Finally back to the gym after being off with #strep, now time to play catchup #gym #workout #flexfriday #sore #get #back #to #it #no #rest #for #the #wicked
to - for - no - gym - get - back - rest - it - sore - flexfriday - the - strep - workout - wicked -
dreamelegance : Hey whats up! Were looking for people to rep our clothing line, would you be interested? Look at our bio then text us!
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Desperate times...all new toothbrushes, all new [individual] toothpastes, and all new [individual] cups. They're under strict orders to NEVER touch anyone else's. #strep #streptimessix #thehalfdozen #momofsix
thehalfdozen - strep - streptimessix - momofsix -
jhamera : Good idea
jojohook1 - sneedum - abercrombielacy -
He may keep me ticked off most of the time but when it comes to food he's always top notch. Chicken soup for the soul and this sore throat! Thanks cowboy! @craigbarnes2011
cranky - paleo - strep - love - soup -
slammingnewbody : #love #strep #cranky #soup
slammingnewbody : #paleo
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What you need when you have a severe case of strep throat... and your stomach is so mad about the heavy doses of amoxicillin .. Happy weekend 😷 .. Star says " hey! Who broke my human !?!?" #seriousroughness #food #strep #sick #princesspuppy #pitbull #southernpinesnc #star #spoiled
southernpinesnc - star - food - pitbull - sick - spoiled - seriousroughness - strep - princesspuppy -
catherineguidera : Feel better! πŸ’š
star_4444_ : I will .. Now that I know what I have.. It's been since Tuesday and it has been rough!! Have a great weekend and Thank you! πŸ˜€
catherineguidera -
#Weeds #Strep #DSDGotMeSick
strep - dsdgotmesick - weeds -
Two sick dudes. #HealingMatthew is on the mend with both the #flu and #strep throat. TBD what dad has...
strep - flu - healingmatthew -
asawyer79 : Ugh.
meghanaira : Not good! Get better soon dudes..
jamcclamroch - embersawrus - whatmakesyoubowtiful - leecalisti -
Funny face convos with some furry friends... little one's starting to feel better. Be gone Streptococcus! #toddlerlife #naptime #play #climber #nadiahinhayti #strep #love #vsco #galaxys5
toddlerlife - play - vsco - love - naptime - galaxys5 - nadiahinhayti - strep - climber -
kristin.ng - alexgardner97 - ashtynclairegardner - jay_futbol10 -
summercomeback - sickness - mask - face - andsoup - throat - strep - sendgoodvibes - glasses -
reedthismister : feel better!
ordinaryhippie : @reedthismister thanks girl😷
allisonmarie567 : aww hope you feel better!
ilaintothewild - raerae1965_ - reedthismister - boldentheresa -
At the doctor for #strep and/or #scarletfever test. Poor @creesefenton feels bad today, 2 days after finishing strep meds. Rash popped up last night. #weareneversick
scarletfever - weareneversick - strep -
momma_at_home_ : πŸ˜”πŸ˜”
stacy_trimble : Eww I've had that before. On my 5th anniversary getaway too! I spent my time in bed drooling because it hurt too bad to swallow.. 😒
chantillynative : @stacy_trimble ugh! He had strep last week. Last night he presented with rash all over his back, neck amd face. Benadryl did nothing. Glad its not scarlet fever though. Rash is gone except on face.
stacy_trimble : Poor thing, praying the Lord heals him quickly!
chantillynative : @stacy_trimble thank you!
quirkyblogger - reafenton - luis_a_lozada - grace_cool -
Śqüãd be keeping me company while I'm sick πŸ˜‚πŸ‘ŒπŸ’‹ #strep #3catsandadog
3catsandadog - strep -
cj_mccauley - natechambull - elizabethhill_33 - caroline.grundy -
••READ EVERYTHING BEFORE COMMENTING•• Ok we are without insurance until Sunday, so I can't take him in to see doctor.. Here's his symptoms: •Thick orange ear wax with clear liquid dripping out •pain in left ear •sneezing •congested cough •coughing up green mucus •green eye gunk coming from blocked tear duct •headache •crankiness/irritable •no appetite only wants crackers and peanut butter and apples •runny nose/green •temperature of 99 He has been exposed to rsv, croup, strep, and flu in the last 14 days Please don't go doctor house on me and pitch out crazy illnesses ok. Honestly I think it's a ear infection and sinus infection. What are home remedies you try with these symptoms? #sickchild #doctor #help #recommendations #flu #croup #rsv #strep #cold #season #advice #nurse
youngliving - help - doctor - season - advice - rsv - flu - sickchild - recommendations - croup - cold - strep - nurse -
tiffanyleighg : @greeneyed_nurse I think you're right. The earwax is so thick. How can I safely remove it?
tiffanyleighg : @sls45 thank you! I'm going to see my friend who has been though this stuff with her girls many times. She has home remedies, if she thinks he needs to be seen asap I'll definitely take him but as of now I think home remedies might help him
greeneyed_nurse : Don't remove it I would see a dr or the clinic and they might prescribe drops
tiffanyleighg : @greeneyed_nurse we can't be seen until Monday due to no insurance :/
greeneyed_nurse : Around here we have cvs and Walgreens minute clinics but you would have to payout. Of pocket
jolynemae : I would use drops
tiffanyleighg : @greenblackbling he's gotten so much better from the #youngliving oils!! His ears are still dirty but maybe Monday when new insurance kicks in his doctor can clean them properly
lkgraciegirl : Go to Walgreens get Zarbees medicine, there are some geared for different aymptoms, it's all natural and organic, it tastes like honey, and when kensleigh gets that way and has those problems I give her a dose of it, it has melatonin in it so it will help him sleep, then I take her in the bathroom let the shower run and let it steam up and let her breathe it for about 2 or three minutes. Once she is calm I take her and put her to bed. It should help until you can get to the doctor on Monday that's what we do. It does great and she doesn't mind taking it since it tastes good and I'm nit putting anything harmful in her body. Text me and I'll send you a pic of the bottle and boc
andreaoilrn - exercisebenefits -
Avoid me like the plague! Home from work with strep 😷 and yes I have no make up on, so don't laugh!
justkidding - tgif - naptime -
sincerelyshortledge : @carl.123 thank you. I hope so too :(
sincerelyshortledge : @tnsean I'm surprised a few of you are requesting that haha. My husband tells me to not wear make up all the time, but I just assumed he thinks I'm pretty without makeup because... Well he's my husband lol. Everyone else stares at me like I'm some kind of alien :/ My name is Angela :)
tnsean : Sure. Ha well please listen to him you looked amazing. He's a lucky man. Pretty name too.
sincerelyshortledge : @tnsean thank you 😊 I appreciate that
robbomodemman : Feel better!
emmadeline : lol Angie I think I've seen you with no make up on a lot of times but I've always thought you look really young!!! Like back in HS! And I always thought you look like a different person! In a good way ;) you're gorgeous with or without makeup!
sincerelyshortledge : @emmadeline thank you lady! You're so sweet 😊 I'm glad it makes me look younger too because I feel way older than I really am haha! I miss you! Let's get together soon!
rhwgshouts_ : May I feature you in my page?
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When elephants step on grapes they just let out a little whine πŸ“―πŸ‡, I thought that was a grape pun
justkiddingpleasedontdodrugsdorugs - strep - nottelling - dank2loud -
brookefl18 : @brittanyg022 @danielleminoguee @sienagates @luc_y_ia @heyimgiselle @sofiaaaaaa__ @juliannafarnam 🎈 Thank you friends you're all exquisite
brookefl18 : @shewolf02 @giannafiorello 🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊 can elephants float? @beckyptacek @grace_lynch radalicious @savage.scar I love you Isabel and summer
brookefl18 : @definitely_not_sam #strep #nottelling #dank2loud #justkiddingpleasedontdodrugsdorugs
brookefl18 : @daisyyywoodall GO AWAI
emmamead : That pun πŸ‘Œ
brookefl18 : @emmamead thank you for noticing 🌹
ken.snif : 😍
brookefl18 : @ken.snif thank you Kenna you're very purdy ❀️
_franco_diego_ - brynne_121 - sofiaaaaaa__ - juliannafarnam -
thank you to the best daddy for taking a 1/2 day to take care of our sick little babyyy! #104feverssuck #theyaretwins #strep 😷
strep - 104feverssuck - theyaretwins -
rabbi_peretz : Aww hope she feels better
jep722 : Oh no! Hope she feels better soon.
notperfect_jusme : Feel better Miss Ruby!
artsyro : Awww hope she feels better! Hope ur back is getting better too
lesaint_j - tararose9 - fancy_grey - jenn__behler -
Micro lab... I enjoy trying to look cool. #microbiology #agar #strep
agar - strep - microbiology -
nileoflove : You so cute boo
guinnessisgreat : Lol @nileoflove it's all thanks to aviary lol πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
ms_ragan - celinatianna - idaliathompson - lucee219 -
I've got strep throat:/ this sucks. #worst #timing #ever #strep #sick
timing - ever - strep - worst - sick -
brizzzzzzzle : Aww get feeling better :(
claytonheathcoat : Thanks Brizzle:)
allysaltford : Blame @katherineleeo!! Haha
katherineleeo : Hey! I was antibiotics by Tuesday! Years before our Lopez date Sunday and before that clay and I went through an embarrassing dry spell ergo Me No El Problemo #blamehospital #innocenttillguilty #AMERICA
katherineleeo : Also get better soon ha πŸ’›πŸ’™πŸ’œ
tommywhoa : I still think @katherineleeo gave it to you, she likes to share. I hope you feel better soon!
sincerelyshortledge : Me too :( hope you feel better
claytonheathcoat : Thanks @sincerelyshortledge you as well!
dj_twinkie - elise.trejo13 - allysaltford - guuzinhow -
1/29/15 Apparently it's the new protocol at the doctors; like I have Ebola or something πŸ˜‚ nahhh, just strep. #doctor #Ebola #strep #sick #mask #ILookCute
ilookcute - sick - doctor - ebola - strep - mask -
blynch1091 : A little ridiculous
haleywhite13 : Yeah no kidding! I felt worse with that thing on my face, not being able to breathe & shitπŸ˜©πŸ˜‚ @blynch1091
jamesurbs : Couldn't help but laugh lol
haleywhite13 : Oh I know right? It is funny lol
asian_mask_glove_girlz : Cute mask
starvinmarvinbro : Eww
julie.lorenz - jinniesmith - wwwdotdot - leerufkahr -
Test driving my new #mojo #compressionsocks in preparation for 24 hours #inflight, starting tomorrow. #woof #ack ! #bikinis, #strappytops, #shorts packed... (heck, and sweaters and jeans because, um, #newzealandweather can be kinda #cray). #noshame for this girl! Sure, I wanted to be down a few inches before heading on this #tripofalifetime, but....#strep happened, family emergencies happened, and who the heck cares??? #lovingmybody where I'm at. #aintnobodygottime for #selfloathing! #auckland #newzealand here we come #fargo #nzsummer #nzmustdo #united #mymoonmyman @jon.simmons1 #isthisevenreallife? #airnewzealand #beyondblessed #furreal #viaductharbour
newzealand - newzealandweather - viaductharbour - ack - shorts - nzmustdo - furreal - isthisevenreallife - tripofalifetime - compressionsocks - noshame - lovingmybody - strep - mojo - nzsummer - strappytops - united - airnewzealand - auckland - bikinis - selfloathing - beyondblessed - cray - mymoonmyman - inflight - woof - aintnobodygottime - fargo -
waytogolish : Have a great time!!
waytogomel : Thank you, @waytogolish! Lord willing, we will!
adexoxox : Ay. Men!
waytogojennmarasco : Yay! Fun!
waytogomary - _no_kidding - fewnicethings - adexoxox -
Cuddled up and miserable because I ended up with strep... AGAIN! Being sick is the worst.😷 #strep #ihatebeingsick #ineedsomesoup #andpopsicles #prettyplease
strep - ihatebeingsick - andpopsicles - prettyplease - ineedsomesoup -
zsgoolman : I would offer to bring soup but require quarantine suit!
vinnieart : Feel better soon!
heather_brundage : @zsgoolman find one and bring me someeeeee!😁
karentaylor_h - kaydione_ - donaldxdraper - htaylor1020 -
This strep throat is on someother shit #sick #strep #thisblows #smh
thisblows - strep - sick - smh -
babygurl_1945 - therealmorganjones - haley.bcc - matthew_silcox -
At the #DocInABox #Sick #Cough #Cold #Strep #Bronchitis #ChestCold #Flu #SoreThroat #WhoopingCough #Ebola #Congestion #Cold #RunnyNose #BoogersEverywhere #SummitMedicalGroup #UrgentCare #Selfie #CarreraWorld #Adidas #Hoodie #Ralph #LumberJack #Scarf #Isotoner #Leather #TapTouch #Gloves
boogerseverywhere - adidas - bronchitis - flu - docinabox - urgentcare - runnynose - summitmedicalgroup - hoodie - congestion - cold - isotoner - whoopingcough - taptouch - carreraworld - strep - leather - sorethroat - lumberjack - ralph - cough - gloves - sick - ebola - chestcold - selfie - scarf -
espresso_crz : Oh no the dreaded "leper" mask! Everyone look at me I'm contagious. I was so upset to put one on. Come on you feel like crap, then you have to look even worse.
espresso_crz : Feel better
ple5h : #asianproblems
vlorahisenaj : Your hashtags lol. Feel better
bendauti : Feel better bro!!
amyed919 : Feel better soon. 😷
lyndeetah : Lmao feel better
hani.luv : @lali77 I was there this morning too !! Ugh!!
ok_listen_to_me - matthewgene - 10chf - lekperial -
He's acting crazy #strep #doctor #crazy
crazy - strep - doctor -
shawna1594 : Bring him with when you come!! @pen.sarah
pen.sarah : I plan to! @shawna1594
shawna1594 : Better!! Have a date yet? @pen.sarah
_dana.lynn89_ - cmhrabbitt - owlexissss - kaila_eldridge -
The only way we can hangout nowadays #mono #strep #stomachflu
mono - strep - stomachflu -
lauradowneyy : The trifecta 😷
emspoons : Same
mrph_ : niiicee @VinesBeLike
joannsparkes : I'm coming over and bringing every natural remedy I own
robynbell2 - graceparr - schaefss - cvolkmann -
Guess who probably got strep throat. Me! Yay. Ew. So I probably won't be going to anime con and I MOST LIKELY WONT see my infant cousin. Ugh. Maybe it's minor. Hopefully. #strep #ew #helpme #idontlikethis
idontlikethis - helpme - ew - strep -
ummfandomfangirl - piper.mclean.grace - prime_the_god_of_creation - real.so.sassy._.frank -
The reason why I have my mouth open is because I have strep throat and if u don't know what that is than search it up u fucking dumbass πŸ˜¨πŸ˜±πŸ˜‹πŸ˜–
strep -
sup3rm4n64 : #strep throat
batman_.tho : I know what is #strep it hurts when u have it duhhh πŸ˜‚πŸ˜…β˜ΊπŸ˜Š
simply_darkness : Amanda said she's breaking up with chu
sup3rm4n64 : πŸ˜¨πŸ˜«πŸ˜©πŸ˜“πŸ˜‚πŸ˜­πŸ˜ͺπŸ˜ͺ😰😭😭😭😭
weslacostarz - batman_.tho -
I've spent all day coughing it isnt fun )): i'd rather shoot myself. besides that, can we take a moment to notice how pointy my nose looks like omg. and in other news, i am addicted to Breaking Bad so. It's great. #breakingbad #snapchat #selfie #sick #strep
selfie - strep - sick - snapchat - breakingbad -
kylie.alexis012 - baggio.ppi - connie.neal.d - canbengi -
At the ER. #yaaayyy πŸ˜‘πŸ˜žπŸ˜· #strep #hurtshoulder #problems #ouch
problems - strep - yaaayyy - ouch - hurtshoulder -
bb_is_dha_bom : Why why why
kennys_princess1 : Just am. Hurt my shoulder somehow and I have strep. Yaaayyy😩 @bb_is_dha_bom
krystanash : Awh I hope you feel better! Love you!
kennys_princess1 : Thanks girl love you too! @krystanash
kennys_princess1 : OMG Krysta I was so doped up last night that it literally took me forever to type that comment because I kept dropping my phone, I remember that πŸ˜‚ my new pain pills aren't that strong but the ones they gave me at the ER.... They were stronngggg 😳 @krystanash
krystanash : It's alright haha @kennys_princess1
iansutterfield - losst_at_sea - haleighlashae03 - vivian.garcia.s -
O novo strep GT Signature é o melhor, mais confortavél e estiloso acessório de segurança que você pode encontrar. Acesse www.uvstore.com.br #GTBoards #UVStore #UVStoreBrasil #Bodyboarding #Bodyboard
gtboards - strep - bodyboard - urivaladao - streps - bodyboarding - leash - leashes - uvstorebrasil - uvstore - guilhermetamega -
uvstorebrasil : #leash #leashes #strep #streps #guilhermetamega #urivaladao
uvstorebrasil - miguelnasserc - esdras.medeiros - urivaladao -
The upside to having #strep and #mono as an adult, you choose the amount and kind of ice cream you want to enjoy. #cottoncandyflavored #Remicade
mono - strep - remicade - cottoncandyflavored -
malseedn : Feel better! Ice cream should help πŸ˜„
kcthomas11 - nhi_sih -
Awaiting flu and strep results. And clearly she is not interested in a phot op. #testnegativeplease #goawayflu #nowhammies #fluseason #strep #sick
sick - fluseason - nowhammies - strep - goawayflu - testnegativeplease -
acresofgrace : Not sure if you do natural stuff or not, but we use "flu bomb" with doTERRA oils. The recipe is on pinterest.
refitkls71214 : Those days really stink!
paula.knight5 : Awww, poor thing. My 11 year old has Flu A
eclark77 : Hope she feels better soon. Prayers for negative results. Check your refit messenger for helpful ideas. πŸ˜‰
kellie_laine : @angela_beeler I miss that nugget
hello_beautiifulll - lmsampson - nazchic85 - littlechinagirl22 -
"Stay home from school" -doctor lady #strep #imnotactuallyhome #pleasedonttellmydoctor
imnotactuallyhome - strep - pleasedonttellmydoctor -
carterrrcannon : your snapchats make me happy face
evelynalexandra17 - akillingsworth - wasian96 - toriturk2 -
Don't lay down! #weirdrequest #sick #sickboy #strep #medicine #iwontlaydown
weirdrequest - iwontlaydown - sick - sickboy - medicine - strep -
aajnyc : That just means it may get stuck in your esophagus.
reginavt : I have done the not drinking enough water. Instant death.
amazon41884 : @reginavt I've been working on drinking again, but throat is just so swollen that it's really uncomfortable. I've already read it can give really bad heartburn...just never saw that warning before
reginavt : I just never believed it. Drink warm/hot fluids. They help so much more than cold. Maybe chicken broth? Yum.
hannah_ryan1217 -
1800 miles apart but we don't feel good together #myheart #myworld #daughter #strep
strep - daughter - myheart - myworld -
jdragonfly72 - tadmarco73 - allabouthappy.com_ - justin__shepherd -
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