Marriage is teamwork. It's not about a competition of who's the better spouse. They may not be as strong in a certain area as you or vice versa but a balance of your strengths combined compliment one another. We encourage you to continue to put God first, learn from each other and enjoy your marital journey together.
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strivingforoneness : "Two people are better off than one, for they can help each other succeed. If one person falls, the other can reach out and help. But someone who falls alone is in real trouble. Likewise, two people lying close together can keep each other warm. But how can one be warm alone? A person standing alone can be attacked and defeated, but two can stand back-to-back and conquer. Three are even better, for a triple-braided cord is not easily broken." (Ecclesiastes‬ ‭4‬:‭9-12‬ NLT)
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callme_cherw : @rqwhitaker
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#lovetime ~It's time to stop what you're doing and text/call/email your honey and say "I love you"! #strivingforoneness
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crrristen : @mr_im_not_them I love you shnookum bear lol
mr_im_not_them : @crrristen I love u too!
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Oweee he making me look good. My hubby came out and seen how much a family Simeon really is. 💛💙💛💙💛 in our souls. #Myschoolbetterthanyours #Wedoitbig #Redcarpet #Family #Simeon #classof1999
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Good Morning, (Matthew‬ ‭7‬:‭24-27‬ NLT) “Anyone who listens to my teaching and follows it is wise, like a person who builds a house on solid rock. Though the rain comes in torrents and the floodwaters rise and the winds beat against that house, it won’t collapse because it is built on bedrock. But anyone who hears my teaching and doesn’t obey it is foolish, like a person who builds a house on sand. When the rains and floods come and the winds beat against that house, it will collapse with a mighty crash.” #dontquit #strivingforoneness #marriage #foundation #Jesus #bible #love #husband #wife #one #engaged #marriedlife
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_nancycooper_ : !!!
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One more time .. Cheers to the happy couple! To new love and to old love ❤️️Surround yourself w couples who may help and support you both and I hope we can be one of them for you :) @strivingforoneness ❤️️ #strivingforoneness #happycouple #marriage #love #happiness #newlyweds #myhandsomedate #cheers #funnight #Wedding @hannah_bananahh @___pipo
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jewlz916 : @boogiediva was that at the grand island mansion????
boogiediva : @jewlz916 ya why
jewlz916 : @boogiediva that place is so nice.... my wife want to get re married there in 10 years well 9 now..
boogiediva : @jewlz916 ya it was amazing :) they even offered for adults to spend the night because the drive would be too crazy if they drank.. Wish we would have lol
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#blueberrywaffles #goingdown cooking breakfast with the hubs. Todays lesson for him , what it takes to make good waffles! #waffles #breakfast #goodmorning #strivingforoneness
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By @marriagetalk "by @strivingforoneness "Be determined to not quit! Stand against the devil TOGETHER!! There's strength in numbers! #dontquit #strivingforoneness #God #faith #bible #husband #wife #love #marriage #marriedlife #strong #determined #one #family" via @PhotoRepost_app" #anointedwivespray
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marriagetalk : AMEN!!! @strivingforoneness @anointedwives
mdozal1224 : @relaxitzme ♡♥♡♥
doctrking : Amen! Quitting is not an option!!
mrshidalgo : What God has put together, let no man separate.🙏
livinggoodpierre : Beautiful!
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by @strivingforoneness "Be determined to not quit! Stand against the devil TOGETHER!! There's strength in numbers! #dontquit #strivingforoneness #God #faith #bible #husband #wife #love #marriage #marriedlife #strong #determined #one #family" via @PhotoRepost_app
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_mrsoneal : @tatted_face_mikey
mzmainie : @deandrecaston
onemansavedme316 : @valerieadair
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Be determined to not quit! Stand against the devil TOGETHER!! There's strength in numbers! #dontquit #strivingforoneness #God #faith #bible #husband #wife #love #marriage #marriedlife #strong #determined #one #family
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marriagetalk : Amen!! #repost
mr_mcclary : @gracefullygrace31 😉
gracefullygrace31 : @mr_mcclary absolutely!! 😘
lita830 : @j_bo_jackson 💋💋💋
j_bo_jackson : @lita830 you know it!!!
rednsweetb : @strivingforoneness thank you for your amazing post. I just wish The Lord would restore my marriage.
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Happy wedding day to the gorgeous bride @hannah_bananahh ❤️️ #wedding #mydate #love #marriage #welcometotheclub #us #strivingforoneness
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amritsir : Yall look amazing!
chaseandstacie : Glad you made it to the wedding safe @___pipo lol
boogiediva : @chaseandstacie he did good :) lol @amritsir thank u! 😊
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Communication is very key in EVERY marriage. Learn to talk about everything... things from your likes to dislikes, those things that bother about it. Don't leave your spouse assuming or in the dark towards your feelings. The more you open up and talk to each other, the more comfortable you'll become. ~My husband and I used to keep things to ourselves or talk to everyone else about our problems...although it's great to have others to talk to (to receive GODLY advice) - the real solution doesn't occur until both parties are aware of the issues. But now because we've purposed to strive for oneness and allow God to work through us, he and I can talk about ANYTHING...and I do mean anything. He's comfortable talking to me about those topics that in the past I would get upset or jealous about and vice versa. And we don't respond negatively or end up arguing...we listen, hear each other out and respond respectively....we've become more understanding and not selfish because it's not about just considering your own feelings but theirs as well! #dontquit #talk #listen #strivingforoneness #God #love #trust
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mrsgunnels : Amen!!! @doublejxj
sperry722 : SO true!
beautifulmommybee : @jael41
coryjcal : @phianicol3
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Another #priceless moment! #love #dontquit #strivingforoneness #husband #wife #married
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mr_mcclary : @gracefullygrace31
inrbeauty : @dcdizot
dcdizot : @inrbeauty 😘
cmalone98 : @katrina_malone my beautiful wife!!😘😍😘😍
katrina_malone : I love you @cmalone98 😘😘
gracefullygrace31 : Absolutely Pook! Best place to be other than in the will of God! I adore you! @mr_mcclary
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Let's not say we believe God to change us, our spouse or our marriage then turn around and speak doubt. Don't say "I'm believing God to restore my marriage", then say "my marriage will never change". Faith and doubt cannot coincide with one either have faith in what you believe in or you doubt what you SAY you're believing for. #dontquit #strivingforoneness
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strivingforoneness : Faith is the confidence that what we hope for will actually happen; it gives us assurance about things we cannot see. (‭Hebrews‬ ‭11‬:‭1‬ NLT)
hayleeh2011 : Amen!
findingfitnesscg : @saraboling @kristystratakosfitness @thehealthypeliroja Don't we know it!
mrsmister808 : 👏🙌 Amen
saraboling : @findingfitnesscg amen
sosostephanie : @i_am_homerun
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Celebrating Marriage! @santananicoled & her husband ~ #standingTogether #strivingforoneness #postapic
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Celebrating Marriage! @haroldparson & @dat_sanga_girl ~ #strivingforoneness #postapic
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Celebrating Marriage! @mr_manhey & his wife ~ #postapic #strivingforoneness #healthyLiving
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mr_manhey : @mrs_manhey
mrs_manhey : Awwwww @strivingforoneness thank you !!!! 💍💏😍💪👫
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In honor of #TBT I thought I'd take you on a photo journey through @dat_sanga_girl and my relationship...did I have a hairline in the first picture...I so don't think so...Lol!!! What I did have, and still have is a wonderful woman, a lot of love and a lot of happiness #TBT #love #happiness #blessed #StrivingForOneness
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dat_sanga_girl : I love u @haroldparson ...I am so blessed to be in love with my bestfriend! ♡ #TeamUs
haroldparson : @dat_sanga_girl love you too and I'm blessed to be in love with my best friend also #TeamUs
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There will be ups and downs in marriage but true unconditional love is what makes a couple get through... the obstacles, the stormy days, you stand TOGETHER, because LOVE CONQUERS ALL #TEAMDILLON 😍💑💏 #THROWBACKTHURSDAY #MYFAV #STRIVINGFORONENESS 👫
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attynikkibonner : Yep!
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#strivingforoneness @strivingforoneness it feels good to have someone to grind for! Makes it all worth it! - manHey #loseweightnowaskushow #3102915629 #haveyouhadyourshaketoday #workout #fitness #exercise #body #build #train #love #bless #god #jesus #christ #turnupforchrist #manhey #noworries #manheyfit #manheyfitclub #herbalife #manheyla
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mr_manhey : @slimm_beauty_ boom! - manHeu
ctupidgenius : Really happy for yall
mrs_manhey : @ctupidgenius thanks how are u?
mrs_manhey : @slimm_beauty_ I tried to call u foo.
zombeemcgee : Photo cred: me
slimm_beauty_ : @mrs_manhey when?
mr_manhey : Believe that sis @zombeemcgee
mrs_manhey : @zombeemcgee got something for u😊
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Celebrating Marriage! @kaohuonapua & her husband ~ #postapic #strivingforoneness
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#tbt #thelafortunes #strivingforoneness #loveofmylife #paininmybutt #bestfriend #babiesdaddy #partners #itainteasy #itsworthit
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strivingforoneness : Aww very nice!!
neris_f : 😍😍
proverbs31_916 : How cute are y'all?!?! Love it
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Celebrating Marriage!! @dshearb & her husband ~ #postapic #strivingforoneness
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Celebrating marriage!! @boogiediva & her husband #postApic #strivingforoneness
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boogiediva : @___pipo 😘
mr_manhey : Need those!
boogiediva : @mr_manhey target had them around valentines day :)
mr_manhey : @boogiediva dang! So Long ago thank you - manHey
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Look who's Celebrating Marriage! @crrristen & @mr_im_not_them #strivingforoneness #post-a-pic
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mr_im_not_them : Thank u!
strivingforoneness : Thank you guys for purposing to strive for oneness in your marriage!! @mr_im_not_them @crrristen
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The Riley's are Celebrating Marriage! #strivingforoneness #post-a-pic
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alwazready_luvnlife : Best looking couple I ever laid eyes on. It was rough in the beginning but I thank God for where u are today.... I love u Glenn & Kianna!
dis_dontconcern_yu : 😘😍😍😍
strivingforoneness : Aww thank you sis...that's so sweet of you!!! YES THANK GOD!!! #itwasroughButGod @alwazready_luvnlife
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😍 dreamy eyes @mr_im_not_them #mancrushmonday#mcm #mancrusheveryday#mce
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mr_im_not_them : Thanks beautiful 💓💓💓✌❤😍😍😍
crrristen : #me #you #us #usies #married #marriage #loveandmarriage #lovestagram #couple #instacouple #blacklove #naturalhair #naturalhairmen #instalove #igcouple #cutecouple #chocolatepeanutbutter #tagsforlikes #doubletap #follow #followhim
crrristen : #strivingforoneness
strivingforoneness : Hey sis...thanks for the support! Can I repost?
crrristen : Of coarse! @strivingforoneness and you're so welcome!
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Day Date w/ my fly guy 😍 @mr_im_not_them
strivingforoneness -
natural_dva : Awesomeness
rykebo : Y'all got the same head now. And y'all got the same eyes now. @mr_im_not_them
mr_im_not_them : @rykebo Lol no way how the same head her head is bigger and sexier my head is like my dad and my eyes change colors her eyes are brown
caterlov3 : @pauline_kit Kiki would look good with this cut
pauline_kit : @caterlov3 yeah but she would never do it. Why don't you do it?
rykebo : Ok. @mr_im_not_them
crrristen : #strivingforoneness
strivingforoneness : Cute!!!
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Don't forget to tag us!! #strivingforoneness
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It may not seem like there's any hope, that you could never trust your spouse again but my husband and I know firsthand that God can rebuild it...but you must be willing to do whatever it takes to get it back. The process is not an easy one to endure...but it's necessary to save your marriage. Be patient. Don't assume. Forgive. Stop replaying what took place. Trust God. #dontquit #strivingforoneness #trust #God
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tinkerbella410 : @stevo8723 work in progress. Hard.... but I'm trying. Love u
ecastle2013 : Amén.... It's not an easy fight but with God fighting it for you makes all the difference. Seek Gods favor!
_widaaaa : I needed to see this. We aren't married yet, but plan to be next summer and we're are working on rebuilding trust. This was for me because because I've been dealing with this lately. Thank you!
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Wait patiently for your breakthrough...the development of your marriage depends on it! #dontquit #strivingforoneness #patience #endurance #trust #God #married #engaged
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triserg : this is cool!
simplysweetweddings : @chocolatecovkale
onthegobride : @strivingforoneness I like this photo!
lilianamaricela13 : @viera_5 just started following for more encouragement ☺️
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Can I get an AMEN!! #strivingforoneness #dontquit
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inrbeauty : AMEN @strivingforoneness @dcdizot ☺️
mr_portis : Amen! @navicakez
dcdizot : I'm sooo in love with @inrbeauty 😘😉
navicakez : Amen!!! @mr_portis 😘😍
lilbit_sims07 : Yes i am amen😘💍🙏💜 @simsation11
shesgonnabe30waitonit : @justregularoledre ♡
marriagetalk : Yes and Amen!!!
casupanan_kei : Yes Amen!
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Our prayer is that you will not faint as you labor in prayer for your spouse/your marriage to be delivered. The delivery process is rough...there will be pain, moans and groans, irritation, frustration, complications, it could even take much longer than you anticipated...but eventually, through all of that, delivery takes place. Don't quit while in labor because if you do, all that you're pushing towards will die. ~Hang in there so you can see the unmeasurable blessings of your labor. #strivingforoneness #dontquit #God #marriage #husband #wife #life #faith #deliverance #hope #pray #bible
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sheamorris : Awesome analogy!
strivingforoneness : Praise God! Thank you @sheamorris
syrenshyne2117 : @h0n3y3303 @bznpurrah love you guys & GOD speed. Cdfuuuu
h0n3y3303 : @syrenshyne2117 😂😂😂 thanx nana! Love you too!
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Join me tonight in praying for our #husbands, they go through so much and as wives we should always cover them in prayer, will you join me this evening? if so comment #Praying #Prayingwife #prayingwives #strivingforoneness #marriage #ministry #Husbandandwifelife #husband #prayerwarrior #proverbswife
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cdgitsme : Yes, I will #praying 🙏😄 @naturallyfreetobeme
naturallyfreetobeme : 😘 @cdgitsme
lakiapearson : Always praying, thanks for sharing this tonight!
naturallyfreetobeme : @lakiapearson 💜 Welcome
tiqueeslife_style : I'm always in continued prayer for my hubby sis! I'm touching and agreeing. 🙏
naturallyfreetobeme : 💜 @tiqueeslife_style we have to keep them covered
joeandsunshine : Can we pray for boyfriends?
naturallyfreetobeme : You sure can @joeandsunshine 😘
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