Pinche Babosa. - πŸ˜‚πŸ™Š #stupidpeoplevoteforstupidpeople #shesanidiot #waytogoamerica #burrito #hotsauce #rolledtacos #supersergios #robertos #cojitas #lolimas #horchata πŸ’‚
horchata - burrito - lolimas - hotsauce - rolledtacos - shesanidiot - cojitas - waytogoamerica - supersergios - robertos - stupidpeoplevoteforstupidpeople -
kiapatra : If they make California burritos illegal I will literally cut a bitch.
keena_02_marie : Wow... Smh... People are so full of themselves that they don't realize they say the dumbest, ignorant things... πŸ˜’πŸ˜ 
hose_gallegos : I'd have no reason to live.
miss_encinasdelreal : Wtf she really said that?! Wow stupid
rayyuhhh - lilye110 - peacefulroots - cotics -
#estewey #supersergios #elcuΓ±ado
estewey - elcuΓ±ado - supersergios -
philaran5 - bi_alexliz - juanchissuhhuh - mimisr11 -
It's a monster #food #burrito #supersergios
food - supersergios - burrito -
alanyoultonj : Invitame @ellievalenciaa
tony_hunnet : 😍
ellievalenciaa : Cuando vengas visitarmeπŸ‘ @alanyoultonj
laurenroweyourboat - tony_hunnet - nan_e_ - risingsun34_09 -
Whenever I come back from vacation, this is my go to meal, Chimichanga Carne Asada Burrito! So good!!!
sandiego - burrrito - myfab5 - guacamole - chimichangacarneasadaburrito - chimichanga - tbfperiod - ca - carneasadaburrito - yummy - instafood - youstayhungrysd - foodiesd - mexicanfood - carneasada - california - salsa - supersergios - foodporn - foodgasm - sd -
lechebo928 : #supersergios #chimichangacarneasadaburrito #chimichanga #carneasadaburrito #carneasada #burrrito
lechebo928 : #mexicanfood #salsa #guacamole
lechebo928 : #sd #sandiego #ca #california
lechebo928 : #youstayhungrysd #myfab5 #foodiesd @yourfoodguide #tbfperiod @thebestfoodperiod
lechebo928 : #foodgasm #foodporn #yummy #instafood
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Late night/early morning #supersergios run #TNT #TNTfambam
tnt - supersergios - tntfambam -
goliathrob : Hahaha on peakweak! im so jealous of your genetics.
phil_c740 : @goliathrob haha it's stupid brah I don't even get how this shit works for me, wake up this morning all vascular and everything
goliathrob : Hahaha bruh...youre one lucky motger fucker...lol. im dying over here.
edelweezus : @phil_c740 thought you weren't suppose to eat crap philly?!
edelweezus : #simpers in the background hahahπŸ˜‚ #ILY @tiny_n_tuff
phil_c740 : @edelweezus haha I knoo I knoo made an exception last night 😜
arg00se : Tfti effers
tiny_n_tuff : 😘😘😘 @phil_c740 @edelweezus
jose_villa_rreal - geee_rodriguez - ve3e - yee_si_sohi -
THAT is what you call a Carne Asada Nacho Fries 😍😍😍 πŸ‘…πŸ’¦πŸ’¦πŸ’¦ #supersergios #latenightmunchies #carnesadaeverything #welcomehome @g_banal
carnesadaeverything - welcomehome - supersergios - latenightmunchies -
buttersanterz : Nomnomnom
leaanpockett : 😍😍
kevinestezzz : nice finally seeing u at johnny v's yen!!! lol even tho i couldnt get in 😞 that fuckin line was reDICK.....
justbecoool : Ahaha I knew I seen Gener last night!!!!
mama_gen : I gotta work boo 😣 @abbeyadamos
mama_gen : @kevinestezzz it was such a nice hi bye hug you give me lol
kevinestezzz : hahah! 😝well yeah its only been like forever.. i neda get my ass there early next time
mr_doublet2you : Text me 6193467989 Derrick
alexmarie____ - ginasumontha - raffy_ablian - itzteejay -
Not my first choice for #SDMexicanFood but I gotta get my fix. #SuperSergios
supersergios - sdmexicanfood -
elefntrnk619 : You down? How long?
jer619 : @daf_ryan da fuck you mean you ain't got my money yet?
jer619 : @elefntrnk619 till tomorrow...what you got Goin on?
blackpeoplejump : I'm still back this spot
blackpeoplejump : @daf_ryan prolly still never forget that night I got super stoned w Johnny and maxed two of those quesadillas hahaha
daf_ryan : Lol and burrito too @blackpeoplejump
blackpeoplejump : @daf_ryan so bomb hahah
elefntrnk619 : Damn bro, got be up at 4am. Til next time bro!
iburiedpaul_9 - maremoo - kitcariaga - ellisonnnnnn -
Alcohol + Hunger = Mexican food. #supersergios
supersergios -
ayeemarv : Feels
littlemermaidlindsay : #southerncaliforniatruths
geli_fish - douglastahuite - supkarlaa - payoloo -
Post work-out power meal. I swear I wasn't following you guys @nickpacoli @michellegines #carbomb25eats #supersergios #carneasadachimichanga #carneasada #chimichanga #carnivoresofIG
carnivoresofig - carneasadachimichanga - carbomb25eats - chimichanga - supersergios - carneasada -
irvinfosho : πŸ‘
lvecamille - raaaaaaaaandy - julieannsanjuan - ms_rachelle22 -
I had to get me some carne Asada fries cuz someone tricked me last night @kali_mestiza took me to a Mexican food shop that ONLY serves tacos lol #carneasadafries #supersergios #πŸ’£.com
supersergios - carneasadafries -
kali_mestiza : @hrtsconfsson I think so lol ask jay the name haha
hrtsconfsson : @kali_mestiza hahahaha that's all they serve some #bombAssTacos #MySpot
kayelovesed : @kali_mestiza oh lol in down!!!! @hrtsconfsson if I knew that I would've went to super Sergio's mmm I don't know about bomb..I thought it was aight, I had better
hrtsconfsson : @kayelovesed if it's el gordo it's bomb need my grilled chilies n onions fresh tortillas I don't like Sergio's
kayelovesed : @hrtsconfsson yeah it's el gordos ..it's all good more super Sergio's for meπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ ha
hrtsconfsson : Haha super Sergio's sold me meatless rolled tacos then asked me what do I want to do ... Um get my money back
kali_mestiza : @kayelovesed @hrtsconfsson super Sergio's is good but lol to each is own ok but I think the tacos at el gordo are good. @hrtsconfsson your tacos are better tho
hrtsconfsson : @kali_mestiza yesssssssss #winning
lenlen220 - mrs_nicoleirwin - kewib - alln1 -
Mhmmm. No one does #CarneAsadaFries like #soCal. #oink wish you were here @kimsonbui
oink - supersergios - carneasadafries - socal -
kellzbellz1 : Omg looks so good. I haven't had this in yrs
vivdawg : u cant get that outside of SD
chelle_1218 : Making me hungry
rosierosella : Where'd you get that deliciousness?
my.lsd : @kellzbellz1 @vivdawg hurry down to SD and pig out with me ;-)
my.lsd : @rosierosella there are a couple spots around convoy that I like to hit up. This one is from Super Sergios. Since they open late and have drive thru hehe. Yummy.
rosierosella : Damm that looks amazing. Gonna look them up. I'm at convoy every Tuesday for C's PT appointments. πŸ‘
my.lsd : #superSergios
trinnytrinh - rachelchiling - manzzspec89 - daniela_allison -
the holy grail of all burritos πŸ™ŒπŸ”₯πŸ’• #deepfried #californiaburrito #chimichangastyle #holygrail #giftfromthegods #sofcknbomb #iliterallywenttoheaven #supersergios #foodporn #foodie #foodlife #mexicanfood
chimichangastyle - foodie - giftfromthegods - foodporn - foodlife - californiaburrito - iliterallywenttoheaven - sofcknbomb - holygrail - mexicanfood - supersergios - deepfried -
bshesoosmooth : @_kenndogg
symon_duhh : #GAINZ lol
mailynn127 : Where is this at tho lol 😳
bshesoosmooth : @mailynn127 super sergios 😁
chubbyasianlover : Fckkkkk
_kenndogg : Damn...
alanarivera_ : @alasiar23
missjulieeeee - damoneezyfasheezy - juliephantastic - booh83 -
I respect another's view that Super Sergio's is better than Rigoberto's. I kindly disagree with that opinion. #supersergios #rigobertos #northpark #tacoshop
rigobertos - supersergios - northpark - tacoshop -
quentin_z_nichols : #burreetgang
instashanyn - threeinink - shakinghandswithjeff - pacificliquornp -
Come to my city and I will introduce you to a good taco! #supersergios #yummy #tacoshop #sandiegostuff
sandiegostuff - supersergios - yummy - tacoshop -
_dauche : Spread that taco shop love!
yayasaythat : Tell Justin I said hello too. πŸ‘€πŸ‘€πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ
jonnaethompson : @_dauche I definitely will! And you know the taco shop love is too real in our lives! We must spread this type of love all over the world! @yayasaythat you fast!!! ;)
lock_n_ki : So jel
dopemo : Yessss
jnoccs : U know its a good taco shop if it starts with 'super'
jonnaethompson : @lock_n_ki I ate enough for the both of us! @dopemo you already know! @jnoccs you ain't neva lied!
lock_n_ki : Well that's fair thank you for eating for both of us
sammieanne143 - papillon_besos - miss_marites - pencilme_n -
#supersergios #wheresmysalsa #happyfridaytome #carneasadachips
happyfridaytome - supersergios - carneasadachips - wheresmysalsa -
valerie_m_villa : Yum my fav 😊
guadagno22 - abbeymagpoc - viking_waldheim - lillianlefranc -
4 rolled tacos w rice & beans #supersergios #sandiego_ca #myfab5 #youstayhungrysd #eatgoodstayfresh #eatlikeyoureondeathrow
myfab5 - 4 - youstayhungrysd - eatlikeyoureondeathrow - eatgoodstayfresh - supersergios - sandiego_ca -
chelle429 : @sharpshoeter didn't it used to be 5? Still looks πŸ˜‹
slandingin : Omg I miss that soooo much! I'll be back for that next month #salivating
sharpshoeter : @cheller0nk I think the special #4 is 5 rolled tacos with just rice?
sharpshoeter : @slandingin when you're in town San, let me and @felt1ssc know. What about Apollo?
likeafingah : 🍴
bleynes : Miss it so much. Jealous
slandingin : I will definitely! Oh John Boy @felt1ssc and the rest of the cousins know I'm heading out there the end of August. I'll be with my daughter and parents. Apollo is staying back. I'm going to get super fat once I'm there... I was out there last year and the year before that.. Trying to get my daughter to know her cousins and stay close just like how we Farin's stick together. @sharpshoeter
virgs22 - fuser86 - siritaanderson - freddy_war -
Can't ever go wrong with #SuperSergios#NationalCity#SD
supersergios - sd - nationalcity -
seangarciaa : Yo hmu next time bro
anthony_bigornia : Fasho!! We all got to get together some time @seangarciaa
deezy_damesd - patricialynette - tacocorona - biggy_matt -
Carne Asada fries is the shit #carneasadafries #supersergios #immovingtocalifornia #thefoodisbetterhere #foodporn
supersergios - carneasadafries - immovingtocalifornia - thefoodisbetterhere - foodporn -
bucktoothasiancow : Tfti
raniel_mariano - katrynfaith_ - beau_thi_ful - reddvp -
Caught @amygjung in San Diego, her stomping grounds for undergrad. #jubileeinsd #supersergios #polloasadofries #vscocam
supersergios - jubileeinsd - polloasadofries - vscocam -
frances_park : I just met @amyjung this past weekend! Very cool!
yoonpaulj : @frances_park awesome!!!!
chinchillaz : @amygjung small world ain't it?
j_larroc : wonderful
abigailshin : so lucky you got to meet her!
dabinim : @amygjung you look amazing μ–Έλ‹ˆ!
hannah_maru - nibc83 - esminlee - jesimay -
#polloasado #supersergios
polloasado - supersergios -
danieldholtz : Is that even good??
mnabadjr : @danieldholtz I promise you it is the best burrito you will ever have! I have friends try it all the time and they convert.
lkychrms33 - juhniece - fdl3 - faye132 -
Bean and cheese burrito with sour cream from #supersergios ? Now this takes me back. #tbt #whatiusedtoeatallthetimewheniwasakid #attheplaceiuaedtogetitfrom
supersergios - whatiusedtoeatallthetimewheniwasakid - tbt - attheplaceiuaedtogetitfrom -
millie_wisbeach : Dem hashtags though :'D
whigh19894001 - barnichka - jilllpickle - millie_wisbeach -
Drunk af! β˜ΊοΈπŸ˜ŽπŸ‘ŒπŸ» #supersergios #selfie #byelonghair
byelonghair - selfie - supersergios -
edelweezus - hidalhoaah - jesica324 - _nicamarie -
I was too lazy to go to Phil's, so I ended up going to Super Sergio's. :/ #phils #philsbbq #supersergios #sergios #rolledtacos #specialnumbertwo #sandiego #nationalcity #mexicanfood #mexican
phils - mexican - sandiego - nationalcity - specialnumbertwo - philsbbq - sergios - mexicanfood - supersergios - rolledtacos -
arrkaygee : Sharing is caring
combotheresol : @arrkaygee I did share. With my mouth and my toilet. (:
faith_ramos24 : 😩 I want some Phil's and real Mexican food!!!
combotheresol : @faith_ramos24 Come home and we'll all get some. (:
kingosiam - jemiru - zionfaiai32 - toni_beat -
Adobada fries& a large PiΓ±a drink Por favor ! πŸ˜πŸ‘ŒπŸ˜± #supersergios
supersergios -
trina_d_wifey : 😍😍😍😍😍
itsdalena - mrscaban527 - kealey_s_tan - trina_d_wifey -
who eats a #california #burrito for #breakfast? dale does. #supersergios
burrito - breakfast - supersergios - california -
wieisme : #hey #wth #yourinsd?
jooheeho : Ur eating too much
gravityla - youngjil - 623lala - jennytym -
The deep love that me and carne asada fries have for each other is unbreakable...and yes I can eat a whole platter to myself 😊 #yum #mexicanfood #supersergios #sandiego #carbs #bellyofthebeast #getinmybelly #foodporn #sunday
getinmybelly - carbs - sandiego - foodporn - bellyofthebeast - sunday - mexicanfood - yum - supersergios -
gra18pao28.inc - azhyen - errington1 - mahlaylay -
Goin to town on that burrito #notrobertos #supersergios #caliburrito #rolledtacos #sdcf #cantwaitforbeerfest #welovesd
caliburrito - welovesd - cantwaitforbeerfest - notrobertos - supersergios - rolledtacos - sdcf -
kingcobrajr : Damn the fucker needs some clipper
chubaranks : @kingcobrajr it was longer before
jb_ethic : Hell yea the best late night burrito spot!
jb_ethic - instamar__ - groovyroobie - m_luna0807 -
I missed this so much #sandiego #supersergios #carneasadafries
carneasadafries - supersergios - sandiego -
idioslee : Please send some over this way... Please...
shizermcdougal : I am so jealous!!
jenniferjchung : Omgzzz only wannabes in Atlanta, missing the real thang
jasonjaeha - joeyyoo85 - kallmejules - samonotone -
Starting the day and month off by piggin' out #beeftacos #supersergios #cocacola #enjoy
enjoy - supersergios - beeftacos - cocacola -
jay_cyn - angieya8 - cocacolaallstars - niwre_sd -
My views. #supersergios #sandiego #evoix
evoix - supersergios - sandiego -
jimmysteez : Whatttttttt an evo?!
patrick_eugenio : @jimmysteez haha what u talkin bout bro :)
whistlingnostrils : Lol i see you
mickryan - marginator - juuustinc - adrenalenne -
..made this for my good friend Pedro Morales McGonzalez-Murratto-Molasso-Mundustos... don't know him? #ThoughtYouRolledInTheBestOfCircles πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ #IDoThisForCotijas #SuperSergios #TheBarrio #NoBurritoEmojiiPhone??
myyachtisyouryacht - thoughtyourolledinthebestofcircles - thebarrio - noburritoemojiiphone - supersergios - idothisforcotijas -
papa_ep : @nkarns late night snack attack. shrimp, cheese, black beans, brown rice, love and 17 years in the barrio. ✌️
nkarns : @papa_ep between that cooking and those pierce ladies... Ur doing something right πŸ‘βœŒοΈ
pilar_palabunda : ..............................and now I'm hungry. *sarcastic claps* thanks Ernie -____-
papa_ep : @pilar_palabunda #MyYachtIsYourYacht
lizzy_anna : βœ‹
c_pierce1 : @nkarns YEA he is ;)
msluvlie1 : Uh yeah I know him...ppsshh!
bunneeeeee : Those tags πŸ˜‚
oreomama10 - cholegenee - iamjsaludes - smexyfoxx -
When @jjljjl comes to visit, this is the perfect happy ending | @stonebrewingco #eviltwinbrewing #stillwaterartisanalales #supersergios
stillwaterartisanalales - supersergios - eviltwinbrewing -
janetahna - sharonxkeeem - sophietang - eddietai -
Awesome weekend with #goodcompany #Darren @geneve_peredo @maitai_luv #tobecontinued #nextweek #themorethemerrier #cavekayaktour #everydaycalifornia #sealions #lajollashores #philsbbq #ribs #sanmarcos #madcomedyclub #donfreison #DTSD #supersergios #carneasadafries #kearnymesa #hashhouseagogo #brunch #hillcrest #elmixteca #chamango #eatwell #workoutharder #willpower #liveloveLAUGH #seaturtle #fever #groupme
fever - madcomedyclub - philsbbq - groupme - elmixteca - livelovelaugh - themorethemerrier - dtsd - hillcrest - donfreison - lajollashores - darren - brunch - supersergios - chamango - sanmarcos - sealions - cavekayaktour - ribs - hashhouseagogo - willpower - nextweek - tobecontinued - eatwell - seaturtle - carneasadafries - workoutharder - everydaycalifornia - kearnymesa - goodcompany -
h.ilarys - lovelylovelee - kalikalikali88 - geneve_peredo -
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