Coach @michellecooper rehabbing in the pool. She's got hours of deep water running to do in the lead up to Ironman. I'm sure she'd enjoy the company over the coming weeks..... #rehab #triathlon #stressfracture #IMBusso
rehab - triathlon - stressfracture - imbusso -
jakemcdonaldtri - dj_jaybling - zoe_brodie - austin_kate -
Rehab #deepwaterrunning #rehab #stressfracture #again #eyesontheprize @sbrtriathlon
deepwaterrunning - rehab - eyesontheprize - stressfracture - again -
dj_jaybling - ellieplasto -
More ice. Round two. At least my cold is going away. #stressfracture ? #poolday #rananyway
rananyway - poolday - stressfracture -
tlee1021 : And you look super tan! 😎
rebeltart : Haha @tlee1021 I am super tan! Spent all day at the pool :)
cedamon : Liked not for the ice but the pool day. Sounds wonderful!!
colwill_i_am - codymcampbell - sandiegofitlife - ssommerkorn -
Still at it ✌️ Muscle snatches- 4 every 2 min for 12 min #stressfracture #snatches @trainhylete @redlinegr #HYLETEnation #toetheline
snatches - crossfit - hyletenation - crossfitgirls - stressfracture - toetheline - crossfitstrong -
ariesunshiinee : @crossfit_strongisland #crossfit #crossfitgirls #crossfitstrong
redlinegr : Get it girl! Not letting anything stop you. Love it!! πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ
fittest_addiction - redlinegr - rypastore44 - kaitlynbkmp -
So #zenmuse mounting brackets can be welded! #dji #stressfracture #uav #z15n #s800 love the red.....
z15n - zenmuse - dji - stressfracture - s800 - uav -
casper_0000 - the_aerial_circuit - hicamphoto - redrob69 -
PSA: when your mind says "your leg hurts" don't keep running. #stressfracture #runninghurts #isuckatresting
isuckatresting - runninghurts - stressfracture -
lisamhunter : #cantlikethis πŸ˜”. I feel for you, Carrie. I hope you behave and heal quick.
abby_hunter_ : What!? I hope you heal quickly!πŸ˜•
rebekahnb : Oh no! Feel better and REST !
#mywildidea is that I can run 5km under 23 minutes next fall despite #type1diabetes and #stressfracture @tedxbuffalowomen @sabinaramsey
stressfracture - mywildidea - type1diabetes -
charlotta_cederberg : Heja heja det kommer du säkert att kunna
rica67 : Du är så fin syrran, in shapeπŸ‘
sabinaramsey : Love @rica67
sabinaramsey : Det fixar jag @charlotta_cederberg
katiroper7 - charlotta_cederberg - teresemonica - jaimiejow -
This WILL be used #crutchessuck #runningprobs #stressfracture #handicapped
handicapped - crutchessuck - stressfracture - runningprobs -
tamararn13 : Oh no!! Bummer for your stress fx. Glad you got a parking pass, though!
MRI confirmed stress fracture on the inferior border of the neck of femur πŸ™ˆ My tri season is over before it has even started 😱 Had the same injury last year in the opposite hip. Now focussing on recovery. No running for 4 months πŸƒπŸ‘ŽSwimming 🏊 and cycling 🚴 is okay. Port 70.3 - out. Noosa Olympic - out. Western Sydney 70.3 - out. I'm absolutely gutted... 😭😫😩😞 Just goes to show that you can't rush things in triathlon and it's so important to listen to your body. Sometimes that niggle is just a niggle but sometimes it's potentially more πŸ‘£πŸ˜• I'm glad I stopped running during my last race and walked it out... I can't imagine how much worse this could've been if I'd pushed on πŸ™‰πŸ’«πŸ˜· Another lesson learnt - the hard way... That's how I roll πŸ‘ŠπŸ’₯ #triathlete #triathlon #trilife #tririse #trihealthfitness #training #backtothedrawingboard #swimbikerun #ironman703 #ironmantraining #ironman #fitfam #fitness #fitspo #injured #devastated #gutted #run #running #injury #fracture #neckoffemur #healthyliving #brooks #purecadence #stressfracture #mri #crossfit
neckoffemur - injured - backtothedrawingboard - fitfam - triathlete - swimbikerun - fitness - training - brooks - running - ironman - run - trihealthfitness - stressfracture - trilife - fitspo - purecadence - triathlon - crossfit - ironman703 - ironmantraining - tririse - gutted - fracture - devastated - injury - healthyliving - mri -
krisprad : @ginnylovestri24 thanks!! You will be waiting for a while now but I will be back!!
krisprad : @tribine thanks. It's hard to be patient but I'll try
krisprad : @anavinet thanks u so much for your kind words πŸ‘
krisprad : @tmsullivan63 @palofc @markpalmisano thanks guys :)
krisprad : @hisham2205 thanks Sam - will need to tone it back a bit I think. Definitely we need to do Europe again next year. It's a tradition πŸ‘Œ
krisprad : @bronj @djsupersoka agree totally mate - wise words :)
isabellemarietoma : Well that sounds really awful. Really feeling with u! There isn't anything more frustrating than being injured and not allowed to train 😒
krisprad : @isabellemarietoma esp when all ur friends are training !!
winterjadeee - sabby2003 - hcriz - fire_dragon_didie -
so, ya know, this kinda happened #stressfracture #ouch #imightbedying #fml #crutchesaresexy #injuredreserve #outofcommission #goodbyemarathontraining #goodbyeallmyhopesanddreams
goodbyeallmyhopesanddreams - ouch - imightbedying - fml - crutchesaresexy - injuredreserve - stressfracture - goodbyemarathontraining - outofcommission -
idiotgiraffe : Ouchhhh where?
ak_kula : @lola816 oh dear! we had jokes, but i feel for ya. ishhh happens for a reason, there will be other races. #crutchesaretotessexy
lola816 : @idiotgiraffe pelvic bone πŸ˜”
lola816 : thanks @ak_kula 😘 the jokes were all in good fun and i def needed the comic relief!
erikita77 : Noooooooooo!!!! So sorry!!!!! 😩😭😩😭
obguapo : Whoa. Not sure what we are looking at. Did you fall?
lola816 : @obguapo the crack in the bone - center of the screen. and no didn't fall.. just from too much running
ak_kula - wakleyteresa -
#bemer me up Scotty! Possible #stressfracture :( or #Mortonssyndrome #physicalvasculartherapy #rehabilitation #physicaltherapy #injuriessuck
stressfracture - physicaltherapy - mortonssyndrome - injuriessuck - bemer - physicalvasculartherapy - rehabilitation -
tiinakrus : Luckily it doesn't hurt when I'm riding my bike! :) Thank God for biking shoes !
lilibotty - whitaker__christie -
I'm sorry about how grossly unappetizing this looks(it was about as tasty as it looksπŸ˜’) but I wanted to get in one last photo before I leave for my trip tomorrow! I will still try to post but it will be photos from my phone rather than my camera. Tomorrow I'll try to get a picture of my lunch or dinner-after school I'm going straight to the airport and then on a 9 hour flight.. OH ALSO WOW I CANT BELIEVE I FORGOT BUT ON MONDAY I FOUND OUT I HAVE A STRESS FRACTURE IN MY FOOT AND ON THE X RAY YOU CAN SEE TWO OLD FRACTURES THAT HAVE HEALED IN ADDITION TO THE NEW ONE AND THAT WAS SO MINDBLOWING BECAUSE I NEVER KNEW I HAD THEM ABD WOW THAT WAS JUST CRAZY. so now I'm stuck in a boot for four weeks and no exercise. Even though I'm not in any pain(which is weird). So my mom is taking advantage of the fact that I can't move and feeding me hundreds of more calories, especially of fats and sugar. So now I'm eating close to three thousand again.
edsoldiers - ana - ed - outpatient - fat - lunch - anorexiarecovery - beatana - eatingdisorder - weightgain - stressfracture - anorexic - depression - anorexia - outpatientrecovery - beated - anxiety - anarecovery - healthy - eatingdisorderrecovery - eatarainbow - fearfood - maudsley - calories - healthyrecovery - weightrestored -
teablossom_ : #maudsley#outpatient#outpatientrecovery#eatarainbow#healthy#healthyrecovery#beatana#beated#edsoldiers#ana#ed#anorexic#anorexia#anorexiarecovery#eatingdisorder#eatingdisorderrecovery#fat#calories#fearfood#anxiety#depression#anarecovery#weightrestored#lunch#stressfracture#weightgain
teablossom_ : Lost 7 followers after this post lol love you guys too 😘
apackaday : This photo is great and I HOPE YOU HAVE AN AMAZING TIME
teablossom_ : Thank you friend @apackaday
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So I possibly have a stress fracture on my fibula. Now I have to deal with this eyesore for the next two weeks. I feel like an astronaut or something. lol #stressfracture #prostepwalker #armyproblems #moonboots
profile - moonboots - camboot - armyproblems - imonprofileallday - stressfracture - prostepwalker -
withlove.yndira : 😐😐
withlove.yndira : Feel better ! : Awwww Mary
beatty_bug : Thank you, @withlove.yndira and! β™‘
beatty_bug : #camboot #profile #imonprofileallday
withlove.yndira - woodyandana - - erikmhirsh -
Running has always been my passion so this is really killing me. But I mean I guess I have to be patient and really take care of myself if I ever want to run again. Even if people tell me I can't run, I'm going to prove you motherfuckers wrong. I'm using your words as my motivation. #stressfracture #illgetbetter #youcansuckit
youcansuckit - illgetbetter - stressfracture -
getjassyonme : You go girl! :D
getjassyonme : Btw you can rock it lol
libzter13 : What happened
michellecontreras95 - _dvaaan - k_a_t_t_g - meliii_martinez -
Trying to make this brace work #brace #NYC #H&M #stressfracture #struggleisreal #airwalker #nike
nyc - struggleisreal - stressfracture - nike - h - airwalker - brace -
dannyj2285 : #WorkIt
rickidamann : @danmannarinotv seems like it's a fashion trend
mahendraiguess : H&M my heaven!!!! Why are you there without me?!!!
angiez33 : #aircastsarefortheweak #yourehashtaggingwithyouraircastforattention #loveyouyabigbaby
cjgavin : #whatdidyoubuyusatH&M
devidhriti - mypixelateit - notoriously_mrs_dubbs - _untouchable_ -
This was my best start to a half marathon and also my worst finish. Started off feeling great crossing the 10km mark at just over 40mins. Was headed for a clear sub 1:30 overall time but unfortunately started to develop a niggle in my hip at the 13km mark. By 16km it was starting to get painful. At 18km I had to stop and walk it out. Very disappointed. Still not sure if the injury is a stress fracture or not. It seems my road to Port 70.3 has ended prematurely. Now time to recover, heal and reflect. Hopefully still on track for Noosa πŸ™ŒπŸŠπŸš΄πŸƒπŸ‘ŠπŸ’₯ #triathlete #triathlon #trilife #tririse #trihealthfitness #training #swimbikerun #ironman703 #ironmantraining #ironman #fitfam #fitness #fitspo #run #running #healthyliving #brooks #purecadence #nevergiveup #lakemacquariehalfmarathon #crossfit #injured #stressfracture #injury #staypositive
injured - run - fitfam - triathlete - lakemacquariehalfmarathon - nevergiveup - fitness - training - brooks - running - ironman - trihealthfitness - ironman703 - trilife - fitspo - purecadence - triathlon - crossfit - stressfracture - staypositive - ironmantraining - tririse - swimbikerun - injury - healthyliving -
bronj : Focus on a complete recovery and you'll smash out Noosa!
seb_d_b : Bummer bro
sje070884 : Maybe concentrate on swimming and cycling for a bit less impact than running while the hip heals for noosa :)
krisprad : @_zahanvg thanks! @jagelbaba thanks mate @sethgerber thanks πŸ‘ @rhcls25 thanks πŸ‘Œlooks like it is a stress fracture after all 😭
krisprad : @tmsullivan63 wish it wasn't part of the training :((
krisprad : @bronj @sje070884 Noosa is out guys! Stress fracture means no running for 16 weeks or more πŸ˜ͺ
krisprad : @seb_d_b thanks mate. Sad times.
sje070884 : Ahh shot no.... Rest up and I hope it heals quick πŸ˜₯
liverusty - jakemcdonaldtri - djsupersoka - strongkate1 -
Posing in DAS BootπŸ‘’and wearing a boot 😘#camboot#stressfracture #blingedoutboot
blingedoutboot - stressfracture - camboot -
jseoanesantana - lyssiedoll22 - minagidgetibarguen - marycmusic -
#Stressfracture #fourthmetarsal #ouch #fourweeks #takeiteasymami
takeiteasymami - fourthmetarsal - stressfracture - fourweeks - ouch -
heartmdaniels_007 - margieuferry_0007 - ruth_dawn22 - madalenericeiii -
Exactly...the injury does not exist! :) What ache? Cutting back on some weekday miles and keeping an eye on my form and how I feel. Was told I might have the start of a stress fracture in my shin and other flairs in my heel and arches. My streak will be kept going and I was given the okay to do the social run tomorrow night. I just have to be cautious, aware, ice and keep off it when I can! I've got about 5 weeks to get this figured out. #iamarunner #neversettle #workhard #goals #ffcheckin #fitfluential #stressfracture #runner #stlrunner #besmart #rest #icebath #healing #recovery
ffcheckin - workhard - recovery - runner - neversettle - besmart - rest - iamarunner - icebath - healing - stlrunner - fitfluential - stressfracture - goals -
skdotson : Oh I've had a stress fracture in my shin before... No fun :( very uncomfortable @stallmann87
ashtonkleekamp : @stallmann87 ....apparently we are too old for this.
stallmann87 : @skdotson Definitely no fun! It hurts no matter what I'm doing sometimes lol and it's aggravating my heels too. Boo.
stallmann87 : @ashtonkleekamp Apparently. Ugh
kaybee2424 : @stallmann87 this is so you lol and you used to preach to me to stop running if I'm hurting lol
stallmann87 : @kaybee2424 I know..I know! Lol :( Practice what u preach but the sucky and good part is it feels better while I'm running. It's all other times.
kaybee2424 : @stallmann87 haha it's a sign! Take care of yourself lady
ashtonkleekamp - mandysueturtle2 - warsawmermaid - feetfailmenot_ -
I may not be able to #run in the #nycmarathon this year as planned, but I am so happy to be volunteering to cheer on everyone who will be running!! πŸƒ #stressfracture #tcsnycmarathon #loudmouth
loudmouth - run - tcsnycmarathon - stressfracture - nycmarathon -
gricardojr : We are very proud of you for always being there to help others. Have a great time.
deniser81 : Thank you so much! @gricardojr 😘
lilb1rd - cherrero13 - tinajbrownie - karjpc -
#stressfracture #bored #fouryearold #bella #futurepicasso #newttattoo So this is how I entertain my 4 year old while nursing my broken foot....
futurepicasso - fouryearold - newttattoo - bored - stressfracture - bella -
darkenedmornings : What did you do to your foot?!
atomiccupcake1979 : @darkenedmornings apparently I don't know how to walk, or something! I have been walking a lot more, trying to lose weight, but my shoes are really worn out. That, along with the weight I've gained, gave me a stress fracture in my foot. 😞
darkenedmornings : Oh no! 😩 That really sucks. I gave up on the whole walking to try and lose weight. Now I just walk just because. I started on supplements and LOVE them! Although, I haven't been taking them every day because I've been stressed out with my hand, but I've still lost 5lbs since I started on the supplements.
darkenedmornings : I hope your foot heals really soon! It sucks not being able to do things when you're used to being and going non-stop. πŸ˜”
atomiccupcake1979 : Yeah I'm going to have to figure out another way to lose weight :/ what supplements are working for you?
atomiccupcake1979 : It's torture!
ale94bs - mrsrescuef250 - artbyamycstudio - kefasgadelha -
Broke my foot again. #stressfracture #reoccuringinjury #pain #painintheass #concert #howlapalooza
howlapalooza - pain - concert - reoccuringinjury - painintheass - stressfracture -
_alauraclark : Reoccurring injury? When did you break your foot? Sorry it sucks=(
arcticravenclaw : I've gotten stress fractures in my right foot since footvall
arcticravenclaw : Apperantly they never healed fully and thus kept rebreaking. Only this time the fracture almost completely seperated. I was told no wait at all for a mininum of two weeks and that includes working. @_alauraclark
_alauraclark : Damn. Sorry bud that sucks! Stay off that thing!
jesseanne_ -
My friend for the next 2 weeks.. Stress Fracture #, but wait i go on vacation in a week . Maybe I'll get first class. #stressfracture #airwalker #cantrun
airwalker - stressfracture - cantrun -
tennille_five_star_bitch : Wtf
sammie_babie : Sexy footwear!
cjgavin : #faker #cvssellsthose
cjgavin : #petersaysosteoperosisatage30
mahen_singh_ : @rickidamann hope all is well.
_dtaij_ : Feel better
starrjewelzlight : Damn u need to take it easy
devidhriti : Hope you feel better!
arvindp127 - snowflakes1022 - mahen_singh_ - jeaniev79 -
Least it's not a plaster this time. Another stress fracture I'm falling apart πŸ™ˆ #stressfracture #brokenfoot #boot #airboot #aircast
brokenfoot - stressfracture - airboot - boot - aircast -
x_xvictoriax_x : Another stress fracture @loukiddle @missbxx83 maybe 2 or 3 was hard to tellπŸ™ˆ xx
missbxx83 : πŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆ give me a shout if u need anything xx
x_xvictoriax_x : I know @karens_82 manny wasn't best pleased when I told him it had been hurting. But we t from a lil pain to immense pain on tues.πŸ™ˆ I've been sat on naughty step all weekend πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ x.
karens_82 : Opps πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚just rest it now x @x_xvictoriax_x
x_xvictoriax_x : Yeaa I will b babe. Least I can't take this 1 of to sleep etc only need it when walking. πŸ™ˆ @karens_82
loukiddle : Bless you. Typical. Rest up 😘😘 Ava and I pop over with decorations for it hahaha xxx
x_xvictoriax_x : That sounds amazing @loukiddle πŸŽ€πŸ’Ž
michigandaddy : Ouch and half way cute at least. Good luck
loukiddle - lrush07 - karens_82 - xxnata5haxx -
#minorsetback #stressfracture
stressfracture - minorsetback -
maha_carr : Yikes!! Feel better Bro!!!
susvalgine - mama_mia79 -
Not working out is driving me crazy! Thanks #NH365 for inspiring me to make the most of my downtime. Outerwear and work attire done. Next up casual and dressy. #productivity #stressfracture
stressfracture - nh365 - productivity -
swanontherun - ella_4321 - katiemarie319 - arielco94 -
My new swag... πŸ™ˆ As if being on the crutches wasn't bad enough already. Someone doesn't rate me today. πŸ˜• #stressfracture #nowaytomakethislookgood #doesthiscomeinblack #nomoonwalkingforawhile #thisisapar #overit #justchopthefootoffdoc #kuntakintestyle #ipromisenottorunawayanymore
thisisapar - ipromisenottorunawayanymore - nowaytomakethislookgood - nomoonwalkingforawhile - doesthiscomeinblack - justchopthefootoffdoc - kuntakintestyle - overit - stressfracture - : What happened
schulive : 😐
eddiehypolite : Part Stormtrooper???
redfarrellmusic : Some any transformer foot πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ lol hope it gets better soon bub
lawrencerowe - cheekysisi - angel__silvera - alexbuchananmusic -
Cardioqueen is back! It's going to be slow going for the first couple of weeks, but I believe I will be back on schedule in no time! 3 miles done today and man was it a tough one! Building back cardio sucks😜 #3mile #training #halfmarathon #backontrack #stressfracture #run #cardio #cardioqueen #love #endurance #paramedichalf #october #pushhard #believe #garmin #longdistance #runnershigh #keepgoing #nevergiveup
love - halfmarathon - paramedichalf - keepgoing - cardioqueen - runnershigh - run - believe - garmin - training - october - cardio - endurance - pushhard - longdistance - nevergiveup - 3mile - stressfracture - backontrack -
monniek : Wooooohooooo
christopherhart : Whoa! I remember that garmin generation
angelxink : Great pace. You set the pace or someone else did? Always easier when someone else sets the pace. But I have pushing my own pace more and more lately. Do work! Boom!
dmanness2 : @christopherhart wouldn't run with out it πŸ˜„ @angelxink I set the pace! Have to take it slow when starting up. Wanted to break my PB of 1:40 at my next half, but then got injured and now I am just hoping to finish strong and under 2 hours πŸ˜„
sieck_and_destroy : Awesome pace!!
nene.vang : You're awesome!
sgsterling - angelxink - fit_fun_fabmom - leanstrongfast -
An early birthday present....#stressfracture #gettingold #yayme
tattoo - stress - yayme - imbroken - gettingold - cast - fracture - stressfracture -
atomiccupcake1979 : #cast #tattoo #stress #fracture #imbroken
michigandaddy : Ouch good luck. How long in cast
atomiccupcake1979 : @michigandaddy thanks! I have to see an ortho doctor this week to find out how long I will be wearing this oh-so-fashionable cast,
michigandaddy : Ouch good luck do you have kik
markaustin5 : Gorgeous! How did you hurt yourself? Broke mine hiking several weeks ago!
jmsee12 - nataliericketts85 - mando83 - markaustin5 -
Resting the footπŸ‘’ This stress fracture is not fun😑#stressfracture
stressfracture -
nancilz - lafab714 -
The boot doesn't slow down this boot camper!! Awesome job this morning @stefanic10 ! #teamchalkup #bootlyfe #stressfracture #fitness #strength #muscles #workout #tireslam #sledgehammer #stressrelief #mintnano #boston #cambridge #somerville #mass
teamchalkup - sledgehammer - mintnano - muscles - boston - workout - stressrelief - tireslam - strength - mass - bootlyfe - fitness - cambridge - stressfracture - somerville -
hannahj28 : Also...ummm your back is looking quite muscular. Yesss!!!!
stefanic10 : Pull-ups here I come!! :-P
riles629 - naked_soul_poems - cjaynewton - chriswatson06 -
Sunrise on our fair city. Half way through my run and my leg is feeling great! #stressfracture #recovery #marathontraining #slc #iloveutah
marathontraining - iloveutah - stressfracture - recovery - slc -
cheryl_anna : Glad your leg is feeling better!!
cheryl_anna - vlangston - rwestonut - runwithmel -
At least the color is pretty. #stressfracture #thissucks #atleastmyshoesmatch
atleastmyshoesmatch - thissucks - stressfracture -
atomiccupcake1979 - kati1112 - realweazie - -
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