"All I Need In This Life Of Sin Is Me And My Girlfriend" #DenimShirtIn1997Not2012 #NikeFlight #ShoeLaceGang #SummerHolidaysWithMum #throwbackthursday
denimshirtin1997not2012 - throwbackthursday - nikeflight - iwont - shoelacegang - summerholidayswithmum - lmao -
en_wae : @blackboigambino some peeps dey make too much noise abt it nw..like dey just discovered gold underneath their homes
en_wae : @tennysontay u dey kai say u u teach me ds lacing for class 4? LMAO!
yassminn : Please stop abusing the '#' . Stop it now
en_wae : @yassminn #LMAO! #Iwont!
june_bug8 : Aawwww :)
tennysontay : @en_wae ohh charle I dey Kai that lacing pass....lmao..
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