Many people are struggling to pay off their student loans. Here are a few tips to help alleviate the burden. Fake your death, get a new identity and move to Cuba. I'm only kidding, you should know me by now. Real talk (This is what I personally do, I am not a legal consultant, don't sue me...disclaimer!) Step 1: consolidate your student loans. This means take your multiple loans and have them combined into one loan. Step 2: try to qualify for an income based repayment program. Some of these even forgive the debt you owe after a number of years. Step 3: make sure you pay an amount to make sure you are caught up on your loans. This might mean making a big payment, but it'll be worth it. Student loan interest accrues daily so each day the amount you owe gets bigger, and bigger. You have to find a way to fight that. That's where step 4 comes in. Step 4: Set up billpay with your bank account and have the payments come out of your checking account daily to pay off both whatever the monthly balance will be along with any accrued interest. (I will explain.) Suppose your monthly payment is $100 and the accrued interest ends up being $2 daily we add $2X31days = $62 + $100 = $162 dollars that needs to be paid monthly $162/4 = $40.5 weekly now we need a daily balance. Because most banks don't do BillPay on Saturdays and Sundays instead of dividing the $40.5 by 7 days we divide it by 5 days. $40.5 divided by 5 = $8.10 This means you set up BillPay to pay your Student Loan MTWRF a measley $8.10 This will make sure not only your balance is paid for the month, but also it should take care of any interest that might accrue. Plus your bank will start to pay automatically without you thinking about it. Lastly this could improve your credit since you'll have timely payments.
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This is ridiculous #studentdebt #Capitalism #amerikkkaisthebiggestgang #whathasobamadone
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weare_louis : Or you could avoid such a dilemma by going to a less expensive school, getting better grades, and getting a more useful degree where you wouldn't be stuck paying off 25k in loans for 10 years with interest. It's kinda like buying a 250k house with a minimum down payment of 25k and getting a 36 year mortgage. Some kids in college are wasting their time with degrees that won't get them a job and loans they will never be able to pay back. They knowingly took those loans and knowingly chose useless majors and now are slaves to the banks. It's nobodies fault but their own.
ooosterqueer : @weare_louis The problem is that school and loans cost that much in the first place, and people have the right to the educations we want (not that we necessarily get them, but I digress), and also to careers that are fulfilling, while still managing to cover our bills (because that's the unfortunate reality of the capitalist machine). How dare you shame people for their personal choices about the rest of their lives. How can you blame the students when the government is who's overcharging and under-educating?
weare_louis : @ooosterqueer first off, education is not a right. That's why colleges can refuse people admittance. Yes I agree that to an extent the cost of college has gotten too high. Yes you do have the right to choose your education/career path but when you choose something that historically has little to employment options and is generally cupcake coursework, don't expect much. Using phrases like "careers that are fulfilling" and illogical and 100% subjective. Your idea of fulfilling is probably radically different than my definition of the such. So no, you don't have a right to a fulfilling career. You have the opportunity to create a fulfilling career. I'm not shaming, I'm being truthful. If you don't wanna be stuck paying off a rather small student loan for the rest of your life then don't pick a major and career field where the best pay you'll get is even smaller. My brother took a 100k loan for law school. He'll pay that off in 5 years. Why? Because his future income is far larger than the loan. My dad paid off 80k in loans in the 80s, because he went to law school. I'm going to dental school and taking out almost 160k in loans to go instate where tuition is cheap. I'll 150k as an associate out of school my first year, if I buy into a practice I'll be making around 300k, maybe more depending on how hard I wanna work. Why would I take out such a horrendous loan? Because it's worth it. If you are struggling to pay a 25k loan then you're education was a waste and you have no employable skills.
instantcafebaby : There goes @weare_louis, confusing what IS and what COULD//SHOULD BE. Aie.
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Neighbors. Pretty sure it's for-profit. #studentdebt #blessed
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anonymousgirly18 : @justinbieber
askmicheletoday : Love it! Follow me and I will follow back #followme #Ifollowback
green_room_binary_kings : ccool, keep them coming
thebrand1com : Cool Pic!!!!
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#truth #bandmerch #studentdebt #collegelife
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toxic_wast : Yes
kassidy_m13 :
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Too accurate πŸ˜‚πŸ’°πŸ’² #collegeprobs #poor #studentdebt #me #patrick #spongebob #funny #meme
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k_kinkaid : I'll have like 40k when all is said and done
shawnanataylor21 : Yeah it sucks for sure! Where do you go? @k_kinkaid
k_kinkaid : Kent! The main campus
shawnanataylor21 : Oh wow! Akron costs about the same. That's where I go. @k_kinkaid
k_kinkaid : Yeah, and I commute so it's cheaper that way. I live in north canton. It's like $10,000 a year, but I also started out at kent stark!
shawnanataylor21 : I commute as well! From east canton. It's too expensive to live on campus @k_kinkaid
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Nice way to wake up on a Saturday.. To a letter showing u how much student debt u're in. #studentdebt #studentloan #broke #uni
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Thank you Lord! Feels good man... #studentloans #osap #debt #dirtoffyourshoulder #studentdebt #freeatlast #debtfree
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rexxleo : Are you working hard in mlm and not getting paid? call 702-475-7568 for and easier way
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Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL) visiting #NIU to discuss #studentdebt with NIU President Baker, faculty, and #students.
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πŸ˜’ you think I don't know?? #studentdebt #bookscost300thissemester
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@thecoasthalifax #second #cover #photo #photographer #student #debt #university #college #studentdebt #tuition #pric
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etolento : #SME
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Another month closer to making the last payment on my student loans! They don't seem as bad when you decorate them with First Impressions :) For my recent grad followers out there with student debt, what helps you get closer to paying them off? I know for me it's all about prioritization - I love to eat out with friends, so I increased that budget and decided to give myself manicures for a while :p Which actually saves me a ton of time...I hate sitting for an hour waiting for shellac to dry! #lillylovers #lillypulitzer #firstimpressions #studentloans #studentdebt #thrifty #postgradlife #countdown #twentiesproblems
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pennyrcl : Every time I think about debt I think about the future children that Skyler and I will eventually have haha that helps us prioritize a little :p we still like food waaaaay too much haha
lillygreekchic : I still have a few months before I even start paying... πŸ˜’ I don't want to think about it lol
madelainecorinne : @pennyrcl that is a very legit concern haha. Though hopefully you will have funds to visit Richmond every once in a while ;)
madelainecorinne : @lillygreekchic it's awful to think about! Haha I made my plan so it's not a big unknown anymore but it's definitely a downer
pennyrcl : @madelainecorinne haha I hope one day in the near future! (Nearer than children maybe?) haha
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Seriously though...chill with the lazy, coddled, pampered, generation BS. I'll b in debt for the rest of my life until I get to collect social security. IF there is any left to collect. Soooooo shut your mouth. I thanx bye. #studentloans #college #studentdebt #Studentlife #BrokeAss #PamperedMyAss
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Such an awesome incentive! Help pay back those student loans! Such an awesome company! #studentdebt #vemma #tuition #help
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dreambignow100 : Need more help in Vemma ? click on the link inside my bio
eyetaliano : How is business going? I am forming my dream team, check out my link
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Something doesn't add up here... #studentdebt
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I can't πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­ #studentdebt #studentloans #college #thestruggleisreal
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#bsmart Founder @meaganhooper14 talking about #Chipotle #StudentDebt and #SmartPhones on Fox Business yesterday! // Do you think cell phone usage inhibits millennials from reading face-to-face emotion?
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erinhhorne : Somebody please send this to the NCS alumni magazine
igotgoldboy : This was so fun to watch!
bsmartguide : I couldn't have done it without the help of our smart members sharing their advice (and some very talented people at the Oscar Blandi salon). ☺️
emlynthompson : So exciting!!! πŸ‘πŸ‘
livinlifegayly : #worldchanger
tyronaheath : Go Meagan!
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Few pounds to pay off #studentdebt
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hollygobrightly : Ugh D:
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So true. #StudentLoans #StudentDebt #SallieMaeOwnsMe #ThatsNotMyName
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israzz : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
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After I graduate from college, I'll be looking at those student loans like... πŸ‘‹πŸ˜” goodbye money that I never had in the first place πŸ’Έ #studentdebt #college #studentloans
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thejessicajolia : @gteddington
gteddington : LOL my life @thejessicajolia
fssarah17 : SPONGEBOB!!!...Yo that's my boi....swag ya'll
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I owe them too much money!! #studentdebt #DC
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School grind... #successful #moneychasser #studentdebt
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bigdaddylaos : what classes you taking
mattlanders7 : Nigga please!
dynasty_sean : #studentdebt hahaha I like that one!
kbshmoney : What's a money chasser?
kbshmoney : You need to enroll in an English class!
adamziomek : Stop wearing the same shirts everyday @kbshmoney
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The trick is getting more letters behind your last name than there are vowels. Baby steps. #lpc #cspp #counselinglife #studentdebt
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rami0074 : Andrew Ramirez, CEO
kooiengak : Aw there you go
chantar : 🌟
amyylwll : Congrats! :)
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Finally received my $20,000 piece of paperπŸŽ‰ #studentdebt
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selfrighteousbasterd : #congratsgrad
___srgpeppers : Congrats amy!!!!! :)))
ceeweed87 : Congrats!!! And I know the struggle lol
paulmagallanes : Congrats
bevsterly : Congrats πŸ˜˜πŸ‘
mountainboystuckontheblvd : Mine has Schwarzenegger on it ;)
idgafaylp : Congratulations you perfect human
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😍Feeling blessed today! Thank you so much! #Scholarship #LawStudent #LawSchool #StudentDebt #HelpsAlittle my #WishComeTrue would be that @dwyanewade @gabunion @jessicaalba or #JayZ would help me out! Those are my #FavoriteCelebrities #SingleMom #Survivor
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_snoflake83 : Or @beyonce 🐝
mrs.k14 : Congrats honey..
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Finally a challenge that I'll gladly participate in: #PayMyStudentDebtChallenge! I nominate President #Obama, the #Clintons, #Oprah, #BillGates, #MittRomney, and anyone else who would like to contribute;) #lol #HelpmeImpoor! #studentdebtsucks #studentdebt #lawschooldebt #paymytuitionchallenge
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wunhundun : Hey, check out the link in my bio.
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Here's to the next 4 years #studentdebt
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One item for 1 of 5 classes this semester. Can't buy used or sell back, either. The least you could do is buy me a drink first... #helpmeimpoor #studentdebt #happytuesday
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zussmada : @mariarany
davyciolli : 22$ in tax is more than id want to spend on a book itself
mbwell : Any boobies in that book?
mariarany : Glad i have that to look forward to!
zussmada : @mbwell make it more worthwhile if there were.
50shousewifey : First glance I thought that was a speeding ticket 😳 ps- come back to wooooooork!!
tpetersond : #gottaspendmoneytomakemoney
jared.wackerly : What do you do? #follow4follow
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Check out my 2nd blog post in the bioβœοΈπŸ““ #blog #blogger #college #studentdebt #loans #realissues #instagood #instagreat #inmythoughts #life
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Awesome ending to first #TV #show...for full video head to or check me out at @immortalone316 on you tube to see how I can get you out of #StudentLoanDebt on behalf of #studentdebtamerica #immortalnetwork #network #studentdebt #studentloan #debtinamerica #collegegraduates
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Is college really worth it? 2nd blog post, No Way Out! The Student-Debt Crisis, comes out tomorrow. #blog #blogger #studentdebt #realissues #college #life #instagood #instagreat
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iammoshow : πŸ™πŸ™Œ
robyn_vanfit : I'll have to have a look at this... Too late for me now, but maybe it could help someone else! 😊.... Sigh...
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Make sure you tell them I, Nadia Ritter, sent you. #studentdebt #studentloans #debtforgiveness
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jay_es1291 : @solisa03
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