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Smile.. It's been one week since I woke up to half of my face being paralyzed. Crazy! #iwokeuplikedis #bellspalsy #crookedsmile #stayingpositive #meanmuggin #icantfeelmyface #strawsaremybestfriend
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gilllyo : It's tough. Do you find it worse in the morning after sleeping? I do... I'm on day 5 since numb tongue and pain but day 3 since face stopped moving...
syms9 : I find it to be worse in the evenings. It depends on the day. I'm on day 9 since my face has became paralyzed. The hardest time I'm having are the eyes spasms it causes me not to see and I usually get very bad vertigo and ear and head pains. I have high hypersensitivity to light and sound that usually will set off eye spasms. Straws have become my best friend. I 'm trying accupunture today for the first time.
sarareeves33 : Praying for you!!!
gilllyo : I saw a chiropractor today, time will tell. Sending positive healing vibes to you 💗
amber0812 : You look exhausted 😯 rest up and I hope you're feeling better super soon💜
syms9 : Thank You, @gilllyo! Hope each day gets better. Keep your head up! Sending you healing vibes your way♡
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