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The Graff scenes officially dead no competition no one's hitting the freeways anymore they rather do legal shit when they haven't even put in there work but we love staying kings of the i10 #youplayedyourself #notlikeyouwherehereanyway #groupies#deadlands#popuponcein6months#legends#sickwithit#comewatchmepaint#watchmeandmyfriendbattlewiththesame#styleslol#imdone#nohate#imasetupagofundyoufagsaccount#peacetothepeoplewhostaykillingthough
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bigdaddy_cheesedawg : Who's that on top
redysteady - ricvrdox - lina1220_202 -
Aj's new way to wear her Visor πŸ˜‚ #StylesLol #CoomeraSprinkles
styleslol - coomerasprinkles -
annieandi : Awww that'd be Josie and Tangi, good people sis :) they hail from East Side whattt!! Lol
nedzmene : Yep! That's them! What's their girls name sis? @mrsalefosio
nedzmene : They seem real nice too. Lmbo @ East side whaaaat! πŸ˜‚ @mrsalefosio
annieandi : I wouldnt do the sisters justice if i didnt lmbo 😝😝😝 Taline is their girl.
gerricee - trintknevaeh - annieandi - angiefaye2 -
Lol ~M #lol#midnught#memories#harry#styleslol
midnught - memories - styleslol - lol - harry -
niallcocain : pls answer my last post
larryphansof_top : I know... It sucks lol
poppydaizy - j.a.z.m.y.n -
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