Yesterday we made great progress but us Democrats aren't stopping here we continue to fight. Like Obamacare we plan to mandate that everyone is gay. Anyone who is straight will go to jail until they cum out gay like Ben Carson believes #gaymandate #forceeveryonetobegay #straightpeoplearegay
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traditionalists_unite : @thetruedemocrat Ben Carson doesn't believe that and this is a troll account right
traditionalists_unite : @thetruedemocrat or at least this pic and description
thetruedemocrat : This is a satire and Ben Carson earlier this year said that being gay is a choice and that people only become gay after they come out of prison. He got a lot of hate for saying it so he backed off his original statement and said being gay isn't a choice and began to support civil unions. However I really do support same sex marriage because I don't believe government should be telling people what to do @traditionalists_unite although democrats have taken it to an extreme by forcing churches to marry gay couples
traditionalists_unite : @thetruedemocrat yeah I didn't know that about Carson thought
traditionalists_unite : Though*
traditionalists_unite : I think it should be stated right to decide on gay marriage
thetruedemocrat : Yeah it's true, they hammered him for it on Saturday Night Live too @traditionalists_unite
thetruedemocrat : The reason they passed it was cause if they didn't it would gone against the 14th amendment and they weren't going to let love loose. I mean it's not like they denied states the rights of budgeting or something. All they did is told states that they have to let people who love each other marry. It's not a big deal @traditionalists_unite
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Nclejckfjejdj #legendofzelda #link
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dudmau5 : More like #littlegirlyelfman #2w33k2f1t3
geneticjunkpile : Ikr but still @dudmau5
dudmau5 : I bet he likes girls...what a straight person, ha...ha...ha...ha...ha.
geneticjunkpile : @dudmau5 #straightpeoplearegay
dudmau5 : Hawter @geneticjunkpile YOUR HAWT
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I'm about 8 kinds of sick of hearing people try to spit bible verses to justify their homophobia. If you're so into the bible, why are you having premarital sex? The bible ALSO says that a women who has sex before marriage is a whore and should be stoned before a crowd. Maybe we should bring that law back since gays can't get married. I'd be willing to bet big bucks that a pair of gay people who get married could stick it out till death, unlike most straight people who get divorced and remarried 5 times. GET FABULOUS, ASSHOLE. #gaypride #lesbian #proud #fabulous #love #support @redpowerranger18
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jordiee_bugg_ : @emilymcalisterr jesus is my bff. That is beside the point.
jordiee_bugg_ : @swagger_master_ lol good point. I don't kill people. I just like ladies. No harm.(x
jordiee_bugg_ : @swagger_master_ THANK YOU. Earth needs more straight people like you.
jordiee_bugg_ : @emilymcalisterr #loljk
jordiee_bugg_ : @emilymcalisterr #straightpeoplearegay
jordiee_bugg_ : @emilymcalisterr nope
jordiee_bugg_ : @emilymcalisterr #iloveyoulikeafatkidlovescake
jordiee_bugg_ : @sparks7213 I love you toooo.(x
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