It's going to be a long month! 😩#walkingboot #stressfracture #2ndmetatarsal #workingfromhome #rainbows #nomoreyoga #nomorerunning
2ndmetatarsal - workingfromhome - nomoreyoga - rainbows - walkingboot - stressfracture - nomorerunning -
momkimbo : I am sorry sweetie !! Hope you it gets better soon !! 😘
jnjh_mommy : Oh man!!!
sdherling : Oh no so sorry! Let your hubby spoil you😄
cheryljoy__ : 😢
sydorman : 😞❤️😘
kristintuck : What did you do?
hugotorres : Ouch chica!
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Four years ago today, I got my boot off after my first bout of stress fractures. So grateful to be able to run and for the people who helped me believe on myself when I didn't. #stressfracture #journey #nevergiveup #running
nevergiveup - running - journey - stressfracture -
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My foot might be broken, but my arms aren't and I can still get in about 12 minutes on the bike without foot pain. Small progress is better than no progress.
selfiesunday - fitfam - runner - gym - sundayfunday - running - brokenrunner - run - stressfracture - fitspo - runnerprobs - gymselfie - gymatnight - notperfect - noexcuses - armday - gratefulforthegooddays - fitspiration - sunday - runnerproblems - fitness - progress - runnergirl - neverstopimproving - exercise -
aaparker14 : #runner #runnerprobs #runnerproblems #fitness #exercise #fitfam #fitspo #fitspiration #gym #gymselfie #brokenrunner #stressfracture #gymatnight #runnergirl #run #running #armday #noexcuses #neverstopimproving #gratefulforthegooddays #sunday #sundayfunday #SelfieSunday #progress #notperfect
hotcaroline_crazy : awesome more please hey add me
primatassuplementos : 🔝🔝🔝
ivieanne : Oh man!!! Good job getting your fitness in!!!
aaparker14 : @ivieanne Thanks lady. Also, I'm starting my Herbalife tomorrow.
ivieanne : @aaparker14 wahoo!
sarie943 : @aaparker14 how is that foot doing? After a long walk today, mine's pretty sore again. Glad you're still rockin' it at the gym!! I need to take some inspiration from you and get back at it!!! #injuriessuck
jenniferiverson : Get it girl!
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There are a lot of things I can't do right now because of my injuries. I can't walk on the treadmill, elliptical, play basketball, go for a run, or do downward dog. I can't do push-ups, or mountain climbers, or squats. But there's a lot I can do. I can lift weights, swim, do certain core exercises, stretches.... If you're coming back from an injury, or just starting out, don't focus on what you can't do. Focus on what you can do, and with patience, time, and hard work all those cants will become cans. You'll have your down days and that's okay. Just keep at it. #fitnessthroughrecovery #recoverythroughfitness #recovery #fitness #recoverythroughdiet #injury #cannotcant #attitudeiseverything #positivethinking #focus #work #lumbar #l5s1 #herniateddisc #stressfracture #letsgetstrongerthanwewerebefore
focus - attitudeiseverything - herniateddisc - l5s1 - fitnessthroughrecovery - recoverythroughfitness - lumbar - stressfracture - recovery - work - cannotcant - letsgetstrongerthanwewerebefore - recoverythroughdiet - fitness - positivethinking - injury - : good! @spirituallydope
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Training continued for over 4 months in the #BootCast It wasn't easy, it was a #Challenge and frustrating at times but a year later, I see how beneficial it was to my #Fitness and my #MentalConditioning and I'm thankful to the team @spire_institute and #TeamZidan who helped me overcome my #StressFracture #SportsInjury and continue #ChasingTheDream
mentalconditioning - teamzidan - challenge - sportsinjury - bootcast - fitness - stressfracture - chasingthedream -
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#Prs #half #horrid #stressfracture? #thankyoueric! #mimosas #a
a - stressfracture - horrid - mimosas - half - prs - thankyoueric -
cardwellconnie : @megkep waiting at the iron rooster. #mimosas
megkep : @cardwellconnie I'm at boatyArddd
cardwellconnie : @megkep your time is awesome! 👍congratulations!
rwater2 : Damn girl you fast
twomorris : You're a beast!
megkep : @cardwellconnie minosassss way to kill it sad I didn't find you !
megkep : @twomorris you're a beauty
megkep : @rwater2 runnin from dem holice!!
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Yay guard. #StressFracture #GuardStruggles #MyFootHurts #Broken
broken - myfoothurts - stressfracture - guardstruggles -
kayceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee : Did you go get it looked at?
alyssa_brave_123 : @kayceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee nope.
kayceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee : You need to girl! Don't let it get worse to where it's not fixable
alyssa_brave_123 : @kayceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Okay. I'll get it looked at eventually. - ralhussainawi - kayceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee - kmmill04 -
A year ago today, I picked up a #StressFracture #Injury @spire_institute I had to cope with and learn to deal with it for 4 and a half months. The #MentalConditioning behind an injury like this is immense and the #SportsRehab with it is intense #ChasingTheDream #SportsInjury #XRays
mentalconditioning - sportsinjury - stressfracture - xrays - injury - sportsrehab - chasingthedream -
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Okay, here we go. Six more weeks of daily #exogen bone stimulator treatments. Let's see if this works. #bonestimulator #stressfracture #running #tibia #runnersofinstagram
bonestimulator - exogen - runnersofinstagram - stressfracture - running - tibia -
nicoletapalakis_ -
nationalsintwoweeks - moonboot - stressfracture -
nicoleaths1358 : 😨Hope it gets better in time
maddiporter_ : What happened? Hope you get better soon! 😊
nick.egarr : Bloody better before all schools nationals
sportygirl1998 : What happened!!!??? @casey_buchanan21
moorose_ : Oh no! 😔
morganmiller5 : What caused it @casey_buchanan21 ?
stephlouise2000 : 😦😁
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My new friend for the next 9ish months. #whooo #stressfracture #soccerlife #injuriesstink #imissittoomuchalready #newfriend #ow #soccerprobs
soccerlife - newfriend - injuriesstink - whooo - imissittoomuchalready - ithurtsmyheartnottoplay - soccerprobs - ow - stressfracture -
josh24pineda : Oh no! No activity?
longshinin : @josh24pineda A game like three weeks ago haha just now getting it checked out
longshinin : @josh24pineda Totally read that worng! Hahah it's late! No and yes. I can do PT but should be able to do more in about three or four weeks
josh24pineda : Got it! Hope it heals up! #knowthatfeeling #injuriessuck
longshinin : @josh24pineda thanks! Me too. #ithurtsmyheartnottoplay
jacob_sando : No!
longshinin : This isn't even a selfie!!!!! @jacob_sando
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Cool boots! @kathycwebster needs to get out of her non-sexy boot, and run with me again! #AllBootsAreSexy #runningfriends #MRTTLove #runnerinjuries #StressFracture
mrttlove - stressfracture - allbootsaresexy - runningfriends - runnerinjuries -
momentumjewelry : One of these is not like the other...
kathycwebster : Thank you for an awesome night!! Hopefully that boot will change into a running shoe soon and I'll be running with you again! 🏃👍👟
mrs_rhea_d - lhawke1120 - turkeyrunner - run4o4 -
This is how well #plexus #painrelief works... I lived with a cracked heel and a tear for 3 months before I went to the #doctor. #stressfracture #ouch
plexus - doctor - stressfracture - ouch - painrelief -
josegutierrezf08ea - verniacata8a845 - tanyahiltond57e9 - nicolehanchi -
My #boot is the most nerve-racking thing. #stressfracture
stressfracture - boot -
darius_the_desolator : Wut
alex.andrewss : What happened?
sharaden_dael : Stress fracture. @alex.andrewss
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It's a sad life. Oh well, at least I feel like I'm wearing armor or something. #stressfracture
stressfracture -
sofiarauzi : Hope you're doing okay!
ariaariya : It reminds me of a corset
jushrin : Trust me, it certainly feels like one
vikkiabad - partyanimol - tarringilliland - michellechan920 -
Well, this is the new norm for the next few months. Thank you PA Adam at #DrPhillips Hospital for laughing at me and telling me "oh honey, there's no way you have a stress fracture" and refusing to xray my leg, when in fact I do have a stress fracture. I appreciate the extra week of pain. No running for a long time. #badday#fml#boot#stressfracture#runningproblems#wah#baby#badluck#howdoyouwalkinthis?
drphillips - wah - runningproblems - boot - fml - badday - baby - stressfracture - badluck - howdoyouwalkinthis -
mlgahan : I'm only liking this cause the boot means you'll get better!
lbarbs35 : @melissaturtinen thank you! @mlgahan hopefully haha. I went to epcot today so I could get gossip for you! We need to chat soon!!
danicaleigh96 : Aww sissy. I love you to infinity and beyond!!! @lbarbs35
seanfhamel : They didn't have it in brown?
laurenontap : Hahahaha
lbarbs35 : @danicaleigh96 love you! @seanfhamel & @laurenontap....😶
laurenontap : @lbarbs35 we can be twins, I'll wear my elbow brace 😁
sallywaskewich : Wah
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#tbt to one of the last times I ran 😤😫😭 so thankful I can "hopefully" run in 6 more days. This girl needs it! #stressfracture #stupidfoot #runnerprobs #hurryupplease
runnerprobs - stressfracture - tbt - hurryupplease - stupidfoot -
jwillman2000 : You have to teach me how to do this without wiping out.
piperb123 - jwillman2000 - trailrunningmaniac - evaflrunner -
So this happened today! My new footwear #stressfracture
stressfracture -
e_lisee : It's a little sexy #killerheels
mrmartye : Club booty!!!!
psychotic.monstxr - enriquearchi1 - diskojesus - raidthisway -
PW! #piccollage #powerwalk #träning #rehabträning #löpning #running #roadtorecovery #vägentillbaka #stressfracture #örebroaik
träning - örebroaik - löpning - running - rehabträning - powerwalk - roadtorecovery - vägentillbaka - stressfracture - piccollage -
ansobansoberg : Heja Sara!! 👏👏
zarazimmermann : Kämpa! ♡
saraspringare : 😘 @zarazimmermann @ansobansoberg
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3 years ago today I ran my first half marathon. There's a whole long story behind the race, and it's a great one, but us two Stephs... We rocked our half! And, we got the cutest loaves of mini wonder bread after! #daring #adventure #tulsa #route66 #halfmarathon #osteph #htown #stressfracture #itband #firsthalfmarathon #itwasCOLD #wefinished #lessonslearned #thankful
route66 - daring - tulsa - halfmarathon - lessonslearned - itband - itwascold - wefinished - thankful - adventure - firsthalfmarathon - htown - osteph - stressfracture -
stwotacos : We finished cause we're bad ass mother runners. I am still thankful you agreed to my crazy scheme!!!! Let's take a second and be grateful we weren't the lady who peed her pants at mile .045. #wedidit #badasses #whywasitsocold #iwantmoretinybread #thankfulyouwerethere
terrahoward76 - ciarunstart - tpalmerjones - ahappypace -
#ballislife #injured #stressfracture #striveforgreatness
injured - striveforgreatness - stressfracture - ballislife -
kissmymani : @bosstana._ 😁😳
kelsie55 - katelin_lynn16 - __destiny__santana__ - k_jones -
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loui_and_nate : 😳 hope you're not hurting too bad
pissy_missy85 : @ashbash_2006. What happened
jessvigeland : Ahhh poo 😢! Sorry, friend!
rachellauren86 : Oh no!! Let me know if you need anything!! @ashbash_2006
jweed8 : I told you !!!!! @ashbash_2006
noel1979 : Ahhh sorry 😳
chontal08 : Awe get better soon!
shelnutk - noel1979 - brhome23 - navaraaaa -
This should be interesting #pegleg #stressfracture
twinning - pegleg - stressfracture -
rippedcripple : It's even the same foot! #twins!
kraelo14 : @rippedcripple hahaha #twinning ✌️
findawesomeness : Cool @davenwilson
reileyyy : What?!?!😢😭calling u later boo!
little_bear1893 : Oh lord what did you do?!
kraelo14 : @little_bear1893 don't really know exactly how I did it but I fractured my foot. Nothing serious haha
ninakhampha : What. Calling you tonight!
angobrien._ : How long do u need it on for
manbabs8112 - gordanclemens - j1gu1r22 - ninakhampha -
Legs & back! 💪 #liftingweights #styrketräning #rehabträning #gym #workout #träning #örebroaik #roadtorecovery #vägentillbaka #stressfracture #instafitness #instarunners
träning - instarunners - stressfracture - gym - styrketräning - instafitness - rehabträning - roadtorecovery - vägentillbaka - liftingweights - örebroaik - workout -
helhetshalsa : 👍
matscollin - _beyond_ordinary_ - happily_fitstrong - manne_forssberg -
So this happened today, ran on an anti-gravity treadmill as part of my stress fracture rehab. It was great to actually run and stride out for the first time in over four months. Felt like I was running on a cloud! :-D
injured - triathlon - run - triathlete - antigravity - running - cloudrunning - treadmill - stressfracture - trilife -
i_mac82 : #running #trilife #triathlete #triathlon #injured #stressfracture #antigravity #treadmill #cloudrunning #run
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Liking the zebra pants but not liking the fracture in my foot. :( #fracture #dontknowhow #pain #stressfracture
dontknowhow - stressfracture - fracture - pain -
keepcalm.carry.on : Rut roe!!!
madisonsell_13 : Ouch
riversofwater : Ohhh noooo praying for the Lord to heal asap.
ritzyjc : 😣 ugh ! How'd you do that giving piano lessons ?!?
kristin_in_america : @ritzyjc actually I did this running about three weeks ago
lianzhi13 - mommy_to_be_srs - karimc14 - katnroo -
Miss being able to run like this! #stressfracture #injuriessuck #runnershigh
stressfracture - runnershigh - injuriessuck -
sseefeld7 - ninjaachelsea - angela_bahr - aperillee -
Here is a modified plank for those who struggle with a full one (me! me!) or who can't extend because of a foot injury. Go into a modified push up position and hold for 30 s, three times. #spineneutralcore #fitnessthroughrecovery #recoverythroughfitness #recovery #fitness #core #abs #exercisesfortheinjured #stressfracture #herniateddisc #l5s1 #lumbar #letsgetstrongerthanwewerebefore
core - recovery - herniateddisc - abs - lumbar - exercisesfortheinjured - letsgetstrongerthanwewerebefore - spineneutralcore - l5s1 - fitness - fitnessthroughrecovery - recoverythroughfitness - stressfracture -
_giuliaballerina : @fitnessthroughrecovery hello! What kind of therapy do u follow for the hernia?
fitnessthroughrecovery : Hi! In the initial recovery I did a lot of PT, got two epidural steroid injections, and multiple trigger point injections of lidocaine. The ESIs didn't help me. The TPIs were the only thing that helped stop the muscle spasms. Now I just manage it with exercise, stretching, and diet. @_giuliaballerina
judgyeyes - ashleychinny - lifeaidbevco -
Efter dagens besök hos sjukgymnasten fick jag lov till att testa gå lite snabbare för att se hur foten reagerar på det. 5,2 km powerwalk i nya skorna! Gick bra med foten 👍 Dock känns det så fjantigt att gå. Vill känna att kroppen får jobba ordentligt. Ville bara börja springa under promenaden men fick snällt stå emot. #piccollage #runner #running #löpning #instarunners #örebroaik #powerwalk #roadtorecovery #vägentillbaka #stressfracture #asics #träning #rehabträning
träning - roadtorecovery - runner - stressfracture - löpning - asics - running - rehabträning - powerwalk - instarunners - vägentillbaka - örebroaik - piccollage -
jeremy.leon : This is fire
larsakekvist : Kul att se att det går framåt!!! Snart springer du igen 👍👊😀
magwis - jonnylii - carolinelukic -
This is a simple hip stretch that gets the piriformis and gluteus medius. Sit with your legs one on top of the other. Try to keep them square with the edge of your mat. If you want a deeper stretch, walk your hands out and slowly trace out a semicircle. Switch the leg stacking order to stretch out the side. My gluteus med. Gets really tight from sitting and because it's overcompensating to support my back/core imbalance. I try to do this stretch every day. And get up and walk around every 20-30 mins when I sit a lot! Flexible hips and symmetry are just as important to a healthy back as a strong core!#fitnessthroughrecovery #recoverythroughfitness #fitness #recovery #exercise #stretch #stressfracture #supportyourback #lumbar #piriformis #gluteusmedius #hips #flexibility #hipopener #l5s1 #letsgetstrongerthanwewerebefore
gluteusmedius - lumbar - flexibility - l5s1 - fitnessthroughrecovery - recoverythroughfitness - stressfracture - recovery - stretch - supportyourback - hipopener - letsgetstrongerthanwewerebefore - piriformis - hips - fitness - exercise -
arielle1287 - mym_fitness - xyzoea - fischertwins -
Yup.. Still wearing this damn thing👎 #4months #6weeks #stressfracture #fractured #rightfoot #fml #aircast #december
4months - december - 6weeks - fml - fractured - stressfracture - aircast - rightfoot -
kayla.smith88 : It doesn't get any easier I wore mine for over 2 years and finally had surgery on both ankles so I'm boot free FINALLY
karenxlynn__ : That's a long time, I hope mine doesn't turn out that way.. I've been wearing it since July next appt is in December, every time I go back he says another 6 weeks for X-rays, he mentioned surgery but also said we don't wanna do that just yet, I have my fingers crossed that this will be my last! @kayla.smith88
kayla.smith88 : Hopefully it doesn't turn out that way...they tried to prevent surgery for me but finally I got@sick of wearing the cast all day everyday that I asked for surgery to make the pain go away @karenxlynn__
karenxlynn__ : I'm not in pain anymore, I was back when I first went to the doctor to find out why I was in pain so much from walking and my foot swelled up like a ballon, then the pain gradually started to go away slowly then some days it would hurt but as of now I don't feel any pain. The doctor only suggested surgery because the fracture is in an awkward spot, if it didn't heal properly. Which now I don't think I need surgery. @kayla.smith88
karenxlynn__ : It's on my foot, not my ankle😝 @kayla.smith88
kayla.smith88 : Same thing but it's still painful
karenxlynn__ : Oh yeah, hoping this will be my last appt @kayla.smith88
souleater__ - darth_wayde - michigandaddy - doeboywon -
Konečně zas můžu něco dělat. #starting to #workout again, #healing after #stressfracture #finally #weights #nike
finally - weights - healing - nike - starting - workout - stressfracture -
ig_service1 : Cool!
barakraus - nawallbooty - essentialoilsupply - barbnikyna -
Emotional day: Iong walk on my fave running path. I haven't been here since July bc of a #stressfracture. I can't run yet, but next time I am here, I'll be running it! #ilovenyc#movingtoBangkok#farewelltour #positivity#runner #centralpark#bridalpath#running #fitness #nyc#fitfam
centralpark - fitfam - runner - positivity - movingtobangkok - running - farewelltour - fitness - nyc - bridalpath - stressfracture - ilovenyc -
nancychoi21 : My most memorable time in CP. This even beats my hand in hand run at the marathon.
fivefeetoffury - vernonruiz - tallielevy - arielco94 -
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