#armday everyday! 10 wks in, ~ 3 wks left to this hip #injury. Strong enough to sit on a #medicineball for hip stability and now walking normally -- finally feeling more like myself again! #strengthtraining#upperbody#runner#fitfam#fitness#healthy#gym#sweatlife#fitchick#stressfracture#motivation#fitness#getfit#dedication#latergram#gains
strengthtraining - motivation - fitfam - runner - gym - getfit - upperbody - dedication - stressfracture - latergram - gains - medicineball - healthy - armday - fitchick - fitness - injury - sweatlife -
ironicon_apparel : Good work! Keep it up! I see an #IronIcon! πŸ’ͺ
rozarinalarsen : #keepitup @clairey_fairy
activapparel : wahhh! awesome! We are a new clothing company that just launched! we offer top notch quality and style! Follow us for updates & giveaways!
truongsonpham : A good Form work out
vernonruiz : The caption should have been one or all of the following: concentration. Focus. Determination. Nice work!
clairey_fairy : Succinct again. You're the anti- @vernonruiz outside of email. ;) Thnx @ironicon_apparel and @rozarinalarsen and @truongsonpham, trying to stay positive and do what I can :)
fitnesswithsabrina - ella_4321 - truongsonpham - gippyoo -
Appreciation post of arm progress because my legs have stopped working #calfmuscles #stressfracture? #newshoestime #runnerproblems #nike #running #toomuchtoosoon #fitspo #fit #armprogress
fitspo - fit - nike - armprogress - newshoestime - running - runnerproblems - calfmuscles - stressfracture - toomuchtoosoon -
insta_fit_photos : Hey @motivapparelco you should feature this account!
the_zfive - lovereginaaa -
#tbt to when I could actually play soccer! The game I love ! ❀️⚽️ #stressfracture #soccer
soccer - stressfracture - tbt - rude -
emxly.ellxs : #STRESSFRACTURE
beckybruno : #FAKE
katesif : Did you photoshop yourself playing? You don't actually play man
emilynewsome24 : #rude @katesif lol
livyhamm09 - sidneythesaint - camthecatman_thelma - littleshorty976 -
Managed to get cardio done outside today! Such a beautiful, warm fall day!!
beautiful - girlswhorun - motivation - run - itrytorun - fitspiration - canadianchick - workout - fall - sunny - walk - intervals - healing - jog - ohcanada - cardio - canada - girlsthatrun - shinsplints - stressfracture - mapleleaf - dontputmedownforcardio - proudtobecanadian - fitchick - weather - sweat -
ashyness : #cardio #run #jog #walk #intervals #itrytorun #stressfracture #healing #shinsplints #girlswhorun #girlsthatrun #workout #dontputmedownforcardio #fall #weather #beautiful #sunny #fitspiration #sweat #motivation #fitchick #ohcanada #canada #mapleleaf #proudtobecanadian #canadianchick
qualityfitness : keep it up, check out our page and let us know what you think
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Well I'm glad my pedicure is still holding up as this fetching footwear will be all my left foot can wear the next three weeks #stressfracture #extrememeditationinjury
extrememeditationinjury - stressfracture -
higrapejuice : Get well soon #footypeg
anjalimisra : Get well Emma!
minapopgoldfish : Hope it gets better soon X
alicestribling : Oh crap! What happened?
jmaisi : Take'er easy Ms Jackson xx
yungflaco : ):
bobbinsjackson : Oh no!!! You wanna take it easy with all that searching for enlightenment. Hazardous.
itsianjackson : Eek! Take care, hope it gets better very soon. X
higrapejuice - himynameisdarren - caulibroc - anjalimisra -
Stimulating my bone while at work. Conservative therapy isn't completely working for my stress fracture so now I get this fun device. #stressfracture #runninginjury
runninginjury - stressfracture -
indiaguerita1983 : How did you figure out you had a stress fracture? I think I may be getting one in my ankle but I'm not sure.
kasbfit : @indiaguerita1983 I had to have an MRI done to confirm it
cdbarnes1508 : Sorry to hear that. Hope you get good results.
kasbfit : Thanks @cdbarnes1508 fingers crossed it works!
cdbarnes1508 : Yes! Prayers!!
rach2o - wwstateofmind - krissygirl127 - weightwatchergirl77 -
Why me!? Why!? #liftersinjury #stressfracture #bruh #thissucks #tohardinthepaint #why #straightdowner for real #offinadaze πŸ˜•
liftersinjury - tohardinthepaint - thissucks - straightdowner - offinadaze - bruh - stressfracture - why -
arsmalls1000 : #brokedick
jray_91 : I know πŸ˜” @arsmalls1000
arsmalls1000 : #forlife #oncebrokenalwaysbroken
arsmalls1000 : #get better
jray_91 : lol thanks brother! @arsmalls1000
arsmalls1000 : #getbetter
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Fractured my foot! #hurts #3weeksagoitstarted #dancedonit #boot #scooter #stressfracture
stressfracture - hurts - dancedonit - scooter - 3weeksagoitstarted - boot -
ali__dancer12 : Fell better soon
nate_g_01 : πŸ˜‚jkjk I'm sorry that sux can I ride it schooler at school??
krispyonion : Haha maybe @nate_g_01
nate_g_01 : Haha feel better soon
mandynicole42 : Are you dying cuz u can't dance with a fractured leg?
krispyonion : Ya I hate it! @mandynicole42
hannah.drage - immie_kimmie14 - wesdaybell44 - eatbreatheact99 -
The struggle is real 😭 #stressfracture#hurts#πŸ”«
stressfracture - hurts -
connor_clement24 : I feel you buddyπŸ‘ŒπŸ’ͺ
ayeeeeeitsmorgan : Its horrible ima shoot these doctors they better do something πŸ˜‚πŸ”«
connor_clement24 - paige_is_in_love - iv_xx_mmxiv - swagnohaters -
Just ensuring that no one wants to sit by us :-)
paleorunner - runfanatic - runfreak - runner - 26point2 - dc - motherrunner - marinecorpmarathon - stressfracture -
jenn_runningmom : #stressfracture #runner #paleorunner #runfreak #runfanatic #dc #marinecorpmarathon #26point2 #motherrunner
runbarneyrun : Ouch. #healfast
tinydancer573 : Oh no! What about your race this weekend??
ladybugaboo75 : Oh no! We're you running? I'm so sorry! ---fellow runner.
jenn_runningmom : @tinydancer573 I'm still doing it. Nothing is stopping me.
tinydancer573 : Awesome!! #kickbutt. The weather is going to be good. I'll be at mile 11. #hopetoseeyou #oohrah
jenn_runningmom : @tinydancer573 look for my bright orange shorts and yellow shoes :-)
eduardocaldeira - wannabeadonis - ldr_13 - geneticallydifferent68 -
Crazy cat lady got the ok to resume normal activities in moderation ... Ready to get back to CrossFit. I have to scale, I can almost support my weight on my right foot #progress #scaling #backatit #cantstopwontstop #wod #crossfit #stressfracture #recovery #catlady #crazycatlady #crossfityokosuka #norunningyet
crossfit - norunningyet - crazycatlady - wod - cantstopwontstop - crossfityokosuka - scaling - catlady - backatit - progress - stressfracture - recovery -
calebcaleb : I wish you rapid recovery! How far is CFYoko from the naval base?
paolita224 : Thanks @calebcaleb we are on base ... Fleet Rec 5th floor
vhm_t - yosshy_ikeda - seelifeandlight - synthiasaya -
Not making too much progress. Sending me to another orthopedic for a second opinion. Although I am emotionally stressed, I am trying to stay positive. This. Sucks. #orthology #orthopedic #stressfracture #bone #ankle #sports #soccerinjury
soccerinjury - ankle - orthopedic - orthology - stressfracture - bone - sports -
anthonydroz : Here I thought they just faked injuries in soccer! Wish you a speedy recovery :)
positivephysicaltherapy : Lovely!
ioniamusic - simonkrych - jhelton91 - thecolossusofclout -
Hopefully just one more week with this boot #stressfracture #foot #nomoreflipflops #backtothegym
foot - nomoreflipflops - backtothegym - stressfracture -
winrijith - dullbluelight - shyphotog - kimfearheiley -
Not the fashion trend I was hoping to sport this fall #stressfracture.
stressfracture -
jeffimes : Looks warm
elissa_sander - mamaboyz5 -
My "accessories" for the next 3-6 weeks. I haven't even tried them yet, but I hate them already! #stressfracture #groinstrain #recovery #pelvicfracture #running #injury #notraining #frustrated #angry #depressed #cycling #gymlife #weightlossjourney #crutches
crutches - cycling - recovery - depressed - frustrated - angry - weightlossjourney - groinstrain - notraining - running - pelvicfracture - gymlife - injury - stressfracture -
janelle8910 - johannahedvik - mariepwilliams002 - elcuerposano -
When your morning snack of Provitas and cream cheese increases to include a Woolies cinnamon doughnut as boss is evil!!! I am already having a bad day dealing with the news I have a pelvic stress fracture and have to use crutches for 3-6 weeks! Turns out the groin strain was a little more serious. 😭😭😭😭 I just want to run again!!!! #snack #cinnamondoughtnut #doughnut #cinnamon #morningsnack #notsohealthy #frustrated #angry #depressed #groinstrain #pelvicfracture #stressfracture #recovery #notraining #weightlossjourney
snack - cycling - recovery - depressed - stressfracture - angry - weightlossjourney - groinstrain - running - notraining - morningsnack - spinning - cinnamon - notsohealthy - gymlife - doughnut - pelvicfracture - frustrated - cinnamondoughtnut -
leana_cooper : #running #cycling #spinning #gymlife
corriewills : Was Nigel or Fawn the evil one?
leana_cooper : Need you ask? 😊
si_men - vanessarialla - blatin_q8 - bedsoupandsuicide -
I'm walking slower than I have in years πŸ˜’#stressfracture #iamwhatihate
stressfracture - iamwhatihate -
mom22smartchix : Ruh roh- stinkin' cowboy boots @basyea
phiden : Aww get well soon!
surasain : Ah! I'm sorry! Feel better!!
katiemoran24 : πŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘Ž
betsyerving : What happened????
cklshorall : Oh no! πŸ˜ͺ
sercug - basyea - shannonohshea - bjdenham -
New post! Accountabilty on vacation, weight loss, and injury- all on #runchat #wwchat #transformationtuesday #injuredrunner #stressfracture
transformationtuesday - stressfracture - wwchat - runchat - injuredrunner -
marthmark - crystal_marie128 - runnerinoc - dawnee.d -
It feels so good wearing two regular shoes today and see how it goes even if they are my red ones I need to replace. I want to get back to wearing skinny jeans and boots. πŸ˜œπŸ‘ŸπŸ‘’#fall #life #healing #converse #red #stressfracture #two #feet #tistheseason #ilovefall
life - ilovefall - converse - two - feet - healing - fall - tistheseason - stressfracture - red -
healthydiet100 - sarah_katelyn_parker - imonlyybeingme - dannym1989 -
My newest fashion accessory. #stressfracture #heinous #ineedtomakeitprettyπŸŽ€
heinous - ineedtomakeitpretty - stressfracture -
rach0727 : Katie!!!!! I will need the story on Wednesday! Can't wait to see you, boo!!! πŸ’—πŸŽ€πŸ’—
katie.e.cline : @rach0727 you will get the very uninteresting detes! Can't wait to see your face!
rubi_soehnlen - c_give5 - allee_a - adriennemnyholm -
The nerd side of me made me post. This is my lovely fractured tibia. Lets just say running is on hold for a while 😒#stressfracture #fracturedtibia
stressfracture - fracturedtibia -
mitchellemybelle : 😒😒😒 I totally feel you!! Hoping you heal quickly and recover even quicker. I'm still waiting on my 100%.
sallyh03 : Love you...I'm so sorry you're going through this <3
rowjeana : @mitchellemybelle thank u, I forgot u went thru something recently--foot? Knee? Your 100% is probably soooo close!!! Hang in there, and eating the THM way will definitely heal u faster, less sugar means faster health always. Now if I could just ax it out completely...lowered, but with all the holidays & birthdays...I'm gunna need to get some stronger will power lol! @sallyh03 thx sooooo much!!! ❀️U2!!!!!
mitchellemybelle : Yes foot. Ready to be able to walk more than 1mi without pain. Learn from me though, keep that joint as mobile as possible and check out upping your vitamin d3 (promotes bone health) and tart cherry (for healthy joints).
blueeyedshook -
My shoes don't match!! 😑😑... #StressFracture #NoSports #Injured #DisabledList #OutAgain #ThatBootThough
injured - outagain - thatbootthough - stressfracture - nosports - disabledlist -
volleyball_bae_26 : Text me!!
klaytonhaddock : Uh....uh......uh......before I say anything,I wanna start off by saying, God is good all the time
katilyn88 - makayla_nicolette_10 - allie_nicole99 - kelsey_hilderman -
After weeks of waiting it out and finding no relief from the pain I was experiencing when I ran I visited a doctor and was diagnosed with a stress fracture. πŸ˜• It happened two weeks before my marathon, not sure how I got through the race but I did. It has been 4 weeks and I have not been able to take a single running step. The good news is the rest I gave it on my own had already started the healing process. I have been very down lately. All the hard work I put in to build up my endurance and miles slip away as every day passes. Hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel right now. #stressfracture #imissrunning #thisbootsucks #marathon #marathontraining #igrunner #instarunning #toyshavetakenovermyhouse
toyshavetakenovermyhouse - imissrunning - marathontraining - instarunning - igrunner - thisbootsucks - stressfracture - marathon -
skobialko : Enjoy the rest...xoxo
abkles : KERRY!!!! :(
alindmark23 : Yikes! Good thing you went in and running a marathon with a stress fracture βœ”οΈ
kerryannah : Thanks @cjohn0 hope you are right! Have been wanting to get going on a strength training routine so I guess now is as good a time as any! 😊
kerryannah : Thanks @slzill22 ❀️
kerryannah : @alindmark23 lets just say that compression sleeves are miracle workers!
danemane : Time will heal it and you'll be back before you know it!!
alistark : @kerryannah how did I miss this post?! πŸ˜” like @slzill22 said, you will pick up in no time. She really did not run for 2 mos and picked right back up. Gotta heal and you'll get back at it no time. Love you. 😘
callousedsoles - cjohn0 - alexiasantarelli - skobialko -
Confirmed. #stressfracture
stressfracture -
pickledcandy : Oh no. Hope it heals quickly!
jennifermorse74 : Thanks Candice! @pickledcandy
lisalollar : Oh no!!!
jennvb : Ack! Oh no! How'd you do it?
jennifermorse74 : I've been dealing with it for about a month and a half. Physiotherapy for shin splint from running. but it wasn't getting better so saw sports dr and had a bone scan and turns out it's a stress fracture @jennvb
sylly85 -
For my third half, this was pretty brutal! There were signs along the way warning of coyote and mountain lion sightings, but even that didn't inspire my foot to cooperate on the dirt trail/hills! I finished dead last and in tears of pain, but as I'd tell any of my friends, we all cover the same distance at our own pace. Today, my pace was miserable, but next time will be better! Proud of my partner @lil_momma_13, she kicked butt today and held me up across the finish line! #spooktacular2014 #spooktacularhalfmarathon #spooktacularhalf #sweatpink
spooktacular2014 - motivation - fitspo - fitspiration - spooktacularhalfmarathon - instahealth - blisters - spooktacularhalf - cleaneating - digdeep - healthylifestyle - fitchick - sunburn - weightloss - healthyeating - fitfriend - stressfracture - instafitness - noexcuses - health - eatclean - fitness - sweatpink - photooftheday -
project_change_your_life : Hey! Came across your profile while searching through hashtags. Looks like we share some similar interests! I would love to connect on a business basis! My number is in my bio. Look forward to being in touch with you !
celinasvanity16 : πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
crabbypanda : Thank you bunches @thisgirllovestennis and @lil_momma_13! Thanks @airykah13, no I'm not doing that one, are you?
morgannfit : Nice!
bigdaddyking : Super proud of both you and @lil_momma_13. You two are so amazing and awesome.
airykah13 : Yeah I am. I really slacked off the last few weeks as far as training but it's a distance I know I can complete so I'm not too worried.
musclelife.7 : That's whats up, Hit my bio for some crazy fast results I got
kalishank : I love the sugar skull medal!! πŸ’€πŸ’–
perezeraz - reg_reed173 - uplifting_ - ettitudestore -
#stressfracture and still lookin good
stressfracture -
fitnessliveshere : ☺
motokid36 - jeennyyy__ - mslittleone -
Don't worry I'm not going to go running with my boot but I am going to wear my #runforthebOObies shirt all day and my #fitbit and see if I can do a 5k just with all the cleaning, errands and stuff on the to do list today - that's not cheating right?? #flexitpink #5k #virtual5k #missionpink #run #hobble #theboot #stressfracture #weightwatchers #wwfamily #wwsisterhood #wwsendthelovejunecrew
run - weightwatchers - wwsisterhood - flexitpink - theboot - wwfamily - fitbit - runfortheboobies - missionpink - 5k - hobble - virtual5k - wwsendthelovejunecrew - stressfracture -
jackysgrandma : You look super cute, even with your boot
bowlindeb : I bet I do more! I can only beat you when you're handicapped. Lol
meghanpaigetarry : @bowlindeb hahaha ur in Cambria!! You'll be walking all day! Lol ok your on!
runninrocker : Love the shirtnI Just got those same pants a few weeks ago, πŸ’œ them #lornajane thanks for the fitbit reminder! Happy Booted Up Sunday!
flexitpink : Love love that pink on you. And that's most definitely not cheating, miles are miles no matter how they come. we have a feeling you'll make those 3.1 miles :)
layladad : I love boobies
crzycassiemc : That's making the most of the situation! Way to stay positive!
ww_ali_ : Not cheating. Doesn't matter if you run or walk... the miles add up and thats what counts.
milestogether - bearcorgie - diefatt - johnspicermusic -
Great season with one of the greatest xc girlsπŸ’•
runningforever - b4the5kkilledme - stressfracture - jk -
laurahabbig : #b4the5kkilledme #runningforever #jk #stressfracture
kiissthestars : aw
dianaahare : Ew
dianaahare : I look like I'm constipated
laurahabbig : happily constipated^^ @dianaahare
hxgxn - streetballer6 - natalie_woodworth - alarasaygi -
How many beers are these good for? #stressfracture #materialfatigue #toomanybeers
toomanybeers - materialfatigue - stressfracture -
claudianakhla : I smell the opportunity for a new invention. Something about the role of necessity....
claudianakhla : 😫
grilledcheesesandwich : I'm not sure if you're saying I drink too much, or I need to make a better bottle opener so I can drink more lol
grilledcheesesandwich : @claudianakhla I think you mean an opener that breaks once you've had too many haha
claudianakhla : Lol - I meant the second, but I like your idea better.
grilledcheesesandwich : Hahaha necessity threw me off, mostly because I didn't think you'd consider beer opening a necessity lol
heshams8 - grahamdecat -
3k in And no pain. #littlebloggybluebirds #comebackkid #leg3
healed - littlebloggybluebirds - stressfracture - leg3 - comebackkid - firstrun -
yycmich : Woohooooooo!
khourianya : #firstrun #stressfracture #healed
jalicom : Love this pic!!!!!
themamaruns - anchorsandca - jalicom - cheryl_s_ -
This is what exercise will get you. #broken #stressfracture
broken - stressfracture -
jordanet1189 : Eastbound and downnnnn
danideyo - drewrobarge - shan_sssizzle -
Day 12 of the #NoJunkFoodChallenge was clean and light and full of #BluePrintJuice ❀️🍡 And thank god for that otherwise I'd be stress eating like mad 😳 #Dinner was @lifealivecafe's #LoverBowl in consolation of picking up my bib for #BayStateMarathon, the 3rd race I will not be running due to the #stressfracture 😝 And apparently great minds think alike since I met @heartnsolerunning running there πŸ˜„πŸ’ƒ#greenjuice #vegan #foodasmedicine
eattorun - greenjuice - baystatemarathon - poweredbyplants - foodasmedicine - vegan - healthyfoodporn - crueltyfree - stressfracture - injuredrunner - plantstrong - plantbased - vegansofig - eat2run - nojunkfoodchallenge - vegetarian - vegannomz - veganfood - loverbowl - dinner - whatveganseat - eatclean - injuredrunnermaybite - blueprintjuice -
kate_tbd : Meanwhile Day 2 of cheesecake for dinner
narindipity : @kate_tbd you're pretty much living my dream 😳😜
heartnsolerunning : It was so nice to meet you and I totally forgot to get a pic together!! #nexttime πŸ’–πŸ’–
narindipity : @heartnsolerunning we should catch a yoga class together! Then pictures? 😊
thistle_goat : I keep meaning to send you some love and well-wishes for your foot. Wishing you a speedy recovery missy xxx
narindipity : Thank you @thistle_goat ❀️ I need all the well wishes I can get. It's been 35 days since my last run πŸ˜–
thistle_goat : Aw love :( hopefully yoga will be helping make things more bearable for you xxx
lifealivecafe : Yay!
couldberunning - senelworldwide - vonblaschke - reanna_luyster -
Just as I earned my metal last year, I will do it again this Sunday at the paremedic half. Recovery from my stress fracture was long and slow. Time to show what I am made of and retrieve my metal at the finish line! Do my best and forget the rest (Tony Horton)! #fitsnap #fitfam #endurance #fittastic #halfmarathon #longdistance #runner #running #nevergiveup #tonyhorton #metal #finishline #13.1miles #earn #stressfracture #cardioqueen #cardio #domybest #forgettherest #behealthy #livelong #staystrong #fit #gym
livelong - fitfam - runner - halfmarathon - gym - behealthy - tonyhorton - earn - fittastic - running - domybest - fitsnap - longdistance - stressfracture - 13 - finishline - fit - cardio - endurance - metal - forgettherest - staystrong - cardioqueen - nevergiveup -
primeluxuryrentals : Nice profile :) Check us out! One of a Kind Luxury Services in Miami...
kellyanneboyko : Good luck to you . If I see you I'm going to introduce myself...
domeguerra - monniek - felicia6656 - tigerbbutterfly -
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