Been working on crocheting a baby blanket, matching tattoos for the hubby and me and feeling a little a fractured, so plying with watercolor in a new freehand doodle. One day at a time. #fractured #freehand #crochet #Cardinal #tattooideas #colorful #colorfulart #doodles #sundaymorningdoodles #snowflake #trysomethingneweveryday #watercolor #wip #workinprogress
tattooideas - colorful - colorfulart - snowflake - crochet - fractured - trysomethingneweveryday - watercolor - cardinal - sundaymorningdoodles - wip - freehand - doodles - workinprogress -
total_ko_m : Can't wait to see the tat ideas and your crochet project. Hope you have a great dayπŸ’œ
joannatown_for : ❀️❀️❀️❀️
dougucuo : πŸ’– @hey_apo so cool
janeandginger : Can't wait to come squeeze you! Shall I bring some glue!? πŸ’”β€οΈ
lloyd_dono - historiadefogo - alexxahaas - esahkennedy -
#romans #law #grace #gracethroughfaith #sundaymorningdoodles #thegraceofGod
romans - law - sundaymorningdoodles - gracethroughfaith - thegraceofgod - grace -
dominoe - mommajean6 - ryliehelms_44 - bkilmer03 -
sundaymorningdoodles -
otalajudith - amaraagatha - ace_doublee_ugee - steven_kigozi -
#sundaymorningdoodles #WIP for #thevaudevillian #feb27th2016 #Gallery38 #losangeles
losangeles - gallery38 - feb27th2016 - wip - thevaudevillian - sundaymorningdoodles -
ncwinkersart - georgisworld - edgarallenhoh - _karesh_ -
Sunday morning doodles...just want a pause button on adulting. Fun to let the colors wander on the paper. Reminds me of being under the water! #sundaymorningart #sundaymorningdoodle #sundaymorningdoodles #freehand #colorful #colorfulart #underthesea #ocean #ilovetheocean #watercolor #theblues
theblues - colorfulart - colorful - sundaymorningdoodle - ocean - watercolor - sundaymorningart - sundaymorningdoodles - underthesea - freehand - ilovetheocean -
daintymagicpaws : how do you get the color breaks so crisp? it looks like your color clouds bleed into each other with these impossibly perfect white lines. i'm just beginning to dabble more in watercolor, i'm used to acrylics, and i have you to thank for the media change up. you're so inspiring! i love how vibrant yet gentle the color is with watercolor. you're a wonderful artist! πŸ’•πŸŽ¨πŸ™Œ
redpanda_e : Beautiful!
lvkruss : πŸ’™
gnightirene : @daintymagicpaws you seriously made my day!! I was terrified of watercolor, now I am hooked. The crisp lines are from a lot of practice and patience, but someone told me last week there is a masking fluid you can get. I haven't tried it but I want to. Thank you for your kind words!
gnightirene : @redpanda_e thank you
daintymagicpaws : that's how i've felt about watercolors for years now, i'm nervous because i like little detail and haven't been able to let myself be comfortable in more loose motions. trying to loosen up and give in to the watercolor😊 thanks for the advice and i'm glad i could return the favor, your work makes me smile so often!πŸ˜€
mapasequestoes - art_is_whimsical - diasor13 - kitcadoodle -
A Car, a Torch, a Death #tøp #sundaymorningdoodles
sundaymorningdoodles - tΓΈp -
caleb.johnson77 - samanthafiore - kassiegraft - nora_long27 -
Sunday Morning Doodles, just playing with color. So relaxing. #sundaymorningdoodles #sundaymorningdoodle #doodle #doodleart #colorful #colorfulart #watercolor #freehand #sundaymorningart #clouds #color
clouds - colorfulart - colorful - sundaymorningdoodle - doodle - watercolor - color - sundaymorningart - sundaymorningdoodles - freehand - doodleart -
sista_amy_catherine : Do you use miskit?
gnightirene : @sista_amy_catherine hmmm? What's miskit?
gnightirene : @amybeth58 thanks cuz! Bummer I missed the gingerbread build off! Looked like lots of fun! Miss you and LOVE you!!
sista_amy_catherine : It's like a rubber paint you can paint on your paper before you apply color. Then once you apply color you can just pull off the miskit and it leaves the white paper exposed. It helps to keep those clean lines you make. Freehand?! Amazing!
simplyshpadoinkle : ^^^Masking fluid? I love that stuff.
gnightirene : @sista_amy_catherine and @simplyshpadoinkle hahahha! I feel lame, I never even THOUGHT about that! I just like to doodle without any planning. I'm gonna look into that.
sista_amy_catherine : Hey if you can do that freehand all the more power to you! And don't use an expensive brush if you do use it. It mucks it up quick but it's fun to play with!
bburklund : @mrzacharyandrew that looks like so much fun!!!
riddelldoodles - inanityandthegirl - dolphin12ys - rainbowboxface -
Somedays are blue days. Too much happening...whirlwind doodles. #colorfulart #doodles #doodleart #sundaymorningdoodles #blue #bluedays #freehand #watercolor #whirlwinddoodles #doodle
blue - colorfulart - doodle - bluedays - watercolor - whirlwinddoodles - sundaymorningdoodles - freehand - doodles - doodleart -
lvkruss : Beautiful!
peachyapril : Sooooo pretty. This would be an awesome fabric print!
rainbowboxface - kynsa_arts - amandajoypottery - c.storeyart -
So much power in such a tiny word. πŸ’— #sundaymorningdoodles #doodleart #doodles #colorful #colofulart #sparkles #fat #fatart #fatandhappy #wordsiwannalove #detail
fatandhappy - colorful - wordsiwannalove - detail - fat - colofulart - fatart - sundaymorningdoodles - sparkles - doodles - doodleart -
kyeli : I love this so hard. πŸ’™
lvkruss : Beautiful
sista_amy_catherine - amandajoypottery - alexxahaas - bobbykazada -
Let love bloom. #sundaymorningdoodles
sundaymorningdoodles -
magda_kon - diana_sd15 - joske63 - bijdedijk -
#sundaymorningdoodles Nov. 15, 2015
sundaymorningdoodles -
I haven't been sleeping lately but I'm too tired to think so I just paint tiny colorful doodles and let my mind wander. Smaller than my hand. #missingsleep #sundaymorningdoodles #doodles #doodleart #colorfulart #freehand #watercolor #nofilter #rainbow #rainbowart
rainbow - colorfulart - rainbowart - watercolor - sundaymorningdoodles - doodles - freehand - nofilter - missingsleep - doodleart -
peachyapril : Gorgeous as always!
mypetdevil : I want to own your work!
nichoggan - the_birdbath - jamnitzer - fashionbird35 -
#SundayMorningDoodles #ArtbyDCG #DCG
dcg - artbydcg - sundaymorningdoodles -
evaqshen : πŸ‘πŸ†’
guadarramaivan - gcyoshi - devan_5150 - bryanmolano -
This Bible belongs to: a sinner in need of God's grace #sundaymorningdoodles #illustratedfaith
illustratedfaith - sundaymorningdoodles -
kindiekins : I have doodle envy. ☺️
amybusby03 : Where in the world did u learn to write like that?!! U should get paid for that kind of writing lol
jljacobs : What kinds of pens do you use? I am just learning how to use calligraphy pens.
smittenwithfirst : @amybusby03 haha!! lots of trial and errorπŸ™ˆ
smittenwithfirst : @jljacobs this was just a cheap precision pen from Target. I have not tried calligraphy pena
emarsenault7 - mckaylin.21 - thea.r.t.journey - montessorifuntimes -
I never dreamed about flying, but I always wished I did. #sundaymorningdoodles #ballpoint #redlead on #birchpanel #propellerhead
propellerhead - ballpoint - redlead - birchpanel - sundaymorningdoodles -
nightmareexpress : I β™‘ this
kbsmradio - samgreenleila - chesire_angora - abdu_rahuman_ -
Some days you have to make your own sunrise. Been so busy lately, no time. Hope to get some painting in next weekend when I finally make it home. #sunrise #makeyourownsunrise #colorful #colorfulart #sundaymorningdoodles #lookingforthepausebutton #watercolor #freehand #freehandart
lookingforthepausebutton - colorfulart - colorful - watercolor - freehandart - makeyourownsunrise - sundaymorningdoodles - freehand - sunrise -
lvkruss : So beautiful πŸŒžπŸ’›
inspiredjae : πŸ’–
z0mbiemama_draws - flowers.for.eyes - _bruna.leal_ - danielle.bex -
I think I should make this into a print. And staple it to my forehead. #sundaymorningdoodles #illustration #drawing #handdrawntype #stress #doodle
stress - handdrawntype - sundaymorningdoodles - doodle - drawing - illustration -
chentzu69 - wearedotdashdesign - clapinkart - drawing_luay -
"Burky on TV" #ink #inktober #inktober2015 #illustration #sundaymorningdoodles
sundaymorningdoodles - inktober - illustration - inktober2015 - ink -
oktaviart - valdeargos - tattedskin - satupuluh -
Just doodles on black paper. Never know how they are gonna turn out until done. #sundaymorningdoodles #blackpaper #doodle #doodles #doodleart #mandalas #feehand #surprisedesign #colorfulart #colorful
surprisedesign - colorfulart - doodle - feehand - mandalas - sundaymorningdoodles - doodles - blackpaper - colorful - doodleart -
lvkruss : Gorgeous
z0mbiemama_draws : Thats awesome!
janeandginger : 😍
koalwar : Looks amazing, you are so talented x
dangedange : πŸ‘ŒπŸΊ
kynsa_arts - tnd_art - punkyb77038 - anthonettemarie -
#sundaymorningdoodles #idoodle #ballpoint #bluelead on #birchpanel w/ the help of gallerist and Art Journalist @artabovereality I have some direction for my latest onslaught of craziness. Thanks Badir you really are great at what you do. #vaudeville #buildingcharacters #buildingstories
idoodle - ballpoint - buildingstories - bluelead - birchpanel - vaudeville - buildingcharacters - sundaymorningdoodles -
artabovereality : Thank you brother!! Can't wait!! #Vaudevillain!
kbsmradio - e_stayblazed - _dethebvrber - __emily__y -
Listen To Popeye. #voteforever #sundaymorningdoodles #sketchybook #penandink #calligraphyshit #popeyeknows #poolparty
popeyeknows - calligraphyshit - sundaymorningdoodles - poolparty - penandink - voteforever - sketchybook -
lovekills206 : : @lovekills206 @10chickenswings πŸ™πŸ˜β€οΈ
lovekills206 - el_diore - davidfoarde - jazzysf -
When your little brother asks you to draw Harry Potter on the fly. #harrypotter #sundaymorningdoodles #wowhisneckislong #awesome #nottooshabby
nottooshabby - awesome - wowhisneckislong - sundaymorningdoodles - harrypotter -
maggie_mcculloch : Eyebrows on fleek
livin_la_vida_shorty : @margopolo14 πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Yaas!
_.unicorn._.twin._ - potter_14_heads - buffalo_buddy - zoe_salazar02 -
Not quite as babe but I did my best at drawing @marianozeppa #drawing #sketch #art #sundayMorningDoodles
sketch - art - drawing - sundaymorningdoodles -
joshuaganyon - sk8rdan - lemo_monster - vernonmjames -
-"Never lose touch with your inner child." πŸ’•πŸ‘Œ #ChildrensMinistry #bigkid #SundayMorningDoodles
bigkid - childrensministry - sundaymorningdoodles -
shinypastor : Thanks so much for investing in & loving my kids! Proud to serve alongside you & @sherri501 in spreading the hope of Christ!
brianna_todor - mackenzzee - kota.michelle - camilletrlt -
Here's a fun morning doodle done with different gel pens. The shiny black lacquer is actually dry! I love all the textures. β˜ΊοΈπŸ’€πŸ’™ #SundayMorningDoodle #SundayMorningDoodles #skull #skullart #opulant #skullobsession #iloveskulls #sparkle #glitter #shiny #patentleather #waatsoti #blackpaper
iloveskulls - skullart - skull - sundaymorningdoodle - shiny - opulant - blackpaper - patentleather - sparkle - waatsoti - sundaymorningdoodles - glitter - skullobsession -
lvkruss : O.M.G!!!! πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ
mrsking91011 : How fun! I think these skills would make great prints in pillows...
gnightirene : @lvkruss I thought of you the whole time I drew it! πŸ˜‰
gnightirene : @mrsking91011 someday!
z0mbiemama_draws : Thats awesome!
total_ko_m : That's awesome. ❀️😍
z0mbiemama_draws - punkyb77038 - shopellegray - gingerwarrior73 -
Starlight Sunday morning doodles...just a brain breather of mindless meanderings. #sundaymorningdoodle #sundaymorningdoodles #starlight #mindlessmeanderings #mindless #magic #stardust #doodles #colorfulart #blackpaper #freehand #brainbreather #sparkle #shootingstar #pixiedust #pixie
colorfulart - sundaymorningdoodle - pixie - stardust - mindlessmeanderings - freehand - pixiedust - shootingstar - magic - starlight - brainbreather - blackpaper - sparkle - mindless - sundaymorningdoodles - doodles -
twinks295 : Wow! Love the colours 😊
pouyasnap : Great!
arbolitomexart : Beautiful!
z0mbiemama : β™‘
daintymagicpaws : i've been following you for some time and have always enjoyed your wonderful work. there was a little while where you weren't really posting so i just wanted to say that i'm so very happy for you that you're able to do your art at this time. being a fellow artist i know how good it feels to get back at the brush after things in life get in the way. sincerely, good for you :3
gnightirene : @daintymagicpaws thank you so much. It is hard sometimes to find the time and inspiration, but you are right, it feels so good when you can! 😊
pouyasnap - fermalagrida - disastrousrose -
Every Sunday I try to just let the colors do the talking in a #SundayMorningDoodle , this was harder than I thought it would be. Added the lo-fi filter to make the colors pop! #SundayMorningDoodles #colorfulart #freehand #rainbow #rainbowart #swirlyart #swirl #doodle #doodles #watercolor
rainbow - swirlyart - colorfulart - sundaymorningdoodle - doodle - watercolor - sundaymorningdoodles - doodles - swirl - freehand - rainbowart -
shanabirdart : Love!!
gnightirene : @shanabirdart thank you so much! ❀️
filipe.lelis : Simplesmente demais! @lelisdemorais olha os desenhos deste cara
gnightirene : @filipe.lelis Obrigado 😊
shanabirdart - gingerwarrior73 - v_artsparadise - spiritcrystalhealingibiza -
Playing with doodles and mirrors. If I could lay off my detail it would look like Hawaiian quilts. Gets ya thinking..... #doodle #doodles #mirrors #toobusy #sundaymorningdoodles #colorful #colorfulart #mindless
colorful - colorfulart - mirrors - doodle - mindless - sundaymorningdoodles - doodles - toobusy -
givenfrederik : flbck @gnightirene
lvkruss : This is stunning!!!!!πŸ’™πŸ’œ
pipvintagehire : Do you sell you artwork? x
shanabirdart - renee.anastasiascolari - rae.west - -
Kitten wearing KM #mykm #weedressup #weegallery #sundaymorningdoodles #drawing #dressup
sundaymorningdoodles - drawing - mykm - weegallery - dressup - weedressup -
billieandaxel : ❀❀❀
billieandaxel - weegallery - rod4eto - anna_chapman_odejda -
Safe to say I was bored this morning πŸŽ¨πŸ““βœοΈπŸ’­ #sundaymorningdoodles
may1 - sundaymorningdoodles -
pufffaluffagus : @logicthegriot I have the bobble head in my room 🌱😍
logicthegriot : Swear??? Thats hella dope lbs you the real mvp . Gaurdians of the galaxy was so dope
pufffaluffagus : @logicthegriot mmhmm I got it for Valentine's Day and got the movie for Christmas 😁😁😁
logicthegriot : Thats so much love πŸ˜©πŸ™ŒπŸ½, def a movie to have in the collection i'm hype for part 2 & avengers 2 going to be so amazing man marvel is incredible
pufffaluffagus : @logicthegriot yes!!!
logicthegriot : Def an honor to meet another marvel fan! When the next movie drop we def have to talk about it, hope you're having an excellent sunday & keep doodling truly appreciate the artwork seriously
pufffaluffagus : @logicthegriot thanks love ☺️☺️ well definitely have a discussion lol #May1
yingyangtwinsiowacity : Watch Ying Yang Twins Live in Iowa City May 1st!! Follow us back for more info! #DanceParty
logicthegriot - run.ashantay - kidcody25 - snowangel_20 -
Finally time for a Sunday morning doodle. Thankful for bubbles, laughter, and love. #sundaymorningdoodle #sundaymorningdoodles #colorful #colorfulart #blackpaper #doodles #henna #hennadesigns #thankful
hennadesigns - colorfulart - colorful - sundaymorningdoodle - henna - blackpaper - thankful - sundaymorningdoodles - doodles -
mrsking91011 : @gnightirene so pretty!! Miss you!
janeandginger : Loving this mucho!
noms411 : I love this one!! ❀
gnightirene : @misscharlieking miss you too!! πŸ’™
gnightirene : @noms411 thanks! Been having fun with black paper. πŸ’™
the_birdbath - haeskit - jackmeadstylist -
Tiny Sunday Morning Doodle. Reminds me of confetti! #sundaymorningdoodle #sundaymorningdoodles #colorful #colorfulart #instaart #doodles #confetti #rainbow #rainbowart #blackpaper #freehandart #freehand
rainbow - colorfulart - colorful - sundaymorningdoodle - blackpaper - instaart - freehandart - sundaymorningdoodles - freehand - confetti - doodles - rainbowart -
britter1109 : What media do you use? It looks kinda like paint pens
gnightirene : @britter1109 usually I use watercolor, I just got these jelly roll pens last week and have been playing with them. They have a night and soufflé version that work great on black paper.
britter1109 : I dig it @gnightirene
bagofdope : i like this one!
dmecmatos - - ally.inwonderland - pride_site -
And every tear I've cried, You hold in Your hands 🎢 I had a major moment of worship just now when Casting Crowns came on and it felt good. Psalm 121 is like "yo God is on our side and He ain't leaving." And I think that's super rad coz I mean to know there's a great Someone who knows what They're doing AND cares for me? That's just really reassuring πŸ˜€ #castingcrowns #psalms #Godisgoodallthetime #allthetimeGodisgood #littlebearedoodles #art #instaart #artofinstagram #sketches #worshiptime
sketches - allthetimegodisgood - art - psalms - worshiptime - godisgoodallthetime - instaart - littlebearedoodles - castingcrowns - artofinstagram -
blue_nightwing23 - live4mohr - michell.mary - _zimricat -
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