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OMW this is harder than I thought it would be. All my motivation is gone. I don't feel like running, cycling or weight training. So I guess 2015 will be off to a terrible start. 😩😢 #running #training #asics #garmin #injuryrecovery #injuryrecoverysucks #pelvicfracture #stressfracture #getfit #getmotivated #unfit #thissux
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leighmac79 : Im starting the same with running. Very frustrating. The MMA is helping. You wanna get fit quick.. Join us. If u join in dec, even if it's for jan.. U still pay Dec fees. Do yourself a favor
leana_cooper : Just over it. And I have gained weight so I am even more miserable.
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Well there goes my curling season. :( #bustedflipper #stressfracture #blackcast #tria
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hipstreet : You can still go have a beer and cheer
aleciab23 : Seriously tria with that sock advertisement
ufcutie03 : 👎
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Tomorrow is a big day. If all goes well at the doctor, there's a chance I'll be able to graduate from a cast to a boot - or maybe if the stars align and Santa is feeling especially kind, a lovely @hokaoneone shoe? Goodness, I am nervous. Wish me luck and tell this fibula of mine to woman up?
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runlikeagrrl : Fingers crossed that you get good news tomorrow!
stuftmama : Good luck!!!!!
nicowhat : Good luck!
larissa3963 : Fingers crossed!
ckontherun : Woman up fibula!!!
texassky : Good luck Larisa!
zachbitter : Hoping for the Hoka shoe!
stewthebassman : Another vote for the Hoka!
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My poor baby! #airboot #stressfracture #Stressed
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Finally got my hands on the #bupbars 👹 did the arc trainer which felt okay on my foot but when I got off and started walking it hurt 😭 and it felt stiff. Going crazy thinking that I may need to stop everything altogether 😔 gonna call my podiatrist Monday 😿 in the mean time I'm just doing lots of ice buckets and heat.
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tashallmighty : I just rolled my foot on a tennis ball and now the bottom/inside of my foot feels weird/hurts, but now the top of my foot eased off 😂 and I am now in an ice bucket. Do you think I should try running on it tomorrow? @ash_simonis
ash_simonis : I will DM you a picture of what releasing the fascia looks like, I had mine last done on Thursday. A tennis ball won't cut it.. 😆 @tashallmighty
lil_gen_1993 : Hey I had the cinnamon roll one! Which one was this? Also about your foot I recon it's some sort of tendonitis don't stress sounds so similar to what I had I took 2 weeks off running to settle the pain, when I started back I still had some pain/ stiffness and by the 3rd week back was pain free also I rolled bottom of my foot a lot! And seemed to help xx
lift2runfar : The actual pain is felt in the side of my knee but my IT band is tight all the way down from my glute to below the knee. 😔 I can cross train and still lift weights 6 days a week so mentally that helps. I can run but not very long and not too many consecutive days. Boo!
tashallmighty : I had the sugar cookie! Quite yummy 😊 how long should I be rolling my foot out? And how frequently? Did you do ice buckets too? It feels better today, but now my arches are sore from rolling them out 😂 @lil_gen_1993
lil_gen_1993 : Ah nice I have a sugar cookie one in my cupboard I literally did it whenever I had a moment like even at work and everything lol I hope it gets better soon I really hate injuries!!! 😿😿😿 xx
fitmintcookie : Omg I need to try one of those! I can't find them anywhere😭
tashallmighty : Online my friend! @fitmintcookie
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Yes! Longest run since my #stressfracture and it felt so good. New #pearlizumi #n2 were amazing ☺️😘👍💪 #nikefuel #f3 #happygirl #livelifemakewaves #igotthis
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jillh0126 : 👍👊
aggienb07 : Was is in the same place as the one before?
shelly_wright : @aggienb07 the other foot. Good news is they discovered I am vitamin D deficient so good as new with some meds 😁
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First upper body session done in weeks!!! Not ideal but not the end!! No running or lower body work for weeks yet! #stayingpositive #focused #determination #dedication #motivated #runnerscommunity #runner #gymbunny #gym #fitness #findaway #fitgirl #strength #athlete #inspiration #injuredrunner #injury #stressfracture #crosstraining #swimming #training
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dom_specchio_fitness : 🔝💪🔝👌
runfastersarah : Nice work! I totally want to get better with push-ups - upper body is too easy to ignore as a runner😂😂
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Good morning! #wod #träning #workout #cardio #styrketräning #crossfit #örebroaik #löpning #runner #running #rehabträning #roadtorecovery #stressfracture #strenght
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Had a great workout despite feeling pain/irritatingness from the top of my foot around my ankle, going up a bit on the shin 😖 it hurt a bit to flex my foot up but when I took my shoes off the pain eased a little? I'm wondering if maybe my stride/step is not right? Crossing my fingers it's not a #stressfracture 😩🙏
stressfracture -
tashallmighty : I hate the anticipation of not knowing! I kind of think it's not a stressie because it doesn't feel like one. But it could maybe be a stress reaction? It feels better today 😊 @morganlucey3
tashallmighty : Thanks girl 😊😊 and I think I may attempt to do some yoga today 😂 I'm so inflexible 😣😉 @fabuliz
tashallmighty : I'm sure you haven't lost much fitness level because you've been training hard! I really do not want to resort to water workouts... Too cold haha. Are you running indoor when you come to the U.S. This year? @_harriet_smith_
_harriet_smith_ : Ah I hope so but I feel super bleaugh :( yeah the pool gets cold you will have to do an indoor one! Not this year because I'll just be getting back running for the indoor season. Are you? Xx
zo_dawgg3 : I've had like the exact same problem for the last week or so! 😭 I'm just stubborn and have been running through it and hoping it will fix itself on it's own... I know I know I'm a bad example 😁 But let me know when you figure out what yours is! Hopefully you'll be back to running in no time!
tashallmighty : My indoor pool at my gym is freezing 😣😭 my school doesn't so XC/track and field:/ that's why I am thinking of transferring @_harriet_smith_
_harriet_smith_ : Oh no! That sucks about the pool- defiantly would not swim if it was less than spa temperature!! Oh no! Where would you transfer to? Which state are you in?
_harriet_smith_ : Come to Connecticut ;)
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Our local, our level #fight #that #good #fight #stressfracture #cyamonday #wewwwww
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Since the #stressfracture foot has been cranky all week, it's back to the recumbent bike for today. This injury has taught me how to better listen to my body and take every day as it comes. #injuredrunner #runchat
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babydoll_brea : Well put! ☺️
nicowhat : Good call!
thefatrunner21 : Smart
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So turns out I have a stress fracture . Doc said I need to stay off my left leg for 6 weeks absolutely NO lower body workouts . No walking , NO running , No swimming , No riding bikes , ahhh it's horrible to hear someone say this to me . Can you say anxiety ! Crutches for 6 weeks ! If I go back and he sees I'm not staying off of it because it's not heeling I'll be in a boot plus crutches or else it gets worse an I will need surgery !! 😩😩😩 why me ...... #fml #pain #stressfracture #stuck #notrunningsucks
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pamelanodavis : OMG!!!😳😳😳😢
nadiafalero : My luck :( @pamelanodavis
jamora23 : Welcome to getting old. Not that you're old but our bodies are just not the same as the years pass.
nadiafalero : @jamora23 I know I'm so upset . I know realize that I'm not invincible anymore . Can you say vitamin time ... Ehhh . But I have to be strict and really stay off my leg or else it's surgery for me and I do not want to go through that
jamora23 : Yea I wouldn't want that either. :( Babies change our bodies. But it's all worth it :) @nadiafalero
pamelanodavis : Find an infrared sauna to get in and sweat
pamelanodavis : It will help with the no running: detox plus sweat and burn calories but you just sit still
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So hard when I can barely run 3kms after this injury when I am used to running 10kms. I'll get there again. #running #recovery #pelvicfracture #stressfracture #babysteps #getfit #garmin #asics
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brentlee09 : At least you making progress @leana_cooper
leana_cooper : @brentlee09 teeny tiny bit. Now if only I can drag myself back to gym. This injury has had one hell of a psychological effect on me.
brentlee09 : Lol... I recently rejoined, so will be starting in the new year @leana_cooper
i_eat_weights : Great work! weights won't eat themselves
cw_bodybuilding : Like it!
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Last night's #run 😄❤️🏃💨 Felt soooo good and was the longest I had run since the #stressfracture! No consecutive day #running for me though, so today is all about the #elliptical 😝 and #strength 💪 #10K #injuredrunnermaybite #happymiles
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narindipity : @runnergirl1986 apparently there's a light at the end of the tunnel... Hang in there! Sending love and healing thoughts your way, lady! ✨
runnergirl1986 : @narindipity Only 45 days then I can start running again. :)
narindipity : Ain't no thing @runnergirl1986 😊 And it gets you through the worst of the winter 😉
runnergirl1986 : @narindipity love your attitude!! Thanks for support!!
runner_b730 : 🙌 So true...
sterchele0582 : @narindipity Way to stay positive and active even when dealt a negative. Nothing can hold a good runner down.
narindipity : Thanks @sterchele0582 😊 Trust me, there was a fair share of pissing and moaning (and Kara Goucher liking my post about stress fractures😳). I'm just thankful to have my foot back 🎉
running_life_inspiration : Very cool!
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Because I don't believe in mild injuries. #stressfracture #persistentsprain #wtf #walkingcast
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jordanpatton : Oh no!!! Sorry lady :(
bexhsia : Feel better!
elstebs : Nooooooo! I feel your pain love. Lots of ice!
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sometimes when you run a half marathon, you get the bonus prize and get an MRI after! #stressfracture
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ibuprofelin : http://m.memegenerator.net/instance/57266558
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F-n, det blev inget godkännande för löpning av sjukgymnasten idag 😩 Stressfrakturen har inte läkt än (!) Får fortsätta med promenader och sittande spinning.. Åter om 3 v.. #rehabträning #stressfracture #löpning #running #örebroaik #runner #roadtorecovery
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johannahedvik : Tur att du får promenera och spinna i alla fall! Hoppas den läker fint framöver!
ansobansoberg : Tur det finns annat att kunna träna under tiden! Heja heja!! 👊👏
saraspringare : Tack 😘 Ja, jag är glad att jag får göra det 😊 Men saknar löpningen såååå mycket! Förmodligen kommer jag inte kunna vara med på långpassen förrän nästa höst 😢 Förhoppningsvis får jag springa kortare sträckor i vår iaf. @ansobansoberg @johannahedvik
larsakekvist : Lider med dig!!! @saraspringare 😔
zarazimmermann : Kämpa @saraspringare ♡
saraspringare : Tack @zarazimmermann och @larsakekvist Det behövs pepp. Jag har snart inget tålamod kvar. Vill så gärna springa, men låter jag inte det här läka fullt ut nu utan börjar springa iaf så kanske jag aldrig mer kan springa sen säger sjukgymnasten.. Ska hämta lite av min nya beställning av klubbkläder imorgon 😊 Synd bara att jag inte kan springa tillsammans med er i klubben med dem bara 😒 Får visa upp dem på de snabba promenaderna här området så länge 😉
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Osteopenia gives you stress fractures. Work will be interesting. #broken #stressfracture #fracture #foot #pain #sad #brokenfoot
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piedmont_pet : Bummer :(
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You are witnessing some of my first CRUTCH FREE steps!!!!!! It's been six very long weeks on crutches but I am thrilled to announce my stress fracture has HEALED!!!!!!!($)&$?;;;??!$&&& who wants to celebrate!!!!!??!?!🚶🚶🚶🚶🚶🚶🚶🚶🚶 #stressfracture #crutches #instarunners
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katiegraceface : 🎉🎉🎉
mokyingren : #fitspiration
mrsriegle : Yay!!
cassieamelia : It happened!!! Hooray! 😃 love you!
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#really #areyoukidding #nerdstatus #stressfracture Don't dance in heels y'all.
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linzcromax : Whaaaaaat?!?
threedeepbreaths : @linzcromax I fractured my foot apparently. :-/
thelauraaura : The birthday celeb?!
mylifebelikethis192 : Poor! I had no idea! Prayers for quick healing!
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Since Matthew is out of town, I had a hot date with the recumbent bike and @runnersworldmag yoga tonight. Now I'm off to a well-earned glass of wine with @allfourlove :-) #runchat #injuredrunner #stressfracture
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Chest, shoulders, biceps, triceps and abs! #styrketräning #rehabträning #roadtorecovery #stressfracture #örebroaik #löpning #runner #running #instafitness #instarunners #liftingweights #gym
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athleticworx : Keep up the good WORX! 💪 #athleticworx
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Hollah I see a 👶 💪 in da 🏠. Bout to go chow down some food then it's last minute packing for FL! A little nervous on the food situation and counting my macros but I have faith I can do it :) happy lifting and have a great day xoxo ❤️healthy#chinup#positive#stressfracture#iffym#katiesfitscript#leangains#gains#nocardio#iffymgirls#runner#runlife#heal#questnutrition
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musclelife.1 : damn. if anyone wants to get some real work done, just read my bio
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Not bad for the 1st day in the parks on a bum foot with a walking boot. #wdwtrip #dilworthsindisney #wdwliners #stressfracture #wontslowmedown #fitbit
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biglashes4u : Wow! I think my highest day was 15,000! Way to go!
jamester02 : Disney Parks will do that to you!! Looks like you are all having. Blast!
rednumbersfor18 : Awesome! I love your pictures. We should connect on FB (my link is in my IG bio)!
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#cliffbuildersbar with #jiff natural pb. :) best bedtime snacky ever. Secret to a girls ❤️ = pb 👌 #healthy#chinup#positive#stressfracture#iffym#katiesfitscript#leangains#gains#nocardio#iffymgirls#runner#runlife
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Well besides my mri results today has been good (:! Got my hair done for the first time in over 10months!!! 😳 whoops and this yummy dinner of lightly breaded tenders with some quest chips and some dipping sauce :) #healthy#chinup#positive#stressfracture#iffym#katiesfitscript#leangains#gains#nocardio#iffymgirls#runner#runlife#heal
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Så skönt att få gymma av sig lite! Hoppas jag får börja småspringa/lufsa på torsdag efter besök hos sjukgymnast. Får se vad domen blir. Blir bara tyngre och tyngre och har myror i brallan 😉 Saknar långpassen med bästa klubben!#träning #styrketräning #rehabträning #löpning #running #runner #instafitness #instarunners #örebroaik #roadtorecovery #stressfracture #workout #liftingweights
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teamallamerican : 👌
athleticworx : Love This Shot! ❤️ #athleticworx
minmin_zhao : Hej, jag brukar träna på Friskis&Svettis också. Tänker ska fråga dig att är du intresserad av amerikanska fotboll. Jag spelar på Örebro Black Knights Damlaget. Jag tror du passar.
saraspringare : Tack för inbjudan! 😊 Dock har jag ganska ett ganska hektiskt liv nu. Har två små barn som ska iväg på olika aktiviteter, en man som jobbar 3-skift plus att jag själv tränar. Kanske kan bli längre fram om jag inte är för gammal då 😉 @minmin_zhao
minmin_zhao : Jag är 28år. Vi har några tjejer som är över 30 år och har barn hemma också.inget krav. Vi har öppna träning varje onsdag. Nästa träning börjar vi 7e Jan. Hoppas du kan komma prova lite. Jag lovar det bilr jättekul och du skull gilla amerikanska fotboll. :) du kan kolla våra instagram @ladiesofblackknights också.
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Well dang😔 #stressfracture
stressfracture -
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#santacon #santa #nyc #newyork #newyorkcity #Manhattan #friends #elf @elizabethh_kate @nayhage
santacon - newyork - stressfracture - elf - broken - santa - classy - nyc - friends - manhattan - tibia - newyorkcity -
ashley_rose_22 : #tibia #stressfracture #broken #classy
dpaternoster : bahaha love you guys!!!
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So the good news is I went for a 20min jog/walk (1min jog/4min walk) and nothing hurt! Wooohoooo. Bad news, Don't take your overweight unfit (my fault) labrador along. She definitely loved her swim afterwards! Let's hope this pelvic stress fracture is a thing of the past. It's been almost 14 weeks! #running #recovery #injury #stressfracture #pelvicfracture #asics #firstrun #nopain #holiday #instadogs #labrador #labs #dogs #getfit
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Pre run tape. #ultra #running #stressfracture
running - ultra - stressfracture -
lifebeats : 😊
alproductionstv : love it
pyrorecordsofficial - gianlucabruno3 - martinpalm90 - refugacamp -
2/3-It's been 11 weeks and 2 days since the last time this happened! Today is the day I get to run again. Excited/nervous/anxious are all ways to describe my feelings. Hoping all my 🚴, 🏊, and 💪 make it feel good! #blackandwhitechallenge #runner #injuredrunner #stressfracture #injurednomore #triathlon #triathlete #trigirl #swimbikerun #badassisbeautiful #teambetty2015 #summerrunning
triathlon - injuredrunner - triathlete - runner - swimbikerun - injurednomore - blackandwhitechallenge - teambetty2015 - badassisbeautiful - summerrunning - trigirl - stressfracture -
kreitz09 : Great pic and good luck
find_your_awesome : Good luck! I know that fear very very well. Trust the process
tri4success : You'll do great... you've done the right things @zippchick 🏃😆👊
zippchick : @kreitz09 @tri4success @find_your_awesome thanks for your support guys! First run back went very well. I felt pretty darn good! 🏃
find_your_awesome : Yay @zippchick !!! I'm still in the early stages of recovery. The best advice I've received so far is that there will be ups and downs. Don't freak out about the downs and don't do anything stupid during the ups.
zippchick : @find_your_awesome that is good advice! I am taking it slllooowwww. I always jump the gun and do something dumb! Looking forward to doing it right this time
fohermultisportwoman : 👟💪💖
susanniedzialek : You were supposed to let me know how this went!!!!❤️
vagabond_cycling - edwardmcgrath468 - lovelifeandrun - trihardattire -
Solid recovery swim this morning 🏊🏊🏊 stress fracture you will be defeated #swim #recovery #crutch #stressfracture #strapping #dancelife
swim - recovery - dancelife - strapping - stressfracture - crutch -
philadelphiadancephoto : Good shot!
danceuout_official : 💥 insta. I ♥️ur page. two 👍's 🆙
liamla_online - jaimeleighcloete - fabiokylehector - tattedup_tim -
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