What's your excuse? #stressfracture and working with what I can to keep getting #better @reebok @crossfit_strongisland #crossfit #crossfitgirls #strong #rowing #concept2 #nanoboot
strong - crossfit - rowing - nanoboot - better - concept2 - crossfitgirls - stressfracture -
amandacelebs : I rowed with my fracture too haha
missyrissi : Get it girl!
bunceee : Bummer follow he has a bunch of workouts he did when he was injured
nicolemorelli - zgilbert1 - fridge60 - wilfleming -
My new kicks for a while #reebok #crossfit #boot #stressfracture #itcouldbeawhile #justmyluck
crossfit - stressfracture - justmyluck - reebok - boot - itcouldbeawhile -
swissmanryan : And it's not even a cast so no one can sign it @miniman1905
swissmanryan - al3x240 - jasperdhoag - from_nicolee -
Startin senior year with a leg up. #literally #senior #senioryear #firstday #stressfracture #pun #vroomvroom
pun - vroomvroom - stressfracture - literally - senior - firstday - senioryear -
kierstenwags : u so cute 😘
charlottiee29 : hahahaha the scooter just completes it all 😊😘
charlottiee29 : @kierstenwags
kristenschmidt96 - speedrreadr - decadandydilez - stacym45 -
#stressfracture what?! #healing... #stillhurts #running #5k #ilovetorun
running - ilovetorun - healing - stillhurts - 5k - stressfracture -
erlerisobel - renettahomza - treasaferrarotti - deidramaizes -
What do you mean no heels for 6 weeks?!? #notfunny #booted #stressfracture #offbalance #workoutcockblock #pitchpress #lifeofapublicist
workoutcockblock - offbalance - booted - lifeofapublicist - stressfracture - notfunny - pitchpress -
amberlaforet : Oh no
jannaconner : Whoa! How'd ya do that?
jenmooney : What the??
pitchpress : Running to catch the FedEx truck @jannaconner.
jannaconner : D'oh! Hopefully not for me! 😲
giordano6 - jannaconner - jenmooney - __georgiaa98 -
A little farther...same average speed. Next week I will add brick workouts. #startingover
triathlontraining - cycling - triathlete - startingover - swimbikerun - dailymotivation - fitmom - zoot - goals - stressfracture - gosweat - sweatandbehappy - comeback - garmin - dreams -
courtknee3 : #swimbikerun #triathlete #triathlontraining #cycling #swimBIKErun #zoot #garmin #dailymotivation #fitmom #comeback #stressfracture #goals #dreams #gosweat #sweatandbehappy
igerscycling - erossull - melodyschofield - meretherunner14 -
@crees54 says I don't Instagram like I used to, so to fix that, here is what I'm looking at. #panera #panerabread #break #working #stressfracture #booth #money #youpicktwo #fatkidproblems #solo #alone #eating #food
solo - eating - fatkidproblems - working - food - money - panerabread - panera - break - booth - alone - stressfracture - youpicktwo -
crees54 : Nice shot! @catthews
crees54 : Like 4 like???
crees54 : Like my recent <3
mhurst25 - aschafer1219 - the_dreamer17 - savvvvb -
How I'm spending my Labor Day... #injured #10kinjury #runninginjury #firstworldproblems #stressfracture?
injured - runninginjury - 10kinjury - firstworldproblems - stressfracture -
leslieritz16 : Oh no!!!!! How will you train for the half???
samimichele11 : @leslieritz16 Well I'm hoping it heals fast. Until then I will do the stationary bike, row machine and weights.
teamallamerican - xo__krista__xo - claudimufasa - mackenzie_kellman -
Fun Times with Great Friends...drowning out someone's #stressfracture sorrows! #ohiobeer #craftbeer #JAFB #redale #JAFIPA #harvestsaison #farmyardpaleale #coffeeporter #saisonsoftheabyss #laborday
farmyardpaleale - craftbeer - coffeeporter - redale - harvestsaison - jafipa - jafb - ohiobeer - stressfracture - saisonsoftheabyss - laborday -
bowman101112 - schmittiestpics - racheliann94 - mhochstetler56 -
Let's admire my new running shoes that I can't run in. #nike #nikerunning #stressfracture
nikerunning - stressfracture - nike -
___alice___ : Haha, so sad. Those shoes are amazing
ashleea26a : You will get better fast! You are a beast!
coolhunterun : You are so cool! Check this gallery @coolhunterun out. Post in your pictures #coolhunterun to be featured. : @kesiafinley what are they? I'm trying to decide on new runners to get.
spectakohler : You like running in nikes? I feel like they always throw off my alignment
kristieklf : That is a great print! And I love those shoes.
aprilstaker : They are healing shoes, silly
kesiafinley : they are the 3.0 Free Flyknit's. I haven't run in these yet but I currently run in the 5.0 Flyknit's that were last years model and I love them. Doctor confirmed that my stress fracture wasn't related to my shoes in any way so I'd say I have had zero problems with them. They take getting used to if you aren't used to running in a barefoot type shoe though. Your muscles in your feet and lower legs will be screaming the first few runs. @spectakohler
abbfelt - sarameghann - kristieklf - seluf02 -
This is truly some wack shit... #stressfracture 3rd metatarsal #airboot #footboot blood work and mri to come. The amount of time I'll have to be in this smdh if doc doesn't request crutches and time off instead... eh at least I'll be able to go to Cali and get spoiled
footboot - airboot - stressfracture -
yzmanoncesaid : That's swag though sis @esoteric101
esoteric101 : Just call me Robocop 😒 @yzmanoncesaid
ab_j_ambition : Send me those X-Rays and MRI's
esoteric101 : Oh yeah your area of expertise! @ab_j_ambition
jru415 : Jewel encrust it @esoteric101
esoteric101 : Beadazzled it lol @jru415
_xoxo_celly_ : Damn
simply_amazing84 - christigerellis - v_monique_31 - kemals929 -
So this happened Fri. ..working at the bar has been rough on this. #stressfracture #sprain #fml #ouch #clutz #cheshirecat #girlswithtattoos #girlswithink #tattooedwoman #tattooedgirls #tattooedchicks #tattooedladies #tattooedbabes #tattooedlife #inked #inkedworld #inkedup #inkedlife #inkedbabes #inkedchicks #tattooed #tattoo #ink #girlswithgauges #girlswithplugs #piercings
inkedlife - tattooedchicks - girlswithplugs - girlswithink - girlswithtattoos - ouch - girlswithgauges - inkedworld - piercings - ink - tattooedgirls - stressfracture - tattooedladies - inkedup - tattoo - tattooed - inked - tattooedlife - sprain - clutz - fml - cheshirecat - inkedchicks - inkedbabes - tattooedbabes - tattooedwoman -
spin_dogg : Ok what did u do to it?
eyesoftheunseen : :*
michigandaddy : Nice toes ;) how are you doing
giggles1173 : While running down a steep gravel/dirt road I felt a pop in my foot. It was fine for awhile didn't hurt much. Then drove 1.5 hrs home and couldn't put any weight on it. Went to the hospital Sat and they said stress fracture and a bad sprain @spin_dogg
giggles1173 : Foot fetish? Lol @michigandaddy
giggles1173 : Funny, doesn't feel so awesome @eyesoftheunseen 😜
32yamekim : Can you walk on it?
michigandaddy : Lol just a lil πŸ˜‰ hows the foot?
tim_cr6 - chakragoddess - simmer83 - thomas42021 -
Sunday Funday at the stadium. Bleachers, sprints and steady state. Went until the leg said no more.
polar - sundayfunday - brooks - fitmom - feeltheburn - running - gosweat - sweatandbehappy - comeback - stressfracture - sprints - nike - cardio - bleachers - dailymotivation - hiit -
courtknee3 : #sundayfunday #bleachers #sprints #stressfracture #comeback #dailymotivation #hiit #cardio #feeltheburn #gosweat #sweatandbehappy #fitmom #polar #nike+ #brooks #running
that_fitginger - lcrafts27 - heather_amabisca - ernieosotelo -
Week 7 of recovery is about to begin. Getting up to 40 minutes of running this week! Wow it's been a long journey back to this but I am getting there! #recovery #stressfracture #running #training
training - stressfracture - running - recovery -
jessiemaz : I should've got you to teach me how to run while you weren't allowed to run very far! 😁
_katelovesmeirl : @jessiemaz the offer always was/is there! I'm always happy to help people with running :)
nikolajastrup - davidtaylor__ -
Dr told me I have a #tibialfracture #stressfracture #dempainz #army #armylife #ftsam #sanantonio #broketibia #brokenbone
army - dempainz - ftsam - brokenbone - sanantonio - tibialfracture - broketibia - armylife - stressfracture -
vrsixdustin : @billybob74940
billybob74940 : Good. They'll have to attempt to fix it before letting you go, right?
vrsixdustin : Yessir. I start my orthopedic appointments next week. Supposed to talk about knee surgery. My physical therapist said I really need at least two screws for the fracture. Because if it gets worse and comes apart it'll cause the whole knee joint to give out. Meaning knee replacement. @billybob74940
billybob74940 : Only the gubmint tries to heal a broken bone with more exercise.
vrsixdustin : It's pretty crazy some of the stuff they want you to do with certain injuries. Makes no sense at all. Although, I was told more then likely because of the amount of injuries/and seriously of them. I'd be labeled as a medically retired veteran. Lol kinda pathetic though. I couldn't take any pride in that. :/ @billybob74940
jdperry29 : Lets just amputate and get a peg cool would that be for the boys lol @_stefanie.salisbury_ @vrsixdustin
vrsixdustin : Lol sounds cool to me. I'm down lmfao @jdperry29
tahbabis : @vrsixdustin I always pray for you bruh and your prettt Emry. This could have equally happened to any of us. We love and always think of you and the "shata" smile.
billybob74940 - broadymcbrick - military_millionaires - ch3rish_100987 -
You can almost see the break in the bottom right. Latest news is that I'm healing on schedule. I see running in my future.
screwed - runnerproblems - stressfracture -
univer_sal : #stressfracture #runnerproblems #screwed
sugar_spoon_ : Yay! That's great!
mwsevey2013 : How bout a spirited walk instead!
dan_quick - billybillybillybillybillybilly - dulceluda - mwsevey2013 -
And this shall be my footwear for a while. Take care of your feet, kids. #stressfracture #thisbootwasmadeforcrying #instacollage
instacollage - thisbootwasmadeforcrying - stressfracture -
cindykayfowler : You look amazing, Sarah!! Boot and all πŸ‘πŸ‘
sarahmurphytraylor : Awwww thanks, @cindykayfowler!!:)
brieolootu : What happened? @cindykayfowler
lwash1212 : Oh no! Get better soon!
orange_harp : So sorry to hear about it. Hope you feel better soon!
geniebean8 : :(
lperiodbose : @cindykayfowler, don't feel obliged to make someone feel better about their odd footwear just because they're an Aggie...
texasptgirl : Oh no! So sorry girl. Hope you feel better soon! You are rocking that boot in style my friend.
carolynruth1 - sushigirl_atx - princesschrys - dmurphy1215 -
Miss this sport so much! 😭 #injured #hockey #goalie #OBO #passion #life #StressFracture #boland #PSI2013
injured - obo - life - boland - psi2013 - passion - hockey - stressfracture - goalie -
libzter13 : @moyassmith OMG that sounds so painful!😰 mine is kinda confusing so I had shin splints for like 2 years and it never went away and now they think I have a fracture
moyassmith : Ouch.... So yours is in your chins?! 😱
libzter13 : Yeah left leg @moyassmith
libzter13 : Is yours from diving a lot in field hockey
moyassmith : Ouch... Hope you get better soon! 😊@libzter13
moyassmith : Yes and no. It's from falling in a dangerous position and from over working my back. You can see how I fell in one of my earlier pictures I posted. (The one with me in a Lumo Green smock and on the floor.)
moyassmith : @libzter13 But it's a long story.
moyassmith : Thank you @rachlynch for liking my photo! So honored! I hope to be as great as you one day! πŸ†πŸ˜Š
rebecca.japhet4 - tayloryates10 - candylicious1999 - tunnibunni -
The family that's wounded together stays together? 😳 #bonefracture and #brokenarm we're some fragile Garys!
stressfracture - bonefracture - brokenarm -
becool_mom : C'mon guys! At least you look good!
wardrobe_oxygen : @becool_mom at least he did his being athletic (jumping rope), mine's just stupid weather. But fingers crossed mine's coming off next Friday!!!
ugotbarbed : Next Friday?!! Soon you could be rockin out with your elbow AND wrist out!!
wardrobe_oxygen : @ugotbarbed oh yeahhhhh!
wardrobe_oxygen : #stressfracture
cammilacollar - katiew_84 - heartprintandstyle - judeunnone -
Doctor said I had to stop wearing flip-flops. Why don't I just stop breathing while I'm at it. 😲 #stressfracture #flipflops #colorguard #foot #left #breathing #nobreathing #compare #purple #sock
compare - breathing - flipflops - nobreathing - purple - sock - colorguard - foot - stressfracture - left -
divyaarun98 : @_cant_believe_someone_actually I think she's missing a sock. Do you see it aswell
jgarza05 - bandg33k1sm3 - mmolino1 - leefifah -
Not ideal but my form of cardio for the next few weeks until I get cleared to run and actually put weight on my leg. No one can stop me. #keepingsane #stressfracture
stressfracture - keepingsane -
mikeswoboda - amberhohler - _paigegreene_ - madnessanita -
So this happened ... #stressfracture #butiloveflipflops #dasboot
dasboot - stressfracture - butiloveflipflops -
dan_mcquillan : Arielle, what the heck?!
andrewfezz : How?!
ariesunshiinee : @dan_mcquillan @andrewfezz my body telling me to slow down!
stace_face724 : Boo take it easy! I ignored my foot problems for awhile and over 2 years later it still hurts! Better to take it easy for awhile and heel than have years of problems!
liacullen : πŸ™…πŸ™…
paigeemillerr31 - meghanblohm - annaschozer - cstrez -
I call him Charles #stressfracture #onceagain #walkingboot
onceagain - walkingboot - stressfracture - sockgame -
michigandaddy : Nice sock lol. How long in boot
steffanyw : Thanks @michigandaddy as far as I know it'll be for a few weeks. Learning to just roll with it. #sockgame
unabux : Nice :)
michigandaddy : Oh ok cool good luck
palazzo.stella2015 - michigandaddy - r.i.n.n.y_ -
Getting the SERIOUS #stinkeye from Kenzie this morning after putting on her backpack. Little does she know how much fun she's going to have! #wallowas #herewecome #stressfracture #dontcare #puppyturnstwo @peteyphil @siskiyous12 @jbunick @petzcw @ashliebaty @drmarmi @linzyoutz
wallowas - stressfracture - stinkeye - puppyturnstwo - herewecome - dontcare -
coolbreweyes : Great photo!
laureljane1 : Sorry about the stress fracture Lucy!
reneenola : Have fun!!
freezerburned2013 : This is hilarious!
peteyphil - siskiyous12 - haleyanne2 - jen_ha -
A set back is a set up for a comeback. Slowly bouncing back :) #onemonth #stressfracture #tiuteam #fitfam #lift #insanity #muaythai
lift - yoga - fitfam - onemonth - muaythai - typical - stressfracture - tiuteam - insanity -
amylynntiu : @tiujilly I'm down :)
amylynntiu : @sterner1 do you go to the world kick boxing academy?
sterner1 : @amylynntiu yes ma'am .. Well I did when I lived in stow. U ever been??
tiujilly : @amylynntiu yes!!!
amylynntiu : @sterner1 As a matter of fact yes sir I have! I just started this month!
ashee007 : Not slow progress at all. You look bannnnnging.
amylynntiu : @ashee007 love you! I'm trying! Supah proud of you tho GIRLLL! You killin it!
amylynntiu : @ashee007 I jus wanna be shredded. So I'm drinking wine and scrubbing my house. #typical
sterner1 - hmrennie_tiu - karynab_tiu - davidmtrm -
Sooooo fed up #broken #stressfracture #plaster
broken - plaster - stressfracture -
hayley_tx : Oh nooo mum! At least you got your nails painted ay πŸ‘ @jules0406 😘
churchmouseemma -
Lastest #physio appointment was all #badnews. #injury is still present after 6 weeks of #treatment and I've been told to #stoprunning and limit #leg #weighted activity... Suspected #stressfracture next steps #sportsdoc #alliwannadoisrun #runnersblues #irun #ilift #cardio #weights #recovery #fitfam #runfam
irun - weighted - fitfam - stoprunning - leg - fat - physio - runfam - ilift - cardio - alliwannadoisrun - runnersblues - recovery - stressfracture - weights - treatment - badnews - injury - sportsdoc - calf -
tinarey82 : Ohhh nooo πŸ˜³πŸ˜³πŸ˜³πŸ˜”πŸ˜”πŸ˜”πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•
trans4megr8 : How #fat does my #calf look! Laying down is not a good angle!
shreddedathletes - tinarey82 - sd_48 - -
stressfracture -
mercedes.alejandro : What happened!!
lauren_hutchinson22 : what did u do ??
naomic2003 : Whad ya do now
naomic2003 : πŸ˜’
naomic2003 : @_eagles_20 - _eagles23_ - lizzylooswimmer - hotshots_madi33 -
#stressfracture and the waters broken #lovelife
stressfracture - lovelife -
savannahhh_noelleee : 8/365
cailey.wilkins - _saraaa123_ - hannah.rosss - paisley_bryant -
Almost 4mths on from the diagnosis and sugary for the #stressfracture of my #nof (hip) I am still healing, but I have leant a lot about listening to my body and slowly making gains ..,. The investigation to why this happened is still ongoing (due having an ortho nurse as a mum - as I am not an elite athlete or an extreme cross fitter) #xray #hipfracture #dynamichipscrew #roadtorecovery #listentoyourbody
xray - dynamichipscrew - roadtorecovery - nof - listentoyourbody - stressfracture - hipfracture -
bernicefarthing - __georgiaa98 -
Just found out I have a stress fracture in my tibia... I can't run for at least 2 weeks, possibly 8 😩 I don't think it has sunk in yet and I'm not sure what to think, but I know this is NOT an excuse to relapse! I had my full afternoon snack of a nectarine, Greek yogurt, kabocha, and peanut butter πŸ‘
healthyfood - strongnotskinny - beatana - foodporn - prorecovery - cleaneating - anorexiarecovery - anafighter - foodisfuel - cleaneats - stressfracture - snack - anarecovery - recovery - healthysnack - healthy - eatingdisorderrecovery - edfighter - edrecovery - anasoldier - fightana - peanutbutter - fruit - health - yum - edsoldier - healthyeating - anawho -
ed_freerunner : #edrecovery #eatingdisorderrecovery #anarecovery #anorexiarecovery #anasoldier #anafighter #fightana #beatana #anawho #edsoldier #edfighter #recovery #prorecovery #health #healthy #healthyfood #healthyeating #cleaneats #cleaneating #yum #foodisfuel #strongnotskinny #foodporn #healthysnack #snack #peanutbutter #fruit #stressfracture
diysummercrafts : Keep pushing honey it's worth it @ed_freerunner
sunandstars__recovery : nomnom
ed_cant_take_my_pb : Im so sorry girlπŸ˜žπŸ’–but keep going strong it will get betterπŸ’ͺ
ed_freerunner : Thanks guys ❀️ @ed_cant_take_my_pb @diysummercrafts
notesfromthecity - strong_again - ladela001 - zsdarazs -
My new fashion accessory for A MONTH!! #stressfracture #FML #ouch
fml - stressfracture - ouch -
billyjohnpatko : :(
mountainpaddle : Seriously! @billyjohnpatko
billyjohnpatko : Feel better quick. β™₯β™₯
mountainpaddle : Thanks @billyjohnpatko πŸ˜„
mylavvmini_014 - chathammonk -
~Salmon, avocado, tomato, and red pepper ~ for my last lunch at home before I leave for school tomorrow 😭 It will be tough to eat healthy with no kitchen at school and mainly dining hall food but I will take it as a new challenge πŸ‘ 4 weeks into my stress fracture and no running (😱) I am learning to look at things on the bright side ! It will be a long time before I can resume my normal workouts but in another 3 weeks I'm allowed to slowlyyy work my way up to running a couple times a week and I can start work again now!! In life we are constantly faced with challenges and this is just a little bump in the road 😎 positivity is the best way to go through life ! #peptalkin #postivemindpositivelife #stressfracture #hurryupandheal #eatclean #fit #cleaneats #home #salmon #avocado #healthy #challenges #peaveloveandcleaneats
hurryupandheal - fit - healthy - postivemindpositivelife - salmon - peaveloveandcleaneats - challenges - woo - eatclean - home - cleaneats - stressfracture - peptalkin - avocado -
peaceloveandcleaneats : Oh and I'm allowed to start squatting again as long as it doesn't hurt πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰ #woo
coconutzone - clean_tony - scubayogi - nutritious_nicky -
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