when ppl comment shit like this on my FB pictures smh I don't know whether to blocc him or forgive him because he thought I was a boy on my profile picture LOL #stupidnigguh
stupidnigguh -
them_legz_tho : Lmaooooo hahaha I feel bad for him
thebrodanni : @them_legz_tho girl lmfao
dodie_yote34 : Just ignore him...he's that one bad apple
thebrodanni : @dodie_yote34 lol yoooote... wyd?
dodie_yote34 : Just got off of work not that long ago. Lol
thebrodanni : lol get YA rest on @dodie_yote34 we gotta turn up
dodie_yote34 : Ikr I really need a shot of something lol
thebrodanni : @dodie_yote34 I got you lol
1nonlyrara - dodie_yote34 - itsthe_princess_inme - chef_soso_ -
Look how unhappy I am without you cx lol ^-^+ #Stupidnigguh #ahahah
ahahah - stupidnigguh -
castillo4735 - laststussyking - yeseniia_07 -
Missing my kiddos!! They should be wit me right now! 😩#missmykids #myworld #onethingimgoodat #myweekendopenedup #nowwhattodo #guessillgowork #stupidnigguh
myweekendopenedup - nowwhattodo - stupidnigguh - onethingimgoodat - guessillgowork - myworld - missmykids -
howboutthosecowboys : Let's finish my arm Lil nigguh
annxcore : Aw why aren't they?
rich_kolb : What a great picture!
kromy83 - fuk_it_666 - alysiarobersontattoos - coil__ -
Throwback to Jesus' Birthday #tbt #beach #volleyball #bday
bday - beach - tbt - volleyball - stupidnigguh -
kissestoyoumrsfrankenstein : Okay bitch thanks for tagging me, like if wasn't there
iefrain : Nigguh I couldn't remember your long name!!! #StupidNigguh @kissestoyoumrsfrankenstein
kissestoyoumrsfrankenstein : Eeeestupiddddd lol
shessounusuall : This day was amazing <3
shessounusuall - johnny_mejia12 - d_____q - juwleeanna -
Real fun Chestpiece I did.this us all healed,did about an hour of touchin some things up on it.ill post pics when that heals,they look funny all half healed half swollen spots where I touched into it!lol #mary #jesus #sacred heart #sacredart #stupidnigguh
stupidnigguh - sacredart - mary - sacred - jesus -
els1901 : Looks dope!
bryanwrighttattoo : Thnx dawg! @els1901
amor_forever_1 - mrkaspers1tatts - felonykennels -
This picture omg his face priceless!!!#brother#crazface#couldntstoplaughing#funnyaf#stupidnigguh#laundrytime#quepaso#hestillcutethough
fuckedupteeth - couldntstoplaughing - crazface - funnyaf - stupidnigguh - laundrytime - brother - quepaso - hestillcutethough -
firefran24 : #fuckedupteeth
robertrockets : Miss that nigga
robertrockets : He's funny as fuck
firefran24 : @robertrockets dude all the other pictures I took can't stop laughing bro shit is funny
lalaganjaa3 : Lmfao his teeffff
silly_stephs - kuwangel - dduarte32 -
Got to do some matching funny tattoos today on my Boi and his day!! #cockbelowtheknee #cocksferdays #illputminerightabovemyknee #cuzdontwannamislead #lmao #stupidnigguh!
cockbelowtheknee - lmao - stupidnigguh - cuzdontwannamislead - cocksferdays - illputminerightabovemyknee -
zachsparksbmx : Hahahahahaha
mikemike1983 - alysiarobersontattoos - stacywillms1 - felonykennels -
You sir, must of had a shitty summer.... #HellNo #SchoolIsWack #FuckSchool #StupidNigguh
hellno - stupidnigguh - schooliswack - fuckschool -
alainagonzalez7 - sawa_garcia - kywall - angelje36 -
My Boi @tipmartinez from Texas was here for few hrs today,so you know he had to do work!!!
knuckleheadstattoo - allday - putinwork - stupidnigguh - tip - everyday - tipordie -
bryanwrighttattoo : #knuckleheadstattoo #tip #tipordie #stupidnigguh #putinwork #allday #everyday
jonnymonstahmetropolis : WORRRDDD LACE UP!! STEWWWWWW-PID KNEE-GAH!!! lmfao
mcleary98 - knuckleheadray - bdavidge - mariio_iinks -
Yeah...that's my brother.. #nationalsiblingsday 😬 @lilhino310 #stupidnigguh
nationalsiblingsday - stupidnigguh -
jkalama16 : Hahahahaha gotta love the hino brothers! @lilhino310 @jordinmhino
lilhino310 : @jkalama10 👌😝😂
grantarakawa : @lilhino310 "JAAAAAAY.." 😏
ayeeitsnathan : Gott'em coach haha
lilhino310 : @grantarakawa MEEEEEEEEEEE😂
grantarakawa : @lilhino310 god, so burnt LOL.
candyistheloveofmylife - mizoballer21 - squan_ - chelseatng -
”I'm tired of seeing all these fat hoes on Instagram” fucking shit @dangounchained says the funniest shit ever #stupidnigguh #theballinguatamalan #thirsty #forskinnybitches
theballinguatamalan - forskinnybitches - thirsty - stupidnigguh -
fiftyvivy94 : @wildthing_33k haha is he a good guy?
badguyspecksr : Idk? @fiftyvivy94
fiftyvivy94 : Arent u his friend? Haha @wildthing_33k
badguyspecksr : Friend yes @fiftyvivy94 but I don't know how he is with females lol
badguyspecksr : You ask him @fiftyvivy94
fiftyvivy94 : @wildthing_33k how am I suppose to ask him? Haha
badguyspecksr : Follow him comment a pix and start a conversation @fiftyvivy94
fiftyvivy94 : @wildthing_33k ok haha
xiolalapio - ang3liqu3_tahay - soultosqueeze -
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