#TRUEDAT lol #studentdebt
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bentjohnson : What? That's brutal.
bentjohnson : But yes. True.
evelynrockon : @bentjohnson Universities are making mad cash on stupid students. I majored in English because that was my best subject and I didn't have much career guidance. Finally did my postgrad a few years after uni in something useful and I'm hella glad. Still $15K in student debt. Even the PR postgrad market will be flooded soon.
bentjohnson : Yuuup. If I had a do-over I'd probably rethink my honours degree in English language and literature. #superpractical
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Brace yourselves - Student Loan payments are coming! #ZeroPayment #StudentLoans #StudentDebt #DoItYourself #WeWillTeachYou
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austinuhl : #gameofthrones #gameofloans
michaelpmalone : I love meeting like-minded forward thinkers; let's connect.
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Your monthly student loan payment could be solely determined by your income and family size - $25k per year and 1 dependent = $0 payment each month #DoItYourself #WeWillTeachYou #StudentLoans #StudentDebt #ZeroPayment
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For anyone that has student loans. Please please please take advantage of this. It's real and it works. They are definitely helping me out with all my loans; if they can help me then they can definitely help you. Make sure you tell them I referred you; Nadia Ritter!! #picstitch #studentloans #studentdebt #loanforgiveness #callnow
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jonjon2006 : Ok Ty
jonjon2006 : Muah
meg_aan : What is this ?
gun_nadia : It's a loan forgiveness law passed through the Obama care program. It's very real too; no scam. If you have any loans I definitely recommend you give them a call. See what they can do for you. @meg_aan
gun_nadia : Just call the number I provided and let them know I sent you. @meg_aan
meg_aan : Okay girl thanks ! I'm gonna do it when I get off work
gun_nadia : No problem. Tell everyone you can. The more people we can help in out generation the better. @meg_aan
gun_nadia : @mbrezzy27
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🍟: How can I help you? #StudentLoans #StudentDebt #Debt #CollegeGraduate #MastersDegree #TheJobMarket #JobMarket #Economy #TheEconomy #TheAmericanDream
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solidricx : Fuck that..
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Did you know the southeast development corp is offering computers and laptops under $200?!!! That's the best #backtoschoolsale we've seen and it's good all year round! Call (323) 585- 4579 to get yours. Dude, you're getting a #dell! #backtoschool #backtoschool2014 #dellcomputers #scdc #southeastcommunitydevelopmentcorp #cityofvernon #cityofbell #collegelife #studentdebt #collegedeals
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Almost doneee ! #graphicdesign #greenhomes #socialmedia
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_leggo_my_meggo : #graphicdesign #newsletter #mortgage #studentdebt #green #blue #naperville
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BRB, crying. #studentdebt #loansforlife
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So this is what tens of thousands of dollars looks like.... #YSUgraduate #studentdebt #ysu #thanksYSU
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lfatima_ : Congrats babe! Your gonna do wonderful things! Oh the places you'll go 😘
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Gen -Y Trap, as told by Jason Delacruz #generationy #solutions #college #studentdebt #haveapurpose #generationywhylie #power #hiipower #kendricklamar #visalus #jordandelacruz #truth
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urpalpaul : How's It Going, I'm Paul and I was checking out your profile and would love to work with you. Im currently working on a nationwide project with college students so check out my video and shoot me a text if you want to talk more. Love to hear back from you!
ocean_drive_vibe : so how do I get started on this 90 day challenge @mo_rich_32
mo_rich_32 : @ocean_drive_vibe What's up bro. I hope all is well. Shoot me your number and I'll get you started!
ocean_drive_vibe : 7864879292 @mo_rich_32
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In 2013, The federal government made more profit off student loans than ANY Fortune 500 company - 5 times more than Google. Enough is enough! Take advantage of the programs available to you! #studentloans #studentdebt #0payment
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nickstanitzharper : (844) USA-GRAD
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Master's number two under my belt. #studentdebt
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ktillah : Congrats!
mrhawkrad : Congratulations!
laurenkodiak : Congrats! πŸ‘πŸŽ“
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Student debt is the #1 debt in North America! Not all education will pay. Have student debt? We can help! YOU can earn $400 a month towards your student debt. Let us show YOU how! #ypr #debt #loans #student #college #uni #school #trillion #tuition #residual #opportunity #canada #america #income #pay #bigdreams #business #rackem
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brendentieger : Nice!
ryanlalonde : #osap #studentdebt #loan #recession #getoutofdebt
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"Uhlitzer" is a portmanteau of Austin "Uhl" and Nick "Stanitz-Harper" - Two best friends who watched their friends and family struggle with student loans, while dealing with a broken education system that was failing to help them. There are SOLUTIONS! #studentdebt #studentloans #0payment
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Don't let student loans bleed you dry - see if you qualify for a $0 payment| (844) USA-GRAD| lowermystudentdebt.com #0payment #studentloans #studentdebt
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This is my rant for the day. We have all these problems out there and most people don't even bat an eye at them. There is hunger,famine,drought,violence, corruption, homelessness, war, broken promises,suicide,people with mental illness,and all this other crap. What does it take to get people to realize that we will destroy ourselves if we continue down this road. Wanting to change the world is what has been eating at me for the longest time. To see all these people I don't even know struggle with things and are shattered by violence. Watching all these problems across the world and all we care about is when the next iPhone comes out or whatever the hell it may be. Changing the world is what I'm dedicating my life to and if people find it stupid or laugh at I don't give a fuck because I actually give a shit about people I don't even know. Basically in a nutshell open your eyes and try to make a difference in some way shape or form. #changetheworld #famine #studentdebt #robinwilliams #violence #drought #unitedstates #humans #rant #world #UN
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#truth #politics #elizabethwarren #obama #studentdebt #corporateelite
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Trying to do this!! Major pity party about how unfair it feels that training to be a social worker is so (financially) difficult. Try to be a nice person and do nice things and do a nice job that helps people and I just wish it could be a little bit easier. Whine over! #socialwork #studentdebt #pityparty #londonrentsareinsane
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vlagu : Thank you! Really needed to read this!
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I'm seriously considering remaining in school for the rest of my life just to keep them in default πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ #studentdebt #helpme #niggaImbroke
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tasty74 : πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
_beautiful_ruin : Child yes I owe enough to buy a damn house πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ @_ziggaaa
_beautiful_ruin : One more year!!! May 24th 2015 don't make any plans πŸŽ“πŸŽ“πŸŽ“ @tasty74
tasty74 : I won't
chopsuii_ : Facts!!!!
chopsuii_ : Lmaooo
chopsuii_ : Rp!
lonniej_pr : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜©πŸ˜­ Albright for you. You better go teach
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Qualify for loan forgiveness before it's too late (844)USA-GRAD| lowermystudentdebt.com #0payment #studentloans #studentdebt #forgiveness
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Let us help you lower your student loan payment - potentially down to $0 per month! (844)USA-GRAD | lowermystudentdebt.com #0payment #studentloans #studentdebt
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Do you qualify for a $0 student loan payment? A lot of people do. (844) USA-GRAD | lowermystudentdebt.com #studentloans #studentdebt #$0payment
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No kids for meeeee #studentdebt #broke
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Drinking away the pain of student fees... #whydoihavetopayforparking? #collegelife #gradstudent #studentdebt #whiskeysour
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northernnevadaskywatch : Go to the design department and sniff around the visual design students ... Those stickers are often a creative project ... Hehehe
geckomamasita : Haha I've thought about that. But they scan the bar code on them, or at least they did at my undergrad university @northernnevadaskywatch
northernnevadaskywatch : Find that unused parking place. The campus cops go for low hanging fruit at the popular lots. Ask the designos trust me ...
northernnevadaskywatch : ;-) I jest of course
kpsmith1023 : That's only 12 dollars less than what you paid at undergrad a semester.
geckomamasita : I know... but still. I've got six more years of paying to park. @kpsmith1023
kpsmith1023 : Half the people I know with grownup jobs have to pay for parking at work, just accept it as a fact of life.
geckomamasita : Yes mom @kpsmith1023
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#didit #educated #studentdebt #wemadeit
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eva_baby86 : Congrats Seve!!!
brit_nguyen : Congratulations! !
half_moonglow : πŸ‘πŸ™ŒπŸ“šπŸŽ“ good job! You're awesome
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Advantage: student #studentdebt #mortgagingfutures
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Why my senator - Roy Blunt (R) -Missouri , voted AGAINST the #bankonstudents bill. #whatanass! #missouri #republican #senate #vote #bankonstudents #studentdebt #america #studentloans #accountability #elizabethwarren #mobilize #taxation #shameful #constituent #icallbullshit #royblunt #facts #politics
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This horrible email I just received! #halfwaythroughgrace #fedloans #reallifesucks #studentdebt #brokebutokay
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#selfie #studentdebt #stillunemployed
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fizzythekid : I got mine today too they took longer for us
chuckzillax : Congrats homie
clurmy : @chuckzillax thank you 😁 @fizzythekid yea I was too lazy to go pick it up
fizzythekid : Lol
kat_alez : Lmao! That was my first thought too. Yay student loans πŸ˜‚πŸ‘‰πŸ˜­πŸ˜©πŸ™ˆ
thestyleboro : Yasssss student debit!!
beautifulsavages : Congrats boo!
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You're like a year too late Wells Fargo. Ain't looking for your wares no more.
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lihcas : #StudentLoans #StudentDebt
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Do I look tired yet ? After today I have work 82 hours in last two weeks . #mcjob #studentdebt #studentlife #job #allidowork
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Pre-haircut/breaky selfie #smd #sorrynotsorry #bored #coffeeeeee #meowmeowmew #damn #shameless #studentdebt
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theshaderoom : Truth!!!
tumblrgirly18 : #invest #intellectual #republicans #wakeupnow #money #marketing #wealthy #wealth #million #billionares #studentdebt #success #successfulpeople
christian_fioravanti : Looks like you're crushing it, good work!
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