Family fractures together and throws knives together. #stressfracture #brokentibia #cousins #dumbdumb #throwingknives
dumbdumb - cousins - throwingknives - brokentibia - stressfracture -
thundertummy : Bad.ass.mother.fucker
meagztherhino : @thundertummy you don't know the half of it!
thundertummy - mikayla_1.29.14 - fuzzmond - sechinacea -
Strive4greatness @asics @runnerspace #runnerspace #runner #runtastic #runalicious #runbelievable #runnerific #recovery #injury #stressfracture #slow #steady #turtlemode #doyourbest #forgettherest #hillsonhills
slow - runnerific - runner - injury - steady - forgettherest - hillsonhills - runtastic - runbelievable - runnerspace - turtlemode - runalicious - stressfracture - doyourbest - recovery -
hartcampbell00 - emmadeveau - redrunvc - alyssa_shaw19 -
Because it's impossible to do my job effectively with only one screen. #productivity #stressfracture #ginobili
stressfracture - productivity - ginobili -
macstar11 : Man, you've changed...
mrjustinwarren : @macstar11 I've always been like this.
triestetrieste - flawlesscreationsby_sk - savvysavina - duncan.greive -
I feel like my feet are 2 different beings right now... on the right you have #sassy sasserton and the left you have #robocop I wonder if I went to get a pedicure if I'd get half price for just one foot??! #fitness #nopainnogain #stressfracture
robocop - sassy - stressfracture - nopainnogain - fitness -
shredwithshaunne : Omg is your daughter violin shredder??? That's bad ass!!
abbaloumomma : @shredwithshaunne haha yah!!! She came up with that herself!
shredwithshaunne : I freaking love it! I played sting bass for 9 years so I am an ork dork too!.. Not that she's a dork but ya know!
violin_shredder_7393 : Omg!! I'm such an ork dork! But now I'm In color guard so I'm like a mixture between a ork dork and a band geek... I just call myself a dreek... :)
abbaloumomma : @shredwithshaunne she's learning bass!! Too cool
shredwithshaunne : Dreek!! Lol!!! Bass is so fun!
violin_shredder_7393 - tonip44 - pwilliams21 - monstarfitness -
Now my mom and I get to relax for a while cuz were both crippled. #stressfracture
stressfracture -
sabrinadistefano_ : 😁😁
k_dwyer10 : Get better Cam! 😒
katie_10_6 : Feel better cam!
amanda.marie21 : 😭😭😭😭😭
cam__214 : Thanks @katie_10_6 @k_dwyer10
robthibeault : 😿
shellyhager : Apple doesn't fall to far from the tree xoxo. Rest you 2
emmilyroseschutz : Get better
brett_rexter - cam_roth98 - k_lopez726 - ryankoch_05 -
Got my X Ray today, hopefully I'm better. #coc #stressfracture
coc - stressfracture -
j_o_s_e_g_13 : Is that yours
c.o.l.l.i.n.13 : What clan u in
the_1600_runner : Yes @j_o_s_e_g_13 and I'm in TrueBreed @c.o.l.l.i.n.13
j_o_s_e_g_13 : O ok just dont leave your town hall outside
c.o.l.l.i.n.13 : He was farming duh
the_1600_runner : It's called farming @j_o_s_e_g_13
j_o_s_e_g_13 : Oh its cuz i dont know what that is
c.o.l.l.i.n.13 : Oh
dat_one_artist45 - yo_thalia - j_o_s_e_g_13 - connor_is_cool_beans -
I have to wear this big thing now..:/ #stressfracture #pain #ijustwannawalk
pain - stressfracture - ijustwannawalk -
kayla_portell2 : What happened love!? @amandaherrmann19
amandaherrmann19 : Got a stress fracture at work on sunday :/ @kayla_portell2
kayla_portell2 : Oh damn... Hope you heel fast❀️ @amandaherrmann19
amandaherrmann19 : Thank you!β™‘ @kayla_portell2
damita_tea : I hope ur ok manda boo
amandaherrmann19 : Thanks kesha!! I miss ya so much!! @damita_tea
damita_tea : Ur welcome!! Miss u ✌️
injoy_m0nster - natalietcw - vinnie_mule - bridecicco26 -
#boot and #crutches for a month thanks to a good ol #stressfracture !!! ugh!!!!!!! I am not about this life!!!!!
crutches - boot - stressfracture -
charliejopko : Sending thoughts and energy for speedy healing! πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’— foot/ankle injuries are the worst (speaking from experience) πŸ˜πŸ˜–
tank904 : @charliejopko thank you!! yes it totally sucks ; (((
stephloves_ : 😫 Yikes!... Sorry to hear that
tank904 : @stephloves_ I'm so depressed already ugh. had to cancel my trip to texas and I'm just.. oy 😯
yawdboss25 : 😱Say it ain't so!.. Will the boot be off before the trip to JA?
tank904 : @yawdboss25 ugh. !!! I hope so?! he said a month and it's exactly a month from today, so I guess we'll see?! I've already cancelled a trip to dallas, I don't want to cancel another! !!
yawdboss25 : Aw sorry to hear that well take care of that foot. Within two or three weeks In, try to move those toes around while your in the boot to avoid stiffness. Hope you have a speedy recovery
tank904 : @yawdboss25 thank you. I've been researching exercises to do while I'm in it, I can't go to Jamaica with any more weight than I got already lol. I'll have to drop my calorie intake too just in case
professor_gq - michigandaddy - trishl625 - nitindangi -
Thought I was ready for that increase guess a mile is all my leg can handle right now :/ #fml #run #saucony #stressfracture #sucks
sucks - fml - saucony - stressfracture - run -
jerlynthomas -
What's ur excuse again I'm listening....I'm not a gym rat I just like what the gym does for the body and mind! #GymFlow #InjuredRoster #StressFracture #WorkThruIt #Dedicated
workthruit - gymflow - injuredroster - stressfracture - dedicated -
chiyoko_hoshimi - gandyboy_91 - educated_judee - kennolastname -
Oh crutches. How I hate/love you. #onlymodeoftransport #brokemyshit #6weekstogo #stressfracture
onlymodeoftransport - brokemyshit - 6weekstogo - stressfracture -
mccormick_kor3 : Oh no!!! :( hope you heal quickly!
thegypsyqueen80 : @mccormick_kor3 Me too. The next xray is Aug 29. I'm on crutches at least until then.
fixiedave : Boo!
thegypsyqueen80 : @fixiedave Uber Boo!
sharronabona - fixiedave - mccormick_kor3 - tracirind -
Welp...this blows. #Xray#broken#bones#foot#stressfracture#youshouldntbeabletohurtyourselfworkingout
youshouldntbeabletohurtyourselfworkingout - broken - foot - bones - xray - stressfracture -
dmanfredi10 : πŸ‘Ž
lotusoperandi : Oh no!!!!!
staceylee2121 : Noooooo !!!!
azakel8 : What you do?!?!?
katieh1560 : Typical Katie, fell at the gym. Lol, funny but very painful.
stormbk : Get well soon!
katieh1560 : Thanks @stormbk
lula.ji - dmanfredi10 - s0ftballm0m - michelleallene -
runyendarun - stabilityshoes - runningproblem - shoes - asics - running - runningshoes - yellow - run - overpronatedfeet - stressfracture - gelectro33 - gel -
yenda_marie : Had an easy 5km run this morning using my ever first non-nike shoes! I've been longing to have a pair of shoes in my favorite color. I didn't imagine I can have them in Asics. So far, sooo good! I know my right foot is still not fully healed from stress fracture but I didn't feel pain while running earlier. This stability shoes saved my foot today! Hoping that this pair won't trigger any pain on my talus bone in my upcoming long runs. πŸ™ #asics #running #gelectro33 #gel #runningshoes #runyendarun #stressfracture #runningproblem #run #stabilityshoes #overpronatedfeet #yellow #shoes
ikooyy : Saon ang saptos kung daot ang ti-il! Hahaha! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ @yenda_marie
yenda_marie : Bad lagi jud ka ayyy 😭 @ikooyy daaahhh nabundakan ka lagi ug ulan gahapon hahaha
ikooyy : Hahahahaha!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ joke lng oie.. Run tah ta! Dagan ko krn.. Hehe @yenda_marie
maka_fit - 21kenny21 - francine_orio - ameeonnw -
Got these photos from Google images. But, just when I am almost able to run, I go and screw my foot up again. And now it's worse with bad bruises on it. I am tired of always resting all the time, and not being able to do the thing I love. I have been injured since April. While I am being injured and helpless, my competition is training, and getting better. I had HUGE plans for running this summer. But looks like they're gone. But I know I'll get through this. For all you other runners, keep running, you never know what you have until it's gone. #stressfracture #injured #hope #run
injured - run - stressfracture - hope -
pineapplefantapapi : I feel you brother, just rest up and keep going in the right direction
allison_t_thats_me : Ugh! Dude I so understand. I just got over the same fricken thing in my leg. It sucks, but you'll get through it.
the_1600_runner : Thanks you guys, appreciate it. @pineapplefantapapi @allison_t_thats_me
runnersgoal : Don't give up! :) Patience is the key!Think it of it this way:If you rest well and recover fully,your motivation to train that has been long awaited,may make you to perform even better πŸ‘πŸ˜Š Stay positive 🌟
the_1600_runner : Thanks so much! @runnersgoal
maddie_chris_ - connor_is_cool_beans - micaylagabrielle - _p.r__ -
And that's how my foot is squeezed for the holidays :/ #stressfracture holla!!
stressfracture -
dana75r : Lah ah.. salamaaat tasha :(
diaa2ammar : La wallah alf salaaamaaa
lulunjs : Salamat! What happened? @natashkie
saada889 : Salamtek babyyy
aalfanek : Salamat @natashkie shoo sarlek
johnnyrizk73 : That's very long toes! :)
the_1600_runner - yaranader1 - wessamkisswani - lulunjs -
Checking out trail heads even if I can't hike yet. #MuirCountyPark #IceAgeTrail #Wisconsin #stressfracture
stressfracture - wisconsin - iceagetrail - muircountypark -
iceagetrailorg : Wishing you a speedy recovery!
wildernessescapades - draw4ever0n - sharethetrek - iceagetrailorg -
This boot is not guna stop me from my goals! Aint nobody got time for that!!!!! #progress #stressfracture #HTers #active #bodybuilding #cardio #cleaneating #determination #diet #eatclean #exercise #fit #fitness #fitnessaddict #fitnessmodel #fitspo #getfit #gym #health #healthy #healthychoices #instagood #instahealth #lifestyle #motivation #photooftheday #strong #train #training #workout
motivation - fitnessmodel - fitspo - gym - fitness - instahealth - cleaneating - active - healthychoices - determination - diet - bodybuilding - strong - cardio - training - lifestyle - hters - fit - healthy - stressfracture - fitnessaddict - instagood - train - health - eatclean - getfit - progress - workout - exercise - photooftheday -
ocase87 : Hottie...........
malstagramm : β™₯ @ocase87
lilspliff521 - fitnessjester - nikkie_babii - stephmarie__23 -
Gracie is the greatest best friend, cousin, sister, family member I could ever ask for πŸ’œ #cousin #florida #handstands #mybackhurtsnow #stressfracture #fml
fml - stressfracture - handstands - cousin - mybackhurtsnow - florida -
cailyngriego - charly_daws - lisaarvidsonn - cinderella_0505 -
Goodnight #iruntoomuch #stressfracture #goodnight #fam #dontbullymytiny #cantgohardforabit
goodnight - cantgohardforabit - iruntoomuch - fam - dontbullymytiny - stressfracture -
teenybeanxo - lovy03 - king_mademan - vanessavasata_ -
Giiirrrllll, ain't nobody got time for that, but apparently i do😩😒 #stressfracture #noheals #runnersinjury #pleasehealnow πŸ™#summerhotsteppingtodo πŸ˜ŽπŸ‘£πŸ‘ 
noheals - summerhotsteppingtodo - stressfracture - pleasehealnow - runnersinjury -
mananda2108 : Oh noooo that's no fun :( hope it heals quickly
imochafresh : I'm mad you found a meme for that lmfaoooo
nikki_alexis28 : She was on cheaters last Saturday! lol @thickgirlkelly
thickgirlkelly : Thx @mananda2108
abbaloumomma : I feel your pain!!!!
omie__g - __princess_n - imochafresh - nikki_alexis28 -
Where can I put in my order for new legs? #runninginjury #exogen #elvisthecavalier #ckcclub #loyaldog #sprangedankle #thepavementwon #stressfracture #stitches #whydoesrunninghatesme #blackandtan
exogen - elvisthecavalier - loyaldog - sprangedankle - ckcclub - whydoesrunninghatesme - thepavementwon - blackandtan - runninginjury - stressfracture - stitches -
futurefrogman2018 : I'm currently suffering from a stress fracture just when I thought I was okay I hurt myself again lol swimming starts in 3 weeks for me so I'm gonna rest up then train hard just not to the point of another injury
marloanncavalier - littlecavfamily - uraranicola - finnandgrady -
Man I dont think any one knows how much I wanna get back playen! #stressfracture #sucks
sucks - stressfracture -
kaylabear36 - faith_adriana - calebs2019 - rm_cheche -
Doc said possible stress fracture and some ligament damage. This Unna boot is supposed to reduce swelling over the next few days. I'm supposed to come back next week for a check up. #unnaboot #stressfracture #podiatrist #orthopedic #sprain #ankle
orthopedic - ankle - podiatrist - unnaboot - stressfracture - sprain -
coledizzle : Can you decorate it or something. needs sprucing @fallmartin
fallmartin : My daughter has already claimed it. It's not a cast though, so there isn't much you can do to it. Lol
noemi31438 : Feel better friend
desithepooh : Feel better @fallmartin
k161stlady - tanzanian_chick - msjanersm - bertdemasurephotography -
#stressfracture #crutches
crutches - stressfracture -
My new, stylish summer sandal! #stressfracture
stressfracture -
fannylovesfelix : Oh no!! What happened?? Are you okay??
mecampbell : Aw! :( it's a good reason to treat yourself to pedicures though!
eelavocado : @fannylovesfelix just from running too hard, no biggie! I'll be healed up in no time :)
eelavocado : @mecampbell yes def! Got one yesterday actually ;)
jlpiontek : Hugs galore!!
eelavocado : @jlpiontek thanks, love!! Xoxo
trevatheblue - - caseymarienyc - zhuzhulifenotes -
Not playing is shit #stressfracture #crankypants #bettergetusedtoit
bettergetusedtoit - crankypants - stressfracture - alwaysasilverlining -
juzy5 : Love how Bronte is there with you!
eatingbeauty : Yeah but now you can video all the action for me from the side line ; )
tammylikeslife : Haha so true @eatingbeauty #alwaysasilverlining
tammylikeslife : @juzy5 yep, she's a good little sidekick. Comes with me most places :)
juzy5 - jaydenallison9 - emmakate507 - gabbhayllar -
Hello again, old friend. #stressfracture #wontheal #theworst
wontheal - stressfracture - theworst -
emsikkema : Boooooo
jillevansoelen : Sheesh!
cinderella_time - emmadeyoung - jessalynnfaith - byebyewheatie -
Thank God! Not a #stressfracture #norunforme for a couple of weeks😩. #paa-#SA πŸ˜–πŸ˜†
norunforme - sa - stressfracture - paa -
twenty6point2 : Omg! Thank god!
twenty6point2 : What happened??? Strained?
davincipopo : @twenty6point2 they diagnosed me having extensor tendinitis. 😰
malstagramm - twenty6point2 -
Gotta love horse riding #oedema #tibia #stressfracture #horseriding #painful #please #heal #needlove
horseriding - needlove - heal - please - tibia - stressfracture - oedema - painful -
cheshire_cat84 - healthbyhazel - angelsosa79 - prindaloo -
Sister coffee dates after aqua aerobics with Todd πŸŠπŸ™†πŸƒ#rehab #runninginjuries #stressfracture #seniorcitizencentral @theathletesfootcarcap
rehab - seniorcitizencentral - stressfracture - runninginjuries -
ryk_on : Oh no! What happened? You injured?
kate_boundy_ : I just have a tendon injury from the half marathon so I'm out from running until (hopefully) next week. My sister has a stress fracture from the marathon so we are both rehabbing at the moment! @ryk_on
ryk_on : Oh damn injuries are basically in avoidable these days!! Sucks! Hope everything gets better ASAP!
kate_boundy_ : Thanks Amanda! @ryk_on
rowdog11 - sweathaiyengar - sean_hal - petalaidlaw_ -
One of my souveniers from New Orleans and the week that followed - a broken foot! Ahhh the memories..(!) How many other people can say they've ran through Universal Studios first thing in the morning with a broken foot?! Worth it though, the Wizarding World of Harry Potter was epic!
brokenfoot - stressfracture - trekamerica - neworleans -
fluoxetoon : #trekamerica #neworleans #brokenfoot #stressfracture
nobarbrooklyn -
Got the news I didn't want to receive: three stress fractures in my second metatarsals. I guess my upper body is going to get real real swole. #bootlife
vsco - secondmetatarsal - bootlife - sportsmedicine - ufhealth - boot - stressfracturelife - broken - orthopedic - fracture - fractured - vscocam - stressfracture - uf - toe -
hollymariegibbs : @smithandfritzy Thank you! @mindylulovesyou I'm considering it! I'm such a chicken to be scared of acupuncture after working out on a broken foot for a week haha
michigandaddy : nice boot. good luck
mindylulovesyou : Don't be scare. It's completely underwhelming. I'm an excellent needles and have many regular patients who were once needle-shy :) call or email me if you wanna chat or set up something. My website is in my profile. ✨
mindylulovesyou : *excellent needler
hollymariegibbs : Just re-read my caption. It should say three stress fractures in my second, third and fifth metatarsals. Whoops. I got tired while typing, apparently.
mindylulovesyou : We can build some energy too :)
isxchabe : Hope you get better soon! Remember to rest a lot, you deserve it!
hollymariegibbs : @isxchabe Thanks lady! I'm working on that part. It's hard to rest when my body wants to move! But I need it.
medicineinmotion - smithandfritzy - mrsblazmaz - angelfoodcake44 -
My view for the next few weeks. #stressfracture #ouchmyhip
stressfracture - ouchmyhip -
gqmama1129 : Feel better!! Ugh!!
ecgmom : Oh no!!!
monstermattmania : Get well soon
lucky_my_cat : I hope you feel better!
sabandomcomcastnet : Feel better!!!!!
anniewestwood : Hi, I'm Annie. Saw your post about a stress fracture. Is this from running? I saw the dr today and am having an MRI tomorrow to check for a stress fracture. So frustrating! Hope you're better soon. :)
sellysteez : Someone was tapping their third eye & lining their chakras too hardcore ! Hope you're alright mama! πŸ’š
alx121 : @anniewestwood yeah, it's from running but just got more tests back and turns out to be a tear of the anterior acetabular labrum. I'm sidelined for 4 weeks with 6 weeks pT, but off crutches on Monday. Good luck with your MRI results! Feel better!
jaceamaze - gschmidt17 - andshe - monstermattmania -
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