynamic duos from back, back in the day
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So question, what song do you think fully describes Natalia romanova? And if someone were to kill her, who would it be and why.
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clint.bxrton : Someone who were to kill her would be like Barnes or someone crime red room for a song idk sorry
clint.bxrton : From red room
skirtofsteel : Dark Paradise by Lana Del Ray
skirtofsteel : Power & Control by Marina and the Diamonds?
isen.dronning : Song: 'Secret by The Pierces' or 'Pretty Baby' by Brendon Brenson, and I think the only person who could ever truly kill her would be Yelena Belova.
_harley_quinn_official : 'Sweet Dreams' by Eurythmics
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How heroes used to treat their female partners
partners - comics - slap - daredevil - comicbooks - blackwidow - superspy - martialartist - superhuman - mcu - avengers - superheroes - marvel -
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soggyrocks777 : Hahaha
_niceguyvictor : @eye_say_ya
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Black Widow, by F. Miller, K. Janson, & D. O'Neil
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How drama occurs in comics.
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skippyrocks2000 : Daredevil would kick his ass
dynomuttt : Agreed @skippyrocks2000
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|| on the road again || on a super spy mission to San Francisco, then back home to SoCal. Adventure is out there! Holy Spirit detours are the best! #adventures #friends #laughter #superspy #roadtrip #summer2014
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heleneof : New glasses @kemp815 ??? πŸ‘“
heleneof : Miss being a super spy with you!!πŸ’ͺ Buying my ticket this week!!!πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈβœˆοΈ
kemp815 : Yes! I can finally see now! And Yay! Can't wait for our spy adventures! Let me know the date!!!
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🌐🚁🚘πŸ’₯πŸ”«πŸ”«#superspy #lol #summer #park #action #ageofultron #shield #agent #spy #twister #run @milescarrott & @itsjadeluv #combat #roll #superhero #jamacian #follow4follow #like4like #random #marvel #lucky #dodge #16 #yolo πŸ’₯🌐πŸ’₯#espionage #sun πŸ”«πŸ”«
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audreyofberk : That looks so real!!!
milescarrott : Lol thanks Audrey, need 2 see u soon @audreyofberk ✨
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