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I'm Swedish. In my country and surrounding countries I've seen hate grow where love and understanding should be. Extremists and terrorists from the right wing are reinventing the use of words like in Orson Welles 1984 or like in the movie V for Vendetta. Words like "truth", "democracy" and "solidarity" are used in a shameful way to discriminate and hunt people while neo nazis have begun wear costume and taken place in the parlaments in of the Nordic countries. Fewer pupils today learn history and get an understanding of different cultures and how the world always have been a mix of people. More and more young and angry men without occupation turn into right wing extremists and begin to live in a false fantasy world. Two days ago one of those young men, a member of an Norwegian extremist group, first placed a 100 kilos bomb outside the Norwegian parlament and then shot over 90 kids at a peaceful summercamp. Laughing. He was a part of an extreme white power ideology and also believed that he was like an medieval knight who were fighting for Norway against foreigners. He killed innocent kids. There is no excuse for what he did. We MUST fight this racism. We must stop killing for the hate of another culture, culturalism. We must stop always defining "The Other". Please, we are all humans with hopes and dreams, childhoods and longings. Let us solve things peacefully. Stop violence and hate! Don't believe in people who tries to make you afraid so you begin to hate. There is good and evil in all cultures, don't believe anyone saying that some people are demons and some are knights in shining armours. Let us stop this wave of hate and violence in honour to those who have been killed. Stop hate. Share love. Never forget #Utöya outside #Oslo in #Norway. Let not this mean man and his group rule us! Vote for real democracy where violence is never a solution. Never agree with racism or culturalism. Stop hate.
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amandarosezamp : Agreed. I'm for peace, fellow human.  Praying for those babies and families in Norway. 
paparaja : Violence is never be the answer...Peace & Love from Indonesia! 
maria_wiklund : @uruz @amandasproject @paparaja Good to know that we are many who believe in a peaceful living. 
uruz : could be mooooreee!!! ;)
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