Happy birthday to the best #StuMin pastor in the country, @mattboone! Proud & honored to call you a friend. Thanks for paving the way to 37! Can't wait to celebrate!
stumin -
mattboone : Thx buddy!
viv_santiago : Happy birthday Pastor Matt! πŸŽ‰ πŸŽ‰ πŸŽ‰ @mattboone
craigdewerff : Yes! Happy Birthday Matt!!
joycyann : Yes!!!!
meli2strong : Happy birthday Pastor Matt. You rock!!! @mattboone
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The crew from yesterday! So much fun hanging out with some of my students!! So thankful for them! #stumin
stumin -
wintergreene_11 - adamdetamore - ashlyn.hobbs - lee_paschal1130 -
On the way home, It's Good To Be Alive was on the radio. So a very special Thanksgiving #tbt to some people who have changed my life for the better. I won't take it for granted, I won't waste another second.... #Zona2013 #stumin #thankyou
zona2013 - stumin - tbt - thankyou -
_jeffreypaulson - margrit_j - beckywagar - gracewinge -
My @thetribe_stumin girls know me way too well lol! So thankful for being able to walk along side of @hcschrank01 these past two years! The lord has HUGE things planned for this gem! So proud of you Halle! Love you!
stumin - thankful - breadordie - thetribe -
amandasalatin : #stumin #thetribe #thankful #breadordie
hcschrank01 : I LOVE YOU SOO MUCH! We need to hang out and get our nails shelaked(don't care about spelling)
amandasalatin : @hcschrank01 yes!! We'll have to figure out a day!
hcschrank01 : You can sign my cast on Wednesday
amandasalatin : @hcschrank01 of believe me, I'm planning on taking up the whole thing!
hcschrank01 : Lol ok
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Ssshhhhh I'm Black Friday shopping for my awesome GBC students! Nothing is too good them!! Iol #stumin #luvmystudents
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Tons of deals hitting the store at 12:01 AM. | #youthmin #pastor #stumin
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solemnly_x : wow i like it! β›Ί
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#imeatinggoodtoday #tup #askmehow #beauty #success #thehomie #iamhealthy #imthankful #business #herbalife #live #health #someleadersarebornwomen #doitfordonald #today #stumin #sunland #youthleader #snc #thanksgiving #thankful #osm #studentministry #youthgroup #youthmin #tujunga #versus #summer #motivation #aesthetics
versus - summer - motivation - aesthetics - askmehow - beauty - tup - thankful - osm - studentministry - youthmin - snc - stumin - sunland - imeatinggoodtoday - youthleader - success - thehomie - iamhealthy - imthankful - thanksgiving - business - herbalife - live - doitfordonald - someleadersarebornwomen - youthgroup - health - tujunga - today -
thebeastisalive100 : not getting results with herbalife ? if no click on the link inside my bio : good work
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Happy Thanksgiving from Overflow Student Ministry Leaders! #osm #stumin #studentministry #youthmin #youthgroup #snc #thanksgiving #thankful #sunland #tujunga #leaders #youthleader
stumin - sunland - youthleader - snc - thanksgiving - thankful - osm - studentministry - youthgroup - leaders - youthmin - tujunga -
bindmywanderingheart : Love it!
andyrotunno : Wow! You guys are amazing!
holly.kaitlyn : Look at all those beautiful people :)
_osm_ : Miss you @holly.kaitlyn when are you coming to visit????
holly.kaitlyn : I was at church Sunday but you were gone Dennis :( I leave Saturday but I'll be back for Christmas in a couple weeks and I'll be sure to stop by as much as I can!
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Comment what you are thankful for! #ULBCStuMin #TheUprising #Thanksgiving #uthmin #stumin
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garret.cook33 : My dis functional life
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Happy thanksgiving from! Try some storage tub racing for some Thanksgiving fun 😊 #stumin #youthmin
stumin - youthmin -
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Super good youth ministry deal at tonight at midnight. If you are a youth pastor or know a youth pastor, make sure you let them know. @youth_min #youthmin #stumin
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allottamemories : @pinkhamdavid
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Check out for some great Black Friday bundles! #YouthMin #stumin @youth_min
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Happy Thanksgiving everybody!! #turkeybowl #parkviewhsm #stumin
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#Repost from my sister and friend @iamlisamcclendon ... Wishing you and praying you have a great Thanksgiving from the "After The Music Stops" family!!! Have a great day and remember to say thanks!!! #Thankful #stumin #studentled #youthmin #youthministry #YouthResources
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dontaburney : Happy Thanksgiving
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That moment when one of your students is on national tv during the #macysthanksgivingdayparade @dannahsawyer_ Great job! #stumin
stumin - macysthanksgivingdayparade -
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Need some ideas for your Thanksgiving leftovers? We've got you covered. Try this game (challenge? torture technique?) on Sunday. The instructions are pretty self-explanatory. And now you know what @kennnnnnnnny's singing voice sounds like. #youthmin #stumin #msmin
stumin - youthmin - msmin -
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@dennisw84 had a flipping fun time at #skyhigh tonight #OSM #jump #flip #backflip #slomo #youthministry #youthpastor #stumin #dontgetold
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jacemtg29 : So fun
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#vscocam #vsco #movienight #youth #youthgroup #youthmin #stumin #momsnightout #bnw #blackandwhite #bnwphotography
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theplotinluke : #lukeanddabae
the_alex_reaves : #OutOfFrame #AlexAndDaBae
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This place is soooo empty! OSM has taken over this place!!! #osm #youthgroup #youthmin #studentministry #stumin #skyhigh #trampolinefun
stumin - skyhigh - osm - studentministry - youthgroup - youthmin - trampolinefun -
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#WeAreVSM #BonfireNight , Dosent Get Better than This!!! #Stumin #YouthMin
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_bellewelborn_ : Send me that pic loser
isaacdjohn - the_names_halesha - _bellewelborn_ - dleynn -
9:30am Ackerman Park -meet in Parkview's parking lot- #turkeybowl BE THERE!! flags provided #glenellyn #stumin
turkeybowl - glenellyn - stumin -
somehow_i_manage - jobeth414 - jfon31269 - alisongardiner2012 -
NEW full-year study from LBS! Visit to get a free sample lesson! #uthmin #stumin #fammin #smallgroups #discipleship
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ryleighoverby - madeleine642 - blisbell - grey_rhodes_42 -
Can't wait for every young lady and every mom or aunt to get their copy of "The Proverbial Girl" preorder open in just a few days #PROVERBIALGIRL #stumin #youthmin #youthministry #YouthResources #afterthemusic
stumin - youthmin - youthresources - youthministry - proverbialgirl - afterthemusic -
sheisl : Is this the gospel artist???
revruss : @sheisl yup @iamlisamcclendon should written and great book and is now part of the "After The Music Stops" team!!!
sheisl : Thanks. I love her!!!! Following now
revruss : Yeah I love her too @sheisl make sure to preorder your book(s) on the first of December
iamlisamcclendon : Thanks for the love @sheisl. @revruss Yes, the countdown is on. 😊😊😊😊
niccidiamond : @zoesevents
trammelorr - jcopyof - gabspann - wondherful -
RSM, no service tonight! Have a blessed thanksgiving. I will be praying for all of you and your families! I am so thankful to have the opportunity of pastoring you and growing with you! #stumin #gospel #youth #youngadults #discipleshift
stumin - youth - gospel - discipleshift - youngadults -
ogcdi_movement : cool
sylviadaughdrill - coreyvoss - cainbarrett - -
Josie is gangsta gangsta with the wooden mustache!! Bahaha #stumin #thirteen11
stumin - thirteen11 -
_jbtaylor_ : It's a hard knock life
kim_ace - nisabela_ - emaree_reeves - _jbtaylor_ -
Thankful for the fun messages left on my board when youth come up to grab something from my office. They are too sweet to me!! #stumin #feelsoloved
stumin - feelsoloved -
larrian23 : I drew the earth πŸ’
weller222 - heyjessaaaay - _bewaregummybear_ - becauseimbayley -
Skyping w/ my media partners Progressif Media from France about BUILD curriculum for Youth Pastors - can't wait to help YP's grow!! Click website on my profile to find out more and pre-order #growmoore #build #youthpastor #stumin
stumin - growmoore - build - youthpastor -
tony34 : Ready to have it my hands already.
mcclaindustin - tanner_crossnoe - mark.masonheimer - christystahle -
We are thankful for so many things here at MLab, and we're especially thankful for YOU! We couldn't carry out our calling and passion, serving and sharing Christ with the people of New Orleans, without our volunteers! Thanks for loving alongside us! We're so grateful! #mlab2014 #givethanks #missionlab #nobts #neworleans #loveinaction #lovethiscity #nola #serve #love #volunteer #makeadifference #thanksgiving #grateful #stumin #abeautifulmess
love - grateful - neworleans - serve - missionlab - makeadifference - lovethiscity - givethanks - abeautifulmess - nobts - volunteer - stumin - mlab2014 - nola - thanksgiving - loveinaction -
myriahsloan : @chapman_herwood @keelynswoape
elleryslife : πŸŒŸπŸ’– I love this! Join me in being thankful everyday this month! Let's start a movement 🌟
keelynswoape : #famous! 😏 @myriahsloan Next year you'll be buff, & I'll be trim, & we'll switch. πŸ‘Œ @chapman_herwood
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Another #TruCommunity family worship response station idea
stumin - trumin - fammin - trucommunity - kidmin -
truministry : #trumin #fammin #kidmin #stumin
j_brookecook : @_elevateyouth
calvaryhs - betsyjmarvin - alyssacgibson - sara.matson -
Yup leaders are in support of the next release from "After The Music Stops" written by @iamlisamcclendon for every young lady and even those young at heart!!! S/O Co-Pastor Susie Owens... Get ready to preorder December 1st (Cyber-Monday) and have it in time for Christmas #PROVERBIALGIRL #stumin #studentled #youthmin #youthministry #YouthResources @twh_phd
stumin - youthmin - youthresources - studentled - youthministry - proverbialgirl -
quiet_storm_ed3 - thecoachag - libertyu252 - onlygodknows1188 -
DEBUTING DECEMBER 1... Youth Ministry Answers! You ask the questions. We search for the answers. We are so excited to get this up and running and into your ears. Find out more at And keep your ears open next week during our big launch. 🎁Psssst... There will be PRIZES.🎁 #youthmin #stumin
stumin - youthmin -
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Repost from @hazardousmsm look at how crazy awesome this is! Scotch tape beauty salon, what can be more fun? #stumin #msmin #youthmin
#MSMSG #hazardousmsm
stumin - msmsg - youthmin - hazardousmsm - msmin -
rae_loveslife - annemogck - jessicahall1293 - that_kidoutthere -
Some people may see a mess, but I see progress. Looking for some people willing to jump in w me as we seek to give our #kidmin & #stumin a facelift. C'mon. Who's w/ me @bbc_family
stumin - kidmin -
tareqkhoury97 : Do you need help?
joshwooten : Sure Maroon 1. I will be working today from 8:30 - 10:45 and Friday as well. Possibly Saturday
davidrclark : Exciting!
mytracyz : Making sure, you're leaving a fee walls on the stage for me, right? (And HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!! )
destiny_givens - softball.__girl.__ - taylor16l - kblovesdance4ever -
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