No Thanksgiving races or runs for me this year, although I did manage a sloooow three-mile walk to the lake this afternoon (one perk of fracturing your leg when you're running 50-60 mpw and THEN running a marathon on the fracture is that your doc tells you that walking a couple of miles every other day is still resting compared to your previous training load). I'm finding that the walks help a lot with all of the compensatory pains created by the Aircast boot, which immobilizes my leg from the knee down and makes the tiniest motions hurt. Regardless, I was so incredibly grateful to spend an hour outside today in the crisp cold air staring over the moody grey lake and hoping that I can ring in New Year's by running around it and listening to that delightful crunch of running footfalls on snow. 👟👟And enjoying my heating pad and couch in the interim. #stressfracture #running #runninginjury #marathon #momlife #puremichigan #thanksgiving #grateful
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"GAHGGGHHH!!! NO GYM AGAIN!!! I CAN'T TAKE IT!!!" #ilivetogym #downforthecount #yetanotherinjury #thisblows #ineedmyendorphins #fitnessfreak #workoutnutcase #sportsinjuries #sportsinjuriessuck #goinginsane #needtogym
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ilovemyrescuepup : #inevertake2daysoff
ilovemyrescuepup : #feellikeafatass
ilovemyrescuepup : #gained12poundstodayalone
max_wallace_01 : Hooray!
fafitsake : Keep it up 👏
ilovemyrescuepup : No #stressfracture will keep this gal down!!!!
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#SpartanBeast #SpartanTrifecta #StarSuit #HurtFoot #StressFracture #BootOnNow #BaldHeadDontCare
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_20grande : Good shit bro
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First #run back after this year's #stressfracture and the @nycmarathon. Perfect rainy day for it through some beautiful farm country and with the perfect four-legged #runbuddy! I totally relate to my friends' lil #dog Scruffy, we're both ittybitty but we run faster and longer than you'd think our lil #legs would take us! 🏃🏽🐕 #rundog #dog #dogs #dogsofinstagram #pupsgiving #Ohio #workout #instafit @nikerunning @nikewomen #RunnerSCommunity
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Prof it's 10pm already..bile nk habissssss..sighh 😴😴😴 #stressfracture #fractureohfracture
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kaklong.nurulain : Hoihhh...buat phd ke
suevannazry : @kaklong.nurulain kau igt senang² nk lompat phd
nuratiqzuki : Oi. Kelas apa ni?
suevannazry : @nuratiqzuki masuk kelas balik..lari bidang jauh sgt dh ni 😓
nuratiqzuki : Woa. Master ka? Kipidap! 💪👍👍
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Half spikes for Callan Stewart @calstewie Marcellin Old Collegians #stressfracture Club #cricketer #cricketspikes #cricketequipment #ccs #customcricketshoes #Nike @nike
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joemansford : @ja.h_
ja.h_ : Naughtyyyy @joemansford
liamjcameron : @nedwalt_
harrison_frear78 : @_tristan_hunter_
farley92 : @filks84
nohead_daehon : @_jordyn_c_ @chadster_gram
ben.roennfeldt : @dan.roennfeldt
brad_sercombe : @shauny1223
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Nothing will stop me . #sportsinjury #detirmination #iwillgetback #willpower #dislocation #stressfracture #20daystofit #doitlikemechallenge if I can you can too .
iwillgetback - detirmination - willpower - sportsinjury - 20daystofit - dislocation - stressfracture - doitlikemechallenge -
nikhilpai90 : @dhruv.a.pinto How did you injur yourself?
dhruv.a.pinto : Cricket mate
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Creepy X-ray pics of my left foot. Left is April and right is today. Pics don't give the X-ray pics justice but "apparently" it's obvious of the fractures on my foot from the X-ray taken today. I would like to see it on my computer side by side to compare rather than a photo pic of each lol. MRI showed a lot more. We shall see what's going to happen at the surgeon's next week!!
chronicpain - osteoarthritis - stressfracture - fracture -
suzy_q1408 : #osteoarthritis #fracture #stressfracture #chronicpain
monks_mommy : Totally thought it was an X-ray of you with two left feet!!
mrkroger115 : Ouch :(still in the boot
suzy_q1408 : Lol @monks_mommy nope just a comparison!
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I'm thankful for modern medical technology and an apéritif after a fine meal with friends. #stressfracture #fancywordforafterdinnerdrink
fancywordforafterdinnerdrink - stressfracture -
willholmesconsulting - drathurman - bdub32078 -
Today hasn't been the best day :( I've been struggling with some pain in my left foot for a couple of weeks and today I got the results from my MR scan back....... a tiny stress fracture!! No more running for me this year. That sucks!! #stressfracture #nomorerunning #hatemyfeet #triatlonnorge
hatemyfeet - stressfracture - nomorerunning - triatlonnorge -
lihtsaltkaidi : Ohh nooo 😱Sending you lots of hugs and good vibes! 😘
albertekjaerp : Ååårh hvor surt! God bedring Lotte! ♥
susanneandersen : like for å unlike, god bedring Lotte!!
l8miller : Thanks @lihtsaltkaidi, fingers crossed that I'll be back running in time for our camp in january. ♥♥ @linethams, @albertekjaerp, @malbre ♥♥
vivianahi : Uff, så kjipt. Håper du kommer deg raskt @l8miller 🙏😃😃
l8miller : Takk @susanneandersen ♥. Skal prøve å hvile foten raskt tilbake @vivianahi ;)
espenwagener : God bedring! Ta deg god tid, det er bare november ☝
charlottekn73 : 😱
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Still not fast or far, and not able to get my traditional #turkeytrot in, but I am very thankful to be able to #run a little bit again. #stressfracture hell is receding.
stressfracture - turkeytrot - run -
_bloot : Nice to see you back on ur feet!! Have an excellent holiday to Mike too!!
jkelleher83 : @_bloot back at you! Happy tday!
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stres kırıkları overuse denilen aşırı ve ani yüklenmeler sonucu koşucularda sık görülen bir problem.. uzun sakatlık sonucu gücünü yitiren kasların kemikleri yeterince desteklemesinin azalması da bir etken.. 5. metatarsal stres kırığı ilk evre problemimde son 2 hafta dinlendirdiğim ayagım için etkili yöntemlerden biri kineotaping ve kas güçlendirme.. bu sene evi gym yaptım artık ..👍😊 #kttape #kineotape #injury #running #health #metatarsal #stressfracture
running - kttape - health - stressfracture - injury - kineotape - metatarsal -
aysenr_2801 : Geçmiş olsun @ecz.aysglbirlik
ecz.aysglbirlik : @aysenr_2801 saol doktorcum😘
ecz.aysglbirlik : @bunebohem canım aynen .. Kineo koşturuyor bazen
eeooss : Geçmiş olsun
ecz.aysglbirlik : @eeooss çok teşekkür ederim
polinomdenklem : Çok geçmiş olsun.
eyupbaytar : Geçmiş olsun Ayşegül ,umarım en kısa zamanda iyileşirsin.
ecz.aysglbirlik : @eyupbaytar Eyupcum çok teşekkürler umarım ben de☺️ - adethix - checkmylook_ - yasemin_kucukler -
"Bara" fem veckor kvar nu..😀👣🏃 #metatarsal #plaster #cannotrun #gipsad #gipsadfot #stressfracture #wanttorun #villspringa #lonesomerunners #springandetjejer #jagvillspringa
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larsakekvist : Kämpa 👊👊👊
running_grandma : 👍💪 @larsakekvist
u.springvin : ⬆️Kämpa på 💪!
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Thanksgiving 2014: happy running a 5M #pr at the #turkeytrot Thanksgiving 2015: not planning to get out of bed all weekend due to #stressfracture induced #depression Happy happy joy joy.
pr - turkeytrot - stressfracture - depression -
estibonnardel : I remember that wall paper 😝 feel better!!
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A beauty fall day and I'm stuck walking the gorgeous trail...#stressfracture problems
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Calcium for bone health? This systematic review examined the effects of calcium supplements or from diet on bone density. The authors report that increasing calcium intake, by either method, had only a very small effect on bone density. The size of the effect is unlikely to be helpful in reducing fractures. For most people, increased calcium is unlikely to be a help. #calcium #bonehealth #osteopenia #osteoporosis #amenorrhea #dairy #calciumforlife #calciumsupplement #fracture #stressfracture #diet #dietician #science #health #bones #nutrition #nutritionscience #review
nutrition - fracture - calciumsupplement - diet - dietician - bones - amenorrhea - stressfracture - bonehealth - osteoporosis - osteopenia - science - review - calcium - health - nutritionscience - dairy - calciumforlife -
ckruseaarhus : Great to see some work by Bolland!
taylor_hill9 : Hello We are creating something veryCool and heart warming. Please read at my last post and see what were doing Enjoy.
theresefm : Any details on vit-d intake or status ?
healthy_fit_4_him : Love it!
biteofscience : @theresefm very specific inclusion criteria of studies manipulating calcium supplement or dietary changes :) so no points made about vit d
biteofscience : @healthy_fit_4_him thanks so much!
doctors_kitchen : Another great post! It's really important we consistently question and challenge our daily practice to further our understanding and for the benefit of patients. Awesome work dude 👍🏼
natacusmaximus : More calcium in blood vessels = increased odds of heart attack.
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How can anyone understand this... #mri #stressfracture?
stressfracture - mri -
tattiberlin - stephen_s1mpson - cam020100 - joshduffman -
wadefoz has a #stressfracture around the toes and n his left foot #squatting is not advisable due to the pressure on the toes Were working around this by using a #bosu and a #weightplate #to #elevate the #injured foot Removing pressure away from the toes and still moving forward with #training #winning #hesquats #fatloss #weightloss #triathlete #cronulla #beachbody #beachbodycoach #beastmode #nopain
injured - triathlete - bosu - weightplate - elevate - beachbody - weightloss - stressfracture - beastmode - training - beachbodycoach - winning - to - cronulla - squatting - hesquats - nopain - fatloss -
miglioratipietro : Like4like
our_leadership_advantage : like it
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@wadefoz has a #stressfracture around the toes and n his left foot. #squatting is not advisable due to the pressure on the toes. We're working around this by using a #bosu and a #weightplate #to #elevate the #injured foot. Removing pressure away from the toes and still moving forward with #training #winning #hesquats #fatloss #weightloss #triathlete #cronulla #beachbody #beachbodycoach #beastmode #nopain
injured - triathlete - bosu - weightplate - elevate - beachbody - weightloss - stressfracture - beastmode - training - beachbodycoach - winning - to - cronulla - squatting - hesquats - nopain - fatloss -
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Not exactly what I meant when I said, I'm ready for boot weather. 🙍🏼#stressfracture
stressfracture -
debssnewp : Oh no😩 but funny caption😁
haneliwat : @kthayes40 what the heck?
kthayes40 : @debssnewp Mom told me to wear some cute socks. Haha Love and miss you! 😘💕
kthayes40 : @haneliwat I have a stress fracture to my 4th metatarsal and a part of the bone is chipped away. 😬
brittanywilder1 : Oh no! Hope you're okay!
brittanywilder1 - tesia.caldwell18 - rhonda_r_morgan - ellaheim_ -
My feet, ankle and toes are so painful I hope to have the surgery soon because it's getting hard to walk 😞 Not having any calories for the rest of the week I'm disgustingly fat and useless. I am so anxious for @hyperjapanofficial Saturday everyone will think I'm fat. Lately I've been so tired, my anaemia is getting bad, my spine is hurting all the time due to osteoporosis and I'm so lethargic school is running me down such a failure I want to sleep forever.
buddhist - ana - gyaru - ed - vegan - inpatient - ulzzang - camhs - bodycheck - eatingdisorder - stressfracture - thighgapp - depression - osteoporosis - kawaii - feedingtube - anarecovery - mentalhealth - ngtube - mia - eatindisorderrecovery - anorexiarecovery - ngt - blithe - anaemia - hime - anorexianervosa - seifuku - struggling - anorexia - : You are FAR from weak and useless! You are strong and purposeful and cherished and loved and incomparable. You are amazing. Never EVER forget that. Okay?
almostrecovery : You are not fat or useless! Please take care sweetie :(
posygrace : @m.ilkhime are there any accounts similar to yours you would recommend? :3 sorry for being annoying💞
japan.trash : Anaemia sucks man, I can't even stand up without falling
m.ilkhime : @sincerely_bailey @mentalillnessfighter @chianakhindey @almostrecovery I will take care of myself! You all have to as well ❄️ I will try to be poSTIVE but it's so hard ehh Thank you ⭐️
m.ilkhime : @japan.trash ik ik Ahhh
m.ilkhime : @greenteachild @fatbbyg @cloudy.cow @retrieving_alex @l1fer @dyingforperfectionx @fatthigh ?
m.ilkhime : {People above sorry for notifying you, I was showing the @greenteachild something}
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Det blir inte alltid som man tänkt sig...😔 Sämsta bokslutet i antal km någonsin. Bara bryta ihop och komma igen!👊💪 #running #run #löpning #skadad #gipsadfot #gipsad #plaster #foot #stressfracture #villspringa #wanttorun #cast #castlife #frozenshoulder #plantarfasciit #notmyyear #2015 #lonesomerunners #springandetjejer
villspringa - skadad - plaster - castlife - running - gipsad - foot - run - stressfracture - plantarfasciit - frozenshoulder - lonesomerunners - löpning - wanttorun - notmyyear - cast - 2015 - springandetjejer - gipsadfot -
running_grandma : Ja, @annikablyckertz Dessutom en frozen shoulder och planta fasciit. Inte mitt år! 😫
kicki361 : Äsch, äsch @running_grandma men nästa år, nya möjligheter, nya utmaningar 💪👊👍
running_grandma : Ja, då var det väl själva😈😉 @kicki361
larsakekvist : Kämpa 👊👊👊
running_grandma : 👍💪Envis är förnamnet, Tjurskallig är efternamnet 😉 @larsakekvist
upaflash : usch då. gör nog också ett kort år i år (Hälsenetrauma i mars och knäsena sen september ) men ibland kan man ändå hitta saker att hänga upp året på nått positivare. Nått lopp eller event man gjorde som var kul. Jag var en vecka i Spanien och körde trail och betade av AXA fjällmara iår.
running_grandma : Jag fixade halvmaran i Sälen Fjällmaraton och den gick bättre än mina förväntningar👍 @upaflash Så visst finns det ljuspunkter. Dom har bara varit lite färre än vanligt i år. 😊
upaflash : Härligt. Några veckor till så är det nytt år och ett rent bräde 🏃💪🏻
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When your breakfast is absolutely on point. 💪🏼 White chocolate flavour baked proats with banana and mixed berries and a handful of chopped nuts. #girlswhotrain #protein #proats #breakfast #gym #health #food #iifym #flexibledieting #carbs #fitfam #fitness #motivation #injuredrunner #stressfracture #recovery #onaquest
motivation - fitfam - food - gym - girlswhotrain - protein - stressfracture - breakfast - carbs - injuredrunner - recovery - onaquest - iifym - health - flexibledieting - fitness - proats -
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Do I want to humiliate myself and "run" this #turkeytrot ?... Stupid ^*&!ing #stressfracture
turkeytrot - stressfracture -
leiba.r : And... no, I don't.
infatuation_junkie - teleframemusic -
Clairebear is slowing down for two weeks #stressfracture
stressfracture -
mrsbjackson : 👎🏻👎🏻
strongkbmom : Uh oh @jennifer.brandon What happened?
charlottathompson : Hope she gets better soon 💗
irongrace19 - snellabear - strongkbmom -
The question of will I be ready for Pottsville, PA End of Prohibition Historical Society Challenge on December 4th or not...stupid foot #theboot #stressfracture #rolledankle #fibularislongusissues #boot
rolledankle - theboot - stressfracture - boot - fibularislongusissues -
bryans2121 : @918_gymrat when are we making boot patches?
918_gymrat : Dude!!! 😅😅😅😅
brittani_george - hmlloyd86 - keith_mcclintock - jwvargo13 -
Been struck with #patellatendonitis only 2 weeks after 3 months off with a #stressfracture. Thankfully walking on it poses no problems so I'm currently doing all my training setting the max incline and walking at a brisk pace. HR seems about the same as running. Tomorrow's interval session might be interesting...
stressfracture - patellatendonitis -
csholdsworth : Exact same issue yeah! The severity is different each time I get it. Anytime I got past a mile or two it came on and had to run with a stiff leg as I couldn't flex. Impact wasn't the issue either. It's just inflamed tendons I think. Once it starts to ease off just take advantage of running the miles you can, and take care not to run too many miles too soon. It will ease off I promise! :D
jake83 : @csholdsworth Ah that's good to know, at least I know what it is for sure! I was stupid and spent a week running on it. Managed 9 miles last Wednesday before my knee completely seized up. Thinking back it was completely stupid as it was agonising! Then did Tod 5k the next day (nearly dropped out due to pain - again, stupid!). When I was chatting with Wayne Mac after he told me what it was and I've just been walking on the treadmill since. Hoping Gaz can help ease it!
jake83 : @csholdsworth saw Gaz last night. Knee feels loads better. I'm taking your advice and having complete rest until Sunday. Should hopefully shake this one off soon!
csholdsworth : Excellent!! Glad it's feeling better. It's mega inflamed is the problem so relieving the pressure, lots of icing and pain killers to take the swelling down will help big time!
csholdsworth : You're probably sick of hearing what people think you should do, but just get your leg used to running again over the next week and build up through the week. Should be a distant memory by next weekend with any luck!
jake83 : @csholdsworth woke up this morning and my knee was sore, it's loosening up now but worrying me. I've done no exercise, been icing it and trying to keep it elevated at work. Not sure I'll be able to give running a go on Sunday but we'll see. Not a lot of cross training I can do with a dodgy knee! Roll on 2016!!
csholdsworth : Underwent a bit of stretching so could be sensitive. Feeling better today?
jake83 : @csholdsworth a bit better thanks! Won't be running on it tomorrow though. Gonna have to wait this one out a bit longer!
matlalor -
So my med provider told me to stop running. That the most I can do is walk. No Squat, No jumping, No Jog or Run, No leg day. Boy, He broke my heart this morning. #BoneScan #StressFracture 💔
bonescan - stressfracture -
runner_in_training - gee_nahdia -
Feeling #blue 💦 #swim#crawl#cardio#simma#swimmer#aqua#water#monday#determination#trying#swimcap#2xu#fitspo#afterwork#rehab#stressfracture#bigblue#fitness#motivation#instadaily#smile#minutmaning#safeeducation#lofsian#challenge
swim - motivation - fitspo - monday - aqua - safeeducation - water - determination - bigblue - lofsian - instadaily - trying - cardio - blue - minutmaning - swimmer - crawl - stressfracture - simma - afterwork - rehab - swimcap - fitness - smile - 2xu - challenge -
liftcorprep04 : i am currently hunting for repss if you're interested be sure to mail us a email to
dalarnaraw - - swimmingdutchie - swim.diesel -
Hittade en bild som jag sen ritat in på, var min fraktur sitter. #metatarsalben5 #gipsadfot #gipsad #wanttorun #lovetorun #cannotrun #6weeks #plaster #stressfracture #metatarsal #metatarsal5
metatarsal5 - metatarsalben5 - plaster - 6weeks - wanttorun - cannotrun - metatarsal - gipsad - gipsadfot - lovetorun - stressfracture -
running_grandma : Thanks!🙏👍 @laurenezorn8
bowikman : Aj!
running_grandma : Om! 😱😉 @bowikman
traningstokig : Krya på dig!
larsakekvist : Krya på dig!!!
xcrikard : Hoppas på snabbt tillfrisknande för fossingen!
running_grandma : Tack! 🙏👍 @traningstokig @larsakekvist Lite dåligt tålamod bara😜
running_grandma : Då är vi två😊 @xcrikard
billa67 - xcrikard - metherunner - hanspantzare -
Early morning workout on a Monday. So glad to be getting back into #running after that #stressfracture !! 30 minute jog (3.35 miles) and then 20 minutes (3 miles) on the elliptical. #run #runhappy #workingupasweat #11weekspostpartum
running - runhappy - run - workingupasweat - 11weekspostpartum - stressfracture -
lydia_roses - mceef - itsgnatyo - ashleymowers -
Miss being able to train and compete so bad 😔 #stressfracture #fuckthisshit
fuckthisshit - stressfracture -
zacharynunis : That hop 😍
rowan_sutton : Haha thanks dude! That's step though 👎🏼 @zacharynunis
amy.harding : :((((
nahiara_100 - reef.odwyer - william_barker_ - -
This is what Monday morning looks like. Poached egg and kale cooked in coconut oil on seeded bread and on the side... A intravenous drip of coffee 😴 #health #monday #fitness #fitfam #food #motivation #iifym #flexibledieting #tired #injured #injuredrunner #stressfracture #carbs #protein #onaquest #gym #girlswhotrain
injured - motivation - fitfam - monday - tired - food - gym - girlswhotrain - protein - stressfracture - carbs - injuredrunner - onaquest - iifym - health - flexibledieting - fitness -
slupek93 : ;))
keerthanaswaminathan : Looks super yum 😻
fitness.pros - justneedfood - sportswear_uae - thefratpak -
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