npcsoopavillain these sneakers make my calves look big?? 😜 I love my #supershifts from the one and only #heydayfootwear #itsnothype #soopavillain #npc #fitfam #freshkicks #noheros #createyourownfuture
freshkicks - fitfam - itsnothype - createyourownfuture - npc - noheros - supershifts - heydayfootwear - soopavillain -
ugly_michael : No but they do make your ass look HUGE! Haha! - Love, Day-Day
npcsoopavillain : @ugly_michael what can I say? It's that Latino squat booty.
ugly_michael : #jealous #whiterthanyoucanimagine
ugly_michael : Also @dickpicwasted is a tool.
staceym0418 : #datass
ctfreakshow : Fuckin fatass. #bashbro
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Repost from @bellafalconi_fitness via @igrepost_app, Swimwear with sneakers? I feel like I need no clothes when I'm wearing my BF's kicks by @heydayfootwear !!! Hahaha Go get yours at 🔥 ___________ Biquini com tênis? É pq quando eu coloco o supershifts que desenhei em collab com a @heydayfootwear da vontade de sair assim, só de tênis! hahaha corre no site ainda tem alguns pares disponíveis. A Heyday envia para todo Brasil!!! #supershifts #itsnothype #itsheyday
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lidinha_fernandes : 😠😠😠 hahahahha @afrancovieira muito forte
afrancovieira : @lidinha_fernandes o tenissss dela que eu queroooooo!!!!
lidinha_fernandes : Hahahahhaha eu sabia @afrancovieira
1vilela : 🔝🔝🔝
emmawithlove : Bomb
fitclothingline : @barretogisele
felipmonteiro : @jachquelline
polishhprincess : @dc14exe to achieve THAT look, I'm starting with shoes.... lol
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Swimwear with sneakers? I feel like I need no clothes when I'm wearing my BF's kicks by @heydayfootwear !!! Hahaha Go get yours at 🔥 ___________ Biquini com tênis? É pq quando eu coloco o supershifts que desenhei em collab com a @heydayfootwear da vontade de sair assim, só de tênis! hahaha corre no site ainda tem alguns pares disponíveis. A Heyday envia para todo Brasil!!! #supershifts #itsnothype #itsheyday
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namaemioji : @ladyhummingbird_
lexi.l0ves.pix : @tshields27 I like her body
tshields27 : Yes very nice @lex
flaviaffurtado : @gisellelc
anjully5 : A entrenar @joulietm
joulietm : @anjully5 urgente entrenar
jassuee : @ilmohauru
tm4gs : @nanamanganiello
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Gotta love #SuperShifts
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@heydayfootwear x @bellafalconi_fitness the collab! PRE ORDER yours from Those are very exclusive shoes - only 200 pairs in the world. Get yours before it's gone!! 😍😍 #southbeachinspired #supershifts ___________ Colaboração @heydayfootwear x @bellafalconi_fitness inspirado em South Beach! Pre encomenda através do site (entrega no Brasil). Quantidade super limitada, só haverão 200 pares no mundo. Garanta o seu antes que acabe 😃😍 #takechances #supershift
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lhboson : Eu quero @celsaum_mota
celsaum_mota : @lhboson encomenda um ;-)
claudiasofia10 : @estefaniarincon
paulinhapelague : @lucianabvdemoraes eu quero!!!!
lucianabvdemoraes : @paulinhapelague vai qdo? To querendo ir em julho para Disney com meus três filhotes, te aviso.
sarahendash : @khodoribrahim
sarahendash : @khodoribrahim I wasnt done. She has the best shoes! And body, check her out
mayrafonseca : @pamela.lucena
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Cop my style at @heydayfootwear @bellafalconi_fitness #supershifts #southbeachinspired 🔥✌️PRE ORDER ONLY - LIMITED STOCK! ------------------- Muito apaixonada pelo meu tênis #supershift #southbeach !!! Quem não garantiu ainda o seu, corre no site e faça sua pré encomenda - o estoque é super limitado!!! @heydayfootwear (envio disponível para o mundo todo)
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jessicapmlago : @bellafalconi_fitness como faço para comprar em Orlando? Tem loja? Obrigada!! 💋💋💋💋
jessicapmlago : @renatadgodoy
renatadgodoy : @jessicapmlago 😱😱 #morri
tinyraylene : @bsn_richard babe 😁 these ones
13silvinha : @livmsm
__abby13_12 : @spartanwarrior370 😁
spartanwarrior370 : Awesome ;) @xara_13
renataaraujo_ : @bellafalconi_fitness como faço para comprar, o envio é para Recife!
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Chillen at the barbershop in my @heydayfootwear #supershifts and my @nylaeliseclothing polo! Go check out these two companies NOW!
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nylaeliseclothing : Thanks for the shoutout @djecho11
djecho11 : @nylaeliseclothing thanks for the high quality clothing fam! You know it's all love over here!
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Chyea new kicks just came in 😈 #HeyDays #SuperShifts #HighTops @heydayfootwear
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willrod89 : For snowboarding right...
djmykel_ : @willrod89 absolutely..
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Haven't Even Finished Yesterday Yet & I'm Already Starting Today!! Tran Performance Grand Opening & Philippines Typhoon Relief Fund Raiser!! Come Out & See Some Nice Cars & Performances!! 11am-6pm 2700 Florin Rd!! #SoulIncredible #TyphoonRelief #FundRaiser #AllPurpleEverything #BluPrint #BluWorldOrder #HeyDayFootwear #SuperShifts #ChinaBeats #StayFresh
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juggernautpowellmma : @toribaddd Thanks
bluprintceo : @juggernautpowellmma #bluprintfamily #bluworldorder #bluprintinc #printdat
juggernautpowellmma : #PrintDat
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School kicks came in! The shift supremes wit black, white, red, and yellow laces plus wit two black and white tongues. I got them at where they sell the hottest shoes ^-^ #heyday #newsneakers #newkicks #supershifts #awsome #cool
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rosey.prinze : Two diffrent colors <33 ((:
batmam1999 : Nice shoes @loveitlovett
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Chillin with the #heyday super shifts and the #dope couture snapback #supershifts #shoes #sneakers #swag #originality #snapback #dopecouture #vneck #chilling #style #bossinup
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abmbandit : Is this ma nigga money mike
creative_mindset_est1991 : @abmbandit ya
creative_mindset_est1991 : Lol
abmbandit : Wat up boi
creative_mindset_est1991 : Nun bout to leave this place
abmbandit : This ya boi sam
creative_mindset_est1991 : I know lol
abmbandit : Hit me up fam 2143951378
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Just got my #SuperShifts @heydayfootwear and i already #LoveThem
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loveitlovett -
New @heydayfootwear #supershifts in white, grey and yellow
supershifts -
stevenkilloran : @heydayfootwear DAMMIT, WHITE?! If your shoes didn't cost me $150 each I'd own them all.
heydayfootwear : @stevenkilloran those are $85
stevenkilloran : @heydayfootwear Right, but shipping is where it jumps up haha
brynnp_19 - cameronj87 - kennypoo15 -
@heydayfootwear #fragglerock #supershifts being born
supershifts - fragglerock -
tyree_fletcher : How long will those be in stock
heydayfootwear : @femaleballer33 not long, only made 50 pairs! Almost half are sold
tyree_fletcher : I'm going to but them online tomorrow
autunmmarie_2015 : I need those shoes
julianhott : <---passes out. #mostdope
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Day 16 - #YearOfHeyday #SuperShiftMax that a grey lace cover?! Oh..yeah, all #supershifts are interchangeable. You're welcome. #ItsNotHype its @heydayfootwear
yearofheyday - supershifts - supershiftmax - itsnothype -
#heydayfootwear #supershifts #spaceshoes #dance #performance #swag
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angiesamgarzon - robb0287 - chezzmarquez -
Boop! Gettin these :P #heyday #supershifts
supershifts - heyday -
beinbielski : Actually they're called hightops and they stopped making them so they be rare fools @courtneyolson_16 @_nerad_
beinbielski : Y'all have no sense in style :P
Just one of the best sneakkies not made by a major label #HeydayFootwear#SuperShifts
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My mom's gonna let me buy these If I save up enough money :D #heyday #supershifts
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heydayfootwear -
Daaaamn I want dem #HeyDay #SuperShifts
supershifts - heyday -
sammy_vodovoz : Those yours
beinbielski : Naaaww, I want em do bad tho @sammy250045
beinbielski : So*
sammy_vodovoz : They sick how much are they
beinbielski : They're like $90 plus shipping' unless you live by a heyday store...but they don't have these colors on their site it's
beinbielski : @sammy250045 I'm Savin up for the Allblack with gray/black super strap, or ima get the red and white super shift max and just buy another red/white super strap for em, cuz I don't really like the lace cover that comes with the super shift MAX's
sammy_vodovoz - jeff_haham17 - bigraz818 - bridgetewingx -
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