Know and teach biblical ecclesiology to your students #AsYouGobook #stumin #nextgen
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#personalgrowth #growth #rlatham #johnmaxwell #showMeYourFriends #Mentors #stumin
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8moore : Preach!
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Water Balloon Bingo (or tic tac toe) // idea and photo by @getup_cdv #stumin #waterballoongames #youthmin
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hi.its.jeremy : @c.a.powers @felipe_saavedra5 looks like a fun Summer in the Son water day!
revmc : @drannabargar @tallbassguy summer camp?
terratatum : Next water day!!
terratatum : @mttwmorris
taralynnlynn85 : @hollie__sue @marty_boi summer games
scottnewman : @joshmlarsen You're Welcome 😉
cdinnell : @lars8788 @meadows29
whitley180 : @thejoshcox @ohheyitstinsley
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Great job to our Youth Director (@idarren4o8) for leading the Precious Moments w/ The Lil' Ones! Amazing message on God's Canvas! #NextGenTakeOver #stumin #youthmin
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OSM 9th & 10th guys small group. Happy birthday Sean! @djdurk #squad #OSM #overflow #studentministry #stumin #youthministry #youthmin #smallgroup #freshmen #sophmores #guyssmallgroup #growingtogether #livinglifetogether #vcs #vcscrusaders #hcs #hcswarriors #vhhs #kennedy #verdugohillshighschool #jesusis
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disneyryan : @jrodwire
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#SingontheX #24/7book #uthmin #stumin
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tashalevert : Ha!!! Yes!!!! @simplyyouthministry
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#SingontheX #24/7book #uthmin #stumin
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tashalevert : @simplyyouthministry
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Softball game now #stumin
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Andy Chrisman talks leadership in music (but really for life) on the latest Creative Sheep podcast. Check it out in the iTunes Store. #crtvmin #kidmin #stumin #oc15 #leadership
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Went and cheered on my boy @justinweltin tonight. Even in the crazy rain they killed it! #goeagles #lax #stumin @genoastumin
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justinweltin : Thanks for coming tonight man. Glad we got the W for Ya!
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They were getting psyched about Casting Crowns. #rangersgame #stumin #nexgen
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Casting Crowns was awesome. #rangersgame #stumin #nexgen
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As you get ready for this summer and plan through ways to impact your students and those in your community we would love to serve with you!!! The Experience, Proverbial Girl Rally, and/or coaching, training, preaching #stumin #studenled #Youthmin #youthministry #afterthemusic #Summer2015
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LOVED talking life & ministry with my brother @joshuaallenj today. God is doing big things in OKC! Greatest @hcollege takeaway: relationships. #dontdoministryalone #stumin
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tyler_benton : I'm jealous! Love u both @evo_kelly & @joshuaallenj
joshuaallenj : You my friend are an excellent encourager. Thank you for taking time to come by and see me. Love you Evo.
joshuaallenj : @tyler_benton I LOVE YOU TU
bitkell : M❤️M
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WBC Students & Leaders here are the standings as of yesterday. MS is leading over the HS by a small margin of 8 verses. The MS leader for Sunday started strong with sharing 17 verses. The HS leader set the bar high with a whopping 34 verses! Also, just for competition sake, the HS and the leaders are tied! #memoryversecontest #memorizeallyoucan #uthmin #stumin
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Beasting up the disc golf course with these two goons. #discgolf #stumin #theyrebetterthanme
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flyingturtle15 : I destroyed your bag
lucas_gallon27 : #MayThe4thBeWithYou
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This is one of the saddest calendar notifications in the life of a campus minister, second only to the one that says your students are leaving for break. #stumin #cmi #maythe4thbewithyou
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You can be busy, but it doesn't mean you're better. #COLLIDEDistracted #collide #distracted #stumin #mainpoint
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#Repost @iam2ndstudents
Are you Second? If so, you have a #SecondStory. Pick 3 words describing your life when you were "First" & 3 words describing your life now that you're "Second" and Jesus is first. Share your #SecondStory in the comments & tag 3 friends so that they can do the same! #iamsecond #livesecond #students #stumin #youthmin
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allisonearnst : When I was first, I was a lover of self. Self focused, vain and distracted. Now that #iamsecond, I am a forgiven, renewed and blessed lover of others. @mistyl0 @coreyearnst @guene_kris
coreyearnst : At first I was ignorant, stubborn, and selfish. Now I'm blessed, thankful, and passionate for a God that never fails me. @ethanearnst @zachschmidty12 @emma2014k
emma2014k : First I was lost, confused and self centered. Now I am safe, loved, and cared for! God has changed my life! @shaylaelae99 @cathrynpearl @jesus2daworld
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Hey #VivianStudents, tomorrow (which is Cinco de Mayo (which is Tuesday (which is May 5th))), #TacoBell is coming out with their BRAND NEW SAUCE!! Hotter than Fire, it is called "Diablo!" So...we're gonna have a Taco Bell Party! If you want in, meet us at the church tomorrow at 5:50pm with money for your own food. Bus leaves at 6:00pm to go to Taco Bell (Blanchard). We'll eat together, try out the new sauce, and come back right after dinner! See y'all tomorrow! #StuMin
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thastavo : You're crazy
ryansidhom :'re in? :) @thastavo
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Prepping for the week. // #northplacestudents #jonahseries #specialneedsprom #stumin
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Are you Second? If so, you have a #SecondStory. Pick 3 words describing your life when you were "First" & 3 words describing your life now that you're "Second" and Jesus is first. Share your #SecondStory in the comments & tag 3 friends so that they can do the same! #iamsecond #livesecond #students #stumin #youthmin
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realdavidmartin : When I was first, I was addicted, depressed & didn't know my purpose. Now that #iamsecond and Jesus is first, I'm no longer addicted, I have hope and know my purpose! #livesecond #secondstory @iamtroycooper @danny_mackay @iam2ndstudents
spencerbynum : When I was first, I was absorbed, Immoral, and addicted. Now that #iamsecond and my Heavenly Father is first, I am less concerned with myself, Living with morality, and i too am no longer addicted. #livesecond #secondstory #longbutshort @realdavidmartin @iam2ndstudents
danny_mackay : When I was living first, I was sad, scared, and alone. Then I met Jesus and now that He is first and I am second, I have joy, peace, and a massive church family. @samaramackay_ @livingwordpastor @joshdoyle_
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Parents: here's what we learned in JV this weekend! #theunitedjv #stumin
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#AMPED #Pentab #mycrew #stumin #eliteteam #takingover #turningtheworldupsidedown #dangerous
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Bring a friend to #recharge on Wednesday nights! 6:30pm! #youthmin #stumin
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New #TowelTruths episode coming out tomorrow! Bored people unite! #superheroes #bored #summer #vsco #vscocam #youthmin #stumin #collegemin #umin #college #YouTube #imbored #comedy #finearts #Jesus #igers
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nick__conroy : Are you here for the summer?
j_harp07 : @nick__conroy just for this first week. We still have one more track meet.
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OSM 9th & 10th grade guys small group T O N I G H T meeting at church at 6:30pm then we're heading over to Sweet Cherries for dinner to celebrate Sean's birthday which is tomorrow. Bring money for dinner. We'll end by 8pm. Message @dennisw84 if you need a ride to or from small group tonight. #osm #overflow #studentministry #stumin #youthministry #youthmin #freshmen #sophmores #guyssmallgroup #growingtogether #livinglifetogether #Sunland #tujunga #sunlandneighborhoodchurch #jesusis
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Gettin ready for summer. #stumin
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Game time in Refuge yesterday. @pullin_it for the goal, @dillonbarton97 with the defense! #RefugeIsHere #refugeWendell #ESPN #bethanywendell #StuMin #nofilter
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Game time in Refuge yesterday. @countrylife_110 goes for the score! #RefugeIsHere #refugeWendell #bethanywendell #StuMin #nofilter
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wco_kelsiee : I'm a great observer lol 😂
xian_the_xian : ^@wco_kelsiee. 😂😂
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D-Now planning meeting. #fbcwyouth #youthmin #stumin #dnow #DiscipleMaker
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marco.gjr : Gonna repost this on my feed to get my kiddos excited
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Andy Juvinall shares how he's been able to adjust Confirmation and keep students connected on the #YSBlog: "Stop Graduating From Confirmation" [link in profile] • • • #youthmin #stumin #youthministry #studentministry #youthgroup #youthworker
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ashley_squared : Great article! Thanks for sharing!
edrinspeaks : Have you seen this @mikeybechtold @covyouth @nwcym @double_jjohnson @timciccone?
youthspecialties : @ashley_squared sure thing! Andy is a super talented youth worker and we were glad to share his thoughts. What about you? Have you done something similar with your students?
mikeybechtold : @edrinspeaks thanks for sharing. I am really loving our mentorship model we just started this year which has the potential to develop these relationships that keep kids connected... Aka "sticky web" (using sticky faith terms).
youthspecialties : @mikeybechtold sounds awesome! Care to share a few more specifics? It might help other youth workers who are looking to make adjustments to they Confirmation framework. @edrinspeaks
mikeybechtold : @youthspecialties I wrote a blog post about it. Since this Instagram, I'll tell ya how to find it instead of a link (it's easier). Go to and click on ministry. In the right column under popular posts is "8 reasons why I stopped teaching confirmation". See what ya think :)
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Game time in Refuge yesterday. @dillonbarton97 trying to take down @pullin_it and prevent the goal. #RefugeIsHere #refugeWendell #CalvinRules #bethanywendell #StuMin #nofilter
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