I alread have been diagnosedwith severe chronic depression by a theripist whatever theyre called. I just wanted to see how severe. Surprise surprise "I should seek help immediatly" #depression #depressed #depressednow #depressedpictures #sad #ugly #stupid #fat #dumb #useless #bitch #suicide #suicidal #suicidall #suicideistheanswer #mustbeskinny #skinnyistheanswer #Ana #mia #cat #deb #sue
suicidall - suicidal - ana - fat - sad - depressednow - dumb - bitch - depressedpictures - depression - sue - suicide - ugly - mia - cat - depressed - skinnyistheanswer - stupid - mustbeskinny - useless - suicideistheanswer - deb -
just_another_stupid_bitch : I was also told that my severe chronkc depression will never fully go away
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So yesterday I came home from school in a really sad and pissed off mood. I guess my dad didn't work yesterday so he was home. He asked me what's wrong and I said idk. A little bit later, he yelled at me for being sad. What Is the fucking logic in that? He's an ass hole. #depressed #depression #suicideistheanswer #suicidal #suicide #anamia #anorexic #sad #secret_society123 #selfhate #selfmutilation #selfmutilation
suicide - suicidal - depressed - selfhate - sad - selfmutilation - suicideistheanswer - anamia - secret_society123 - anorexic - depression -
imsomniacc : Seriously? Sometimes parents can be so blind...
m_j_9567 : Yes I would
what_if_i_jumped : @m_j_9567 ❤
koltonnnn : i would
what_if_i_jumped : @koltonnnn ❤❤❤✌
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Its been a while since we have hung out but tonight is the night we meet again ms blade #suicidal #suicideistheanswer #death #killmyself #fml #fuckmylife #nomorepain #nomoreworries
depressionsucks - death - suicidal - iwillmissyall - noonecares - nomoreworries - fml - depression - nomorepain - suicideistheanswer - fuckmylife - nobodywouldnotice - killmyself -
s_barnhart : #depression #depressionsucks #iwillmissyall #nobodywouldnotice #noonecares
s_barnhart : To my only friends that matter i will miss yal @coralrae95 @shelby_danne @adaytogetscared
s_barnhart : Ur right but its like noone cares about me and tbh u are the only reason once again i haven't killed myself today because i have u on my lock screen as a positive person in my life and everytime i look at it ot makes me feel better because it seems like u are the only one to really care and be there for me
shelby_danne : Dont please!! I have been goin through this with alot of people I know and I would hate to lose another. Your one of my good friends and I would hate to see you go hun
s_barnhart : @shelby_danne idk what to do anymore I just texted u also
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#mfw I'm depressed that I'm still not satisfied #suicideIStheanswer
suicideistheanswer - mfw -
_geralt_of_rivia_ : Seriously, I'm done. If you don't hear back from me, just know I'll be burning in hell.
_geralt_of_rivia_ - lartenxcrepsley - hugotheresa - the_life_of_bryce -
Flushed my blades yesterday. Guess who just bought a pencil sharpener? Me. I'm pathetic. #depressed #depression #anorexic #anamia #ana #suicideistheanswer #suicidalteens #suicide #relapse #pathetic #cuttingdeep #cutting #blade #killme
suicide - ana - pathetic - depressed - blade - cuttingdeep - cutting - killme - suicidalteens - suicideistheanswer - anamia - anorexic - depression - relapse -
what_if_i_jumped : @carlie_lowe @ella_kessler143 I really am trying not to. It's just hard not to do it.
cncnick5 : i bring pencil sharpeners to school and i dont think thats pathetic at all
tigerclaw15 : @what_if_i_jumped if you jump you'll fall in to a permanent solution to a temporary problem... Don't jump
gemzy_wemzy : You're not pathetic, you're beautiful x
what_if_i_jumped : @gemzy_wemzy so are you hin ❤
what_if_i_jumped : Hun* @gemzy_wemzy
gemzy_wemzy : No way but thanks
stromer_22 : I shouldn't be doing it at this age but I'm stressed and hide it :(
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Body check 1. Still fast as fuck. I need to lose more weight. No food for me tomorrow or friday. #fat #ugly #alone #stupid #depressed #depression #dontgo #loner #suicide #mustbeskinny #music #skinnyistheanswer #skipmeals #nofood #nofriends #fuckup #failure #hated #hatemyself #hurting #pieceofshit #useless #bitch #unloved #unwanted #suicidal #suicideistheanswer
hurting - pieceofshit - dontgo - hatemyself - unloved - fat - loner - failure - unwanted - bitch - nofriends - alone - suicidal - depression - suicide - depressed - hated - skipmeals - suicideistheanswer - ugly - skinnyistheanswer - stupid - music - useless - mustbeskinny - nofood - fuckup -
sam.pancakes : you're skinnier than me. I wish my body looked like that.
just_another_stupid_bitch : Haha im still fat as fuck tho. @sierramancillas
button_tea : There's nothing wrong with not being ok. I believe it's a natural state of being for some. I just wonder how you manage it.
just_another_stupid_bitch : Idk. I have severe chronic depression that will never go away, and ill probably commit suicide soon. Itll all be ok in the end @button_tea
button_tea : Your profile says that you're 14 if that's true it means that I have 16 years of life on you. As someone who has been dealing with depression, anxiety, personality and eating disorders as far back as I can remember I just want to tell you one thing. Hold on. I don't promise that it gets better but life has a way of sneaking up on you and in between all of the battles you fight within yourself life goes on and good stuff does happen. I don't expect that my demons will ever go away but I have learned to coexist and to push through. I'm 30 years old, married, a homeowner and have a great job but there are still days when you can find me crying on the bathroom floor bleeding and full of self hate. I can't promise you that this goes away but you can find a way to stop it from consuming you and have some semblance of a real life.
just_another_stupid_bitch : Yes, I am 14. Im happy for you that you found ways to cope :) but with my depression an anxiety, bipolar, anorexia, a double personality disorder, suicidal thoughts etc on top of that, it gets really hard. @button_tea
button_tea : Sounds like you and I would have very similar medical charts. Meds and professional intervention can only do so much. Survival comes from within and it my case perhaps from pure stubbornness.
just_another_stupid_bitch : Im not known for being stubborn @button_tea
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Here's the fucking reality. #ana#anorexia#anorexie#ed#ednos#eatingdisorder#suicidal#depressed#sad#fat#killmenow#nohope#suicidalkids#societysfault#suicideistheanswer
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#tbt the early days #dank
suicideistheanswer - dank - tbt -
hocosweg2point0 : Good way to solve ur problems #suicideistheanswer
kyr_taybo : Wtf... Who are you?
kyr_taybo : @jared_allen123 😂😂😂
jared_allen123 : But why
craigdailey25 : #obamacare
chaz_hands : Um
shawnwitschen : Wow one like u better start liking ur own pics
ramx_kk - brendan_brown08 -
I cried all night and I cut pretty deep. My heart hurts and I wanna die. I seriously thought about ODing. I don't feel good anymore and I seriously thought I was getting better. I had been clean for a week. It was all good and than I did that and she screamed at me and my world came crashing down. I'm done with everyone and everything
society_sucks_but_im_here : @suicidaldepressedperson thank you really. You're a really amazing person
suicidaldepressedperson : No I'm not. 😳
society_sucks_but_im_here : Well you're talking to me and trying to make me feel better and I find that to be quite amazing @suicidaldepressedperson
suicidaldepressedperson : Thanks.
suicidaldepressedperson : Message me if you ever feel like shit. I don't want you to feel how I feel. It is the worst thing there is.
h.e.l.l.o : 🎈 <— for you 😁
society_sucks_but_im_here : @h.e.l.l.o hahaha thank you ❤️😘
h.e.l.l.o : No problem 😊
sierra_bishh - rhirhi_99 - aseeltaha - alllysssaaa_ -
They don't know anything.... They don't know that I want to kill myself!!!! Nobody does!!!! But the people that do know don't give a shit!!!!! I'm here struggling! And they don't care!!!! Don't you realize.... That I could be gone forever!!!! Because I'm this close to killing myself!!!! But no one would care if I died!!!! They wouldn't even notice!!!! And nobody loves me!!!! So why live?!!!!! If I'm worthless....😄🔫 I'm done with this bullshit!!!!!! Someone please!!! Give me some ideas for suicide! PLEASE! I can't handle it!!!! I WANT TO DIE!!!!!!💊🔪🔫 HELP ME!!!!!!! #givemeideasforsuicide #killme #givemeagun #imdepressed #helpme #noonecares #cutting #pills #suicideistheanswer #imdone
imdone - helpme - imdepressed - noonecares - givemeagun - cutting - killme - givemeideasforsuicide - suicideistheanswer - pills -
punctured_hearts : It's not worth it. Trust me. Once the high is over, the escape leaves and the demons come back. But angel, listen. You are worth it. Beyond worth it. I don't know you but you mean a lot to me. We're here for you. -T
depressed_alone_suicidal_life : Ok thank you so much!😘❤️ @punctured_hearts
punctured_hearts : Any time. :* Have a good night. DM me tomorrow if you need to :) ♥
depressed_alone_suicidal_life : Ok. 😘❤️ ily! @punctured_hearts
punctured_hearts : Ily2 :)
punctured_hearts : Hey, this is J, if you still wanna talk to someone you can DM me tonight.. @depressed_alone_suicidal_life
depressed_alone_suicidal_life : Ok. Thanks.😘❤️ I'll DM you. @punctured_hearts
that_girl_sarina_cx : I care . I know how you feel
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I'm done with caring about people. I'm done with being clean. I've relapsed so much I don't think I even know what being clean is anymore. #relapse #depression #depressed #suicide #cuts #cutting #scars #blades #kissingrazors #ihateyou #killme #mia #bulimia #anorexia #donteat #scarred #livinghell #hatemyself #peoplesuck #liar #fakepromises #fakelove #donttalktome #suicideistheanswer #help #anxiety #alone #lonely #gone #sad
gone - lonely - liar - help - hatemyself - livinghell - fakepromises - donteat - kissingrazors - sad - cutting - blades - cuts - alone - scarred - depression - anorexia - suicide - relapse - mia - scars - ihateyou - depressed - killme - donttalktome - suicideistheanswer - anxiety - bulimia - peoplesuck - fakelove -
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Ya... #suicidal #suicideistheanswer #suicidalgirl #sad #depressed #depression #lonley #ugly #stupid #bitch
suicidal - depressed - lonley - sad - ugly - stupid - bitch - suicidalgirl - suicideistheanswer - depression -
that_guy_just : No
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↝ Fuck. ↝ I ate like a pig today 🐖😔🐖 ↝ I'm killing myself in a few weeks/months ☺️ ↝ breathing is taking up all of my energy ↝ I wish I wasn't me ↝ #suicideistheanswer
suicideistheanswer -
__fighting_for_life__ : Dont kill yourself please? I love you ❤
nxcole.c : I don't know you, but I do know that depression is a really hard thing to go through. I know sometimes we think 'cutting will make it better' 'starving will make it better' etc. but think about it. cutting, starving, suicide? it's not the answer. it doesn't help :( cutting? it doesn't help or do anything. suicide? It just prevents problems from getting better. starving? honey, you are beautiful the way you are. don't listen to other people okay? you are beautiful inside and out. there are pages that can help with that like @/projectyourebeautiful. she really helps people. none of us like to see or hear you sad :( please stay strong. if you ever feel like doing anymore of those terrible things.. please please please dm me. I know you might also think 'no one understands' but believe it or not, there are people out there going through the exact same thing you are. it's okay to talk to someone about it. just know we love you and are here for you. okay? (: stay strong I know you can overcome this.
inspirational.food : U hav sweg dnt be sad
foreverscarring : Please kik me please if you need anything I swear I am here okay I love you❤️ I swear!
foreverscarring : @charrxx11
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Gimme #suicideistheanswer #scene #emo #goth #punk
suicideistheanswer - goth - punk - emo - scene -
bajanirishmen_pkmn : Lol
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I am sorry... I've tried... It keeps coming And im scared.. #suicideistheanswer #suicidal #selfhatred #suicide #suicideistheonlywayout #depressed #selfhating
suicideistheonlywayout - suicide - suicidal - depressed - suicideistheanswer - selfhatred - selfhating -
nxcole.c : I don't know you, but I do know that depression is a really hard thing to go through. I know sometimes we think 'cutting will make it better' 'starving will make it better' etc. but think about it. cutting, starving, suicide? it's not the answer. it doesn't help :( cutting? it doesn't help or do anything. suicide? It just prevents problems from getting better. starving? honey, you are beautiful the way you are. don't listen to other people okay? you are beautiful inside and out. there are pages that can help with that like @/projectyourebeautiful. she really helps people. none of us like to see or hear you sad :( please stay strong. if you ever feel like doing anymore of those terrible things.. please please please dm me. I know you might also think 'no one understands' but believe it or not, there are people out there going through the exact same thing you are. it's okay to talk to someone about it. just know we love you and are here for you. okay? (: stay strong I know you can overcome this.
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↝ I'm dead. ↝ I can't keep going ~ I just need to leave this hellhole 😔 ↝ #suicide #suicideistheanswer #imdead #needtocut #depression
needtocut - suicideistheanswer - suicide - depression - imdead -
narrys0ul : You have a heart.
hartz.first : Ur strong 💕💕💕
brandy.babe : @aod1610
__fighting_for_life__ : I love you
sierra_bishh - kill____me___ - lonely_girl._.forever - worthl3ss -
↝ NEW 😍😃💕 ↝ Cannot wait to use them 🙌👍🙌 ↝ SO HAPPY! ↝ #new #blades #needtocut #selfharmmm #cut #cut #cut #depression #suicide #suicideistheanswer #excited (:
needtocut - cut - selfharmmm - suicide - new - suicideistheanswer - excited - depression - blades -
broken_suicide1 : f4f
d_e_r_v : Where do u get those ones ?
depressionisgonnakillme : 😞
s.u.i.c.i.d.a.l : @depressionisgonnakillme I'm sorry 😔
n0w0rds : I just used the same..
secret_self_harm1 : 😔😔 I know I'm not one to talk, but, please try not to cut
tomas_barichello : Please dont cut yourself.
lonely_girl._.forever - worthl3ss - wonderlandwane -
Trees give better advice than me 😂 #tree #advicefromatree #suicidal #suicideistheanswer #suicide #suicidalgirl #sad #lonley #depression #depressed
suicide - suicidal - advicefromatree - depressed - tree - lonley - sad - suicidalgirl - suicideistheanswer - depression -
twerkingflacko : Follow Back Please 💘 ?
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↝ Please. ↝ I can't cope ↝ I've given up on myself so please just give up on me 😔 ↝ please ↝ #killmealready #suicideistheanswer #imdeadontheinside #igiveup
suicideistheanswer - igiveup - killmealready - imdeadontheinside -
drakeahi : No ones ever a lost cause
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That's the most honest thing I've heard. #depressed #depressing #depression #lost #alone #empty #lifesucks #bulimic #anorexic #sad #suicidal #suicideistheanswer #iwannadie #icutmyself #ihatemyself #killme #ugly #fat #cuts #cutting #icutmyself #crying #iwannadie #ihatemyself #killme #dying
suicidal - bulimic - iwannadie - fat - sad - depressing - cutting - cuts - alone - anorexic - depression - icutmyself - lifesucks - lost - dying - depressed - ihatemyself - ugly - killme - crying - suicideistheanswer - empty -
babydontlooknow : That's so sad but so true
hes_amazing_but_not_mine - _._tori - afraid_lonely - ihearthayleywilliams -
Don't wake me up, cause I hate who I am today. #depression #depressing #depressed #alone #empty #ugly #fat #anorexic #bulimic #cuts #cutting #crying #sad #killme #iwannadie #lifesucks #ihatemyself #suicidal #suicideistheanswer
suicidal - bulimic - iwannadie - fat - sad - depressing - cutting - cuts - alone - anorexic - depression - lifesucks - depressed - ihatemyself - ugly - killme - crying - suicideistheanswer - empty -
danielleexxx_ - stay.smiling.xoxo -
↝ Last night was so good ☺️↝ this morning is shit ~ every part of my body is telling me to cut ↝ I'm super suicidal, I really must die ↝ I mess everything up 😔 ↝ #fuckkk #selfharmmm #needtocut #im #suicidal #worthless #pathetic #useless #unlovable #annoying #dead #ew #depression #ihateme #suicideistheanswer #killmealready #imdeadontheinside #killme
suicidal - pathetic - selfharmmm - killmealready - dead - im - ew - annoying - imdeadontheinside - depression - needtocut - unlovable - worthless - killme - useless - ihateme - suicideistheanswer - fuckkk -
martina123tini : Dont, youre so pretty. Please message me if you feel bad. You'll be fine 💙💕
__your.perfect__ : Don't give up the world needs you
kelly__jelly : Hello I just wanted to say that i love you. You are beautiful. You can dm me if you need anything luv. :)
s.u.i.c.i.d.a.l : Thank you (: @kelly__jelly 💕
never.shout.tori - sincerelyaaliyah_xo - xohdepressionx - sierra_bishh -
↝ I hope it's soon. ↝ doctors in a week ↝ my secret won't be a secret for long 😞 ↝ #suicide #suicideistheanswer #im #suicidal #worthless #pathetic #useless #ugly #fat #annoying #hopeless #helpless #unlovable #needtocut #selfharmmm #cut #cut #cut #imdead #ihateme #iwannabedead #killmealready #sorryforbeingme
suicidal - pathetic - selfharmmm - killmealready - sorryforbeingme - fat - cut - im - imdead - helpless - annoying - needtocut - unlovable - worthless - suicide - ugly - hopeless - ihateme - suicideistheanswer - iwannabedead - useless -
s.u.i.c.i.d.a.l : @villelakenia what are you doing?
samantha_lewis89 : How bout make one that says Everyday I will love myself
not.giving.up : No, because I need you to be amazing friends together ☺️
s.u.i.c.i.d.a.l : @samantha_lewis89 because I don't want to lie.... 😔
s.u.i.c.i.d.a.l : @not.giving.up YES!OMG forever 👓😊😘👍😋 you'll be my cute grey rabbit forever!!!! Mwahahaha (:
drakeahi : Sometimes you just need to look at yourself and ask why am I doing this it might encourage you for a while but it won't last forever. I believe that everyone is uniquely different and is loved by many.
klynnbaby__ : You're beautiful.. And you have an amazing bod girl! Not to be weird, but I am fat. You don't know what fat is girlie...
emmagraceisgreat : Girl, You Are Beautiful. Everyone Is Beautiful In A Way!
sierra_bishh - lonely_girl._.forever - niikkiicx - death_becomes_me -
Guys I love you all so much and I really appreciate when you say nice things to me and try to help me because no matter how briefly it really will make me feel good. But guys there is one thing that I don't want I don't want you to tell me that God is going to save me. Or that Jesus will give me strength or whatever You're wasting your time I don't believe in God And I don't care how many followers I lose But don't ask why Because I have sat in my bed sobbing for up to 10 hours at a time trting to figure out why and trying to believe in SOMETHING but it doesn't work. I just don't want you to waste your time So please Just. Don't. #fuckyourfaith #nooneisgoingtosaveyou #suicidal #suicideistheanswer #suicidalgirl #suicide #sad #lonley #depressed #atheist
fuckyourfaith - suicide - suicidal - nooneisgoingtosaveyou - depressed - atheist - lonley - sad - suicidalgirl - suicideistheanswer -
lost_v1b3s : I understand. People always tell me that gid has a plan for me or to just pray to god and im just like ughh shutup
cutter.slicer.bleeder : @lost_v1b3s omg thank you!! You get it lol
lost_v1b3s : Lol yes! you're not alone :)
suicidal_no0ne : Me neither..
maddi_5701 : Same here.... i literally tried to starve myself today
x_drowning_x : Ugh people have tried that with me too. Like god has a plan jesus gives strength.. Don't like it you're not alone
_spyro.thee.pyro_ - kissmyscars29 - cuttertilldeath - cut.me.deep -
↝ I'm sorry for upsetting people because I attention seek ↝ I guess I just want the attention for when I commit suicide I'll be recognised by afew people ↝ not that anyone would care ↝ f u c k 😔 ↝ I'm sorry ~ I won't be a problem for much longer ↝ and sorry if this is attention seeking. ↝ I'm just sorry for everything ↝ #iwannabedead #suicidal #suicide #suicideistheanswer #selfharmmm #needtocut #ihateme #im #pathetic #worthless #useless #unlovable #ugly #fat #disgusting #ew #ishoulddie #depression #imdead #killme #just #killmealready ↝ I really want to die 🔫🔪💊 😔 ↝ sorry for being me 😞
suicidal - just - ishoulddie - killmealready - fat - im - imdead - ew - depression - needtocut - unlovable - worthless - suicide - pathetic - ugly - disgusting - selfharmmm - killme - useless - ihateme - suicideistheanswer - iwannabedead -
xwvc : I feel the same way trust me. And I would care, please stay strong (if you get tired of hearing that sorry) but remember that I and other people care. I really want to die too.
camillethomas : Depression is suffocating. I have dealt with depression for 7 years. I was bullied my whole entire life. (I ate lunch in the bathroom stalls, I ran out of classrooms crying, and isolated myself in the janitors closet until the bell rang for dimissel.) No one understood the pain I felt and the emptiness in my heart. Cutting gave me a sense of contentment, and suicidal thoughts would bombard my brain. It wast that I wanted to die, I just wanted to stop feeling so alone, I wanted to end my pain, and I wanted to kill the memories. But, now, I am in college still battling depression, but, I feel so much more free and alive. A couple years ago I found Christ, and his unconditional love blew me away. I remember thinking, God loves me for me; past my scars, past my pain, past my ignominious thoughts. He loved me for who I was, who I am, and who I am going to become. God loves you too; unconditional love that these faulty humans cannot give you, me, or anyone else on this earth. Turn to God, tell him your story, allow him to take away your pain. Stop living in the past, what is done has been done. The only way to move forward is to accept what has happened, ask God to help you walk away from negativity, and let it go. I do not believe you want to die, I think you want the pain to die, the depression to diminish. If you kill yourself you are telling everyone that you lost, but if you fight through this you are letting everyone know YOU ARE A CHAMPION. I BELIEVE IN YOU, I WILL BE HERE WHENEVER YOU WANT TO CRY, WHEN EVER YOU FEEL LIKE GIVING UP, BECAUSE I'VE BEEN IN YOUR SHOES BEFORE. @s.u.i.c.i.d.a.l
idgaf.okay : comment on my last pic?;(
sierra_bishh - _stay_str0ng_forever - it_gets_b3tter - isitloveorhate -
↝ I can't even fucking cut 😢 ↝ I'm so unstable ↝ someone help me ↝ I promised my best friend I wouldn't kill myself when he's on holiday but it's just too hard ↝ I don't know what to do ↝ ughhhhhhhh ↝ #killmealready #suicideistheanswer #suicidal #im #worthless #pathetic #useless #ugly #fat #hopeless #ihateme #suicide #depression #iwannabedead #needtocut #please #just #kill #me
me - kill - suicidal - pathetic - killmealready - fat - im - depression - needtocut - worthless - suicide - just - please - ugly - hopeless - ihateme - suicideistheanswer - iwannabedead - useless -
not.giving.up : I'm here to help, message me
awkwardmeetsworld : Just do anything at all to distract yourself like sleep or read or listen to music just anything call someone talk about the good times instead of the bad
martina123tini : Talk to me! Seriously IDC who you are but if you feel really bad please DM me. Tell me what's wrong
healthinnerwinner - im.just.sad.everyday - eve_pony1 - whiterabbit_dragonfly -
1. 13 2. 5'1" 3. Brown 4. Brown 5. McDonald's fries 6. Purple, blue, or black 7. Tiger or dog 8. Idk 9. Smoothie (Sorry if I tagged the person who tagged me) (Not sure who all I tagged) #suicidal #depressed #suicideistheanswer #sad #lonley
depressed - suicideistheanswer - suicidal - lonley - sad -
underthissmile - audrey_bob - trust_no_nigga143 - striving_to_survive -
Perfect... #imactuallyaguy #pills #pain #razor #killme #messedup #killingmyself #drowning #depressed #depression #letmedie #iwanttodie #suicide #suicidal #suicideistheanswer
razor - drowning - suicide - pain - depressed - letmedie - killingmyself - killme - imactuallyaguy - suicideistheanswer - messedup - iwanttodie - pills - depression - suicidal -
savaynay__ - x.monstah - its__kendall - sxicidalprincess -
Are you... #die #suicide #suicidal #depressed #depression #suicideistheanswer #letmedie #iwanttodie #killme #killingmyself #drowning
drowning - suicide - suicidal - depressed - die - killingmyself - killme - iwanttodie - suicideistheanswer - letmedie - depression -
not.giving.up : Let me help you. Please?
imfine321 : @not.giving.up go ahead.. Try
not.giving.up : Kik me? not.giving.up
black__veil_sirens : I wish dat was me in dat water drowning @imfine321
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Tired... #suicidal #suicide #killme #killingmyself #depressed #depression #diewhileyousleep #letmedie #lost #iwanttodie #imfine #iwantsuicide #suicideiswhatiwant #abandoned #suicideistheanswer
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↝ I wanna die. So bad. ↝ can a truck just hit me already? ↝ fuck it ~ I'm so close to just giving in ↝ #suicide #suicidal #suicideistheanswer #selfharmmm #cut #killme #iwannabedead #killmealready #ihateme #worthless #pathetic #fat #ugly #useless #ew #depression #dead
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chicspiration : Don't! I promise you are worth it, no matter if people remember to tell you or not.
stxndards : NO OMG 13 DAYS CLEAN? THATS AMAZING!! THATS SO GOOD. I AM SO PROUD OF YOU, AND I WILL LOVE YOU NO MATTER WHAT YOU DO. But please let's make it 14 days, then 15, 16 and forever, because you deserve recovery. stay strong and I love you
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- no one dies a virgin because in the end life fucks us all ~megan froschauer - 😪Guess I'm not a virgin than... 😓I just can't get over what my brother said 😐If you wanna see the convo dm me... 💔It hurt me and it hurt me bad idk what life is 😥Is life some cruel game that's trying to break people ~💋laura💋 [ #dancemoms #dancemoms1 #paigehyland #dmdepressed #suicideistheanswer ]
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abbyleechocolate : Awe Laura! Kik me of you can
dancemomsinspires : do you want to make an dm depressed account with me? Dm me
dmfancygirl : Check dm
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