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Black and white down town nights in Denver :) just say it, black and white makes stuff cool or something. #blackandwhite #downtown #denver #colorado #303 #milehighcity #303 #stopthedrama #gotothecity #cityofdenver #night #snow
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Choose Happiness .. #StopTheDrama
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Her name is Norea; possibly associated to the Syriac word for light or fire (nur) & also may be related to the Greek for “beautiful” (oraia). Shes a heroine in the Gnostic mythos whom Scholars say was once revered by the Sethians. Norea’s most prominent role occurs in The Hypostasis Of The Archons, a text in the Nag Hammadi library. She is depicted as the 4th child of Eve & the author claims he draws this information from Jewish tradition older than even the book of Genesis. Norea is portrayed as a completely spiritual entity, incorruptible by any evil force in the cosmos & the one who conceives all future heroes of humanity. She is seen as the one true savior, heralded as “an assistance for many generations of mankind.” Her one deed in the text occurs when the Demiurge, based on Old Testament Yahweh, decides to destroy civilization with a flood. (Unlike the book of Genesis, in this Gnostic account the Creator God wishes to punish humanity because it has become too good!) Norea attempts to board the ark. When Noah refuses, she breathes fire on the ark & destroys it. Sensing Norea’s power & purity, the demiurge & his angelic mafia (archons) materialize & attempt to recruit her to their cause. She refuses, incurring their wrath, but is rescued by an astral entity named Eleleth; a mighty avatar of the Unknown God whom Plato called The One. *scroll down for more lol*
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When life becomes harder, remember there will be others who had worst life. Sometimes we never think how hard we try just to stand on our own feet like right now. Be thankful and never forget who we are. To be a typically ourselves is better than trying hard to act like someone else. But we have to try to see the point of view from others shoe. To be hard, being left alone, disappointed, heartbroken or anything. It'll make us to be stronger. Face the fact. Everyone can do this. #quoteoftheday #stopthedrama #lifefact
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I bet I'll be in a bad mood tomorrow! #stopthedrama #sickashell
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If some people believe in Jesus, Yahwah, Allah and the little mermaid, you better believe that some people believe in worshiping the devil and it is these very people who worship the devil that are leading us and want everybody to worship the same entity. The way they accomplished this was by creating religions that really block you from your spiritual path and your true self. You have people that know nothing about God or spirituality thinking they know truth because it was taught to them by their parents and read in a deeply manipulated book and will fight to the death for these beliefs. In reality they are just worshiping the devil and they don't even know it. Nobody on earth would actually follow any of these faulty belief systems if people weren't, killed, tortured and forced in to believing these things. You don't have to take my word for it, just do a bit of research in to the history of religious conquests. The world as we know it is an illusion, and we are way off our true path, we are slaves to the psychopaths of the world and their religion. We are so much more than what they want you to believe we are. They want us to believe that we are slaves in this world and will forever be slaves in the next world. Having you believe this serves in their best interest. This is absurd and we need to collectively realize that we are slaves to no one. We need to ascend spiritually, we need to reject all the faulty belief systems that have made us all incapable of having a deeper spiritual meaning. We have inherently been tricked in to worshiping an entity we know nothing about. Jesus, yawah, Allah, = devil. People have the right to believe in whatever they choose, how ever people need to know when they are being manipulated, and know that they can never realize their true self following the beliefs of others. The psychopaths (our "God" appointed leaders) of the world have structured everything in a way that an ordinary person becomes a psychopath like them and to worship the devil with out their knowledge. It's the perfect plan. We are divided and conquered. We are living someone else's vision for humanity, not our own. It's time to tear the veil down and ascend.
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Okay, so I need to vent. I'm so sick and tired of watching p!nkies rip each other apart. As far as I am concerned, if you use someone's 'EDIT' (not a photo you can get off the internet), GIVE CREDIT (even if you are re-editing). If it's a straight forward pic from the web & you see it being used, deal with it. Chances are the user found it on the web. EDITS do take time, effort & thought, so respect that by giving credit. Not hard to do. Most edits are watermarked somewhere on the post. This post is NOT directed at ANYBODY in particular so before you leave an accusation that this is for you, it's not. It is a general comment. Just give credit & everyone is happy. I'm on IG for sharing & liking other posts, not for drama. I have enough of that in real life. Ok, I'm done. 😩😩 #pinkies #pinkie #pinkfan #pinkfans #pinkfamily #pinksarmy #pinksfuckers #pinkthsinger #pinkfanpage #fanpage #pinksunderdogs #aleciamoore #aleciabethmoore #aleciamoorehart #nomoredrama #stop #stopthedrama #myface #meme #givecredit #rolemodel #idol #myedit #rockstar #popstar
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dirty.little.freaks : So trueπŸ‘ good for you😘😘
supiis_ : True bby! Let's just calm down everyone!❀️
shavedhalf : Makes perfect sense to me
angel221829 : Oh thank you for this! Cause this IG Drama is killing me. This isn't what it's about. It's about sharing pictures and edits that we've taken time to do. We all idolize the same beyond amazing and brilliantly talented. P!nk! ..... So..where's the love y'all?!..... (Oh and @_pinkpanther_1 that's one rad edit, luv it! πŸ‘ 😍)
_pinkpanther_1 : Thanks babe 😘 @angel221829
david_john1986 : A millionbilliontrillionzillion percent agree!!!! Thanks for this sis!! It is so true. Let's hope heaps of people read it!!
_pinkpanther_1 : Probably not going to make one hoot of difference but I've vented, so I feel better. 😩😩 @david_john1986 πŸ‘
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The entity who stalked the deserts of the Middle East millenia ago & who seems to have abandoned them to bloodshed in his name ever since, is no one to consult on questions of ethics. To judge the hipster bearded #Yaldabaoth on the basis of his works is a highly invidious undertaking. Bertrand Russell got here first: "Apart from logical cogency there is to me something a little odd about the ethical valuations of those who think that an omnipotent, omniscient & benevolent deity, after preparing the ground by many millions of years of lifeless nebulae, would consider himself adewuately rewarded by the final emergence of Hitler, Stalin & the H bomb." The ancient Gnostics would agree with this observation. In the face of the Demiurge's obvious inadequacies, the pious have generally held thay one cannot apply earthly norms to the creator of the universe. This arguement loses its force the moment we notice what the ancient Gnostics noticed, that the biblical creator who purports to be beyond human judgement is consistently ruled by human passions: Jealosy, wrath, suspicion & the lust to dominate. If these are the characteristics of God, then the worse among us have been created far more in his image than we ever could have hoped. The primary demiurge it, would seem, is none other than the alienated human ego. This conscious self-hood having pulled itself away from its original wholeness (Pleroma) of the unconscious, has become a blind & foolish being, unaware of its roots in the unconscious yet desperately attempting to recreate a semblance of the wholeness by effecting unconscious projections. *scroll down*
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shadowmagicksam : @morgueofficial This account is interesting.
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noreanwarrior : @shadowmagicksam thank you so much but Im quite happy to have the right followers. Though to be honest Im not sure if Im leading to a particular direction but Ill continue to follow my intuition & Im more than happy to share what I can :)
noreanwarrior : @cheryllyone same to you! :)
shadowmagicksam : I don't think you have to have a particular direction. Just keep posting whatever is important to you. I'm grateful I found you; your writing is so thought-provoking.
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I love ecards 😁😁😁😁😁 #stopthedrama let those drama filled/miserable people drown in the mess they create. I've turned over a new leaf!!! @sharemylovee lol let em bury themselves...makes my job is easy #sitback #watch
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Swami Vivekananda said " If there be no eternal life, still the enjoyment of spiritual thoughts as ideals is keener and makes a man happier, whilst the foolery of materialism leads to competition and undue ambition and ultimate death, individual and national." Many spiritual traditions have arisen throughout history & although they have their differences, a common recurring principle is that greed & spirituality don’t mix. Renowned spiritual archetypes & teachers like Horus, Yeshua, Krishna or Buddha did not promote greed in their teachings or lifestyle – quite the opposite: they showed that greed & egocentrism had to be overcome. Greed has been seen in many spiritual traditions as an obstacle or trap that prevents us from understanding & fulfilling a higher purpose to life. Because it makes us selfish & obsessed with transient things, it has long been taught that renouncing selfish desires & selflessly helping others to do the same, is necessary to attain salvation/liberation. But this principle is increasingly turned on its head in the world of commercial spirituality such as the false gurus of "The Secret" promote in their doctrines of materialism. Some want to have it both ways; a spiritual or metaphysical pursuit in their lives & all their material desires fulfilled. "Attachments and desires for that which does not last leads to suffering" said the Buddha. *scroll down*
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noreanwarrior : The law of attraction is often presented as a sort of magical Aladdin’s Lamp that can give you everything you want & desire. If you think of a new car, it will materialise. If you think of an attractive new partner, or a great new job, you can get that too. If you think of getting rich, it will happen. You just have to think it & believe in the outcome & it will ‘manifest’. All you have to do is think yourself around the benign illusion that is the world; dont worry about the mysteries, ceremonial magic, the esoteric tradition, the long hard road to self-knowledge, the transcendental or astral flights, the aiding of the unfortunate or anything else. Just think your way to salvation/liberation like no spiritual master has ever done before. The universe will provide whatever you desire if only you think it & believe; a sort of mystical power born of greed. Not all proponents of the law of attraction are that blatantly materialistic about it, but there is no denying that some of the most popular versions of this theory dangle the carrot by promising wealth, success & the fulfilment of all desires.
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shadowmagicksam : You put into words exactly the issue that has scratched away at the back of my brain about all the law of attraction material out there. When I read The Secret, I saw how it all sounds good on the surface. "The universe wants to give you what you want..just visualize it..blah blah blah. But it felt wrong. It never resonated with me even though I wanted it to. And that's because I know that to focus on material things just promotes attachment to this plane. I think a better way of looking at it is to focus on your inner self, visualizing and working toward improving yourself. The material things you need to live will come as a result of the energy you send out, but the issue is to not have attachments to those things, not desire the things themselves. I don't think you have to give away all your possessions and live in poverty, but you need to be as content in a hut one day as you were in a mansion the day before. It's amazing how twisted things have gotten. I've seen some of those TV preachers actually saying "God wants you to be rich." Unbelievable.
noreanwarrior : I like the way you put it & your one of those whom has those spiritual "eyes to see & ears to hear" that Jesus speaks of in his parables meant for esoteric meditation. Thats exactly what many of his 'I' sayings refer to. "I have overcome the world" as in the "I" which is the non-egoic self has liberated himself from earthly attachments. Same goes with the Egyptian God Horus who battles Seth daily. Seth being an archetypal metaphor for low-vibrational egoic tendencies which cloud the 'God of Light' in darkness. @shadowmagicksam Im glad you can appreciate my effort to bring this perspective to light. Theres an orthodox 'truthseeker' (@ newagedeception is his IG name I believe) whom dedicates his posts to discrediting alternative spiritualities. Much of my posts are inspired to bring to light much of his biased misinformation. Having the freedom to explore alternative & diverse spiritual beliefs openly in society is a wonderful thing. But in looking at it carefully there is indeed a "New Age Deception" & the materialistic doctrines of The Secret have been a splinter in the eye of the spiritual truthseeker for awhile. In today’s era of mass consumption, savvy people have realised they can make a lot of money by selling messages that cater to people’s spiritual longings in the most commercially appealing way. The new age scene is diverse, with grass-roots & honestly genuine elements but like many other alternative social movements, there are those who will inevitably seek to exploit it & use it for commercial purposes. In this process spiritual ideals can be co-opted & commercialised, as corporations & the authors they support, seek to tap the market for profit. This is pretty much the only deception I see so far but Ive never seen it get tackled so I felt a responsibility to do so. Bringing forth what is within as the Gospel of Thomas says & any psychotherapist would say the same thing. Let it all out, whatevers bothering you. Acknowledge it & move on to the next spot on the metaphoric spheres of life.
noreanwarrior : JOEL OSTEEN is probably the name of that Televangelist you saw saying "god wants you to be rich!" Lol I like to try & have diverse topics to talk about on here & enjoy presenting those 'aha' moments that come from great philosophical insight. I was lokking at your previous comment about Jesus & realize Ive been cornered about the subject before here on IG more than once. Ill have to really dig deep for a future post on the subject but its definitely coming up sometime in the near future .. @shadowmagicksam :)
shadowmagicksam : I think this topic of commercialized spirituality is really important. I'm so glad you brought it up actually. I'm putting my thoughts together and will post something on it too. I have nothing against the genuine seekers and teachers and healers, but so many people jump on the bandwagon. I went to a metaphysical fair a short time ago, looking for someone who does body work with chakras. I talked to a couple of people and I felt no connection. They were selling packaged techniques that they learned through a course. One woman didn't even really know how her head massage therapy was supposed to connect with past life trauma and release it. I was thinking, well if you can't feel what you're supposed to be doing, how do you know it's working? Anyway, I will know when I come in contact with someone genuine. As for the Jesus subject, that's a big one, and I look forward to what you have to say. I admit, it's the one big block I have. I did like A Course in Miracles, but the Bible gives me a hard time. I have so many unanswered questions.
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Seriously we are all going to miss David, just like we've missed Dalton... Shit happens on let's start the healing process! There is no reason why people need to fight within the same fandom over shit that can't be changed. There will soon be a new guy & we will welcome just like we did David( just hopefully better). We will see more from Will,Gabe,Cole,Dana as well as David and Dalton. Stop this drama! #imdone #stopthedrama #im5 #IM5band #sorrynotsorry
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flyaway_grace : AMEN
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Our spirits are lodged in & flow forth from, our bodies, from our hearts & brains. The body/spirit dichotomy is essentially a false construct, just as the idea of us vs. them… good guys/bad guys, superior nations, races, or religions are contrived concepts. Seven billion completely unique individuals now inhabit our planet; yet paradoxically beneath the ego & behind the mask, we are all one. All human eyes open wide when confronted with danger and the need to SEE more thoroughly the threat of an approaching saber tooth tiger or speeding sports car. Human hearts beat faster & our bodies heat up when anger takes over in the face of unjustified criticism, or the resistance of a recalcitrant teenager. When we feel love, neutrophins or oxytocins are released into our blood streams. Our bodies relax, excite, act up. Universal emotional responses inform deep philosophical questions about life & death, across cultures and history. For millennia diverse civilizations have created uncannily similar creation myths in attempts to learn how to live in harmony & understand our existence here on earth. Masks have been the timeless bridge for humans to experience this unity. A great way to deepen the dialogue with ourselves & to connect more profoundly with others is to de-value the ego & see behind the “roles” & that we can accomplish this by learning empathy, by truly seeing others & revealing our true selves.
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l0velyli0ness : Nice.
noreanwarrior : Glad you can appreciate this @l0velyli0ness :)
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immortal_ecstasy : My favorite actress of all time!!
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Wakeup 🌹❀️ - #anonymous #awakening #awareness #higherlove #higherself #highercause #highervibrations #higherconsciesness #higherunderstanding #knowledge #oldworldorder #newworldorder #newsystem #insanity #inspirational #mastersoftheuniverse #hope #trueself #truthseeker #enlightenment #education #pathtoenlightenment #psychology #philosophy #religion #rationality #stopthedrama #socialdisease #sicksociety
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Our contemporary illusory freedom is part of a long chain of history that has been analysed in detail by Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel. He shows us how we came to be where we are. He starts his study of historical teleology by examining the ancient civilisations of the Orient. In ancient China, India and Persia only one person was free - the ruler. The will of all those who served the ruler was subordinated to that of their master. No one had a conscience in any modern sense; no one formed their own opinions about right and wrong. All personal responsibility was absent from them. They simply obeyed. In China, the people were like small children. Their emperor was their father. In India, the caste system of Hinduism introduced another element. As well as the despotism of the ruler, the people were subject to the inflexible despotism of religion. If you had a lowly station in life, you couldn't complain. It was just karmic retribution according to Hinduism, for misdemeanours in a previous existence. You had no right to demand freedom, and the thought didn't even occur to you. In Persia, the situation was different again. Once more, a despot reigned and religious rules applied (this time Zoroastrian rather than Hindu). However, whereas Hinduism was despotic - your nature was determined by a prior life of which you had no awareness - Zoroastrianism was about an ongoing struggle between good and evil in which everyone had a role to play. The absolute ruler of Persia would never be challenged while he obeyed Zoroastrianism, but if he acted against the religion then he risked being deposed. In other words the ruler, like his subjects, was constrained by principles. He could not be capricious in the manner of the rulers of India and China. Hegel saw the restraints placed on the ruler by principles (intellectual or spiritual) as providing the basis of "true history". If those principles could be changed, humanity might be transformed. Under the rule of a Chinese despot, there was no principle to which anyone could appeal to bring about change. In India, Hinduism was equated with nature itself and was also immune from change.
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webmastery : Just had this self-realization. #thanks for posting!
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Self help - #anonymous #awakening #awareness #higherlove #higherself #highercause #highervibrations #higherconsciesness #higherunderstanding #knowledge #oldworldorder #newworldorder #newsystem #insanity #inspirational #mastersoftheuniverse #hope #trueself #truthseeker #enlightenment #education #pathtoenlightenment #psychology #philosophy #religion #rationality #stopthedrama #socialdisease #sicksociety
mastersoftheuniverse - philosophy - newsystem - higherunderstanding - insanity - awakening - newworldorder - highercause - anonymous - education - stopthedrama - psychology - higherconsciesness - sicksociety - knowledge - higherlove - awareness - higherself - religion - pathtoenlightenment - trueself - inspirational - socialdisease - truthseeker - oldworldorder - enlightenment - highervibrations - hope - rationality -
fitlady21 : #Let me take a nap... great atmosphere, anyway.
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Jajaja me dio mucha risa esta imagen
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lord_comic : :'( casi me hace llorar, casi
veromaniac : @lord_comic @reaxbugs no hay nada que entender ni que llorar son dos tipos diferentes de mamas la super organizada y la mas relax me da risa porque he sido ambas en ocasiones #stopthedrama for the love of God
reaxbugs : Meja es que aja cada quien puede verlo distinto, puede ser una familia pobre y otra rica no sé, relax #dontcreatedrama
veromaniac : @reaxbugs yo soy pobre pero limpia XD #stereotype
reaxbugs : #whatever
lord_comic : @veromaniac pues si es cierto aunque yo pensé la otra mama es de menos recursos y me dio sentimiento :'(
lord_comic : Yo soy pobre pero tengo 2 cajas de leche condensada :/ #OnlyInVzla @reaxbugs @veromaniac las quiero y las extraño :D
veromaniac : @lord_comic besos Charlie también te quiero y extraño !♥
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Repost @mangokiity thank you we love you too❀️🌹#anonymous #awakening #awareness #higherlove #higherself #highercause #highervibrations #higherconsciesness #higherunderstanding #knowledge #oldworldorder #newworldorder #newsystem #insanity #inspirational #mastersoftheuniverse #hope #trueself #truthseeker #enlightenment #education #pathtoenlightenment #psychology #philosophy #religion #rationality #stopthedrama #socialdisease #sicksociety
mastersoftheuniverse - philosophy - newsystem - higherunderstanding - insanity - awakening - newworldorder - highercause - anonymous - education - stopthedrama - psychology - higherconsciesness - sicksociety - knowledge - higherlove - awareness - higherself - religion - pathtoenlightenment - trueself - inspirational - socialdisease - truthseeker - oldworldorder - enlightenment - highervibrations - hope - rationality -
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Oscar Wilde once said " We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars." And this gutter is the philosophical prison of the mind that Morpheus of the Matrix aluded to. This prison was built with the help of the 4th Archetypal Dimension on the Inquisition. And that is to place a permanent blanket of fear over the masses. Like Manly P Hall wrote "To repress rebellion is to maintain the status quo, a condition which binds the mortal creature in a state of intellectual or physical slavery. But it is impossible to chain man merely by slaving his body; the mind also must be held, and to accomplish this, fear is the accepted weapon. The common man must fear life, fear death, fear God, fear the Devil, and fear most the overlords, the keepers of his destiny." Christian apologists claim that the burning times didnt kill that many people but as tragic as many deaths are, its really not a numbers game. The real damage is the fear instilled on its citizens until all individuality is erased. Wrong thinking cant happen because its been injected with the #archoninfection of terror instilled loyalty. Keep the masses afraid like sheep, even if theyre not always struck by thr Good Sheperds Inquisitional rod, then independent thought can slowly fade away until all thats left is an average piece of meat as the shaman, Don Juan Matus, called humans who have been sedated of magical elements. *scroll down*
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shadowmagicksam : Breaking out of the Matrix prison! β˜†°β—°β˜†
crimson.wrist : stay strong, hun
noreanwarrior : Yes! @shadowmagicksam we'll have to keep our 3rd eyes open to the masquerade that is the Maya as Buddhist contend. "Be as passersby" like The Gospel of Thomas says & awaken the masses when & if we can. In cyberspace no one can hear you scream, but no one can light a fire under our feet for our heretical insights either. So I'll continue this lil revolution in the name of Hypatia of Alexandria, Norea, Sophia, the Drive-thru Jesus & all those martyred by the Christian Inquisition. One way or another were making our escape from what Philip K Dick called the Black Iron Prison ;)
shadowmagicksam : We'll get there. :) Do you believe that our true self is eternal and therefore uncreated, or do you think our spirit was created by the true god?
noreanwarrior : I like the Hermetic/Gnostic way of putting it. "The universe is mental, contained in the mind of The All". The "monad", as the Sethian Gnostics called it, is indescribable but they say it is in everyone yet outside of everyone (as within so without) which reminds me of the Hindu Upanishads which say that "in everyone is Mount Meru" (or city of gods). Kinda reminds me of all those "you are the universe" sayings of Rumi. In all the creation myths round the world, the Aborigines have one that pretty much explains away a need for a creation myth but doesnt rob the universe of its mystery either. "There is a dream dreaming of us" say the bushmen of the Kalahari. The universe is a living dream to them & this coincides with the sacred narrative of the Mysteries. Its an emergence myth as opposed to a creation myth. Aborigines call it Dreamtime & its not a remote time in the past, an origin-point in linear time, but the intensive dimension of the Eternal now. Its an event that persists eternally without beginning or end & supports the constant play of phenomena. Kinda like the myth of the universe being a dream of Vishnu. Hope this make sense :)
noreanwarrior : @shadowmagicksam
shadowmagicksam : Yes. I like that. I read a good description somewhere of the difference between Hermeticism and Gnosticism, but I can't remember where. I read so much stuff and try to cram as much as possible into my head and my memory isn't what it used to be. lol. But I think it had to do with the origin of the demiurge perhaps. I equate the demiurge Jehovah with Satan. I think they are two sides of the same coin. I believe in the physical plane as a prison. When I studied Ayurveda and the Vedic cosmology, I was drawn to it, but I never understood why we are here if the purpose is to escape. Gnosticism was the missing piece for me. The monadology of Illuminism resonates with me a great deal as well. The eternal, uncreated infinite monads that exist outside space and time. God (the true god) is the collective energy of each monad as we become illuminated. God is everything experiencing itself. We were never ....
shadowmagicksam : supposed to be trapped in physical matter, though. Maybe we were tricked. Maybe we just thought it would be fun to experience this plane and then forgot our divine nature. I don't know exactly, but this place is hell, and we need to escape. At some point, I'd like to discuss where Jesus fits in. I'm not a fan of the bible but I keep hearing that you have to look for hidden clues. I'm not sure I believe that. I want to read the Gnostic Gospels I just bought as soon as I finish a book on Leibnitz. I am more interested to read what is not in the bible than what is in it. Sorry for the really long post, but this is what I think about most of the time and my husband is not interested in it so I'm always looking for anyone who is. :)
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The suppression of the femenine principle over the past 2000 years has enabled the cosmic ego to gain absolute supremacy in the collective human psyche. Although women have egos aswell as dudes, the ego takes root & grows more easily in men because women are less mind-identified. Theyre more in touch with that divine spark the ancient Gnostics wrote about, the intelligence of the organism where intuitive faculties originate. The female form is less rigidly encapsulated than the male, has greater openness & sensitivity toward other life-forms & is more attuned to the natural world. This ofcourse is a blasphemy to the God of Jealousy. Gore Vidal says "THE GREAT UNMENTIONABLE EVIL at the center of our culture is monotheism. From a barbaric Bronze Age text known as the Old Testament, three anti-human religions have evolved. These are sky-god religions. They are, literally, patriarchal—God is the Omnipotent Father—hence the loathing of women for 2,000 years in those countries afflicted by the sky-god and his earthly male delegates. He requires total obedience from everyone on earth, as he is not just in place for one tribe, but for all creation. Those who would reject him must be converted or killed for their own good. Ultimately, totalitarianism is the only sort of politics that can truly serve the sky-god’s purpose." In pre-Christian civilizations such as the Sumerian, Egyptian & Celtic, the femenine principle was revered but patri-archons declared the sacred femenine demonic & an entire dimension largely disappeared from human experience. *scroll down*
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shantigoddess : βœ¨πŸ™Œβœ¨πŸ™ oh I really love this post.... πŸ”₯πŸ’ƒπŸ”₯ and this the red flames in my hair! Ha!!!
lucid_venusian : Thank you for everything you post @noreanwarrior πŸ™
noreanwarrior : :) @luciddreamleaf
noreanwarrior : Thank you @shadowmagicksam as the Nah Hammadi Library's Trimorphic Protennoia says: "behold! I will reveal to you my mysteries, since you are my fellow brethren, and you shall know them all." I sometimes tend to shock readers with the heretical content in my writtings but its only in a Nietzschean style of causing an inner change. Wether it be hatred for the author or for the content, the words of Simon Magus, a gnostic who was called the father of all heresy, explains that Gnosis is recieved by those who are worthy of recieving it. So Ill continue to write & Im thankful for your support
noreanwarrior : Thank you for the encouragement my friend @lucid_venusian :)
shadowmagicksam : I know it must seem very shocking to many, but since I wasn't raised as any religion, I don't have any baggage to discard when seeking for truth. It makes it so much easier to take in new ideas.
noreanwarrior : Thats awesome! @shadowmagicksam it took me a while to 'unlearn what Ive learned' as the Hermit sage Yoda once said & Im still shedding some snake skin baggage even as we speak. The alchemical process of making the inner like the outer & the above like the below is truly an art in itself but I am understanding the difference from both knowing the path & walking the path a bit more as the process unfolds. Im glad you can appreciate your very blessed predisposition.
shadowmagicksam : Yes, I really do appreciate that I never had anything forced on me and was allowed to pursue any path I chose. But having a relatively blank slate just meant I didn't have a lot of baggage to discard, it doesn't make it any easier to internalize what I find resonates with me. Walking the path that I believe I know is still very challenging. :)
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Ok so honestly I dont care about the boys' sexuality, as long as they're happy I'm happy. I'm just very upset that all of this is happening and our fandom is tearing apart because of this. #liampayne #louistomlinson #harrystyles #niallhoran #zaynmalik #onedirection #larry #larrydrama #larrybullshit #idontshipit #stopthedrama #cuttheshit #nohate #stopthehate #theboys #thisisstupid #wtf #1d #1daf #fandomdrama #fandom
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Work in progress..πŸ”„ Rihanna❀ #Dibujo #Depressed #Rihanna #Photo #Smile #Beautiful #Love #StopTheDrama #Art #WorkInProgress #Mini #Riri #InLove #FallInLove #Lost #HeIsAlwaysOnMyMind
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BeyHive Party!! πŸΈπŸΈπŸ’ƒπŸ’Ž #letsgo #Flawless #BeyHives #BeyoncéFanbase #PartyInSãoPaulo #vscocam #GUY #StopTheDrama #runtheup #nightStar #drinks #AllNight #XO
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olva32 : sweeet! @VinesBeLike
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So if I refuse to accept lies, falsehoods, manipulation, malicious tactics it's not me being wrong, it's me being me. And it will never chance. #smh #stopthedrama #idontstressyou #iamme #idome #notbeingmanipulated #youmadtho #imastrongwoman
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Stop the drama! Lady Gaga and Katy Perry are so perfect in their way! And fck the haterzZzZ #LADYGAGA #KATYPERRY #PRISM #ARTPOP #STOPTHEDRAMA
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phllipbaca : PRISMATICARTPOP πŸ‘ŒπŸ˜
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#SorryNotSorry #NoMoreBabies #StopTheDrama #AintGotTimeForDat thank you @ninaizzacuti for posting this!
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ninaizzacuti : :) i stole it from someone too.. ITS PERF !!
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