Hearing about out of control private debt levels at the National Graduate Caucus.
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cfsfcee : #cfsfcee #itsnosecret #fcee15 #highered #gradlife #ottawa #studentdebt
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Going to a policy simposium in Lakewood! #lovesocialwork #gettingeducated #immigrationissues #studentdebt #Longdayahead #fridayfunday
immigrationissues - gettingeducated - fridayfunday - studentdebt - lovesocialwork - longdayahead -
Parents told me this year (goat year) is bad luck for those born during years of the rat, dog, ox, and goat. πŸ€πŸ•πŸ‚πŸ Me...rat year. 😣 2015 has been chaotic, nerve-racking, and stressful with needless complications/obstacles, but things have somehow worked out in the end. Thought I wasn't going to make it, but I was able to submit my Nurse Corps Loan Forgiveness application about an hour before deadline after jumping through hoops! πŸ˜“πŸ‘ Lots of changes this year and hopefully for the better. Crossing my fingers that I get accepted for Nurse Corps so that 85% of my $300k-ish student debt will be forgiven after 3 years of service as a nurse practitioner at AltaMed. πŸ’°πŸ’Έ That would be pretty darn amazing and helpful! 😁 Pray for me! πŸ™ #studentdebt #educationalloans #nursecorps #nursepractitioner #loanforgiveness #loanrepayment #wishmeluck #prayforme #newbeginnings #yearofthegoat
nursepractitioner - nursecorps - prayforme - yearofthegoat - loanforgiveness - wishmeluck - studentdebt - educationalloans - loanrepayment - newbeginnings -
dirtyyesov : Veeeery nice
goodluckhorseshoes : Good Luck
peterhsim : I'm a financial advisor and MD. I graduated with almost same amount of student loans. If you need my advice, let me know. I could help you. 😁
amandasigala : Most stressful day ever yesterday 😁. Glad it all worked out even last minute!!
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Drowning in student loans? Questioning if it was worth it? Would you like to be debt free? I get paid to play on social media! Can you say that? I will personally coach and mentor you to assure this happens. There is absolutely no catch. However, you must be: πŸ˜†FUN! 😍Willing to help others. 🌞Easy to communicate with. 😎Ready to have an adventure! If that's YOU, text πŸ“±me right now at 772.678.2944! Or email me πŸ“§ #studentdebt #sorority #sororitylife #frat #fraternity #fratlife socialmedia #Facebook #instagram #twitter #fun #adventure #workfromhome #collegelife #college #debt #worthit
collegelife - instagram - twitter - workfromhome - frat - college - adventure - sorority - debt - fratlife - facebook - sororitylife - worthit - fraternity - fun - studentdebt -
saltypumps7 : Lol np....
wealthygrind : Lets Connect!!
kelkrajewski : @saltypumps7 OK sent!!! :) if you have ANY questions feel free to ask...absolutely no pressure
saltypumps7 : @kelkrajewski okay thanks!!
saltypumps7 : :)
pherazone : Great pictures. Lets connect. Follow me and I'll follow back.
kelkrajewski : @saltypumps7 You are very welcome! πŸ˜€
mikeavelli : Dope pic. Check out my page
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I saw this on a video by LeeCamp2 I believe. The title was: "You Don't Even Know You're a Slave" on YouTube #interesting It's meant to be humorous and, in a way, it is, but it's kind of true, to an extent. #tuition #studentdebt
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trish.rudy2015 -
Student Debt...Its ALOT to think about. ______________________________ Overcoming student debt is becoming harder and harder to achieve. As the cost of college increases every year, books, and housing students are finding it difficult to stay afloat. What can you do to help eliminate this feeling? ______________________________ #Access4Every1 #SelfMade #PeerSupported #StudentDebt #StudentLoans #Follow
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officialweatherwin : Superb!
silverspoonfoundation : Thanks @officialweatherwin!
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Extend the life of your #loans with our Extended Graduated Repayment Program. #studentdebt #college #collegedebt #student #creditrepair #creditconsolidation #debt
collegedebt - creditconsolidation - creditrepair - college - student - studentdebt - debt - loans -
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Have you tried that CrAzY wrap thing?? I have started my own business to help myself and others live happier healthier lives, while crushing student loans! I'll be needing product testers, so contact me for details or check out my website. #itworks #wrap #getfit #studentdebt
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Cruising along! Now that I only have three months left, I've started to think about what's next. It's a huge culture shock to go from rapidly paying off debt to saving for your future! I'm making sure I set aside money each month for travel for starters - I love seeing new places and taking weekend trips. What are you saving for? #studentloan #studentloans #studentdebt #countdown #loan #payoff #3monthstogo #finances #financialindependence #motivation #savings #goals #LillyPulitzer #firstimpressions
studentloan - 3monthstogo - motivation - lillypulitzer - financialindependence - firstimpressions - loan - countdown - savings - goals - studentdebt - finances - studentloans - payoff -
theconservativeprep : Spain in November!!
styled_by_mad : @theconservativeprep now that's a savings goal ;)
marycarolinemiller : Inspiration! Only 34 more months to go for me... 😣😣
thriftflipper : Awesome! You are so close! Yes, I can't wait to start saving once all this debt is paid off! We'll be working on a down payment for a house, but maybe we'll squeeze in a beach trip or two. 😊
pennyrcl : You rock Mad!!!
anchoryourfitness : Cool!
katherine.e.mize : An international trip every year--Thailand in 4 weeks! :)
styled_by_mad : @katherine.e.mize you and I think alike there :) Have fun in Thailand!!
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A free bus will be going to Parliament house on Wednesday 4 March at 11.45am from Chancellery. If you want to be a part of the rally to fight for our rights - in particular the fee increases for students, this is a great way to get involved. #fightforourrights #studentdebt #sayno #educationforall #studentlife #students #murdochuni #murdoch
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top.facts : So amazing! 😍 You should continue like that and follow me for mind blowing ! 🌺
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With the cost of college steadily increasing the college dropout rate continues to rise amongst the Young and Driven because they can not afford the American Dream. However, those who get the opportunity to earn an education only get swallowed in debt and become underpaid and underemployed. Who is to blame for this??? How can we change it??? ______________________________ #Access4Every1 #SelfMade #PeerSupported #Underemployed #StudentLoans #StudentDebt
peersupported - selfmade - studentdebt - underemployed - access4every1 - studentloans -
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#realtalk #textbook #collegetextbook #expensive #real #truth #college #bookstore #studentdebt #collegekidproblems #collegestudentproblems #thestruggle #sotrue #true
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camtheuniverse : Hey! I'm Cam. #lovin your profile! I'm currently pioneering a new mobile app, and I'd love to get your input on it. Definitely scope out my page and website! Cheers :)
pnora : I laughed when i read that the other day
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This meme literally reminded me what my father told me when i did my taxes except the #state didn't even give me a chance to dream about getting #money back! #nycproblems #studentdebt #Lmao #Thestruggle #tosavemoneyisreal #taxreturnproblems #happywednesday #iambuyingmyselfakittenwithwhatigot
lmao - happywednesday - money - taxreturnproblems - nycproblems - iambuyingmyselfakittenwithwhatigot - state - thestruggle - tosavemoneyisreal - studentdebt -
alisonevans12 : A kitten for me ?!!!!! Yes
makemoneyoncampus : Let's Connect!
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The past 4 years of my life summed up into 2 pieces of paper. #bachelorsdegree #mastersdegree #graduate #studentdebt #pleasehireme
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Is this how you feel about your student loans? Send me your burning questions! @brunchandbudget will be speaking to a @clearpointccs student loan counselor on Friday! Tune in on Sunday to get your answers!! #studentloan #studentloandebt #debt #debtrepayment #crushingdebt #studentdebt #burningquestion #askaway #studentloanexpert #collegecostwaytoomuch #collegedebt #brunchandbudget
studentloan - burningquestion - collegedebt - studentloandebt - askaway - collegecostwaytoomuch - crushingdebt - studentloanexpert - brunchandbudget - studentdebt - debt - debtrepayment -
makemoneyoncampus : Cool!
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Convocation bitches! #thankgod #3longyears #studentdebt
studentdebt - thankgod - 3longyears -
ackeigh : @bradburythis so nice handing you your diploma today!! Wish we could have chatted longer! Congrats Graduate!!
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Our friends at the CSUN Consumer Resource Center will be hosting the "Consumer Protection Town Hall and Information Fair" on March 4, 9am-4pm at the USU Grand Salon. Stop by to learn about your consumer rights, future protection trends, insights about careers in government, and interact with industry experts. Speakers will be present to discuss #studentdebt, virtual currencies, and immigration fraud. #CSUN #CSUNconsumerresourcecenter #cybersecurity #consumerrights #consumerprotection #magaramcenter
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camtheuniverse : Hey! I came across your page through #'s. I'm pioneering a brand new mobile application and I could use your help in making it go viral. Just made a sleek new site that has all the information regarding the app. It's my bio, scope it out! :)
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I filled out a legit retirement calculator, thanks to my student debt I can retire in 100 years. That's the date I was given. At least it's in July... #studentdebt #fucked #ugh #lol
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Living that college dream..... #studentdebt #nationalaverage #eventheinternetdoesntbelieveinme
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Today 4:30-6:30! #Phenom #studentdebt #umassamherst
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Indoctrinated, enslaved and made to believe in your own hype of self importance. All to realize it was a scam aimed at pulling the most vulnerable into debt slavery when you try to use that piece of paper in the real world. Sure, some people are made for a higher education...but it's unfortunatly sold to the most average of young minds ("Sure, you have a D grade average and clearly don't find any enjoyment from being in school but you HAVE to go to college!"). Education at this juncture in time can be achived by the amazing tool which nearly every home has at their fingertips. Because you paid nearly 200 dollars on a textbook and listened to some professor spew borring bullshit, passed a few tests and in turn got a paper with your name on it doesn't mean you're "educated". Want to go to a leaning instituion and "learn" something? Go to a trade school...learn a trade! We need more electricans and wood workers than we do liberal arts and marketing majors. Please, stop feeding into the scam and think about it. #thedeliberatedumbingdownofamerica #college #highereducation #scam #truestory #studentdebt #enslavement #indoctrination #reality #collegeisascam
scam - collegeisascam - truestory - thedeliberatedumbingdownofamerica - reality - indoctrination - college - enslavement - highereducation - studentdebt -
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And on the seventh day The Lord was like, "Whatta Hell are you guys doing?" #SundayFunday #NeverWorkWithChildrenOrMutantAnimals #StudentDebt #InTheArmsOfAnAngel #ManBearPig
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camtheuniverse : Hey! I'm Cam. #lovin your profile! I'm currently pioneering a new mobile app, and I'd love to get your input on it. Definitely scope out my page and website! Cheers :)
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We bought fur collars...on our rich white women shit. #fur #collar #vintage #rich #white #instagay #gayboy #fashion #studentdebt #stillonfleek #werk #yasgawd
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dylanreymer : #privileged
monikacule : #privileged hahahaha dkm !!!
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What a LONG but REWARDING day! We're coming for you, New York! #mootcourt #studentdebt #whittierlawschool
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jessicaleight : Yay!!!
emilyyychristine : Congrats!
mariaelenaparadaa : You go girl!
camtheuniverse : Hey! I'm Cam. #lovin your profile! I'm currently pioneering a new mobile app, and I'd love to get your input on it. Definitely scope out my page and website! Cheers :)
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I keep looking for that flag, so I can wave it and yell, "#Murica" but it seems to be buried under piles of bullish*t. » #Sarcasm #College #America #Ridiculous #Tuition #CollegeLoans #StudentLoans #StudentDebt
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materials7brought : How does one Direct Message you? :) ⭐
makemoneyoncampus : Wow!
camtheuniverse : Hey! I came across your page through #'s. I'm pioneering a brand new mobile application and I could use your help in making it go viral. Just made a sleek new site that has all the information regarding the app. It's my bio, scope it out! :)
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And this is how I am currently using my Spanish degree. (I'm blue) (I don't even think I provided a correct translation πŸ˜‘) #studentdebt #relationshipquestions
relationshipquestions - studentdebt -
bdholm : There is no correct way to string those words together. You are doing just fine. πŸ‘Œ
nikicuster : Hahaha thank you @bdholm - I needed the validation for real haha
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Out n about. #studentdebt #drank #weeee
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camtheuniverse : Hey! I'm Cam. #lovin your profile! I'm currently pioneering a new mobile app, and I'd love to get your input on it. Definitely scope out my page and website! Cheers :)
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VEGAS FOR THE WEEKEND!!!! πŸ“πŸ“‘βœŠ #mootcourt #studentdebt #bossbitchshoes
studentdebt - mootcourt - bossbitchshoes -
mariaelenaparadaa : Good luck!
emilyyychristine : You got this!!
stellalalalalalalalalala : Omg good luck!!! You guys will rock!
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Amurika! We're the best at being the worst! #college #studentdebt
studentdebt - college -
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How are you showing your pet some love today? #loveyourpetday #studentadvocates #studentdebt
loveyourpetday - studentdebt - studentadvocates -
makemoneyoncampus : Lovely!
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πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€ #RestoreTheCuts #orleg #orpol #studentdebt
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jazzie_spice : I made that! β€οΈπŸ’ƒπŸ‘Œ
_marianasofia : My favorite poster of the rally πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ @jazzie_spice
makemoneyoncampus : Get Paid While On Campus!
camtheuniverse : Hey! I came across your page through #'s. I am working with successful entrepreneurs in Cali, and they created an app that's going to be huge. Let's talk, DM me :)
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"Student Loan Nightmares- Is A College Degree Still Needed??" MONDAY's TOPIC "The Wake Up Morning Show" on @iHeartRadio CALL IN: 844-976-9136 & BE PART OF THE CONVERSATION! MONDAY 6am-9am EST Join your hosts Georgette Pierre and Dave Tolliver LISTEN LIVE:
studentloan - collegedebt - collegegrad - collegeloans - wrnw1radio - talkradio - collegeproblems - studentdebt - collegedegree - loan - studentloans -
wrnw1radio : #studentloans #studentloan #studentdebt #collegeloans #collegedebt #collegeproblems #collegegrad #wrnw1radio #talkradio #loan #collegedegree
anchoryourfitness : Very best!
emilyadd0090 : Nice pic!
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We Passed!... $1 Billion in Student Loan Defaults. Help us change this- link in bio
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cfsfcee : #cfsfcee #itsnosecret #fcee15 #cfs #studentdebt #studentloans #canada #harper #cpc #ndp #lpc
wrappingwithgreen : Very best!
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