So much power in such a tiny word. πŸ’— #sundaymorningdoodles #doodleart #doodles #colorful #colofulart #sparkles #fat #fatart #fatandhappy #wordsiwannalove #detail
fatandhappy - colorful - wordsiwannalove - detail - fat - colofulart - fatart - sundaymorningdoodles - sparkles - doodles - doodleart -
kyeli : I love this so hard. πŸ’™
lvkruss : Beautiful
sista_amy_catherine - alexxahaas - amandajoypottery - bobbykazada -
Let love bloom. #sundaymorningdoodles
sundaymorningdoodles -
joske63 - m.rijsenbrij - agnymarie_2001 - bijdedijk -
#sundaymorningdoodles Nov. 15, 2015
sundaymorningdoodles -
I haven't been sleeping lately but I'm too tired to think so I just paint tiny colorful doodles and let my mind wander. Smaller than my hand. #missingsleep #sundaymorningdoodles #doodles #doodleart #colorfulart #freehand #watercolor #nofilter #rainbow #rainbowart
rainbow - colorfulart - rainbowart - watercolor - sundaymorningdoodles - doodles - freehand - nofilter - missingsleep - doodleart -
peachyapril : Gorgeous as always!
mypetdevil : I want to own your work!
nichoggan - chazzledazzle_them - the_birdbath - fashionbird35 -
#SundayMorningDoodles #DCG
dcg - sundaymorningdoodles -
evaqshen : πŸ‘πŸ†’
djleakjones - knoe_brown - bryanmolano - spliff_huxtable -
This Bible belongs to: a sinner in need of God's grace #sundaymorningdoodles #illustratedfaith
illustratedfaith - sundaymorningdoodles -
kindiekins : I have doodle envy. ☺️
amybusby03 : Where in the world did u learn to write like that?!! U should get paid for that kind of writing lol
jljacobs : What kinds of pens do you use? I am just learning how to use calligraphy pens.
smittenwithfirst : @amybusby03 haha!! lots of trial and errorπŸ™ˆ
smittenwithfirst : @jljacobs this was just a cheap precision pen from Target. I have not tried calligraphy pena
emarsenault7 - mckaylin.21 - thea.r.t.journey - montessorifuntimes -
I never dreamed about flying, but I always wished I did. #sundaymorningdoodles #ballpoint #redlead on #birchpanel #propellerhead
propellerhead - ballpoint - redlead - birchpanel - sundaymorningdoodles -
nightmareexpress : I β™‘ this
kbsmradio - samgreenleila - art_rouge - abdu_rahuman_ -
Some days you have to make your own sunrise. Been so busy lately, no time. Hope to get some painting in next weekend when I finally make it home. #sunrise #makeyourownsunrise #colorful #colorfulart #sundaymorningdoodles #lookingforthepausebutton #watercolor #freehand #freehandart
lookingforthepausebutton - colorfulart - colorful - watercolor - freehandart - makeyourownsunrise - sundaymorningdoodles - freehand - sunrise -
lvkruss : So beautiful πŸŒžπŸ’›
inspiredjae : πŸ’–
whiskeysquirrel - _kylie_17_ - _bruna.leal_ - danielle.bex -
I think I should make this into a print. And staple it to my forehead. #sundaymorningdoodles #illustration #drawing #handdrawntype #stress #doodle
stress - handdrawntype - sundaymorningdoodles - doodle - drawing - illustration -
chentzu69 - wearedotdashdesign - clapinkart - drawing_luay -
"Burky on TV" #ink #inktober #inktober2015 #illustration #sundaymorningdoodles
sundaymorningdoodles - inktober - illustration - inktober2015 - ink -
oktaviart - valdeargos - tattedskin - satupuluh -
Just doodles on black paper. Never know how they are gonna turn out until done. #sundaymorningdoodles #blackpaper #doodle #doodles #doodleart #mandalas #feehand #surprisedesign #colorfulart #colorful
surprisedesign - colorfulart - doodle - feehand - mandalas - sundaymorningdoodles - doodles - blackpaper - colorful - doodleart -
lvkruss : Gorgeous
z0mbiemama_draws : Thats awesome!
janeandginger : 😍
koalwar : Looks amazing, you are so talented x
dangedange : πŸ‘ŒπŸΊ
tnd_267 - kynsa_arts - punkyb77038 - anthonettemarie -
#sundaymorningdoodles #idoodle #ballpoint #bluelead on #birchpanel w/ the help of gallerist and Art Journalist @artabovereality I have some direction for my latest onslaught of craziness. Thanks Badir you really are great at what you do. #vaudeville #buildingcharacters #buildingstories
idoodle - ballpoint - buildingstories - bluelead - birchpanel - vaudeville - buildingcharacters - sundaymorningdoodles -
artabovereality : Thank you brother!! Can't wait!! #Vaudevillain!
kbsmradio - e_stayblazed - _dethebvrber - __xomilkyox__ -
Listen To Popeye. #voteforever #sundaymorningdoodles #sketchybook #penandink #calligraphyshit #popeyeknows #poolparty
popeyeknows - calligraphyshit - sundaymorningdoodles - poolparty - penandink - voteforever - sketchybook -
lovekills206 : : @lovekills206 @10chickenswings πŸ™πŸ˜β€οΈ
lovekills206 - jazzysf - el_diore - emilyrosemakeup -
When your little brother asks you to draw Harry Potter on the fly. #harrypotter #sundaymorningdoodles #wowhisneckislong #awesome #nottooshabby
nottooshabby - awesome - wowhisneckislong - sundaymorningdoodles - harrypotter -
maggie_mcculloch : Eyebrows on fleek
livin_la_vida_shorty : @margopolo14 πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Yaas! - potter_14_heads - buffalo_buddy - zoe_salazar02 -
Not quite as babe but I did my best at drawing @marianozeppa #drawing #sketch #art #sundayMorningDoodles
sketch - art - drawing - sundaymorningdoodles -
joshuaganyon - sk8rdan - lemo_monster - vernonmjames -
-"Never lose touch with your inner child." πŸ’•πŸ‘Œ #ChildrensMinistry #bigkid #SundayMorningDoodles
bigkid - childrensministry - sundaymorningdoodles -
shinypastor : Thanks so much for investing in & loving my kids! Proud to serve alongside you & @sherri501 in spreading the hope of Christ!
brianna_todor - mackenzzee - kota.michelle - camilletrlt -
Here's a fun morning doodle done with different gel pens. The shiny black lacquer is actually dry! I love all the textures. β˜ΊοΈπŸ’€πŸ’™ #SundayMorningDoodle #SundayMorningDoodles #skull #skullart #opulant #skullobsession #iloveskulls #sparkle #glitter #shiny #patentleather #waatsoti #blackpaper
iloveskulls - skullart - skull - sundaymorningdoodle - shiny - opulant - blackpaper - patentleather - sparkle - waatsoti - sundaymorningdoodles - glitter - skullobsession -
lvkruss : O.M.G!!!! πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ
mrsking91011 : How fun! I think these skills would make great prints in pillows...
gnightirene : @lvkruss I thought of you the whole time I drew it! πŸ˜‰
gnightirene : @mrsking91011 someday!
z0mbiemama_draws : Thats awesome!
total_ko_m : That's awesome. ❀️😍
z0mbiemama_draws - punkyb77038 - shopellegray - gingerwarrior73 -
Starlight Sunday morning doodles...just a brain breather of mindless meanderings. #sundaymorningdoodle #sundaymorningdoodles #starlight #mindlessmeanderings #mindless #magic #stardust #doodles #colorfulart #blackpaper #freehand #brainbreather #sparkle #shootingstar #pixiedust #pixie
colorfulart - sundaymorningdoodle - pixie - stardust - mindlessmeanderings - freehand - pixiedust - shootingstar - magic - starlight - brainbreather - blackpaper - sparkle - mindless - sundaymorningdoodles - doodles -
twinks295 : Wow! Love the colours 😊
pouyasnap : Great!
arbolitomexart : Beautiful!
z0mbiemama : β™‘
daintymagicpaws : i've been following you for some time and have always enjoyed your wonderful work. there was a little while where you weren't really posting so i just wanted to say that i'm so very happy for you that you're able to do your art at this time. being a fellow artist i know how good it feels to get back at the brush after things in life get in the way. sincerely, good for you :3
gnightirene : @daintymagicpaws thank you so much. It is hard sometimes to find the time and inspiration, but you are right, it feels so good when you can! 😊
z0mbiemama_draws - pouyasnap - disastrousrose -
Every Sunday I try to just let the colors do the talking in a #SundayMorningDoodle , this was harder than I thought it would be. Added the lo-fi filter to make the colors pop! #SundayMorningDoodles #colorfulart #freehand #rainbow #rainbowart #swirlyart #swirl #doodle #doodles #watercolor
rainbow - swirlyart - colorfulart - sundaymorningdoodle - doodle - watercolor - sundaymorningdoodles - doodles - swirl - freehand - rainbowart -
shanabirdart : Love!!
gnightirene : @shanabirdart thank you so much! ❀️
filipe.lelis : Simplesmente demais! @lelisdemorais olha os desenhos deste cara
gnightirene : @filipe.lelis Obrigado 😊
shanabirdart - gingerwarrior73 - v_artsparadise - spiritcrystalhealingibiza -
Playing with doodles and mirrors. If I could lay off my detail it would look like Hawaiian quilts. Gets ya thinking..... #doodle #doodles #mirrors #toobusy #sundaymorningdoodles #colorful #colorfulart #mindless
colorful - colorfulart - mirrors - doodle - mindless - sundaymorningdoodles - doodles - toobusy -
givenfrederik : flbck @gnightirene
lvkruss : This is stunning!!!!!πŸ’™πŸ’œ
pipvintagehire : Do you sell you artwork? x
shanabirdart - renee.anastasiascolari - rae.west - yo.grandma.finna.slay -
Kitten wearing KM #mykm #weedressup #weegallery #sundaymorningdoodles #drawing #dressup
sundaymorningdoodles - drawing - mykm - weegallery - dressup - weedressup -
billieandaxel : ❀❀❀
billieandaxel - weegallery - rod4eto - annachapmanofficial -
Safe to say I was bored this morning πŸŽ¨πŸ““βœοΈπŸ’­ #sundaymorningdoodles
may1 - sundaymorningdoodles -
pufffaluffagus : @logicthegriot I have the bobble head in my room 🌱😍
logicthegriot : Swear??? Thats hella dope lbs you the real mvp . Gaurdians of the galaxy was so dope
pufffaluffagus : @logicthegriot mmhmm I got it for Valentine's Day and got the movie for Christmas 😁😁😁
logicthegriot : Thats so much love πŸ˜©πŸ™ŒπŸ½, def a movie to have in the collection i'm hype for part 2 & avengers 2 going to be so amazing man marvel is incredible
pufffaluffagus : @logicthegriot yes!!!
logicthegriot : Def an honor to meet another marvel fan! When the next movie drop we def have to talk about it, hope you're having an excellent sunday & keep doodling truly appreciate the artwork seriously
pufffaluffagus : @logicthegriot thanks love ☺️☺️ well definitely have a discussion lol #May1
yingyangtwinsiowacity : Watch Ying Yang Twins Live in Iowa City May 1st!! Follow us back for more info! #DanceParty
logicthegriot - run.ashantay - kidcody25 - snowangel_20 -
Finally time for a Sunday morning doodle. Thankful for bubbles, laughter, and love. #sundaymorningdoodle #sundaymorningdoodles #colorful #colorfulart #blackpaper #doodles #henna #hennadesigns #thankful
hennadesigns - colorfulart - colorful - sundaymorningdoodle - henna - blackpaper - thankful - sundaymorningdoodles - doodles -
mrsking91011 : @gnightirene so pretty!! Miss you!
janeandginger : Loving this mucho!
noms411 : I love this one!! ❀
gnightirene : @misscharlieking miss you too!! πŸ’™
gnightirene : @noms411 thanks! Been having fun with black paper. πŸ’™
the_birdbath - haeskit - jackmeadstylist -
#waaaaylatergram #thiswillbefunnysomeday #SundayMorningDoodles #thebestbrotherawardgoesto
waaaaylatergram - thebestbrotherawardgoesto - thiswillbefunnysomeday - sundaymorningdoodles -
Tiny Sunday Morning Doodle. Reminds me of confetti! #sundaymorningdoodle #sundaymorningdoodles #colorful #colorfulart #instaart #doodles #confetti #rainbow #rainbowart #blackpaper #freehandart #freehand
rainbow - colorfulart - colorful - sundaymorningdoodle - blackpaper - instaart - freehandart - sundaymorningdoodles - freehand - confetti - doodles - rainbowart -
britter1109 : What media do you use? It looks kinda like paint pens
gnightirene : @britter1109 usually I use watercolor, I just got these jelly roll pens last week and have been playing with them. They have a night and soufflé version that work great on black paper.
britter1109 : I dig it @gnightirene
bagofdope : i like this one!
dmecmatos - - ally.inwonderland - pride_site -
And every tear I've cried, You hold in Your hands 🎢 I had a major moment of worship just now when Casting Crowns came on and it felt good. Psalm 121 is like "yo God is on our side and He ain't leaving." And I think that's super rad coz I mean to know there's a great Someone who knows what They're doing AND cares for me? That's just really reassuring πŸ˜€ #castingcrowns #psalms #Godisgoodallthetime #allthetimeGodisgood #littlebearedoodles #art #instaart #artofinstagram #sketches #worshiptime
sketches - allthetimegodisgood - art - psalms - worshiptime - godisgoodallthetime - instaart - littlebearedoodles - castingcrowns - artofinstagram -
blue_nightwing23 - live4mohr - michell.mary - _zimricat -
A swirly #SundayMorningDoodle it's been a while! Fun to just let the colors do the walking. #watercolor #freehand #sundaymorningdoodles #doodles #colorful #instaart #colorfulart #rainbow #rainbowart
rainbow - colorful - colorfulart - instaart - sundaymorningdoodle - watercolor - sundaymorningdoodles - freehand - doodles - rainbowart -
filipe.lelis : Muito boa a tua arte! Gostei mesmo!! Congrats
ally.inwonderland - noms411 - gemeinschaftprojekt - tiri.tumoru -
Just a Sunday Morning Doodle squeezed into a busy day. I long for a lazy day. #sundaymorningdoodle #sundaymorningdoodles #colorful #rainbow #instaart #watercolor #painting #lazydaylonging
rainbow - colorful - instaart - sundaymorningdoodle - watercolor - sundaymorningdoodles - lazydaylonging - painting -
noms411 - mica_lynn_photography - teresafranta -
I'm not a sports fan, but I do love and miss this beautiful city! Go Seahawks!!πŸ’šπŸ’™πŸ˜πŸ˜ #seattlehasmyheart #superbowlmeansparties #ilikeparties #sundaymorningdoodles
ilikeparties - sundaymorningdoodles - superbowlmeansparties - seattlehasmyheart -
littleaves : Ahh I'm here for the first time and I'm in love. Fans here are insanely dedicated
carolinepartyrock : Dang I'm jealous sis!! πŸ˜‚ have a blast!😘😘❀️ @littleaves
sarahballer98 : Patriots all the way
laurenpaige_anderson - atalie2015 - a_jaddde - ashtyn_mallory17 -
Life has been too crazy for art these days, but I guess that IS life. Trying to learn to cherish all that is life, crazy bits and all. Life moves too quickly and passes before you know it. 2 sleepless nights and a lot of love created this for my true friend. Love those that are in your life, they are the color in my art. ❀ #sundaymorningdoodles #sundaymorningdoodle @ritamdav #sunset #sunsets #watercolor #powerofthree #painting
powerofthree - instaart - sunsets - art - colorful - colorfulart - sundaymorningdoodle - crazylife - crazy - watercolor - watercolorpainting - sunset - sundaymorningdoodles - painting -
lvkruss : ❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️
jojomarie : ❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️ it's beautiful!!
noms411 : ❀ love you!!
ritamdav : Thank you for capturing his last words to me... πŸ˜­πŸ˜‚πŸ˜­ I love you and am grateful for you.
witch.wifey : MISSED YOU!!
gnightirene : @witch.wifey awww! That made my night! Thanks!!! Looking for more time. 😊
gnightirene : @ta2edbeauty Thank you for all the πŸ’— you made my day!! ☺
gnightirene : @duchessofpizza thank you for all the πŸ’—. I needed it tonight.
noms411 - mystery_manufactory - dragonsnflies - katharina.sofia -
I think it's a tree. #sundaymorningdoodles
sundaymorningdoodles -
jamixb - countrycutiekasey - the_totochu_minion -
How cute is my lil sis... @janeandginger ?!? She posted this and made me cry! She took my art and turned it into jewelry. I am so proud of her. She makes the most amazing custom jewelry all handmade! My favorites are these sets of 3 that I call Match Mixed because they don't exactly match but you can wear them together or mix them up. It's 3 looks in one. If you are looking for a gift for you or for someone else...check her out!!! #imaluckybigsis #ilovemylilsis #sundaymorningdoodle #sundaymorningdoodles #handmade #jewelry #madeinhawaii #sister #inspiration
ilovemylilsis - matchmixed - sundaymorningdoodle - creativejewelry - inspiring - sistergifts - iwant - sisters - art - madeinhawaii - inspiration - sister - jewelry - customjewelry - imaluckybigsis - giftideas - handmade - hawaii - instaart - inspiredbyhawaii - sunset - sundaymorningdoodles - sunsetart -
gnightirene : #giftideas #customjewelry #sisters #sistergifts #instaart #art #inspiring #creativejewelry #hawaii #inspiredbyhawaii #sunset #sunsetart #iwant
gnightirene : #matchmixed
sachandcha : How cute!
janeandginger : Love you Mel!!! Don't stop doodling!!!!!
_simplybeau : Hey doll check my page I have great deals on beauty blenders in 5 different colors β€οΈπŸ’‹
spiritusdesigns - wealthvisionluxury -
So I haven't had much time to post these days between work and helping my Baby Sis get ready for her baby girl! I was honored to be able to paint this mural with another one of my sisters @janeandginger ! Then I gold leafed the bumble bees on top. Plus I reupholstered this recycled glider. I'm so excited to meet my new niece!!! πŸ’—πŸπŸ’—#mural #babynursery #babygirl #bumblebee #goldleaf #peach #golden #rockingchair #nursery #babysis
babysis - golden - babygirl - rockingchair - babyideas - peach - sundaymorningdoodle - babynursery - bumblebee - grey - mural - nurseryideas - nursery - sundaymorningdoodles - painting - goldleaf -
gnightirene : @lvkruss thank you my friend!
madmargaretrod76 : Hubby is artist... it is a rare gift.... @gnightirene
z0mbiemama : Awww.
janeandginger : It looks awesome! We rock! πŸ‘―
megzmakeup : Soooo cute!!
gnightirene : @megzmakeup thank you! Baby should be here this next week!!!
lovenati : WHAT?!?! I love it!!!
gnightirene : @lovenati awww! Thanks for all the love! Made my day!! 😊❀️
square_but_rolling - chubby_._pixie -
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