Progressed to a new accessory! Cast off & moon boot on 😁😝 #makinggains#excusemyleg#hairy#tan#skinnyankle#stressfracture#instagood#instadaily#igers#swag#physio#picoftheday#love#girl#fitfam#positivevibes
hairy - skinnyankle - love - fitfam - physio - excusemyleg - igers - instadaily - stressfracture - girl - tan - swag - instagood - positivevibes - picoftheday - makinggains -
garyrohan16 : I know how you feel .. It's not the best of fun
osheaalycechloe : @garyrohan16 I'm just grateful that in a week I'll be walking on it & can get rid of the crutches! Such a pain.
miss_paige167 - lozfish - salsalad - craniummeat_com -
The doc says I can run again woohoooooooo!!!!!! He emphasised on the wording 'light running' but I am over the moon!!!! So obviously new joggers needed πŸ˜› #anyexcuse #adidas #stressfracture #recovering #questarboost #happy #running #nomorejustarmday @adidasau
questarboost - recovering - adidas - anyexcuse - running - nomorejustarmday - stressfracture - happy -
lisagiblin81 : @adidaswomen
ssssx_xssss - jeanine.joubert - carlsmannix - triptk -
Yeah I definitely should have came out in the first 5 mins of the first game. This is not good!! #Pain #FightThroughIt #ouch #batman #TMNT #XBox #KeepMindOffThePain #DoctorsTomorrow πŸ‘ #StressFracture #Great πŸ˜ͺ #ice
great - pain - tmnt - batman - doctorstomorrow - ouch - ice - xbox - keepmindoffthepain - fightthroughit - stressfracture -
maria_ricca : I was joking. Feel better love bug ❀❀
ashley_cunha : @maria_ricca I know, and thank you lovebug 😘
triciaaa_p : I told ya I would've went in
ashley_cunha : @triciaaa_p you know I never listen
triciaaa_p : Oh I know you're the same as me
ashley_cunha : @triciaaa_p πŸ™ˆ I know
abouthd : #playstation !!!
ashley_cunha : @abouthd πŸ™Š
aleciasece - ayoitssteph - _oakz - lily_xav -
Wouldn't wish a stress fracture that required surgery on my worst enemy , though now allowed to put weight on my foot I still must use crutches ,and am not allowed to come back to school for another 2 weeks gaaah ! #mad #stressfracture #12weeksoutofsurgery #sosad πŸ’”
12weeksoutofsurgery - stressfracture - mad - sosad -
nickrac2015 : πŸ˜­πŸ˜• @jcharlotte13
green_eggzandsam : I miss you
jcharlotte13 : @green_eggzandsam well at least you will see me tomorrow 😱
mkatherine213 - maddidawson - jggiacomi - bronsynledgard -
My new ride. Will make life around the house much easier for the next three weeks. #stressfracture
stressfracture -
kjbassick : Sweeeeet
amyolivenciacannon : Lookin goodπŸ˜€ Lorn had to use one of those too.
smcannon : @amyolivenciacannon It feels so silly, but I was able to carry a laundry basket and get it to the washing machine. Success!!!
jessneeishere - _sarahizzo - o.c27 - stacialyce -
I fixed the ugly boot problem.... Sorta πŸ˜‹ #runningproblems #stressfracture #grrrrrrr
runningproblems - stressfracture - grrrrrrr -
theculinaryfanatic - roastedsheebs - _deja.voo_ - ajgarciavilla -
Wtf #stressfracture #stupidboot #bootfor3weeks
stupidboot - stressfracture - bootfor3weeks -
rjsnax -
Why me??? πŸ˜’ #stressfracture #vacationsucks #thebootofshame
thebootofshame - stressfracture - vacationsucks -
#StressFracture #Ankle #Pain #ShineWalk #ShineNightWalk #Marathon #Walk #Achieved #Injury #Hurting
hurting - pain - achieved - shinenightwalk - shinewalk - walk - ankle - injury - stressfracture - marathon -
nottherealjon : Blimey what happened?
watchoot : Ouch!!
misshappy75 : Hi @nottherealjon It's a stress fracture in my ankle from the marathon walk at weekend
misshappy75 : It's is ouch @watchoot
nottherealjon : Blimey!! How heavy were you going? Hope you get better soon!!! x
misshappy75 : It's a common injury with women of a certain age and sporting activities.
gemmanne -
Getting at it with @johnmikewuzowski #swimming #stressfracture #basketballwitholdcoach
basketballwitholdcoach - stressfracture - swimming -
bekalindsey : I like that you have IG now...good girl! πŸ‘πŸ˜„
ilikevintage_mz : Haha! Thanks, @bekalindsey ☺️
bekalindsey - the_coolest_one_ - emilydallager - rebekah_joy7 -
Wearing a boot isn't all bad- I get to wear leggings to work everyday :-) #injury #stressfracture
injury - stressfracture -
chocolaterunnergirl : Boo injury! Been in a boot too many times before. Hope you heal quickly!
chocolaterunnergirl : Cute leggings too! :)
krisflaherty : Love the leggings! Feel better soon. Stress fractures are tough.
spumoniface : Where are they from? Love them!
amlabonte : Love the leggings!
sparklyrunner : Thanks, all! Got these at Wal-Mart!
nicolezare - crystal_marie128 - thisrunnersfuel - delachic -
Awwwwwesome this is going to be FUN 14 hour flight to LA tomorrow and in this stupid thing!! #stressfracture
stressfracture -
sarah__monaco : Oh no!! At least this hopefully means priority boarding? Here's to a speedy recovery!
cloebunterpilates : Get well soon gorgeous xxx
tullylou : @paleoinmelbourne @kaylabombardier @sezellwood @amylouking @steffejung @dolly_dana @em_wotton @cloebunterpilates your all fricken amazing! Surely all your well wishes will help for a speeeedddy recovery! Just one wk in this stupid thing then light pressure for 4-6 wks def no running! X TL ✌️❀️ to you all.
ash_constance : πŸ˜‚ jumping in your suitcase @tullylou @spasini πŸ˜˜πŸ’– #iwouldfit xxxxx
blondiemua : @tullylou 😩😩😩
sarjensen : Safe flight beauty xx
sarahschng : Take care and you'll be back before you know it xx
jerrijones_thelabel : Poor love!! Get better soon xx
amandahawking - audball.y - inplayathletics - maryjfh -
Well, I officially transferred my marathon entry today 😞 With 2 possible stress fractures it isn't worth it. My doctor and my coach. reminded me that Iron Lake Placid is my goal. Need to heal and be ready for that training! So swimming and biking it is! #mohawkhudsonmarathon #injury #runninginjury #stressfracture #bummed #ironmantraining #ironmanlakeplacid #marathontraining #running #swimbike #norunfornow
bummed - norunfornow - marathontraining - ironmanlakeplacid - swimbike - ironmantraining - running - mohawkhudsonmarathon - runninginjury - injury - stressfracture -
stephaniesw : You're still amazing. Rest is key!
gretogd : Aw I was just thinking about you & your marathon today!
zippchick : @stephaniesw @gretogd thanks guys! I have accepted it :) my first marathon will now just be after 2.4 miles of swimming and 112 miles of biking 😱
evgulino - teamallamerican - marionnies - benjsims -
Now I can die. #gypsum #instep #stressfracture #fracture #best #ill
gypsum - fracture - instep - ill - stressfracture - best -
senvd_____insvne : @annehouserova ale nehty pΔ›kný πŸ‘ŒπŸ’…
annehouserova : @senvd_____insvne πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ‘Œ
senvd_____insvne : @annehouserova πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ ... ale nezávidím, aΕ₯ se ti to spraví co nejdΕ™ív! 😊
annehouserova : @senvd_____insvne jono:/ je to totálnΔ› na nic😐 tohle mít 3 mΔ›síce bude váΕΎnΔ› paráda, noπŸ‘Œ
senvd_____insvne : @annehouserova slušný na začátek roku a sezony ..
annehouserova : @senvd_____insvne doslova skvΔ›lé načasosování no😀
itssimplyshoutouts - veruunkaleskova - _tereeez_ - senvd_____insvne -
Playing the waiting game today... But it is beautiful so I thought I'd get some vitamin d! Quick 3.6k walk and a little reading!
beautiful - relax - read - retiredfromrunning - sunny - walk - weather - tan - stressfracture - nofilter - ilovethesun - sun - sept29 - hot - reading - exercise -
ashyness : #walk #sun #sunny #exercise #RetiredFromRunning #stressfracture #reading #read #relax #beautiful #hot #weather #sept29 #ilovethesun #tan #nofilter
countryboy0012 - blessedmama9408 - mrkofficial - codyc17 -
Really frustrating not being able to exercise or even walk much really...stuck with crutches (which I haven't been using as much as I should πŸ˜•) I am a huge comfort eater and saying I've been laying in bed resting my foot and keeping it elevated I have been eating quite a lot of chocolate...I will have defiantly put on weight. It is my own fault tho no one to blame but myself. It's time to change. It's time to realise it I don't change my diet I'm going to end up back where I started at over 300lbs! I got comfortable and started the bad habits again. #itstimetotakeaction #weightloss #ineedtolosethisweight #icantgobackthere #fracturedfoot #stressfracture #rest #bored #comforteating #needtostop #diet #exercise #hardwork #nevergiveup #doitforlaurie πŸ’ͺ
hardwork - exercise - fracturedfoot - doitforlaurie - nevergiveup - diet - weightloss - ineedtolosethisweight - comforteating - itstimetotakeaction - rest - bored - stressfracture - icantgobackthere - needtostop -
dan_parr01 - isaiah_adams - tonedhardbodys - thefitnesspros -
You can kill me now. I have wear this shit for a god damn month. #fml #killme #stressfracture no tapping for a month is going to be the death of me
stressfracture - fml - killme -
laschen1995 : My feet always are fucked up lol
jesseberrr : @laschen1995 same her
jesseberrr : Here
alyssaguerrieri : Hope you get better soon!!
morganmarie14 : Awe Jess... Come on
themanlevan : BRUHH
jesseberrr : Thanks lys, miss you @alyssaguerrieri
jesseberrr : @morganmarie14 lol sorry hahah
morganmarie14 - maggierachael_ - oliviastopko - jessies_girl278 -
Climbin mountains and shit. #longasshike #hours #swissalps #stressfracture #smartchoices #mountainthangs #steepasfuck #ionlyfellonce #breathtakin #sunnyswizz
steepasfuck - breathtakin - mountainthangs - smartchoices - longasshike - hours - sunnyswizz - swissalps - ionlyfellonce - stressfracture -
v_akbil : Mountaingasm
mverni : @v_akbil πŸ—»πŸ’¦
v_akbil : πŸ˜³πŸ˜‚
leliabarden : Awesome mess
leliabarden : Ness*
itsdmitchie - shelbyjulianne - avapavao - megsandeggs -
In case of a stress fracture injury, I'm going to do what this lady did: look up Montana cans of spray paint and have some fun with the boot. (And for a wedding next week, she's going metallic blue.)
inspiration - color - stressfracture - injury - montanapaint - whattodo - metallic -
lexistential : #inspiration #whattodo #Montanapaint #injury #stressfracture #color #metallic
bezado66 : Oh no - what happened????😳
lexistential : Stress fracture. Gal said it wasn't that bad itself but still required the boot to heal. 😯
jkontis : Love the paint job!
lexistential : @jkontis isn't it a hoot? I loved it!
santanabee23 - porter_fitness365 - kreuzader - bezado66 -
well this makes using crutches a little more fun!! 😜 #crutches #crippledlife #stressfracture #hip #painful #ducttape #morefun #limegreen #stripes #loveit
hip - crutches - ducttape - limegreen - stripes - crippledlife - loveit - morefun - stressfracture - painful -
markaustin5 : Gorgeous! How did you hurts yourself? Broke mine several weeks ago hiking!
jess96simpson : went for an easy run... Im a pole vaulter tho so probably just wear & tear! @markaustin5
little_kukoly - blairclarissa13 - acaetano16 - brokenlegprobs -
Missing the HoldenWood Trail 10K today because of the #stressfracture but so glad to be here cheering on @marcusincharge πŸ˜ƒπŸ† and reminiscing of my last #5K #PR a month ago 😊🌺 #run #runnergirl #injuredrunner
pr - runeveryday - runhappy - injuredrunner - iceandibuprofen - runner - injuredrunnermaybite - runyourday - runnergirl - halfmarathontraining - running - 5k - injuriessuck - run - happymiles - stressfracture -
narindipity : #running #runner #runyourday #runeveryday #runhappy #happymiles #halfmarathontraining #injuriessuck #injuredrunnermaybite
ironcupcake : #injuredrunnermaybite - cute. This sick one feels the same way.
levonkhojayan : I like how you hashtag the stress fracture. As if it's its own entity.
narindipity : @levonkhojayan so totally a thing! You should know, you're a doctor 😜 I was actually thinking of naming it πŸ˜„ It's between Darth and Brandon 😳
narindipity : @ironcupcake lol πŸ˜„ Bummer you're sick though 😝 Hope you feel better soon, lady 🌺
levonkhojayan : Brandon!!! I vote for Brandon. I hope you feel better. Did they give you a walking boot? Just get some good rest. Keep the foot up. Drink lots of alcohol. And put some bacon oil on it.
suzifrost : Super well done
narindipity : Lol @levonkhojayan I'll keep that in mind 😜 and yes I get my boot fitted on Tuesday. A lot of #iceandibuprofen happening in my life right about now πŸ™ˆ
arnowin59 - araksi_boynagiryan - run4o4 - runfastersarah -
stressfracture -
bauartsdancer21 : Could be but you should definitely go get some imaging. πŸ˜•
lisadeviadventures : @bauartsdancer21 I am tomorrow. It's Sunday in HK and everything is closed.
bauartsdancer21 : Rest Ice Elevate. Hope it feels better!!! Keep us posted!! @lisadeviadventures
orshie25 : Ouch!!! πŸ˜•
mamanaka1 : 😒
apkazmer234 - bauartsdancer21 -
#hairlinefracture #fracture #stressfracture #hairline_fracture #stress_fracture #rightfoot #right_foot #ankle
hairlinefracture - hairline_fracture - fracture - ankle - stress_fracture - right_foot - stressfracture - rightfoot -
raif_rayan : My right ankle got a hairline/stress fracture, during a gr8 Football Match!! :(
abrardh1 : Get well soon. Rest now.
raif_rayan : Thanks @abrardh1
itssimplyshoutouts - adina_123 - zee7575 -
No road riding means long wind trainer sets followed by 1.5hrs of deep water running. Thanks for the company crew. @ellieplasto #stressfracture #windtrainer #IMBusso @sbrtriathlon
windtrainer - stressfracture - imbusso -
kirstymrose - ellieplasto - pruee -
Bone healing is a tough job, but someone's got to do it. Vitamin D from the delicious sun, and vitamin C from raspberry EmergenC. β˜€οΈ #stressfracture #runninginjuries #indiansummer #bikini #bliss
bikini - bliss - runninginjuries - allthingspink - stressfracture - indiansummer -
heroine_chic_design : #allthingspink πŸ’•
maridurieux : It's a hel of a job, but for a good cause! @heroine_chic_design
scrapple22 : I was gonna drop by today and tell you a story about what happened when I did that 10k a few weeks ago. You around tomorrow?
heroine_chic_design : @scrapple22 We should be back later in the afternoon. I'd love to hear all about your race! πŸ’—
dani_dega - priceyp23 - iamjackspants - rulandres -
Its been 6 weeks since my stress fracture, Dr says 3 more.... Went for a walk this morning working my way back #stressfracture #norynning #getback #onemileatatime
onemileatatime - getback - stressfracture - norynning -
joeybean : Oh no! I hope you have a speedy recovery :(
tmckim - yadrickmomma - open_the_gate - verritooo -
New regimen starts today: #cleaneats, #greenjuice, #vitaminI, #KTtape, stretching, and strengthening πŸ’ͺπŸ™ Praying for this #stressfracture to hurry up and heal πŸ™ˆ How can it not what I even have @karagoucher pulling for me? πŸ’– (can't believe she liked my post!) #injuredrunner #injuriessuck
greenjuice - kttape - injuredrunner - injuriessuck - cleaneats - stressfracture - vitamini -
clairey_fairy : I love that KG liked your post! She is my favorite elite runner and the most relatable and down to earth. @narindipity your post reminds me I need to take my calcium pills πŸ‘
bannana_z : @narindipity sending you happy positive vibes for a speedy recovery <3
narindipity : @clairey_fairy i always got so much inspiration watching KG, but all the more now. Reread the article on your advice and nearly teared up πŸ’— And yes, take good care of yourself, lady!
narindipity : @bannana_z thank you, love 😘 I suppose what with no running my weekends should be more free to talk now 😜😘
teedub88 : Hope you're healed up straight away quick. Take it easy❀
tkinney76 - according2kelly - run4o4 - vivarisellc -
Mudgee Wine and Food Festival. Starting off with a nice glass of white. Don't mind if I do... 🍷#triathlete #triathlon #trilife #tririse #trihealthfitness #training #swimbikerun #ironman703 #ironmantraining #ironman #fitfam #fitness #fitspo #healthyliving #mudgee #injured #stressfracture #wine #whitewine #foodandwinefestival #mudgeewineandfoodfestival #canttrainsotimetobooze
injured - mudgee - fitfam - triathlete - foodandwinefestival - swimbikerun - mudgeewineandfoodfestival - whitewine - ironman - trihealthfitness - ironman703 - trilife - fitspo - training - triathlon - stressfracture - canttrainsotimetobooze - ironmantraining - tririse - fitness - healthyliving - wine -
jagelbaba : Great shot! Now I need a 'shot'
cathyterreberry : Cool pic. Where?
krisprad : @spidey1 thanks man! @jagelbaba thanks!!!
krisprad : @cathyterreberry this is in Mudgee
victapv : Love mudgee. Checking out Orange wine festival for my bday in a month!
krisprad : @victapv awesome bro!! Are you back in Sydney yet?
wwooiiij : πŸ’―
krisprad : @wwooiiij πŸ‘
urtycke - ilovephotos_auryner_forever - badcravys - victapv -
Dear shins, screw you and your stress fractures. Im running tomorrow, broken tibias and all. Time to finally start my season. #crosscountry #stressfracture
crosscountry - stressfracture -
catpipes : #GoDaisy
asiajaja : Remember @sugoi_haha 's inspiring devotional. #arrows 🎯
lovelandingprimo : Get some πŸ‘
wangers123 - daniellewoohoo - rayna.rayna7 - hiiikara -
I'm officially screwed... #leg #stressfracture #aircast #shin #broken #legsleeve #feet #screwed #pain #shinsplints
shin - legsleeve - shinsplints - leg - feet - broken - screwed - pain - stressfracture - aircast -
kybeans96 : I've had that before x( It ruins your sports career. At least it did for me :(
kaylee_gardner : WHAT!? 😭 WE HAVE NO TEAM
bryanna2016.bo : Omg are u ok
camoprincess27_ : I have to play with it on! I have no idea how the hell that's suppose to work! πŸ˜” but I'll be playing :) @kaylee_gardner
camoprincess27_ : @kybeans96 This is actually the second time this happened! I play soccer and it just ruined my season πŸ˜”
michigandaddy : Cute toes at least. How long are you in it?
camoprincess27_ : @michigandaddy a few weeks
michigandaddy : Ouch good luck
kaylareneeflowers - bootscoot26 - jakerenaud - kybeans96 -
8-10 weeks in a bootπŸ’˜πŸ˜” #stressfracture #crippledprincess
crippledprincess - stressfracture -
charming.ziegler : Why?
laurendd53 - evilkxnzie - dancers_relates - thebaldprincess -
#λͺ¬μŠ€ν„°μ§ λ³„λ‘œ μ’‹μ•„ν•˜μ§€μ•Šμ§€λ§Œ.... 약해진 #뼈 λ₯Ό μœ„ν•΄μ„œ..! #workin_hard #workout #ν”Όλ‘œκ³¨μ ˆ #stressfracture #ν—ˆλ¦¬ #waist #μ–΄κΉ¨ #shoulder #μ—Όμ’Œ #injure 훠이훠이 #칼슘보좩제 😞
shoulder - λͺ¬μŠ€ν„°μ§ - ν—ˆλ¦¬ - injure - 뼈 - workout - workin_hard - 칼슘보좩제 - stressfracture - μ–΄κΉ¨ - μ—Όμ’Œ - ν”Όλ‘œκ³¨μ ˆ - waist -
pawe_boy88 - chu_aang - teamnewyou - ro.dick -
Happy early birthday to ME!!!! #zoot #triathlonshorts #spoiled #raceready
triathlonshorts - triathlete - swimbikerun - ready - zoot - goals - spoiled - sprinttriathlon - firstracesinceinjury - stressfracture - raceweekend - raceready -
courtknee3 : #triathlete #sprinttriathlon #swimbikerun #raceweekend #goals #firstracesinceinjury #stressfracture #ready
mandiruns : Love the shorts!!! And good luck! Hope you are all healed up! πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ
courtknee3 : Thank you @mandiruns 😊 My leg has felt good lately so I am hoping its ready.
alainabeee - mandiruns - edutri3 - jcotri -
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