Doing What I Love and Loving What I Do!! No better Feeling than #PreachingGodsWord #Stumin #ServingGod #ShareTheGospel #NoExcuses #NoMoreButs #WeAreVSM
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This Sunday night for Fusion get ready for some "Minute To Win It" games! We will also be playing another Fusion favorite along with talking about missions and more specifically, Janetawan! Janetawan is the girl we sponsor over in Thailand! So don't miss Fusion this Sunday night 6-8pm! :) #stumin #missions #minutetowinit
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Monday I got to spend some quality time with this group of people who loves middle school students. Two weeks from right now we will be setting up for the first @highlife_rocks of the fall! I can't wait!!! #highliferocks #stumin #ilovemyjob
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madbeals : ❤️
peterjran : I recognize that place. I believe you took a group of young people there many moons ago
deebzzz : Awesome! I LOVE the and am thankful for the kingdom work ya'll continue to do @highlife_rocks!!!
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8.20.14 marked one year of being able to work in full time ministry with these amazing students! We also had the most students we've had at VSM since 2012! The amount of transformation that Christ has done in me & in VSM this year is overwhelming to think about. So incredibly thankful that I have SUCH a LOVING Father, who takes CARE of His kids PERFECTLY! VSM truly isn't the same youth ministry it was a year ago, I can only imagine what this next year holds! #StuMin #HeartSoFull #InAwe #YearTwo #VSM #HeIsFAITHFUL #LaterGram
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stacieswords : Love you @nicoleneca
imanna95 : Awww I miss VSM!
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Our priority is people. We do this for people. Every teen God sends our way needs to KNOW, we are grateful for them. Highlight of Thursdays: praying for every first time guest by name as I sign thank you cards that are written by our staff, interns, & volunteers...who also call every guest. #stumin #leadership #guestRetention #uthMin
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sean_mccarthy : Atta boi!!!
ashleyreneewilliams : Love that! We also send cards but taking the extra step to call is so awesome!
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Are you ready for this? It is almost time! #IWillSeeYouThere #LivesAblazeConf14 #stumin
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jessica_brandon_ : Better say hi swanky!
mccall_boy : Talk about swankie
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Hope to see you and your family @legacychurchabq this weekend! #kidmin #fammin #stumin #creativemin
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Love giving this book away! It means adults are investing in the next generation. #leadsmall #msmin #stumin
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Uth Explosion cards are in! #graphicdesign #stumin
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kelli4d : Ahhh!
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This Sunday we are havin a MiNiStRy FaiR at The Tab. You get to check out a bunch of new stuff to join this fall! And register your kidlets for the new school year of Glow Kids Church, Youth Group, Doctrine, Rangers, Mpact Girls, Kids Choir, adult classes, etccccc. ✏️📋 This is what our table looks like, so come find us in the walkway before and after the 10am service! 👪👧👦👶👨👩👵👴👱👪👫 #thetabernacle #glowkidschurch #orchardpark #wny #church #buffalo #buffalove14 #churchofbuffalo #kidmin #stumin #fammin #thetab @drrobertstearns @aimsych @jjmruddy @markpassarella @clairefridey
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lynnehoward7 : Cute! You guys do a lot of fun stuff!
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Good talks this AM with @danpena. || If you're gonna become great at your craft you GOT TO glean wisdom from those who have gone before you. || #stumin #wildandfree #yesemmaihashtaggedthatitsok
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danpena : Good talking bro! Let's stay connected! Hollar if you need anything.
juanmotoa : @danpena is awesome!
sonnysavitski : 😍 @danpena is hott!
danpena : ✌️twooooo! Not as hot a you @sonnysavitski or you @juanmotoa!! 🔥🔥🔥
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j u s t w h e n y o u t h o u g h t s u m m e r w a s o v e r #threedays #endofsummer #poolparty #stumin
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ALL students, tomorrow night is going to be like no other! I'm stoked to see what God does in the hearts of this generation!! #Revive985 #Iloveelevate #StuMin #CrtvMin
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My friend Johnny Derouen from @SWBTS teaching #stumin ldrs in GA.
stumin -
brandiparrish6 : @docreid7 Johnny was my youth minister growing up! Love him so so much! Please tell him I said hello! So much wisdom right there!
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Excited for a FUN all-night lock-in! #Reach #StuMin
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Just some more camp fun!
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launch_utica : #launchcamp14 #stumin #youthmin
launch_utica : @encounter_albany took so many great photos! If you haven't seen them all you can check them out at their Facebook page! https://m.facebook.com/EncounterAlbany
mamajwilson : That's my brave girl!
stephmschilling : Awesome!!!
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Got some mail for our 18 first time guests at #KTLO last night! 115 teens, amazing time at the altar, and the highlight of the night: ONE SALVATION! #allofHeavenrejoices! Not sure what's goin on but it's all JESUS! #themnostrilstho #stumin
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brooke_rick : You are so weird! But I still love you 💁
mdez : Awesome dude!!!! #sexynostrils
jessepritchett : Great to hear man!
nickipman : Fresh!!
jonathansharp : I was a guest and never got one what the heck!
what_the_feline : @venuslovesunicorns
alyssapaigeee : The face...🙈
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Best students ever! Thank you so much!! Not only did you hook me up with a 2014 @gobearcats football schedule but it's signed as well!! #grateful #stumin #hottestcollegeinamerica
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I am grateful for this kind of love showered on our students each week! #stumin
stumin -
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Lots of laughs, God moments, conversations, and seeking the Lord took place tonight @dsmstudents. God is expanding our family--and we are grateful! Thanks for inviting your friends peeps..I think 40 first-time guests is a record in the last several years! #newgloryDays #stuMin #worship
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kaylasprague : Such a GREAT night! Shout out to @baileyjordanj for the 10 friends she brought!!!! #SOproud #GOLDSTARS 🌟🌟🌟
ginamilne : 40 new people?! That's insane! So so awesome!!!
brandoncormier : @ginamilne they heard it was your birthday! By the way, thanks for not being lame & "taking the night off"! Thanks for spending your b-day with us!
ginamilne : It was awesome! The best way to spend a birthday! Such an incredible night last night. @brandoncormier
brandoncormier : #itIsWellWithMySoul
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Incredible night @nhc_revolution thank you to all volunteers. You are HEROES. #stumin it only gets better next week. Best students.
stumin -
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t w i n k i e s ||. Oh you know, my home gurrrl @harlymaria_ and I reppin' our Nike shoes @412okc #OneNight! Loooove her! . . ----------------------------------- #412okc #stumin #oym #lovestudentministry #vctv #nike #onenightwastoolegit #aintnopartylikeaholyghostparty #shaba
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harlymaria_ : 💛💛💛💛💛
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Spaghetti and marshmallow madness. #parkerrsm #renegadesm #stumin #youthmin
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Sometimes I have to doodle to stay focused. #crashdoodles #crashyouth #stumin
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Great message tonight @jeremymccarter @switchlc #stumin #gamechanger
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wildscrapr : Amen! You know how to overcome fear, anxiety, insecurity, hopelessness, etc.....ACTION!!!
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Don't forget to remember if God said it, He will do it. Not sure how to put into words what is going on in my heart after a night like tonight. I'll never forget the promise & dream God put in my heart for #nccog & hs & college ministry. Tonight we were able to sit back in awe of His faithfulness. Over 340 hs & college students tonight in 2 different worship experiences. 11 salvations! And one Jesus. We have officially stepped into a new season. And it's now our new normal. I couldn't be more grateful for our team & leaders. Just the beginning! #nccog #elevationfamily #stumin
stumin - elevationfamily - nccog -
pgatete : WOW!! So awesome!!
richelle_samantha : @craigmosgrove I miss worshiping in here.
csisaiah43_1 : Love it! And we miss #NCCOG too!! Way to!!!
csisaiah43_1 : Way to go! God is good and you all are faithful to fallow God's Spirit!!!
csisaiah43_1 : @craigmosgrove forgot to tag you!
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40 students tonight. #comeallyeweary and #comeallyeacne #stumin
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_tara.michelle : Ooh! I see me!
_kaleb_bright - carswell24 - casscass.96 - kayewilliams6 -
My boy and the sample wave worship director @jscdiapen rockin and slappin somethin stanky at TKO #Stumin
stumin -
nateandre : Love that guy! @jscdiapen
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#BlackLightPillowFightNight with our middle schoolers!! They're incredible and the most fun! Absolutely in love 😍
stumin - one80 - blacklightpillowfightnight - gsmms -
chaneika : #stumin #gsmms #one80
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ONE NIGHT goes down as a night to remember!! Saying we were "packed out" is an understatement haha! Most importantly, lives were changed for Jesus! #stumin @pelevate @412okc #anchored #hxxligan
stumin - anchored - hxxligan -
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Great Night at the Back 2 School Bash!! Over 250 people attended and 26 students went from death to LIFE by trusting Jesus as Lord!! #msmin #stumin #uthmin
stumin - uthmin - msmin -
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Great Night at the Back 2 School Bash!! Over 250 people attended and 26 students went from death to LIFE by trusting Jesus as Lord!! #msmin #stumin #uthmin
stumin - uthmin - msmin -
abbyilenecline - mackenziekatemccall - lonniekimglass - autumn_bolin -
Great Night at the Back 2 School Bash!! Over 250 people attended and 26 students went from death to LIFE by trusting Jesus as Lord!! #msmin #stumin #uthmin
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