So excited that this lady has joined "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D" cast. #adriannepalicki #mockingbird #Marvel #agentsofshield #girlcrush #superspy Image source: Entertainment Weekly
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He loves to spy! #kitty #superspy #bestfriend
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Double o agent minion. #Superspy #Awesome #Imonfire
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Working hard or ? #nurse #nightshift #pretty #fishtail #blue #shehasnoideaitookapic #superspy
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Among the spy community he is a ghost. A tall tale. They call him the winter soldier. I called him Bucky. When I first remembered seeing him, after many years, he had been a ghost. Well, apart from being held accountable for over 24 assassinations, he was never seen. But once I had switch the side I was allied with, I suppose I was taken away from his memories, they probably didn't want him to recall the one woman who bet him. I became nothing more then another target. I was protecting a man, from god knows which family, and for satan knows why, when I encountered him. Though, when our eyes met, he had no recollection of the many years we spent together. Not one hint, nor a peep. He shot me you know, granted I shot him back, We have a very kill or be killed relationship. But he didn't hesitate, and I suppose for that, I didn't either. Next I saw him on the bridge, when I was with the fossil, and yet another man with bird like attributes. It was reported to me that he chose to go after me, a little part of my deadly yet, incredibly firm body believing that he remembered our hardships. But once again I was mistaken. Even when I had him in, what some may call the thing grip of death, he did not remember my skin on his. He did remember his liking of shooting me though, that happened, again. The new world knows I was born in the year of 84'. My old world knows different. With the alignment of the winter soldier unknown to this present minute, I swear to the lives of captain Americas children. (It's bound to happen, I'll get him a date one day) If he tells the world who I truly am, granted if he remembers, I will kill him. || #natasharomanoff #blackwidow #trudc #marvel #openrp #truniverse #followforfollow. #picoftheday #tagforlikes #widowbite #chains #superspy #scarlettjohannson #openrp #rpforgirls #rpforguys #comics #nerd #followforfollow #followme #photooftheday #tLifers #buckybarnes ||
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Looked out my window the other day to see my cat watching me. #cat #cute #cold #ginger #gingerninja #m8 #meow #superspy #creepin
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His name is Wray Tyler Wray. 007 kickin butt and taking names. #superspy #doublebarrel #tuxedo #007 #leewedding2k14
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“What the actual fuck.” She spoke, well she though she spoke, but her words only seemingly came out as barley a whisper, barely a crackle or a croak. Merely seconds after her words escaped from her dry and cracked lips her eyes were forced open buy her sheer willpower. As they fiercely open they seemed, at a glance, to be popping out of her skull, her usually white irises are bloodshot and veiny, and she only knew this from the mirror that was oddly placed on the roof of the apparent hospital private recovery room. Or palliative care, though she did not believe she would be dying anytime soon. A stray, uncooperative tear fell down from her still, well defined features, but was quickly whisked away with a flick on her hand. ‘An involuntary tear, how interesting’ she thought silently to herself unable to speak properly as of yet. Closing her slender hands into tight fists she rested her knuckles into the side of the bed and in one swift motion she manoeuvred herself into a sitting position, though with much pain brought to her abdomen. Leaning her fiery red hair against the uncomfortably soft pillows she moved a hand to feel her tender stomach. Sliding her hand under the shitty material of the hospital gown her bruised hand was stopped by an abundance of bandages the presumably surrounded her entire stomach, tough in some places the bandage was doused in a yet stick substance. A vital fluid of which the widow did not like to lose. Blood. Blood, unfortunately for her , seemed to be an important substance that inhabited the body and well at this second she was using a lot of it, though the thought slipped away from her in her woozy state of mind. [in comments]
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thewidowinblack : Her mind pondering came to an end when she heard the strangely metal door begin to open. Perhaps she wasn’t meant to have awoken as of yet. Adjusting herself back into the flat position she had found herself in she waited to see what stupid man had decided to capture her. R hell maybe it was a stupid woman, either way they were in the way of Natasha and freedom, well semi freedom in the line of work she was currently in. ‘I must not move, I must not move, move and they will know something’s up’ ‘Oh fuck it.’ The man; who at a sneaky unnoticed glance was ‘apparently’ a doctor, well he wasn’t doing a fucking good job anyhow, led an ugly, fat slob of a man over to where she lay in the far corner of the quite dark empty room. A corrupt doctor how nice. Getting paid to let in horny lonely fuck into the room, to allow them to have some fun time with apparently immobile, but alive bodies. The money transaction was over in barley a few seconds, when he saw me, the doctor stepping outside, to allow the man who had dropped his pants to have his way, but as soon as his very small penis came close to me, I sat up, swinging my closed fist into his face, the satisfying crush of a human jaw, being my reward. And just as predicted his inferior body, collapsed in a heap on the floor as for the second punch I had thrown at his uneven face had landed straight, bang in his nose, the cartilage entering is brain before he hit the floor. Quickly she swung her legs over the rim of the bed, her feet wobbly and unbalanced as she attempted to get to the door.
thewidowinblack : Once again she reached to feel the gaping hole in her stomach, the blood wet on her fingers as she reached inside. Her innards were all there, though she dare not reach up her rip cage to her heart, things could get messy. Instead she attempted to find the emergency transmitter she had placed inside of her, along with a memory card, which a lot of people were attempting to get, though that wasn’t happening for it had been attached to her liver. As she carefully grasped the metal earpiece; designed to with stand any bodily issues, she slid down the door to sit upon the cold floor, not having enough energy to make a blockage at the door. Her head leaned back as she patted the bandage back where they had come from, hanging out of a poorly cut hole. In an attempt to put the ear piece to her ear, her bloodily fingers left a streak of deep red on her cheek. Which ruled out any chance of the Russian getting to say. “it isn’t mine” Sloppily the earpiece slotted into her ear hole and begun to transmit, directly to the man in whom she trusted. “Coulson you idiot.” She chuckled into her comms unit. “Send back up. Or ill send you back to Tahiti.” “Romanoff?” was the response, his tone was defiantly confused. “yes….?’ Her voice in turn was tinted with confusion. “You were declared dead.” “Not the first time” her answers became shorter, the blood loss finally taking a large toll on her physical body. “Blood?” “Mine” “Personal tracker?” “Active” “Back up dispatched.”
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It's not a question of who, it's a question of what. I stand before you as a person. A hurdle. But as of this moment I stand before you as a murderer. So tell me, what use will knowing my name give you? Either way I'm a murderer who's not afraid to kill you. I am, either way, the black widow. But you can call me Madame Natasha. #natasharomanoff #blackwidow #trudc #marvel #openrp #truniverse #followforfollow. #picoftheday #tagforlikes #widowbite #chains #superspy #scarlettjohannson #openrp #rpforgirls #rpforguys #comics #nerd #followforfollow #followme #photooftheday #tLifers
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Miracleman vs Kid Miracleman commission by Matt Kindt from NYCC this year. Adding to my obsession over everything Miracleman. #Miracleman #mattkindt #kidmiracleman #fight #kimota #johnnybates #alanmoore #johntotleben #alandavis #garyleach #superspy #mindmgmt #revolver #commission #nycc #nycc14 #nycc2014 #comicon #comic #comics #comicart #comicbook #comicbooks #comiccollection #artcollection #watercolor #obsessed
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Aki :) #fanfiction#deathnote#badass#superspy#follow4follow
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#NickFury...director of #SHIELD...he is one of my favorite characters in #MarvelComics universe... I love the fact that he isn't a #mutant or someone with #superpowers...he's just a regular man, but since he is the #MasterOfEspionage, everyone is scared shitless of him...he can get downright #grimy and I love that about me, he is one of #MarvelComics #legends and an absolute badass...he was injected with the #InfinityFormula and has been kicking ass since WWII with #CaptainAmerica...#HowlingCommandoes live on forever!!!...#legendary #superheroes #protector #Patriot #superspy #ilovecomicbooks #inaleagueofhisown #comicbooknerd #comicbooknerds #NewYork #oneandonly #oneofakind #oldschool #warrior #salute
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Bruuuh.. This nigga on point.. Lol #BlackGuyProbs #CheatLevel #SuperSpy
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Here is a pointless set of questions. Favourite food? I would have to say...... Jammy dodgers, partially because there's a lot you can do with them, defuse bombs... Get fat... Tease people. Favourite drink. If I see you in a bar, and you buy me a vodka, I will either kill you or be nice to you. Favourite sport? Killing? Favourite movie? Who has time for movies? My life practically is one. Do I want kids? No. Do I want to get married? Please, I already have. I shall not do it again, cause I don't think I could stop myself from cheating... Again. Sorry Alexi, but you did 'die' How old am I? That's a final secret id like to keep. How many language do I speak? One word answer? A lot. What it's not like there hard to pick up. I learnt most of my English from conversations with Bucky in the shower. When wasn't trying to kill me. Occupation? Super assassin, spy... Killer. How Long I take to get ready in the morning? 3 minutes. Don't even question my ability to get into leather. 6 minutes if I need to be fully, fully, fully equipped. Got a question? Drop them below. - Natasha Romanov. [send a message my way hey? It's gonna be a long day.] #natasharomanoff #blackwidow #trudc #marvel #openrp #truniverse #followforfollow. #picoftheday #tagforlikes #widowbite #chains #superspy #scarlettjohannson #openrp #rpforgirls #rpforguys #comics #nerd #followforfollow #followme #photooftheday #tLifers
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In the spot #05 of our top 10: "Best Non Superpowered Marvel Heroes" we have Black Widow. Natalia Alianovna "Natasha" Romanova or Natasha Romanoff as she is known in the US, is the secret identity of the hero Black Widow. Black Widow first appeared in TALES OF SUSPENSE #52 in April 1964, as a Russian spy and an enemy of Iron Man. She later defected to the United States and became an agent of the S.H.I.E.L.D., and a member of the Avengers. Black Widow is a Russian agent trained as a spy, martial artist, and sniper, and outfitted with an arsenal of high-tech weaponry, including a pair of wrist-mounted energy weapons dubbed her "Widow's Bite" and has proved to be one of the best hand to hand combatant in the Marvel Universe. Yes, Widow is powerless when it comes to superpowers but definitely not powerless in any other situation. #top10 #bestnonsuperpoweredmarvelheroes #blackwidow #natasharomanoff #avengers #superspy #russia #shield #agentsofshield #superhero #marvel #marvelcomics #marvelstudios #marveluniverse #marvelnow #comicbooks #comicbookart #pictureoftheday #photooftheday #countdown
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joshuanorman15 : Is falcon on list?
thesuperheroescorner : @joshuanorman15 no. I thought about adding him to the list, but I was reading he has the ability to communicate with birds. That's why I left him out
joshuanorman15 : Oh yeah thats right
fusionfam : Wait @thesuperheroescorner doesn't she have a age suppressor in her system like Nick Fury?
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Got my red hair for Halloween! 🎃 #natasharomanoff #nataliaromanova #blackwidow #marvel #superspy #dontmess
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Black Widow #marvel #marvelcomics #superhero #superspy #blackwidow #avangers #NatashaRomanova #spy #galacticgamer
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#mylove #spy #SHIELD #superhero #superspy ❤️❤️#theavengers #Avengers #ScarlettJohansson
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oh yeah and I also got a slushie (I pretended I still went to the school- I think I fooled them guys) #superspy #soundercover
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‘I have absolutely no idea where to begin. Should I even let it out? Should I show weakness, should I let someone in? If I do what’s to stop them from hurting me.’ Natasha laid upon her king sized bed. She was tired, weary and in more pain then one could comprehend. With her headphones in she laid in the familiar comfort of darkness. Her eye lids heavy with sleep and her body commanded her to rest. Even as she rested, with a simple movement she jolted awake, her body inflames, heat coursing through her body, forcing her to turn back onto her stomach to put her burns at ease. To take away the pressure. For what seemed like days she drifted in and out of an uncomfortable sleep, her body healing and her mind racing. Her lips once plump were dry and cracked. The latest mission taking its toll on her body. Her body blistered and red from the sun of which she had just escaped from. At least she had thought it was the sun. The material of her singlet causing her skin to dance and prickle at every rustle of the fabric. In her tired haze to reach her bed she had opted to just wear her underwear and singlet. Allowing the heat from the burns to radiate from her body. She dare not sleep stark naked, she could possibly sleep for days, not knowing about her surroundings. The cause of her ill health was simple. She was trapped for days, locked away. Shield had classified her missing in action. A rare commodity for the red headed Russian. She was never truly missing. [ cic ]
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lay_allan : captain is crying😉
thewidowinblack : Her skin tingled at his touch, the coolness of the metal momentarily refreshing, her eyes opened slightly, as she looked up at her sun and stars, a smile slowly playing at her lips for the first time in a long time. Soon followed by the first words she had said that we aren't Russian curse words. "Lay with me?" She said, her voice raspy, small and broken, wanting nothing more than to feel safe, as she hadn't felt safe in a long time. Even if his touch caused her pain it was a pain she would endure just to be back in His arms once more. @_jamesbarnes_
_jamesbarnes_ : They never send! Grr!!!
_jamesbarnes_ : He shook his head and moved his hand once more "not now." His eyes watched her and her redden body carefully. He looked towards the window and sighed cracking it open. "I'm gonna go grab you a rag and cold water okay? Keep you a bit cooler. You're over heating again..." The one he loved hurt and he hadn't stopped it. Fool. That's all he had to say to himself
thewidowinblack : God so over sensitive. It looked bad, she felt worse, but in all essence of it, she had tolerated worse for a lot less, she under stood his caution, yet hated his caring nature, she knew what she wanted and what she wanted she got, in most cases. Slowly she managed to pull herself from the bed, her body aching in continuos pings of pain, and followed him, her feet merely shuffling along the floor. "I'll grab you cold water my ass.... Let's just go swimming." @_jamesbarnes_
thewidowinblack : [ you can reply toooo! ] @pixieroll
_jamesbarnes_ : @thewidowinblack he turned around sharply narrowing his eyes. "Go lay down now! I will not go for this." He growled softly shaking his head "I will not have your blood on my hands Natasha. I love you. I cannot lose you." He grabbed a bowl and preceded to fill it with cold water. "I love you...." He mumbled once more
pixieroll : { OH YAY! } Who was groaning and moaning in their sleep? It wasn't her. She never really had nightmares until she thought about the demons that stole half her soul--agh, now she was thinking about it. "Nopenopenopenope!" She said to herself, focusing on the noises. "Sihal novarum chinoth!" She yelled quietly, teleporting to the location. "Human! Person! Wake up! You're killing my beauty sleep--not that I need it, but still." She walked over to the woman, placing a hand on her shoulder and shook her lightly, hoping it would wake her up.
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Shaowdown13 #art #drawing #scifi #spy #superspy #hero
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Saw this chicken among the bunnies at the fair. "This is day 28. They still believe I am one of them." #chicken #bunny #cutee #superspy
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temari1serena : They think u are a rabbit? Wow
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I saw the newspaper in the trash bin, while I was doing cleaning at work. I was hoping it was a message from the CIA, coded into the answers of a crossword puzzle. It wasn't. #superspy #megasecretagent #ultraperfect #myhandssmelllikegarbage #undergroundproblems #canistillhaveanexplodingpen
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When you have trained your whole life, the subject of which you had been trained in becomes fluent. At the click of your fingers a simple task could be carried out to perfection. A strum of a guitar, A pirouette from a ballet dancer. An assassination from a killer. To me, Killing is easy. With little gain to an emotional spectrum I've been informed I'm lacking. But he wasn't so easy to find. In fact I still haven't found him. But when I do, can I bring harm upon someone of my own caliber, Dare I even try? Well we will have to find out. Killing people is easy. Making them suffer is an art. #natasharomanoff #blackwidow #trudc #marvel #openrp #truniverse #followforfollow. #picoftheday #tagforlikes #widowbite #chains #superspy #scarlettjohannson #openrp #rpforgirls #rpforguys #comics #nerd #followforfollow #followme #photooftheday #tLifers
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The Avengers is on a loop today! #avengers #scarlettjohansson #blackwidow #myart #sketch #superhero #glock #redhead #comicart #superhero #superspy #marvelcomics
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Superspion Arnesen melder seg til tjeneste😎👌 #me #ready #superspy #totallyspies #bday #party #catsuit
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